Is it possible to fix a broken LCD TV screen

What is a plasma TV screen?

The main component of such a screen is the matrix. The matrix contains just a huge number of particles that are filled with a mixture of neon and xenon. The perimeter of the matrix is ​​framed by semiconductors. An electric current flows through the atmosphere and creates UV light, which causes the phosphors to glow. This whole tricky process leads to the glow of the cell with the desired color, and in the aggregate, tens of thousands of cells form the picture that we observe every day.

The entire screen device is located in a relatively small space between two planes, which are usually made of special glass.

Read in another article in more detail about different TV malfunctions.

Can a broken LCD TV screen be repaired if it is cracked? Let’s talk about it.

Plasma TVs have long ago become permanent cohabitants in our apartments, because such devices give a very high quality image. Image quality is ideal for action films, sports events, and even cartoons. But then a weighty children’s toy flies into the TV, and your “electronic friend” stops transmitting the image, showing only a crack with colored stripes on the display. What to do in such cases? Can the LCD TV be repaired if the screen is broken? Take your time to be sad, perhaps this article will help you find the most optimal solution to such a problem.

Preventive measures

A repaired TV arrives at your home, but children, animals, or a clumsy family member can still break the screen? Something needs to be done urgently.

For such TVs, special protective screens made of acrylic are produced. Such surfaces are not afraid of water, scratches, and children can throw their toys at the screen without forcing their parents to take a loan for a new device. In addition, such protection saves from dust, which, by the way, is also the old sworn enemy of televisions. Therefore, the purchase of an “accessory” is the most popular. If you protect your equipment, you will be able to watch football, movies or cartoons for a long time.

There is also another preventive TV care measure. To do this, you need to purchase a bracket. The use of the bracket allows the plasma to be installed directly under the ceiling. Such measures will help to avoid accidental “pushing back” or the consequences of children’s active play at home. True, the bracket will cost a little more, and its installation is a completely separate topic.

Replacing the TV matrix # 129373; is it possible to fix it, how to make a plasma one, if broken

If the display is cracked

Cracks on the outer glass violate the integrity of the matrix, and the gas mixture freely leaves its “reservoir”. This malfunction cannot be repaired. Only one way out is to buy a new matrix.

Experienced users recommend that you do not repair plasma panels, which are a home theater component and do not have any sound output devices or other useful components. This case will definitely require the purchase of a new panel. But if a plasma TV with a huge set of functions is broken, then it will already be possible to speculate. But it should be understood that only in 1 out of 5 cases it will be profitable to repair. Most likely you will need to replace the TV.

Therefore, immediately check out the rating of the best LED TVs 40 inches, perhaps you decide that buying a new TV will still be more profitable, instead of fixing a TV that fell and crashed.

We decided to change the matrix?

The matrix can be repaired, but even then you will have to upset you a little: you cannot repair at home, and even here enormous difficulties arise. this is the transportation of plasma. Experts recommend transporting such equipment only in an upright position and avoiding any tilt angles so as not to cause overload.

Before sending the “corpse” of the TV to the technical center, make sure once again that all manipulations are profitable. To avoid huge idle costs, it is recommended to call the master at home. A specialist will come, carry out diagnostics and put forward a solution with which it is best to agree, it may be necessary to replace some parts. Also, in addition to diagnostics, for a small fee, the masters will transport the TV themselves in compliance with all safety rules. You will only need to agree on the meeting and make a decision, wait a couple of days and go to the finished TV.

It is best to try to avoid such breakage in the future.


Now you know how to change a broken TV screen. Be careful with your technique and it will delight you with its work day in and day out.

Is it possible to repair an LCD TV if the screen is broken?

It is no longer possible to imagine a modern apartment without plasma TVs. The reason for the popularity of the devices is the high quality of the transmitted images. Do not rush to throw away the equipment if the screen is broken for one reason or another. In some situations, a solution can still be found.

5 Matrix replacement and some features

The design of the TV is the main feature to consider. The order of parsing of a particular model depends on this. The following methods are used for fastenings:

  • Screws as standard.
  • Latches. Not so comfortable.

The unit is disassembled from the front or back side, if the matrix is ​​still decided to change.

The matrix is ​​one of the most expensive parts of the TV. It accounts for most of the cost of the device. Most services will honestly answer that if it breaks down, it is more profitable to buy a new TV than to try to replace something.

6 When is the best time to contact service centers?

Here is a list of problems, in the presence of which you definitely cannot do without outside help.

  • The device stopped turning on altogether, although the plug and cord together with the socket are working properly. Then it is better to disconnect the TVs from the network, call the masters.
  • The sound disappears. This is due to breakdowns of the speakers themselves, a violation of the contacts at the loops, a malfunction of the system board.
  • Stripes on the screen.
  • Problems with settings, saving channels.
  • Screen noise.
  • Picture disappears.
  • Problems with HDMI inputs.
  • There are many breakdowns mentioned above.

Wizards use special types of equipment to find the reason for the malfunction. Only in some cases a visual inspection is sufficient for this. This can happen even after the fall of the object, the appearance of mechanical defects. The motherboard controls almost all parts of the TV, including those responsible for the image. If it is damaged, the consequences can be serious. Interference in pictures and problems with channel settings often occur, including due to the motherboard. But for other elements, inspection will also not be superfluous.

About front access

The first step is to squeeze out the latches that hold the structure on the wall.

After detaching the latches, you can immediately access the matrix. It is screwed to the body with additional screws. They also need to be unscrewed during repairs. Some screws are duplicated with a latch. At the last stage of the repair, all the elements protecting the back wall are unscrewed. They separate the owners from the electronic stuffing inside the device.

3 Protection against damage

Now they produce special stickers made of acrylic, which are maximally protected from the effects of the following factors:

  • Humidity.
  • Light blows.
  • Scratches.

This is sufficient to protect against damage in most cases. Mechanical damage and moisture are the main reasons for malfunctions.

1 Plasma TV screens: components

You need to know how the part is arranged in order to quickly understand the features of the repair. The design of the screen of modern TVs has the following features:

  • Small liquid crystals are located all over the surface.
  • These crystals are located between two glasses of minimum thickness.
  • Components react when exposed to electrical signals.
  • This is how certain colors appear, together they form a single system.
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Each crystal has a special driver responsible for control. Drivers are located on flexible loops mounted in the glass.

Screen breakages are often associated with other additional causes:

  • The backlight is out of order.
  • Pixel strip is burned out, but this is not due to mechanical reasons.
  • Broken microcircuits responsible for the operation of the crystals.
  • Mechanical damage.

In the case of a broken backlight, there is always a chance to correct the situation. Especially when it comes to old models with halogen bulbs inside. Such parts are easily subject to the replacement procedure. If LED technology is used, the solution to the issue depends on the manufacturer. In some cases, LEDs are connected to non-removable stubs. Then the problem is serious enough.

2 Broken screens: is repair possible?

The answer to this question in most cases will be negative. You can only replace the part with a new one, especially if the receiver fell and broke.

4 Description of popular problems

In repair practice, as mentioned above, they are more likely to encounter breakdowns caused by mechanical damage. There are other problems that are encountered quite often:

  • “Ripple” in the image.
  • No picture. Often associated with short circuits or factory defects.
  • Cracked glass.
  • The appearance of stripes, spots on the screen.

Broken TV screen, is it possible to fix?

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SIMply Service Samsung TVs

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imagine our life without a TV, for many it is source of information, a way
relax and have fun. Like any home appliance, a TV requires
careful and careful handling. This is all the more important for its largest, most expensive and fragile
parts. screen.

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awkward movement while rearranging or transporting TV, aptly
a running children’s toy, or a sharp jump of a domestic cat chasing
ray of the sun. this is enough to crack the screen,
dark spots or colored streaks. Repair of a cracked matrix, unfortunately,
is impossible, only its replacement can help out in this situation. But how much is this
appropriate? Maybe it’s better not to get involved with repairs, and buy a new one
TV set?

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TV set. unique for each TV model, it is impossible to choose
cheaper and more affordable analogue. If you are an LCD owner
(or LCD) TV, then keep in mind that the cost of a new TV will be
comparable to the cost of a new die and its replacement in a service center. therefore
buying a new LCD TV will be the best solution, if, of course,
old is not dear as a memory. By the way, the same applies to the option when the TV
was part of a home theater. better to buy a new one.

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if the screen of an expensive plasma TV has crashed, then it makes sense to find out
availability and how to buy a new TV for 160-200
thousand rubles.

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was lucky, and the plasma TV matrix did not crack, but appeared on the screen
vertical stripes, then most likely you will only need to produce

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replacing the matrix depends on the model and brand, as well as on the screen diagonal. Process
this one is sometimes very time consuming, requires free space, and
quite often the presence of an assistant. It can only be performed under the conditions
service center and only an experienced professional.

dropping the TV or severe impact, in addition to the screen itself, can significantly
damage to its other insides. an electronic board, for example, therefore
invite a qualified technician to your home for diagnostics
the best advice in this situation.

Is it possible to repair the screen

If the LCD TV is dropped or you accidentally hit it with a heavy object, the panel will break. And in fact, and in another case, the question arises: is it possible to fix the screen after an impact at home?

If you do not have the skills to work with electronic equipment, the answer will be negative. you cannot do it with your own hands, all the necessary work must be entrusted to specialists by contacting a repair shop.

The situation is no better with the breakdown of the screen caused by damage to the matrix. In this case, you may notice a partial absence of a picture, light or dark spots, stripes. To eliminate all the unpleasant consequences associated with this problem, it needs to be changed. These works should also be performed only by qualified technicians, since any repair at home can aggravate the situation and lead to the permanent failure of your TV.

No sound or wheezing

Such a breakdown is usually associated with a breakdown of the sound path. Before eliminating it, you should ring all the supply, as well as the output voltage values ​​on the legs of the sound amplifier microcircuit. This should be done by a tester, referring to the working diagrams. If the indicators are normal, then the cause of the violation lies in the capacitors.

possible, broken, screen

If there is no power at all or it is too low, then it is possible that the current does not come from the power supply unit. In this case, you should ring all the elements that go from the power supply unit to the sound device. Failed parts are exchanged for workers.

Checking the state of the microcircuit is SIMple. you need to remove it from the socket. If after that the voltage on the tester appears and its value is normal, then the microcircuit will have to be changed to a new one.

No picture

If the picture freezes, then such a breakdown occurs for several reasons:

  • No signal from the receiving module to the input device of the video amplifier. To diagnose such a breakdown, you should connect some other video signal source, for example, a set-top box, laptop, PC or VCR, to the “Video” socket located on the TV case. If the image appears, then the cause of the equipment malfunction is the tuner or microcontroller, as well as their circuits.
  • The microcontroller is checked quickly enough. it is responsible for the functionality of the buttons of all output audio and video signals. If by pressing a key you can enter the menu and it appears on the display. the microcontroller is not to blame. Then it is worth checking with a multimeter all the potentials on its legs. If they fully match the values ​​of the circuit, then you will have to replace the tuner.
  • The cause of the breakdown may also be a malfunction of the video processor. If, after connecting to the tuner elements, the audio sequence does not appear again, you need to check the video processor, that is, the entire microcircuit. To do this, check the output and power supply circuits to ensure that their values ​​correspond to the required operating potentials. If you find such a discrepancy, you can say with a 70% probability that the processor is broken.
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Elimination of other breakdowns

The screen does not light up

If there is sound, but the panel does not light up, this may indicate a malfunction in the lighting circuit. There may be two reasons for this:

  • interruptions in the operation of lamps: LED or lamps;
  • lack of power supply to the backlight.

Typically, any LCD TV has 1 to 10 bulbs. They all burn out very rarely at once, most often the lamp itself is faulty. In this case, TVs are repaired as follows:

  • open the case;
  • carefully remove all driver boards, as well as the power supply;
  • disassemble the screen module, for this, remove both covers, if any, as well as the protective film;
  • inspect the LED strip or light bulbs, if necessary, replace them;
  • the rest of the target is checked visually, and then with a tester. this will make sure that there are no breaks in the diode tape.

A more detailed overview of replacing non-working lamps using the example of a Sharp LCD TV is presented in the following

If all the lamps do not light up at once, then with a high degree of probability the problem comes down to the power supply of the backlight. As a rule, high voltage converters are used in liquid crystal and plasma technology. Violation in their starting circuits can be easily determined with a multimeter. To do this, you need to measure the voltage across the knives in exact comparison with the working diagram. As soon as you find inconsistencies, you can replace the elements with serviceable ones.

But it will be much more difficult to make sure that the transformer is working. To do this, you need to measure the voltage across all microelements of the converter. If each parameter is normal, then the transformer is to blame. You can rewind it if you want, but this is a very troublesome task. And the quality of such winding leaves much to be desired. sooner or later, the equipment fails again. The best option would be to buy a new.

In LED backlight transformers, the potential difference is usually 50 to 100 W. If it is not present on the connectors, you should check how many volts goes to the old transformer. To do this, you must first remove it. If the parameters are normal, the transformer should be replaced, and if not, then it is worth continuing to check the remaining parts of the converter.

Does not turn on

If the TV receiver does not turn on, then most likely the reason for such a problem is the power supply malfunction, the activation button and wire defects.

To determine the cause of the problem associated with the cable and the button, you need to ring the elements with a tester, and the malfunction should be determined not only in the on, but also in the off state.

The situation with the power supply unit is much more complicated. if during a visual inspection you notice damaged parts, this does not mean at all that by replacing them, you will receive a properly working equipment. For example, capacitors may well swell from overvoltage, long-term use, or due to a secondary circuit, the source of which is contained in a completely different circuit.

That is why it is necessary to ring all the power supply elements with a multimeter. Do it in the following sequence.

  • If the air conditioner swells, the posistor cracked, any other visually detectable defect is noticeable, then the part should be carefully evaporated and cleaned of electrolytes and carbon deposits.
  • The tester is checked starting with the fuse, as well as the posistor, then the diode bridge is called, then the transistors, resistors and finally the microcircuit. If during the diagnostics no interruptions were detected, you just need to replace the old working elements.

Common faults

In order to carry out an independent repair of TV receivers, it is necessary to determine the root cause of the breakdown. This will require:

  • multimeter. this device is necessary to determine the voltage parameters in the control sections of the measurement, the ratings of capacitors and resistors, as well as the continuity of electrical circuits;
  • amplifier. used to identify the area where the signal disappears;
  • oscilloscope. required to represent signals at several points of the functional diagram of a TV device.

The most common causes of malfunctions:

  • The receiver does not start. the reason is usually the failure of the power supply, as well as damage to the cable or breakdown of the power button.
  • The screen does not light up or the video sequence looks blurry, barely noticeable. this directly indicates problems with the backlight LEDs, light bulbs or their power sources.
  • The TV wheezes or there is no sound reproduction at all. in this case, most likely there are interruptions in the operation of the audio amplifier or strapping.
  • The TV receiver screen is lit, but there is no image. this indicates an interruption in the operation of the tuner, as well as its circuits, or a breakdown of the video card.

Another common cause of TV breakdown is mechanical damage to the screen. In this case, you can notice the problem with the naked eye. a broken monitor, cracks, a broken matrix, light and dark spots on the screen will indicate it.

It is possible that the burned out component is just a consequence of a short circuit, and its real cause is located in a completely different place.

DIY LCD TV repair

Televisions have long and firmly taken their place in the everyday life of every modern person, therefore, a breakdown of a TV receiver can fundamentally ruin the mood of any of its owners, especially since new units are not cheap at all. That is why, in the event of a malfunction, each person has a question. whether it is necessary to go to a service center and where to find a good master, is it worth spending your time on repairs and, most importantly, money. Of course, these are important questions, but before turning to the services of paid specialists, try to determine the cause of the breakdown and, if possible, fix it. in some cases, repairing electrical equipment at home is possible.


Experienced craftsmen give the following recommendations:

  • When checking the power supply, try disconnecting all secondary circuits, and instead connect the most ordinary lamps at the desired voltage level.
  • If you think that the electrolyte of the TV receiver has lost its capacity, then gently heat its inner contents with a soldering iron, as a result of manipulations, the capacity will be restored for a while. This method helps if there are interruptions in vertical scanning, so you can see how the screen opens after heating.
  • If you are faced with a malfunction of high-voltage elements, hear a slight hiss or see a crackling, then place the TV receiver in a dark place or turn off the light. this way you can see where the sparks are coming from.

As you can see, it is possible to repair television equipment yourself at home. However, this does not apply to all types of malfunction of TV receivers. In our review, we told how to diagnose the most common breakdowns, and also gave detailed instructions for repairing individual faults.

To eliminate more significant problems, you should contact a specialized service center.

In the next video you can familiarize yourself with a detailed analysis and repair of an LCD TV at home.

Samsung TV repair

The premature failure of Samsung TVs often becomes the reason that the owner is faced with the question: “Is it worth trying to repair the device on your own, or is it better to turn to professionals for help?” The answer depends only on the nature of the malfunction: some failures are insignificant, so they can be dealt with at home, while others require the intervention of service center specialists. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

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Malfunctions and diagnostics

If you’ve just bought a Samsung TV, whether it’s plasma, CRT or LCD, the chances are very low that it’s broken. The only reason may be a factory defect, which happens very rarely, or your own inattention if you did something wrong at the time of transportation or connection of the equipment.

Often, users of TV-receivers begin to panic and call the wizard at the most elementary malfunctions in the TV. You should not do this. first try to diagnose yourself.

First, check what operating mode your TV receiver is in. For example, in many Samsung models, the Standby option is installed. this is a standby mode, when it is on, a red light on the outer panel of the unit is on. Please note that it is not recommended to leave the television receiver in this mode for a long time, since when it appears to be off, all the power supply circuits are under high voltage and wear out.

To prevent such a malfunction, the unit must be turned off with a button from the panel. this will significantly reduce the risk of electronics burnout. If you see an indication response, but the TV does not respond to commands coming from the remote control, then try turning on the unit through the panel.

If after that the picture is loaded, then most likely the malfunction concerns the remote control. On some Samsung TVs, a clicking sound is heard when the lock is activated. You cannot fix such a failure with your own hands, the only reasonable way out in this situation is to contact the service center.

But if any of them fails, then the command will not be executed. For example, when there is an interruption in the operation of the power supply, the television receiver will not be able to enter the desired functional mode. In this case, the processor will not receive information from it about normal operation, so it will immediately send a feedback signal to cancel the device turning on. thereby returning it to sleep mode. Such blinking can last for a long time until you eliminate the root cause of the problem: repair the inverter, replace the transistor, recycle the power supply completely, or fix some other malfunction.

If the indicator of the television panel is lit in green, nevertheless, the equipment does not even think to start, then this situation can rather be called ambiguous. Here you will need an experienced craftsman who, using professional equipment, can check the functionality of the electronic board, measure the voltage supplied to it, and also examine the start signal, backlight and many other problems.

In this case, only a software update and a complete flashing can return normal operation in the motherboard.

If it takes too long to turn on the TV receiver, this directly indicates that one of the units of the unit is out of order. For Samsung LCD TVs and CRT models, the reasons for this failure can vary greatly. It will be difficult to identify them without the necessary tools, skills and knowledge.

If the plasma panel is broken

For a plasma TV, the screen is a monoblock of the following parts.

  • Two high-quality glass screens with a thickness of no more than 2 mm.
  • The matrix is ​​a cellular structure filled with a mixture of xenon and neon, and is located between glass screens.
  • A layer of phosphor, to which current flows through special conductors, which causes a glow.

The principle of operation of the structure is that light of different intensity, passing through the cells with illuminated gas, forms an image. Any mechanical impact can violate the integrity of the matrix, which affects the quality of the image or its availability.

If, when the panel is damaged, there is an image, but with various artifacts, you should contact the service center for advice. There is a small chance that the problem with a broken TV can be solved by reconfiguring the matrix. Such repair is possible if there is no gas leakage from the matrix cells. Otherwise, the panel screen cannot be repaired after impact. To repair a broken TV, you will need to replace the entire plasma screen.

How to protect the device from accidental damage

If your TV is not equipped with a display protection from accidental mechanical stress, you can take care of this yourself. Acrylic protective screens are produced separately, and you can purchase a product with a suitable diagonal to install on an expensive TV panel.

The option of installing a protective glass on the TV panel will not affect the image quality, but at the same time it will protect the matrix from moisture, dust and other mechanical influences. True, such protection will not protect from damage when falling. To prevent the TV from falling, it is recommended to properly fix it on the wall using a special bracket.

If the LCD receiver is broken

LCD and LED panel screens are also made in monoblock format. They are a matrix on liquid crystals with RGB filters, placed between two thin glass panels and a backlight, the intensity of which is regulated by supplying current through a special conductive loop. The slightest crack in the inner or outer glass will damage the connections in the crystal matrix, which means that the screen is broken.

The restoration of the most complex structure of the LCD TV matrix due to the complexity of the production of TV screens is not provided. Also, there are no spare parts available, and there are no schemes for repairing damaged screens. There is no way to fix a broken LCD TV screen.

Repairing an LCD TV screen means installing a new matrix in place of the damaged structure, or replacing the protective glass. Such work is done only in a specialized workshop. As with plasma. display replacement is costly.

What to do with a broken TV screen

The screen of a plasma or LCD panel is the most vulnerable spot. The matrix responsible for image reproduction can suffer from moisture or mechanical stress. What to do when the TV screen is “broken”, consider further.

How can you use a broken TV

If, due to the fault of households or pets, the TV still crashed, there is no need to rush to throw the device away as unnecessary. Commercial workshops redeem broken equipment for spare parts. In addition, an interesting lamp, color music and even an infrared heater can be made from a broken LCD TV. Manufacturing technology can be found on the Internet.

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