Is it possible to polish the phone screen from scratches

Furniture polish

The composition of furniture polishes contains components that gently fill in scratches and make them invisible to the human eye. Use them as directed in the instructions.

Special cleaning products for jewelry

Jewelry polish contains the smallest particles that fill the surface and make it mirror-like smooth. It is used for cleaning silver and copper items, but it is also suitable for polishing optics.

Bringing scratched glasses back to life with polishing

Scratches on the surface of the lenses of sunglasses are not a reason to abandon your favorite accessory. In the warm season, the question scratched the sunglasses, which is more relevant than ever before. No matter how carefully you treat your sunglasses from the sun, wear them in a case, wipe them with special napkins, you still cannot protect them from various abrasions or scratches. Even the summer breeze blowing in the face carries with it small particles that leave tiny damage on the surface of the accessory. Meanwhile, these scratches not only do not look aesthetically pleasing, but can also significantly damage your eyesight, tk. eyes have to constantly strain.

With all the variety available today, it is not always easy to choose glasses that would suit you 100%. Therefore, it is so offensive when scratches appear on them. Many reluctantly throw out glasses, but knowing how to polish sunglasses can really give them a second life.

The procedure for polishing at home is quite simple, but note that all the methods discussed in the article are not suitable for glasses with glass lenses. Before polishing, thoroughly rinse the accessory, paying particular attention to damage, and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

What to do when you can’t disguise a scratch?

When you are faced with the problem of how to clean your sunglasses, if the damage is deep and it was not possible to mask it using the above methods, removing the top layer can help you.

True, the goal should be justified, because when the top layer is removed, both anti-reflective and other coatings are removed, and the duration of operation is also reduced, because glasses become susceptible to mechanical stress. If you have weighed the pros and cons and still decided to try, you will need an abrasive for glass, which is used in the manufacture of stained glass windows, or an abrasive toothpaste, as well as cotton pads, gloves and microfiber napkins.

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This method is only relevant for plastic lenses. Therefore, first of all, before you polish your sunglasses, make sure that the lenses are made of plastic. To do this, tap on them with your fingernail. The glass coating will make a characteristic ringing, while the plastic coating will practically not have any sound.

Car polish

A special wax designed for polishing car bodies is also used as an option for cleaning sunglasses to remove scratches.


One of the most affordable and effective remedies for minor scratches is a non-abrasive toothpaste. Please note that in no case should it contain menthol, large particles, and it should not have a whitening effect.

Cover the damage with a small amount of the product and use a cotton pad to wipe it with light circular motions for a few seconds. In the process of cleaning your sunglasses, try not to get the product on the frame, otherwise it may peel off. Rinse off the remaining paste with water. Repeat the manipulations until the desired effect is achieved.

A great alternative to toothpaste is a gruel made from baking soda and water. It must be applied to the surface, wipe the damage, leave for 30 minutes and rinse with water.

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If the above methods could not cope with the damage and the question scratched the sunglasses, what to do is still relevant, you can experiment with products that do not wash, but, on the contrary, fill in the scratches, thereby hiding them.

How to prevent damage to glasses?

In order not to deal with the problem of how to clean sunglasses, optics should be stored exclusively in a special case for glasses. When the accessory is not on the face, it must be in the case. Give preference to models with a special protective coating that protects against mechanical damage.

When damage becomes common, it makes sense to consider buying glasses with glass lenses. Note that although they do not scratch as much, they are more fragile.

If you have not been able to repair the damage yourself, contact a specialist. The specialists in the salons of optics have at their disposal special equipment, with the help of which they remove the thinnest upper layer of the lens and re-cover it with a new protective film.

Baby powder

As in the previous case, make a thick mass, only not from soda, but from baby powder. Wipe the phone screen with the mixture obtained, and then wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Folk remedies how to remove scratches from the phone screen

The most effective way to remove scratches from mobile screens is to apply a screen protector. The protective film will prevent the appearance of scratches, and in order for the screen to always please with a beautiful view, you just need to change the film. But if there are already scratches, you can try to remove them with the help of available tools at home.

Vegetable oil

You can’t imagine any simpler thing: one or two drops of vegetable oil rubbed into the surface of a worn-out screen can restore its former shine for some period. This method is less effective than the others.

Daredevils use fine sandpaper to get rid of screen scratches. The method is so harsh that it cannot be recommended not only for the screen, but also for the back of the phone.

Removing scratches with special products

Any polishing is the erasure of the top layer of the screen. Smartphone screen polishing is fraught with many dangers. Using professional effective tools, you can overdo it: at best, you will erase the anti-reflective coating, and at worst, damage the touchscreen.

To keep damage to a minimum, it is recommended to polish only the screen. That is, it must be removed from the phone. In addition, to clean the touch screen, you must use a special microfiber cloth. microfiber.

There are several polishing products. suede, car polish, goi paste, CD / DVD scratch remover, jewelry powder:

  • Suede is used if there are only a few very small scratches. Just wipe the screen with a suede cloth. If that doesn’t work, apply harder polish.
  • Goi paste is not much more effective than suede. Slight haze and small scratches can still be removed with this paste, but deep ones. never.
  • CD scratch remover is a good option. Small scratches disappear perfectly, albeit temporarily. After a couple of months, these scratches will most likely reappear and you will need to repeat the procedure.
  • Car polishes are effective, but there are a very large number of them on the market and it is not clear how a particular tool will behave when interacting with the coating of the smartphone screen.
  • Jewelry powder contains wax and aluminum oxide. Apply a small amount to the coat and polish the glass.

Baking soda

Our assistant in many household chores and in this case too. Effectively helps in the fight against minor scratches on the screen. Mix baking soda and water in a 2: 1 ratio and stir until it becomes a thick paste. Do the same as with toothpaste.

How to prepare a gadget for the procedure

While it is possible to get rid of scratches on the touchscreen glass at home, it doesn’t guarantee you will be successful. Before you start, be aware that there is a risk that the situation will worsen.

  • Be sure to turn off.
  • Wipe the screen to get rid of dust and other small particles.
  • With the help of masking tape (but not usual), we close all parts of the case through which it is possible for the used funds to get inside.
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Small scratches on the phone screen: removing the problem at home

No matter how hard you try to handle the phone carefully, over time, scratches on the screen or case will still appear. We are used to always carrying it with us, not parting with the device even at night. The problem either already exists or will appear over time, so advice on how to remove scratches from the phone screen will be relevant to everyone.

Minor scratches or abrasions are not dangerous for the operation of the device, but very unpleasant for the owner of the device. They are incredibly annoying, at one point the smartphone becomes not so cool. Let’s try to return your iPhone or an equally respected phone to its former shine at home.

The surest way is prevention. It is much easier to prevent defects from occurring than to deal with them. But, if it was not possible to save the phone, you need to solve the problem. Possible correction methods are described below.

Paste GOI

Important! This method is ideal for deep scars and large scratches. If you try to remove microscopic minor cracks with such a tool, then the result is completely opposite. the screen becomes dull, as if dirty and with shiny depressions.

How to get rid of scratches on the phone cover using GOI paste:

  • You need to drop a little bit of machine oil on the screen.
  • Then, with a small piece of paste, using a small cloth, gently rub the damaged surface.

Important! This procedure is quite long, since the screen will take from 30 minutes to one hour to polish. It depends on the depth of damage to the scratches and on the applied force.

  • The procedure must be carried out until the paste and oil completely disappear.
  • Add another drop of oil and some paste and continue polishing until the final result.
  • At the end of the polishing process, apply an ordinary polishing agent for mobile phone screens to a clean soft piece of cloth, clean the glass surface within 2-3 minutes.

Important! If a protective film is glued on the touch screen, but still there are minor damages on the screen, then this method can be used to remove scratches.

Preventing scratches on your phone

To prevent scratches on the phone case, you must:

  • Purchase a protective film. For several months it will reliably protect your mobile screen from various mechanical damages and reduce the risk of minor scratches.
  • Wipe down the screen as often as possible. If there is no accumulation of dust particles, then scratches and microscopic cracks are much less likely to form.

Important! Wipe with special wipes. Otherwise, you can scratch the screen by your own actions.

Carry in special s or use protective covers. You should not allow the smartphone to just lie in a bag, where there are many small items at the same time.

Purchase a phone with a recovering display. Such a device is equipped with a plastic coating that can smooth out minor damage. But this option does not always solve this problem. With careless use, more or less significant cracks will be visible even on such a display.

Nail polish fixer

Degrease, apply lacquer fixer, allow to dry and polish

You can tweak the look of your phone with a nail polish fixer. It has the ability to fill all recesses and remain virtually invisible due to its transparent, light texture. How to use?

  • Wipe the area to be treated with alcohol or solvent.
  • Dry completely.
  • Apply a thin layer of hardener to cracks.
  • Allow to dry completely and polish thoroughly.

Important! It is best to use a regular fixer to remove scratches from the screen and cabinet. If you use professional gels, you will have to additionally dry with an ultraviolet lamp.


Sandpaper with fine abrasive removes large flaws on the phone case well

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To polish your phone and get rid of major imperfections, sandpaper is best. But, it is important to choose paper with the finest particles, which will not damage the case even more. How to polish?

  • Wipe dry and clean the surface of the housing.
  • Wipe gently with a sheet of sandpaper. Do not apply strong pressure when wiping, because new scratches and damage will appear.
  • Rub the area to be treated with a dry piece of coarse woolen cloth.

Attention! Sandpaper leaves traces on any surfaces, so it is necessary to additionally polish the surface after use in order to eliminate traces of abrasive action.

Mobile Phone Screen Polishing Tips

Having learned this polishing technology, you can independently get rid of scratches on the screen of your mobile phone.

In various homemade products, electronics lovers often use plexiglass protective screens. This is a wonderful material, it is like ordinary glass, with the only difference that plexiglass is easily processed due to its softness. Because of this, it has one drawback. scratches may appear on the plexiglass.

Self polishing mobile phone screen

Now we will share with you a simple technology for polishing it, this will help you remove scratches on the displays of your mobile phones, players and other electronics. By the way, if your phone charger suddenly breaks down, then in this section you will find a solution to this problem.

With this method, you can also polish small metal objects (for example, polish a coin to a shine). To create this device, you will need the following materials:
one). Electric motor from a children’s toy (or any similar).
2). GOI polishing paste (sold in many household departments).
3). Cotton buds.
four). Battery (its voltage depends on the motor used).

Take a cotton swab and cut off one end. With this end, we put the shelf on the shaft of our electric motor. Turn on the engine and twist the cotton wool with your fingers so that it does not fluff.

During rotation, apply a small amount of GOI paste to the cotton wool.

As a sample, we took a piece of colorless plexiglass and scrawled the word Licrym on it with an awl.

The same principle can be used to polish the screen of your mobile phone. We proceed to remove scratches on plexiglass, i.e. we carry out polishing. With gentle, slow movements, we brush over the scratch with the rotating tip of our cotton swab.

Remember! You cannot stay in one place for a long time, since the GOI paste will be squeezed out of the stick and the cotton wool will begin to rub the surface of the plexiglass dry, from this it will begin to heat up and may melt (a hole will appear). GOI paste is an abrasive and contains the smallest grains of chromium oxide, which are the main polishing elements. That is why the material is sanded along the edges of the scratch to the very bottom.

As a result of this process, a small such hole is formed at the place of the scratch and the surface becomes clean again. Although we will get a recess in shape repeating the scratch, we will no longer have such sharp edges scattering light, which already means that the scratch on the plexiglass becomes invisible. And so we have achieved this result. part of the word “Lic” we managed to remove in just 10 minutes of our polishing:

If you look through the plexiglass through and through, then we will not see any traces of the presence of letters. As soon as we look at the surface in reflected light at a certain angle, we will see their silhouette blurred over the surface.

Mobile phone screen polishing performed using this technology will help you get rid of scratches for a long time.