Is it possible to record the screen with sound

How to insert a webcam recording into a screen video recording

FastStone Capture does not have the ability to record video from a computer screen with sound and video from a webcam at the same time. Therefore, if you need to insert a webcam recording into your desktop video, you can use the built-in Camera tool in Windows 10. Click the “Start” button and find the Camera in the list of installed programs and applications Windows 10. Run the program.

A working window of the Camera with your image will appear on the screen of your computer. Unless, of course, you have not sealed the webcam with masking tape, like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. If glued, then it’s time to remove it.

To remove the autosearch frame from the face, you need to switch from the photo mode to the video mode. Click on the button with the video camera. The button, video recording will become active. A timer recording with zero digits will appear at the bottom.

You do not need to turn on the recording in the “Camera”. You will be recording video from the computer screen using FastStone Capture (or maybe another one). Just drag the Camera window with the mouse to the desired place on the desktop and launch the program. Thus, you can record video from the computer screen with sound and the video inserted into it from the webcam.

Small customization

To record video from a computer screen with sound, you need to turn on the sound source. To do this, click the “settings” icon in the form of a gear. In the menu that opens, click on the line “Do not record sound”. A list of all available microphones will appear. Select the microphone you need.

It remains to press the button. The recording will start immediately. You will see that the timer has started counting down the timing of the recording. Seconds ran, as they say.

Press the Record button again to stop recording. The program will need a few seconds to process the footage. After that, you will be prompted to view the resulting masterpiece and, depending on the result, save it or not.

Multiple notation

  • Follow mouse pointer turns on the highlighting of the mouse cursor.
  • Inset Title Clip opens the design editor. On the Title tab, you can enter any text, select its parameters and screen fill color.
  • Title Clip Duration, as you probably already guessed, the time of demonstration of the screen saver with the text before the start of video recording from the computer screen.

To stop recording, click the black square in this menu. Another window will appear with three buttons.

  • Resume. continue recording.
  • Save. finish recording and save the video.
  • Discard. Delete video without saving.

Screen video recording with Monosnap

This is a handy screenshot tool that can record video with sound. The program is free. It is better to download it from the official site. So you will avoid installing any additional surprises such as Yandex browser and similar intrusive software.

  • record video from computer screen with sound,
  • insert a webcam recording (picture-in-picture) into a desktop recording with sound,
  • over the recording, apply arrows and frames to show the viewer the desired object in the frame.

Monosnap can record video from webcam and laptop desktop at the same time. It is enough to enable the icon in the control panel during recording. In this case, the recording will look like the picture below.

After installing Monosnep, the program icon will appear in the System Tray. Click on it with the right mouse button. In the menu that opens, select “Burn Desktop”.

If the program icon is not on the taskbar, look among the hidden icons. Or find Monosnep in the list of installed programs through the “Start” button and run the program from there. The icon will immediately appear in the panel.

A working window will open for recording video from the computer screen. Adjust its size. Just drag the mouse on the side of the window as shown in the picture.

How to Record PC Screen with Internal Audio for Free

The window is moved around the desktop by simply dragging it with the mouse. To do this, click on the upper edge of the window and hold the mouse button and drag it to the desired location.

Recording videos with FastStone Capture

This is a more advanced program compared to the unpretentious Monosnap. There is a built-in selection of areas for recording video from the screen.

  • Active window or object.
  • Rectangular floatable area.
  • Fixed area with fixed size and position.
  • Full screen monitor without taskbar.
  • Full screen monitor (with taskbar).

Run the program. A sticker menu will appear on your screen. It will be on top of all working windows. Dragged by the mouse to any part of the screen. It looks like this.

To record a video, you must click on the icon with a film strip. The recording settings menu will immediately appear.

On the screenshot, Full Screen is selected. Full screen of the monitor.

By checking or unchecking the Record Audio checkbox, the sound is turned on and off during video recording. And the last setting option is the choice of the sound source. The selection is active, provided that the video recording from the computer screen will be with sound, the checkbox in Record Audio is checked.

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After setting the window type of the picture recording and selecting the sound source, click the Record button. The recording window will be highlighted with a red frame. If you record the entire monitor screen and choose Full Screen, there will be no frame. In any case, press some key, “space”, for example. And you will see the registration window.

How to Record Computer Screen Video with Windows 10 Sound

  • Monosnap. The easiest option. Recording video from the screen and webcam, drawing explanatory arrows, frames over the recording. Screenshot of the visible part of the screen. cloud file storage.
  • FastStone Capture. Record video from the computer screen. Screenshot of the entire image (page) and parts visible and invisible on the screen.
  • FlashBack Express. A universal tool for recording video both from the screen and from the webcam. Time-lapse video screenshot. Export in AVI, MPEG4, WMV (Windows Media Video) formats. Advanced recording settings.

How to Record Computer Screen Video with Windows 10 Sound

I bring to your attention three free programs for recording video from a computer screen with sound. Each has its own characteristics. They are all easy to use and understand. They say about such people: “Even my grandmother said it was simple.” See for yourself!

How to Record Screen with Sound on Windows 10 for Free

Screen Recorder in Windows 10 is a useful way to share content or make instructional videos, especially among users who would like to share content with others through various social media platforms. You will need a dedicated software tool to record your screen. What’s the best Windows 10 screen recording tool on the market? How to Record Screen in Windows 10? This article shows you 2 easy ways to record screen images for free in Windows 10. One of the most convenient ways. use the built-in screen capture tool in Windows 10. Another way. use a professional screen recorder in Windows 10 in various formats, ratios and quality.

Record video audio from your screen for free

  • Record high quality video from your PC screen, as well as audio from your system or input device in sync with video.
  • Simplify the number of steps and mouse clicks, for a more comfortable use. Manage your entire recording process effortlessly.
  • Support for output to multiple formats and conversion using the latest compression technologies. Better quality and smaller size.

Record your screen in Windows 10 with a free screen recorder

To help you record screen and sound in Windows 10 with advanced features, we recommend a professional free screen recorder for Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems. 100% free screen recorder. IObit Screen Recorder. Designed for screen recording on Windows including Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, it offers high quality services to record high definition video without frame lag. Unlike the built-in screen capture tool in Windows 10, it allows you to record any area of ​​the screen according to your requirements. You can record HD video, no watermark, no time limit.

Record screen in Windows 10 with built-in screen capture tool

Having installed the Windows 10 operating system, many users for a long time do not even suspect that it has a built-in screen capture tool. Xbox Game Bar. As the name suggests, it is primarily aimed at gamers who are recording gameplay. However, it is handy for screen recording and works well with most applications. Let’s see how to find the built-in screen capture tool and how to use it to record your screen in Windows 10.

Main Features of IObit Screen Recorder:

Screen recording with sound. Open the app and you can choose to record system sounds, microphone and mouse clicks. All sounds can be fully recorded.

Flexible screen capture for video recording. The screen recorder offers 4 options to select the screen area to record: full screen, specific area, fixed aspect ratio (4: 3 and 16: 9).

Support for various output formats and conversions. After recording, you can save videos in over 12 formats compatible with major digital devices. Audio can be saved in MP3, AAC and other formats. What’s more, it helps you convert videos to any format you want.

Edit video after recording. IObit Screen Recorder has more features than just recording. After finishing recording, you can click the “Edit” button to edit the video using basic editing functions and save it instantly. Every frame. Is this what you want.

Upload videos to social media immediately. Right-click the video and select the Download option. You can upload videos from screen recorder to popular social networks: YouTube, Instagram. Google Drive and Dropbox.

Next, we will show you how to record your screen on Windows 10 using IObit Screen Record, step by step.

Download IObit Screen Recorder for Windows 10 or other Windows versions for free and install it now.

Open the recorder and set your preferences. For more settings, click Recording Settings to select size, format, frame rate and video quality. You can also set audio format and frame rate.

Start screen recording in Windows 10 by pressing the red record button (Or press the F9 hotkey to start recording.). The recording will start instantly. Press F10 to pause recording and F9 to end it.

When you finish recording, the video is saved automatically. In the video list, you can view all recorded videos and edit videos by clicking the edit icon.

Advice. What if you are not using the Windows operating system? Read another article to learn how to record your screen on a computer.

Find and turn on Xbox Game Bar

Click the start button at the bottom and the gear icon to open the settings.

Select Games. Then the Xbox Game Bar section is loaded by default. On the right, there is a switch that turns the panel on or off. If Off is displayed, click the switch and enable the video capture tool. Then you can start recording your screen on Windows 10.

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How to Record Screen on Windows 10 with Built-in Video Capture Tool? Detailed steps are shown below.

Steps to Record Screen with Sound in Windows 10

The screen recorder can work in common applications, but it still has some drawbacks. Not all actions in Windows 10 can be recorded by this tool. Desktop, explorer cannot be written. So before you start, press the keyboard shortcut to open the Xbox Game Bar, be sure to first open the app you want to record. Otherwise, the software will inform you that game features are not available for the Windows desktop or File Explorer. Then you can follow the steps to record Windows 10 screen instantly.

Press the Windows G keyboard shortcut to open the screen recorder built into Window 10.

Click the Start Recording button (or press the Windows Alt R keyboard shortcut) to start screen recording in Windows 10. You can click the Settings button and change the default settings, such as whether to record audio or not.

possible, record, screen, sound

In the upper right corner of the computer screen, you can see the capture status, which shows the recording time. To end recording, just press the green button.

To view your recorded video, press the Windows G keys and open the Xbox Game bar. Open the widget menu, select “Gallery” and you can watch all the recorded videos. These videos are saved as MP4 files. Another way to find recorded videos in Windows 10 is to go to the Capture / Recordings subfolder in the Videos / Videos folder.

Unable to record full screen or specify capture resolution.

Unable to pause while recording.

Limited video editing capabilities.


Not a bad program for recording all actions on the computer screen. In addition to video, it allows you to capture cursor movements, record audio (sound in speakers, microphone).

By the way, another advantage: the program can be installed on a USB flash drive and used on almost any computer (where there is a free USB port).

  • selection of the capture area;
  • the ability to compress both video and audio on the fly (the video is quite small in size);
  • support for “hot” keys;
  • you can record video and audio in a variety of formats: AVI, WMV / ASF;
  • there is a pause: i.e. you can stop recording, and then resume it from where you stopped;
  • the ability to make text notes.
  • the program is shareware;
  • a problem with some types of microphones;
  • inserts a caption into the video when using the demo version of the program.

Main settings

  • Start Fraps minimized. at startup (including when autorun at OS startup), the window will not open, but will quietly minimize or immediately hide in the tray to the clock (depending on the last setting).
  • The Fraps window is always on top. on top of other windows (not an important setting, you will hardly have to open the Fraps window often).
  • Start Fraps with Windows. check the box, at any time you can shoot something and not worry that you forgot to start Fraps.
  • Desktop Aero Monitor DWM. Runs in Vista and Windows 7, allows you to capture video from the monitor screen on your desktop. For Win XP users this is not possible, they can only shoot games or other 3D / video applications.
  • Minimize to tray. when minimized, the window turns into an icon at the clock.

How to make a video in SnagIt

  • Select a profile (read how to create it above).
  • Click the button “Start data collection”.
  • A window with video recording settings will appear.
  • Click “Get Started”.
  • Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to finish.


This program captures images from the monitor, and can also record all the activity that occurs on a separate part of the screen or the entire display. TotalScreenRecorder can create files in WMV, FLV, SWF, AVI formats. It can respond to cursor movement and has audio recording support. The utility is also used to record conversations through a webcam. Recorder is widely used among the creators of educational videos and animated presentations. Among the advantages:

  • 5 image capture modes: random area of ​​the screen, active window, full display, static size, a certain part of the monitor;
  • work with a microphone and a sound card of a computer;
  • customizable sound and video;
  • pause of active work;
  • the ability to set hot keys;
  • timer for stopping recording and starting it;
  • hidden shooting function;
  • the program can hide in the tray during its work, without disturbing the user;
  • the output file has a small size and a high quality picture;
  • autosave setting;
  • logging of program events and errors;

All these advantages indicate that this tool was created for comfortable work and will appeal to people who value their time and the quality of the finished project.


Xfire is a completely free application with powerful features that will appeal to fans of PC games. The program combines such functions as communication in voice and text chat, the ability to exchange files without interrupting the game process, displaying information about what games friends are currently playing and on which servers, which allows you to instantly join the game from them. It is also possible to create screenshots and capture video, thereby the player can demonstrate their skills in the game.

After installing the Xfire program, it searches for games on the computer, then provides the ability to search and add friends, new contacts, play network battles. Now this utility supports 2000 games of various genres.


Developer site:

An excellent program for recording training videos, presentations, and just video in various formats: SWF, AVI, UVF (its native format for the super-minimal size of the resulting video), EXE, FLV, GIF-animation (you can record with sound!).

You can record almost everything that happens on your screen (including all movements and mouse clicks).

  • the ability to select a recording area (for example, you can record the entire screen or a separate area of ​​it);
  • the ability to select a recording source: microphone, speakers;
  • you can record keystrokes (including system keys, for example CtrlAltDel);
  • the ability to record 3D games (although the program eats up resources more than Fraps);
  • while recording the screen, you can draw with the cursor: for example, highlight the desired areas or show some area (focus attention for those who will watch the video);
  • the ability to edit, cut out unnecessary frames, add arrows, labels, etc.;
  • the ability to save video in different formats (the formats indicated above): both the quality of the video and its final size depend on this;
  • it is possible to create screenshots (like the previous program).
  • when recording large clips, sometimes the sound disappears;
  • video recording in the most compact size is carried out in “own” video format (there may be some problems with converting another format).
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How to capture video and audio on a video call?

As I said above, screen recorder apps with updated versions do not support internal audio recording due to some regulations from Google.

I tried several older versions and found version 3.9 of AZ Screen Recorder which supports video and internal audio recording at the same time.

Just download and install the app. Start screen recording make a video call.

How to Record Android Phone Screen Video with Sound?

When using the Android OS, the user can take screenshots of the images they like. This option is often not enough. If you need to create a full-fledged record, then share it with friends, you need to use special applications. They will be discussed below.

Recording screen with system sound and microphone

With this reliable screen recorder, you can make a variety of screen and audio recordings without any PC latency in high quality. It allows users to record any selected region, in full screen mode, from a webcam or picture-in-picture video. To start recording, all you have to do is set some parameters. First click on “System Sound and Microphone” in the audio input tab, this will allow you to record video and audio at the same time.

To get started, you can set up a custom region or choose to record in full screen mode. In addition, if you want to adjust the video playback speed, you can also change the frames by presetting the frames in the Recording section of the options menu.

Professional Way

Whether you need to record your screen with sound, or add your voice to the recording, here is the ApowerREC tool you can rely on, a versatile screen recorder capable of recording your screen, webcam and sound simultaneously or separately. When recording audio, users will be presented with various options such as system audio, microphone, or both. Plus, it also has other cool features that can help you record screen activity even when you’re not around, including Auto Stop Recording and Task Scheduler.

To record the screen along with the selected audio input, simply activate one of the recording modes, such as Full Screen or Regional, and then turn on the Audio icon. When you’re ready, simply press the RECORD button and recording will start automatically. And to finish, just click “Stop” and your recording will be included in the list of recordings.

Additional tips for you

  • To properly record audio, make sure you select the correct audio source. We also remind you that the system sound or microphone device you select must match the default sound settings on your computer. If the instrument does not record after pressing the RECORD button, simply refer to this manual.
  • If you need to use microphones, make sure you connect the microphone before launching the app; otherwise microphone signals will not be recorded.
  • To avoid distortion when recording voice / microphone sound, you can enable Sound Enhancement and Noise Reduction before recording. Just click the drop-down menu next to the Audio icon, then go to Options and check the box next to the specified feature to finally activate those features.

Recording a screen with sound to create an educational or entertaining video is fun. Just try mixing things up to create a unique video that everyone who watches will appreciate.

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how to record video from phone screen

Samsung’s screen recording is built into almost every phone, but you most likely didn’t know about it. In this article I will give instructions on how to activate the recording function, how to make its process fast and convenient, and to personalize your video. And if for some reason it is not possible to configure the built-in function, then I will tell you how to record the screen on Samsung using the most convenient third-party applications that I use myself.

Game Screen Recorder

A stable working device that can be used in a free version and a paid professional one. An attractive option is the presetting and resolution to adjust the overview and the quality of the image that you want to shoot. Other predominant functions should be highlighted:

  • video recording up to an hour;
  • no root access required;
  • it is allowed to record on the microphone;
  • clear functionality and interface;
  • saving previously installed presets;
  • start countdown timer.

The disadvantage is that some of the listed options are available in the PRO version. Crash reported on smartphones.

Screen and speaker recording

This free screen sharing tool also supports recording screen video with the voice of the speaker or user. This method is suitable for those who make video tutorials with narration for a better explanation or commentary. To start this process, we just need to click on the audio input tab and select “Microphone” below it. After that, you can start recording the screen and also make some comments at the same time.

For best results, make sure you have a fully functional microphone, either built-in or external, because the recording tool will be useless if you have a faulty microphone.

Note: If you need to record a screen with a microphone, connect the microphone before launching this screen recorder. Otherwise, you need to re-run this tool for it to successfully detect the microphone and lock it.