Laptop does not boot when turned on black screen

Black screen caused by physical impact when booting laptop

Failure of the monitor, video card, bridge, damage to the cords. In this case, you need to check separately the monitor and the system unit and find what exactly the problem is.

If the problem is in the monitor, the task is extremely simplified, you will have to carry it to the SC. If the system unit, then pay attention to how long ago you cleaned it, elementarily it may not work due to dust and oxide. If possible, then connect the monitor not to the video card, but to another slot (built-in video card).

This problem is most likely caused by the failure of the north bridge, in order to make sure of this you will have to warm it up, you can do this using a soldering station. It is quite difficult for an ordinary user to do this type of repair on his own, therefore, service centers are engaged in this. After warming up the bridge, the monitor will be in service again, but not for a long time. The solution to this problem is to replace the bridge. At a price of about 70 if the laptop is not a gaming one, and so the price fluctuates depending on the laptop model.

Black screen and cursor

If you have a black screen and a cursor when starting Windows, then this problem arose as a result of a failure in the system of the explorer.exe file, which is responsible for enabling. the desktop, the toolbar, the file manager. This failure can be caused by a number of different reasons for example: viruses, unsuccessful updates, etc.

You can return your computer to a normal state using System Restore. Now we need to break through to it, we will do it through the “sticky keys” for this, we need to press the shift key 5 times

After that we get the window that you see above, we need to go to the “accessibility center to disable the keyboard shortcut”.

We get such a window where in the search line (on the top right under the “close” button) you need to write “support center” After which we will see the Blue flag Support center, click on it and get into the next window, at the very bottom select “Restore”

Then it gets to another window in which we select “start system restore” Then check the box “select another system restore point” and click further, then select the desired restore point, click further. ready, confirm the decision by clicking “yes”.

After that, the computer will restart and start with the “Windows black screen with cursor” problem solved.

I want to add that this method will help you if you have not previously disabled the system restore function

Black screen when turning on laptop

If the laptop works but the screen is black, then this may be due to a number of reasons presented below. We will analyze why, including the laptop, we see a black screen. List of problems and solutions to this problem.

Laptop does not boot black screen, BIOS settings fail

The problem may arise as a result of resetting, changing, flashing the BIOS, then you need to reset it to factory settings. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • When starting the laptop, press the f10 key for 15 seconds to get into the BIOS.
  • Then press f9 and enter to return to the default settings.
  • Press the f10 key and enter. thereby we save and reboot the laptop.

Please note that all these actions we perform in the “dark” without seeing what is happening on the matrix.

Laptop won’t turn on black screen, settings fail

This variant of the problem may be caused by a failure in the hardware settings. In this case, you will need to perform a reset.

In order to perform a hard reset, you need to follow the instructions below.

  • Disconnect laptop from power.
  • Stick out the battery
  • Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds
  • Give the RAM, wipe the contacts of the RAM with an eraser, let it rest for 5-10 minutes, insert it back.
  • After that, insert the battery and connect the laptop to power.

After that, the black screen should not appear when the laptop is turned on.

Black screen and cursor at startup

When loading, we press the f8 key for about 10 seconds, then we get to the choice of loading, select the first item “troubleshooting” after loading, we have a window “System recovery options” Click further. ok. after which we are offered to make a choice to restore the system, select the very first item “Startup recovery” after which the launch of the working environment should be performed automatically.

If none of the two methods helped to fix the problem of “black screen and cursor when starting Windows”, then move on. When a black screen appears, press ctrlaltdel launch the “task manager” press “application” (if you do not have menu items to select, then double-clicking on the top area of ​​the task manager, you can eliminate this) “New task” and in the window “create a new task “And enter the following” C: /Windows/System32/explorer.exe “and confirm” ok “. if you get an error message and the icons on the desktop do not appear, do the following. We close the error, in the task manager, go to the Processes tab and end all processes (right-click on the process. end the process) with the name explorer.exe. Then go back to the application and add the same task “C: /Windows/System32/explorer.exe” (you can try adding “explorer.exe” without specifying the path).

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After these steps, everything should fall into place, but if this option did not help, try to crank it in safe mode.

I hope the article on “Windows black screen solution” helped you. If not, leave comments, we will fight this problem together.


The most common factor in the appearance of this problem is the inattention or inexperience of users: the plug through which power is supplied to the device may be damaged (in places where the cable is bent, this may not be visually visible, in fact, the thin cores of the wire are simply frayed due to repeated bending).

Or disconnected. This situation is especially true for older devices from Asus.

When operating on battery power, it may be discharged or uncharged, or the battery may be damaged.

You need to check everything and make sure that there are no such problems or solve them: charge the battery, replace the damaged cable, plug its plug into the outlet, if it is really working.

Dust problem

The fan blades and radiator tubes with fins are covered with dust, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the metal and the efficiency of removing warm air from heated power elements.

We’ll have to remove the bottom cover of the device and get rid of dust using a can of compressed air, cotton swabs (just don’t leave any lint) or a pile cleaner with a hairdryer.

If you are going to blow, it is better to take the laptop outside or on the balcony.

It is also recommended that every two years (each service center and manufacturer will set the terms independently) to replace the terpopast, which is located on the contact pad between the central processor and the cooler.

It is better not to replace the heat-conducting paste at home, if you do not have such experience, it is fraught with consequences.

To do this, you need to connect the laptop via a supported interface to an image output device.

For most, this is an outdated VGA port, although many modern devices are not equipped with it.

In this case, the common must be DVI or modern HDMI. There is no difference for the user, only the plugs and wires are different.

If a picture appears on the TV / monitor, then the problem lies in your display. the backlight is faulty, the problem is with the loop.

In the latter case, you can replace it on your own, but it is not always easy to find the necessary component, and even fewer people will be able to carefully and correctly untwist the device, replace the old cable and put everything back together. Yes, in such a way as not to harm the laptop.

When connecting the PC to the TV, a picture appeared on the latter. take the device to the service center.

Experts will find the problem and offer a solution. Sometimes it can be expensive, such as replacing the screen matrix.

Hardware faults

Hardware faults are more difficult to deal with. It’s good if there is no signal on the screen. most likely, the cable connecting the monitor and the video card just came off. If the screen appears without anything immediately after starting the computer, and there is no way to boot into safe mode, then you are faced with a hardware failure.

  • Inspect all ports and external cables. they must be intact.
  • Remove the cover of the system unit and carefully inspect the system components, as well as the cables. Pay special attention to the video card. there should be no damage or dirt on it.
  • Remove all the RAM modules one by one, wipe the contacts, then reinstall the brackets.
  • Clean the system unit (laptop) from dust.

A squeak coming from the motherboard speaker will help determine the hardware malfunction. Find a fault map on the Internet that allows you to determine the nature of the error by the BIOS beeps.

If the computer does not beep, then the motherboard itself may be damaged. This is probably the most annoying issue you can encounter. If you have already done everything possible, and there was no reaction from the computer, then you should contact the service center. home diagnostic methods have been exhausted.

A black screen appears when the laptop is turned on for a number of reasons, which can be divided into software and hardware.

When you turn on or work a computer or laptop, a so-called “black screen” or “Malevich square”, as users of Windows operating systems called it, may appear.

The causes of the problem can be both hardware and software.

laptop, does, boot, turned, black, screen

In the first case, the user will not always be able to solve them himself, but we will still show you how this can be done.

In the second case, the situation is easy to fix even for a beginner.


It is not uncommon for a device to turn off automatically when the temperature of one of its components reaches the designer’s limit.

In such a situation, the most common culprit is an overheated central processor, which prevents the computer from starting again.

The cooling system does not cope with the tasks assigned to it for a number of reasons:

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Error message

If a black screen appears with inscriptions, then you need to rewrite or remember the information that the computer is trying to transmit. Typically, the specific cause of the problem is listed. for example, “Bootmgr is missing”. The computer told you what the problem is, you just have to see what to do in a specific situation.

A black (blue) screen with white letters also appears when you run Check Disk. If the system was terminated abnormally, then when the computer is turned on, an error check will be launched.

Fixing the “black screen” issue Hard Booting

Do not interrupt the operation. wait for it to finish, then the next time the system is started, it will no longer turn on. If you cancel the check, then a screen with white letters will appear every time the computer starts.

Possible reasons

Before we begin to figure out why after turning on, instead of the usual Windows boot, you see a black screen and a cursor, let’s see the possible causes of this problem:

  • Installing an unlicensed copy of the system.
  • Damage to system files or registry.
  • Viral infection.
  • Video card driver problems.
  • Hardware faults.

If the black screen does not appear immediately, but when Windows starts, try loading the last known good configuration. Windows 7 users need:

  • Restart your computer (laptop).
  • At startup, press F8 until the menu appears.
  • Select Last Known Good Configuration Boot.

Unfortunately, this convenient option is not available on Windows 8. Therefore, you will have to check the system through safe mode (if the last good configuration on Windows 7 did not help, also use safe mode).

Safe Mode Operation

Start Safe Mode with loading network drivers using the F8 key or the installation media with Windows 8. If the system starts up correctly, then you need to check that there is no inscription in the corner that you are using a copy that is not genuine.

If there is an inscription, then you can remove the black screen by using the correct Windows activation or buying a license key. Alternatively, try performing a system restore by rolling back to a date when the black screen did not interfere with your work.

  • Open the device manager.
  • Find your video adapter.
  • Open properties and go to “Driver”.
  • Select “Rollback”.

If rolling back the drivers does not help, try the opposite action. update the software of the video card.

  • Click WinR and run “dxdiag”.
  • On the “Display” tab, look at the device name and driver version.
  • Search the Internet for the software for your video card model and update the drivers.

Another point is to check your computer for viruses. Use antivirus and cleaning utilities (Dr. Web CureIt, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool) to increase scanning efficiency. Remove all malicious applications before trying to boot the system again normally.

What to do. the laptop turns on, but the screen is black?

  • Have you recently switched your laptop to an external monitor with the original one turned off? Check if “dimming” is turned off by a couple of buttons.
  • “Clogging” of the hard drive with unnecessary and non-working files, lack of cleaning and optimization. Clean up your hard drive and registry. After removing the trash and rebooting, an image will appear and the device’s performance will improve.
  • All indicators are on, judging by the sounds, ventilation is working, and loading is in progress. Only the display does not show signs of life. faulty video card or matrix. No picture when connecting an external monitor? Exactly. a breakdown of the video card. Few users can handle replacing it, call the workshop.
  • Problems in the monitor cable and its connectors. Check the connections and the loop itself, reconnect.
  • Could jam the shutdown button on the screen. Happens from damage or liquid ingress. Older laptops have it on the front panel. It is more difficult with newer ones, here the button is in the swivel mechanism. Laptops are disassembled to repair it.
  • The backlight lamp is faulty or its inverter (transformer) burned out. In this case, there are first image distortions, along the edges of the monitor or completely. The display in such cases may be white or gray. The backlight is working, but the screen is black. a malfunction in the matrix or its connection. Unsuitable lamps are changed in workshops. It’s the same with a transformer, yes, sometimes it needs to be restored. They inject transformer oil, etc., with a syringe, constantly disassembling the PC. Easier and more profitable replacement.

Black screen on laptop. what to do?

  • Battery recovery
  • Power supply repair
  • Cleaning from dust and dirt
  • Laptop is noisy
  • Battery does not charge
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Black screen on laptop
  • Laptop power problems
  • Why does the laptop restart itself
  • Laptop won’t turn on
  • HDMI port not working on laptop?
  • Laptop keyboard not working
  • Laptop turns off frequently?
  • The laptop heats up and shuts down
  • The laptop does not see the Wi-Fi network?
  • Laptop imaging problems

Laptop won’t turn on or do you see a “black screen”? First, there is no need to worry and rush to see a specialist. Most often, you can fix the cause yourself. Homemade recipes will not work, then contact the service center. Replacement of the matrix and other complex components is done only there. Yes, and minor repairs, soldering parts, if you are not a radio amateur or a computer technician, be sure to go to the workshop. We have everything you need to eliminate the “black screen” and other laptop breakdowns.

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Typical causes of malfunction

  • Power failure, battery, charging, or mains problem. For example, if the battery is critically low, the laptop may turn off.
  • Failure of the display, loop, backlight lamps
  • Overheating, abrupt shutdown of laptops by protection, failure of the south or north bridges. Cooler problems, clogged ventilation
  • Windows errors
  • Incorrect system and BIOS settings
  • Excessive amount of software, games, “heavy” programs, especially those infected with viruses. This causes errors in the OS.
  • RAM or cpu problem
  • Lost contact in the slots of the device modules. It turns out due to shaking, mechanical damage, dust inside the computer case
  • Liquid spills, falls, shocks and carelessness.
  • Individual malfunctions. Depends on design features, manufacturers and models (see PC manual).

How to deal with problems yourself?

It is quite possible to restore the PC on your own. If the work concerns hardware settings or a simple change of modules (when they are not soldered). For a rough diagnosis, use the above list of the causes of the malfunction. Consider safe and effective ways to troubleshoot problems:

Connect your laptop to the network, it’s probably just dead. See battery status. No effect? We examine the connection along the circuit: outlet, charger, computer. Disconnect and wiggle the plugs.

Use a different monitor, does an image appear? Then you can try to fix the problem with the screen. Review the system settings, it is better to return them to the basic ones. As a last resort (if you have the skills), try to disconnect the matrix cable, check and clean the contacts. The loop is damaged. to mount a new one, it is useless to repair. If all else fails, the matrix is ​​most likely faulty. Then you cannot avoid the help of a specialist.

PC worked long and hard? Overheating possible, let it cool well. The ventilation openings must not be obstructed. Did you hear the noise of the cooler, hot air? If the ventilation is out of order, the computer turns off automatically. Parts can suffer from severe overheating, the south bridge often burns out. Replace Thermal Grease and Purchase a Cooling Pad.

Rollback or reinstallation of the OS helps (only the display does not work). In this case, errors and settings are reset. For a start, you can limit yourself to returning to a restore point (when everything was fine). Does not work. reset completely (if there is an OBC on a flash drive or disk).

  • Disconnecting your computer from an electrical outlet.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Press the power button for 30-60 seconds (charge reset)

Resetting BIOS to Factory Defaults.

  • Power on, press the Del and F2. F12 keys
  • In the menu, click on Load BIOS Setup Defaolts or Load Safe-Fail Defaolts.
  • Reboot, done.

BIOS reinstallation helps. The order is as follows:

  • Download the installation file from the manufacturer’s website
  • You need to enter model and OS data in the support section so that there is no error
  • Before installation, make sure the battery is charged and the power supply is connected. Power cut during BIOS setup kills laptops. We are waiting for the end of the process.

Inspect installed software and games. Probably, the reason for the problems is precisely in them, remove unnecessary and problematic programs and games. It is more convenient to do this with simple utilities like Glari Utilities and CCleaner.

Removing the RAM module with cleaning the connectors helps to light the screen.

  • Disconnect power, remove battery
  • Next, unscrew the separate RAM cover or remove the laptop cover
  • We slowly bend the fasteners, take out the modules. Use a thin, non-pointed object if no tool is available
  • We clean slots
  • There may be additional contacts, then it is better to insert the module strip into them at an angle of 45 °
  • Further in reverse order

Clogging of connectors and ventilation occurs due to dust. The structure must be cleaned regularly, once every 1-2 years. In some modifications, the RAM may be soldered, then replacement only by the master.

Liquid spilled. Thorough drying is necessary, if there is a lot of moisture, remove the lid. Only after that, perform the above manipulations. Helps cleaning connectors, reinstalling the RAM bar.

The laptop suffered serious mechanical damage (impacts, falls from a height), is the case cracked? Better to contact the service center, there may be damage to the motherboard.

For any action, you must carefully read the user manual.

Devices of different types, models, firms have design and control features. The manual may contain descriptions of rare problems inherent only to this computer. If the problem is serious, you cannot fix the breakdown. stop there. Inappropriate intervention in equipment is more expensive than ordinary repairs in service centers.

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