LG TV screen crashed can be repaired

Sound problems

The sound problem is mostly caused by some kind of speaker problem. It is necessary to check that they are turned on, connected, all contacts are intact. There are problems with the bass amplifier as well as with the sound processor. In the most extreme case, you need to look for a solution in the operation of the radio channel.

Individual Matrix Faults

In a modern TV, a malfunction of the matrix becomes a big problem that can only be solved by replacement. The matrix, in fact, is a screen, or rather, its main part, on which the image is built. The reasons for the failure of the matrix can be the following:

  • being hit by a hard object or falling;
  • ingress of moisture on the matrix contacts;
  • manufacturing defect, electrical defect;
  • wear due to long-term operation.

Due to damage to the matrix, colored stripes, black circles may appear on the screen, image fading or its complete loss may occur. Only a specialist can diagnose and replace the matrix, since there are many features of connecting and configuring the device.

screen, repaired

Buttons on the TV do not work

If you press the button on the TV itself, but no reaction occurs, then you need to check if the contact connecting the button to the microcontroller has broken. If all contacts are intact, then you need to look for the reasons in the controller processor.

Memory problems

It happens that you want to set up channels and remember them, but nothing happens. This may be due to a problem with the memory device. A SIMilar situation is when you adjust the sound, turn off the TV, and after turning on the settings are not saved. It will be necessary to check the memory chip and, if necessary, replace it.

Poor image or none at all

An annoying situation when the TV turns on, and even a sound is heard, but there is no normal picture. The reasons for this can be very different, but they can almost always be solved. It’s another matter whether you can solve them yourself, or you will have to call a specialist.

  • When the image is completely absent, and the sound is excellent, this may be due to a malfunction of the matrix or video amplifier.
  • No picture and intermittent audio dropouts may indicate a scan problem.
  • If there is sound and the screen is lit, but does not show anything, then there is some problem with the video processor. Interference in the tuner may also be the cause.
  • An annoying situation when the image is rotated only by half (bottom or top) of the screen. This indicates a malfunction of the vertical scan of the matrix. The vertical scan module fails due to power surges and poor performance of the power supply.
  • If a narrow vertical stripe appears on the screen, then something is wrong with the horizontal transformer, if the stripe is horizontal, that is a problem with vertical scanning.
  • The image has become monochromatic or one color has disappeared. This indicates that the video processor or video amplifier is broken.

Sweep problems

There are several indicators that indicate that there are problems with the vertical scan of the TV:

  • the image has decreased or shifted vertically;
  • misalignment;
  • lines appear on the image, indicating the return path of the rays;
  • there is no frame scan at all, etc.

In the complete absence of vertical scanning, one horizontal luminous strip is visible on the screen. Typically, all of these malfunctions are associated with improper operation of the vertical generator unit. In the generator, the frame rate is set by capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors. If the TV is with a kinescope, then the signal from the frame scan unit is fed to the deflection system. There may be contact problems, breakdown may occur in the deflection system.

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How to find and fix a TV malfunction yourself

The very first televisions are so different from modern technology that they seem to have almost nothing in common. In fact, the general principles of operation have been preserved, and some malfunctions of televisions of different models are repaired in the same way. However, there were also new causes of breakdown associated with the features of the screen matrix, with the device of microcircuits and much more.

No response to the control panel

This is a fairly common problem, but in most cases it is associated with a malfunction of the remote control itself. Perhaps you dropped it or spilled something on it, so it stopped working. You should also check the batteries to know that everything is in order with them.

It happens that the remote has nothing to do with it, and the problem is a malfunction of the remote control receiver on the TV or a problem in the processor.

Problems turning on or off

If the TV does not want to turn on, and the power indicator light does not even light up, then the problems are most likely with the power supply. It may burn out as a result of a large voltage drop.

A SIMilar reason can be when the TV turns off spontaneously. If protection against voltage drop is installed, then it can turn off the device at the right time. If you know that the voltage was stable, then you need to check the power supply and look at the motherboard to see if there are any microcracks in it.

Matrix replacement problems

If you have made the decision to change the matrix, you should adhere to several important points:

  • This procedure is not carried out at home and even more so independently. You need to bring the broken TV to an experienced technician for repair.
  • It is recommended to keep the plasma display in an upright position during transportation. This will help avoid incorrect redistribution of the load on one of the sides. That is, often in order to transport the injured TV, a car will not be enough for you.

Prevention of damage

It is impossible to argue that prevention is the best defense. Manufacturers have already created many ways to protect. One of them is an acrylic screen protector. Its advantage is that, unlike the TV screens themselves, they can be exposed to water wetting, scratching or even light blows.

So, if you want to protect your plasma TV from damage, and even more so if the cost of equipment is high enough, we recommend purchasing this protection option. An acrylic protective screen is very useful and necessary in a house with children, because one careless movement can lead to large losses.

  • Plasma screen. what is it?
  • What to do if the screen is cracked?
  • Is it necessary to change the matrix?
  • Matrix replacement problems
  • Prevention of damage
  • Video

Plasma TVs are gaining extraordinary popularity every year, and even during the day. They have won the hearts of true connoisseurs of good technology and quality images. TV shows, films and even news are much more pleasant to watch on the big screen, which is captivating more and more consumers. However, sometimes there are such unpleasant situations as equipment breakdown or, for example, due to negligence, the TV screen breaks. Agree, not every day you face such a problem, therefore, not everyone knows the solution. In this article, we will tell you if it is possible to repair a plasma TV if the screen is broken, and how to do it.

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Is it possible to repair a plasma TV if the screen is broken?

Is it necessary to change the matrix?

There is no single unequivocal answer to this question and will not be. The whole point is that every situation requires an individual solution. We can only tell you about the basic principles and help you make your decision. So, if you have broken your TV, the first thing to look out for is the brand of the device, cost and extent of damage.

If the TV was bought a long time ago, then the manufacturer may already stop producing matrices for your model. In this case, you will have to either buy new equipment or look for the necessary part in repair centers.

You should try to fix expensive TVs with a large set of functionality, because this way you can save more than half.

Also, it is worth emphasizing that sometimes the damage is not so extensive, which means that you can try not to replace, but to reconfigure the matrix. If, as a result of the impact, the gas did not leave the matrix, but only incomprehensible vertical and horizontal stripes formed on the screen, the situation can be corrected. To do this, take the broken TV to a service center.

What to do if the screen is cracked?

If you still break the TV, for example, after a fall, or rather a plasma screen, then the integrity and correct functioning of the matrix is ​​violated. Since the gas mixture comes out through cracks or cracks, you can forget about a good image. It is also bad that this malfunction cannot be repaired. in any case, you will have to change the matrix.

In cases where you have a plasma panel installed, which is part of a home theater, and the sound system and other important functions do not depend on a broken panel, it is undesirable to change the matrix, as it is pointless. In such a situation, it is much easier, more profitable and faster to buy a new TV again.

However, a TV set, especially a plasma TV, is a very expensive pleasure. We advise you to consult in advance with the wizard on the topic: is it possible to fix the LCD TV if the screen is broken, and find out the most suitable solution to the problem.

Plasma screen. what is it?

First, let’s figure out what a plasma screen is and how does it project an image? The matrix is ​​the basis of such a TV and contains a huge number of cells, inside which there is a mixture of xenon and neon. These cells are covered with phosphors. Also, special conductors are located along the perimeter, which contribute to the formation of ultraviolet glow during passage through the gaseous environment. This is what causes the cells to light up and glow in a given color. As a result, we can observe a complete image.

Such a complex mechanism is located between two, often glass, planes. But if earlier the thickness was 3 mm, then today, in order to facilitate and slightly reduce the technique, manufacturers have made thinner planes, namely 2 mm.


We hope that after studying the material from this article, having weighed all the positive and negative sides of the ways to solve the problem, you will be able to personally make a choice for yourself, change the matrix, reconfigure or acquire new equipment. The answer to the question whether it is possible to repair a plasma TV if the screen is broken remains rather ambiguous and requires the advice of an experienced technician. Be careful and if you buy an expensive plasma TV. protect it. In the future, we wish to avoid such situations and long-term equipment.

Wrong mode selected

If the TV worked just recently, but suddenly stopped turning on, it may have come out of standby mode. Could accidentally turn on:

  • User modes “Energy-saving”, “Sleep”, due to which the equipment is turned off immediately after starting. It is necessary to deactivate the timer and exit the incorrectly set mode.
  • Protection from children. In this case, the buttons on the TV receiver body will be blocked. If the remote control does not work, you will have to use a network restart.

It’s also worth checking out third party utilities. You can reset the current settings to the factory settings. Of course, if you do not know how to perform the listed actions, it is better to immediately contact the specialists.

No signal problems

If the TV does not turn on due to no signal, this can be easily checked. Adjust the signal from the PC and see if the picture is displayed on the screen. If so, the problem is with the receiver, antenna, or antenna jack. Only a master can fix breakdowns.

Why LG TV won’t turn on?

For plasma, LED and LCD TVs LJI, a malfunction may appear as follows:

  • The TV does not turn on, but the indicator is on.
  • The TV does not start, but the light is flashing red.
  • When you turn on the TV, extraneous sounds occur: whistling, hum, clicks.
  • The TV does not turn on and the indicator is off.
  • The TV does not start, freezes on the splash screen (the LG logo lights up and nothing happens)

There are many reasons why the TV does not turn on. They can be divided into three main categories. These are system failures due to a malfunction of software or applications, peripheral problems that arise due to improper operation of devices connected to the TV, as well as hardware failures associated with faulty TV elements.

Usually, troubleshooting starts with external devices connected to the TV. Settings, cable damage are also viewed. Only after that they begin to diagnose internal elements: matrices, boards, etc. It is better if specialists are involved in testing.

TV does not turn on, indicator is on

If the TV does not turn on and the indicator is on, the problem is definitely not in the power supply. In this case, everything is in order with the connection to the electrical network. First you need to check if the TV receiver operating mode is selected correctly. The backlight, LED strip or inverter could also burn out, the firmware could fly off.

To determine the cause of the breakdown, the screen is first checked. If the settings are displayed when the menu button is pressed, the problem is with the image broadcast. In the second case, three options are possible. This is a breakdown of the antenna or amplifier, damage to the antenna socket, or a setting failure.

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Problems with the TV matrix

Matrix problems can be identified without even having special knowledge. The picture quality will become much worse, blackouts will appear on the screen. The main signs indicating matrix breakage include the following:

  • No picture, but there is sound.
  • Colored, black and white stripes on the display.
  • Ripples and dead pixels in the image.
  • Lack of LG logo when turned on.

Fixing or replacing a matrix is ​​an expensive undertaking, comparable to buying a new TV (see price comparison photo above). Therefore, it is better to buy another TV than to repair a broken one. But you need to contact specialists in any case. They will diagnose the device and identify whether the problem is in the matrix or other elements are broken, for example, a loop, which is much easier and cheaper to repair.

LG TV does not turn on: causes, diagnosis and elimination

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TV does not turn on, indicator is off

If the TV does not turn on and the indicator does not light up, first of all, check if there is voltage in the outlet, whether the power cable is damaged, whether the remote control is working, the power button. If everything is in order, the problem must be looked for inside the TV receiver. Hardware faults in this case are usually always associated with a lack of power. And this means that contacts and loops could leave the power board. Also, contacts could close.

Checking the TV boards is performed with a multimeter. All contacts are checked, starting from the mains input, until a point is found where there is no current supply. If such an area is not detected, then most likely the power supply, outlet or cable is broken. The power supply is usually changed. Contacts. soldered, as well as loops.

Why LG TV isn’t working yet?

The TV may not turn on for other reasons: not only those listed above. These include:

  • Heat near the video adapter. If the device was operating “at its limit” and overheated, the fuse could have blown. Because of this, the TV receiver will not turn on for a while. You need to wait a bit. The malfunction occurs mainly when a TV with a low resolution is trying to play films or programs in Ultra-HD or 4K formats.
  • Broken motherboard. This is a serious breakdown that requires a professional approach. The fact that the board is out of order may be indicated by the smell of burning from the TV case. The breakage can be eliminated only by replacement.
  • Capacitor defective. The capacitor may crack or swell due to the high resistance of the contact material. It is changed to a new one. You also need to establish what caused the resistance level to rise. due to voltage drops or due to moisture on the board.

Backlight problems

Often a black TV screen indicates backlight problems. If the LED strip or backlight is out of order, there is no picture on the screen. The backlight is usually changed, and this is done only in a service center. It is impossible to cope with such a task on your own without special skills.

Plasma TV malfunctions and their elimination

Like any technology, TV devices tend to break down, regardless of their brand and model. Let’s first figure out which malfunctions are the most common:

  • the image is included in whole or in part;
  • there is sound but no picture;
  • independently turns on and off;
  • damage to the screen by external physical impact;
  • problems with the remote control;
  • spots appear on the screen.

In this video, we will consider repairing an LG TV:

As with everything that happens, there are reasons for plasma device malfunctions, which lead to unexpected breakdowns. Most often, the cause of the breakdown lies in a malfunction of the LED circuit or lamp, poor contact of the power supply, an inoperative matrix. No matter how elementary it sounds, ordinary dust can cause a TV malfunction.

The appearance of spots on the plasma TV monitor may indicate a problem with the installed card. If a light (white) spot spreads all over the screen, then we will look in the TV “MAIN-board”.

LG Plasma TV Repair. Screen Broken

Plasma TVs are available in almost every family. Manufacturers LG, Samsung are popular in the world market. These two companies are constantly improving their model lines. A modern LCD / Plasma TV is a device that can fully provide watching your favorite movies in a cozy home atmosphere in good quality.

Plasma TVs are designed with crisp, straight lines that emphasize restraint. Thanks to the use of modern matrices, LED backlighting, plasma TVs have become thinner and lighter. They take up little space, a special wall mount is provided. Screen sizes are very different, you can pick it up both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. The functionality of plasma TVs is almost as good as a personal computer. The latest models support Internet access, they are very much used instead of a computer monitor. And an intelligent assistant, SIMply irreplaceable.

Repair your LG Plasma TV and Monitor

Like any consumer electronics, plasma TVs have their own lifespan, which depends on many factors. However, at any stage of operation, each owner may face a malfunction of plasma TVs.

Below we will reveal in detail what malfunctions of plasma TVs are common, causes and possible remedies, and whether it is possible to repair a plasma TV yourself at home or is it better to contact a service center.

You will learn about all this and much more by reading the article to the very end.

No picture

Another problem that users of modern LCD TVs face is the image or the display darkens, why this happens. It happens that the image is just blurry, and we start looking for the reason, reading the instructions from the manufacturer, articles on the Internet. In fact, the problem lies either in the settings or in the incorrect connection of the antenna, namely the use of the wrong input.

Recommended screen brightness from 60-80% for comfortable image perception with eyes. If we constantly increase the brightness, then we increase the load on the LED lamps, on which the brightness of the plasma TV screen depends. Also, a darker screen display indicates an LED problem.

To determine if LED bulbs are really the cause, arm yourself with a regular flashlight or turn it on on your smartphone and direct a beam of light onto the screen. And you will see silhouettes of the broadcasting image on a dark background.

This malfunction can be repaired by hand. You can use the Internet resources to learn how to repair a burned-out light bulb on a Samsung plasma TV and alji with your own hands, namely, watch video tutorials, in which they show in detail step by step and tell you how to properly disassemble the TV so as not to damage where the LEDs are located. because each manufacturer places them differently. Before repairing, study the TV structure diagram so that during the process you do not damage matrices, boards, wires and fragile connections.

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Contact a technician to repair your TV

For self-replacement, you need a hair dryer, screwdriver, circuit and work surface. You can watch the video on free resources on how to properly remove the back cover and find a faulty light bulb. You can visually determine which light bulb has burned out; there will be traces of brown around it. To remove it, turn on the hair dryer at minimum speed and warm up the glue so that the lamp can be removed freely, put a new lamp in its place. And check if there is voltage, if everything is done correctly, then the image will appear.

Also, the image may disappear due to poor signal quality. Some models are equipped with a weak tuner. And a good signal is the key to high-quality TV viewing. Check the antenna connector for loose connections. If it’s an antenna, just replace it.

A damaged matrix should not be ruled out. If they themselves could not determine the cause and eliminate the problem, then professionals will always come to the rescue.

Turns on and off immediately

Why does samsung screen turn on and off by itself? Turning on and off the TV is carried out through the remote control. If the TV does not respond to manipulations with the remote control, then the problem is in it. One of the reasons the batteries run out, try replacing them.

The second reason may be hiding in operating systems. Like any computer, modern TVs run on an operating system. If the OS malfunctions, then independently turning on and off the TV is inevitable, for this solution, contact a specialist, the problem will be solved immediately by reinstalling and updating the OS.

You turned on the TV, it turned on and then turned off. The problem may be lurking in the power supply or a weak connection. Also, due to a sudden power surge, TV may experience such a failure. Use the indicator to check the condition of the outlet and the voltage.

If after installing a new TV, you turned it on and after a while it turned off, then check the settings. Perhaps a timer is set in the settings to turn off the TV on its own. Some models have certain default settings. when the signal is unstable, the TV turns off. Change your settings and the problem is resolved.

The screen may black out unexpectedly during playback. This can be due to several reasons. But first of all, check if the TV indicator responds to the remote control. Click on the menu. If it appears, then look for the reason in another.

Here are some of the most common reasons why the TV turns off by itself.

Broken screen

Today TV devices with LCD or plasma screens have become thinner, lighter, thus easily exposed to external mechanical influences that can damage the screen itself. It can be easily dropped from the stand onto the floor; in case of poor attachment to the wall, the TV may fall. If there are small children in the house, playing with a toy and unaware of the fragility of the screen, they can knock on it. In any of the above cases, the screen suffers.

Then the questions arise, is it possible to fix a plasma TV after a blow and the plasma TV needs to be repaired after a fall.

If the screen is damaged, the image quality suffers. If the screen cracks, you can forget a good picture from the TV screen. It will not work to repair a cracked plasma TV screen yourself at home. Because the matrix can be replaced qualitatively only in a service center. The repair of the plasma TV matrix can only be entrusted to a service center or a good workshop. It is worth consulting in advance at the service center how much this type of repair will cost.

In connection with such a breakdown, the price of repairs can reach the amount for which you can purchase a new TV. Repairs vary by country of build and part manufacturer. If you want to understand better, then study where LG TVs are made and assembled. A broken screen can only be replaced with a screen from the same manufacturer.

You are the owner of a home theater and the sound quality does not depend on plasma, then in case of its mechanical damage, the right decision would be to buy a new LCD or plasma TV. Because how long the repair will take and whether the necessary plasma panel is available in the service center and the price issue plays a big role.

Vertical bar on screen

So, why there is no image, but there is sound, we figured out above. But what is the reason for the appearance of vertical stripes on the TV, you will find out by reading this paragraph. If you accidentally hit the screen and it did not crack, but vertical stripes appeared that interfere with watching TV programs and your favorite films, cartoons.

To get rid of the appeared vertical or horizontal stripes, it is enough to reprogram the matrix. It is impossible to do this on your own. We advise you to contact the specialists from the service center. Reprogramming is cheaper than buying a new TV device.

Power supply repair

The reason for the TV to turn off on its own may be a faulty power supply. To check if this is really the case, first check the health of the outlet, try plugging it into another outlet, if the contact is as weak, then the power supply must be replaced. It is difficult to replace it at home. Therefore, rent a TV workshop if there is no service center in your locality.

Be sure to disconnect from the power outlet during lightning storms. It is possible that a short circuit may occur, a sharp voltage drop and the TV will not work after a thunderstorm, it SIMply does not turn on. This safety rule is spelled out in the instructions for TV from world famous brands LG and Samsung.

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