LG TV won’t turn on reasons

Hardware faults

The presence of hardware malfunctions is indicated by chaotic flashing of the indicator. Most likely, the problems are related to the operation of the electrical circuit of the TV. Therefore, you need to do the following:

  • Disconnect peripheral equipment and TV from the power source. Peripheral equipment includes set-top boxes, turntables, antenna and other devices.
  • Disconnect the peripheral equipment from the TV.
  • Connect only TV with a single power supply.

Then you can try to alternately connect the antenna, the receiver. this will help you find the broken device. If the peripheral equipment works correctly, the problem is hidden in the TV itself.

You can determine the breakdown by blinking the indicator. The light can flash a certain number of times. this is a special code that conventionally indicates the type of malfunction. To decode the signal, read the instructions. If necessary, contact a specialist.

Why LG TV won’t turn on?

For LG Plasma, LED and LCD TVs, the malfunction may appear as follows:

  • The TV does not turn on, but the indicator is on.
  • The TV does not start, but the light is flashing red.
  • When you turn on the TV, extraneous sounds occur: whistling, hum, clicks.
  • The TV does not turn on and the indicator is off.
  • The TV does not start, freezes on the splash screen (the LG logo lights up and nothing happens)

There are many reasons why the TV does not turn on. They can be divided into three main categories. These are system failures due to a malfunction of software or applications, peripheral problems that arise due to improper operation of devices connected to the TV, as well as hardware failures associated with defective TV elements.

Usually, troubleshooting starts with external devices connected to the TV. You can also see the settings, damage to the cables. Only after that they begin to diagnose internal elements: matrices, boards, etc. It is better if specialists are involved in testing.

Backlight problems

turn, reasons

Often a black TV screen indicates backlight problems. If the LED strip or backlight is out of order, there is no picture on the screen. The backlight is usually changed, and this is done only in a service center. It is impossible to cope with such a task on your own without special skills.

LG TV won’t turn on: causes and remedies

LG is a popular manufacturer of household appliances. The brand produces reliable, high-quality and functional TVs. But, unfortunately, even the highest quality equipment fails over time.

It often happens that the LG TV does not turn on. Why is this happening? Malfunctions can be associated with a large number of problems, which we will talk about further.

No signal problems

If the TV does not turn on due to no signal, this can be easily checked. Adjust the signal from the PC and see if the picture is displayed on the screen. If so, there is a problem with the receiver, antenna, or antenna jack. Only a master can eliminate breakdowns.

TV Matrix Problems

Matrix problems can be identified without even having special knowledge. The picture quality will become much worse, blackouts will appear on the screen. The main signs indicating matrix breakage include the following:

  • There is no picture, but there is sound.
  • Colored, black and white stripes on the display.
  • Ripples and dead pixels in the image.
  • Lack of LG logo when turned on.

Fixing or replacing a matrix is ​​an expensive undertaking, comparable to buying a new TV (see price comparison photo above). Therefore, it is better to buy another TV than to repair a broken one. But you need to contact specialists in any case. They will diagnose the device and identify whether the problem is in the matrix or other elements are broken, for example, a loop, which is much easier and cheaper to repair.

Monitor On Mode

If the indicator blinks, but the TV refuses to work at the same time, check if it is being used as a monitor. This problem can be solved in no time. first wake up the computer by pressing any button on the keyboard or moving the mouse, and then set the correct settings.

LG TV does not turn on: causes, diagnosis and elimination

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often than not, the TV won’t turn on due to power problems. The old power connector may burn out or be damaged, then we will replace it with a new one. Or there may be a problem with the power supply. In case of maintainability, we can restore it to work, or change it to a new one.

Failure to comply with operating conditions

Failure to follow the rules of operation often leads to equipment malfunctions. Before connecting the TV and starting to use it, it is important to study the manual for its operation.

The most frequent breakdown of a TV set through the fault of the user is mechanical damage to the screen, due to which it is necessary to replace the matrix and backlight.

The power indicator has gone out

It happens that the device cannot turn on at all, the light does not light up, there is no TV reaction to the remote control and the buttons on the front panel of the device. It is likely that the electricity has disappeared.

Important! It may happen that the indicator burns out, but then the TV should still turn on.

Based on the facts that the light does not light up and the TV does not turn on, we conclude that there is a problem with the supply of electricity.

A power outage occurs in several situations:

  • there is no electricity anywhere in the house;
  • knocked out a machine gun in the dashboard;
  • the socket where the plug of the cord from the television device is connected is broken;
  • the extension cord was damaged if the TV device is connected through it to the outlet;
  • having problems with the wiring.

The first thing to do first is to check if the outlet and extension cord are working properly. It is also necessary to look at the flap, change the position of the toggle switches.

If the previous action did not help, then you should look for the cause of the problem in the broken outlet. To do this, it is recommended to simply plug the TV plug into another outlet.

When it is not working, there is no electricity. Call an electrician to fix the wiring problem.

When the TV model is a CRT, then the reasons for its breakdown are a blown fuse. A blown fuse can be replaced with a new one.

The most common reason for the inability to turn on a TV device is a breakdown of a TV device of more modern models (for example, a breakdown of a microcircuit, a power adapter or a capacitor).

All equipment in the complex should be diagnosed. Having decided on a part that does not work correctly, you just need to replace it. After replacing a broken part, the TV set should, in theory, turn on.

Why the LG TV does not turn on and the light is on

LG is one of the popular TVs, but not always the brand and the price save the user of the device from breakdowns and malfunctions. There are many reasons for TV failure, but you should not panic. The first thing to do if a breakdown occurs is to establish its cause. In order not to ask the master for help, you can look for the problem yourself. Everyone will be able to diagnose the TV. you just need to know in what cases the LG TV does not turn on when the LG TV backlight does not work. The following recommendations can help to deal with the problem.

Technical problems

Time negatively affects boards, transistors, capacitors, fuses and other spare parts for a TV-set. To concretize the cause of the malfunction, the device should be disassembled.

Important! When you suspect a technical malfunction of the TV, it is recommended to contact an LG service center.

Wrong source selected

The main reason for the display to stop working may be the standby mode, which does not turn off the device. In this case, the TV works, only its work does not manifest itself in any way. This problem can be easily eliminated by using the remote control and switching the mode by pressing the “Standby” key.

This option does not block the power adapter, leaves the screen always in a ready state.

Attention! The constant presence of the monitor in a ready state is reflected negatively on its performance indicators. Abuse of this condition makes the device very vulnerable to power surges.

Another reason that the TV is silent and does not turn on is the wrong source. If the user previously activated AV or HDMI, then in order to watch TV broadcasting, you need to switch the source using the remote control. This is often observed after connecting the TV to a laptop.

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Matrix and backlight burned out

If the TV has problems with the LCD matrix or LED backlight, then this is noticeable by the fact that there is a sharp deterioration in the image quality, its darkening.

The main signs of a broken backlight and matrix are:

  • lack of a picture, but the presence of sound;
  • the appearance of black and white or colored stripes on the monitor;
  • beating pixels, ripples;
  • LG logo does not appear when turning on the device.

Important! When you illuminate the screen with a flashlight, you can see the image on it, you do not need to look for other problems. this is a burned-out backlight.

You can check the backlight if the TV is practically disassembled into parts.

  • ability to check the parameters of chain sections;
  • know the basic values ​​of the operating voltage of semiconductor crystals;
  • show accuracy, dexterity and skills in soldering with an air dryer.

In the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills, it is better not to start an independent repair.

In a situation where the backlight of the LG TV does not work, the cost of repair will be significant, it is recommended to contact the seller of the device and request warranty repair.

Remote control malfunction

If the remote control does not work, you can use a special application for smartphones and tablets instead, which turns the device into a full-fledged remote control. For example, you can use the free TV-Remote utility, which should be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play. As a solution to the problem. replacing the batteries or the battery in the remote control, which does not work. this can also help.

Voltage drop

If the LV is completely extinguished, this does not always mean that the technique is broken. Often, the TV does not turn on if there are problems with the electrical network at home or the common antenna.

  • damage to the cable;
  • breakage of the socket;
  • problems with the power grid.
  • Plug the TV into a different electrical outlet and boot it up right away.
  • If you cannot turn on the equipment, then check if another electrical appliance is working from this outlet.
  • When there are no problems with the operation of another device, and the television device does not turn on, then contact the TV master.

Another reason that the old model LV does not turn on may be a blown fuse.

When the light is on in a normal color (red, green, blue), it is possible that the TV is not communicating with the TV signal source. In this case, you need to start the monitor standby mode and try to open any media file on the large display from a smartphone or flash drive that is connected via USB or HDMI. So you can make sure whether Smart-TV works or not.

The indicator is off, the TV does not turn on

Such symptoms most often indicate that the cause of the malfunction is a lack of power. If the light bulb just “burned out”, the TV would work in normal mode, but without indication. Do not worry ahead of time and call the master. Initially, it is necessary to exclude all variants of the problem that are available for self-correction. over, in a large number of cases, the problem is caused by rather trivial reasons, including:

  • There is no power in the electrical outlet. The circuit breaker in the dashboard may turn off, or the outlet may be faulty. It is checked using a conventional indicator screwdriver or a tester. If there is no power supply, the machine is inspected. Even if it is on, it is better to “click” it several times. Did not help? You need to look for the problem in the outlet or wiring yourself or with the help of an electrician.
  • Malfunction of the extension cord (if connected through it). When a direct connection to an outlet ensures the normal operation of the TV, but there is no power through the extension cord, it is in it. If it is a surge protector, you need to check the power button and fuse. In any case, a working device is required to fix the problem.
  • The “Network” button on the TV is turned off. On almost all models of modern TVs, when the “Network” button is disabled (it can be located on the bottom, side or on the back of the TV), it becomes impossible to control the device from the remote control. It is necessary to activate the On / Off button on the control panel.
  • Wrong mode selected. The TV in this case works absolutely fine, but if one of the modes is not used, for example, AV, PC or Receiver, the screen dims and can enter “sleep mode”. Select the TV function again and the picture will return.
  • Malfunction of any part. It can be a microcircuit or a capacitor, or perhaps a power supply or control system (for example, a button has broken). It is better to entrust the testing of the performance of various components of the TV and the implementation of the necessary repairs to the specialists of the corresponding service center.
  • Blown fuse. For CRT TVs, this is the actual reason for the lack of power. If it is located in an accessible place, it is quite possible to replace it yourself.

Protection triggered

In this case, the TV may try to start, but after a few seconds the screen goes out, or it does not turn on at all. The main reason for this problem in most cases is power outages in the home network. These can be voltage drops or power outages and turns on when the TV is in “sleep mode”.

Why LG TV Shuts Down On Its Own Power Supply Unit Problem || Why LG TV No Power At All

The most effective way to solve the problem is to completely disconnect the device from the network for a while, and not with a remote control, but unplug the power cord from the outlet. This will be enough to restore functionality if the TV does not turn on after turning off the light. If the problem with the voltage is constant, you will have to use a stabilizer, an uninterruptible power supply, or at least a surge protector. And when leaving home, it is better to completely turn off the TV.

The indicator is on continuously

If the LED is on, this indicates that power is being supplied to the control unit. If the TV does not respond to signals from the remote control in any way, the first thing to do is try to turn it on directly using the panel buttons. Perhaps the malfunction lies precisely in the incorrect operation of the remote control, and not the TV itself. If this is the case, the following actions should be taken:

  • Check the health of the batteries and contacts for oxidation.
  • Make sure that the emitter is intact and that the remote control buttons are not sticking.
  • If possible, disassemble and clean the remote control inside from dust.
  • If the remote control was flooded with liquid and stopped working, return it for repair or purchase a new one (preferably the original one. it will last longer).

If it was not possible to start the TV from the panel, two scenarios are likely.

Extraneous sounds when the TV is not working and there is no indication

Sometimes TV owners are faced with the fact that there are clicks or other sounds inside. Symptoms may vary:

  • The TV did not turn on, the indicator blinks, the relay clicks.
  • The light is off, the TV clicks.
  • The TV beeps and does not turn on.

The most common causes of clicks on TVs are:

  • Interlocking system has been triggered. In the event of some types of malfunctions (power supply unit or other units), the protective function is activated. It is designed to avoid more serious damage in the event of a malfunction. It is the blocker that emits characteristic clicks when the TV tries to turn on.
  • Heating and cooling of the plastic parts of the case. So, even a working TV can click.
  • Giving a signal about an activated (not used for a long time) operating mode by the selected source. At the same time, TVs can beep or whistle.
  • Excessive load on the power supply. The cause could be a transformer, microcircuit, or transistors. In this case, the TV does not turn on at all. A qualified master is indispensable here.

Common causes of malfunction

The problem can manifest itself in several ways and is shown by the following possible symptoms:

  • LED indicator blinks but TV does not turn on.
  • The indicator lights up red, and the device is not controlled from the remote control and does not turn on at all.
  • The indicator does not light up, and the TV does not turn on from the remote control.
  • TV clicks, hums, makes strange sounds, but does not turn on.

Why the TV won’t turn on, and what action to take?

Like any technique, it is common for a TV to malfunction, and regardless of the period of its operation. For example, in some cases, the TV does not turn on, but the indicator blinks and the relay clicks. In this case, many other symptoms are possible. So, let’s look at why the TV does not want to work, and what to do in certain cases.?

Indicator flashes

If the indicator flashes, then the TV itself diagnoses the type of problem. Usually the red light will flash a certain number of times. In this case, you need to open the operating instructions for the device and find the section where the types of faults and their indication are indicated. And, already based on this, take the necessary actions.

Another option that can cause a similar symptom is that the TV is connected to the computer as a monitor. If a connected computer enters “sleep mode” or is turned off, when turned on from the remote control, the device will flash for a few seconds. Alternatively, the TV is connected by a second monitor, but not as the main one.

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You need to take the computer out of Stand By mode (move the mouse or press a button on the keyboard) or start it by pressing the power button. Basically, the TV is working. It’s just that the image is not fed to it.

Malfunctioning processor or control

The diagram shows that the LED indicators are controlled via the Stand By wire and the Q211 transistor. When a short occurs, the TV stops turning on.

In such a case, you will not be able to do without contacting service specialists. Attempts to carry out complex repairs on your own can completely damage the TV.

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Indicator flashes

Now let’s figure out what to do if the LG TV does not turn on, but the indicator is flashing. In almost all LG models, the indicator flashes red several times before the image appears. If the picture still does not appear on the screen, most likely the problem lies in the voltage.

For stable operation, the TV must be connected to a network with a stable voltage of 220V. Regular jumps can help the protection work. Even if the subsequent voltage is brought to the required value, the device will not turn on. It will need to be completely disconnected from the network for 30 minutes and then re-started. Although this approach will not help with all models, in some, only the master will be able to disable the lock. You can avoid such problems by installing special protective devices, for example, a voltage stabilizer.

LG TV does not turn on, indicator blinks in red

LG TVs stand out for their advanced matrices and high functionality. Unsurprisingly, the majority of users purchase products from this brand. But sometimes there are complaints that the LG TV does not turn on, the light is red. Various breakdowns can cause this problem. In the future, we will consider all of them, note which ones can be eliminated on their own, and in which situations you cannot do without the help of a master.

Firmware flew

It should also be noted that LG Smart TV models running on the webOS platform may break due to a software error. It happens that this is after an unsuccessful installation of the update.

The problem is solved quite simply. a working firmware is installed from the flash drive. Any user can handle this. We carefully study the instructions for the TV, get acquainted with the recommendations on the Internet. If they are categorically not confident in their abilities, then it is better to immediately call the master.

Extraneous sounds

If, when starting the TV, various specific sounds, clicks are clearly audible, the display does not turn on for a long time, then:

  • overheating of certain components has occurred;
  • an overload of the power supply has occurred;
  • the power supply is completely broken.

a safety lock has been triggered, this can happen during a thunderstorm.

The fuse could well have blown. over, such a breakdown is typical of all LG TVs.

Quite often, a breakdown occurs after a severe thunderstorm, since it is during this period that strong voltage surges are observed. As a result, a safety interlock is triggered, which prevents serious damage to the microcircuits. Only specialists can repair the TV.

No indication at all

If the TV is connected to the mains, but does not show signs of life, most likely it will need to be taken for repair. However, beforehand, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Power button. All models are equipped with a power button. It is located near or close to the power indicator. To turn on the TV, just press it. After that, the indicator should start to glow red or green, and the device itself will respond to commands from the control panel.
  • Sleep Mode: LG cares about its customers by making its devices as efficient as possible. Therefore, the latest models have a power saving mode. It activates automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Sleep mode is also triggered if an inactive AV / HDMI / TV connector is running.
  • Power supply voltage Check the power outlet to which the device is connected. Connect another electrical device to it or use a screwdriver indicator. If special protective devices against voltage surges or extension cords are used, be sure to check their functionality. over, you need to check not only the devices themselves, but also the wires.

If all these actions did not give a result, then the TV requires professional diagnostics. It is possible that the power supply has failed or the motherboard has broken.

The indicator is on, but the TV does not start

Quite often, users wonder why the LG TV does not turn on, although the indicator is on. This happens when the device is in standby mode, it must be turned on. For these purposes, we use the control panel or press the button on the device itself.

If the TV continues to ignore the commands, and the control panel is in a completely healthy state, then the breakdown is associated with the power system:

An example of swollen capacitors

  • damaged microcircuit;
  • blown fuse.
  • This is what the fuse looks like

    In such a situation, the power supply may indicate that energy is being supplied, but there is not enough energy to start the device. In this case, you need to contact the service center, unless of course you have the knowledge for self-repair.

    The reasons

    It does not matter plasma or CRT TV, breakdown can manifest itself only in the following ways:

    • the screen will not light up although the indicator is on or flashing as usual;
    • the indicator, when turned on, immediately lights up and goes out;
    • after launch, clicks appear, unusual sounds.

    You need to search for a malfunction in stages. First of all, we inspect all external elements, and only then the internal details. We start with the remote control, which often breaks, and the power cable. If you have the skills, you can open the TV and inspect the interior. If no damage is visually visible, then the diagnosis should be carried out by specialists.

    The reasons

    Regardless of what type of TV you have (LCD, plasma or CRT), the malfunction will manifest itself in one of the following ways:

    • the device will not turn on, although the LED indicator will flash as usual;
    • the indicator lights up red and goes out;
    • sounds uncharacteristic for the operation of a plasma LED TV are heard. buzzing, clicking, whistling.

    It is recommended to start searching for defects with external accessories, and end. inside the device. First of all, make sure that the power cable is intact and, oddly enough, that the remote control is working properly, and entrust the diagnostics of the internal mechanisms of the “telly” to qualified specialists: even if you find a hardware problem (a burned-out board, a broken matrix), it is unlikely that you can really fix it yourself.

    The indicator changes color to green and back to red

    This behavior most often indicates that the processor generates a command to turn on the device and sends it to all executors. If any of the TV units does not execute the command, for example, the power supply does not turn on in operating mode or the inverter is not able to start the backlight, then the processor, without receiving confirmation that everything is in order, cancels the power on and puts the device back into standby mode. In Sharp LCD TVs, after five unsuccessful attempts to turn on the backlight, the processor blocks the startup altogether, until the errors are cleared through the service menu or until the contents of the Eeprom memory are replaced. This behavior will continue until the cause is eliminated: defective lamps replaced, inverter, power supply, or other faulty component of the TV chassis repaired.

    Indicator shines red

    The situation when the TV cannot be turned on from the remote control or buttons on the device itself, and the indicator is on, is often found in repair practice. Usually, in such cases, they say: “The TV does not come out of standby mode.” There may be several reasons for this, but you need to start with the most obvious ones. Replace the batteries in the remote control, remember from which button the TV was turned on earlier and, if this does not help, call the master on the TV or, with the proper skill, start an independent TV repair.

    The glow of the indicator is more or less likely to indicate the health of the power supply. However, the diagnosis of this malfunction, like most others, should be started with an analysis of the operation of this board. Checking voltages in standby mode, their stability when trying to turn on in the operating mode, measuring the level of filtration, visual inspection of parts helps to assess the health and functionality of the power supply. Electrolytic capacitors, the upper part of which has a characteristic swelling, must be replaced.

    In the section “Malfunctions of TVs”, the real history of repairs of TVs with a similar manifestation of a defect is considered on the example of TVs Philips 42PFL7433S / 60, Samsung LE40R82B, Philips 20PF5121 / 58 and other models. The behavior of television sets was somewhat different, but the reason was the same. There was a change in the properties of electronic components, mainly capacitors, in which the power supply could not provide a confident start, affecting the operation of the entire system so that the indication was present, and the TV did not turn on. If in one case the malfunction was visible to the naked eye, then in the other, its localization required a long process of diagnostic measures and measurements.

    How To Fix a LG TV that Wont Turn On

    The elimination of an obvious defect in the power supply does not always lead to normal operation of the TV as a whole. In some cases, an unstable power supply leads to the loss of information in the Eeprom and SpiFlash memory chips. At the same time, it is possible to turn on the TV and switch it to operating mode only by updating the software (firmware) on the programmer. The workshop is equipped with these devices in sufficient quantity for different types and cases of microcircuits. When repairing with your own hands, difficulties may arise with firmware without equipment and a firmware database for television models, and contacting a service organization in such a situation is morally and economically justified.

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    Sometimes such troubles occur when there is a malfunction in the power circuits on the TV’s motherboard. Usually in this block there are several secondary sources, made according to the scheme of DC-DC converters or voltage stabilizers. An indispensable condition for the correct operation of the processor and devices associated with it is a stable supply voltage in the voltage range at which their normal functionality is ensured. In cases where these conditions are not met, the consequences can be unpredictable, and the command to turn on the device can be ignored until the necessary power supply parameters are provided.

    The TV does not turn on, but the indicator is on

    If the TV breaks down, first of all, you need to understand whether the indicator is on. If it is on, it means that power is being supplied to the control chip. Diagnostics will not be difficult, and for this you will have to perform a number of simple steps. If the TV cannot be turned on with the remote control, you need to try pressing the activation button located on the front panel. It is possible that the problem is related to the remote control.

    • It’s time to change the batteries.
    • Infrared sensor damaged.
    • Contacts oxidized.
    • Buttons are sticking.
    • The microcircuit is dirty.
    • The remote control has been flooded with water or drinks.

    You can try to repair the remote yourself or buy a new one. It all depends on how serious the breakdown is.

    It also happens that the gadget cannot be turned on even with a button on the control panel. This suggests that everything is in order with the remote control. There are situations when the device turns on, but the screen turns off within 2-3 seconds. This indicates that the surge protection elements have tripped. This problem occurs after a power outage.

    You can try to fix the problem at home. To do this, you need to disconnect the gadget from the network for at least 10 minutes. This time will be enough for the device to work again. After that, you need to insert the cord into the outlet and turn on the TV using the remote control. If the problem persists, then we can assume that the contacts or hardware module are burned out.

    In some cases, the TV stops turning on due to a processor malfunction. A short circuit may occur, after which the gadget stops turning on. For repairs, you will need a multimeter that will allow you to understand which part is faulty. In addition, you will have to use new components from the manufacturer. In such a situation, it is easier to call the master, because it is difficult to fix the TV yourself.

    Specialists in the repair of CRT television equipment have developed a whole range of measures, summarized in a troubleshooting guide for beginners. It provides for a case when the device for some reason does not turn on at all (this can manifest itself as a lack of screen glow). In this particular situation, you must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

    First of all, you need to check the network cable, its plug and the TV power button (and sometimes just the presence of voltage in the outlet). All these simple elements and the network are very easy to check if the farm has a special measuring device. a multimeter. The easiest way to make sure that the power cord and plug are in good working order is by the standby LED on the front panel.

    Please note: When examining the supply circuits, it is important to remember that the performance of the switch should be checked both in the off and on state.

    Only after making sure that they are in full serviceability, you can remove the cover of the television receiver, and then examine the power supply unit (PSU) and the load circuits connected to it.

    If it came to disassembling the TV case, it is imperative to clean the internal spaces and all working elements from accumulated dust and dirt. Causes of malfunction and their detection During a visual inspection of the power supply unit, you need to pay attention to suspicious places covered with carbon deposits and with strong darkening on the printed circuit board. It is also important to look at all electronic elements for bulging or clearly visible breaks.

    If you find suspicious components, you should not immediately try to change them. Usually, a burnt or swollen part is only the result of a malfunction, which may be in a completely different place. So, electrolytes, for example, can swell from a long TV service life, as well as from overvoltages or short circuits in load circuits.

    Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check (if possible. to ring) all the parts of the power supply unit in the sequence given below:

    If no other problem areas have been identified, go to a detailed diagnosis of the problem.

    LG Smart TV won’t turn on Fix it Now

    Diagnostics and remedies

    For a more accurate diagnosis of each of the described malfunctions, they should be considered separately. So, if the 3.15 Ampere input fuse blows out, the following actions must be taken:

    • The ends of the wires from the cartridge with a 95 Watt bulb should be screwed to the contacts of its terminal block, and then turn on the TV again.
    • If after a certain time (about 20-30 seconds) it does not change the brightness of the glow, you need to turn off the TV and disconnect the kinescope demagnetization circuit.
    • When, after switching on again, the incandescent lamp immediately goes out, and the TV starts to work. the malfunction lies in the posistor.
    • you will need to replace it with a new element.

    If, when the TV is not working (the screen does not light up), suspicious sounds are heard from the power supply zone, resembling a whistle or squeak and accompanied by light clicks, this means that an overload is possible. In this case, you should check the load circuits for the 110 Volt power supply, including the drain and vertical scan.

    Short-circuited diode elements can be a possible cause of failure, but usually the problem is not limited to them alone.

    This may be “guilty” of the line scan elements (driving transistor, for example). But this happens very rarely, so in this situation you can try to replace the TDKS transformer. After replacing it (along with the fuse), the TV is likely to work.

    If, when you turn on the TV, the same clicks are clearly audible, but in a different place, you should check all the elements in the circuits of the line transistor (it itself almost never fails).

    Additional information: Experts still advise to sometimes check it by first removing it from the circuit.

    Do not forget that BU808DF composite transistors with a protective diode are installed in the line driving circuits. The reason for the characteristic squeak can also be failed capacitors, which can be detected visually by the swollen case. If it is impossible to accurately determine other faulty elements, the masters advise, just in case, to replace all high-voltage electrolytes.

    Other possible problems that you can identify yourself include:

    • Violation of the connecting contact in the TV power circuits.
    • Mechanical damage to the screen (kinescope).

    It is recommended to check the connecting contacts in the TV’s power circuits at the very initial stage of repair work (even before diagnosing a malfunction). To do this, on the switched off device, you should first overpower them, and if this action did not lead to the desired result, try to clean them up with an eraser. If after that the TV does not turn on (its screen does not light up), then the violation of the contact in the connectors should be excluded from consideration. Mechanical damage to the kinescope can be noticed only with a careful examination. If you find it, you will have to completely replace the product with a new one, for which you will need to invite an experienced specialist.

    The simplest reason that the TV does not turn on may be a malfunction in its remote control, in which the battery simply runs out. This is why the remote control should be checked before inspecting the power cord and switch.

    Electricity problems

    If the LG TV does not show signs of life, then this does not necessarily mean that the equipment is out of order. The TV may not work due to problems with the connection to the general household electrical network or a collective antenna: a damaged cable, a broken outlet, a problem with the local power supply. all this will also prevent the device from turning on. Try to connect the device to a different power source and start it up. if it doesn’t help, then you will have to seek help from the telemasters.

    A blown fuse is another possible reason for the inoperability of a liquid crystal or CRT device produced by LV.

    If the power light is on in the usual color (red, green, blue), then there is a possibility that there is no connection between the device and the TV signal source. Start monitor standby and try to open any media file from a smartphone or flash drive connected via USB or HDMI on a large display. Thus, you can make sure that Smart-TV is working.

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