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How to turn on and listen to music in the car via USB around the clock

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If you still don’t know how to turn on music in your car via USB, then you haven’t tried it. After all, all the connection activities here are reduced to the banal connection of the carrier to the car radio. No settings, drivers (pah-pah), and other long and incomprehensible actions.

Almost all modern radio tape recorders are equipped with a USB connector on the panel. It is through him that you can turn on music from a flash drive or phone, which, in this case, plays the role of a carrier. In this article, we will explain how to listen to music in a car on a radio tape recorder via USB, as well as introduce all the possible problems that may happen along the way.

Advantages of USB connection in the car

As for the disadvantages, we have already written above, of course, these are the inconveniences associated with manipulating the cord. If it’s too short to answer the call, you’ll have to disconnect it. If it is very long, it will get confused and interfere in the cabin. Also, the USB connection does not transmit incoming calls and voice messages (such as Bluetooth) to the speakers of the car. The driver is forced to be distracted from the road, which is unsafe.

Connection and disconnection stages

So, we come to the instructions. Now you will learn how to turn on music in a car on a radio tape recorder via a USB port:

  • First you need to turn on the car radio;
  • Next, insert the desired end of the cord into the USB connector;
  • Connect the other end to the phone to the charging jack;
  • The system message “Charging via USB” will appear on the screen of the gadget, tap on it;
  • Select “File Transfer” or, if available, “Sound Source”;
  • Done, you managed to turn on music on the radio tape recorder via USB, you can proceed to the playback instructions;
  • If you want to return to this notification again, for example, to correctly turn off the phone, open the shutter. Tap on the “File transfer” message again and select “Cancel”.

If you are looking for information on how to connect music in the car via USB without a cable, that is, you plan to insert a regular USB flash drive into the socket, the above algorithm will be simplified to the first two steps. You just need to turn on the tape recorder and insert the media, then playback will begin.

How to display the Headphone Audio Level in Real Time On iPhone (iOS 14)

Preparatory activities

  • If you decide to turn on music in the car via USB, you will inevitably face the main disadvantage of such a connection. dependence on the cord. Therefore, if your wire from the charger is too short, we recommend purchasing another one, as long as possible.

How to reproduce?

We continue to analyze how to connect music in the car via USB, the next in line is how to turn it on and how to manage it. Most often today, car owners use the phone, because it is always at hand.

Depending on how new your Android smartphone is, music playback in the car via USB will be controlled either from the radio or from a connected gadget.

  • In the first case, the smartphone will play the role of a carrier (flash drive), and nothing more. Sound processing and track switching will be carried out from the car radio;
  • In the second, it will be possible to control playback from the phone. In this case, the radio will perform the functions of an amplifier, volume control, and in the smartphone player you can select tracks, adjust the volume, equalizer, etc.;
  • Well, if you have not only a phone of the latest model, but also not the most ancient car radio, the devices will be able to synchronize, and in addition to all the above features, you will get access to the full functionality of the smartphone. That is, you can open other applications, go to instant messengers, phone book and other sections.

To start listening to music in the car via a radio tape recorder via USB, you just need to turn on the media and connect it in the specified way to the player. The latter will itself recognize the new connection and start playback.

Possible problems

Let’s consider the probable problems that may arise during the playback process. What are the most common reasons why you cannot turn on music in the car via USB, why it does not play?

  • Damaged cord. Examine it carefully, look for mechanical flaws. creases, cracks, torn areas. If the latter are available, the cable will have to be replaced;
  • Fault in the columns. To test this moment, turn on the radio in the usual way. For example, try turning on the radio. If there is sound, it’s not the speakers; if not, the problem isn’t with USB;
  • The audio system of the car does not read the USB flash drive and does not recognize the connected media at all. Check if the flash drive is working.
  • The volume of the flash drive is too large, so the radio tape recorder is not able to read it, and therefore refuses to turn it on. Try turning on a less capacious USB flash drive;
  • The audio files are not in FAT32 format (eg NTFS). The media needs to be formatted and the music re-recorded in the required format;
  • There are viruses on the flash drive. Connect it to a PC and check with an anti-virus program;
  • The car radio is faulty: the USB connector is broken, the wiring or contact has come off inside, the processor, which is responsible for reading information from the drives, has broken down, etc. In this case, you will need the help of professionals.

We hope our article helped you learn how to play music in your car via USB, and the information from the last block was not useful. By the way, problems rarely occur with such a connection, and most of them are easily solvable. We wish you pleasant trips with your favorite music.!

Using the SoundCloud app

SoundCloud App is a free app that is a unique music platform. Listening to tracks from a music social network is possible only if there is an Internet connection. To become a user of the application, the user does not need to register, but after spending a couple of minutes of your time, you can create your playlists and save them.

The advantage of the SoundCloud application is that on the platform you can find truly unique music, get acquainted with the work of novice musicians. The program provides for filtering music by the number of likes, genres, performers, download time to the platform. Using the application. You can share your favorite songs with your friends via social networks.

Free Music Download Pro app

The application is designed to download and listen to music tracks online. It is very convenient to save music to iPhone using this program. you can simultaneously download several files, which does not affect the functionality of the gadget. In addition, if the file was underloaded, and the iPhone was disconnected from the Internet, then its download will start from where the download was stopped. Following your preferences for the genre of frequently listened to music, artists. the program will offer you new compositions that may match your musical preferences.

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The program is shareware, in the free version you will have limited options for customizing your favorite music, and there is also advertising. The paid version has more options for saving playlists, ads are completely absent. The disadvantage of the application is the large size of the installation file.

Using the WALTR app

Another shareware application: in order for you to appreciate its benefits, it is given only two weeks, after which you will need to purchase it for about 26. The program allows you to download tracks of any format and is supported by all operating systems.

How do you download songs to iPhone using this app? Just download the app and connect your gadget to your computer or laptop using a USB cable. Next, open the application and drag and drop music files, playlists into the window, or do it through copying. In the process of uploading media files, they are automatically downloaded to the iPhone and reformatted into a file system understandable for the gadget.

Using the universal iDownloader Pro app

The iDownloader Pro application is more like a file hosting service. The program allows you to download and find not only media files, but also video materials, text documents. The advantages of the program are multitasking, convenient search. The application has a built-in media player that allows you not only to listen to music via download, but also online.

The program allows you to track downloaded files, sort them by name, size, download date. There are also additional settings, such as:

  • Protecting the access code for downloaded files.
  • Installing icons on folders.
  • Removing completed downloads.
  • Setting a limit on the number of simultaneously uploaded files.

The disadvantage of the iDownloader Pro application is that when downloading several files at the same time, the performance of the gadget drops.

First Aid. iTunes

How to download music to iPhone without searching and installing unknown applications? The answer is simple. use iTunes. Music that is downloaded using this program can be listened to in the standard gadget application. The advantages of the program are the ability to download music files of any format, the ability to assign tags to individual songs and albums, as well as download and group by genre, artist, playlists.

The only reason why many users are unhappy with the program is the long synchronization process, but below you will receive instructions on how to speed it up. Instructions on how to download music to iPhone using iTunes:

  • To download songs using the iTunes application, you need to connect the iPhone using a USB adapter to your computer or laptop. It is possible that after connecting to the device, you will need to enter the ID or password from the device.
  • Now you need to open the application and select the “File” line in the menu bar, and then go to the “Add to Library” line.
  • Add your favorite songs to the opened window. You can do this by dragging and dropping the file using the mouse or by using the keyboard shortcut CtrO in Windows, as well as the keyboard shortcut CommandO in Mac OS X.
  • Now you can add tags, names to playlists, set a picture on the cover. This can be done by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Details”.

If you want to speed up the process of synchronizing music when downloading to your gadget, then follow these steps:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer with USB Wire.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Find the “Overview” tab.
  • In the menu that appears, you must check the box next to the item for processing music manually.
  • Save changes by clicking “Apply”.
  • Now go to the “Music” tab and uncheck the box next to “Sync Music”.

Now you can quickly download music files, without unnecessary content, which speed up the copying process.

Smartphone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64Gb Midnight Green

Using the Zvooq app

The shareware Zvooq application has a very simple and user-friendly interface. The program allows you to both download music and listen online, thanks to the built-in media player.

By registering, you can save playlists and favorite tracks. The free version has a number of limitations that not all users will like:

  • You can switch between tracks no more than 6 times per hour, that is, you will have to listen to music limited.
  • Limited number of tracks that can be listened to online.
  • Ads that crash while using the app.

The premium version removes all restrictions, moreover, it completely relieves the user of annoying ads. The advantages of using the program are that it is very easy to download a song on the Iphone. click on the program icon next to the name of the song.

What is Lossless

Lossless data compression. lossless data compression. This is the name given to compression methods for photos, videos or music, when using which encoded data can be restored with bit accuracy.

The data is completely recovered from the compressed state without losing quality compared to the original. While we’re on the subject of music, the most common lossless audio compression format is FLAC. Unlike MP3, AAC, WMA and the like, FLAC does not remove any information from the audio stream.

Easiest Way to Download Lossless on iPhone

One of the Lossless formats is the ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) data type. In fact, the encoding is slightly different from FLAC and is designed for use on Apple devices.

Unlike FLAC, ALAC files can be played in the standard Music application. Data can be converted by any audio editor and saved via iTunes.

Listen to iPhone music via bluetooth headset

The best solution would be to copy through the WALTR app.

The application is not cheap, but from the very first minutes of work it impresses with its simplicity and convenience. It is enough to connect the iPhone to the computer, launch the program and drag the necessary files in FLAC format to the application window.

Waltr will independently convert music to ALAC format and copy the files to the standard Music application.

To fully enjoy uncompressed music, you have to get good headphones. With all the advantages of EarPods, you won’t be able to hear the difference between FLAC and regular MP3 through them.

Not the most sophisticated model from Bowers Wilkins, but with headphones of this level, you can already appreciate the benefits of FLAC music. This is facilitated by high-quality filling and excellent materials.
Buy for 19,990 rubles.

Quite compact headphones that sound cool and look great. Convenient foldable shape allows you to carry these even in the smallest bag.
Buy for 14 990 rubles.

Active noise cancellation and a comfortable design let you listen to only music and nothing else. There is a convenient control panel for switching tracks and answering calls.
Buy for 22 990 rubles.

How to listen to uncompressed music on iPhone. Collected the best programs

Lossless is waiting for you. Just take off your EarPods first.

How to listen to Lossless on iPhone

True connoisseurs of music and owners of a musical ear prefer this format for listening to their favorite compositions. Out of the box, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch can’t handle FLAC data, however, there are several apps in the App Store to help you play quality music.

The simplest and most affordable solution from the App Store. There are three ways to add tracks to FLAC Player: via iTunes on your computer, via iCloud, or direct over Wi-Fi. The last two methods work wirelessly, but you will have to copy all songs one by one. When transferring via a computer, you can download the entire file folder at once. The player does not indulge in possibilities, but it has everything you need. There is sorting by artist or album, there is support for playlists.

A bit frustrating are advertising banners that are removed with an in-app purchase.

One of the most popular video players for iOS does a great job of playing uncompressed music.

On the VLC side, there are many ways to download music. Files can be transferred via local or network resources, direct download via link, transfer via Wi-Fi and connection to popular cloud storage are supported. Of course, no one canceled the ability to download tracks through iTunes on a computer. You can even listen to songs without downloading to the device, if the connection speed allows.

Unfortunately, the focus on video playback leaves its mark. You won’t be able to create playlists in VLC, track covers are often not copied when transferring files wirelessly, and there is no equalizer in the settings.

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The most popular audio player for OS X has a relatively recent version for iOS. The app turned out to be quite controversial, but it will definitely find its audience.

VOX. Music Player has a cool design, there is an app for Apple Watch, an equalizer with preset and manual settings, but, unfortunately, there is only one way to load songs into the program.

In pursuit of profit, the authors added several paid subscription options for connecting to online radio and their own cloud storage of tracks, but they completely forgot about the ability to simply copy music to the device. The program itself will find the tracks that are loaded into the standard Music application (only songs that were downloaded via a computer, Apple Music tracks will not be available). To copy FLAC, you will have to connect with a cord to your computer. Next is the familiar procedure: iTunes, shared files for VOX, sync.

The frustration for the time wasted will disappear when you see the beautiful playback interface, convenient controls and quick access to the equalizer.

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How to set up headphones on iPhone

You usually only need to set up wireless headphones. If they are used for the first time, then you need to make sure that the latest version of the software is installed on the smartphone. After that, you should perform the following actions:

  • Go to Home Screen.
  • Open the case with the headphones and place them next to the phone.
  • Wait for the setting animation to appear on the display.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • In the case of the Pro version of the headset, carefully study all the instructions.
  • Click “Finish”.

The accessory may not connect due to moisture getting into the phone case

Important! If you are signed in to iCloud, the headphones will automatically set up to work with any supported Apple ID-connected devices.

How to connect the speaker to the phone via Bluetooth

For users who like to listen to music through speakers wirelessly, the method of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an iPhone will be relevant. This can be done as follows:

  • Put a speaker or a pair of them in close proximity to the phone to ensure future wireless communication. If the distance is too long, the connection may fail.
  • Turn on the speakers and switch to pairing mode by pressing the corresponding button on the case. If not, then you should carefully study the instructions for use of the speakers.
  • Go to the phone menu and select the “Settings” icon (gray gear).
  • In the general parameters window, find the “Bluetooth” item and go to it.
  • Switch on the module by moving the slider to the appropriate position. After loading, a list of devices in the immediate vicinity and ready to connect will appear on the screen. The speakers will be displayed under the name of their manufacturer or model.
  • Click on the names of the columns and connect to them. Pairing may take some time, most often it takes no more than 2-3 minutes. If the speakers are not visible, you can turn them off and on again or refresh the search list on your phone.
  • After pairing, the speakers are ready to use. You can test them, turn on any melody.

Note! Sometimes, to connect to the speakers, you need to enter a password, which is indicated on their case or box. If lost, please refer to the speaker manual.

Why iPhone can’t see headphones via Bluetooth

Even iPhones, which are the standard of reliable and modern mobile technology, can have problems identifying the headset and other devices via Bluetooth. The most common causes of the problem are:

  • violation of the software integrity of the firmware, physical damage to the motherboard and individual contacts of the wireless module;
  • various software failures both due to unforeseen actions and during updates;
  • conflicts between system and user applications.

Important! Installing software from unverified sources can not only cause the operating system to malfunction and software conflicts, but also the complete or partial inoperability of the gadget.

The adapter must be plugged into the connector through which the iPhone is to be charged

The correct operation of Bluetooth is also affected by increased temperature, moisture, drops or surges in the home power supply during recharging.

What to do if the iPhone 7 does not see the headphones and why

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that headphones for the iPhone, as well as for some other devices, are divided into classic wired and new wireless generation accessories. The latter were called Airpods, they are gaining popularity, gradually ousting the confusing wired devices from the market.

If the iPhone 7 headphones are not working, then it may be due to a hardware failure.

For your information! Since their release, Apple has received many complaints about design and connection issues. If the phone does not see new wireless headphones, then most likely this happened due to errors in synchronization.

The reason for the lack of sound and the impossibility of identifying the device may be:

  • operating system updates that were incorrectly installed due to failures;
  • dirt, dust or sand has got into the headset jack, as a result of which the phone does not receive contact for detecting and switching to the listening mode from the headphones;
  • dirt or, more often than not, moisture has got into the phone case. It could oxidize the input pins for the headset, which also prevents the signal from passing to the processor;
  • the smartphone or headphones were dropped, as a result of which the loop responsible for transmitting signals was damaged.

iPhone 7 Plus also suffers from headphone problems

Important! It is a careless attitude to equipment and accessories that causes most of the breakdowns that may not be related to headphones. Do not expose the phone to direct sunlight, leave it in damp rooms, or drop it on a hard surface.

The first thing to do is restart your iPhone or iPad. If that doesn‘t work, you can reset all custom settings and updates. Perhaps the problem lies in the software part in which the failure occurred. After restoring the phone, it is advisable to return the backup copies of the updates that were prepared before resetting the settings.

It often happens that some program simply does not allow the phone to turn on the vibration option. You need to remember which updates or software products were recently installed on the device, and uninstall them manually, and then check for the connection and sound.

If water gets into the phone, the contacts may oxidize and the operation of many modules will be impaired. Needed as soon as possible:

  • Unscrew the outer screws of the iPhone case and detach the back cover.
  • Using a suction cup or a sharpened credit card, carefully remove the display and remove its ribbon.
  • Dry the device with a hairdryer and remove oxidation with alcohol, if they appear.
  • Assemble the phone in the same sequence.

If after all this music does not appear and the headphones are not detected, the problem is in the connector. It is recommended to carefully clean it with a needle and cotton swab, which will remove dirt and dust lumps that have accumulated there due to wearing in a trouser

The headset may not turn on due to a defective adapter

Why iPhone doesn’t see headphones. what to do

Many people love to listen to music, it inspires and gives strength. It is better to do this with headphones so as not to disturb others, especially since their tastes may not coincide with the musical preferences of the music lover. Sometimes with accessories of this kind, or rather with their connection, problems arise. Owners of expensive technology are not immune from this, as well as lovers of cheap smartphones. It happens that the iPad, iPod or iPhone does not see the headphones. This material will tell you in as much detail as possible what to do if the headphones on the iPhone 7 do not work, how to set up the connection and what to do if one headphone suddenly stops functioning.

One earphone from the iPhone stopped working: what to do

Unfortunately, the quality of the Apple headphones is poor. Airpods have certainly propelled the company forward in this regard. But after constant use for a couple of months, they also often fail. The most amazing thing is that most often it is one earpiece that breaks, and it is the right one, which contains the microphone and the volume or video recording switch.

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It would seem that you have to buy a new accessory or use it in one ear, but there is one catch. All sounds in the phone are reproduced in stereo mode: the song is decomposed into left and right channels. One can hear a voice, and another, for example, the sounds of individual musical instruments. This is why you may not always enjoy the sound quality when listening in one ear.

Airpods may not be supported on older iPhones

The solution to the problem is peculiar, since it does not make the second earpiece work. The point is to set the sound to play only in mono mode. It uses only one canal and all components pass through it to one ear. To switch to mono, you need to go to the phone settings, find “Universal Access” and switch the desired parameter.

How to turn on wired headphones on iPhone

The headset from the iPhone can be easily used on the iPad or iPod touch. If these are wired headphones with a 3.5 mm jack, you just need to insert it all the way into the corresponding jack on the phone. This should be done as carefully as possible, without connecting the accessory abruptly, moving it along the sides. If everything is done correctly, an icon will appear on the display, symbolizing that all contacts in the socket are closed and the headphones are successfully connected.

On iPhone 7 plus, the jet connector is at the bottom

Note! You can perform all these actions with other accessories with a 3.5 mm audio jet, but remember that it makes no sense to connect headphones with an impedance of more than 32 ohms. The power of the phone and battery is not enough to produce the same high-quality sound that they are capable of when connected to a computer or laptop.


Let’s not delay too much with the introduction, let’s go straight to the algorithms that demonstrate how to listen to music in the car via the iPhone. Of course, modern cars have sophisticated multimedia systems with which to connect a mobile device is a matter of 2 seconds. But if you do not have such a radio, you can listen to music from the iPhone by connecting the phone via AUX, USB port, or by establishing a wireless connection (Bluetooth or WI-FI).


This connector is present, almost on every car radio, and headphones are plugged into it in the iPhone. Some models do not have a line-in connector, in this case, in order to listen to tracks, you will have to purchase an adapter. Well, or resort to another method.

  • Connect the radio tape recorder to the iPhone using an AUX cord with mini jacks at both ends;
  • Start playback on the smartphone. By the way, with this method, all music control is carried out through the phone. The radio tape recorder only plays the role of a sound amplifier;
  • In the car audio system, turn on the playback mode through a third-party source;
  • You can listen to your favorite playlist.

This method is good for its simplicity and convenience. However, music via AUX often sounds too quiet, and users notice a deterioration in the quality of the sound track. Also, the method drains the iPhone a lot. Well, and, you have to put up with dangling wires.

We listen to music from the iPhone in the car and do not part with our favorite tracks

In this article, we will look at how to listen to music from an iPhone in the car, we will analyze in detail all the existing methods. Agree, it’s very convenient to play your favorite playlists directly from your phone, without bothering with recording to a separate flash drive or disk. All this is the last century!


Let’s look at how to play music from iPhone in the car via USB.

You need to purchase a cable, one end of which is equipped with a USB plug, and the other is suitable for your iPhone.

  • Connect your smartphone to the car radio using a cord;
  • Start listening to music on your phone;
  • In the audio system, select the listening mode through a third-party source;
  • Done.

The car radio recognizes the smartphone as a USB flash drive and starts playing tracks. The newer the audio system, the easier it will be to control playback. Some devices are fully synchronized with the apple gadget, allowing you to control music through the radio, as well as open different applications on the phone in parallel.

By the way, this connection allows you to simultaneously listen to music and charge your smartphone. There is only one minus. dependence on wires.


Connecting music from iPhone via Bluetooth in the car is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions. First, the connection is wireless. Secondly, the driver can receive incoming calls and make calls by adjusting the process with the buttons on the steering wheel. It is safe and convenient. Thirdly, after the initial pairing of the iPhone and the car, all subsequent connections will occur automatically, which is incredibly comfortable.

To listen to music on iPhone via Bluetooth, do the following:

  • Activate the Bluetooth module in your smartphone;
  • Find the “Phone” or “Bluetooth” function in the radio settings;
  • The search for devices will start, it may take some time;
  • As soon as the gadget detects the car radio, a field for entering a password will be displayed on the screen. Most often, the code “0000” is suitable;
  • Successful pairing will be signaled by a system notification on the display of the recorder;

That’s all, now you can start playing music in your phone, and you will listen through the radio. Management is carried out on both devices.

Bluetooth drains your smartphone and distorts the sound when decoding the signal. But this method provides flexible control, and does not distract the driver from the road at all.

This method is suitable only for owners of expensive modern cars equipped with premium functionality. To find out if your radio tape recorder supports the Wi-Fi module, the instructions for the device will help. If you have Wi-Fi, perform the following set of actions:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile device;
  • Activate the module in the audio system and start searching for networks;
  • When the car radio detects your network, connect to it;
  • Now you can listen to tracks from a flash drive of your smartphone or directly from the Internet.

This method provides good sound quality and does not require the use of wires, but, unfortunately, not for everyone. And also, it wastes traffic and drains the phone.

How to listen through Car Play?

This is a car multimedia complex that displays a selected block of information from the iPhone on the screen of the car radio. The interface is completely devoid of distractions. Car Play allows you to broadcast only some of the applications the driver needs: navigation, call control, music (but not video) playback, etc.

The media system is controlled by the voice assistant Siri, which can be called by long pressing a special key on the steering wheel. Apple Car Play is compatible with all iPhones from model 5. But to find out which cars are compatible with CarPlay, check the list on the website:

To connect iPhone music to BMW or any other on the list, follow these steps:

  • The media system is configured only once, further connection is automatic. Start the car, call Siri on your smartphone;
  • Connect the smartphone to the car via a cable (USB, AUX) or via Wi-fi, if there is a module;
  • In your smartphone, open the Settings Menu. General. CarPlay. Find your own among the available cars, tap;
  • After pairing, the display of the radio will show the interface of your phone. Open the player and start listening to music.

All control is carried out using voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel of the car.

This method is the most comfortable in terms of driver safety. If the devices allow, we strongly recommend that you resort to it. By the way, listening to music using a wireless connection is more convenient, but often at the expense of the quality of the sound track. In this regard, Car Play is the best option. it provides minimal impact. Happy and fun trips to you!