Mail stopped working on iPhone

How to access iCloud mail from iPhone

Apple’s iCloud email service allows you to quickly, easily and securely carry out the entire range of e-mail transactions. But before a user can send, receive, and organize emails, they need to set up their @ ​​ email address on their iOS device or Mac. How to access iCloud mail from an iPhone is described in the material presented to your attention.

Methods to sign in to @ mail from iPhone

Depending on which iOS application (proprietary “Mail” or a client from third-party developers) the iPhone user prefers to work in, different actions are taken to access the @ mailbox.

Third-party email clients for iOS

Once the @ address has been activated once as a result of following the steps above, you can access Apple’s mail service through iOS applications created by third-party developers: Gmail, Spark, myMail, Inbox, CloudMagic, Mail and many others. It should be borne in mind that before access to iCloud mail through a third-party client application is opened, it is necessary to fulfill the security requirements set by Apple for the operation of third-party applications.

As an example, consider in detail the procedure for entering an @ email account through the well-known Gmail. an email application created by Google.

To successfully complete the instructions below, the Apple ID installed on the iPhone must be protected with two-factor authentication. For information on how to activate this option, see the article on setting up Apple ID on iPhone.

    Install from the AppStore or iTunes, and then open the Gmail app for iPhone.

If this is the first launch of the client, tap “Login” on the application welcome screen, which will lead to the page for adding an account.

If Gmail for iPhone is already used to work with e-mail and access a mail service other than iCloud, open the options menu (three dashes in the upper left corner), expand the list of accounts and tap “Manage accounts”. Then click “Add account”.

On the screen for adding an account to the app, select “iCloud”, then enter your email address in the appropriate field and click “Next”.

The next screen prompts you to create a password for Gmail on the Apple ID Management page. Tap the Apple ID link to launch your web browser (Safari by default) and open the Apple Account Management login web page.

Log in by entering your Apple ID first and then your password in the appropriate fields. Grant permission by tapping “Allow” under the notification that you are attempting to sign in to your Apple account.

Next, a verification code will be displayed, which you need to remember and enter on the page opened in the iPhone web browser. After authentication, you will be presented with a page for managing your Apple ID.

Open the “Security” tab, go to the “APPLICATION PASSWORDS” section and click “Create password”.

In the “Come up with a label” field on the “Security” page, enter “Gmail” and click “Create”.

Almost instantly, a secret combination of characters will be generated, which serves as a key to access Apple services through a third-party application. The password will be displayed on the screen in a special field.

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With a long press, select the received key and press “Copy” in the pop-up menu. Then tap “Finish” on the page in the browser and go to the “Gmail” application.

Click Next on the Gmail for iPhone screen. With a long touch in the “Password” input field, call the “Paste” function and thus enter the combination of characters copied in the previous step. Tap “Next” and wait until the settings are checked.

  • This completes adding your iCloud mail account to the Gmail iPhone app. It remains to enter the desired username that will sign the letters sent from the mailbox, and you can proceed to work with e-mail via the @ service.
  • The algorithm for logging into iCloud mail from an iPhone described above using the example of Gmail for iOS is applicable to almost all iOS applications that support working with email boxes created within different services. Let’s repeat the steps of the process in general. you need to do only three mandatory steps (in the screenshots below. the popular iOS application myMail).

      Create a password for a third-party program in the Security section of the Apple ID Account Management page.

    By the way, this can be done in advance, for example, from a computer, but in this case the secret combination must be written down.

    Link to enter the page for changing your Apple account settings:

    Open the iOS mail client app, go to add an email account and enter the @ mailbox address.

  • Enter the system-generated password for the third-party app on the Apple ID Management page. After successful authentication, access to emails in iCloud mail through the preferred third-party client will be provided.
  • As you can see, there are no special or insurmountable obstacles to accessing iCloud mail from the iPhone. Having fulfilled Apple’s security requirements and, in fact, once logged into the service, you can use all the advantages of the considered email not only through the integrated iOS application, but also with the help of, possibly, more familiar third-party programs to the user.

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    IPhone email issues after update and other issues

    Posted by Jane Winston December 07, 2018 17:30

    There are many similar questions raised among most forums such as

    “My email on my iPhone has stopped working“.

    Why am I not getting my emails on my iPhone? and more.

    People get frustrated when their iPhone email app doesn’t work.

    mail, stopped, working, iphone

    Since sending emails was one of the common ways to communicate and work, the “Unable to send mail” error is significant. Thus, this article talks about iPhone related email problems today and solutions to fix them.

    Checking your email address and password

    If Mail asks for a password for your email account, make sure it is correct. To check your email address and password, sign in to your email provider’s website.

    If you still receive an incorrect username or password, contact your email service provider or system administrator.

    Mail doesn’t work on iPhone

    Tap Next. Automatic mailbox setup starts.

    On the screen that appears, tap “Save”.

    After connecting the mail, you need to set additional settings.

    Go to Settings → Accounts & Passwords and open the account you just connected.

    Go to edit your account.

    Tap “SMTP” under “Outgoing Mail Server”.

    Go to edit the primary server.

    Return to the menu “Uch. record “and go to the” Additional “section.

    Make sure the “Use SSL” setting is enabled in the “Inbound Settings” section and the server port is 993.

    Simple setup of Yandex mail on iPhone

    Reading and sending emails on your iPhone is very easy and convenient. You will always see important messages and will be able to respond to them promptly. Using Yandex Mail on your smartphone is easier than it sounds. A simple, one-time setup is all it takes.

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    There are several options for connecting Yandex mail, after which you can work with letters on a mobile device.

    IPhone 3 email issues: “Wrong password entered” when logging into email account

    To fix problems with iPhone email accounts, you need to check if you entered the correct email account and password. over, some iPhone users complain that they are being rejected by the server without knowing why. Well it must be a wrong email password error.

    When you receive the “Invalid password entered” notification, you can delete and set up your email account again. To get started, you’d better check with your email provider or system administrator to get the correct email address and password. Then find the Settings app and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Select the email account with iPhone email password errors. Click on “Remove Account” and then select “Remove from My iPhone” to delete this email account.After that, you can follow the steps above to add the email account again.

    IPhone 2 Email Issues: Mail Application Keeps Crashing

    Some people have reported an issue not receiving emails on iPhone 6 after iOS 12/11 update. The slow response of the mail app and other iOS apps may be caused by a new iOS update. Otherwise, an internal system crash can also lead to iPhone email issues. So you can exit and restart the mail app for a second try, or you can restart your iPhone to refresh it. Otherwise, you may have to downgrade iOS 12/11 to an earlier version to fix iPhone email issues.

    The fastest way to fix iPhone mail app problems is to force restart the mail app. Press the Home button twice and select Mail when the multitasking view appears. Swipe off the mail app to force it to close. Then press the Home button again to restart the mail application. If your email app is still stuck on a non-responding screen, you need to restart your iPhone to troubleshoot iPhone email problems stop working problems.

    Restarting iPhone can also help fix iPhone not moving mails to trash.

    Configuring via firmware

    This method does not involve downloading additional applications. You only need an iPhone and registered Yandex Mail.

    Follow a few simple steps to configure:

    • Find the program “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” and launch it.
    • Select “Add Account”.
    • Select “Other” from the list of mail clients.
    • Next, go to the “New Account” tab.
    • In the form that appears, enter the basic data that are used to log into the e-mail box (name, username, password and description).
    • After all the fields are filled in, click “Next”. Account setup will begin, which may take a few minutes;
    • A window will open where we press “Save”.

    The standard settings are generally enough for Yandex Mail to work correctly on iPhone. Close Mail and reopen it after a while. All your letters, drafts, etc. should appear there. For verification, send a test letter. If everything works correctly, then the setup was completed successfully.

    Setting up mail on iPhone and iPad

    The Mail (or Mail) program is a standard iOS application and does not require additional installation from the App Store. However, to work with the mail client, you must first carry out the “Mail” setup procedure. This article will consider all the possible stages of setting up a mail client using the example of the native Mail application.

    Adding an account for, Rambler, Yandex, etc. to the Mail application on iPhone / iPad

    You can add a or Rambler account to the standard iOS mail client “Mail” only by binding the server address. To do this, in the service selection window, click the “Other” item. In the menu that appears, enter your name, mail and password.

    How To Fix iPhone E-Mail Issues

    Further, in the next menu, the user needs to enter the data of the mail server. In the accompanying section “Incoming mail server”, enter the hostname:

    • . pop.
    • Yandex.
    • Rambler.
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    In the next line, enter your email and password from the mailbox. In the “Outgoing mail server” section, you must enter the following data:

    • . smtp.:25
    • Yandex —
    • Rambler.

    After that, despite the “optional” mark, you should enter in the same section, below the specified server, your mail and password from it, otherwise the third-party service will simply not receive and send emails. Click next and, in the dialog box that appears, select “Save”.

    If you encounter the error “The server has rejected the recipient because. it does not allow relaying “or” Relay error “in the mail client, check the correct information.

    As a final step, in the last setting menu that appears, we indicate the sections that we want to synchronize with the mail service (contacts, calendars, etc.), save all the settings made and check the mail operation. If an error occurs in the mail service, try to repeat the whole procedure again. Perhaps you just missed something at one of the stages.

    Also check that in the settings of your mail account, in the “outgoing mail” section, in the “primary server” item, SSL is enabled. If this does not help and mail continues to not work on your iPhone or iPad, then, in the same section, change the numerical value of the server port to 465 or 25.

    How to set up Yandex.Mail or another Russian-language mail service?

    It is easier to add Yandex.Mail than other Russian-language service. The configuration is performed as follows:

    Go to “Mail” and click on the option “Other”.

    Go to the section “New Account”.

    Fill in the same fields as when installing Gmail.

    Set up the synchronization of mail and notes. activate two toggle switches. Then click “Save”.

    You don’t need to specify anything else. the Yandex mailbox will be added.

    With Rambler clients, everything is more difficult: after filling in the required fields, the “Mail” application asks for the data of mail servers.

    Default Mail setting on iPhone / iPad

    To configure the mail client, go to “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars.” Here the user is presented with a choice of services such as Google, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook and so on. To connect a service account that is not included in the general list, you need to tap on the “Other” button, however, in this case, the procedure for connecting an account may differ from the standard.

    Having chosen a service in which you already have an account, you need to tap on its logo, and then specify the basic data of your account: name, e-mail, password. After checking the information, if there are no errors, the Mail application will be ready to work. But do not rush to leave the section “Mail, Addresses, Calendars”. Here you can also customize some design styles, notifications, signature and other little things.

    iPhone Email Not Working �� How To Fix!!

    By the way, if necessary, it is possible to add several accounts of various mail services at once.

    How to sign out of mail on iPhone?

    You need to delete your account from iPhone as follows:

    Go to “Settings” and find the section “Mail, addresses, calendars”.

    In the “Accounts” block, find the box you want to erase and click on it.

    On the next screen, click the “Delete Account” button.

    Confirm your intention to delete your account. click on “Delete from iPhone”.

    When you delete an account from a mobile device, all information that was synchronized with the account will also be lost. Therefore, before erasing your account, take care to transfer your valuable information to a secure medium.

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