Make A Windows 10 Screen Video

live broadcasts; gameplay recording

First things first, make sure the game recording function is turned on; it is possible to check this circumstance in the operating system settings:

Let’s open “Start”; then the application “Settings”

In “Windows Settings” open the “Games” options

in the section “Game Menu” we will inquire whether the capabilities for recording game clips, screenshots and other things are enabled.

If you have live recording enabled, great. If disabled, enable.

in the tabs “Clips”, “Broadcast”, “Game Mode” and “Xbox Network” adjust other application parameters.

Record from Windows 10 Screen. Built-in System Utility

For example, it is possible to write:

for YouTube channel,

presentation or report,

some kind of training. for example, the specifics of working in a program and, of course, recording interesting moments of the game.

I will certainly repeat myself and I will notice !! it is possible to record a using the Xbox Game Bar without installing third-party software!

To work requires adapters on the computer: Nvidia NVENC, Intel Quick Sync H.260, AMD VCE.

although there is more functionality in third-party recording programs, however, in some cases, the built-in utilities of Windows are enough.

Windows built-in system utilities
Using the built-in utilities of the Windows operating system, in most cases, is undoubtedly justified!
Well. let’s look at the built-in Windows system utilities in order: 11 pieces. in which you need to know! 11 instruments

Screen Recording. Xbox Game Bar. Windows 10

to record from the screen, you just need to use the Xbox Game Bar app built into Windows 10, and you do not have to resort to third-party applications. Although Xbox is an application for gamers, however, it is usually useful for a user who does not like any kind of games.

XBox, a highly customizable game panel (more in the next article) works with all games. from the Xbox panel, we can easily take screenshots of the screen, we can control music, look for new game partners, communicate with friends (provided that we also work with Xbox Game Bar) on mobile or PC.

Open the application like this: press the Windows key and the “G” key (Win G): (how to record from the screen)

how to screenshot them meme. Xbox Game Bar?

With the latest Xbox Game Bar update, we have one more opportunity: now we can easily convert any screenshots into memes.

steps to create a meme:

  • press hot keys: Win G
  • open the “Broadcast and Record” widget corresponding to the task

The widget is great for adding the required text to the screenshot and then creating a meme. and only then share this meme with all your friends in.

1. white arrow: take a screenshot.

2. green. write (Win G R). tapped the button, screen recording will start. the file will be saved in the folder “” to the “Captures” subfolders.

3. brown me. working with sound.

4. gears in the upper right corner. Settings.

Useful keyboard shortcuts for the program:

  • Start Stream: Win Alt B
  • Record Last 30 Seconds: Win Alt G
  • Take a screenshot: Win Alt PrtScrn
  • Mute microphone while recording: Win Alt M

but by the way, a complete collection of useful hotkeys for working with Windows:

The article will give a list of the most common computer key combinations (the so-called Hot Keys). they are used for quick access to certain tools of one or another system program, and Windows itself. We will also consider important requests (commands) to Windows OS through the Command timeline.

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The entire Xbox Game Bar interface is in Russian, so it’s very easy to figure it out.

and customize the Xbox game bar completely for yourself, for example, hide widgets and more.

The volume of any sound can be adjusted directly in sight, without leaving the game: widgets easily move around the screen.

And besides, the presence of this useful panel is not forgotten in the possibilities, this will help us, the picture below, a pop-up window:

Useful commands for the Run utility
The commands that will be described in the article, and there are about 150 of them, will work in various versions of Windows operating systems: from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

And I just have to bow. and wish you useful work on the net

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Windows 10 screen recording via NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Thanks to the universal application GeForce Experience, the owners of graphics cards from NVIDIA have the opportunity to use additional goodies, such as NVIDIA ShadowPlay. This option is integrated into the application and allows you to record the Windows 10 screen. In this case, you can record almost everything that is on the screen (from the initial desktop, to launching and being in the game, program).

To capture an area for shooting:

  • Launch GeForce Experience and yours with your NVIDIA profile (create one if needed).
  • Go to the settings and scroll down a little to the “in-game overlay” item. It needs to be activated.
  • Then press AltZ any time you want to record a movie. Select the “Record” item.
  • Here, you can connect a microphone. Shutdown is done in exactly the same way.

The quality of shooting can be changed in the settings:

Alls are saved in the user folder, along the path C: \ Users \ username \s \ Desktop in mp4 format.

How to Record from Windows 10 Screen:

  • Start any game.
  • Press the WinG keyboard shortcut.
  • Press WinAltR to start recording.
  • To finish, also click WinAltR.
  • Use WinAltM to activate the microphone while recording.

Still, you can use additional settings that are paired with your Xbox Live account. In general, that’s all, there is no way to set a different format or resolution. Also, you cannot record the desktop or the explorer. To do this, use other programs.

How to Record Windows 10 Screen Using Free Software

Since such programs are fundamentally different from each other, choose the one that maximally reveals the task in front of you.

How to Record Windows Screen Using TinyTake

A very simple utility with an interesting interface. Its main task is to record the area of ​​the screen, and take screenshots. Friends with previous OS versions, not just Windows 10.

For the utility to work like a clock, it needs a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM. An additional option of the utility is the “Share” button.

Xbox Game Bar

Recording from the Windows 10 computer screen, if you need to capture only the active window (browser, game, program), can be organized through the Xbox Game Bar. The utility appeared in Windows 10 back in 2015, going into the release version. Over time, it was improved and finalized with additional functionality, including:

  • Quick call of the window floor with WinG keys.
  • Small interface strips, not obstructing the view of the main screen.
  • Audio module. Pulling up the interface with all speakers reproducing sounds and a list of connected microphones. You can switch everything in the list.
  • Performance module. pulls up the system’s gluttony interface and allows monitoring in percentage of CPU, GPU and RAM. It is possible to watch the number of frames per second in games.
  • Module. launching the recording interface, in which you can take a screenshot, limit the recording to 30 seconds and start / stop recording. All recording data will be placed in the folder “”. “Clips”.
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The main panel allows you to hide or show additional, and is included in the parameters.

In the advanced settings, you can set up recording from the Windows 10 computer screen, as well as select the sound.

System requirements for the program are minimal: Intel HD Graphics 4000. Recording is carried out in 1080p, 30 FPS, in.mp4 format.

Windows 10 Screen Recording via Action Ultimate Capture

A paid utility aimed at high-quality recording of an open game. At the same time, it can be run even on weak PCs, since the stability of the recording is ensured and the almost complete absence of lags (frieze) on the recorded.

The interface in the software is simple, user-friendly, there are sections for recording. audio, tests, screenshots and various hotkeys.

The record button is the largest in the entire interface, you will hardly notice it. The price for the utility is 33. The utility is often sold at a discount. There is a 30-day trial period. In which the functionality of the program is fully available.

Windows 10 screen recording with Captura utility

Uncomplicated utility with a simple interface allows you to record the computer screen Windows 10. Works great with previous versions of the operating system. The utility can:

  • Writes from the screen.
  • Record audio from PC and microphone.
  • Overlay image from web-camera.
  • Select the desired frame rate and recording quality.

All the options you need are displayed on the main screen. The recording is simple:

  • Select the parameters of the to be created.
  • Choose a place where it will be saved.
  • Press the red round record button.
  • ready.

To start Windows 10 screen recording:

  • In the second window opposite “Scene” click on the plus.
  • Select the capture you want (in this case, screen delight).
Make A Windows 10 Screen Video

  • In the next window, you can cancel the checkbox opposite the item “cursor delight”, if it is not needed.
  • In the lower right corner, click “Start recording “.
  • Minimize the program and write down what you need.
  • When you need to finish recording, expand the program and click “Stop”.
  • The clip will be saved in the folder where the program saves them by default.
  • The latest information can be found in the detailed program settings.

Rylstim Screen Recorder. Windows 10 Screen Recorder

The simplest utility with a screen recording option with a single window in which all the configuration takes place. To get started:

  • run the program.
  • Specify in which codec the recording will be saved.
  • Set frame rate, and specify the save location.
  • Click “Start” to start.
  • To stop capturing, press F9.
  • Done, saved in the specified directory.

Similar screen capture programs

Not everyone is happy with the built-in ways to take screenshots. This is largely due to the small number of functions. Therefore, there are additional utilities for a wide variety of operating systems (including Unix distributions). Some of them are aimed at rapid implementation, others at whitewashing a wide range of tools.

Ashampoo snap

Another popular utility, but with a number of differences. The first is a paid license. Ashampoo Snap has a lot more features and is famous for being an indispensable program among a huge number of content managers. This is largely due to the very fine tuning possible. Using Ashampoo Snap, the user will NOT have to additionally process the image in graphic editors, changing the extension, compressing, adding effects or annotations. All this can be done conveniently and quickly in the program itself.

In addition to screenshots in Ashampoo Snap, you can record, edit them in real time. The program captures Not only windows, but also individual parts of windows, which allows you to create clean, neat and garbage-free images. For presentations, a more convenient tool is available on the market. Here are the brief possibilities:

  • delight in different modes (fixed areas, parts of windows, full screen or previously set parameters)
  • displaying information about the web resource on which the picture was taken;
  • adding a custom shadow;
  • different extensions;
  • optimized compression;
  • editing.material;
  • upload to cloud.
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The program is constantly updated and is fully compatible with Windows 10.

How to invoke scissors in Windows 10 using hotkeys

In the latest Windows 10 updates, it became possible to call scissors using a keyboard shortcut. This mode is called “Keyboard Only” and is intended, as you can imagine, to simplify the operation with peripheral devices. For a certain kind of users, such an innovation can significantly speed up interactions with the operating system, since you DO NOT have to waste time on unnecessary actions. However, there is no keyboard shortcut to open the program itself, they are available exclusively for different capture modes:

  • select the type of fragment. “Alt” “M”, then you can select the capture mode, including arbitrary, full-screen, windowed, etc.;
  • delight in the last selected mode. “Alt” “N”, just select the desired capture method once using the previous keyboard shortcut, and then use this one;
  • saving the captured area. “Ctrl” “S”, this is a standard combination and is used in most programs.

Windows scissors app

  • photo viewer;
  • paint 3D;
  • audio and player;
  • etc.

The same applies to “Scissors”. They are also constantly updated and integrated with other applications. Now you can not only just capture the Required Area, but also leave a sketch on it. This tool is called “Sketch on a fragment of the screen”. Here, too, there is a special key combination. “Win” “Shift” “S”, after which you can set the area. The result will be saved to the clipboard.


This program would probably be strange to come across on this list, as it is for screen recording, not capturing. However, there is also such a function. But there are fewer functions. The only thing that is possible is to add a logo image with assigned transparency, and also select the extension of the file to be created. Bandicam software for presentations Not suitable.

Windows 10 scissors: keyboard shortcuts

Windows has many useful system tools. Including “Scissors”. a capture and editing application that can greatly simplify the work with the operating system.

Where is the scissors in Windows 10

The Scissors Tool is a built-in grabber located in this C: \ Windows \ system32 directory. The original name is “SnIPpingTool.exe”, it is by this name that you can find the shortcut, killed the key request in the local search engine “Start” or Explorer. However, it is recommended to run “Scissors” from the folder that is located in the extended list of installed programs in the “Start” menu. This requires:

  • Go to menu.
  • Find the “Standard” folder
  • In the list that opens, select the “Scissors” program.

For more convenient use, you can create an additional shortcut to the executable file on the desktop. To do this, open the “system32” folder, find “SnIPpingTool.exe” and create a shortcut by placing it in a convenient place (or just go to the files through the list of programs in the start menu).

Built-in tools

But the oldest, recognizable and proven method has always been a special key “Print Screen | SysRq “on all keyboards, including laptops. This key also provides the ability to create quick screenshots of the operating system. Various keyboard shortcuts:

  • “PrntScrn” or “Fn” “PrtScn” for laptops (the name may differ depending on the model of the keyboard used “- standard selection of the entire screen area with the extension” PNG “
  • “Alt” “PrtScn” or “Fn” “Alt” “PrtScn” for laptops. selection of a window that is active at the moment in use (that is, it is the floor of other windows);

In the window selection mode, make sure that it is not only active, but also NOT surrounded by other windows. Otherwise, part of another program will be captured.