Monitor writes input is not supported what to do

Cause of occurrence

Often, the main reason is that the game is assigning parameters that the monitor does not support. Thus, the screen simply cannot display the picture. Other reasons are much less common:

  • malfunction of the video adapter;
  • incorrect monitor setup, presence of adapters;
  • mismatch between new monitor and old GPU.

The solutions directly depend on the reasons. Let’s try to find the answer to the main question in this article.

Input Not Supported in Acer Monitors

It is worth mentioning separately that it is in the products of this company that a failure or a black screen appears most often instead of an image. over, the “Login is not supported” error occurs both when loading games or Windows, and when connecting a second monitor. The crux of the problem lies in the fact that Acer displays do not interact well with older graphics cards. It is advisable to disconnect other equipment from it and try different ports (you need an adapter).

PAL / NTSC switching may be required, although this solution is usually used in cases where even the BIOS is not displayed. To do this, open the system unit and inspect the video card. It may have a switch of the same name or a jumper.

If you have connected a new display, then its resolution may not be supported by the previous one. In this case, you should:

  • Trying to click on the Auto display button.

Restarting the PC, press F8, and then select “Turn on low video mode (640 × 480)”, aka “VGA Mode”.

  • After, be sure to update the firewood of the video cards
  • Enter the “Screen Resolution” option, where select the picture size you need. In the same place, in the “Additional parameters” menu, we are looking for the Monitor tab, where we change the frequency.
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Why Input Not Supported Appears

If you already suspect the monitor is malfunctioning, it’s in vain: the problem, rather, lies in the drivers, incorrect settings, or the game’s attempt to set its own requirements for the video card. Input Not Supported may appear on monitors of any brand: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, etc. The error correction algorithm will be approximately the same for all.

The appearance of a gray bar with the inscription about the termination of input support means that the screen cannot display an image and at the same time comply with the conditions of resolution, aspect ratio, quality, etc. set by the user (or other software or system).

This means that you will not see anything until you make attempts to improve the situation, and you will not be able to access the usual functions of the computer.

How to fix the error

First of all, check if you have pressed any button on the monitor with a set of parameters that interfered with the normal loading of the image in the future. This is especially true for stationary PCs. Remove all custom settings by choosing something like “Auto” or “Standard”, switching keys on the monitor itself (they can be on the side or bottom, like, for example, on the BQ).

How to fix Input Not Supported error

Sometimes, when starting the system or some resource-intensive and old game, instead of a normal image, a black screen suddenly appears with a gray bar that says: Input Not Supported. That is, they give you to understand that it is impossible to continue working, since the monitor cannot show the image. Nevertheless, no matter how frightening the black window looks. it is not fatal, there are ways to get rid of this error.

Windows 8.1 or 10 using a recovery drive

monitor, input, supported

Many people create a system recovery disk for emergency situations, which can be used as an installation disk (flash drive). Having booted from it, you need to find “Troubleshooting” (it is sometimes called “Diagnostics”).

Next, select the “Additional parameters” section to run the command line.

In it, enter the previously indicated command and press Enter.

Then it is closed, and in the “Select action” window, select “Continue”.

In Windows 8.1 or 10 using an installation disc or flash drive

In new versions of Windows, using F8 it is impossible to enter Safe Mode, so you need to enter it from the installation disc of the eighth or tenth version of Windows. To do this, go into the BIOS and change the boot priority to start from a DVD-disk (flash drive). At the beginning of the system installation, you need to press the ShiftF10 combination to launch the command line.

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In it, you must enter bcdedit / set safeboot minimal and press Enter. After that, the message “Operation completed successfully” should appear.

Next, you need to close the command line, and in the system installation window, click “Next”.

Then you need to click “System Restore”.

Then click “Continue”.

After restarting the operating system will work in the required mode.

Input Not Supported on Game Launch

Sometimes Input Not Supported appears directly when starting the game. The fact is that each version of Windows has an API package for working with complex gaming media installed, and it could be outdated. In this case, try the following:

  • Go to Microsoft’s website and find the DirectX update package.
  • Download and install it.
  • Restart your PC and start the game again.

It also happens that the distributions of games contain files that themselves change the screen resolution as they please. To return the settings to the standard state, follow the procedure below:

  • Click “This PC”. “Drive C”.
  • Further “Users”. “Username”. a folder with the name of the game. a file named
  • Expand the window and find the values ​​for the width and height, and then set the recommended ones for your monitor.

How to fix out of range error

So we come to the most important part of this article, to solving the problem with out of range on the monitor. There are several possible ways to fix this error. Let’s start right away with the most effective.

Out of range error

Out of range (Russian out of range). this is an error indicating that the signal received from the video card is not included in the operating range of the monitor signals.

How to remove out of range. second monitor

Yes, this is one of almost 100% methods for correcting an out of range error, if the driver has nothing to do with it, but not everyone has the opportunity to use it, since they need a second monitor or TV.

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Connect your computer to another monitor or home TV.

Change the refresh rate and screen resolution to low values ​​exactly supported by your main monitor.

Connect your computer to the first monitor and check. If everything is in order, change the values ​​of the frequency and screen resolution to those supported by your monitor.

Causes of the out of range error on the monitor

There are several reasons for this error:

  • Changing the refresh rate of the screen to not supported by the monitor.
  • Screen resolution changes to not supported by the monitor.
  • Problems with video card or monitor drivers.
  • Errors in the operation of the video card or monitor.

The most common causes of an out of range error are the first two, when the monitor does not support the screen resolution or the frequency set by the video card. This often happens with old monitors, or when manually changing the screen frequency. Less common driver errors.

Out of range due to driver issues

Another reason for the out of range error is driver problems. And if the previous methods do not help, we recommend reinstalling the video card and monitor drivers.

Boot your computer in Safe Mode.

Open the Device Manager (click WinPause, and in the upper left part of the window select the utility we need).

In Device Manager, expand the “Display Adapters” and “Monitors” sections, then delete each of the devices in these sections. This can be done by selecting the device and pressing the Delete key or by right-clicking and selecting “Delete”.

Next, restart your computer and let Windows reinstall the drivers for these devices, or install them manually.

Fixing the out of range error on the monitor

There have been no bug-fixing articles for a long time, and now the time has come. We will deal with the out of range error on the monitor. Let’s talk about what it is, about the causes and methods of fixing this error.