Monitor writes out of range what to do

Cause of malfunction

Many PC users are immediately scared as the screen darkens, and only a small rectangle with an incomprehensible message indicates that the monitor is working. What does it mean?

These notifications (text and numbers may vary) indicate that the game’s resolution does not match the display’s resolution. Outdated widescreen monitors are often “out of range”.

Out of range when Windows starts

First, in order to save your time and not do unnecessary actions, the user needs to make sure that his PC is in good working order. It is necessary to disconnect the monitor from the system unit, and then insert the cords into another computer. If there are no problems, you can proceed to solving the problem according to the instructions below. But if the monitor gives the same error, then you will have to take it to the service center and pay for the repair.

Note! There are statistics that indicate that monitor failure occurs only 2% of the time, which generates an “Out of Range” error. In the remaining 98%, you can solve the problem without leaving your home.

monitor, writes, range

The user must follow simple steps:

  • First you need to turn on your computer, namely, connect the monitor cable to the system unit after the last check and turn on the power button.
  • As soon as the loading window appears, you need to quickly press the “F8” button 2-3 times. If everything is done correctly, the boot selection menu will appear on a black background.
  • In this case, a mouse is not needed, all actions must be done using the arrows on the keyboard and the “Enter” button. In the menu, you will need to select a specific item, which differs in different operating systems. If the user installed Windows XP, then you need to select “Enable UGA mode”.

But for owners of Windows 7 and Vista, you need to find and select “Enable low-resolution mode (640×480)”. These actions are needed in order to start the computer in safe mode and solve the “Out of range” problem.

If the problem is not resolved, which is very rare, then the cause may be incorrect operation of the video card. To fix the situation, you will need to download the drivers and install them on your PC. Only the most updated version will do, while all programs need to be downloaded only from official sources, not trusting unverified sites.

Out of band 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz and 75.0 kHz / 60 Hz. what to do

When you start a game (or even when Windows starts), the message “Out of range 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz” (or 75.0 kHz / 60 Hz) may suddenly appear on the PC monitor. The appearance of this message usually means that the signal supplied from the video card is not supported by the hardware capabilities of this monitor. Below I will discuss the causes of this dysfunction, as well as explain how to fix an out of range error on your PC.

The message about the dysfunction that has arisen

Working with the monitor and video card

In some cases, the error “Out of range 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz and 75.0 kHz / 60 Hz” may be caused by a hardware failure of the video card or PC monitor. It is recommended that you try to connect your monitor to another PC, checking its functionality.

It is also recommended to borrow a monitor from one of your friends, and connect it to your PC to make sure that the dysfunction is not caused by the failure of your video card. If there are similar problems, replace the corresponding component of your PC.

Out of range when starting the game how to fix

When launching some programs (usually game type), the user may encounter the message “Out of range” on a black background, and the game refuses to start. In addition to the above phrase, the text of the message may contain a number of numbers (for example, “outside the range of 75 khz 60 hz”), the essence of which the user also does not know. In this article, I will tell you what to do when the game starts, the Out of range message appears. I will acquaint the reader with the causes of this dysfunction, and also list a set of methods for solving the problem.

Screenshot of an error when starting games

“Out of range 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz” what to do when starting the game

Hello. I was once an avid gamer, but now I have “retired”. But I still have a connection with this topic, because I often help other gambling addicts to fix various problems. For example, the error “out of range 67.5 kHz / 60 Hz what to do” is displayed on the screen when starting the game, how can I fix it? By the way, digital values ​​may be different. Common situation? In fact, the solution is very simple.

Another way

If the user does not want to resort to the first method, you can solve the problem in a different way:

    You need to open “My Computer”, in the list that opens, select “Documents” and find the desired game there. If you open this folder, you will see a large list of the components of this game.

Open “My Computer”, in the list that opens, select “Documents”
You only need those files that are responsible for the configuration. They are easy to recognize as they have an “ini” or “xml” suffix at the end to indicate their extension. The user should find such a file, right-click on it and press “Open in a text editor”. The window that opens should look like this:

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Select files “ini” or “xml”

  • You can change screen enhancement, audio, and video options in your document. The user should find “width”, “height” and “refreshRate”, which are always next to each other in the middle of the document. They are responsible for the width and height of the screen, as well as the refresh rate. Here you need to enter those screen expansion indicators that the user has, and in the “Update” line specify the number “60”, as in the above screenshot.
  • In some cases, these options may not appear in a column, but in a row form. It will be more difficult to navigate, but the indicators need to be set the same.
  • Options “width”, “height” and “refreshRate” can go not in a column, but in a row form

    Note! If you completely remove these options from the text document, then the game will run these settings by default.

    When all the actions have been done correctly, and the problem has not been resolved, you will need to take the computer to a service center and solve the problem with specialists. It is likely that there was some kind of technical failure, the components of the computer require updating.

    Out of range error when starting the game, how to fix

    Hello. I was once an avid gamer, but now I have “retired”. But I still have a connection with this topic, because I often help other gambling addicts to fix various problems. For example, the screen displays an “out of range” error when starting the game, how can I fix it? Common situation? In fact, the solution is very simple.

    • Cause of malfunction
    • How to fix?

    Why the Out of Range Error Occurs

    So what are the reasons for the “input signal out of range” error? The main and most significant reason for the “Out of Range” error is the discrepancy between the screen settings of the game being launched and the technical capabilities of your monitor. Simply put, the game runs on settings 1366 to 768, and your monitor, due to its outdated specifications, only supports 1024 by 768.

    In addition, the refresh rate of the picture (hertz) at which the game starts may also not coincide with the capabilities of the monitor (for example, the game starts at 85 hertz, and the user’s old CRT monitor works at a maximum of 75, or even 60). Accordingly, this factor can also lead to the appearance of an “out of range” error.

    Another reason for the appearance of this message is the unstable operation of the drivers for the video card (or monitor), when the latter either work incorrectly, or for some reason are damaged (deleted).

    How to Fix OUT OF RANGE on computer monitor | How to solve out of range monitor problem

    Monitor problems

    Well, in the most cardinal cases, your monitor could have “fly off” EDID (Extended Display Identification Data. basic data about the monitor stored in the monitor and read by the video card). Loss of EDID is rare, but worth mentioning as well.

    Cause of malfunction

    Many PC users are immediately scared as the screen darkens, and only a small rectangle with an incomprehensible message indicates that the monitor is working. What does it mean?

    These notifications (text and numbers may vary) indicate that the game’s resolution does not match the display’s resolution. Outdated widescreen monitors are often “out of range”.

    How to fix out of range error when starting the game

    To fix the error that gamers have, I recommend doing the following:

    • Set the correct screen resolution settings in Safe Mode. Restart your computer in Safe Mode. When the system boots up in this mode, go to your screen settings and set the screen resolution to the mode supported by your monitor (if your maximum monitor mode is 1024 by 768, then set the screen settings to this position). Then reboot the system in normal mode, and try to run the problematic program;
    • Try yourself to register the resolution supported by the monitor in the game settings. To do this, right-click on the game icon on the desktop, and select “Properties” from the menu that appears. In the line “Object”, at the very end on the right, add the screen resolution parameters supported by your monitor in the form “space, dash, w600.h800” (substitute other values ​​complementary to the capabilities of your monitor instead of the classic 800 by 600).

    For example, the text of the line object.w600.h800 click on “Apply” and “OK”.

    You can also try to run this game in a window by adding to the text of the line “Object” the combination

    —W600.h800.windowed then clicking on “Apply” and “Ok”.

    Game shortcut properties

      Set the display resolution supported by the monitor in the graphics card control panel (for example, ATI’s Catalyst Control Center). Run this application, go to the screen resolution settings and set there the value supported by your monitor (do not forget to also set the correct hertz value);

    Change the display resolution of the video card

    • Change the game configuration settings to fix the “Out of Range” error. The most meticulous can look in the folder “My Documents” for the configuration file of the game settings (usually this file has the extension “ini”). You will need to open it with any text editor, look for the “Resolution” lexeme there and change the Width and Height values ​​(width and height) there to those supported by your monitor. Also hertsovka (Refresh) should have an indicator of “60” and be in the value “On”;
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    Adjusting the game settings

    • Reinstall the video card and monitor drivers. Boot into Safe Mode again, open Device Manager (click on the “Start” button, type devmgmt.msc in the search bar and press enter). In the list of devices, find the subsection “Display Adapters”, click on it to open it, right-click on the name of your video card and select “Delete”. Do the same for your monitor drivers (open the “Monitors” subsection and delete its contents). Then restart your computer and allow the system to reinstall the drivers for these devices. If for some reason Windows does not find drivers for your devices, then look for them yourself on the network or use the functionality of the programs for automatic driver installation (DriverPack Solution, Driver Genius and other analogues).
    • Check the health of your monitor and video card. Try connecting your monitor to another PC and check its functionality. If the problem occurs on another computer, then the monitor needs to be repaired (or replaced). If the problem does not arise, then there may be problems with the performance of your video card. I also recommend checking the performance of cables and adapters from the monitor to the PC, replacing the indicated inoperative elements can also help in the question of how to get rid of the “out of range” error on your PC.

    Out of range when starting the game: how to fix the error, why it appears

    Occasionally, the user may encounter an “Out of Range” notification when starting the game. How to fix this, and why this error appeared, read within the framework of this article.

    Second way

    The end result will be the same, but the procedure is slightly different from the previous instructions. Maybe you will like this method more.

    The monitor says “out of range” what should I do? Open “Explorer” (This computer), go to the “Documents” folder and there we look for a directory with the name of your game. There will be many elements inside it:

    But we need to find the one responsible for the configuration. Such files have the extension “ini” or “xml”, and their name indicates options. For example, “UserOptions” or “Config”. In our case, you should open this object in any text editor and find the width (width), height (height) and refresh rate (refreshRate) indicators in it:

    Enter the correct values ​​for your monitor. The frequency value should be 60.

    Sometimes the configuration files can look like this chaotic:

    Attention! Deleting such files will restore the default settings. And the next time you launch the game application, it will be recreated.

    It should be noted that sometimes the error message contains the following inscription: “d sub out of range” or “out of range”. It simply indicates how the monitor is connected. via the D-Sub (VGA) interface.

    Monitor writes out of range. what to do?

    Alas, no one is safe from computer malfunctions. There are frequent cases when, after a seemingly ordinary shutdown of Windows, when the operating system is rebooted, “incomprehensible” system windows pop up. For example, what if the monitor says Out of Range? What to do in this case? First of all, do not panic: the problem is solvable.

    Cause and Effect of Problem Monitor Out of Range

    The first question to be resolved is the cause of the problem. Knowing what this problem is related to, it will be easier to avoid its recurrence in the future. Are there many such reasons? Yes, only one. in the last Windows session, the monitor settings were incorrectly changed, its frequency was exceeded.

    It happens that this setting also fails for reasons beyond the control of the user:

    • the computer has caught a virus;
    • software installed incorrectly;
    • a software failure led to a malfunction of the video card;
    • monitor broke.

    Windows 10. Fix OUT OF RANGE Error Fast

    However, often the user himself is to blame for such a problem, who was too clever with the settings. For example, the problem may appear after trying to independently increase the size of the image on the display or as a result of a restart using Reset due to a crash in the computer game.

    Ways to Solve the Out of Range Problem

    The first thing to do when the monitor is writing out of range is to check if it is working properly? To do this, disconnect it from your PC and connect it to another computer. If the problem persists, then there is only one solution. take the monitor to the service center for repair. However, according to statistics, this happens in no more than 2% of cases when the inscription “Out of range” appears when loading. Otherwise, you can solve the problem yourself.

    In cases where the problem is caused by incorrect image settings:

    • Turn on the computer (press the power button).
    • After the monitor lights up, press the F8 key on the keyboard several times. A menu for selecting the type of boot should appear on the screen.
    • Using the keys on the keyboard, find the item in the list:

    After that, the OS will boot into Safe Mode. However, the icons on the screen will be unusually large. In this case, adjust the screen resolution to make the display look normal. On a PC running Vista and Windows 7, this can be done, for example:

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    If you cannot fix the problem in this way, it is most likely that the cause of the problem is a malfunction of the video card. In this case, reinstalling the video card drivers will help solve the problem.

    Out of range error when starting the game

    Gaming is one of the advantages Windows has over Mac, Linux and other operating systems. Modern developers create their own game projects for consoles and computers. But the launch of the game on the computer does not always go smoothly. When starting the next project, the user may encounter various kinds of errors. lack of system files, lack of drivers, or a monitor error with the inscription “Out of range”. We will look at the error with the wrong range in this article, explaining why it occurs and how to fix it.

    Out of range error when starting the game: reason

    The “Out of range” message that the player can see when starting the next project is not a system error, but a problem with the monitor on which the image is displayed. The fact is that some monitors do not allow displaying an image whose resolution is lower or higher than that set in the system. Most often, the “Out of range” error occurs when launching relatively old games that cannot independently adjust to the resolution of a monitor, especially a widescreen one. The opposite situation is also possible, when the monitor is “too bad” for the selected game, which is launched at a higher resolution by default.

    However, the “Out of Range” error may vary depending on the monitor model and the company that makes it. Therefore, the instructions below will also work if an “Out of range” error occurs when the game starts or “Out of range”.

    Out of range when starting the game: what to do

    There are several solutions to the problem with the “Out of range” error, but below we will consider the simplest and most effective way to launch a particular game, at the start of which a problem occurs. It should be noted that automatic adjustment of the monitor resolution, a button for which is provided on some models of screens, often helps to get rid of the “Out of range” error. If such a button is present on the monitor, press it when you see an Out of Range error. If it did not help to get rid of the problem, go to the instructions below.

    To prevent the “Out of Range” error from appearing when starting the game, it is recommended that you do the following:

    • The first step is to find out the exact resolution that is currently installed in the system and is used. There are several ways to do this, and the easiest one is to look at the resolution in the settings. In the Windows 10 operating system, to find out the screen resolution, you need to press the WindowsI key combination on the keyboard to bring up the options menu. Then go to the “System” section in the list of parameters;
    • A window will open in which you need to click “Advanced screen settings” to go to the display resolution settings;

    Please note: If the shortcut for the game you want is already on your desktop, then point 4 of this instruction can be skipped.

  • Having created a shortcut for the game on the desktop, right-click on it and select “Properties”;
  • Go to the “Shortcut” tab in the properties window that opens. Further in the line “Object” after the path to the executable file, you need to register the resolution of your monitor. This is done with the command:
  • The “w” is the screen width in pixels, and the “h” is the height. These values ​​were defined in paragraph 3 of the instruction.
  • Please note: If you want to start the game in windowed mode, then after specifying the width and height of the screen, you must also write the word “-windowed”.

    It is also worth noting that you can change the resolution in a number of games not only through the shortcut, but also in other ways, which will also help get rid of the “Out of range” error. For example, you can change the resolution in the settings file, which is most often located in the game folder or in the “Documents” folder on your computer. In a text document with settings, you need to find where the screen resolution is set and enter the values ​​defined in the third paragraph of this instruction.

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