Night Scene Mode on iPhone 11

Night Scene. Wide Angle Lens

We were most interested in the progress of the iPhone 12 Pro in terms of night shooting, as Apple said it had improved Night Mode over previous iPhones. I had to check it out on my own experience.

iPhone 11, wide-angle lens, night mode.

iPhone 12 Pro, wide-angle lens, night mode.

The general plan of the photographs is relatively the same, but if you look closely at the rapprochement of this photograph, we will see the following picture.

The photo taken with the iPhone 11 is just overflowing with noise and light. While the iPhone 12 Pro has quite clearly separated the lights from the sky and the pipe from the wires.

Just look at this crisp texture and clearness from noise. Even our half-flat wheel is clearly visible, as is the leaf in the background. The rubber texture on the wheel is also more clearly visible in the photo taken with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Just look at how clearer the sky is in a photo taken with the iPhone 12 Pro! Despite the fact that the tree floated a little, its texture is rendered much better than on the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 Pro Wide Angle Night Scene. iPhone 11 Wide Angle Night Scene.

The general impression of the photo when we took it and looked at it on the screens of our devices was very strange: since it is difficult to see any noticeable differences on the screen. However, when you load such a photo into Photoshop and study in detail, the representation changes completely.

The photo taken with the iPhone 11 again has a lot of noise and highlights. If you look closely at the lights on the building, they are more blurry than in the photo taken with the iPhone 12 Pro. The foreground tree is better rendered, the colors are richer and the texture of the leaves on the trees is better visible.

Another comparison from this

iPhone 12 Pro Wide Angle Night Scene.

iPhone 11 Wide Angle Night Scene.

Quite a complex composition with a lot of small details and a bridge that changes color. The photo taken with the iPhone 11 appears to be lighter but richer in color in the photo taken with the iPhone 12 Pro. Let’s see what’s in the convergence.

The photo of the iPhone 11 again has a lot of noise, which the iPhone 12 Pro has carefully hidden under darker shades. Fewer behests from the lights on the board, the background is better worked out, the texture of the road is also displayed more clearly.

In the first photo, the lanterns are better displayed, from behind, if you look closely at the lanterns, you can see that they do not “hang in the air”, as it might seem in the second photo.


Pixel hunting is the process of comparing photos literally by pixel. In our comparison, we took photos taken with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Pro and cropped them in proportional Photoshop. This helped to compare quality, noise load, photo clarity, color rendition and much more.

Night Scene. Ultra Wide Angle Lens

iPhone 12 Pro Ultra Wide Camera, Night Mode.

iPhone 11 Ultra Wide Camera.

I think that in this case all my comments will be completely superfluous. The iPhone 12 Pro just tore the iPhone 11 in terms of ultra-wide angle shooting at night. The photo taken on the iPhone 12 Pro looks just fine, clear and juicy, while the iPhone 11 just gave up and turned everything into a black canvas with noises.

Since the iPhone 11 does not have a telephoto lens, we did not take photos in Night mode with it on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Pixel hunting: comparison of iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 cameras in night shooting

We arranged a real pixel hunting and decided to compare the cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro with the iPhone 11 in night shooting. What device does the best photography? Read the comparison at the link below.

Comparing the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Pro in terms of cameras is a bit of a crazy idea. But still. why not? Both models are relevant today and many users who have already purchased the iPhone 11 are previously asking the question. does it make sense to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro? Therefore, we set up a challenge with a comparison.

Let’s summarize

Our pixel hunt has shown that Apple still hasn’t deceived us and has actually improved its Night Scene and Night Mode performance. Now you can shoot at night with both an ultra wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. LiDAR and software enhancements help iPhone 12 Pro do these things better.

However, I think the shooting difference isn’t big enough to force users to switch from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 Pro. What do you think?

How to turn night mode on / off on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Along with the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, a very cool feature was introduced called “Night mode”.

Unfortunately, it is available exclusively for these models. But if you are the owner of one of them, then make yourself more comfortable.

I will tell you how to enable or disable night shooting on new devices.

Night mode is not for professionals

At the same time, you need to understand that in a professional environment, night modes, which make the frame brighter thanks to the work of software algorithms, are considered dishonest. Not only does the smartphone, in fact, edit the photo as it sees fit, it also creates the impression of the presence of non-existent light sources behind the scenes, thereby disrupting the color rendition. However, for ordinary users who do not pretend to be professional, the iPhone 11 night mode will be more than enough, given that it fully copes with its task.

In short: Apple has done it again. Included with the new iPhones is excitement, happiness and the desire to immediately start taking pictures and filming everything. And the pictures taken with an ultra-wide-angle camera whisper: “Throw everything, let’s go to the mountains, oceans and sunsets.”.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro went on sale on September 20. They appeared a little earlier for me. and I already made a general idea.

It is the cameras that are the main charm of the new iPhones. An even more powerful processor, improved Face ID, better protection against water and dust, and even longer battery life on a single charge. all of this, to be honest, is not so important. Well, that is, of course, if there was no such hardware, nothing would work. It’s just not interesting. After all, no one expected that this year Apple will decide to surprise everyone and release iPhones with weak processors and half-dead batteries.

As for the Apple Watch Series 5, the main change here is the new display. It never goes out, only dims the brightness. Smart watches are now not only smart, but also always show the time.

night, scene, mode, iphone

How to make camera night mode on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

It’s worth starting with the fact that “Night Mode” is made so that it turns on automatically in low light or in complete darkness.

If you are in such conditions, the scenario of events will be as follows:

  • you go to the Camera application;
  • point the camera to the desired place and if it is dark enough, then the yellow Night mode icon will light up in the left right corner;
  • keep our hands as stable as possible and press the Shooting button.

You’ve probably noticed that there is a number near the month. It means how long it will take to shoot this photo.

The darker the conditions, the longer the time will be automatically selected. But if you want to select the time manually, then simply move the desired slider to the left (located above the shutter button).

What Night Mode can do in iPhone 11

Comparison of cameras iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X when shooting at night

Comparative photos show that iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Night Mode can be a panacea when taking photos in low light conditions. The software algorithms seem to add a powerful lantern that fills the place with light. The result is a well-lit shot that does not lose the signs of night shooting, as is often the case with the Google Pixel, which brightens the photo so much that it looks like it was shooting during the day.

Apparently, users will be able to manually activate the night mode and adjust it to the current shooting conditions, although initially there was information that it would work only in automatic mode without the possibility of forced switching on or off. This gives hope that in the hands of an understanding photographer, the cameras of the new iPhones will get really high-quality night shots that will not sin with overexposure on the one hand and darkening on the other.

How to disable / remove night mode on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

If suddenly it so happens that you want to take a photo in poor conditions and the camera offers you to use night mode, then you can turn it off.

  • click on the yellow Night Mode icon;
  • now, move the slider to the left as far as possible so that there are no timer digits;
  • the mode icon turns gray and you can now take a photo.
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I would like to add that under conditions of not too bad lighting, your phone may simply offer you to use Night mode.

In this case, the same gray month icon appears in the upper right corner. To activate, press it and select the exposure time.

Despite the fact that the new iPhones, which Apple introduced last Tuesday, have been updated on all fronts, users themselves consider support for night shooting as one of the key innovations of the devices. Its appearance has been waiting for a long time, and since a similar mode appeared in the Google Pixel 3, it seemed that the owners of branded Apple smartphones did not have a more coveted feature than this one. Unfortunately, at the presentation, she was not given much attention, but now it’s time to look at real pictures taken with the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera using Night Mode.

Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha became one of the first people in the world to have access to the iPhone 11 Pro Max prior to official sales. She did not run it in synthetic tests to find out the real amount of RAM and performance indicators, but checked the operation of the night mode, which turned out to be surprisingly effective. At least in direct comparison with the iPhone X.

Capture an image outside the viewfinder

One of the main differences between Apple and other companies is that it does not add technical innovations to its devices just for show. Instead, it tries to squeeze the maximum out of every hardware feature of the device. This also applies to the ultra-wide-angle camera in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11 supports out-of-frame photo capture. If there is enough light, the smartphone takes two shots at once: with the main and ultra-wide-angle cameras. The gallery displays only a photo on a regular camera, but you can go into the editor and expand the main image by attaching a part of the ultra-wide-angle image to it (it is stored in memory and is automatically deleted after 30 days). To do this, use the crop tool. the main thing is to enable this function before shooting.

How to do it: open the “Settings”, go to the “Camera” section, switch to the active position the switches “Capture photo out of frame” and “Capture video out of frame”.

How to 100% Use the Camera on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: 10 Tips

One of the main innovations of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max was precisely the cameras. The first received a double main module, and the last couple received a triple one. Now in the arsenal of the manufacturer’s current smartphones, a wide angle with a ƒ / 1.8 aperture, an ultra-wide angle (120 °) ƒ / 2.4, and a ƒ / 2.0 telephoto. all with a 12 megapixel matrix. But in addition to fresh hardware solutions, the gadgets also received redesigned software tools for creating pictures and videos of the best quality possible. Oddly enough, they all turned out to be exclusive to the new iPhone models. the rest did not receive them even after switching to iOS 13.

Most of the new features of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which relate to shooting, are based on the work of neural networks. the new Apple A13 Bionic processor is responsible for them. Even a few months later, it remains one of the most productive solutions that competitors are trying to reach today. It is with the help of the new productive chip that the limitation of chips for shooting only a narrow circle of new smartphones can be explained. at least from a marketing point of view. However, some of them are really related to the hardware features of the gadgets. Here are the top ten.

Try two different Portrait modes at once (Pro only)

Many of us are already familiar with portrait mode, but in new smartphones it has undergone changes. The main thing is the ability to use both the main wide-angle camera and the additional TV camera for it. In this case, not only the approximation changes, but also the nature of the blurring of the background.

How to do it: open the “Camera”, switch to the “Portrait” mode using horizontal swipes, switch to the required camera.

Monitor the use of Deep Fusion mode

“IOS 13.2 introduces the advanced Deep Fusion imaging engine, which uses the Neural Engine built into the A13 Bionic chip to capture photos with improved detail and texture and reduce noise in low-light photos on the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max ”. (Apple)

One of the main innovations of the “Camera” iPhone 11 and 11 Pro was the Deep Fusion mode, which at the presentation of new gadgets Apple forced especially tightly. But right after the launch of sales of new smartphones, it did not appear. the company postponed it until iOS 13.2. Using neural networks and a mode that automatically starts in low light conditions, new smartphones can create images with as many fine details as possible. Only a few people know that it does not work with an ultra wide-angle camera, so even its indirect use should be excluded.

How to do it: open the “Settings”, go to the “Camera” section, switch to inactive position the switch “Capture photo outside the frame”.

Change the aspect ratio for the photo to 16 to 9

Before the release of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, Apple smartphones had only two aspect ratios for photography: 4: 3 and 1: 1. On current gadgets, they also added the ability to shoot in 16: 9 format. The new format allows you to capture more of the environment in the frame. space in height or width. With the help of it, it will come out to get an excellent picture of any hills, stretching in breadth of mountain ranges, local attractions in historical cities and not only. Interestingly, the new aspect ratio can also be used in conjunction with the ultra wide-angle camera.

How to do it: open the “Camera”, expand the quick settings menu by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen, press the button to change the aspect ratio, select the option “16: 9”.

Adjust exposure time for night mode

In extremely low ambient lighting conditions, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro activate night mode. this is one of the most anticipated features of new Apple smartphones. It simulates using a slow shutter speed to get the best possible photo. takes multiple shots and stitches them together using neural networks. The output is a very good quality picture. The “Camera” can set the shutter speed automatically, but you can change it to get a creative effect. for example, draw something with a light source right in the air.

How to do it: open the “Camera”, make sure that the night mode is active (the yellow icon at the top of the screen), press the corresponding button and adjust the shutter speed. the maximum level will change depending on the intensity of ambient light.

Shoot panoramas with an ultra wide-angle camera

“If you don’t fit everything you need in the frame, just zoom in. When shooting with the new ultra wide-angle camera, the image area is quadrupled. It can be compared to going back a long way. Now the frame will include mountain peaks, high spiers, and endless horizons. ” (Apple)

Few noticed that with the release of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, panoramas can be shot not only with the main wide-angle camera, but also through the additional ultra-wide-angle camera. This will make it possible to fit even more into the photograph both within the city and beyond.

How to do it: open the “Camera”, switch the shooting to the “Panorama” mode using horizontal swipes, switch the zoom to the “0.5x” mode.

Take photos while shooting videos

It was possible to take photos while recording a video before, and this opportunity has been saved in the iPhone 11. There is a separate shutter button for this, which appears after the start of shooting a video in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to do it: open the “Camera”, start video recording, take a photo using a small additional shutter button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Night mode in iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: sample photos and how it works

Before the presentation of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, rumors from insiders gave the impression of a minor update to the series relative to its predecessor. Most often, however, it was about the design, the image of which was leaked on the web. But the real possibilities of the new functionality of the smartphone remained a mystery.

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After the September event, the night shooting mode in these smartphones began to be called one of the main innovations of 2019. Apple engineers have been able to create technology that delivers stunning, detailed images with minimal artifacts, even in complete darkness. The company was once considered the clear industry leader in cameras, but has recently fallen behind rivals like Google, Huawei and Samsung. Apple’s new models have allowed the company to regain leadership in mobile photography. In this post, we’ll take a look at some really impressive photo examples captured on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro using Night Mode.

Reviewers for many of the leading publications have acknowledged that the night mode in Apple’s new smartphones is superior to similar features on other phones. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro deliver better photos even in poorer lighting conditions. Apple products’ color reproduction, detail and exposure stand out among smartphones. Interestingly, Google and its Night Vision feature in Pixel smartphones are to thank for this. This was the impetus for the development of technology for creating a picture in low light conditions. Apple has responded with Night Mode on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Like Google technology and other imitators, multiple exposures and some interesting software solutions are used.

Features of night mode

  • On a tripod or other stationary object, Night Mode automatically uses a 10-second exposure. This allows you to create truly impressive, highly artistic night photos.

Snapshot without Night Mode on iPhone XS

IPhone 11 Night Mode shot

Snapshot without Night Mode on iPhone XS

IPhone 11 Night Mode shot

The sharp detail of the picture is immediately evident, and this applies even to objects located in the background. Such an effect could not have been achieved by any manufacturer before. A careful study of the frame will make it clear that there is really a minimum of noise in the frame.

Blogger Zach Honig posted a video of shooting on iPhone 11 in complete darkness and with Night Mode turned on, which dispels all doubts about the post-processing of the presented photos. The pictures are great, but in these conditions, the iPhone XS Max could not even focus on any object.

Ready to have your mind blown? This is Night Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro, and it is WILD. Works the same way on the base 11, too. Be sure to watch until the end to see just how dark this room is (so dark that my iPhone XS Max can’t even FOCUS). piccom / 9Jk7QQWmvK

Comparison of night mode on Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS Max:

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro will now remove the last limitations of smartphone cameras. The owners of these smartphones will simply stop paying attention to the illumination at this or that time of the day. After all, you can just take out your iPhone and take a picture.

You do not need to activate night mode. the smartphone will do it itself.

Only a yellow icon in the upper left corner of the camera screen will tell you about the activation of the function.

An example of a photo without night mode on the iPhone XS

An example of a photo with Night Mode on iPhone 11 (iPhone 11 Pro)

However, the night mode works not only in the dark. It is impressive that it fires even when the lighting is no longer enough for really detailed shots.

The advent of such amazing technologies further enhances night mode in smartphones in general. Without a doubt, the leading manufacturers will join the race and do their best to outrun the competition. And consumers will benefit.

This is how the # iPhone11 #NightMode UI works: Tap the yellow icon to reveal the slider. Starts on center / auto. Slide right to increase fuse time, slide left to decrease / turn off. If you have a tripod you can take it to 28 seconds. piccom / PS3LhQNv4q

How Night Mode works in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

On a technical level, night mode is the result of a camera system similar to HDR. Sensing the fall in light levels below a certain threshold, the smartphone does the following:

Selects a variable number of frames to capture based on light level, camera position in space according to the accelerometer and other signals.

Then the processor selects images from a fixed point with different exposure rates.

The neural processor does not play a decisive role in the work of the night mode, but it is still used to semantic rendering of all HDR images in the iPhone.

Then the processor combines these images by gluing the foreground and background, as well as taking into account the image recreated using the neural engine.

Note that night mode only works in 1x or 2x shooting mode.

This creates a shot in which dark and very dark scenes are reasonably well lit. Just find the right scene with details and shadows and after pressing the shutter button the smartphone will make the frame much brighter.

What will the professionals say??

Still, it should be understood that in a professional environment, such a mode in which the lightening of the frame occurs, among other things, due to the work of software algorithms, is considered unnatural, “dishonest”.

This photo was taken at night. Pictured is the moon in the clouds

Not only does the smartphone, in fact, edit the photo itself, as it sees fit, it also creates the impression of the presence of non-existent light sources behind the scenes. But this clearly affects the color rendition. But for ordinary viewers who do not claim true realism and professionalism, the iPhone 11 night mode will be a revelation. And this function quite copes with its task.

IPhone 11 and 11 Pro Night Mode Review

The sensational new items from Apple continue to conquer the hearts of Apple technology fans, especially with regard to their cool camera. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max all come with a new Night Mode feature that lets you take clear, high-quality photos in low light conditions, such as at night. With the new feature, your photos will not only be clear and vivid, but will also preserve the feeling of night time, making your photo as natural as possible.

For Android smartphones, the ability to take photos in the dark is nothing new. They have been using the night mode feature on their phones for a long time. With the release of the iPhone 11 line, Apple has raised its level and can now even compete for the best image quality in low light.

Get the best pictures in night mode

Apple uses optical image stabilization and software to reduce blur, but using a tripod is recommended for the best Night Mode shots. A tripod means there will be no jitter when taking multiple images that are used for night mode shooting.

You may not need to use a tripod, but when the iPhone is stable and detects that it is being held steady, it will offer a slower shutter speed of 10 seconds, which is not possible by holding the phone in your hands. Since even with shorter time intervals, night mode can lead to blurry images, try to fix your iPhone as firmly as possible if you don’t have a tripod on your hand.

Night mode shots work best when there are no moving people, pets, or other objects. Since the iPhone takes multiple shots at the same time and glues them together, movement should be minimal. A pet running around or an active child will prevent you from getting a good night shot. But you can take high-quality night portraits of people and pets if the subject you choose for the photo will be sedentary.

Night mode. this is a feature that is unmatched compared to earlier iPhones. The 11th Gen models get a whole new level of low-light detail that was never before. This is an important step forward in camera technology, and will deliver much better photo quality than has been possible with the iPhone XS line and before.

Night mode lenses

On iPhone 11, night mode is limited to the wide-angle camera as it is the only camera with OIS, while night mode requires a 100% focal pixel camera to analyze and align images.

On iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Night Mode can be used with either a wide-angle camera or a telephoto lens, as both lenses support OIS and other necessary night mode features. Night mode images look better with a wide angle camera as this is the best lens, but a telephoto lens can also be used if needed.

Turn off night mode

To turn off night mode, tap the moon icon at the top of the Camera app interface to open the night mode slider, then slide it to the left to turn off photography entirely.

How does night mode work, let’s figure it out

The Night Mode feature takes advantage of the new wide-angle camera on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro line. The new sensor and Neural Engine in the A13 processor is capable of letting in more light, allowing you to take brighter photos in low light. In a nutshell, night mode. This is the result of a better camera sensor and the magic of Apple’s A13 processor.

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When Night Mode is on, iPhone cameras analyze the amount of light available, and then the iPhone chooses the number of frames needed to create a suitable image. The camera then shoots a series of images for a specified amount of time: a second, three seconds, five seconds, or in some cases even longer.

You need to hold the camera steady to get a good shot, and optical image stabilization can help reduce shake when taking photos. After a predetermined amount of time has passed, the iPhone analyzes each photo taken, discards too blurry images, and then merges all the clearest instances. The resulting photograph. This is the final image you get when using Night Mode, with Apple software algorithms that adjust color, remove noise and improve detail.

Using night mode time slots

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are capable of analyzing lighting in a given situation and will provide a recommended interval for night mode, which is usually between one and five seconds, although this can vary depending on how much ambient lighting is available.

You can click on the moon icon at the top of the camera interface to go to the night mode settings, where you can change the interval from the recommended level to a longer one if you want, which can change the photo.

The darker the subject, the longer the night mode interval will be. In complete darkness, for example, when shooting the night sky, the iPhone will offer a longer shot, which will allow you to get a high-quality image with all the necessary details. A tripod is recommended for maximum time.

It is worth experimenting with different time intervals in order to understand exactly what range the iPhone needs to set for a particular image. But here you can completely trust Apple, since the default photo length is calculated using many factors and almost always leads to good image quality in low light.

Activating night mode

Night mode turns on automatically when lighting conditions require it, so there is no need to turn it on all the time. By clicking on the moon icon at the top of the Camera app, you can access the night mode settings, which allows you to adjust the duration of your photos in some situations.

Photo of the day: how cool night mode works on the less expensive iPhone 11

We have previously published a detailed review of the cameras of the new iPhones. In it, we managed to take really beautiful pictures in night mode. This is due to the fact that the subjects of the shooting were most often highlighted.

We did our new night mode test on iPhone 11 in a truly battle-like environment. Filmed almost darkness. Here’s what happened.

An ordinary photo of the track, which is illuminated by only one lantern in the background. Without the night mode, it turned out to be a terrible shot. The work of the noise control is visible throughout the frame, no color rendition, there is no need to talk about detail. Such photos are immediately deleted.

Night mode has transformed the shot. The detailing has just increased significantly throughout the frame. Pay attention yes to everything. From berries on a tree to the most distant plans. The color rendition has also improved, but the main thing is that artifacts from the noise reduction are perfectly removed. Of course, the picture is far from ideal, but it turned out quite well.

In this case, there was very little lighting. One sad lantern in the background, half-covered by something else. The result is logical. A snapshot without night mode is simply no.

The more impressive is the work of the night mode. In it, the detail has increased significantly, again throughout the frame. Pay attention not only to the subject, but also to the background.

However, this is not about “magic.” There is less light than in the first example. Therefore, many objects still lack details. Especially the trees, because of which the photo suffers the most. However, the snapshot is saved again.

Without the night mode, the photo of the equipment turned out to be frankly sad. Can’t see anything, three lights in the background don’t help in any way.

How to use Night Mode on iPhone 11

Night mode is a different matter. The detail of the subject is good, but the shot is still more unsuccessful. And this is a great example. Not every Night Mode shot on iPhone 11 will work great.

In this case, it was possible to reshoot by choosing a different shooting angle. It would have been possible to avoid glare from flashlights at high exposure. The regime was unable to extinguish them on its own. In addition, foliage degrades the frame. This applies to all small objects. The camera simply does not have the necessary conditions to handle so many parts.

Another snapshot without night mode from the category “made, looked, sighed, deleted”. And this is how all the previous iPhones are removed at night. That is, in no way.

The iPhone 11 and its night mode did better. But the result is also far from optimal due to the fact that there is a minimum of light in the frame. The work of the noise control is clearly visible, the detail is very low.

How To Use Night Mode On The New iPhone 11 & 11 Pro

The last example is a snapshot of highlighted objects. Thanks to this, and without the night mode, in general, a photo turned out. Bad, but still photo.

We brought this photo in the compilation because of the effect that occurs in night mode. Apart from the major improvements already mentioned, the camera has decently embellished that way. In the best traditions of Chinese smartphones.

Colors are much brighter throughout the frame, in some cases less realistic. But the shot still turned out much better than without the night mode. Largely because of the sky, which has turned from a lump of dark matter into an epic detailed background.

Photo of the day: how cool night mode works on the less expensive iPhone 11

Night mode is one of the main features of the new generation iPhone. How does groundbreaking mode work on iPhone 11, the most affordable of new iPhones? Conducted testing in the most combat conditions. The result was impressive, but also showed that technology has room to develop.

Bottom line. The mode is beautiful

Night mode on iPhone 11 is great. It allows you to take cool pictures at night, not just late at night. But you can improve the technology, and long and hard. Actually, this is how it will happen. In the next several iPhones and iOS, the night mode will be regularly improved, it’s as clear as day.

Earlier, we talked about how much the price of the iPhone 11 fell in the first month after the start of sales.

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