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Lack of video card drivers

If your computer does not have the original video card drivers installed (almost always NVIDIA GeForce, AMD Radeon, or Intel HD drivers), the game may not work. At the same time, everything will be in order with the image in Windows, even some games may be launched, and the device manager may write that the necessary driver is already installed (but know, if the Standard VGA adapter or Microsoft Basic video adapter is indicated there, then there is definitely no driver).

The correct way to fix here is to install the correct driver for your video card from the official website of NVIDIA, AMD or Intel, or sometimes from the laptop manufacturer’s website for your device model. If you don’t know which video card you have, see How to find out which video card is on your computer or laptop.

Built-in antivirus blocks the launch of the game

Another common reason, given that not all users buy licensed versions of games, is the work of the built-in Windows Defender antivirus in Windows 10 and 8. It can block the launch of the game (it simply closes immediately after launching), as well as delete modified compared to the original files of the required libraries of the game.

The correct option here is to purchase games. The second method is to uninstall the game, temporarily disable Windows Defender (or another antivirus), reinstall the game, add the folder with the installed game to the antivirus exclusions (how to add a file or folder to the Windows Defender exclusions), enable the antivirus.

Game won’t launch on Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7. how to fix

If you do not start a game (or games) in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, this guide will detail the possible and most common reasons for this, as well as what to do to fix the situation.

When the game reports a bug, the fix is ​​usually easier. When it immediately closes at startup, without reporting anything, sometimes you have to guess what exactly is causing the startup problems, but despite this, there are usually ways to solve it.

Old game won’t start

The next most common reason is the inability to run an old game in new versions of Windows.

  • Run the game in compatibility mode with one of the previous versions of Windows (see, for example, Windows 10 Compatibility Mode).
  • For very ancient games originally developed for DOS. using DOSBox.

The main reasons why games do not start on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7

The main reasons why this or that game may not start are as follows (all of them will be disclosed in more detail later):

  • Lack of required library files to run the game. As a rule, DLL DirectX or Visual C. Usually, you will see an error message indicating this file, but not always.
  • Older games may not run on newer operating systems. For example, games from 10-15 years ago may not work on Windows 10 (but this is usually solved).
  • Windows 10 and 8 built-in antivirus (Windows Defender) and some third-party antiviruses can prevent unlicensed games from running.
  • Lack of video card drivers. At the same time, novice users often do not know that they do not have video card drivers installed, since the device manager says “Standard VGA adapter” or “Microsoft basic video adapter”, and when updating through the device manager, it says that the correct driver is installed. Although such a driver means that there is no driver and a standard one is used, on which many games will not work.
  • Compatibility issues on the part of the game itself. unsupported hardware, lack of RAM, and the like.

And now in more detail about each of the causes of problems with the launch of games and how to fix them.

Missing required DLL files

One of the most common reasons a game won’t launch is the lack of any required DLLs to run this game. Usually, you get a message about what exactly is missing.

  • If it is reported that the launch is not possible, because the computer does not have a DLL file whose name begins with D3D (except for D3DCompiler_47.dll), xinput, X3D, the problem is in the DirectX libraries. The fact is that Windows 10, 8 and 7 do not have all DirectX components by default and often need to be reinstalled. This can be done using the web installer from the Microsoft website (it will automatically detect what is missing on the computer, install and register the necessary DLLs), you can download it here: 35 (There is a similar error, but not directly related to DirectX. Cannot find dxgi.dll).
  • If the error says about a file whose name begins with MSVC, the reason is the absence of some libraries of the Visual C redistributable package. Ideally, know which ones are needed and download them from the official website (and, what is important, both x64 and x86 versions, even if you have 64-bit Windows). But you can download everything at once, described in the second method in the article How to download Visual C Redistributable 2008-2017.

These are the core libraries that are usually missing on PCs by default, and without which games might not run. However, if we are talking about some “proprietary” DLL from the game developer (ubiorbitapi_r2_loader.dll, CryEA.dll, vorbisfile.dll and the like), or steam_api.dll and steam_api64.dll, and your game is not licensed, then the reason the absence of these files is usually due to the fact that they were deleted by antivirus (for example, Windows 10 Defender removes such modified game files by default). This option will be discussed further, in the 3rd section.

Compatibility issues

This case is more rare and usually occurs when you try to start a new game on an old computer. The reason may lie in insufficient system resources to run the game, in a disabled paging file (yes, there are games that do not start without it), or, for example, the fact that you are still running Windows XP (many games will not start in this system).

Here the solution will be individual for each game and, unfortunately, I cannot say in advance what exactly is “missing” to launch.

Above, I examined the most common causes of problems when launching games on Windows 10, 8 and 7. However, if the above methods did not help you, describe the situation in detail in the comments (which game, what tells which video card driver is installed). I may be able to help.

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Sherlock Holmes. Crimes and Punishments (repack, people go)
visual two from off, direct from off
firewood view from off nvidia
defender off when installing and running
launch. logo. the screen is white and not all but a rectangle. crash without errors
compatibility with wines 7 to no avail
admin, admin and compatibility
Windows is almost clean (nothing was deleted, not wedged, not registered)
poking into a white rectangle does not produce errors

downloaded another image, but there was an error during installation. I don’t know any more trusted resources
I even put 7 wines on another disk

I understand that time (including yours) is expensive and games are not worth it, but this is the first time when I not only could not fix it, but did not even understand the reason. I would like to understand. igruhu wife wants to chop probably that’s why so much effort.

I can’t check (and it’s likely that I would go too, like the people).

Google Ideas:
1. In the label, write the parameter

disables the launch of splash movies, suddenly stumbles on them.
2. Look at configs. By default (for licenses) are stored in

I do not know in what form they are there, but if they are text ini / cfg, then you can see if suddenly some cunning unsupported resolution is set, for example. UPD: I looked, they write the SH8Engine.ini file is responsible for the engine, just in this folder.
3. If 2 or more monitors are connected, TV monitor, physically (even if not in use) disconnect one of them.

another repack, MD5 during installation checked and agreed
if you poke on white, and then insert into notepad:
Fatal error!

Address = 0x1d05747 (filename not found) in D: \ Games \ R.G. Catalyst \ Sherlock Holmes. Crimes and Punishments \ Binaries \ Win32 \ Sherlock.exe
Address = 0x76da86ac (filename not found) in C: \ Windows \ System32 \ USER32.dll
Address = 0x1d05a10 (filename not found) in D: \ Games \ R.G. Catalyst \ Sherlock Holmes. Crimes and Punishments \ Binaries \ Win32 \ Sherlock.exe

despite the fact that all the files are there.
only USER32.dll is called user32.dll

And Windows Defender or other antivirus did not accidentally quarantine these files, especially sherlock.exe?

there is no quarantine in the defender, the game folder is excluded, there is no other antivirus

p.s. registered in the label, the monitor is one. I can’t read configs
p.p.s. may be connected does not work unloker hangs in the tray, in the context too, there are no windows. admin, different installations.

it is necessary to register in the properties of the shortcut.nosettingslimit.dx9

I have a GTA San Andreas game with a mod. how to uninstall a mod so i can play original GTA san andreas WITHOUT MOD?

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Hello, I have such a problem. played GTA (everything was fine) the next day I decided to go in again. as a result, the game simply does not start, it does not give out any errors, downloaded via torrent

Not enough information to suggest anything. Well, except that the antivirus could remove a modified piece of the game (since not a license), but this is just a guess and far from a fact.

Hello. Recently acquired Lenovo Legion, which seems to be a good gaming computer, but, for example, does not support games such as The Witcher 3 or Civilization 6. On the latter, he generally writes that the graphics are insufficient (for a directx12 computer), is this insufficient system resources? Or something different?

What is the configuration about the Lenovo Legion? They are different. All necessary drivers are installed?

I bought the game division 2 on yubisoft, when it starts it says: incorrect hardware or reinstall the drivers. Whatever I did, it doesn’t go. AMD fx 8320e processor, GTX Geforse 1660ti graphics card. What to do? Windows 7.

I reinstalled the firewood on the video card. The game only starts on reboot. Those. for. to start the game, I always have to restart my PC first. What could be the solution?

If you mean that after shutdown. not ok, but after reboot. ok, then: if you have Windows 10 or 8.1 (8). disable fast startup (for more details: Windows-10 /)
If we are talking about the fact that the game is launched once, and the second in the same session. no longer, then I would assume there is a bug in the game.

Installed Fifa 07, constantly pops up a window with “Fifa 07 installed with errors. Please reinstall the game. ” It does not react to the compatibility mode at all, I reviewed a bunch of videos in this regard, but the advice is about the same about compatibility, which you can advise?

I even have the EA logo installed, but then it crashes without any error window

asassins creed origin percent 4 cores amd, vidyuha 1050 ti, press on the game icon there is no reaction

Good day. Delivered the good old WARFARE, at startup it swears at the outdated PsyhX driver. There are 10 wines, all drivers are the latest version. How to roll them back to 2008? Or what kind of emulator exists for games of this year? Please tell me!

Do you mean one of the first parts of Call Of Duty? In theory, it should work without any emulators and on new systems. Just in case, try to install the drivers on the video card from scratch, and for NVIDIA (if you have one), pay attention to the fact that PhysX is also installed. If another video card, then separately with NVIDIA download and install PhysX.
But to roll back to 2008 I don’t even know if it is possible (and whether they will at least somehow work at 10).

No, it is WARFARE real-time strategy.

Thanks, solved the problem, installed the 2007 NVIDIA Display Driver package and it worked. )))

Hello, I downloaded the game Alice madness returns. It downloaded, it starts, but as soon as you press play, it flies. writes that there is some kind of incompatibility. I don’t really understand, I looked at the video adapters as you wrote. In my laptop. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Intel (R) UHD Graphics 630, Windows 10. The game itself says-Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1650 with 256 MB Windows 7. The game will not start?

Hello. Here I would like to know more about what exactly the game writes about incompatibility. In general, in all respects, it should work on your computer.

I played GTA V for a long time. Yesterday I decided to download and remember what and how. I installed everything as expected, from the office. site, but here it gives an error 0xc000007b.
I read that different libraries may be missing. I reinstalled each of them. The problem has not disappeared. Although games 10 years ago run perfectly.

Did you install the libraries for x86 (32-bit) too? (even if the system is 64-bit).
And well, if suddenly there you have not quite a GTA license, then Windows Defender could quietly remove something from it.

Hello, the problem is that the games on which I usually played have now stopped starting, immediately crashes when loaded. I’m trying to figure out what the problem is, but it didn’t work.

Hello. Are there any errors reported? Video card drivers are correct?

Hello. Path of exile game won’t start. A black screen appears and an error CreateTexture2D: The parameter is set incorrectly. Google is silent, game forum too. Nobody knows what to do about it. ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series graphics card. I can’t install new drivers. the resolution flies and there is no necessary one in the list. We have to do a rollback. Help.

Hello, I downloaded Genshin Inpact on Windows 10, when I press start the game, it just closes for me. Antivirus and Windows Defender are disabled. What to do?

I can’t say, since I can’t guess the reasons from the description, I don’t even know the features of this game.

Hello. But you can’t help me?

I can not. In general, from the assumptions. a video card or drivers (with which it is necessary to somehow figure it out). There, after all, in your game (we are talking about path of exile?), The minimum is HD7850, and although yours is newer, it is much less productive and, perhaps, does not support some of the necessary functions.

Got it. Thank. This is a computer. I tried it on a laptop again. There is another error: CreateBuffer: The parameter is set incorrectly. Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series and Intel (R) HD Graphics. But here is Windows 8.1. There may be problems in Windows?

Yes, it is unlikely in Windows. Maybe something is wrong with the game itself (especially if from some torrents).

I downloaded the game from the off site through the launcher. Although I know people who have old hardware running. So where you can see what, where what to fix?

Andrey, I won’t tell you. I lean towards video drivers or DirectX, maybe other options do not come to my mind according to the situation.

Hello. Hope you can help me
The problem appeared after the laptop was repaired. We put in a new hard drive, cleaned it up, everything seems to be fine. I decided to install the game, it worked before the laptop was repaired, but now it gives the following: “Failed to start: Initialization error when starting the game. 135dec40: 3fbbecd0: 00000064: 00000000 “. What could be the reason?
Thank you in advance!

In your case, I don’t know, according to the available information, nothing can be said. Perhaps something with the system that they installed on a new hard drive, with drivers in it or something else, but this is “a finger to the sky”.

Well, what information do you need so that you can advise how to solve this problem?

It’s hard even to say. There would be a more meaningful message from the game, but no. it is far from meaningful. Perhaps you should search the Internet for the query: “game_name Initialization error when starting the game”. it is possible that somewhere someone is discussing this particular game in this situation.

available, screens, found

I have already searched, but it is useless. Thank you anyway 🙂

Hello, this is the first time. I played the game in Steam, left the game normally and turned off Steam. After half an hour I decided to play another game. it starts and after half a minute it turns off, the problem is that now None of the games wants to work, they start and immediately turn off I checked the driver, there are no antiviruses on the laptop.

How exactly do they turn off? They simply do not report anything, no errors about anything, but they exit and that’s it.?

The game does not start completely. I press, everything is starting up, but when I press play, there is a connection and then after a while it crashes. How can this or is it possible to fix it?

Can not say. Here you need to understand a specific game (plus it may depend on whether the license is or not)

No available screens found

The release of Metro Exodus took place, and at the very start of the game, most of the players faced a number of problems. Metro Exodus Won’t Start? Is it buggy? Black screen? Is it slowing down? No Russian language? Low FPS? Gives an error message? In this article, we will tell you how to solve problems with launching Metro Exodus.

Some of the errors in Metro Exodus can be fixed by simple manipulations, but some of the bugs cannot be fixed on their own and you will have to wait for the official patch.

If you are having this problem, you can try setting the sound quality in the default Realtek HD toolbar (16bit, 48kHz). Some built-in sound cards can cause problems with higher quality as most cannot actually reproduce it.

Find the file “user.cfg” in the directory. \ Steam \ userdata \ your unique ID \ 412020 \ remote. find the “s_spatial_audio” parameter in it and change it from “on” to “off”.

No Screen found fix solution

If Metro Exodus slows down or shows a low FPS level, then first of all we advise you to reinstall the video card drivers, from this FPS in Metro Exodus can significantly increase. Also, if necessary, install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C 2010, DirectX and Microsoft Net framework.

If all of the above did not help in any way, and you still experience low FPS and slowdown in the game, then on the first launch, change the graphics settings. First of all, turn off anti-aliasing, and lower the detail and draw range settings in Metro Exodus. You can also turn off the post-processing settings, most often they require a lot of PC resources, and turning them off will significantly increase the performance of the game and not greatly affect the quality of the picture.

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It is also worth downloading the first day patch after installing the game and updating the game before launching. Perhaps this will help you avoid most of the problems.

Remove nvidia experience AND install graphics driver from nvidia

In order to include the Russian language in Metro Exodus: Senua’s Sacrifice, go to

And open the Engine.ini file with notepad. Find the line Culture = en_US in it and change en_US to ru_RU

Most often, problems with the launch of the game arise due to an incorrect or incorrect installation. Make sure there were no errors during installation. If any errors occur during the installation of Metro Exodus, cancel it and start the installation again, having previously disabled the antivirus. You also need to remember that you should not have Cyrillic characters on the way to the game installation folder. Use only Latin letters and numbers.

After installation, run the game as Administrator.

Black screen in games is most often due to GPU issues. Make sure your graphics card meets the minimum game requirements we described above, also update your graphics card driver.

To fix it, you need to do the following:
1. Go to the game catalog
Example: D: / Steam / Steamapps / Common / Metro Exodus /
2. Delete (rename) the following files. credits.webm and legal.webm
(found in one of the English language guides)

Before you start installing Metro Exodus, you need to check again how much space it takes on disk. If the problem with the availability of free disk space is excluded, then you should diagnose the disk. Perhaps, it has already accumulated a lot of “broken” sectors, and it is corny faulty?

Windows has standard tools for checking the status of HDD and SSD drives, but it is best to use specialized programs.

But it is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the download was unsuccessful due to a disconnection of the connection, this also happens. And if you install Metro Exodus from a disc, then it’s worth taking a look to see if there are any scratches or foreign substances on the media.!

Infinix Note 8 is the first product of this year, a little-known brand in Russia, Infinix Mobile, which presented its first smartphone for Russia under the name Infinix Zero 8 last fall. However, the brand itself (pronounced “Infinix”) is not so young: the company was founded in 2013. The company itself is Chinese, but at one time it bought the French manufacturer Sagem Wireless, so it speaks of its French roots. The manufacturer reports on a wide presence in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Since the end of last year, the brand has been unhurriedly trying to master the Russian market, and upon first consideration, its new smartphone has a chance to compete with Xiaomi products for the user’s attention in the budget segment.

Review of budget smartphone Infinix Note 8

Appearance and usability

Infinix Note 8 is the largest smartphone with a screen diagonal of almost 7 inches. Accordingly, this is the first thing to consider when choosing, because such a large device “” can be called a stretch.

The dimensions, of course, are large, the weight of 213 grams is also higher than the “psychological norm”, although all this has not stopped fans of huge screens for a long time. But the design of this nice device is quite pleasant. The back cover not only shines with mother-of-pearl, but also changes color from pink to blue depending on the angle of view.

Despite the complete absence of glass and metal, the plastic case with a plastic side frame is made as if both glass and metal were used here.

No, there is, of course, glass. on the front panel. And this, according to the creators, even Corning Gorilla Glass. however, it is not specified what generation. The frame around the screen is narrow in a modern way, although not only the sensors, but also one of the stereo speakers were able to hide in its narrow segments.

There is no LED indicator of events on the facade as such, but there are two very bright separate LED flashes that not only work when taking photos and videos, but can also notify about incoming calls. This needs to be enabled in the settings.

The body as a whole is quite easily soiled and slippery: the side frame is smooth, imitating chrome-plated metal, and the lid is quickly covered with fingerprints. A complete case can come to the rescue: it is flexible, transparent, almost does not spoil the appearance.

Cameras protrude beyond the surface, so the smartphone is unstable on the table, swaying when you touch the screen.

There are two camera modules on the front panel: one for selfie shooting, the second for an auxiliary scene depth sensor for blurring the background in portrait mode.

The side buttons are installed on one edge. A fingerprint scanner pad is embedded in the power key. It should be noted the incredibly fast response rate of this scanner: it seems that recognition starts already “on the fly” of the finger. The solution is the most convenient, and we are glad that it is being used more and more often: there is no need to fence any “underscreen” scanners.

Triple card slot: Designed for two Nano-SIM cards and a microSD memory card at the same time. Hot swappable cards supported.

There is nothing on the top end, while the bottom has a 3.5 mm audio output for headphones, a USB Type-C connector, as well as a speaker and a spoken microphone. Speakers work in stereo.

The smartphone is available in several color options: gray, blue and green (Gray, Blue, Green). The body of the device does not have full protection against moisture and dust.

Infinix Note 8 Key Features (Model X692)

  • SoC Mediatek Helio G80, 8 cores (2 × Cortex-A75 @ 2.0 GHz 6 × Cortex-A55 @ 1.8 GHz)
  • GPU Mali-G52 MC2
  • Operating system Android 10, XOS 7.1
  • Display IPS 6.95 ″, 720 × 1640, 20.5: 9, 258 ppi
  • Random access memory (RAM) 6 GB, internal memory 128 GB
  • MicroSD support (independent slot)
  • Nano-SIM support (2 pcs.)
  • GSM / HSDPA / LTE networks
  • GPS / A-GPS, Glonass, BDS, Galileo
  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11a / b / g / n / ac), dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, LE
  • NFC no
  • USB 2.0 Type-C, USB OTG
  • 3.5mm headphone audio output
  • Camera 64 Mp 2 Mp (macro) 2 Mp 2 Mp, video 2K @ 30 fps
  • Front camera 16 MP 2 MP
  • Proximity and lighting sensors, magnetic field, accelerometer, gyroscope
  • Fingerprint scanner (side)
  • 5200 mAh battery, 18 W charging
  • Dimensions 175 × 79 × 9 mm
  • Weight 213 g (our measurement)


The Infinix Note 8 smartphone is equipped with a 6.95-inch IPS display with a resolution of 720 × 1640, covered with flat Corning Gorilla Glass. The physical dimensions of the screen are 71 × 162 mm, the aspect ratio is 20.5: 9, and the dot density is 258 ppi. The width of the bezel around the screen is 4 mm at the sides, 5 mm at the top and 9 mm at the bottom.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface that is resistant to scratches. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are better than that of the Google Nexus 7 (2013) (hereinafter simply Nexus 7). For clarity, here is a photo in which a white surface is reflected in the turned off screens (on the left. Nexus 7, on the right. Infinix Note 8, then they can be distinguished by their size):

The screen of the Infinix Note 8 is noticeably darker (brightness in the photos is 94 versus 107 for the Nexus 7). The doubling of reflected objects in the Infinix Note 8 screen is very weak, which indicates that there is no air gap between the layers of the screen (more specifically, between the outer glass and the surface of the LCD matrix) (OGS type screen. One Glass Solution). Due to the smaller number of boundaries (such as glass / air) with greatly different refractive indices, such screens look better in conditions of intense ambient light, but their repair in the case of cracked outer glass is much more expensive, since the entire screen has to be changed. On the outer surface of the screen there is a special oleophobic (grease-repellent) coating (slightly better in efficiency than Nexus 7), so fingerprints are much easier to remove, and appear at a slower speed than in the case of ordinary glass.

With manual brightness control and with a full-screen white field, the maximum brightness value was 385 cd / m². The maximum brightness is not high, but given the excellent anti-glare properties, something can be seen on the screen even on a sunny day outdoors. The minimum brightness value is 5 cd / m², so in complete darkness the brightness can be lowered to a comfortable value. In the presence of automatic brightness control by the light sensor (it is located on the front panel close to its upper edge to the left of the front speaker grill). In automatic mode, when the ambient light conditions change, the screen brightness both increases and decreases. The operation of this function depends on the position of the brightness adjustment slider: with it, the user can try to set the desired brightness level in the current conditions. If you do not intervene, then in complete darkness the auto-brightness function reduces the brightness to 15 cd / m2 (ok), in an office illuminated with artificial light (about 550 lx) sets it to 175 cd / m2 (normal), and conditionally in direct sunlight increases to 385 cd / m² (up to maximum). The default result satisfied us, but for the experiment we tried to lower the brightness in complete darkness. moved the slider slightly to the left. The brightness became lower, but after a cycle of increasing ambient light and decreasing it, everything returned to the same values ​​as before the intervention. It turns out that the auto-brightness function, although it works adequately, does not allow the user to customize his work for individual requirements. At any brightness level, there is no significant backlight modulation, so there is no screen flicker either.

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This smartphone uses an IPS-type matrix. The micrographs show the typical IPS subpixel structure:

For comparison, you can see the gallery of photomicrographs of screens used in mobile technology.

The screen has good viewing angles without significant color shift, even with large gaze deviations from the perpendicular to the screen, and without tint inversion. For comparison, we present photographs in which the same images are displayed on the screens of the Infinix Note 8 and Nexus 7, while the brightness of the screens was initially set to about 200 cd / m2, and the color balance on the camera was forcibly switched to 6500 K.

Note the good uniformity of brightness and color tone of the white field.

The colors on the smartphone screen have natural saturation, the color balance of the Nexus 7 and the tested screen is noticeably different.

Now at an angle of about 45 degrees to the plane and to the side of the screen:

It can be seen that the colors did not change much on both screens, but on the Infinix Note 8 the contrast decreased to a greater extent due to the strong black highlighting and a greater decrease in brightness.

The brightness at the angle of the screens decreased (at least 5 times, based on the difference in exposure), but in the case of the Infinix Note 8, the brightness decreased more. When deviated diagonally, the black field is strongly lightened, and acquires a slightly reddish tint. The photos below demonstrate this (the brightness of the white areas in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the screens is the same!):

With a perpendicular view, the uniformity of the black field is good. in a couple of places close to the edge, the black is slightly lightened (for clarity, the brightness of the backlight on the smartphone is set to maximum):

The contrast (approximately in the center of the screen) is high. about 1250: 1. Black-white-black response time is 26ms (14ms on 12ms off). The transition between gray tones of 25% and 75% (based on the numerical value of the color) and back takes 47 ms in total. The gamma curve, plotted using 32 points at equal intervals in terms of the numerical value of the shade of gray, did not reveal a blockage in either the highlights or the shadows. The exponent of the approximating power function is 2.46, which is higher than the standard value of 2.2. In this case, the real gamma curve significantly deviates from the power-law dependence:

This is due to the fact that this device has a very aggressive dynamic adjustment of the backlight brightness in accordance with the nature of the displayed image. the brightness of the backlight decreases on dark images in the middle. As a result, the obtained dependence of the brightness on the hue (gamma curve) does not strictly correspond to the gamma curve of a static image, since the measurements were carried out with sequential display of shades of gray on almost the entire screen. For this reason, a number of tests. determining the contrast and response time, comparing the black illumination at angles. we carried out (however, as always) when displaying special templates with a constant average brightness, and not single-color fields across the entire screen. In general, such a non-switchable brightness correction does nothing but harm, since a constant change in screen brightness can at least cause some discomfort, reduces the visibility of gradations in the shadows in the case of dark images and the readability of the screen in bright light, since the brightness is illumination is significantly underestimated.

The spectra show that the matrix filters moderately mix the components together:

The balance of shades on the gray scale is a compromise, since the color temperature is significantly higher than the standard 6500 K. However, the deviation from the spectrum of the black body (ΔE) on the gray scale is below 10, which is considered an acceptable indicator for a consumer device. At the same time, the color temperature and ΔE vary little from shade to shade. this has a positive effect on the visual assessment of the color balance. (The darkest areas of the gray scale can be ignored, since the color balance there is not very important, and the error in measuring color characteristics at low brightness is large.)

There is also a setting that allows you to reduce the intensity of the blue component.

In principle, bright light can disrupt the circadian rhythm (see the article about the iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display), but everything is solved by lowering the brightness to a comfortable level, and there is absolutely no distortion of the color balance, reducing the contribution of blue. meaning. Unfortunately, this setting cannot be used to correct color balance, since even at the minimum level of correction, the color temperature is too low (up to about 5500 K).

To summarize: the screen has a low maximum brightness (385 cd / m²), but has excellent anti-glare properties, so the device can somehow be used outdoors even on a sunny summer day. In complete darkness, the brightness can be lowered to a comfortable level (up to 5 cd / m²). It is also permissible to use a mode with automatic brightness adjustment, which works adequately, but does not allow the user to customize his work for individual requirements. The advantages of the screen include the presence of an effective oleophobic coating, no air gap in the layers of the screen and no visible flicker, high contrast (1250: 1), as well as a color gamut close to sRGB. The disadvantages are low stability of black to deviation of gaze from the perpendicular to the plane of the screen, a significant decrease in brightness at angles and non-switchable dynamic brightness adjustment. Even taking into account the importance of characteristics for this particular class of devices, the screen quality cannot be considered high.


Four camera modules are installed on the back of the smartphone. But this, of course, is pure marketing: you can normally shoot here only with one camera, the other three are auxiliary 2-megapixel cameras. However, each of the additional modules came up with its own task: one can be used for macro photography, the other for measuring the depth of the scene. It was not possible to come up with a meaningful function for the fourth, so it was simply named “AI Camera”. Although it is clear that AI (AI), if any, is not in the camera module with the lens, but in the image processor. Accordingly, AI does not need its own “AI module”.

Be that as it may, the smartphone lacks a telephoto lens with optical zoom, wide-angle optics, and a stabilizer. Only the characteristics of the main module are of any interest (however see below):

  • 64 MP, 1 / 1.73 ″, 0.8 μm, f / 1.8, 26 mm, PDAF (main)
  • 2 MP, f / 2.4 (“AI-camera”)
  • 2 MP, f / 2.4 (macro)
  • 2 MP, f / 2.4 (scene depth)

The control interface is not entirely familiar: for some reason, the list with additional modes is hidden under an arrow in the middle of the screen, which still needs to be guessed to be pulled out with a gesture from the bottom up. Although most developers have long taught us to find this section at the end of the scrolling menu. However, the main modes are in place: night, portrait, auto-HDR, a set of color filters. Shooting in RAW is not provided as standard, but there is no interference with the use of third-party programs.

The main camera seems to be able to shoot at 16 or 64 megapixels. However, when switching to 64 megapixels, the camera offers to “hold it still”, which suggests artificial gluing of several shots and, possibly, interpolation. And diagnostic applications define the main module as 16-megapixel. The name of the module is carefully hidden, it is not recognized by any of the test programs, including AIDA64, so we can neither confirm nor deny these guesses.

When shooting, phase detection autofocus behaves adequately, it is fast and does not constantly adjust, but there is no stabilization. For the money, the main camera produces good image quality with good sharpness and acceptable detail, although there is a lot of noise in daytime shots. White balance sometimes “reddens”. In daylight, the pictures are darkish, there are obvious blockages in the shadows. As for the resolution, we did not find a single fragment where a 64-megapixel image would show more detail than a 16-megapixel one, and when the 16-megapixel photos are increased up to 200%, they coincide with noise artifacts accuracy and a slightly greater contour sharpness. with 64 megapixels. Thus, the above theory is confirmed by.