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IPhone earphone not working? What to do

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IPhone earphone not working what to do? The question is quite popular and no less important, because at one time or another, every lucky person who has a phone from an “apple” company has to face various kinds of problems, and defects in the work of headphones are no exception.
Based on experience, we can say that, on average, this problem occurs when EarPods are used for about six months or a year, possibly earlier.

How the sound is delivered

In the standard form, that is, without changing the “factory” settings between the headphones, the sounds are distributed among themselves in “stereo” mode. Stereo mode, it feeds music from a specific instrument to a more suitable earphone for this sound. This was done in order to increase the effect of the presence of music and the effect of immersion in the atmosphere of a song. Thus, for example, listening to music with a violin and a voice together on broken headphones, you may not receive some of the sounds from the violin, or vice versa, from the voice. Why? Everything is very simple, because the music from the violin is transmitted to one earphone, and the voice, respectively, to the other. Agree, the pleasure of listening in this case will not be very much. But, you can offer you to listen to music on one headphone, only without the “stereo” sound mode.

IPhone earphone does not work what to do, because the phone was bought recently

On this part, you can make one interesting note, because very often, in most cases, it is the right earphone that fails, since it has a microphone-headset for communication, and also below, there is a button with a change in the audio volume level. over, this happens with almost all headphones from iPhones, after about a year of active use. We will describe a way to solve this popular problem, but it is worth noting that it will be possible to count on an exact solution to the breakdown only if one earphone is in working order and is not physically damaged.
How to listen to music with one earbud?
It is quite comfortable to listen to your favorite songs with just one working earphone, and even watch videos or movies. This can be done by turning off the “stereo” sound in the phone settings, with the help of some simple manipulations. After turning off the stereo, all sounds will be sent to only one working headphone, without the participation of the second, “deceased” one. To enable a single sound feed, we need to enable the “mono” sound mode. You need to do the following:

  • Go to phone settings and open a tab called “Universal Access”
  • Switch to the mode of operation we need (mono or stereo)
  • After that, it is advisable to restart the phone.

Is it possible to solve this problem and completely return the headphones to “life”?
In fact, unfortunately, it is impossible to completely repair and return to life the second, broken earphone with the proposed method. To do this, you can contact our computer service NOTE. 911, which will definitely help you. We employ good specialists with extensive experience behind their shoulders, they will definitely be able to repair your headphones at the best price, in a short time and without compromising quality.

One earphone does not work on a computer or laptop

There may be several reasons for the lack of sound in headphones when connected to a PC:

  • Necessary drivers for the network card are not installed.
  • The drivers for the device itself are not installed.
  • Sound level set to minimum or completely off.

Common causes of headphone breakage

What if one earbud is not working? Why does one earphone not work? Surely you often use audio equipment, and sooner or later it starts to malfunction. Either the left ear begins to wheeze, then the right one does not work at all, and vice versa. Nothing lasts forever under the moon, however, it is possible (and even necessary!) To prolong the life of your favorite device, especially if the malfunction is diagnosed in time and correctly:

  • The drivers for this device are outdated.
  • A wire break has occurred: This is one of the most common reasons why the left or right wired earphone does not work.
  • The membrane burst due to the fall.
  • Foreign objects or water got inside.

By the way, we recently talked about how to charge wireless headphones and how to connect headphones to a laptop, if you don’t know, follow the links.

How to fix a broken vacuum earphone?

Earwax is often the cause of a non-working earpiece. Then you need to clean it:

  • Remove the dirty filter from the earphone,
  • Check for dirt on the speaker itself,
  • Install a new filter,
  • Check the performance of the device after cleaning.

One earphone on the phone does not work

Have you experienced the quieter sound in the left or right earphone? Surely the problem lies in the device at the hardware level. It’s easy to test your guess: just connect it to any other audio device and check the sound quality.

If you are looking for a headset for a smartphone, then be sure to read the rating of the best headphones for a phone.

Xiaomi AirDots: one earphone does not work

The owners of this wireless device often complain that one Xiaomi earphone does not work (so be sure to read our rating of the best earphones from this manufacturer before buying). This often happens due to the specifics of their work: first, the right (leading) earphone connects to the left one and only then is synchronized with the phone. Due to the fact that many do not wait for the end of pairing, one earbud may not find the second.

It is easy to fix this problem: you just need to roll back the device to the factory settings:

  • Click on the phone “Forget device” to cancel the existing pairing of devices.
  • We take the headphones out of the case and restart them with a long press.
  • Then we return the headphones to the box.
  • We are waiting for the headphones to first sync with each other.
  • The device will warn you about the end of synchronization with a signal, after which you can reconnect them to the phone.

One big ear does not work in headphones

It will not be difficult to identify the malfunction:

  • Feel the wire carefully while any audio recording is on. Where the wire breaks, the sound will wheeze or pop.
  • A damaged membrane can only be detected by looking inside the earphone, for this you need to unscrew the screws.

One wireless earbud does not work

Bluetooth devices are replacing wired gadgets everywhere. However, they may also have problems with sound. And here the matter can only be in the hardware part, since these devices are wireless.

How to repair a broken cord?

To accurately determine the cause of the malfunction and the necessary repairs, the headphones will have to be opened.

Before starting work, you need to prepare the necessary tools:

  • assembly knife;
  • soldering iron;
  • tin, rosin;
  • insulating tape;
  • heat shrink tubing of suitable diameter.

You should connect the accessory to your smartphone or player and turn on the music. Listening to the problematic earpiece, carefully probe the wire.

At some point, small noises, wheezing, intermittent sounding will appear. This means that the place of the cliff has been found. It should be borne in mind that most often a break appears in the earpiece itself or at the plug.

Carefully get rid of the protective rubber layer, expose the wire.

Having found a break, it must be soldered using a heated soldering iron, its tip is covered with rosin and tin.

Then you should check the sound: music should play again in the problem headphone. If this happens, then the problem has been resolved.

You can close the bare section of the wire by simply wrapping it with electrical tape. this is the most budgetary option. But to make the wire look more attractive, it is better to cover the section with a heat-shrinkable tube of the required length.

How to Reconnect Broken Headphone Cords

The reasons for the lack of sound in the speaker

Usually the reason for the distorted or missing sound in the speaker lies in a break in the cord, one of the wires. This most often happens in the earpiece itself or directly at the plug.

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A similar situation occurs due to the constant operation of equipment. Although experts recommend using the accessory with caution, the problem can still manifest itself at the most unexpected moment.

But if the equipment did not break down after prolonged or careless use, then the reason may be hidden in another. For example, there is a speaker malfunction. In this case, you will have to buy new headphones.

Even less often, outdated or incorrectly functioning audio device drivers are causing problems in the sound of your speakers. In this case, you need to go to the official website of the headphone manufacturer, choose your model, download the driver. Connect headphones to your computer, install the driver and restart your PC or laptop. In this case, you do not need to disassemble anything.

But this is only suitable for high-quality, branded equipment.

Sound can be distorted due to a cracked or dirty membrane that does not vibrate or vibrate.


Life in modern society is not complete without the use of various technologies, and listening to music through your player or smartphone has become a full-fledged part of life, without which it is “much more boring”. Naturally, the breakdown of headphones when only one of them remains in working order is always frustrating.

When such a situation arises, most ordinary people, without hesitation, carry their sound device to the repair shop. If the warranty period is still valid, then no problem, but otherwise you will have to pay extra money for the repair.

However, you can tidy up the headphones without qualified technicians. the problem is often not as serious as it might seem. Using the instructions below, you can really restore the high-quality operation of your accessory.

The first step is to diagnose the headphones and determine the cause of the breakdown:

  • a torn wire leads to a complete lack of sound, frequent disappearance, breakage;
  • due to a broken plug, constant changes in sound occur;
  • a malfunction in the speaker is manifested by wheezing, muffledness or lack of sound;
  • broken wires in the wire make rustling sounds.

At the diagnostic stage, you should be careful, this will help reduce the time spent on the repair itself.

Recommendations: Self-made simple headphones and a headset with a microphone. How to solder the headphone plug. DIY headphone repair

Modern mobile devices with the ability to listen to music have become extremely popular, but one important component. headphones. often break and fail. In most cases, it is possible to solve the problem on your own, even without having a lot of experience in the repair of technical equipment. In this article we will tell you how to fix the headphones yourself if one has stopped making sounds.

Reconstruction of the membrane

If probing the wire did not lead to a result, the sound of the earphone did not appear, the problem may be related to the membrane. It is the source of vibrations that are transmitted to the device and converted directly into sound. To find it, you will have to disassemble the earphone itself.

If the cups are secured with screws, use the correct size screwdriver. Earbuds can be disassembled using tweezers, but be careful not to damage internal components.

Speaking of cheap models, it is impossible to disassemble them (they are glued together), you will have to buy a new one.

Carefully open the inner contents, examine the wire (the gap may be located here),

Find, study the state of the membrane: it looks like a translucent round plate in a mesh.

Possible reasons for its malfunction: contamination, curvature, violation of integrity.

It should be cleaned, rinsed with alcohol infusion, and dried. If it is curved, you need to try to gently straighten its surface. If the membrane is torn, it only remains to replace it.

If, after all the above manipulations, the earphone does not work, then the reason is a speaker malfunction. There is no way to repair it (even in a service center), all that remains is to replace it. For expensive headphones, there are replaceable cups and new speakers on sale, but in the case of a cheaper model, you will have to buy new equipment.

Headphone repair, if one does not work, can really be carried out by people even without serious experience in such matters. Of course, if the model is expensive, and the person is not confident in his abilities, it is advisable to refer the equipment to the masters.

But in another case, self-repair will save you extra money and time. With the study of this material, the reader will be able to restore the sound in a faulty earphone on his own and achieve its normal operation.

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Why only one earphone works on a computer: how to fix a device if one earphone does not work.

The plug is out of order

Another weak point of any headphone is the output plug. If handled carelessly, it can break off in the socket of the system unit, smartphone or other external audio device. There is one way to cope with the problem. replace the faulty plug with a new one.

Reference. It is important to consider the device model: for ordinary gadgets, you should purchase a three-pin “jack”, if you have a headset. buy a four-pin plug.

  • Remove the defective plug by cutting it at a distance of seven centimeters from the connection.
  • Remove the insulating layer.
  • Using a utility knife or knife, remove the insulating layer from each core. If one of the wires is covered with paint, remove it too.
  • Weave the wires without paint on the surface into one.
  • Solder the colored cores with the cores of the corresponding color.
  • After the solder has cooled, test the device’s functionality by connecting it to any audio source.
  • If the headphones are working properly, place the plug in the connector body.

Finding the place of the cliff

When the problem is not in the software, you will have to work hard to find out why one of the speakers does not work when the second is working.

  • Connect your headset to any sound source. a mobile phone or MP3 player will do, then start feeling the wire with your fingers.
  • When you hear crackling or characteristic extraneous noise in the speakers, this place is the source of all negative problems.

Before starting work, prepare the necessary tools: a mounting knife, a soldering iron, tin, rosin, harsh threads and heat shrink tubes of different diameters, which in such cases are much better than any electrical tape. this small set should be enough to carry out repairs.

Features of repairing various brands of headphones

Updating Drivers

All users might have come across the first option. no disassembly is required to fix this problem.

  • We go to the official website of the manufacturer. For example, if you have Sennheiser headphones (Senheiser), then it is on this site that you need to go.
  • We find drivers for your headphone model and download them. It is worth mentioning here that there are no separate drivers for any one headphone, right or left, in nature.
  • The installation process on a stationary computer or laptop is not difficult, you just need to follow the prompts of the “installation wizard”.
  • After rebooting the operating system, the drivers are activated.

If the above steps did not help to eliminate the problem, then you should examine the headphones for mechanical damage.

Xiaomi AirDots: one earphone does not work

It is easy to fix this problem: you just need to roll back the device to the factory settings:

  • Click on the phone “Forget device” to cancel the existing pairing of devices.
  • We take the headphones out of the case and restart them with a long press.
  • Then we return the headphones to the box.
  • We are waiting for the headphones to first sync with each other.
  • The device will warn you about the end of synchronization with a signal, after which you can reconnect them to the phone.

If the Bluetooth earphone is out of order

Unlike conventional headsets, wireless headsets are more sophisticated. If sound is lost on one of the headphones, you should try to activate the software update, and also try to restart the paired devices.

If the problem persists, the earphone may be defective. It is very difficult to fix it manually, and it requires special skills and knowledge from the user. If the device has not been physically affected, it can be taken to a service center, where the headset, under the current warranty, will be repaired free of charge.

In no case should you try to open the case of wireless headphones yourself. In the event of opening the case or external influences on the device, the warranty service salons will refuse to repair.

How to install Google Camera on Xiaomi

We decided to install the stable version of Google Camera and chose the Gcam 7.3.018 version of the developer Urnyx.

In the Suggested Versions section, select a modification. On the site, they are collected in categories and broken down by the version of the application and Android

  • allow installation of programs from unknown sources
  • waiting for the installation to complete
  • launch the application and enjoy the photos

If after installation the application does not work or crashes, install the next assembly of the application and check the operation of the application. And so on until we find a working assembly of the application.

You can buy Xiaomi smartphones with Google Camera support at this page.

Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10S

As it was said at the presentation itself, these two smartphones have only 3 differences: the main camera, the processor and modifications. Redmi Note 10 is equipped with a 48MP module, while the S version is equipped with a more serious 64MP sensor (both models have 3 additional modules: macro, ultra-wide angle and depth sensor). The same applies to processors, if a fairly good mid-budget processor from Qualcomm was installed in the younger model. Snapdragon 678 then Note 10S got a more powerful chip from Mediatek. Helio G95T. As for the rest of the parameters, they are similar. Smartphones received Amoled matrices (before that, all Redmi Note models were equipped with IPS-type matrices) with a diagonal of 6.43 “. FullHD resolution and a standard screen refresh rate of 60 Hz, 13 megapixel front cameras, stereo speakers, a capacious 5000 mAh battery with a high-speed 33- x watt charging (adapter included), and also received IP53 protection standard.

Redmi Note 10 will be delivered in gray, white and green and in modifications for

4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM; 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM; 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM

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Redmi Note 10S received gray, white and blue body colors, as well as versions on

6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM; 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM; 8 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM

Touch control

Now to pause music or answer a call. touch the earphone

Noise canceling support

Environment Noise Reduction technology automatically removes noise from headphones during phone calls and while listening to music.

What you need to know before installing

Google Camera is being developed for Pixel smartphones powered by Snapdragon processors. This means that the application is only compatible with these processors. On chipsets from other manufacturers, the application either does not work, or works with restrictions.

In addition to the processor, the application requires support for the Camera2 API driver.

Camera2 API is a set of tools that links smartphone hardware and camera software. Most Xiaomi smartphones support this driver, but it’s better to check beforehand.

To check, download the Camera2 API Probe application from the Play Market. After installation, run and check the driver support in the item “Hardware support level”.

LEVEL_3. full driver support with extended functionality

LIMITED. Some driver functions are supported. You can install the Google Camera app, but no software enhancements are available.

LEGACY. support for the old Camera1 API driver. The app will also install, but software improvements will not be available.

If the smartphone does not support the driver, you can manually activate it, but this requires root rights and some actions. Instructions on how to activate the driver can be found on the Internet.

New port for charging case

Charges the Redmi AirDots case via the universal USB Type-C port

The start of sales of Redmi AirDots 3 is scheduled for March 4 in China. The start of sales in Russia is planned later.

You can leave a request on the website and as soon as the headphones are available, our managers will call you back.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra will receive the same display: AMOLED matrix with a diagonal of 6.81 inches, a resolution of 2K and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Smartphones will work on the basis of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, built on a 5-nm process technology.
The battery capacity of the devices will be increased to 5000 mAh. Support for 67 W wired and wireless charging is mentioned.
It is also reported to support 5G networks, Wi-Fi 6E, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, IrDA, stereo speakers developed by Harman / Kardon will be installed and support for waterproof IP68.

Different Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra will be a camera.

The camera in Mi 11 Pro will receive a Samsung GN2 lens with a resolution of 50 megapixels, an ultra-wide-angle Sony IMX586 lens with a resolution of 48 megapixels, and another Sony IMX586 lens with a resolution of 48 megapixels and support for five times optical zoom and fifty times digital zoom. The front camera will receive one 20 megapixel lens.

The camera in Mi 11 Ultra will receive a Sony IMX766 sensor with a resolution of 50 MP, an ultra-wide-angle lens will be like in the Mi 11 Pro. Sony IMX586 with a resolution of 48 MP and the last lens will also be a Sony IMX586 with a resolution of 48 MP, but with support for 120x digital zoom. The front camera is also different and will receive a 32MP lens.

Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra will be available in 8 256 GB and 12 256 GB configurations.

It is reported that smartphones will be presented in China in the near future.

The Google Camera app is only available for Google Nexus and Google Pixel smartphones and cannot be downloaded from the Play Market. But thanks to independent developers, almost every Android smartphone owner can install this application. In this article, we will tell you how to install the Google camera application on Xiaomi smartphones and where to find an optimized version of the application for a specific phone model.

Autonomy increased to 30 hours

Redmi AirDots 3 will work up to 7 hours in playback mode. When using headphones with a case, autonomy increases up to 30 hours.

DIY headphone repair

Breakages are often caused by tears inside the cord and poor build quality. To eliminate them, you do not need special skills and tools. You may need a screwdriver and a soldering iron. First, you need to find out what the problem is and find the place where the breakdown occurred. Let’s analyze the most common options and how to eliminate them.

A wire break is manifested by extraneous noise and interference. Over time, the sound in the 1st earphone completely disappears. In this situation, they are looking for a place of break. Run your fingers along the entire cord, after connecting the headphones and turning on the music. Pay particular attention to the bend area and the area where the wire enters the earphone. In the right place you will hear characteristic sounds.

Then you can act in different ways. according to where the breakdown is located. If a wire break occurs inside the earphone, then it must be untwisted. In large, screws are usually used. The small earbuds can be opened with a regular sharp knife. They are usually glued on the sides.

In an open earpiece, a wire break is also detected by touch. Walk along the entire cord and listen for the sound. Once you have found the desired location, you will need to cut the wire below it. Next, the cord is stripped down to the wire and soldered in the same way as it was originally. Many headphones are tied inside a knot. If the wire is linked in this way, then after cutting it must be tied, and only then soldered. Check the sound in the earphone. If everything is in order, then put it back. In the event that this cannot be done, use epoxy glue.

Also, the wire may break inside the plug. This problem is also heard in working headphones when feeling with your fingers. In such a situation, you need to get to the inner wire and cut it in the right place. The plug is pre-stripped of rubber. Next, look for the junction of the wire and the connector. The non-working area is cut off and soldered. Instead of scraped off rubber, an epoxy “sheath” is made on top of the plug. Additionally, the plug can be wrapped on top with threads or use a plastic sheath from a thick wire.

What to do if one earbud does not work? How to make headphones yourself: tips

Many people know that sometimes even almost new earbuds stop working normally. In one of them, interference may appear, the sound sinks, and sometimes it disappears altogether. In this situation, you should not immediately run to the service center. Most headphone problems can be solved by yourself at home. Even someone who does not understand technology at all can cope with the repair.

In order to quickly fix your headphones, it is worth preparing tools and materials. If they are large and are attached with small screws, then it is worth choosing a suitable screwdriver. You will also need a clerical knife, a lighter. You can connect the parts with electrical tape, epoxy glue, but it is better to use tubes that have a heat shrink function. Broken wiring is most often connected with a soldering iron. On the other hand, you can do without it. The wires are stripped and then twisted together. Additional accessories may require a multimeter. He easily determines the place of the cliff.

One earphone does not work: how to fix it?

This situation is very common as the cord kinks during use. As a result, the headphone wire breaks in these places. Also, the problem arises near the base. There is only one way out in this situation. find a break and cut off the non-working part.

Plug the headphones into the jack and play the music. Feel the cord with your fingers. Pay special attention to those places where you can see obvious folds. On a non-working segment, wheezing or jamming sounds may appear in the headphones. Use a knife to cut the cord below the desired location. Strip the wire. Solder the sections. The place of adhesion can be strengthened with electrical tape to match the cord. The rubber bushings, which are sold in radio components, look better. They are hollow tubes that stretch over the cord.

One earphone does not work even with problems with the membrane plate. They are not used in all models. Most often, these membranes are placed in small acoustic headphones that are inserted into the ears. Sound problems occur if the channel is clogged or the surface is deformed. How to make headphones:

In the 1st case, it is necessary to open the case. Then carefully detach the plate. It is a small mesh. Take a cotton pad. Soak it in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub off any accumulated dirt. As a result, no particles should remain on the surface. Reconnect the platinum carefully. Close the earphone housing.

If the sound does not pass, then the matter is in the deformation of the membrane. In this case, it must be disconnected and carefully straightened. Then the surface of the mesh is carefully wiped with a cotton pad with alcohol. The membrane is connected back, the body is closed.

How to make headphones yourself: useful tips

  • Sometimes it happens that the sound in the headphones becomes quieter due to poor fit. There is an easy way to make your headphones louder and more comfortable. You will need some Sugru special silicone.
  • First, take a small ball. From this amount of silicone we roll a strip of sausage. Then we wrap it around a poorly performing earpiece. If the bezel is too long, then it should be cut with a clerical knife. Use your fingers to shape the silicone into the desired shape. We will do the same with the 2nd earphone. Leave the silicone for 1 hour to harden.
  • A few tips:
  • If the wire breaks below the beginning of the branching of the wires going to the headphones, then you should pay attention to the correctness of their twisting. Inside the cord, you will notice that they are paired in color. After cutting, they are soldered according to the same principle.
  • If you do not have a soldering iron, and the break occurs inside the cord, then connect the wires using a simple spiral twist. To do this, take both wires and pinch them with your fingers. Then secure their ends by rotating them together.
  • secure twisting. linear. Place 2 wires parallel to each other. Connect them so that the ends spiral around the opposite wire in a spiral from top to bottom.
  • Sometimes it can be very difficult to locate a wire break. A multimeter will help solve the problem. To begin with, with the help of a clerical knife, an incision is made at the proposed breakage point. Then the wires are carefully pulled out. Next, you need to remove the plastic with which they are covered. The easiest way to do this is with a lighter. When some plastic comes off the wire, attach a multimeter to the supposed non-working place. It will show if the site is really damaged. In this case, the multimeter must work in resistance mode.
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In order to fix the headphones yourself, you need to determine the type of problem. Most often, a wire break occurs inside the cord. This happens due to kinks. The general operating principle for a break is simple. You need to find the area where the wires are disconnected, cut it and reconnect it to the working part. Also, one of the headphones may not work due to clogging and deformation of the inner membrane. It must be disconnected, rubbed with alcohol and straightened.

Read other interesting rubrics

One earphone does not work on the computer

One vacuum earphone does not work

In a situation with vacuum micro-headphones, the reason for playing sound in only one of them can be caused by clogging of the second element with earwax. This problem is quite common, but it can be solved without undue effort. This will require:

  • Remove the dirty filter from the inside;
  • Clean the speaker itself and the space around it from existing dirt;
  • Reinstall a new filter with a felt base;
  • Check if the headset is working.

If one earpiece stops working, and inside it there is no hint of dust and dirt, then you can check it using the methods described above.
When using wireless modules, pay attention to the location of the battery. In this case, the polarity must be observed, and you can study the marking on the inside of the device.
The correct position of the headset is also important. For a clear and strong signal, the cable should be placed around the neck. The capsules must be placed in the ear at the correct angle to maximize the volume of the songs being played.

One big earbud does not work

When using large headphones, the problem with the failure of any element occurs quite often. In this case, a hardware breakdown predominantly takes place. We are talking about the bending of the wire and the loss of full contact. Locating the fault is very simple. It is enough to connect the headset to the sound source and feel the wire while listening to the song. The appearance of wheezing and crackling will accurately indicate the location of the wire break. Troubleshooting such a problem is not the least effort. You need to cut out the problem area, strip the ends of the wire and solder them. It is better to close the junction with electrical tape.
But what if one earphone does not work, and the wire is in good order? In this case, the cause of the malfunction is a damaged or deformed membrane. Getting to her will not be difficult. You just need to unscrew a couple of screws and look inside the device. Quite often, the membrane can be covered with debris or slightly bent. You need to straighten it, remove all unnecessary and wipe the base with alcohol. You should be extremely careful. The surface is extremely sensitive and can be damaged even with light pressure.

What to do if one earbud does not work

Headphones have become an essential accessory for almost every person today. They are presented on the market in an unusually wide and varied variety, and the choice of the optimal headset is not the least difficult.
Despite all the reliability of the product, it is prone to all sorts of breakdowns and malfunctions. over, often the problem lies in the failure of not two, but only one element. Consider how to fix one earphone and talk about the problems that most often occur in their work.

One earphone on the phone does not work

Quite often, one earphone plays quieter than the other when connected to a phone. What is the reason? Most likely it is the accessory itself. It is very easy to check this. You just need to connect it to any other sound source. If the problem persists, then it’s the headset. You can try to clean it or check the condition of the membrane with the wire. You can also examine the condition of the battery and the correct placement. To do this, you should use the above tips and tricks.
But if one of the headphones is broken, and they themselves are under warranty, then it is better to take them to a specialized workshop. There, a full-fledged testing will be carried out, which will determine the breakdown and choose the best way to eliminate it. With independent intervention, the possibility of free maintenance will be lost, and no one can give a guarantee of successful repairs with their own hands.

What to do if one earbud is not working?

Headphones are such a thing that is destined to roll around in a tangled / folded / crumpled form in a backpack, bag,. on a table, under a table, on a sofa Plus, in the process of using them, they are constantly removed, put on, dropped, thrown off and tugged. In a word, malfunctions in functioning even before the expiration of the warranty period is almost a regularity. Cheap Asian devices are usually not a pity to throw away. But what if one earbud is not working and the other is still alive? I really want to revive the gadget, especially if it is difficult to pick up something for yourself “by the ears”.

Ordinary headphones are an extremely simple device, and, as a rule, there is nothing to break there. Most of the problems arise from wire breakage: the operating conditions contribute to this a lot, and the quality of the components almost always leaves something to be desired. Most often, the wire breaks at the plug or at the earphone itself, that is, in places where the flexible braid and the rigid case interact. Another common “disease” is speaker failure due to shock or moisture ingress.

Fix Apple Earpods Not Working on Left/Right Side

It is quite possible to repair the headphones yourself if you have the skills to handle a soldering iron. You will almost always need to solder the wires to the pins or solder them together. The difficulty may lie in stripping the cores from the insulating coating and separating them according to the scheme. Most headphones use three main conductors: for the left channel, for the right channel, and negative. common (twisted of two). Sometimes a braid is used as the latter. If one earphone stops working, then the problem most often lies in its wire. It remains to find the place of the break. by ear (when contact occurs, a sound appears in the silent earpiece) or using a multimeter.

If the contact is broken not in the wire, but in the plug itself, then repairing it is usually impractical: it is easier and ultimately more aesthetically pleasing to take a new, collapsible one, and solder the veins to the desired points. Then, using heat shrink tubes, carefully insulate the repair site.

Sometimes the wire is intact, and the contact is missing directly on the speaker. In this case, you need to disassemble the earpiece and re-solder the dangling wires, removing the remnants if necessary. The same applies to wireless models: there are no wires outside, but inside they go from the transmitter to the speaker. As a rule, they are not secured tightly, and after disassembly you can immediately see where the contact is broken. Small earbuds are usually secured with snaps, large ones with screws. When assembled after repair, the case can be glued with epoxy.

It remains to clarify what to do if 1 earphone does not work, but the wires and contacts are intact. In this case, the problem may lie in the clogging or damage of the earpiece speaker membrane. In the first case, it is worth trying to rinse the mesh that covers the membrane with alcohol, dry it and put it back together. Sometimes it is advised to soak the headphones in hydrogen peroxide without disassembling, but this is a controversial method: sulfur and sweat traces will go away, but their small particles will still remain. In case of deformation of the speaker membrane, you will have to replace it all if there is a donor earphone (of the same model or with the same characteristics).