Phone Screen Is Broken How To Transfer Contacts

PC connection

Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. If you have Windows 8.1 or 10, the phone / tablet should be automatically detected by the system and the necessary drivers will be installed (the main thing is to be connected to the Internet). If you have Windows 7 or lower, most likely you will have to install the drivers yourself. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of your Android device and look in the Support section for software for it. Usually the necessary drivers are installed along with this software.

Working with AndroidScreencast

When the device is successfully detected by the system, open the folder with the AndroidScreencast application and launch it by double-clicking on the androidscreencast-VERSION-executable.jar file, where VERSION is the application version. After a few seconds, a window should appear with the screen of your phone or tablet.

In the window, you can control the device using the computer mouse. To return to the screen, right-click within the display area of ​​the screen. Click on the menu option “Explore” at the top of the window to Access files on your Android device.

If the buttons on your device do not work “Incl. / Off.”, “Volume” and “Volume-“, they can also be accessed through the application by clicking on the menu option “Execute keycode” at the top of the window. Select the required command from the list and press the button “Execute” at the bottom of the window (in the picture below, the highlighted command simulates the button “Incl. / Off.” Devices).

For advanced users

AndroidScreencast can also be run from the command line, then you can see technical messages that help you better understand how the application interacts with the Android device. The folder with the application should lie in the root of the C drive. Run the command line and execute the commands one by one (instead of VERSION, type the version of the AndroidScreencast application):

In the command line window, you will see messages about the AndroidScreencast operation and the interaction of the application with the phone / tablet, and a window will appear with the screen of your Android device, where you can control it.

AndroidScreencast. Broken Screen Phone Control

AndroidScreencast is another way to access your Android phone or tablet that has a broken screen using your computer via USB. AndroidScreencast devices and setup is very similar to the earlier blog-related Droid at Screen app.

  • Cross-platform software (works under Windows, MacOS, Linux);
  • Does NOT install additional applications on the Android device.

Before proceeding, we highly recommend that you first read the instructions for working with the MyPhoneExplorer program, as it supports devices with Android 4.1 and lower, and also provides access not only to the device screen, but also to all data available on it (files, contacts. SMS messages, etc.), and also allows you to save them to your computer.

Java installation

Check the installed Windows programs if Java is installed on your computer? If not, download it from the official site and install. AndroidScreencast requires at least Java 8 to run.

Preparation for work

Further steps for setting up AndroidScreencast will be given using an example of work in Windows, in other operating systems, proceed by analogy.

Preparing AndroidScreencast

Download the archive for your operating system from the Official page of the AndroidScreencast application.

We will unpack the application into a folder convenient for you. This is optional, but for Windows users we recommend unpacking the application folder to the root of the C drive, then it will be more convenient to work with it in the command line.

Phone / tablet setup

To connect AndroidScreencast to an Android device, USB debugging must be enabled and it all depends on the state of your device.

If USB debugging has already been activated before, then you are very lucky and you can proceed to the next section of the article.

If your gadget has a partially non-working screen, Try to activate the option in the settings of your phone / tablet. “USB debugging” (Settings For Developers USB Debugging). Read more in the article “Transferring the screen of a mobile phone to a computer. Controlling your phone from your computer” In chapter “USB connection”.

If the screen of your device is completely broken, then you should use the instructions “Enable USB debugging on Android device with broken screen”.


An error may appear instead of the phone / tablet screen “Can not initialize devices list. Try to choose correct ADB path or reconnect your device”.

Close the window, Make sure that the folder with the AndroidScreencast application is located at the root of the C drive, start the Windows command term (located in the Start menu), type the command (instead of VERSION, type the version of the AndroidScreencast application):

and press the key “Enter”, then type the command:

and press again “Enter”.

Among all the text that appears, we are interested in the daemon started successfully line, which means the successful launch of the service “adb”, required for the application to work.

Re-run AndroidScreencast. If it doesn’t help, try the solution from the article “Phone screen broadcast via USB does not work, or how to remove an Android emulator”.

Solving Some Problems

The procedures described above do not always go smoothly. difficulties may arise in the process. Consider the most frequent.

Synchronization is enabled, but contacts are backed up

Quite a common problem that occurs for a variety of reasons, ranging from banal inattention and ending with a failure in the work of “Google services”. On our website there is a detailed instruction with a list of ways to fix this problem. visit the link below.

The phone connects to the computer, but is not detected

Also one of the most common problems. The first thing to do is to check the drivers: it is possible that you did not install them or installed an incorrect version. If everything is in order with the drivers, such a symptom may indicate problems with the connectors or USB cable. Try reconnecting your phone to the second connector on your computer. If that doesn’t work, try using a different cord for the connection. If the replacement of the cable turned out to be ineffective, check the condition of the connectors on the phone and PC: they may be dirty and covered with oxides, which is why the contact is broken. In an extreme case, this behavior means a connector malfunction or problems with the phone’s motherboard. in the latter case, nothing can be done on your own, you will have to contact the service.

How to get contacts out of a broken android

This operation is NOT as complicated as it might seem. fortunately, the manufacturers took into account the possibility of damage to the device and put tools in the OS to rescue from phone numbers.

You can pull out the contacts in two ways. by air, without connecting to a computer, and through the ADB interface, to use which the gadget will need to be connected to a PC or laptop. Let’s start with the first option.

Retrieving Contacts from Broken Android Phone

google account

For the full functioning of an Android phone, a Google account must be connected to the device. It has a data synchronization function, in particular, information from the phone book. In this way, you can transfer contacts directly without a PC, or use a computer. Before starting the procedure, make sure that data synchronization is active on the broken device.

If the phone’s display is damaged, then, most likely, the touchscreen also failed with it. You can control the device without it. just connect a mouse to your smartphone. If the screen is completely broken, then you can try connecting the phone to the TV to display the picture.


Direct transfer of information between smartphones is a simple data synchronization.

    On the new device where you want to transfer contacts, add a Google account. the easiest way to do this is according to the instructions from the next article.

Read more: Add a Google account to an Android smartphone

  • Wait while the data from the entered account is uploaded to the new phone. For more convenience, you can enable the display of synchronized numbers in the phone book: go to the settings of the contacts application, find the option “Display contacts” and select the desired account.
  • Done. numbers ported.


    For a long time, the “corporation of good” has been using a single account for all its products, which stores, among other things, phone numbers. To access them, you should use a separate service for storing synchronized contacts, in which there is an export function.

      Follow the link above. Sign in to your account if required. After loading the page, you will see the entire list of synchronized contacts.

    Select any position, then click on the icon with a minus sign at the top and select “All” to select all those saved in the service.

    You can simply select individual contacts if you do not need to restore all synchronized numbers.
    Click on three points in the toolbar and select the “Export” option.

    Next, the export format should be noted. for installation in a new phone, it is better to use the “vCard” option. Select it and click “Export”.

  • Save the file to your computer, then copy it to your new smartphone and import contacts from VCF.
  • This method is the most functional for transferring numbers from a broken phone. As you can see, the option with transferring contacts “phone-to-phone” is somewhat easier, but using “Google Contacts” allows you to do without a broken phone at all: the main thing is that it has active synchronization.

    ADB (root only)

    The Android Debug Bridge interface is well known to fans of customization and flashing, but it will also come in handy for users who want to extract contacts from a damaged smartphone. Alas, only owners of rooted devices can use it. If the damaged phone turns on and you can control it, it is recommended to Get Root access: this will help save Not only contacts, but also many other files.

    Before using this method Perform preparatory procedures:

    • Turn on USB debugging mode on the damaged smartphone;
    • Download the archive for working with ADB on your computer and unpack it to the root directory of the C: drive;

    Now we go directly to copying the phone book data.

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      Connect your phone to your PC. Open “Start” and type cmd in the search box. Right click on the found file and use the item “Run as administrator”.

    Now you need to open the ADB utility. To do this, enter the following command and press Enter:

    Then write the following:

    adb pull /data/data/ / home / user / phone_backup /

    Enter this command and press Enter.

    Now open the directory with the ADB files. there should appear a file named contacts2.db.

    It is a database with phone numbers and names of subscribers. Files with the DB extension can be opened either by specialized applications for working with SQL databases, or by most existing text editors, including Notepad.

    Read more: How to open DB

  • Copy the numbers you want and transfer them to the new phone. manually or by exporting the database to a VCF file.
  • This method is more complicated than the previous one and more time consuming, but it allows you to pull out contacts even from a completely dead phone. The main thing is that it is normally recognized by the computer.

    We have introduced you to the main ways to extract numbers from the phone book on a broken Android device. This procedure is NOT complicated, but it requires the functionality of the motherboard and flash memory of the device.

    Google account

    If at the time of purchase, Android entered your Google account, then perhaps not everything is as bad as you think.

    If contacts were synchronized, then you can find them in Contacts, photos in Google Photos, notes in Google Keep.

    Android control with included USB debugging

    Below are several ways to see what is currently displayed on your Android on your computer screen.

    Scripting with ADB

    If on your Android “USB debugging”, then Android can be unlocked by scripting Using the shell input tap and shell input swIPe commands.

    How to Recover All Data from Broken Android?

    Is your Android smartphone damaged? Is his display broken? How to recover all data. contacts, sms, documents, photos, etc. You will learn about this in detail from this article on the Android 1 website.

    Sometimes it happens that our favorite mobile devices break down, or rather fall and break. You come to the service center, but unfortunately, the repair of an Android smartphone exceeds all imaginable and NOT imaginable amounts. It becomes even sadder if the phone had important data, which you really need and need to restore.

    How to enable “Debugging” if it is disabled

    To begin with, this function must be enabled. how to enable USB debugging, but as a rule it is disabled by default, you can try to enable it using the method indicated above “MTP connection and screenshot”, and then do as indicated on:

    Now you can go to the choice of programs for managing Android.

    Connect USB keyboard and mouse

    Android screen showing image but sensor not working? Then the following solution will help you, with which you can control Android in order to Access your data and try to pull them all.

    Almost all modern Android smartphones support connecting an external USB keyboard and mouse. This can be done through a special adapter from USB to MicroUSB or from USB to USB Type C.

    After connecting, press the power button to light up the screen and you can control Android using an external keyboard and mouse.


    Have you used Viber on your smartphone? Great, this messenger will help you restore your entire phone book. To do this, you need to install the Viber program on your computer, if it was already installed, then great, nothing needs to be done. How to install Viber on a PC is described in detail in this article.

    If the Android screen is completely broken and there are images, then you have to do this:

    • Will charge your Android smartphone
    • Turn it on
    • Bring Android to the monitor with the back side (screen to you, camera to PC) to enter your account

    In the “Contacts” tab, you will display all your contacts that you had on Android.

    How to Recover All Data from Broken Android?

    All known ways how to manage Android in case it has a damaged or broken screen, as well as how to export data from the device, read on.

    Branded utilities of manufacturers of Android devices

    Almost every Android manufacturer has their own utility:

    • Samsung
    • Sony
    • Htc
    • Xiaomi
    • Huawei

    Let’s take a look at data recovery using Samsung as an example:

    • Launching Samsung Smart Switch
    • Connect your smartphone to your PC
    • Create a backup clicked the “Backup” button
    • After creating a copy, go to the conductors to the place (click the MORE button and go to the settings to find out the path) where the backup is located and find the Contact.spb file
    • Open the file and at the prompt “Open with” select the Kies program
    • A program with contacts will open in front of you

    It’s easier if you buy or temporarily rent from someone a smartphone of the same brand as your broken one in order to synchronize. This applies not only to Samsung, but also to other manufacturers, so as not to perform additional actions as described above.

    [Simple, solution time 1. 2 minutes]

    To do this, you need a USB mouse and an adapter from the USB. microUSB connector, or a USB mouse with a microUSB connector.

    After connecting the USB mouse, press the power button (to light up the display) and then all the controls Perform with the mouse.

    Troubleshooting instructions [del]

    How to extract data if the display is broken on Android

    incl. 25 September 2016 Posted in Android. General

    How to extract data if the display on an Android phone is broken. If you accidentally dropped your smartphone or tablet and after that the Android display crashed, the cost of replacing it is exorbitant, and you urgently need to Get all the data from it? Then let’s move on to reading this article.!

    Very often on the Internet you can find a question of the following content:

    Now we will deal with this problem, since at the moment there are any Clear and formulated solutions!

    . [Difficult, solution time 40 minutes. 5 hours]

    There is a pretty interesting program like MyMobiler. The interest lies in the fact that with the help of this software it is possible to view and control Android through a computer.

    For MyMobler to work, you will need:

    1. Enabled “USB debugging” on Android device

    2. The presence of established Root rights:

    3. Install the MyMobiler application (or via update.zIP)

    If debugging is not enabled?

    You can enable it by trying to do this:

    b) On the network, find the build.prop file for a specific model with the same firmware version that you have installed and enter the following data into it:

    c) Create update.zIP by placing the build.prop file in the root / system

    d) I ask for this update.zIP

    After that, debugging should work!

    Root received, but I cannot confirm the request?

    If the display does NOT react to pressing in any way, then you can try to install this xml file eu.chainfire.supersu_preferences via update.zIP from the Recovery menu (located in the 7zIP archive) along the path: /data/data/eu.chainfire.supersu/shared_prefs

    Press the power button (to light up the display) and then all the controls Perform using the MyMobler program!

    Required tools:

    • Windows computer
    • USB cable;
    • Previously installed Android drivers;
    • Previously enabled “USB debugging”;
    • Installed Adb Run program;

    [Simple, solution time 1. 2 minutes]

    If you “did not sin “over your Android, to be more precise, DO NOT install Root rights, then in your case everything is solved very simply! All you need to do is download and install the manufacturer’s proprietary device management software!

    • For Samsung. Kies
    • For HTC. HTC Sync
    • For Sony. PC Comanion
    • Huawei. HiSuite

    [Simple, solution time 20 minutes]

    The method works as follows: Android is connected to the computer and the Android screen is displayed on the Windows desktop using the program. For this method to work, you need to have previously enabled “USB Debugging”!

    Instructions for working with Adb Run:

    1. Launch Adb Run;

    2. Go to the Manual Command menu. Control Android out Windows;

    3. Select item “1”. Go to Website Java. you will be redirected to the page where you need to download and install Java JDK (manually), this item is performed only once.

    4. Select item “2”. Run Control Android out Windows. Specify the path to the Java file:

    5.A window with the Android screen will start, control is done with the mouse.

    Copy contacts from phone

    How do I copy contacts from my phone to my computer? This is straightforward. One of the easiest ways to transfer contacts from phone to computer. this is an opportunity to use the “Import / Export” option in the mobile itself. We select this option in the “Contacts” menu. Using the “Import” function, previously saved contacts are transferred to the phone book, and the “Export” function creates a backup copy in a file with the vcf extension. We transfer this file to the computer by connecting the phone to the PC. Modern mobile devices provide the option to export and import directly to the computer. In this case, only a telephone is needed.

    MOBILedit program

    Using the MOBILedit program as an example, let’s look at how to transfer contacts from a phone to a computer. Before downloading this program, establish a connection between the gadget and the PC.

    We launch the program. With a pre-established connection, the phone is usually recognized automatically. The program menu is quite convenient and easy to use.

    Go to the “Settings” option in the “File” menu, you can select phone models, set the type of connection between the gadget and the computer, select the language, adjust the sound, etc. Here, in the “Applications” option, you can select the path for saving backup files.

    Depending on where the contacts are stored. on the SIM card or in the phone, select the Appropriate section. Based on the experience of working with contacts, many users advise to immediately save them to a SIM card. Using the “Phonebook” section, you can delete or put in order contacts, These are duplicates, change names.

    The program allows two-way synchronization of contacts. data on phone with mail data on computer.

    Transferring the phone book using a disc

    How do I transfer the phone book to my computer using a disk? This is another popular method. Let’s consider the option of how to transfer contacts from the phone to the computer using the phone software that came with the kit. If for some reason it’s not there. download software and install. Note. software can be safely downloaded only from official sites.

    Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable or Bluetooth. After pairing a mobile phone with a PC, we start the process of synchronizing all data. It Takes a little time. At the end of the synchronization process, open the “Phonebook” section in the dialog box and start copying phone contacts using the software.

    It is convenient, for example, to create a separate text file with which you can recover information. It is also easy to carry out the reverse procedure of transferring data from computer to phone.

    How to Transfer Contacts from Phone to Computer Easily

    Copying data to reserve from mobile to computer. a way to protect yourself from all sorts of troubles associated with the loss of information when you lose your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what it is. breakdown of the device, its loss or theft. The result is always the same. If you lose your phone, all the information that was on it is automatically lost.

    Modern mobile phones, as a rule, have a CD with software included. It contains programs for working with the phone. for editing music files, for connecting to the Internet, as well as for backing up data from a mobile phone to a computer. But with all the advantages of such programs, they all have one drawback. They are NOT universal, i.e. designed to work with a single phone model or a small range of models. Thus, when replacing the phone, you automatically need to change the software to work with it. And this is not very convenient.

    It is much more convenient to work with a universal program that understands any phone.

    We use other means

    How do I transfer contacts from my phone to my computer using Google service? It’s even easier. Another way to copy contacts from your phone to your computer is by using the Google cloud service. To do this, enable synchronization with your Google account on your phone. We go to, after which we see all our contacts, which can be deleted, edited and some other useful functions.

    If for some reason it is impossible to use the phone, for example, it crashed, stolen or lost, then this method of copying contacts and creating a backup is suitable.

    How to back up your contacts and transfer them to your computer?

    On the toolbar, press the button “Save / Export to file” or “Save / Export” from the “File” menu. In the window that opens, select the path to the PC to save the data. Enter the file name and click “Save”. Process Takes some time. The backup is ready and saved to your computer’s hard drive. In order to restore the data, select the option in the “File” menu “Open / Import” and Saved file.

    Instructions for transferring contacts to MOBILedit are located in the “Help” tab.

    AirDroid program

    Today there are many programs for copying phone numbers to a computer. The way most of THESE applications work is to create a vcf file. All phone contacts are packed into it. These softwares differ only in the setting, and the result, in principle, is the same. Let’s dwell on one more similar service. AirDroid. This program allows you to control your gadget from a PC remotely.

    Create an account in the AirDroid service before transferring contacts from phone to computer. To do this, go to the official website of the service and go through the registration, Install the AirDroid application on the gadget, enter your account and copy the contacts to the selected folder.

    Transfer SIM contacts to Samsung Galaxy phone

    If you have Samsung, then transferring contacts from SIM to your phone using built-in applications will consist of the following simple steps:

    • Go to the “Contacts” application (as in the previous case, you just need to open a separate application, and not the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application).
    • Click on the menu button and select “Manage contacts”.
    • Click on the item “Move contacts” if you need to move to the phone with simultaneous removal from the SIM card or “Import and export contacts” if you need to copy contacts from SIM to the phone without deleting. Further, the transfer will be considered, copying from a SIM card to a Samsung phone is implemented in the same way and will NOT be a problem.
    • Choose where to move contacts from, in our case. from the SIM. If there are no contacts on the SIM card, you will be informed about this.
    • Select which contacts you want to transfer from the SIM card and click “Done”.
    • Specify where to transfer contacts: to phone, Google account or Samsung account.
    • Click “Move” and you will see confirmation that the contacts were moved from the SIM card to the phone or to the selected account.

    Additional Information

    If you need to delete contacts from a SIM card on pure Android or on another phone where only copying is available, but not actually moving contacts, you can do this using third-party applications available in the Play Store. With their help, you can also carry out the transfer.

    In my case, the SIM Tool Manager turned out to be the most efficient application available in the Play Store: The app is in English, but easy to understand:

    • It displays SIM contacts in the “SIM Contact” tab. When holding a contact, you can delete it (by the Delete item) or perform other actions.
    • If you open the menu, then in it you can select the “Delete All” item to delete all contacts from the SIM or Import / Export to copy contacts from the SIM to the phone (Copy to phone).

    How to transfer contacts from SIM card to Android phone

    If you need to transfer contacts from a SIM card to your phone (phone memory, Google account), it is very easy to do this with the built-in Android tools.

    In this manual, in detail about transferring or copying contacts to a SIM card with pure Android and on Samsung Galaxy phones. By analogy, the action can be performed on second-brand smartphones. Also useful: How to Recover Contacts on Android Phone.

    • How to transfer contacts from SIM card to Android phone
    • Transfer contacts from SIM card to Samsung Galaxy
    • Additional Information
    • instruction

    How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to a phone with pure Android

    If your phone is running stock Android, or you are using the Google Dialer and Contacts app, the steps to transfer your SIM contacts will look like this:

    • Go to the “Contacts” application. Attention: it is not enough to open the “Contacts” tab in the “Phone” application, you must launch a separate built-in application “Contacts”.
    • In the “Contacts” application, press the menu button and select “Settings”.
    • In the “Manage contacts” section, click “Import contacts”.
    • Select SIM in the “Import” window and click “OK”.
    • In the field “Save to account” choose whether to save contacts to your phone (phone memory) or to your Google account. Check the contacts you want to transfer. Confirm the transfer with the button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Wait for the transfer to complete.

    On this, the contacts will be transferred. To be more precise, they were copied from a SIM card to a phone or Google notebook. If you also need to delete contacts from SIM, go to the “Additional Information” section, where the method to do this is described.

    instructions for transferring or copying contacts from SIM to a smartphone

    In conclusion, I note that when storing contacts on a SIM card, some of the information (in comparison with storing on the phone or online) disappears. Then I recommend not to use the SIM card storage to transfer contacts between the old and new phone. If you are NOT ready to keep your contacts synced with Google, you can export them to a memory card or store them as a file on your computer, see How to save Android contacts on your computer for more information. Also in this context, the material may be useful: How to transfer contacts and other data from iPhone to Android.

    Android programs for receiving and copying information

    The NOT too complicated instructions for the Recovery menu will help you recover data from the memory of a phone with an Android operating system and find out the information we need. This program is already installed in the smartphone itself. How to enter the menu and make a backup through recovery in order to quickly extract contacts and SMS from an android with a broken screen:

    • turn off my smartphone;
    • simultaneously clamps the volume at the “quieter” level and the power button;
      select the item “backup and restore” with the sound button;
    • go to the “backup” section, select it several times using the device power button;
    • launch a smartphone connected to a PC;
    • select “My Computer”, find Android and look for the “backup” folder;
      unpack the archive;
    • select data / data / / databases / contacts.db;
    • We open it in a convenient way or through the online converter. Usually an Excel spreadsheet is used for this purpose.
    Phone Screen Is Broken How To Transfer Contacts

    You can also use “dr.fone” to extract contacts from a broken Android phone, but first you need to find this program and install it on your computer. This demonstrates how the program works.

    After clicking the “Allow” button, you authorize access to all personal data, including photos, numbers. The “Start” button starts scanning the phone. All recovered items will appear on the screen. Having noted important information for yourself, continue by clicking “Recover”. It is better to copy contacts and SMS from android to computer in CSV or HTML format.

    How to get Android data from the cloud?

    The convenience of working with the Google service is that when registering a mobile device, an account is created in He will also synchronize the information of the google account and the smartphone in the future after accepting the user agreement.

    To get contacts from your computer from the cloud if Android is broken, Use your mailbox. In the upper left corner, click the “Gmail” and “Contacts” icon. In the upper right corner we find an image in the form of tiles with the signature “Google Applications”, go to “Drive”, select the file “Contacts.vcf”. You can select “Backups”.

    The easiest way to do this is to go to and copy contacts from the broken android to a new Android smartphone. In the working device, enter your account data, including synchronization.

    Proven Ways to Retrieve Contacts from Broken Phone with Broken Screen

    The lack of direct interaction with water during a fall makes it very easy to recover data from the SIM and external phone memory. To do this, just take out the SD or operator card, place them in another work phone.

    Below are some other ways to access a phone with a broken display:

    • via USB cable;
    • Email;
    • special programs;
    • cloud data storage;
    • ADB protocol.

    Consider what difficulties users usually face, how to help themselves in such a situation and how to view numbers on a broken phone.

    How to use ADB to restore and copy

    Before proceeding with the restoration work, you need to download ADB from the official website, download the QtADB 0.8.1 version (tested on windows 7) or the “Android Debug Bridge” driver to your computer.

    This program is to extract data from broken android. Consider a step-by-step instruction that will help you extract files using the capabilities of a personal computer from a broken android smartphone:

    • download Adb Run on your PC;
    • unpack;
    • we are looking for the required file with the name “adb.exe”;
    • run as administrator;
    • a blue pop-up window appeared;
    • press the “y” and “Enter” keys several times;
    • download a mobile device;
    • Connect your phone to your computer via USB;
    • open the “Task Manager”;
    • choose your mobile device;
    • open the menu with the right button;
    • select the item “Update drivers”;
    • we turn to the folder “adb”;
    • press “Shift”;
    • choose an empty seat;
    • open the “term of commands”, start-enter “cmd”. press “enter”. You need to be especially careful here;
    • carefully write “adb pull /data/data/”;
    • press “Enter”.

    The final file will have a db extension. To open it, use Excel. And after converting to csv, you can restore the phone book back by importing contacts.

    Method via usb cable and pc: how to enable USB debugging?

    If there is a problem with your phone, you shouldn’t be upset. To get absolute access to the device and be able to remotely update the smartphone software, create backups and restore lost data, move files from Android to PC, you should use ADB.

    But first you need to enable USB debugging. There are several versions of operating systems, respectively, we will consider options for enabling debugging for each version.

    For Android software 2 and 3. Go to the menu. We select “Settings”. The next thing we need is to go to “Applications”. We open them and find a section called “Development”. Here we see the USB Debugging function. We give consent by clicking “Yes”.

    4 version of the Android operating system. Of course, we go to the device menu. Choosing settings. We are looking for a category called “System”. We select the information “About phone”. Please pay attention to the “Release Notes”. In the “Build number” parameters, press until a window appears with the words “You have become a developer”. We return to the “System” again. We are looking for a new item. This will be the already connected section “For Developers”, where the necessary “Debugging via USB” will appear. We choose.

    5 version. From the settings you need to go to the “About phone” information. We are looking for characteristics. We select “Build number”. A few clicks and you are a developer! Go to the initial settings again. We turn to the “Additional” category. We are looking for the corresponding menu item: “For developers”. We continue by going to the USB Debugging category. everything is ready!

    How to see numbers on a broken phone, pull out and restore contacts on Android

    than 80% of buyers prefer smartphones with an already installed Android operating system. A lot of exciting applications in the Play Market, the ability to download software updates for free, a user-friendly interface, flexible settings, a GPS navigator, support for multiple accounts and much more.

    But modern mobile devices are NOT overly rugged. Therefore, the problem often arises of how to retrieve data and restore contacts and sms, which are in the internal memory of an already broken Android phone. In this article, we will help you get back lost information from your smartphone, in particular, pull out contacts from a broken Android phone.

    Other options to pull contacts

    • Try another method. restore the phone book. A good option would be to install the Viber app on your pc. Viber displays all contacts in the phone book.
    • Using the MyPhoneExplorer application ( Install the program and copy all the contents to the pc. The program is installed on the smartphone without using the screen. But only USB debugging should be enabled!
    • If all else fails, you will have to seek help from expensive service centers and change the screen.

    Ask questions in the comments, we will try to help.

    How to transfer contacts from your phone via a computer: 3 easy ways

    05/25/2017 09:27:00 PM

    After purchasing a new phone as a user, the question inevitably arises of how to transfer contacts from the old gadget. In the case of photos and files, everything is simple. the data is simply copied to the SD card. But what to do with hundreds of numbers in the phone book?

    Manual rewriting of numbers is unlikely to work here. This is too long, and there is a possibility that you will be mistaken in this or that figure. In case of transferring contacts, a computer or laptop will come to the rescue. But how do you transfer contacts from your phone to your computer? You will find the answer in our article.

    There are three main ways to move contacts to a PC:

    How to transfer contacts from your phone using USB via a computer

    If you need to transfer contacts from your phone urgently, and you don’t have time to sync with your Google account, you can copy the phone book to a PC via USB. To do this, you first need to move all numbers to the memory of the mobile device:

    • In Android settings, open Contacts
    • Choose import / export
    • In the “source” field, select a SIM card
    • Assign phone memory as storage location

    Now contacts from the phone memory can be transferred to the SD card as a vcf file. Make sure the copying was correct and connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable:

    • In the USB startup menu on your phone, Schedule File Transfer
    • Open the folder with disks on your computer
    • Find your phone in the list
    • Go to internal memory
    • Copy the Business card file to PC memory

    Through Google account

    Each Android smartphone user must have a Google account, which is used to install and update applications. Through your account, you can copy numbers in two stages.

    Before transferring contacts from your phone to your computer, you need to sync:

    • Enter smartphone settings
    • Select “accounts”
    • Click on the Google item or add it using the command in the list
    • Put the switch opposite the item “Contacts”
    • Click on the menu in the upper right corner
    • Click “Synchronize”

    After that, you can proceed directly to copying the numbers. This happens using the settings of the “Contacts” system application. This program has the function of export and import. All numbers are packed into a vcf file, which can then be sent by email:

    • Will launch the Internet on your smartphone
    • Open “Contacts”
    • Click on the dropdown menu
    • Select Import / Export
    • Specify a SIM card or internal memory as the export source
    • Select email address
    • Specify contacts to transfer

    After a few seconds, all contacts will be dumped to the mail. They can be left in the electronic box or transferred to the PC memory.

    By the way, numbers from the phone book in the form of a vcf file can be copied to an SD card, and then transferred to a computer hard drive through a card reader. In this case, it is important that no applications are installed on the card, which will be deleted after removing it.

    How to copy contacts from third-party programs

    The “Applications” section of the Play Store contains hundreds of programs with which you can copy phone numbers to your computer. Despite the difference in settings and interface, all these applications have one thing in common. the principle of creating a vcf file, in which contacts are packed for sending to a PC.

    Having tried several programs for transferring contacts, we decided to recommend the AirDroid service to our readers, which allows you to remotely control your phone from a PC. An account for this service is created in three steps:

    • Open the official website of the service and register
    • Install the AirDroid app on your mobile device
    • Sign in to your account

    We’ve covered the main ways to transfer contacts from phone to PC. Have you encountered any difficulties during this procedure? Tell us about it in the Official Fly group.

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