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Automatic Call Recorder

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Automatic Call Recorder is a powerful application for high-quality recording of both interlocutors and identification of numbers. There are 5 recording modes, including automatic selection of the best one for your device. Now only four audio formats are supported: AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3, but the developers promise to add a few more new ones.

You can add important conversations to your favorites so that you can quickly find the one you need later, if necessary. And to protect the recordings from eavesdropping by unauthorized people, you can set a password on them. For greater reliability, you can set up automatic file backups to the cloud storage. Records deleted by mistake can be restored from the built-in “Recycle Bin”.

Automatic Caller ID works in real time. Now you will know who is calling you, even if this number is not in your phone book. Thanks to a database of more than 1 million scammers, you will receive a corresponding warning if one of them decides to call you.

Switch on the Native recording mode and activate the speaker if you cannot hear the voice of the interlocutor. Also, some applications, such as Clean Master, App Manager, Task Manager, Battery Optimizer, Greenify and Privacy Guard, block the application, due to which calls cannot be recorded. Usually it is enough to add Automatic Call Recorder to their “White List” for everything to work.

Samsung one UI offical call recorder for Samsung A50, j6, j7 pro, j7 prime and more

Another Call Recorder

Another Call Recorder is a worthy app for any Android smartphone that stands out from the competition for its compatibility with a large number of devices. Similar in characteristics to Automatic Call Recorder: it is also possible to record incoming and outgoing calls in automatic mode.

You can also record conversations only from certain numbers. If desired, you can turn on the manual recording mode, as well as set a password for listening. A large number of audio formats supported: AMR, MP4, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M4A, 3GP.

ACR allows you to group calls by date to make it easier to find the conversation you want. The paid version of the app supports syncing with cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and also lets you upload files to an FTP server and send them to email. You can set up automatic deletion of old entries to free up phone memory.

Record my call

Record My Call is one of the most feature-rich options among all automatic call recording apps found on the Play Store. In the settings, you can select: recording mode (mono or stereo), sampling rate, bit rate, and also restrict the recording of calls from familiar and unfamiliar numbers. Audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AMR, MP4 and 3GP are supported.

The program automatically sorts calls by directories and allows you to quickly search for conversations in the call history. After recording a conversation, you can save it to one of the cloud storage. Dropbox or Google Drive. Also, to save memory, recordings can be saved to an SD card, and for privacy. set a password for listening. If necessary, you can create a special folder to save important conversations in the phone‘s memory.

Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder ACR allows you to not only record standard phone calls, but also save conversations from VoIP programs such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, as well as Hangouts, Slack and Telegram. The program is absolutely free and does not contain ads, which is good news.

The app has a built-in audio player for playing or deleting recordings. You can create a list of subscribers, during a conversation with whom the recording will take place, or, conversely, with whom you do not need to do this.

It is possible to mark important calls in order to quickly find them in the future. A particularly cool feature is the ability to mark an important part of the conversation right during the call. To do this, you need to shake the phone and the application will mark the current moment of the dialogue so that you can quickly find it, and not listen to the entire dialogue anew in search of the right moment. After the end of the call, you can choose what to do with the recording: play, send to a friend or delete.

If you find an interesting conversation and want to talk to this person again, then you do not need to open Contacts and look for him. you can call directly from Cube ACR. The paid version has Google Drive backup, SD card storage and password protection.

If you have trouble hearing yourself or your interlocutor, then try changing the recording source in the application settings or use the speakerphone.

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder has a high rating on Google Play and was personally tested by me on a number of devices, showing a decent result. In uninterrupted mode, it can record an unlimited number of calls of any quality in one of the audio formats: mp3, 3gp or mp4.

The user is given three modes of operation to choose from: recording all incoming calls, only those in the phone book, or absolutely all calls. Call recording starts automatically. no need to press any buttons or perform other actions to activate it.

The application supports synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive, and it is also possible to move audio files to the phone’s SD card or send it to email. So you don’t have to worry about running out of memory on your smartphone.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

The Automatic Call Recorder Pro app is paid and costs 269 rubles, but there is a possibility of a money back with a 100% guarantee if it does not work properly. Let’s try to find out what developers are asking for money for.

As usual, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically, or manually specify who needs to be recorded and who not. You can listen to the finished files right in the application, share them on social networks and cut off the necessary moments from the conversation (this is not the case for most competitors). If it was an important conversation, then it can be saved in a special category so that it does not get lost among many others.

When GPS is on, you can view the location where the recording was made. The list of files can be sorted by time or by the name of the interlocutor. If you have especially confidential conversations, you can set a password to listen to them.

10 best apps to record phone calls on Android

The idea of ​​recording telephone conversations may sound like spy movies, but there are times in every person’s life when it needs to be done. For example, journalists to insert accurate quotes in articles and television programs, and businessmen during important negotiations. The record can also serve as proof of work with the client or verbal agreements.

Google Play has a large number of applications for similar tasks. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the best ones! Most of them are completely free, so test some of them and pick one as they can conflict with each other. It follows from Honor that many of them are similar in name, so be careful when looking for them in the Play Market.

Smart Auto Call Recorder. recording an incoming call

Unfortunately, the vast majority of other call recording applications are as alike as two peas in a pod. Take for example this Smart Auto Call Recorder app. It has a good rating on Google Play and a decent number of downloads. from one to five million times.

Despite the rather outdated interface of the times of Android version 2.2, the application is not deprived of attention from the developer.

The number of various functions also makes it possible to carefully configure the recording of conversations.

On the “main” page we are met by a rather convenient sorting either by numbers or by date. In most of these applications, everything is lumped together in a heap of “inboxes” and “important”. This approach, as in Smart Auto Call Recorder, I believe, can make it much easier to find the desired recording. By the way, immediately after the conversation, the recordings can be provided with notes.

The only “but”. storing records in the “cloud” is available only in the paid version. But there is an opportunity to specify a password for access to recordings, a delay in recording so as not to listen to beeps during dialing, and a continuous recording function for long conversations. The work of the latter, by the way, is positively assessed by Google Play users.

As for the operation of the application as a whole, all my smartphones from different manufacturers, including those running Android version 6.0.1, have successfully coped with the recording of the conversation.

Zvondik. phone call recording

Zvondik is a fairly well-known application from a Russian developer. Unfortunately, the last update of the free and paid versions, as Google Play shows, was done a long time ago. in October 2015.

In addition, on one of the forums, I noticed complaints from users about the incorrect operation of the paid version and complete silence on the part of the developer. However, on his page on the social network, answers sometimes slip, but solely with the aim of explaining to disgruntled users about the new bans in Android 6, according to which the record source “Both channels” can no longer be used.

Strange, but in the three previous applications, tested including on a smartphone running the sixth version of Android, I did not notice such problems: the recording was carried out both from the mowing line and from the microphone. However, I am not an expert on the kernel of this operating system, so I will leave this question on the conscience of the creator of “Zvondik”.

Unfortunately, I also had every reason to consider myself a dissatisfied user: call recording in “Zvondik” worked only on one smartphone. It is quite old, so it was found in the list of supported models. By the way, the constant updating of such a list, I generally consider a utopia: in order to keep it up to date, constant and labor-intensive work is required. It is hardly possible within the framework of supporting a free application, unless, of course, you are a hopeless altruist or an outspoken fan of your business.

On those models that are not in the list, “Zvondik” did not work, regardless of the choice of the audio source. Frankly speaking, I was sorry: it is clear that the developer approached the creation of the application very responsibly.

In addition to basic settings such as storing files in the “cloud” or choosing the output file format, the author added many small but pleasant and convenient little things: vibration at the start of recording, additional interface settings, a voice recorder, a large selection of formats, etc.

However, if your model was found in the list of devices with which Zvondik works, and you are biased about storing records of personal conversations in Dropbox, then I would recommend this application for testing.

Every owner of any phone at least once in his life felt the desire to record a conversation. out of interest or out of urgent need. It makes no sense to list all the scenarios, for which such a record would be useful later, since there are a lot of them. First of all, I’m interested in the opportunity itself.

The advent of smartphones, now quite productive even at the budget level, easily resolves this issue. A suitable application is installed, which quietly hangs in the memory and is automatically activated, recording the conversation in a convenient format on a large memory card. over, in some cases, there is no need for third-party applications, since the conversation can be recorded using standard tools of the Android operating system.

However, this feature is not always used by smartphone manufacturers, so in this review I want to talk about the most popular third-party Android apps for recording calls.

Call Recorder in Android 6.0

I was able to check the recording on two Samsung smartphones with different versions of the “axis”: the fifth and the sixth. The carrier of the “six” was the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016), which we recently reviewed.

In the case of Android 6.0 and its more recent versions, the same situation is observed: the ability to record calls is built directly into the operating system and is available to any manufacturer who wants to install Android on their devices. But whether he uses this opportunity or imposes a ban will depend only on him.

So before installing third-party applications, I recommend that you clarify whether your smartphone is capable of recording a conversation without additional tools. To do this, during an incoming call, check the list of available functions or press the “Menu” button. If there is no recording of the conversation there, read on.

Call recording. call recording

Another undemanding application with a small set of settings and even without its own player, but with a more modern interface, and most importantly, it is quite workable, including for Android 6. The application was recently updated, so we can hope for its further support by the developer.

There is a minimum number of settings in the free version. Select audio source and file format, enable notifications about a recorded conversation. The question of whether to save the recording after the end of the call is only asked in the paid version.

On this page, you can specify the path to the directory for storing records and enable automatic cleanup.

As for storing records in the cloud, this is a paid feature. As well as additional notifications, no ads and the ability to share your posts.

In principle, this application has chances, if not for everyday use, then at least for testing when choosing a suitable tool. It is simple, but contains the necessary settings, for example, choosing an audio source or accessing your archive with a password.

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Call recorder software for Android

As a rule, call recording using standard Android tools does not imply any additional functions: notes, sorting by phone number, name or date, marking for important conversations, and so on. Therefore, if you really need call recording and you want to get full functionality with a convenient interface, I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with third-party programs.

Second way to record call on Samsung Galaxy a50

In addition to the first trick, there is another option for the a50 samsung, which is free but reliable. This is a dedicated recorder and connect it to your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack.

There is, for example, “Esonic Cell Phone Recorder”. Such a device allows you to record two parts of the conversation.

In addition, the device has a USB port, so you can quickly transfer recorded files to your PC.

3 ways to enable phone call recording on Samsung Galaxy a50

ATTENTION: since the appearance of the record, a lot has changed. It’s simple now. How, you can watch the video below.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 runs Android 9. Like other Korean phones, it doesn’t work the same in some countries.

In some countries there is a recording of a conversation, in others it is not, since either a Korean or Google on Android 9 blocked this function (they say at the Vodafone lawsuit and are now checking the legality to allow it to work again in the future.)

In short, it works for several Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh For the rest of the world, no.

This is because in many places it is forbidden to record calls without permission, which is why most call centers have a constant message “this call can be recorded for quality assurance” so you can decide to hang up if you decide you don’t want to be recorded.

Even in places where they have nothing against it, the manufacturer decided to exclude this demanded functionality. Why? He does not give any reasonable answer.

You just need to install Boldbeast Recorder and you can record calls, but in some countries it cannot record the caller’s voice no matter which recorder you are using.

In this case, if you root the phone, you can remove the lock and Boldbeast Recorder will be able to fix it.

Of course, most likely you will not root your new Samsung a50, as well as install Asian firmware through the applications I describe.

Therefore, I will provide you with available ways to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy A50, but with the condition of obtaining ROOT rights.

First way to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy a50 with Android 9

Call recording on Samsung Galaxy A50 can be caused by various reasons, regardless of the reasons.

Only since the microphone picks up only its own voice when you call, so that both parts are clearly audible, there is a small feature.

After installation, put your Samsung a50 into speakerphone mode so that the speakerphone is activated and both sides can be heard. The app will record the voices of both parties.

The third way to record a phone conversation on Samsung a50

The third way is my favorite, I use it on my Koreans, when I want to record a telephone conversation.

To be able to turn on the recording, download this application.

After installation, you will need to register, just enter any name, surname and any, but work email.

Then in the app, click on the 3 mowing lines on the top left and click on Call Recordings

Then go to “View Recording Settings” and move the slider to the right.

This is not all there is one more point left. Try to call and record the conversation. If not recorded, change the recording configuration to “Configuration 1”.

Now, as soon as someone calls you or you call someone, then you will have a button “Record”. When finished, you can immediately listen. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, but something does not work out. write.

How to enable recording during a call on an Android phone

ATTENTION: a lot has changed since this article was written. You can find out about this on the video at the end of the recording.

How to turn on the recording of a conversation on the phone is one of the questions of the owners of mobile phones and smartphones that is always up to date, and the answer cannot be found even on the Internet, or rather, it does not always fully correspond to reality.

Around the topic of recording telephone conversations, many myths have accumulated. in the context of technical and legal ones, and there is even an opinion that no one can save telephone conversations without the consent of the interlocutor.

Can’t you really save a conversation without the caller’s permission? Let’s remember that before we record a telephone conversation you have with another person, you must take into account all aspects of this fact.

NOTE: on some Android smartphones, especially Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, honor, you can still enable automatic recording of a telephone conversation during a call (more on this below).

Recording phone conversations on an Android phone. an introduction

Recording telephone conversations, when mostly classic mobile phones with a small display and keyboard and without any operating system were in use, was not a big problem.

It was enough for you to select the phone call or call yourself and press the corresponding button on the keyboard. the conversation was saved.

By the way, are you sure that your phone does not have a built-in function for recording telephone conversations. sometimes it is simply hidden. Here is an instruction on how to check it.

Of course, there were some limitations, primarily due to a very small memory cell. the time was strictly limited.

One recording could not last longer than a few tens of seconds. But overall it was enough.

Now smartphones have appeared and despite the fact that in many ways they should definitely make your life easier in terms of recording telephone conversations, it turned out on the contrary, everything became more complicated.

Now, for example, on Samsung Galaxy a3 or j5 with Android 5.1 or Android 6 OS, it is impossible to enable this function by built-in means (without intervention in the kernel).

Fortunately, there are applications that are capable of recording the signal from the speaker in a smartphone. Of all the available ones, I liked four. When testing, I paid attention to the following aspects:

  • Automatic recording of all calls and manual activation of recording.
  • On length limitation.
  • To adjust the sound parameters.
  • To save format.
  • On the opportunity to create your own name.

How to enable recording of a telephone conversation with built-in Android tools

recently, this method was available to almost every smartphone. All you need to do is dial the subscriber’s number and press “Menu” on the right side or in the center of the screen.

Then press the “Record” button and “record the conversation”. To stop the recording function. in the “Menu” press “Stop”.

To play in the internal memory, find the “PhoneRecord” folder and find the file you need.

Today, especially in Samsung Galaxy phones, this option will not work, although smartphones with a factory release may initially support such a call function.

You should remember, however, that recording is illegal to some extent in most jurisdictions, which is why this feature has been removed to avoid legal issues.

How to activate it. To do this, you must get Root rights and install the Xposed Framework.

Then you need to edit the file: /system/csc/others.xml, adding the line below between the tags.

Apps enable call recording on Samsung Android

On the Play market you will find programs called “Call Recorder” from the developer “Appliqato”, “C Mobile”, “lovekara” and an application called “CallX. Call / Conversation Recorder” with a bunch of different settings.

Why not one program, but several. Because I am unable to analyze all Samsung Galaxy smartphones, let alone hundreds from other developers.

Therefore, it is better to try everything, check and leave the most effective one. it is possible that some on your phone may not work at all. I checked this (it’s in the video below). it works fine.

Conclusion on recording a telephone conversation

Recording phone calls has not only technical aspects, but also important legal ones.

It is widely believed that from a legal point of view, we can record a telephone conversation only if we obtain consent from the subscriber.

This is not entirely true. If you do not record the conversations of other people, but only those who talk to you on the phone and do it for personal purposes, the law does not impose on you the obligation to inform the subscriber about the recording, without his consent.

The only thing is that without the consent of the caller you should not publish or distribute the saved conversations. You can also watch the video instruction. the link to the application is in the signature on YouTube. Success.

How to Record Conversation on Samsung Phone

Hello everyone! Sometimes, for some personal reason, you have to record telephone conversations with friends or family members. In fact, such a function exists directly in the firmware, only it needs to be unlocked. You can also install special software that will also record phone conversations on Android, for example, in Samsung Galaxy or A 50. But let’s talk about this in more detail.

In fact, this method is more effective, since it takes only five minutes to download an application from Google Play, and the system will take quite a long time. Also, if the version of your firmware is not equipped with the function of recording conversations, then you will not be able to record them using system tools.

The most relevant application for recording telephone conversations is a program with a rather uncomplicated name Call Recorder from Appliqato. Actually, further we will consider the entire process of preparing the system for recording conversations using the example of this software. So let’s get started.

1) To get started, follow the link below, download the application and wait for the installation to complete.

2) Run the program and read the terms of the license agreement. Then we accept it and move on.

Other parameters can be changed as desired.

That’s all. Now the program will perform its function and record all your telephone conversations.

In general, only one thing can be said about this application. fine. In order for the program to work normally, you do not even need superuser rights. But, nevertheless, in the free version there is one limitation. the maximum number of saved records is one hundred.

Also, the quality of the recording can be attributed to an insignificant disadvantage of the entire program. This software records your voice from the microphone, not from the spoken line, so the quality of the recording may suffer.

Almost all the latest models of phones from Samsung have the function of recording a telephone conversation, which is called “out of the box”. But nevertheless, in some CIS countries and the Russian Federation this opportunity may be limited.

But to open access to this function is more than realistic, only for this you need superuser rights and at least a little knowledge in the field of android system files. So let’s get started.

In general, it is quite simple to do this, since today there are enough programs on the Internet that allow you to get ROOT rights. There is an intuitive interface everywhere, so we will not dwell on this for a long time.

To obtain ROOT rights, you can use the FramaRoot software, which is quite popular among geeks.

Also, if you decide to get superuser rights by flashing the device, you can use the “TWRP” or “Odin” utilities.

In particular, “One” allows you to install CF-Auto-Root on your gadget, which is a pretty good and convenient solution for an ordinary user.

So, we got ROOT, and what next? Turn on the tool for recording dialogs

Since we have already found out that we have blocked access to this tool at the operating system level, we will have to make changes to the system files. To do this, do the following:

1) First, we find in the play market any file manager that requires super-user rights. We’ll take Root Explorer as an example.

We launch it and enter the following into the search bar:

3) Now move to the very end of the opened document. Somewhere at the end there should be such entries:

The following should be inserted above this text:

After you save, you will no longer be able to create group calls.

How to activate the call recording process?

It’s actually quite simple. You need to open the built-in software “Phone” or the contact book and just call someone. On the toolbar, you can notice the appearance of an icon in the form of a floppy disk. this is the button for recording a telephone conversation.

After that, you can find the saved conversations in the “Call” or “Voices” directories.

This method is not suitable for everyone because of its complexity. But if you strictly follow these instructions, then you will surely succeed.

Conclusion So, as you can see, recording phone conversations on android smartphones is quite simple. We hope this article was able to help you.
Peace for everyone!

How to Record Phone Conversation on Samsung Galaxy

Hey! Today I will show you how to record a phone conversation on Android Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily and quickly record any conversation on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, any model. Anyway, on any Android. You will be able to record both incoming calls and outgoing calls. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

This will open the Google Play app.

Through the search at the top, find the Call Recorder. Cube ACR application and install it on your smartphone.

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On the welcome page, click the Next button at the bottom.

Next, allow the app to access your phone. Here you can find out for what purposes access is provided.

In your phone settings, enable the function to allow the application to display windows on top of other applications in use.

All is ready. Look, for an outgoing or incoming call, when you call or call you, a button with a microphone will appear on the screen on the right. Click on it and the conversation will start immediately.

After that, open the application and your entry will be displayed on the main page. Click on it. Then click on the Play button and listen to your conversation!

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

I personally checked it on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, everything works! You did everything exactly as shown in the instructions?

Great app! The microphone does not turn on during recording, which is important. Excellent recording.

Conversations are recorded, but only my voice is recorded, and the interlocutor’s voice is not recorded, what should I do? Samsung Galaxy A 20

When the app was opened, did you give the app access to the phone? You also need to enable permission in the phone settings. Did?

I confirm that it does not work on the A20! Everything is checked, all settings, all permissions. For some reason, none of the applications wants to record the interlocutor at all. over, she even checked the autoresponders. There is definitely no ban on recording)))

I cannot say anything specific about this. We need to figure it out. I’ll take a look at the settings, maybe there is something, some parameters that affect the recording of the conversation. But, personally, on J5, he writes, everything is fine.

I read in the internet that Google blocked this function in version 9 of Android, tk. in some countries it is illegal (to record without the consent of the interlocutor)…. current with root

There is not even such a program in the Play Store.

There is. I just checked it. At the request “call recording”, the third in the list is displayed. Bad looking.

The author’s instructions show an icon for it and look for.

I turned on everything, but after completion, when you click on the application button, there is no main page, but it just says everything is ready, make the first call.
I do the same and there is no main page

Did not understand you. Which home page? Explain in more detail what the problem is.

I did everything as you wrote. Only my voice is heard. I am very upset.

And it didn’t work. Throw away the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy a7 2018. Can you advise something else

I guess it’s not your phone. So your interlocutor has a ban on recording.

Samsung A50 works with this app. I can’t find him?

Allowed everything does not work. There is no main page. Click on the icon and it says everything is ready again. Make the first call.

Click on the icon to listen to the conversation and after clicking everything is written, make the first call and the pages where there are no icons to listen to

On April 13, the android was updated after which the recording of the conversation became almost impossible, Google considered that the recording was not legal, why.

Everything is possible. Google has the right to block such applications on its platform.

So what to do if you can’t hear the interlocutor?

I answered already above. So, most likely, the interlocutor has a ban on recording.

Not the interlocutor has a ban, but Google has put a ban. Sew on tel. it is necessary.

And I don’t have such an application in Play markete ((

Don’t have a single phone recording app? Look carefully, there are many of them, any will do.

I have been using this application for more than six months. Listening to the recording of conversations is not necessary very often, but it is necessary! And I just can’t listen to the necessary recordings, I only hear myself Damn

How to Enable Auto Call Recording on Samsung Galaxy A50 A51

The Samsung GAIAXY M20 smartphone is a very low-end model, it lacks permission to record a telephone conversation. In my country it is allowed to record a conversation, but the phone blocks it. Since I constantly use this very necessary function for me to record the data transmitted to me on my work, I suffer very large losses using the services of Samsung. I am asking the company to lift the ban on my smartphone for the function of recording a telephone conversation. But all attempts are in vain. I did a big foolishness in choosing a phone, now I bought a cheap HYAWEI Y5 and just got my sight, a smartphone that is twice cheaper than a Samsung turned out to be twice as fast as a Samsung in functionality, and in terms of communication. where Samsung does not take. Huawei is all-seeing!

Tired of already suffering with Samsung, this is a loss of nerves, time and money! Tried everything! Does not record the interlocutor’s voices in any way. I turned it off and put it in the nightstand, I’ll give it to my enemy for jam day, otherwise he walks with Xiaomi and enjoys life that everything is built into his phone at the factory settings.

Way to Save Conversation in Samsung Note 9 Phone

For devices Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, HTC, Huawei, Note 8 and others that do not have a recording function, an application is available on Google Play. “Automatic Call Recorder”.

If you don’t have built-in recording function, an app from Google Play will be the right tool.

Go to the market to download it. Once installed, it is able to automatically record your mobile phone conversations.

The application allows you to save a recording not only on a mobile device, but also in the cloud on popular resources. And also add priority labels to records and share them on Internet services.

The Auto Record application can:

  • Save incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Search through saved records;
  • Record all calls in a row on your Samsung;
  • Replay telephone conversations;
  • Built-in black / white lists;
  • It is possible to share files via SMS. Google.

The app also has a built-in background voice recorder. The application can use it to save the conversation if you activate the speakerphone. The application interface is in Russian, so it will be easy for any user to understand it. Move the Auto Record slider at the top of the Home screen to record every call. In the menu, you can select the recording source: voice from the phone, general background (voice recorder).

You can also select from the list of the phonebook, which subscriber’s voice needs to be recorded and which one is not.

Limit the number of program entries.

Customize the number of files you want or clear recent recordings with a click of a button.

Why do you need to record a telephone conversation on Samsung

Recording a conversation in our daily life can come in handy in different situations. For example, when your boss promises to give out a bonus for closing the report on time. Here you will need to turn on the recording and save it as proof of his words. The dictaphone at Samsung is an irreplaceable assistant in business negotiations. And especially in conflict situations. When to record speech that you can use for your own purposes in the future.

Samsung Note 8, 9 devices have such a built-in feature. But there is an interesting point that Honor needs. Developers of mobile devices have made it possible to embed the voice recorder in the firmware of those countries where such a function is permitted by law. But there are countries where voice recording is prohibited. And, accordingly, there is no function in the Samsung firmware for this country. A list of both countries can be found on the Russian-language website:

In any case, the firmware can be replaced with a custom one. And it will also be able to record conversations on the phone. If your device is no longer within the warranty period. Even if your device does not have a built-in voice recorder function, you can find the firmware for it and install it. Similar software can be found on the website in the corresponding section of the forum.

Preparing to Install Samsung Firmware

If your mobile device does not have a standard call recording function, and there is no suitable application, you can install a new firmware for it. It will already have a conversation recording function. And you can use it without any additional programs. An example will be considered on the popular Galaxy Note 9.

For flashing, you need a computer, as well as a Samsung USB driver for your model to connect the device to a PC.

Programs and methods: Explanation:
Odin programYou can download it at the link. To upload files from the forum, you need to register. This address contains almost all the software that is required for flashing.
RealTerm programCan be found in any search engine.
The firmware itself for the region that has the function we needYou need to find the firmware for your device model again on the forum. Follow the link above and select the spoiler you want.
CombinationYou will also find this file in the list of required to install custom firmware.

In order not to lose important data from your smartphone, you need to make a backup copy of the file system. You can also restore the functionality of your mobile device at any time if something goes wrong. The application for this can be downloaded from the Play Market. Or on the official website, the link to which is also already in our article above.

Record Phone Call on Samsung without Apps

Recently, device manufacturer Samsung has limited the recording function in devices for some countries. Users reacted negatively to this. But this decision was made at the level of regional law.

You can easily check in your smartphone if the device supports call recording without any applications:

Different models store these files differently. They can be found in music files or in the file manager. To do this, you need to open it in the main menu. And find a folder that will be called Voice Record or Phone Record. They will contain your notes. They can be transferred to a computer via a USB cable. Or via Bluetooth to another mobile device.

How to Record a Phone Conversation on Samsung

Still, we saw excerpts from films about spies, where they showed a group of scouts in a small mobile laboratory. One of them sat in headphones and recorded the signal from the bugs placed in the apartment of the person being followed. Modern technology allows you to carry such a spy laboratory with you in your smartphone. Today we will talk about how to record a telephone conversation on a Samsung smartphone [instructions for iPhone].

Installing Samsung firmware with the ability to record a telephone conversation

Let’s get down to installing the firmware for Samsung Note 8, 9, which will allow you to record calls. The USB or ADB driver, as well as RealTerm, must be installed to the root of the computer’s system folder.

Connecting call recording in a call from Google

If the above method did not work, there is another interesting way to get the call record back. We recommend paying attention to the caller from Google.

There is no need to change the firmware to change the region. It is enough to install the application “Phone” from Google on your device if it is not there. If there is, go to the app on Google Play. Next, do everything step by step.

Scroll down to the “Take part in beta testing” section

Join beta testing by clicking on the appropriate label. You may have to wait a bit for Google to connect you to the testing program. Usually, the wait takes from a few minutes at 99% to several hours.

After you join the group of testers, an update will come. You need to click the “Update” button.

Call any contact and phone book and see the “Record” button that appears.

The application can now record phone calls.

That is, by clicking on the “Record” button, the application will warn both interlocutors about the start of the call recording and about its end.

You can listen to the recording directly in the application. Go to the “Recent” section. Select the contact with whom the conversation was recorded. (under it there will be an inscription “Recorded”)

Clicking on a contact will launch the player to listen to the conversation.

Such simple manipulations will help establish the ability to record a conversation.

Cube ACR

Still, there remains a way out for users of version 9, this is the Cube ACR application. The application works great on many devices, you can see the list here.

  • telephone
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype

This is not the whole list, which is constantly growing.

No other application can boast of such capabilities.

At the first start, the program will ask you to enable the App Connector function in Accessibility, this is necessary to access the call log (I already mentioned the restrictions that Google introduced above). Include, otherwise the program log will contain anonymized data, which will be difficult to navigate.

As a result, you will receive a working, free version of the Cube ACR application with a small set of necessary functions.

  • Call recording
  • Log management (share, delete, comment and others)
  • Recording on the built-in voice recorder.

The premium (paid) version gives you more options:

  • Saving recordings in different formats
  • Backup
  • Pin
  • Saving recordings to SD card
  • Smart data management

During a call, a widget will appear on the screen, with which you can disable and enable recording.

If your device does not record a telephone conversation well, refer to the settings of the “Recording Source for VoIP”

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In the application settings, select “Record”

And install another source. Test everyone.

Additionally, in the free version, you can configure the geolocation of the call in the “Other settings” section and set the switch “Enable geotagging”.

I want to warn you that you can use call recording only for personal purposes without transferring the recording to third parties, warning the interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded.

How to set up phone call recording on Android 9

Hi everyone. Today we will look at how to record phone conversations on Android 9. Why we are considering this particular version?

Call recording on early versions of the Android operating system was practically not difficult to work with. Starting with version 9, Google changed the policy in March 2019, closed the ability to record calls and closed access to the call log to all applications intended for recording, adjusting to the current legislation of different countries.

Applications that previously worked without problems and recorded conversations with high quality ceased to perform their functions on Android 9 and depersonalize the log of recorded calls. As a result, in the recording of the interlocutor, it is either barely audible or inaudible at all.Now, without root rights, it becomes impossible to configure this function.

Call Recorder on Samsung Phone

Many people experience the problem of recording phone conversations on Samsung. If you paid attention, there are very few models in the list and all have version of Android 4.2.2 or 4.4.2 maximum.

Having studied this topic a little, I came to the conclusion that basically the problem is solved by changing the region. In this case, you need to reflash the smartphone with the replacement of the region.

On the one hand, changing the firmware is a problem for many people, but in fact there is nothing complicated. On the other hand, this is at least some kind of solution.

Watch the video and you will see that it is not difficult to change the firmware.

All materials are needed for the settings for recording telephone conversations on Android 9 (programs, firmware) you will find on the forum and, accordingly, instructions on how and what to do.

How to record a phone conversation on Samsung

How to record a phone conversation on Samsung

How to record a telephone conversation on Samsung in 2021 so that the interlocutor can be heard and the file with the recording is normal? Which program can make a full call recording?

Samsung Recording is a function necessary to save important conversations so that you can listen to them later. After all, it is often just necessary to listen to the conversation again, where the boss lists you tasks, the wife / husband lists the important things or purchases, and the grandmother lists the medicines she needs. How to remember all this if you didn’t have a piece of paper with a pen at hand?

It’s no secret that stock recorders can no longer record phone calls on Android 9 and 10 versions. This is due to the fact that the developers of the ninth Android themselves have established a ban on recording, in order to keep the secret of personal conversations and prevent them from being recorded.

And if there is no secret in conversations and you need to record it just in order to listen to it at the right time? Then what to do? That’s when the VkurSe program comes to the rescue, making a stable recording of a telephone conversation in 2021 on Samsung phones of any version of Android.

Stable Call Recording on Samsung Phones in 2021

VkurSe program. actually records mobile calls on Samsung of any version of Android. You can:

  • Record the conversation only from the numbers you need;
  • Record all phone conversations on Samsung;
  • Make a record of everyone, except those who are not needed;
  • See a detailed description of calls (time, contact name and number, call duration);
  • See a list of contacts saved on Samsung;
  • See new added contacts;
  • Activate Voice Recorder to Record Phone Calls on Samsung.

The program has a function that allows you to remotely turn on the dictaphone to record a mobile call on Samsung (by command, by period, after calls). On command, it will be possible to record the environment, the sound of which is conducted near the Samsung (in a room, car, cafe, etc.). It is possible on the street, if not very noisy and the interlocutors are standing near the phone itself. Conversations will be recorded, and the file will come to your office.

On 9 Android, recording of the environment through a dictaphone on Samsung on command may not be done. Then the recording settings for a specific time come to the rescue. The microphone at this time will automatically turn on and the recording of the environment will start regardless of whether there is Internet on the phone at that moment.

In addition to the fact that our program can make a stable recording of phone calls on Samsung Galaxy, it also:

  • Shows the current coordinates of the phone;
  • The entire route of movement;
  • Will record SMS messages;
  • Record correspondence in social networks and messengers;
  • Shows the internal folders of the phone;
  • Photos and videos stored on Samsung;
  • Remotely allows you to block applications;
  • Will send you all keystrokes on the phone keypad;
  • And much more.

How to Record a Phone Conversation on Samsung in 2021?

In order for the function of recording a telephone conversation on Samsung to start working, you must first register on the site. Your personal account will open. Only you will be able to enter the cabinet. do not give the password to the cabinet to anyone. The program will transfer all the collected information to your personal account.

Then you need to download the VkurSe program for free and strictly according to the manual in pictures. After installing the program, you will have automatic recording of telephone conversations on Samsung (A50, A10, A30, S 9, S10, etc.).

In other words, the program will automatically activate the recording without outside interference. As soon as the Internet appears on the phone, the files with the recording of conversations will be immediately transferred to your office. If the Internet is always on on the phone, then the files will be transferred to the cabinet instantly, after the end of the conversation.

Do you have any questions? Write to our online consultants!

Why are there problems in phone calls on the Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50

Initially, the Android operating system did not have a built-in function for recording incoming and outgoing calls. But there was a request for this function, and from about the 6th version of Android. The functionality of this OS has the ability to record phone calls. It lasted until 2019, when Google, for reasons of the legislation of a number of countries, removed this opportunity.

At the same time, not all smartphones, including Samsung, had the ability to record calls from versions 6 to 9 of Android OS. Recording of calls has been prohibited in some countries. And manufacturers of mobile gadgets and operating systems had to think about how to get around certain restrictions.

We also remember that Galaxy phones, in addition to Android OS, have a shell known as OneUI. This is a specialized Android-based user interface that includes a number of convenient and phone-expanding functions. Among them. one desktop, personalization, voice assistant, smart guide for beginners and more.

The functionality of these shells for Galaxy A series allows you to add a number of convenient options to your phone. Among them there is an option to record incoming and outgoing calls.

To check if your Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 has a sound recording option, go to the contact list of your gadget. Find the desired contact in the list, click on the button with three dots, and in the options menu that opens, click on “Record”.

In this case, when making a call, the conversation with this contact will be recorded automatically. Otherwise, you will have to use the functionality of third-party programs, which we will describe below.


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Way to save phone conversation on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 using OneUI

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone powered by OneUI, then there is a way for your smartphone to record any phone conversation. All you need to do is download and install a special APK file. This file will make available the button for recording a phone conversation when making calls.

  • Download the specified APK file from this link
  • Install it on your smartphone;
  • Reboot your smartphone;
  • A button for recording a call will magically appear on the screen for making calls.

Recording a call through the voice recorder of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

A fairly easy way to record a phone call on your Galaxy A Series is to use a voice recorder. In this case, you do not have to download additional programs, but you will have to manually enable and disable recording.

To record a call to Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 via voice recorder, do the following:

  • Find the “Dictaphone” application on your phone and launch it;
  • Now make a call to the desired subscriber, and your conversation will be automatically saved;
  • Find the “Dictaphone” application on your phone and launch it;
  • Now make a call to the desired subscriber, and your conversation will be automatically saved;

How to Record Phone Conversation on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50

Samsung Galaxy phones are among the most popular in the domestic market. Combining low cost and excellent functionality, they are appreciated by many users. An important advantage of Android phones is the ability to record calls, which is implemented using the Calls application functionality. Below we will analyze how to record your phone conversation on the Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50 smartphone. And also what programs will help us with this.

Using third-party applications

You can record a conversation with a subscriber on a Galaxy smartphone using a variety of third-party applications that can be found on the Play Store.

Applications and links: Description:
“Cube Call Recorder ACR”One of the most popular applications on the Russian Play Store. If you have Android 9.0 or earlier installed, the application will work without any problems. In the case of Android 10, Google has blocked the ability to record phone calls, so the recording functionality will be available in the premium version of the application.
Call Recorder S9Knows how to identify phone numbers, record calls by phone number or contact name on Honor. Supports automatic saving of conversations, can send calls to e-mail, has various recording modes.
“RMC: Android Call Recorder”The application is designed to record outgoing and incoming calls. Due to some limitations in Android phones, this program can only record from the microphone. Therefore, when running this program for your Honor, it is recommended to use the loudspeaker during a call in order to get a clear voice on the recording. All conversations are recorded in a file named “RecordMyCall” on the memory card.
Call Recorder. ACRFree call recorder software, one of the best of its kind. It allows you to keep a list by phone numbers, searches by phone number and contact name, has the function of automatically deleting old entries, protecting entries with a password, and more. Supports Cloud Upload (Pro) for Email, Google Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, WebDAV, Dropbox, FTP, and WebHooks.

Above, we examined how you can record your phone conversation with the interlocutor on the Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50. And also what methods will help us in this. If there is no built-in ability to save calls on your Galaxy, then we recommend turning to the functionality of third-party applications.

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