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Via SIM card

Very often, the loss of data from a smartphone is not so critical if all contacts have been saved on the SIM card. In this case, it is enough just to transfer all the numbers from the SIM card to the phone.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Open the address book on your smartphone and select the “Import / Export” item in the options menu.
  • Next, select the section “Import from SIM-card”.
  • Select the phone as the place where the data will be saved.

Thus, you can get any number from the SIM card. After that, the data will be stored in the memory of your phone.

Depending on the manufacturer of the device, the sequence of actions and the arrangement of menu items may vary.

Using Gmail

Every owner of an Android device has a Google account where contacts are saved. In the mail service Gmail, an automatic copy of the address book is created. The data is stored for 30 days, after which it is deleted.

To start recovery, log into the Google account to which the smartphone is linked. This must be done through a computer.

Recovery via mail is performed as follows:

  • Go to the site of the Google search engine and in the upper right corner click on the icon of 9 small squares.
  • In the menu that appears, select “Mail”. located below the “Map” section.
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Login” button in the top menu and enter the data. After logging in through your Google account, you will be taken to the mail section. On the left side of the interface, click on the inscription “Gmail” and in the pop-up menu select the item “Contacts”.
  • On this page, expand the “” section in the left menu and select “Restore contacts”.

How to retrieve the deleted contacts in Android device | Samsung

  • A window will appear in front of you, where a list of actions is provided.
  • Select the required time period and click the “Restore” button.

At this stage, the recovery of lost data from the address book using a Gmail account is complete.

After completing all the steps, do not forget to see if you have enabled the synchronization of contacts with your account.

  • To do this, go to the phone settings and go to the “Google”.
  • Check the box next to the “Contacts” item. This will save your numbers and, if they disappear, return them to the device’s memory.

Synchronization is very useful if the phone does not turn on. All data saved in Google cannot disappear without a trace, since they are stored on the servers of the service.

Reasons for missing contacts

The main reasons why such data may be missing:

  • the user himself accidentally deleted all the numbers;
  • after a factory reset;
  • a Trojan appeared on the device that deletes all contact data;
  • due to obtaining Root rights or after the operating system has been updated.


To avoid the problem of missing contacts, you need to back up your data stored in the cloud. If there is no backup, then the following recovery methods will help you.

EaseUS Mobisaver for Android (Root)

Another useful utility that works through a PC. You can download EaseUS Mobisaver from the official website of the developer. The program interface is completely in English, but this does not complicate the work process. The utility is distributed free of charge.

After completing the installation and launching the software, you will be asked to connect the device via USB. After a while, it will display the found phone.

After that, the program will ask you to obtain Root rights to analyze the phone.

As soon as you give your consent, the scanning of all data, the deletion of which was made earlier, will start.

When the process is complete, go to the “Contacts” section. All numbers that the software could find will be displayed here.

In order to get them out, click on the “Recover” button.

Android Data Recovery

The program must be downloaded to your computer from the manufacturer’s official website. It provides users with remote access to their smartphone.

The software is available for Windows and Mac. Downloading and using the utility is completely free, even though there is a paid version.

  • Connect your device to your computer and wait for the sync to complete.
  • Open the program
  • In the utility window, select the “Recover” section.

The app can recover deleted contacts, messages, photos, etc.

In addition to Android devices, be it a Sony Xperia or Lenovo, you can use an iPhone that runs on iOS for work.

Recovering contacts on Android

The biggest fear of any smartphone owner is to lose all available contact information from a notebook. If this problem still happened, then it is very important to know how to restore contacts on Google Android.

How to Get Back Deleted Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Readers of our site are often looking for an answer to the question of how to get back deleted contacts on their Android smartphone. As it turned out, there are several ways, one of which implies that you used your Samsung account to sync your contacts. If you can’t find your lost contacts in your Google Account, then they may have been saved to a different account, which is required to install apps and themes from Galaxy Apps.

So, let’s start with the easiest way. restore contacts via Google account.

how to get back deleted contacts that were synced through Samsung account

This method assumes that the phone has crashed, due to which some or all of the contacts have disappeared from the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. To restore contacts, you need to delete and add the account back.

    Open your phone settings and go to the “Cloud and accounts” section

Now go to the “Accounts” section and select “Samsung account” in the list

Tap on the email address, click the “Menu” button, which is located in the upper right corner and select “Delete account”

  • After confirming the actions, the Samsung account will be deleted
  • When the process is complete, restart your phone
  • Now add this same account back and make sure the contacts are synced. If this did not happen, then click the “Synchronize” button, which will force the synchronization process.
  • how to get deleted contacts back to android

    Google has web versions of its services, so we can do all the necessary actions right from the computer.

    • Go to the Google Contacts webpage and make sure you’re signed in with the same account you use on your phone
    • Click the “To old version” button on the left side of the screen
    • Then click on the “” button, which is located above the list of your contacts
  • Then you need to select the time until which you want to restore deleted contacts
  • Now click restore to complete the process.
  • If the lost contacts did not appear on your phone, then try deleting your Google account and adding it back to sync your data from scratch.

    What else can you think of?

    You need to make sure that the phone book displays all your contacts, and not just those that are in the device memory, on the SIM card or any of your accounts.

    • Open the Contacts app on your phone
    • Tap on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner of the screen and go to settings

    How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts from android device (Without root)

    In the “Show contacts” section, select “All contacts

  • After these steps, the phone book will display all your numbers.
  • Did this material help you get back the contacts you lost? If you have any useful information on this, then please share it in the comments.

    We use Google Contact (valid for a month)

    This method helps when your contacts have been synced. Very often, such synchronization is done automatically, and a person may not even be aware of it. To accomplish this, you can use the program (which I wrote about above). But, you can also use the Google site. So:

    • You need to follow the link. Having entered the page, we will immediately see a list of numbers from your book. If you have not synchronized, you will see a white box;
    • But it seems that you did the synchronization. It is quite possible that you removed some of them manually. This case can be corrected. To do this, click on the tab in the left column;
    • Then, you need to click on the “Undo Changes” command;
    • Further, we will see the tabs in which the OS will ask us to show for what period of time we managed to delete contacts: “10 minutes ago your own version”.

    You need to choose the one that suits your case and confirm. After a certain period of time, your contacts will be restored. You will receive a notification about this.

    We restore using the Viber application

    This messenger creates backups pretty quickly. Hence, it may seem to many that contacts should be restored without stumbling. But, there is one important point: backups are created only from text messages. They don’t touch the phone book.

    If contacts are completely lost on Android, then in this case Viber will not be able to help you. There is an opportunity to restore the correspondence. But, it contains the necessary numbers. To do this:

    • Let’s open the messenger by calling the side panel, where we are interested in “Settings”. We are interested in the “Account” tab;
    • We will enter another window, which contains the “Backup” tab. After that, tap “Restore”, then “Restore now”.

    All backups will be saved to Google Drive. From there, the user will be able to download without any problems.

    How to recover?

    • You need to enable USB debugging on your device (we use developer mode);
    • We install the application on a PC, then you need to start it;
    • We connect the smartphone to the computer, then you need to select fast or deep scanning;
    • We go through the analysis in real time. Then, you will be shown snapshots of the acquired data. The user only needs to restore the required material. Contacts can be quickly returned to the address book, which is located on the mobile gadget.
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    EaseUS MobiSaver App

    There are a decent number of applications that offer a fairly quick recovery of disappeared data. Of course, they will cope with this goal quite well. As a rule, these applications are paid. If you want a free utility with such functions, you should download the program from China EaseUS MobiSaver.

    This program can restore not only the contact history, but also various clips, photos, text notifications and even calls. After you install the utility, you need to show what information you want to find. After that, you need to conduct either a quick analysis or an in-depth.

    This application quickly finds information that was deleted a week ago. But, he still sometimes makes mistakes. You can apply an advanced search. But, it needs ROOT rights. Anyway, this is a great program.

    Recovering without applying a backup

    It seems that many of you got into a situation in which a backup copy was not created, and the necessary data disappeared from the device. In this case, it is necessary to use special applications that penetrate the system archive and restore the necessary information. Also, there are other ways. Let’s take them apart.

    We use a Google profile

    This method is one of the most common and effective. If you have enabled synchronization with Google, the information is automatically saved in your e-mail box. If you are using the Google Contact program. then there should be no pitfalls.

    • You need to run this application on your smartphone, and authorize if the OS wants it. After that, tap to the right to bring up the side tabs. Then we tap on the settings;
    • After that, you need to go down to find the “Contact Management” tab and click on the “Restore” button;
    • It may be that you have multiple profiles. In this case, you need to select one specific one, after that, a new window will open. We need a tab called Device Backup. In the event that backups were created, in this window you will see exactly them;
    • We need to select the backup we need, then a new window will open. In this window, you will see more details about the backup, and even the date when it was created. At the bottom of the window there is a rectangular “Restore” button. Let’s tap on it. Information is restored in background mode. Then, you can already use the ready-made numbers!
    recover, contacts, android, samsung

    Recover contacts on Android 7. 9

    Have you been upgraded or downgraded? Maybe the wipes were carried out due to the incorrect operation of the device? In each of these cases, all data, which included contacts, disappears. What can be done in this case? Do not despair, we will find a way out.

    Tenorshare Data Recovery App

    This application is quite popular. It can easily recover most of the deleted data, regardless of the time. This utility is paid. But, it recovers information quite well:

    • Restores contacts that you deleted using the contact book;
    • Very deep recovery, successful 99% of the time;
    • It can also recover SMS, pictures, videos, archives and documents;
    • The cost of the program is low when compared with similar programs;
    • Supports almost all brands of mobile devices;
    • Convenient design without unnecessary features. Root rights are not required.

    How to Recover Contacts in Android Phone after Deleting 7 Methods?

    How to restore contacts on an Android phone and in general, is it possible to do this? Of course you can. There are a decent number of ways to help you do this. Later in the article we will look at these methods.

    Attention: it is possible to recover phone numbers via Google only if you deleted them no later than a month ago (maybe a little more)! But, nevertheless, if you want to restore long-deleted contacts, then for this you will need paid and hard-to-find applications.

    Contacts in messengers

    If you use instant messengers such as Viber, Telegram or Whatsapp, then they also store your contacts with phone numbers. Those. by entering the list of contacts of the messenger, you can see the phone numbers of people who were previously in your Android phone book (and you can also go to the messenger on your computer, if suddenly the phone is lost or broken).

    Unfortunately, I cannot suggest ways to quickly export contacts (except for saving and then manually entering them) from instant messengers: there are two applications in the Play Store “Export Contacts Of Viber” and “Export Contacts for Whatsapp”, but I cannot say about their performance (if you tried, let me know in the comments).

    Also, if you install the Viber client on a Windows computer, then in the folder C: \ Users \ User_name \ AppData \ Roaming \ ViberPC \ Phone_number you will find the viber.db file, which is a database with your contacts. This file can be opened in a regular editor like Word, where, albeit in an inconvenient way, you will see your contacts with the ability to copy them. If you know how to write SQL queries, then you can open viber.db in SQL Lite and export contacts from there in a form convenient for you.

    Recover Android Contacts from Google Account

    The most promising recovery method is to use a Google account to access your contacts. It is suitable both if you need to restore Android contacts after manually deleting, and after resetting the phone to factory settings (formatting), or losing or breaking it.

    Two important conditions for this method to be applicable: the synchronization of contacts with Google on the phone turned on before deleting (or losing the smartphone) (usually enabled by default) and the information you know to log into your account (Gmail account and password).

    If these conditions are met (if suddenly, you do not know if synchronization was enabled, you should still try the method), then the recovery steps will be as follows:

    • Go to (it is more convenient from a computer, but not necessary. the process from the phone is shown in the video instructions below), use your username and password to enter the account that was used on the phone.
    • If the contacts have not been deleted (for example, you have lost or broken your phone), then you will immediately see them and you can go to step 5.
    • If the contacts have been deleted and have already been synced, then you will not see them in the Google interface either. However, if less than 30 days have passed since the date of deletion, it is possible to restore contacts: click on the gear icon in the menu and select “Undo changes”.
    • Indicate as of what time the contacts should be restored and confirm the restoration. In the window that appears below, do not click “Return”.
    • When finished, you can enable the same account on your Android phone and sync contacts again (if it is already on, sync will be done automatically). Or, if you wish, save contacts to your computer, see How to save Android contacts to a computer (the third method in the instructions).
    • After saving on your computer, to import to your phone, you can simply copy the contacts file to your device and open it there (“Import” in the “Contacts” application menu).

    How to recover contacts on Android

    One of the most annoying problems with an Android phone is losing contacts: as a result of accidental deletion, loss of the device itself, phone reset, and in other situations. However, it is often possible (though not always) to restore contacts.

    In this manual. in detail about the ways in which it is possible to restore contacts on an Android smartphone, depending on the situation and what can interfere with this. We will consider restoring contacts after deleting, resetting the phone to factory settings and in other scenarios.

    From a phone backup

    If your phone has backups, then you can use them to restore contacts. All that is required (provided that a Google account has already been added to Android) is to go to Settings. Google. Restore contacts, and then select a backup at the bottom, click on it and confirm the start of recovery.

    Using data recovery software on Android

    Many Android data recovery software has a contact recovery option. Unfortunately, since all Android devices began to connect via the MTP protocol (and not USB Mass Storage, as before), and the storage is often encrypted by default, data recovery programs have become less effective and it is not always possible with their help. then restore.

    Nevertheless, it’s worth a try: under a favorable coincidence of circumstances (a supported phone model, a previously unused hard reset), success is possible.

    In a separate article Recovering data on Android, I tried to indicate first of all those programs with the help of which, from experience, you can get a positive result.

    Everything above assumes that you can log in with your account, and also used automatic synchronization. If synchronization was not enabled or you do not have access to your Google account, this method, unfortunately, will not work and you will have to try the following, usually less effective.

    Additional options for recovering contacts

    If none of the methods gave a result, then here are a few more possible options that theoretically can give a result:

    • Take a look at the internal memory (in the root folder) and on the SD card (if any) using the file manager (see Best file managers for Android) or by connecting your phone to your computer. From the experience of communicating with other people’s devices, I can say that often there you can find the contacts.vcf file. these are the contacts that can be imported into the contact list. It is possible that users, accidentally experimenting with the Contacts application, export, and then forget to delete the file.
    • If the lost contact is of urgent importance and it is impossible to restore it, simply by meeting with the person and asking for the phone number from him, you can try to view the statement of your phone number from the telecom operator (in your personal account on the Internet or in the office) and try to match the numbers (the names are indicated will not be), dates and times of calls with the time when you communicated with this important contact.

    I hope that some of the suggestions will help you restore your contacts, if not, try to describe the situation in detail in the comments, perhaps you will be able to give useful advice.

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    Thank you very much for the information, you helped a lot)))

    Using the Viber messenger

    Now let’s look at another situation where contacts on Android have disappeared. How to restore them through this messenger? Alas, this can be done only partially, although as one of the means, if nothing else gives a result, this method is suitable. The fact is that the application itself creates backup copies exclusively for messages that were sent or received in the process of correspondence, but in no way affects the phone book on the mobile device itself.

    But you can use the settings of your own account, after which you select restore in the backup section. The history of messages will be restored, and for each message the interlocutor’s number will appear, which can either be written down or saved to the phone book again.

    How to restore contacts on “Android” after deleting: instructions for using mail

    Now, when considering the first method, which is considered one of the simplest, we will proceed from the fact that contacts on the phone were synchronized with mail and cloud services (at least from time to time), since this option is active by default in all Android systems without exception. How to recover contacts on “Android” after deleting in such a situation? Easy peasy!

    To perform such operations, you will need to log into the mail under your account, which is currently active on the phone and with which the device was activated when it was first turned on, using either a specially installed Gmail mail client or any of the available web browsers.

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    On the left side of the menu, go to the contacts section, and then select their restoration as an action, and then indicate the time for which the information should be restored. But keep in mind that this option is only active for a 30-day period. If more time has passed and automatic synchronization has not been performed, nothing will work.

    recover, contacts, android, samsung

    Ways to restore contacts on “Android” after deleting

    As for the basic methods that allow you to restore the phone book or contact lists that were created earlier in other applications, for which permission to access contacts was issued when they were installed on the device, there are not as many of them as we would like. Nevertheless, the main methods are considered to be the following:

    • using the email service Gmail;
    • restoration in the Google Contacts service;
    • restoring the list of numbers in the Viber messenger;
    • importing the phone book from backups;
    • application of third party software.

    As you can see from the above list, the last three methods are clearly limited in their capabilities, since it can be assumed that the user has never done manual backups, and most (but not all) applications for restoring contacts are paid.

    Is it possible to restore contacts on “Android”?

    Considering the main topic, let’s start with the question, is it possible to recover such information at all? By and large, such a possibility is provided in the Android devices themselves from the very beginning. However, here you need to clearly understand that it is usually possible to restore lost contacts or deleted phone book only if at least once the synchronization of your account with Google services or additional services has been activated, as well as in those situations when the state of the entire mobile system, or you exported the list of contacts to files for saving, say, on a computer hard drive or in cloud services.

    Note: if contacts were originally saved on the SIM card, you can simply re-import their list.

    Recovering information through the Google Contacts service

    Speaking about how to restore contacts on “Android” after deletion by almost completely identical method, you can use the specialized service Google Contacts.

    To do this, enter the standard phone settings, go to the contacts section, swipe to the right to open the additional menu, tap on the settings item, and then select recovery in the contact management section. If the backups were created automatically, then a list of them will appear.

    Use the one that corresponds in time to the moment before deleting the phone book and activate the start of the process.

    Additional technique

    Now let’s see how to restore contacts on “Android” after deletion, using previously created copies.

    So, for example, it is quite simple to perform such actions by importing a phone book from CSV or vCard files, which could have been exported earlier to Gmail mail or saved in the Google.Disk cloud storage. To do this, in the parameters of contacts on a mobile device, you just need to use the appropriate item. This method, if copies of contacts were saved in the form of files, is perfect for situations involving a complete reset of the gadget settings to the factory state or with the loss of the phone.

    How to restore contacts on “Android” after deleting: methods and detailed instructions

    Quite often you can come across situations when the owner of a smartphone accidentally deleted contacts on “Android”, but does not know how to restore them, or, even worse, lost his phone and does not have physical access to it. We will try to figure out what can be done in such cases. The methods used to recover such information are quite similar to each other. However, in each specific case, it is necessary to take into account some important nuances and specifics of the Android devices themselves.

    Third party software

    Finally, let’s briefly dwell on how to restore contacts on “Android” after deleting, if the previous methods did not have the desired effect. It is quite difficult to advise something specific in that case.

    However, some experts recommend paying attention to a small utility from Chinese developers called EaseUS MobiSaver. If you need something more powerful, it is best to use paid, but highly effective applications like Tenorshare Data Recovery, Android Data Recovery from iSkysoft, and the like. Some inconveniences when using them may be due to the fact that for correct operation you need to have root rights or install the program on a PC, and only then synchronize via USB debugging with a mobile device.

    How to recover contacts on Android. return missing numbers

    The numbers entered in the phone book of the smartphone may suddenly disappear from there. The reason may be a system failure of the Android OS, which provoked the deletion of contacts, as well as other applications that should be stored in the phone’s memory. In addition, cybercriminals can steal information through the distribution of virus programs. How can you get out of this situation, how to restore contacts on Android, why can they fly off? Answers to the questions posed will be provided in this article.

    Recycle bin

    A program that recovers deleted files of any age. The utility is able to restore files even if they were uninstalled several months ago. Recycle Bin has several benefits:

    • Low power consumption of the smartphone. During its operation, the battery power is practically not wasted.
    • Great functionality. You can choose several scanning options depending on the goals pursued.
    • After restoring the information, Recycle Bin can be left on. It will serve as a basket for Android OC.
    • Has a simplified interface. In the process of work, there should be no difficulties.
    • The application is downloaded for free in the full version.
    recover, contacts, android, samsung

    Recover Android Contacts from Google Account

    Using this method, you can “resurrect” not only deleted phone numbers, but also other files that have been uninstalled from your Android device. We are talking about messages, photos, videos, documents, etc.

    Note! It is advisable to use a Google account to restore your information when you reset the device to factory settings or when buying a new smartphone.

    To implement the method, you need to remember the login information for your account (login and password). It is also necessary that the synchronization of contacts be activated on the smartphone even before they are lost. Usually this action is activated by default.

    If contacts are missing on your Android phone, you can use the following algorithm to return them through your Google account:

    • Log into your account, specifying the login and password from the account in the appropriate fields. This action can be performed not only on a smartphone, but also on a PC.
    • View deleted numbers that may not show up on Google. To restore them, you need to go to the settings by clicking on the gear sign, which is located in the upper corner. Then click on “Discard Changes”. If more than 30 days have passed since the uninstallation of contacts, you will not be able to return them using this method.
    • A window will open in front of the user, in which it is necessary to confirm the restoration. You cannot click “Return” in this window, otherwise the account settings will be reset. In this case, the restoration of contacts will become impossible.
    • After completing this procedure, contacts can be synchronized again using the same account.

    Advice! It is better to copy the numbers to the PC in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.

    What is Android Contacts Recovery

    This operation is the return of deleted numbers to the device memory using various methods. You can download special programs that scan both external and internal memory of the gadget.

    Recover Android Contacts from Google Account

    7-Data Android Recovery

    Another popular program that can return lost information to a smartphone. The application does an excellent job of finding deleted contacts, messages, photos and videos, documents. It can always be downloaded from the official website. However, the software has recently become paid.

    The principle of using the application is to perform the following actions:

    • Download the utility to a smartphone via Google Play.
    • Connect the gadget to the computer via a USB cable.
    • Open the 7-Data Android Recovery window and click on the “Next” button.
    • Select the appropriate device storage. It can be both internal and external memory.

    After that, the scanning process of the selected drive will begin. This procedure may take several minutes. During this time, the application searches for all deleted or formatted files. The result of the work is visible to the user on the monitor.

    After the end of the search, all the information that was found will be displayed. Folders can be previewed before recovery.

    Important! The selected files must be moved to a separate folder on the PC, after which they can be copied to the smartphone.

    How to find missing contacts using instant messengers

    If the smartphone has instant messengers that the person actively used (for example, Viber or Telegram), then it will not be difficult to restore the lost information. Contacts are saved in instant messengers by default.

    For your information! Transferring all numbers from instant messengers to the phone book will take a lot of time, since this process is performed manually.

    If you connect a smartphone to a computer and open Viber, then a database will open in front of the user, which will contain all the phone numbers. They can always be copied and pasted into a text document. At the same time, the procedure for transferring contacts to a gadget will be significantly simplified.


    Universal software that allows you to understand how to recover deleted contacts on Android. When downloading the demo version, the user will be able to evaluate the main features of the product, check its performance on the installed version of the operating system, find some of the files.

    Note! Undeleter is fast. Scanning your smartphone takes a few minutes. In this case, a positive result is guaranteed.

    Undeleter application scanning system

    The utility gives the user the following options:

    • returning files regardless of their location;
    • storing files in Dropbox.

    In this case, if you delete the found file using this software, then it will not be possible to restore it again. The application will not be able to resurrect damaged or formatted data. This will generate a scan error.


    Let’s take a look at all the recovery methods. There are not many of them.

    Backup copy

    Worst situation that could happen. this is the loss of the phone. Then the solution to our problem is concretely complicated. The only way out will be copies previously saved on your computer or “cloud”. I try to periodically back up important information, copy it to a USB flash drive, Google Drive or Yandex Disc.

    If the phone is not lost, then you can recover from the file saved on the memory card. Usually, it has the extension “csv”. It is enough to select “Import” in the contacts settings and specify the path to this file.

    The essence of the problem

    I myself have found myself in similar situations many times. True, it was a long time ago. But even remembering those moments makes me nervous. After all, the list of people was quite impressive, and I did not create copies in advance. It’s good if some of the numbers were kept in mind, but if there are more than three hundred of them, then it is simply impossible to remember everything.

    Google account

    How to recover contacts on Android via Google? This is an extremely correct decision when you sync important information through your account.

    • Open the settings of your smartphone;
    • Go to the “Accounts” or “Accounts” tab;
    • Select “Google” and click on the three dots symbol (top right).
    • Now click on “Synchronize”.
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    You can try a similar procedure through your browser. Download the “Gmail” mail and click on the list on the left, selecting “Contacts” in it:

    A list will be displayed, and a list of actions will be on the left. To open additional options, click on “”. Now the “Restore” option has appeared. It remains only to specify the period for which the action will be performed.

    Help from specialists

    If everything written above seems complicated to you, then it is better not to “poke around” on your own, otherwise you can aggravate the situation. How to recover contacts on Android SIM card in this case? I advise you to contact professionals who use special equipment (for example, SIM readers).

    We use special software

    There are many applications, both for specific smartphone models and universal ones. Alas, they rarely help. But it’s worth a try. One of the best is Doctor Phone:

    The utility is the simplest tool that will help you recover lost data using a step-by-step wizard. First connect your phone to your PC, then turn on “debug mode” (the screen will show you how to do this).

    After identifying the device, you have to choose what to restore (photos, videos, messages, call log, etc.). We mark the necessary items and click “Next” (Next).

    It remains only to provide the program with full access to the smartphone, and the scan will begin. Based on its results, the monitor will display a list of found contacts, which can be selected one at a time or all for subsequent recovery.

    How to recover contacts deleted from phone or SIM card

    Hello. Very often, beginners who have recently started using gadgets with the Android operating system accidentally delete contact information. The problem is pretty serious. Want to know how to recover deleted contacts on Android? Now I’ll tell you about the most effective methods using third-party software, Google and backups.

    MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

    Another working program for recovering numbers deleted from the phone book; works like the previous ones, only if Android has access to the root folder. The smartphone owner will have to:

    • Download (download., install and run the application, and then select the Recover from Phone option in the main window.
    • If the connection cannot be established, check the integrity of the cable, restart the phone and try to connect it again.
    • Upon completion of information processing.
    • Switch to Quick Scan mode.
    • And uncheck all the boxes, except Contacts. otherwise the process will stretch indefinitely. Now by clicking on Next.
    • The owner of the phone should switch to the Contacts tab.
    • Find and mark deleted number. or all numbers.
    • By selecting the directory for saving data.
    • User will receive three content options. Excel spreadsheet.
    • And a contact card in VCF format.

    The card can be copied to the device memory, then open and add the contact to the phone book; in other cases, the user will have to manually create records for each found contact.

    Google Contacts

    If the numbers were recorded on an Android phone not on a SIM card, but in a single Google profile, they can be restored on the corporation’s website. however, only within a month from the date of deletion or unsuccessful reset. The reason for the loss of contacts in this case does not matter; the main thing is to keep your Google account active.

    To recover contacts deleted from your phone using Google, you will need:

    • Go to the site. and, if authorization has not been performed yet, click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner.
    • And logging into the site by entering a password is no more difficult than enabling Safe Mode on Android.
    • Now, to restore contacts on Android, you should click on the nine squares placed next to the user’s avatar.
    • Expand the “” menu on a new page.
    • And click on the “Undo Changes” button. it will be as easy to find it as in the future to copy contacts from your phone to your computer.
    • The new window will offer several options for restoring numbers from the phone book: for the last hour, day, week, and so on.
    • The user can set the time period during which the contacts disappeared independently in the format “days / hours / minutes”.
    • Contacts deleted on Android will be restored in a few minutes. just use the “Return” button and wait a little.
    • In theory, the data should reappear on the phone immediately after syncing. To speed up the recovery process somewhat, you need to go to the “Settings” of the device, find there the section “Cloud and accounts”.
    • Open subsection “Accounts”.

    Here, in the “Settings”, you can clear the cache in the phone after completing the main task. If synchronization does not start for some reason, you can restore contacts in the phone book differently:

    • In the “Contacts” service, select the “Export” option.
    • And specify Google CSV as preferred format.
    • The document can be opened on a computer in Excel or saved and transferred to the phone; the spreadsheet will contain the names of contacts, phone numbers, email addresses and other information. it remains to manually enter it into the phone book.
    • If, as a result of an Android error, not all contacts, but only some of them were deleted, you can restore them manually one by one. by selecting in the general list.
    • And exporting as the same spreadsheet to hard disk or device.

    Important: you won’t be able to restore the history of calls and messages using Google Contacts using the method described above. for this, you should use one of the special programs that allow, among other things, to transfer contacts from Android to Android.

    Apps from Google Market

    Still worth a try; One of the best products of its kind is the Contacts Recovery application, which allows you to recover contacts in a few taps:

    • After downloading and installing the program, the user must launch it and by clicking on the Recover Contacts button.
    • Next, you should find the desired number in the general list, tap on the Recover button next to it.
    • Repeat the action in the next window.
    • And, going to the phone book, make the necessary adjustments to the newly created card.
    • Select a new storage location.

    The main drawback of the application is the need to repeat the listed manipulations for each lost number. It will not work to automate the process. the owner of an Android smartphone will have to look for another program without any guarantee of its performance, or switch to other methods of restoring contacts.


    If the numbers from the phone book disappeared not as a result of a deliberate reset or a large-scale failure, but by themselves, that is, due to an insignificant error of the Android OS, the owner of the phone using instant messengers will be able to return them by simply opening the correspondence. The method is not one hundred percent, but working. and therefore it makes sense to consider the procedure for the four most popular applications.

    In Telegram, you can restore a lost contact as follows:

    • Open the desired dialogue and tap on the avatar of the interlocutor.
    • The number will be displayed directly in the profile.
    • If desired, the user can forward the contact data to himself in the “Saved Messages”.
    • Or, if you want the number to be displayed in the main window, call the contact via Telegram. Now all that remains is to rewrite the numbers on a piece of paper or copy them to the clipboard. and re-create the card in the phone book.

    You can view a number that for some reason disappeared in the general list via WhatsApp as follows:

    • Go to the conversation, tap on the three dots at the top of the window.
    • And find the required numbers in the window that opens.

    In Viber, the process of restoring a contact is just as simple:

    • The owner of a phone running Android OS opens a dialog, brings up a context menu.
    • Finds the right person in the list of interlocutors.
    • And by tapping on his name, he gets the desired data.

    To find a number deleted from the main phone book in Skype, you will need:

    • Go to the conversation window and tap on the contact’s avatar.
    • And, if the interlocutor registered with a cell number, view and rewrite the necessary numbers.

    Important: in all of the above cases, it will be possible to restore the number only if you have previously communicated with the contact. otherwise, the information you are looking for in the messenger will simply be absent.

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Android?

    The owner of a smartphone, who has found, installed and mastered the most interesting applications for Android and even knows how to quickly and without wasting nerves to reflash his device, one not too fine day may face a new problem. all contacts entered into the phone’s memory have disappeared. This happens for a variety of reasons, for example, due to a system failure or reset. How to restore your phone book. let’s try to figure it out.

    EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

    To recover contacts deleted from a smartphone running Android using the EaseUS MobiSaver for Android program, you will need:

    • Download (link., install the application, connect your phone and click on Start.
    • Wait while the software prepares the required data.
    • And, immediately going to the Contacts section, mark the deleted number. or all lost numbers.

    Tip: if the program refuses to restore contacts, referring to the use of the trial version, you should just rewrite the found numbers on a sheet and then manually enter them into the device’s memory.

    Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

    You can recover accidentally or recklessly deleted contacts on Android using this shareware application, as follows:

    • Download (link., run the program and click on the Android Recovery button.
    • Connect your phone with a USB cable and wait for the app to recognize it.
    • As necessary. grant permission on the smartphone to access the memory by pressing the Allow button or similar.
    • Uncheck the Select All checkbox.
    • And install in Contacts, then click on the Next button.
    • Allow the program access again. otherwise, the restoration of lost numbers will be impossible.
    • Upon completion of the search, find the desired contact in the list, mark it with a tick.
    • And specify the folder to save the files.
    • Now, by clicking Show in Folder, the owner of the Android smartphone will be able to open the output directory.
    • The first file displayed in the folder is an HTML link.
    • Allows you to view data in any browser.
    • You can open the second one in any text editor; you can find the necessary information (contact name and number) in the value sections.

    Important: in order to successfully restore contacts that have disappeared from an Android phone, a user who has chosen this or two subsequent methods will need to first obtain root rights.

    Manual search

    Android OS does not create backup copies of contacts on its own in case of factory reset and other troubles; nevertheless, for the owner of the device, who previously used any applications for backup, it makes sense to look for a file with the VCF extension in the internal memory of the device. it, as already mentioned, is used to store contact cards.

    If you are lucky and the file is found, you need:

    • Select “Contacts” as an application for processing.
    • And again save the card. or all the cards.

    Tip: in the future, it is worth editing the found data, deleting those that have become really unnecessary. and, of course, do not forget to make a backup copy of important contacts.

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