Redmi phone how to take a screenshot of the screen

Taking a screenshot using a button on the notification bar

Meizu smartphones have an interesting feature that a lot of older phones lack. With its help, you can take a screenshot directly from the desktop. To do this:

  • Go to the screen / page you want to take a snapshot of.
  • Open the notification panel, expand it and click on the “Screenshot” icon located in the quick access menu.
  • Open the gallery and find the screenshot you just took there.

We hope this method did not cause any difficulties for you.

If there is no “Screenshot” button on the notification panel, then you need to configure it in the menu.

Screenshot using a combination of buttons

This method is used on most smartphones, as it is the simplest. Below is the order you can follow to take a screenshot of the screen on Meizu.

  • Go to the screen / page you want to take a snapshot of.
  • Press the volume down keys and the power button at the same time. You will hear a clicking sound similar to the sound of a camera shutter, and you will see something like a flash on the screen.
  • Now, all you have to do is open the notification panel or gallery in order to view the picture you just took.

This is an easy 3-step way to take a screenshot on Meizu phones. The next way is even easier. It implies using the built-in function.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on Meizu phone? (2 ways)

From time to time, anyone is faced with the need to take a screenshot on their own device. The reasons for this can be different. This could be a system error that needs to be fixed, progress in a game or application, etc. and so on.

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There are several ways to take a screenshot of the Meizu phone screen. All of them are shown below, so you can choose the most convenient for you.

How to take a long screenshot of the screen on Meizu?

To take a long screenshot of the screen on Meizu, you need to follow only 3 steps.

  • Go to the screen / page you want to take a snapshot of.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Power Off keys at the same time for 2 seconds.
  • Open the gallery and find the long screenshot you just took.

Make sure your device is running Android 7 Nougat, which allows you to take long screenshots. If not, wait for a system update that will allow you to take scrolling screenshots.

Long, scrollable screenshot

A new feature of Meizu is the ability to take long screenshots. scrolling screenshots. This means that you can take a snapshot of 2 or more pages, which will be saved in one picture, and view it at any time.

How to View Saved Screenshot on Meizu Smartphone?

After saving a screenshot of the screen, it may be difficult for you to find it in your Meizu’s memory. You need to do the following. Open the “Gallery” located on the main screen of your smartphone. There should be a folder in which screenshots are saved.

Finding it is simple: the last screenshot taken is displayed on the icon. By opening this folder, you can delete, send or view screenshots.

Method 4

For some devices (LG, Bright Quick, etc.), the software shell of smartphones contains a built-in function for taking screenshots.

To use it. it is enough just to lower the curtain of the notification panel and click on the corresponding tool (“Screenshot”. see the picture below ).

Note: For modern LG devices, the tool may be called “QMemo”. This option will allow you not only to create a screen, but also to process it: apply inscriptions, crop edges, etc.

Method 2

  • turn on the phone and open the application (place) that you want to screen;
  • hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds;
  • after that a slight click should sound (as when photographing). the screen is ready!
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if the screen does not work (for example, during games, movies, etc.)

If your device is old enough (Android version below 4.0), or you still couldn’t find the cherished buttons for this operation, or maybe something just doesn’t work for you, in these cases you will need a special application to take screenshots. Very convenient in this regard “Screen Master”.

A very simple application that allows you to take screenshots and record videos from your phone screen. The application is not whimsical and will work even on fairly old devices.

By the way, in the arsenal of functions of this application there is an option that allows you to create screenshots with a simple shake of the device! It is very convenient if your volume button does not work well (for example).

I’ll show you how to work with the application using an example. After installing and launching it, enable the “Shake” mode and click on the “Enable Screen Capture” button. See example below ().

Please note that you will have a camera icon in the notification bar (this means that the application is waiting for your command.).

Screen Master. turn on the shake option

Now go to the desired game, movie, find the desired image (etc.) that you want to shoot. and shake the phone slightly. Woo-a-la and the screen is ready!

The application made it automatically and saved it to the default folder (usually “Internal memory \ Pictures \ Screenshots”).

At the right moment in the game. just shake your phone.

When you don’t need the application to work, go to its settings and click “Disable capture” (the camera icon should disappear on the notification panel).


The first versions of Android OS did not have the function of creating screenshots, which was a clear inconvenience. Therefore, if you have a very old device, go directly to method 6.

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Since version 4.0, the developers have built in a universal method. simultaneously pressing the “Power volume (down)” buttons (as a rule, the buttons must be held down for 1-2 seconds, until the created screen appears on the phone screen). See photo below ().

This option works on most modern smartphones. Is it only with some models from Samsung, Xiaomi and HTC there are certain difficulties (for them, see methods 2, 3, 4.).

Method 3

redmi, phone, screenshot, screen

How to take a screenshot of your Android phone screen

good time!

What can be shown in the screenshot (picture) cannot always be explained in words (it is not for nothing that there is a saying “It’s better to see once than.” ).

But on phones, as well as on PCs, with the creation of screenshots (sometimes) there are difficulties.

How to Take Screenshot in Redmi 8

In this post I will give some of the most popular ways (combinations of buttons) to create screenshots that work on most smartphones (moreover, even quite old ones).

If none of the combinations suits you, check out the 6th method, which shows, with a simple example, how to take a screenshot of the screen using the usual shaking of the device.

Well, just in case, just below I will give a link to the instructions for transferring pictures (including screenshots) from the phone to the computer.

redmi, phone, screenshot, screen

How to download photos and files from your phone to your computer (6 ways). instructions for beginners.

Method 5

Well, I could not fail to note one more option (it is, however, still rare, for example, on Redmi devices):

  • find the desired image (which you want to capture);
  • click on the “Include” button;
  • in the menu that appears, select the “Screenshot” tool (it will be together with the “Restart” and “Power” buttons). See example below ().

Menu after pressing the shutdown button