Replace glass on iPhone 10

Decided to ignore the cracks? Be aware of the consequences

Many people mistakenly think that replacing the glass on the iPhone 10 is a waste of time and money. Like, a small crack has appeared, slightly spoils the aesthetics, but does not interfere with the use. not scary.

Remember, if your phone fell, was severely crushed, became a victim of bites or received various mechanical damage, and as a result cracks appeared on the screen, then replacing the front glass of the iPhone X is required! What will happen if you do not do this in a timely manner? Through the cracks that appear, the drunk microparticles and liquid will penetrate inside. Operating the phone with damaged glass will sooner or later lead to malfunctions of the sensor or matrix, which will require a complete replacement of the screen module. In some cases, even more serious damage is possible. Thus, an untimely replacement of the iPhone X glass can lead to the fact that the cost of repairs will increase significantly.

Ideally, of course, prevent damage to the screen, handle the phone carefully and use additional protective glass. But if the trouble has already occurred, do not hesitate. go to the specialists.

IPhone X Touch Glass Replacement

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Despite the high build quality of Apple technology, both past models of gadgets and new products, each owner may need to replace the iPhone X glass. new.

The flagship manufacturers claim that the sapphire crystal cover of the smartphone is extremely durable. However, there is nothing that a persistent person cannot break, and replacing the rear window is one of the most frequent calls to service centers in Kiev.

The glass in the iPhone is the top layer glued to the Retina display, underneath which are capacitive sensors and tactile feedback. IPhone X glass repair (replacement) is possible only if the damage has not touched the display and sensor (screen module is normal). That is, the plywood of the topmost layer (glass) is performed only if there are no spots on the screen, and the sensors work well.

If you get into trouble with your new smartphone, don’t worry. the FIX4U wizards will help you. We offer an adequate cost for replacing the iPhone X glass and do everything as quickly as possible, with you. Typically, repairs take 20 to 60 minutes. This is painstaking work that requires skills and knowledge, so trying to do everything yourself is at least risky.

Change glass on iPhone X in FIX4U: fast and inexpensive

The FIX4U workshop specializes in serving Apple customers. And if you need to replace the iPhone X glass in Kiev, bring your electronic “friend” to us.

We are located in the center of the capital on the street. Khreshchatyk, 14. Let’s replace the front glass, back cover or camera glass. If necessary, we will carry out diagnostics and repairs of any complexity.

  • individual consultation;
  • free diagnostics;
  • regular promotions and discounts;
  • free installation of protective glass (or 3D glass for only 100 UAH).

To find out how much it costs to replace the glass on the iPhone 10, see our price list on the website or call the contact phone number. We will gladly and responsibly return the flawless look to the smartphone. Waiting for you!

The vagaries of iPhone repair

In principle, Apple’s basic policy is focused on the fact that it is better to replace, rather than repair in the field, a damaged gadget.

Anyone who addresses the problem of a broken screen will first of all be offered the opportunity to replace the broken iPhone with a new one. with an additional charge. Instead of a broken one, you get a factory tested gadget that meets high quality standards, with a full cycle of a one-year warranty.

Please note that in the event of any intervention (not by authorized center employees). during the warranty period, you automatically lose the ability to replace the iPhone with a new one (with a surcharge). This is the main condition of this program.

Therefore, even a broken smartphone should not be opened. He will then be sent to the manufacturer. to perform professional repairs and complete restoration of all settings, in accordance with the standards of the enterprise.

What do you get when you contact a third-party service center? In the best case. a couple of months. for a second call for free, with an unpredictable result. And all this for about the same money as when exchanging with a surcharge, plus you can forget about the manufacturer’s warranty.

In general, replacing the broken glass of the screen is a very scrupulous business. Often, service centers offer to change the entire screen module at once. And with the right “donors”, you know, it’s still stressful. smartphones are new. A large number of original spare parts (or their counterfeit equivalents) should appear only by the end of January-February 2017. And they will cost 20-30 thousand rubles.

But how then to be? Do not pay almost half the cost of a gadget to replace the display. And besides, it is not known how successful the replacement procedure will be. Nobody guarantees you the same high performance as the working original.

And again, damage to damage is different. If the “seven” has a crack on the display, just temporarily close it by sticking any protective film, it will protect from further depressurization and simultaneously strengthen weak points.

In cases where the screen is cracked in many places after the fall, but continues to work, the touch “Home” responds adequately to commands. it makes sense to try to replace only the glass. We recommend not to postpone the trip to the workshop, as microscopic debris can damage the matrix. And then you will have to change it, and this will definitely cost a pretty penny.

The main problem here is that it is very difficult to remove the glass and reattach it, avoiding the appearance of uneven adhesion of it to the screen. Even professionals don’t always get it right. In this regard, we strongly recommend not to engage in amateur performances, but to contact verified offices.

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Also, to carry out such work, you will need special glue and a whole list of additional devices and materials, which are impractical to purchase for the sake of a one-time procedure. So you shouldn’t experiment, like “it won’t work,” on such an expensive device as the iPhone.

And it’s better not to save money, and replace the entire display module in the assembly. You can easily cope with this procedure yourself. That’s just for now, the problem is to find a spare part as close as possible to the original. If you are lucky enough to get a new display module, you can try to dismantle the old one, and reassemble the smartphone as “Lego”. How to do it. see further.

IPhone 7 glass replacement at home

Despite the fact that the new Apple flagships, starting in 2016, have become dust and water resistant, this did not save them from other mechanical damage. And understandably, the top 10 is topped by broken display glass. As an evil, the weighty iPhone with acceleration falls exactly on the fragile display, and not on the durable metal “back”. No matter how strong and hardened the glass is, it cannot tolerate close contact with asphalt (concrete). And a line of frustrated users goes to the workshops, whose devices have lost in the battle of technology against Earth’s gravity.

Algorithm for self-replacement screen iPhone 7

If this does not scare you, and, most importantly, you managed to find a suitable donor (or a new spare part), you can try to install it yourself. There is nothing extra-complicated about it.

Disassembling the sealed iPhone 7 is a little more difficult than its predecessors. his joints are glued with a special insulating compound. To facilitate the process, we recommend that you warm them up a little with a hair dryer to soften the glue joints. Next, you need to unscrew the two bolts near the only lightning port with a special star screwdriver.

Walk around the perimeter of the joint under the top of the screen with any suitable object (a plastic spatula, for example), starting at the area near the port. This will allow you to peel off and detach the side latches, then gently pry up and slowly begin to detach the top of the screen from the case. Do not make sudden movements. this can damage the latches and thin connecting cables that power the display.

We draw your attention to the fact that new iPhones open like a book. Therefore, when disconnecting, you need to move from the port. and along the left edge (on the side opposite to the camera window).

Now our task is to unscrew a lot of bolts on the strips that protect the loops. We remove them in the places marked with arrows and unfasten the trains with a spatula. To avoid a short circuit, it is imperative to de-energize the system by disconnecting the loop coming from the battery! Then detach the cable leading to the camera and speaker. After that, you can completely remove the top of the screen. Now it’s time to mount a new replacement module. in the photo it is on the left. We need to transfer the camera, the top speaker and the “Home” button from the native device to it.

Carefully remove the tape securing the connecting wires and the bright protective film from it, then remove the speaker and camera module from the home part of the screen (on the right in the photo). To do this, unscrew the screws marked in the photo below, and, pushing the camera cable away, take out the ear speaker, then carefully disconnect the rest of the camera cables and pull it out. This is what should happen. Now it’s time to dismantle the home button “Home” from the broken display module. Again, we unscrew the screws at the marked points, disconnect the cables and take out our unique button (it will fall out by itself. in the direction opposite to you). The cover plate can be removed from the broken display. Unscrew the screws again at the points indicated in the photo. Unfasten the connecting cables and remove the cover. Now you need to rearrange “Home” on the new display module. Turn it over and reinsert the Home button, pushing the factory protective film off the screen. Connect the cables to it and reassemble all the parts in the reverse order. We remind the sequence of installing the camera module and speaker. First, the camera is inserted into the opening, then the speaker (with the golden side up), and then the contacts are connected. Finally, rearrange the metal protective bar, connect the screen cable. Do not forget to screw in all the screws! In fact, this is not an easy task. after all, they are all different sizes. In order not to lose and not get confused, it is better to lay them out on a sheet of paper, along the way making notes where they are from.

Do not use too much force when screwing them back in, as excessive pressure will apply pressure and may damage the board components or the screen itself.

That’s it, our screen unit is assembled and ready for final installation. After inserting the side latches into the grooves, fasten the cables back, the last will be the power cable. At this stage, you need to check the functionality of the installed module. Press the power button and check that the start-up proceeds normally. Examine the screen for dead pixels or blackouts. Check whether the Home button responds correctly to pressing the button, whether the application lists are scrolling in the menu, whether the camera starts, test the sound. If everything is fine, turn off the device and continue assembling. We fasten the protective pads to the points where the cables are connected. first the ones above the power supply, then the ones near the camera, then put the halves of the smartphone together, starting to snap them. Control the pressure, you should not press hard. It remains to screw in two pentalobe screws and be done. It is clear that after the procedure, your device will lose its tightness. But with a strong desire, it can be restored, many centers already offer such services.

How to replace glass on an iPhone and leave the display intact

Guess the most common question asked by owners of broken iPhones.

Right. Can i replace cracked glass on an iPhone while leaving the display intact? They say it’s cheaper.

And there can be two answers. At home. no, not in any case. This venture is doomed to complete failure.

In terms of good service, yes, you can. To understand what the complexities of the process are, we contacted the well-known Russian service MacPlus. specializing in post-warranty repair of Apple technology.

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At the same time, we received from them pictures of the equipment on which this procedure is carried out.

How to professionally replace only glass in an iPhone?

The blue area in the center of the photo is a separator that heats the display module to remove glass. Costs 20 thousand rubles.

The device is carefully and unhurriedly opened, the loops are sequentially disconnected. This is a very important stage that requires attention and accuracy. Excessive movement or incorrect parsing sequence can damage the electronics.

The old damaged glass is removed from the heated display module with a molybdenum thread, the glue is removed and, if the polarizing film is damaged, remove it and stick a new one.

This is also very important and requires care: abrupt movement can damage the display.

If you do not remove the glue completely, there will be irregularities and bubbles during the plywood. And the accurate removal of the polarizer requires a special device.

In the foreground is an autoclave and a vacuum press for high-quality gluing of displays with two compartments. The upper compartment is a vacuum press designed for gluing displays with glass. The lower one is an autoclave, used to remove residual bubbles under the press using excess pressure. Costs 90 thousand rubles.

The new glass and display are sent under a press for a high-quality connection, and then into a pressure chamber so that no air bubbles remain.

Both steps are necessary, as if you use only one, bubbles and bumps will remain.

Fast and high-quality glass replacement requires new high-precision equipment and experienced craftsmen. not only those who know how to work on it, but also thoroughly know the structure of the iPhone.

It looks like the front glass with a touchscreen for the iPhone X.

By the way, replacing the glass on the iPhone X requires more care and attention when disconnecting the cables (you can damage the display) than working with the iPhone 6, 7 and 8.

The metal frames on the iPhone X need to be filed away (with plastic frames, this is not necessary). In service MacPlus this is done by a separate technician who is not distracted by other types of repairs, which allows you to change glass on the iPhone faster.

How much does it cost to replace glass on an iPhone?

Once we checked with MacPlus, then the are given exclusively for them. To understand the difference, we give the for glass replacement and for the entire module as a whole.

iPhone 6: from 1500 rbl. glass or from 4000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 6 Plus: from 2000 rbl. glass or from 5000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 6s: from 2500 rbl. glass or from 5000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 6s Plus: from 2800 rbl. glass or from 6000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 7: from 3200 rbl. glass or from 6500 rubles. whole module

iPhone 7 Plus: from 3500 rbl. glass or from 8000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 8: from 4000 rbl. glass or from 11,000 rubles. whole module

Restoration touch glass iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus: from 4500 rbl. glass or from 12,000 rubles. whole module

iPhone X: from 12000 rbl. glass or from 25,500 rubles. whole module

iPhone XS: from 14000 rbl. glass or from 28,000 rubles. whole module

iPhone XS Max: from 17000 rbl. glass or from 33,500 rubles. whole module

iPhone XR: from 9500 rbl. glass or from 21,000 rubles. whole module

It is clear that replacing the entire module will always be preferable to replacing the glass. But the difference in price is always in favor of “minor” repair of the module.

Compare: from 12,000 rubles. for replacing glass on the iPhone X against 25,500 rubles for the entire display module. It turns out a saving of about 10 thousand rubles.

Why replacing only glass on an iPhone is so difficult?

Because the glass is literally fused with the display matrix.

From time immemorial, the iPhone screen module consists of three parts: glass, a touch panel and a matrix. the part on which the picture is displayed.

Until 2010, a thin layer of air remained between the glass with the touch panel and the matrix. Accordingly, replacing broken glass was relatively easy and inexpensive.

The iPhone display module is a one-piece replacement. You can’t just remove the glass.

Starting with the iPhone 4, Apple tightly connects all three parts of the display module to each other. There is no more air gap. This was done with good intentions: the image from the matrix is ​​now as if displayed directly on the surface of the glass, and dust does not get there.

But the repair of this part has become much more complicated since then. If the glass is damaged, it is better to replace the entire display module as a whole. Removing and replacing the glass is extremely problematic: it is firmly adhered to the matrix, which is incredibly easy to damage.

Glass for iPhone XS fits into the frame.

To properly replace glass on modern iPhones, you need:

▪ carefully remove the broken glass without damaging the matrix

▪ remove all glass “dust” from the matrix, frame and body depressions

▪ using special equipment to “stick” the new glass perfectly evenly, without air interlayers.

If the first two points can be dealt with in “handicraft” conditions, then it is almost impossible to repeat the last one at home. The equipment itself is also not easy to get: it costs serious money and requires skill.

This is why replacing glass on an iPhone is a relatively rare procedure that cannot be trusted by just anyone.

However, it still costs less than just replacing the entire display module. The main thing is to go to the SC, which has the necessary hardware and is well-versed in the matter.

P.S. What does the iPhone look like after glass replacement? There are disadvantages?

It was / is.

If the procedure is performed correctly, then the difference between such an iPhone and a device with a new module is invisible to the naked eye and when used in general.

In case of “handicraft” repair of the module, however, it will be much worse. Detachment of glass from the frame, the appearance of air bubbles, remnants of glass dust, violation of the tightness of the display, stains and light on the matrix from the uneven distribution of new glass. only some of the problems.

The result is a compromise. IPhone glass replacement is almost always significantly cheaper, but it cannot be done anywhere. Choose a service that uses professional equipment and vouches for the result.

It was / is.

By the way, the glass replacement has an interesting plus regarding iPhone models with Face ID. iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. You will continue to have True Tone and Face ID. In case of replacement of the entire module, no such guarantees.

What are the breakdowns of iPhone 6?

the phone does not charge or discharges quickly;

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the sensor and the Home button do not respond to commands;

the camera does not focus and takes pictures of poor quality;

You do not hear the interlocutor or he you. speaker problems. Most often this happens if dust has accumulated on the speaker and the iPhone has been used in this state for a long time.

Can’t charge your phone or charging is enough for a short time. You need to replace the battery on your iPhone 6. The battery problem may be due to the use of poor quality chargers. If the phone gets very hot or only works on the mains. the breakdown must be looked for on the motherboard in the power controller.

Stripes, pixels appeared on the screen, the image is deformed, the touchscreen does not work. the reason is in the display. The problem usually occurs after being hit / dropped or damp. The sensor does not respond to pressing, performs spontaneous commands. faulty touch controller.

Home button stops working if dropped, hit, or got wet.

You want to call someone, but the phone cannot see the network. the reason may be either in the SIM card itself or in the communication modem.

Problems with Wi-Fi may occur through a poor signal or incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi module.

You decided to take a great photo, but the camera does not focus or the image is blurry. the reason may be software failures, mechanical damage or moisture in the case.

And the worst problem. iPhone 6 won’t turn on. In this case, we advise you to simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds. If it does not help, the reason may be:

a failed battery or power controller;

IPhone 6 Repair

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

IPhone 6 breakdowns and repair features

iPhone has taken first place in the market for its quality and performance. But even first-class equipment needs repair after certain situations or long-term service.

��iPhone X & XS Max Glass Only Replacement. home solution��

Often the reasons why the iPhone 6 does not work correctly are:

Diagnostics iPhone 6 will help determine the breakdown and solve the problem.

IPhone 6 repair

Our service center will conduct a free diagnosis of the iPhone 6 and establish the cause of the breakdown. As soon as possible, specialists will fix the problem, and you will be able to continue to fully use your iPhone.

In case of incorrect battery operation, we suggest:

replacing the battery (if you often charged the phone in the car or used a non-original charger);

unsoldering the power controller chip on the motherboard (if the reason is in the controller).

Replacing the iPhone 6 glass consists of several stages. With the help of special equipment, we remove the remnants of broken glass. After that, we glue a new one, according to factory technologies.

In case of display problems. we install the original screen taken from the donor phone or a high quality copy (at your request).

Network problems are corrected by replacing the non-working microcircuit on the motherboard using the exact desoldering method.

We start Bluetooth repair with correct flashing. If after that the phone does not work correctly. we replace the faulty antenna or microcircuit.

If you are having sound or speaker problems, there are two repair options: cleaning your iPhone or replacing the flex cable. It all depends on the degree of pollution. In the case when the phone has been working with dust on the speaker for a long time, we replace the cable.

Self-service glass replacement on iPhone 6

New models of Apple smartphones are becoming more attractive every time. They acquire even greater elegance, their size is reduced, and the complexity of the repair is proportionally increased. Unfortunately, the Cupertino-based company has yet to come up with an iPhone that delivers excellent performance, aesthetic satisfaction, and 100% protection against bumps, drops and other mechanical impact.

Products, as you know, are not cheap, so repairing the device is a great alternative to buying a new one. This is what prompts us to write instructions of such content. In this article, we will explain and show you how the iPhone 6 screen is replaced.

Stage one. remove the display

Before starting work, we advise you to prepare several small trays in which you can fold the fastening screws and small parts of the smartphone. Better yet, label each container (for example, “display cable cap screws”). This will avoid confusion when assembling.

You should start by removing the SIM card tray. A special key is used for this. If it is not there, an ordinary paper clip will do. Then we unscrew the two bolts located on the sides of the USB connector.

It’s impossible to open the iPhone just like that by detaching the cover, so we take the vacuum suction cup and fix it from the outside of the display:

  • We separate the display from the case. To do this, you need to pry it from one edge with a plastic scalpel, and hold it around the entire perimeter of the device. We turn off the touch glass so as not to pull out the contacts;
  • Next, you need to disconnect the battery cable, so we unscrew the two mounting bolts from the metal plate;
  • Now you can open the cover that hides the display cable. It is fixed with five screws, so we unscrew them one by one, and remove the plug;
  • Disconnect each of the four cables carefully. Now that the iPhone display is disconnected, you can carry out the necessary manipulations with it.

Stage two. disassembling the screen

Before you start replacing damaged glass, you need to disassemble the display module:

  • In its upper part, unscrew the three screws that hold the metal latch-cap;
  • After removing it, you need to carefully bend the front camera cable. Below it is the earpiece that needs to be removed;
  • After that, we disconnect the photosensitive sensor and remove the cable on which three elements are held: the front camera, microphone and sensor;
  • Moving on to the bottom. Here it is necessary to remove the metal retainer of the “HOME” button by unscrewing the two fixing screws. Immediately after that, remove the “Home” button along with the train;
  • Unscrew the six side bolts (three on each side) and one bottom bolt of the display substrate. Next, you need to disconnect both cables and open the cover;
  • The final stage is the removal of the backlight. Detaching is very problematic, so you need to play with it properly.

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