Samsung A 31 How To Record Screen

How to Record Phone Conversation on Samsung Galaxy

Hello! Today I will show you how to record a phone conversation on Android Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly record any conversation on your samsung galaxy smartphone, any model. Anyway, on any Android. You will be able to record both incoming calls and outgoing calls. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

This will open the Google Play app.

Through the search at the top, find the Call Recorder. Cube ACR application and install it on your smartphone.

On the welcome page, click the Next button below.

Next, allow the app to access your phone. Here you can find out for what purposes access is provided.

Next, click Allow again.

In the phone settings, enable the function to allow the application to display the floor windows of the second used applications.

Everything is ready. Look, for outgoing or incoming calls, when you call or call you, a button with a microphone image will appear on the screen. Click on it and the conversation will start immediately.

After that, open the application and your entry will be displayed on the main page. Click on it. Then click on the Play button and listen to your conversation!

Still have questions? Write a comment! good luck!

I personally checked it on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, everything works! You did everything exactly as shown in the instructions?

Great app! The microphone does not turn on during recording, which is important. excellent recording.

Conversations are recorded, but only my voice is recorded, and the interlocutor’s voice is NOT recorded, what should I do? Samsung Galaxy A 20

When the app was opened, did you give the app access to the phone? You also need to enable permission in the phone settings. did?

I confirm that it does not work on the A20! Everything is checked, all settings, all permissions. For some reason, none of the applications at all wants to record the interlocutor. over, I even checked the answering machines. There is definitely no ban on recording)))

I cannot say anything specific about this. We need to figure it out. I will look at the settings, maybe there is something, some parameters that affect the recording of the conversation. But, personally, on J5, he writes, everything is fine.

I read in the internet that Google blocked this function in version 9 of Android, tk. in some countries it is illegal (to record without the consent of the interlocutor). current with root.

There is not even such a program in the play market.

There is. I just checked it. On request “call recording” the third in the list is displayed. bad looking.

I also did NOT find

The author’s instructions show an icon for it and look for.

I turned it on, but after completion, when you click on the application button, there is no main page. But it just says everything is ready, make the first call.
I do the same and there is no main page

Did not understand you. Which home page? Explain in more detail what the problem is.

I did everything as you wrote. Only my voice is heard. I am very upset.

And it didn’t work. Throw away the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy A7 2018, maybe you can advise something else

I guess it’s not your phone. Means in your interlocutor there is a ban on recording.

Samsung A50 works with this app. I can’t find him?

Of course it will be. What request are you looking for?

Everything was allowed DOES NOT work. There is no main page. Click on the Icon and it says everything is ready again. Make the first call.

Click on the Icon to listen to the conversation and after clicking everything is written, make the first call and the pages where the icons are to listen to comments

On April 13, the android was updated, after which the recording of the conversation became almost impossible, Google considered that the recording was illegal, why.

Everything is possible. Google has the right to block such applications on its platform.

So what to do if the interlocutor is NOT heard?

I answered already above. This means, most likely, the interlocutor has a ban on recording.

Not the interlocutor has a ban, but Google has put a ban. Sew on tel. need.

And I don’t have such an application in Play markete ((

Don’t have a single phone recording app? Look carefully, there are many of them, any will do.

I have been using this application for over half a year. Listening to the recording of conversations is not necessary very often, but it is necessary! And it is precisely the necessary records that I cannot listen to, I only hear myself. Damn.

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The SAMSUNG GAIAXY M20 smartphone is a very low-end model, it lacks permission to record a telephone conversation. In my country, recording is allowed, but the phone blocks it. Since I constantly use this very necessary function for me to record the data transmitted to me on my work, I suffer very large losses using the services of SAMSUNG. I ask the company to lift the ban on my smartphone for the function of recording a telephone conversation. But all attempts are in vain. I did a big foolishness in choosing a phone, now I bought a cheap HYAWEI Y5 and just got my sight, a smartphone that is twice as cheap as a Samsung turned out to be twice as fast in functionality as a Samsung, and in terms of communication. Where Samsung does not take, Huawei is all-seeing!

Tired of already suffering with Samsung, this is a loss of nerves, time and money! Tried everything! Does NOT record the voices of the interlocutor in any way. Turned it off and put it in the nightstand, I will give it to my enemy for jam day, otherwise he walks with Xiaomi and enjoys life that everything is built into him in the phone at the factory settings.

DU Recorder

Another popular free Android app is DU Recorder. Its main advantages are the absence of advertising and powerful functionality:

  • home screen, camera and microphone recording;
  • resolution up to 1080p;
  • speed 60 fps;
  • the ability to capture online broadcasts from popular platforms.

DU Recorder is interesting for its editing capabilities: users can apply filters to the footage, crops, convert them to GIFs. In this case, the sources and edited ones will be saved as separate files.

Screen Recorder

Easy-to-use software. Screen Recorder, optimally coping with the tasks. You can download the assistant for free on the Playmarket. After installation, I allow the program to access the screen.

The software works very simply: a floating button is displayed on the phone. If you tap on it, a menu with available functions will come out. Clicked on recognizable icons, you can record a or quickly take a screenshot.

The advantages of the program include:

  • stop and continue recording in one media file;
  • display of touches on the touchscreen during shooting;
  • painting with a brush while shooting;
  • quality and format selection function;
  • editing filmed material (editing, subtitles, music)
  • editing screenshots (drawing, writing, cropping and creating a collage).

Screen Recorder records Not only menu manipulations or passing games. With the application, you can capture everything that is displayed on the screen, and even calls.

The application will be useful Not only for Samsung owners, but for those who do not have a built-in capture function. The rich functionality of Screen Recorder was also appreciated by the owners of modern “sophisticated “models Honor and Xiaomi, the pre-installed utilities of which do not provide so many opportunities for working with material.

Filmit Pro

Another free app, not limited to a demo version, is Filmit Pro. But there are also disadvantages. you cannot shoot Full HD and get rid of embedded ads.

Filmit Pro gives users, in addition to capturing:

  • simultaneously record data from the microphone;
  • trim the;
  • edit captured;
  • apply modern filters to the roller;
  • add background music.

The software has a convenient interface and supports Russian, so even an inexperienced user can easily figure out its functionality.

Where the record is saved

Samsung’s screen recordings of popular apps are saved in the device’s internal storage. You can go to the files through the program itself or through the android gallery.

But some applications allow you to customize the save location and select external memory instead of the default internal memory. So, in the Screen Recorder menu, users can send the recorded files directly to the smartphone’s memory card.

How to Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

How to record a screen on a smartphone in order to teach loved ones to perform complex operations on Samsung or to demonstrate the second feature of passing the game? To help you, several programs have been developed that allow you not only to capture. but also edit it right in your phone.

How to Record Samsung Screen Using Programs

The dedicated smartphone apps work in the same way as the PC capture programs that gamers use. For Samsung, several software have been developed with different functionality and cost. We will look at free options that provide a high-quality picture and record clips on Galaxy in standard formats.

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Progress does not stand still and now programs for capturing for mobile are openly available for Samsung owners. The interface of the programs is quite simple, they take up little memory and have optimal functionality for the successful creation of trainings.

Screenshot of Samsung screen. Standard way.

Almost all modern phones are built on the Android operating system. Phone maker Samsung is no exception. Therefore, in Samsung phones, there is a standard way to screen the screen. To do this, press simultaneously:

  • volume down button.
  • phone lock button (aka turn on / off the phone).

Taking a screenshot of the screen on an Android phone

How to screenshot screen on Samsung phone

Good day. In today’s article, we’ll cover a popular question. How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung phone? We will tell you all the methods we know. They will be both standard and non-standard. Although there are not many of them, but still they are.

Screenshot of Samsung screen. The last way. rare.

This method is only suitable for owners of phones with an edge panel. First you need to turn it on. Turn on the edge panel:

  • Open the menu.
  • display.
  • curved screen.
  • Activating the edge panel and edge panel backlighting.

Setting up the edge panel

The sliders are activated. A highlighted vertical bar appears on the case’s desktop. Move it from right to left. Click settings. Put a tick in the “select and save”.

Sliding edge panel Samsung phone

Now we can use the edge panel. You can use it to take a screenshot, record a gif file and much more. We just move the panel aside, move it again and get a special menu for working with the screen.

Screenshot of Samsung screen. A way to control your phone using gestures.

In the latest models of Samsung phones, the ability to take photos with gestures is implemented.

Desktop drawer can also be done with gesture embedding. This requires:

  • Open the settings;
  • We are looking for the item “Movement” or “Palm Control”, or “Gesture Control”, or “Additional Functions”.
  • The slider in the “palm screen” setting must be activated.
  • We draw vertically with the back of the palm from right to left.
  • the snapshot is ready.

Palm screenshot on Samsung

Screenshot of Samsung screen. Non-standard way.

Some owners probably still have the old generation of Samsung phones. Someone still uses them and DOES NOT know how to make a screen screen. And these older phones were also based on the Android OS. However, instead of touch buttons, it had a round or rectangular Home button, like in the iPhone.

The screen screen in such models worked in a non-standard way for Android phones. You need to press the volume down button the “home” button.

Screenshot of Samsung screen

Where to find screenshots?

The screenshots will be saved automatically in the standard directory. You can find them in the gallery along with other photos, or in a specially created folder. The folder will be created automatically. It may be called:

  • Screenshots
  • screenshots
  • Screenshots

In this article, we have covered all the available screen capture methods on Samsung phones. We hope they will be useful to you. And if you still know some methods that we have NOT described, share them in the comments, we will gladly add them to our article. Thank you for attention!


Chinese Meizu gadgets, depending on the model, allow you to shoot the screen in two different ways:

  • The first is universal.
  • The second. by simultaneously pressing the “Power on” and “Home” buttons.
Samsung A 31 How To Record Screen

via computer

There are a lot of programs with the help of which the user can control the phone from the computer. Most of them are created by device manufacturers, but only for devices of their own brand. However, there are also universal ones. One of the best applications of this class, in our opinion, is the free MyPhoneExplorer. In addition to remote content management on any smartphone or tablet, it allows you to take screenshots and save them to your PC.

The program consists of two modules: a server module, which is installed on a Windows-based computer, and a client module, designed to be installed on an Android gadget. The interaction of the modules provides pairing of the phone and the PC in three ways: via a USB cable (do not forget to enable USB debugging on the phone), via Wi-Fi (if both devices are in the same network) and via Bluetooth.

MyPhoneExplorer will allow you to control your mobile device just as if you were holding it in your hands. But now we will NOT explore its capabilities. Our task is to figure out how to take a screenshot:

  • Let’s establish a connection first. The desired method is set in the program settings on the PC.
  • After the data of the mobile device appears in MyPhoneExplorer, go to the “Miscellaneous” menu and select “Phone keyboard”.
  • When the picture from the screen of the latter is displayed in the window on the PC, click the save button.
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Using programs from Google Play. On devices with custom firmware

Custom firmware gives Android devices many useful additions, and one of them is easy screen capture. The “Take screenshot” option is right in the shutdown button menu.


Xiaomi smartphones and tablets also support additional screenshot capture methods. This is the simultaneous pressing of “Volume-” and the keys in the form of three strips (menu), as well as the “Screenshot” icon, which is located behind the curtain of the notification panel.

The software shell for Android smartphones LG contains a proprietary application Quick Memo (QMemo), which not only takes screenshots, but also allows them to be processed in the built-in editor. For example, crop around the edges, add text, etc.

To launch Quick Memo, pull down the notification shade and tap the icon shown in the picture below.

In addition, a universal method works on LG devices.

Asus Zenfone

Asus Zenfone and Zenfone 2 also have their own proprietary chips, which are provided by the ZenUI shell.

To take screenshots with one touch, make small changes to the Asus ZenUI settings:

  • Go to the gadget options menu, open the “Asus Individual Settings” section and select “Recent Applications Button”. Assign the button the action “Press and hold for screenshot”. After that, she (the button shown in the picture below), with a long press, will “photograph” the image on the display.
  • For Zenfone 2: From the home screen, open the quick settings menu. Then go to the “Additional settings” section and select the “Screenshot” option. Confirm saving. After that, the “Take Screenshot” icon will appear in the quick settings.

A universal way for all versions of Android, starting from 4.0

To capture the contents of the screen of a smartphone or tablet, just like on a computer, press certain keys. But not in the virtual keyboard, but on the body of the gadget. These are “Power” (the power button) and “Volume Down” (the bottom half of the volume rocker). Press both buttons strictly at the same time and hold them a little in this position. After 1-2 seconds you will hear the sound of the camera shutter. this means that the screenshot is ready. After that, the system will automatically save it to the / Pictures / Screenshots or / Pictures / ScreenCapture directory of the device’s internal memory.

The method works on phones and tablets of any manufacturers. Nexus, Fly, Motorola, Sony Xperia, ZTE, Huawei, etc. The only condition is that a not too old version of android must be installed on the device, the rest is not important.

screen capture

The Screen Capture application takes pictures using both the hardware and software buttons and by shaking the device. Like the previous program, it includes simple tools for editing the finished picture. Does not require mandatory root rights, but if you have them, it provides a little more options.

How to take a screenshot on any Android phone and tablet

Sooner or later, any owner of an Android device needs to take a screenshot. As an experienced PC user, you know that the computer has a special key for this. PrintScreen. You open the virtual keyboard, and there. nothing like that.

Don’t panic! Everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. There are no less ways to take a screenshot on Android than on a PC, they just are not so obvious. We invite you to learn more about them.

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