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Another way to make a screen on the A51 with the edge of the palm

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I already mentioned you can take a screenshot on a51 with the edge of your palm right away when you take it out of the box and make the initial settings.

To do this, the edge of the palm must be held in such a way that it touches the screen slightly from the beginning to the end and must be carried out quickly.

When I first did it the first three times it didn’t work out for me, but now everything is going with a bang. One piece of advice for your studies.

Choose a place on the screen so that the screen cannot move to the left, then learn faster. Witness that the snapshot display will blink.

I will not describe how to take a screenshot through Bixby now; initially it will need to be taught Russian.

Yes, I almost forgot. in a51 it is allowed to take a long screenshot, no matter how long.

Just select the page with scrolling and as soon as you make the buttons from the bottom immediately press the second button from the left (with an arrow pointing down).

To do this, I will write a separate entry, and so most of them will not read until this place, the first method is enough, unless someone wants to know where to find the skins.

The first way to take a screenshot on the A51 2020

I recently told you how to record a screen on the A51, now I will describe how to take a screenshot. First, find the location you want to capture. Now quickly press and release the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons SIMultaneously.

This will save it and, if you want to view or share it, quickly find it in the gallery. over, if earlier it was necessary to hold the buttons a little bit, now on Samsung a51 you need to instantly press and release.

Otherwise, shutdown, restart and emergency call will start. This is just one of the possible options.

There are at least two more built-in palm and through bixby. The latter is available by voice.

Where on Samsung a51 are the screenshots taken

You can certainly find them in the gallery. This is if you share or just watch, but if you want to transfer, for example, to a computer, then the gallery will not work.

Then you need to open the folder with the internal memory, then follow the path DCIM Screenshots.

It is there that you will find the screenshots, while the photos will not be there, they are in another folder. That’s, in fact, all that I wanted to share.

And if you take a screenshot with any of the options I have described, it does not matter. Let me know in the comments and we will definitely solve this problem. Success.

3 ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung a51 2020

Galaxy a51 2020 runs on OS 10 with OneUI 2.0 and takes screenshots a bit differently from previous Galaxy phones.

Even with respect to the a50, for example, you had to turn on the screenshot yourself with a gesture, and on the samsung galaxy a51 its updated version is already included.

Also, in the past, when the power button was pressed for a long time in the phone, as a rule, the shutdown or restart menu appeared.

Bixby will now launch immediately. In general, he is a good thing, only initially you need to tinker with him.

Although they say that this is an updated version, there are many differences, especially the appearance of another camera, and the manufacturer has eliminated many problems, which infuriated many of the fifty.

However, I moved away from the main topic of the samsung a51 (probably because I just bought it now and pulled it out of the box for at least an hour).


Thank you very much for your help, I have been suffering with this issue for two hours, it turns out that you do not need to wait 1-2 seconds, but immediately release the side buttons. thanks.

How to screenshot screen on Samsung phone

Good day. In today’s article, we’ll cover a popular question. How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung phone? We will tell you all the methods we know. They will be both standard and non-standard. Although there are not many of them, but still they are.

Screenshot of Samsung screen. Standard way.

Almost all modern phones are built on the Android operating system. Phone maker Samsung is no exception. Therefore, in Samsung phones, there is a standard way to screen the screen. To do this, press SIMultaneously:

  • volume down button.
  • phone lock button (aka turn on / off the phone).

Taking a screenshot of the screen on an Android phone

Where to find screenshots?

The screenshots will be saved automatically in the standard directory. You can find them in the gallery along with other photos, or in a specially created folder. The folder will be created automatically. It may be called:

  • Screenshots
  • Screenshots
  • Screenshots

Screenshot of Samsung screen. A way to control your phone using gestures.

In the latest models of Samsung phones, the ability to take photos with gestures is implemented.

The desktop screen can also be made using gestures. This requires:

  • Open the settings;
  • We are looking for the item “Movement” or “Palm Control”, or “Gesture Control”, or “Additional Functions”.
  • The slider in the “palm screen capture” setting must be activated.
  • We draw vertically with the back of the palm from right to left.
  • Snapshot ready.

Palm screenshot on Samsung

Screenshot of Samsung screen. The last way. Rare.

This method is only suitable for owners of phones that have an edge panel. First you need to turn it on. Turn on the edge panel:

  • Open the menu.
  • Display.
  • Curved screen.
  • Activating the edge panel and edge panel backlighting.

Setting up the edge panel

The sliders are activated. A highlighted vertical bar appears on the right side of the desktop. Move it from right to left. Click settings. Put a tick in the “select and save”.

Sliding edge panel Samsung phone

Now we can use the edge panel. You can use it to take a screenshot, record a gif file and much more. We just move the panel aside, move it again and get a special menu for working with the screen.

Screenshot of the Samsung screen. Non-standard way.

Some owners probably still have the old generation of Samsung phones. Someone still uses them and does not know how to make a screen screen. And these older phones were also based on the Android OS. However, instead of touch buttons, it had a round or rectangular Home button, as in the IPhone.

The screen screen in such models worked in a non-standard way for Android phones. You need to press the volume down button the “home” button.

Screenshot of Samsung screen

In this article, we have covered all the available screen capture methods on Samsung phones. We hope they will be useful to you. And if you still know some methods that we have not described, share them in the comments, we will gladly add them to our article. Thanks for attention!

The second method is to use a palm gesture to take a screenshot.

Make sure you have this option activated on your Samsung. To do this, go to Settings. select there “Gestures”, then “Gestures with hands”, and activate the option “Swipe the palm to grip”.

After that, it remains to launch the desired application (video, image), and swipe your palm across the screen from left to right (or, as an equivalent alternative, from right to left). The screen will blink, and the desired screenshot on the A7 will be received.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A7

Samsung A7 is a modern phone from 2018. It runs on Android 8 OS, comes with an 8-core processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 24 megapixel camera and a 3300 mAh battery.

There are three main ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung A7:

We use the buttons “Volume down” and “Power”

Being in the right place, SIMultaneously hold down the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons. After the screen flashes, the screenshot icon will be displayed in the notification bar.

Where screenshots are saved on Samsung phone

Usually, the captured images are saved in the “DCIM” system directory of your phone, in the “Screenshots” subfolder.

Screenshots are in the Screenshots folder

You can view the result using the functionality of the system application “Gallery” or SIMilar visual applications.

Save your phone screen using the Google Assistant

The third way to get a screenshot on the Samsung A20 is to use the Google Assistant functionality. If this assistant is enabled on your phone, then long press the “Home” button (or say “Hello Google”), and then say “Take a screenshot”.

Taking a screenshot on Samsung using the Notification Panel

  • Open the notification panel (curtain) on your device.
  • Then open the shutter even further by swiping down on the screen (swipe down).
  • Then find the button with the image of scissors there and tap on it to create a screen on your Samsung A7 mobile phone.

How to create a screen by pressing buttons SIMultaneously

Launch the desired application (video, photo, etc.). Then press the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons SIMultaneously.

Click on the buttons indicated by us

The screen will flash, confirming the screenshot was taken on the Samsung A7. And the corresponding icon will be displayed in the notification bar.

After that, the system will offer to perform further actions. edit the screenshot, share the image on social networks, and more.

Choose further actions

You can get a screenshot of the Samsung A7 using the Google Assistant functionality

If this assistant is enabled on your phone, then long press on the “Home” button (or say “Hello Google”), and then say “Take a screenshot”.

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Say “Take a screenshot” to the assistant

Taking a screenshot of the display on the Samsung A40 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A40 is a modern smartphone with a 5.9-inch U-screen. The screen of the gadget occupies almost the entire front surface of the phone, boasts FHD resolution and sAMOLED color rendition. The phone is equipped with an 8-core processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, and a main camera with 16 megapixels.

Samsung A40 in demand on the market

Making a picture of the interface on the A40 is as easy as in the previous two models of the Samsung phones we have described.

How to take screenshot on Galaxy S20, S20. S20 Ultra and Z Flip?

On Galaxy S20, S20. S20 Ultra and Z Flip have several ways to take screenshots. One of them. it is a palm movement. Activate it by going to Settings and enabling Palm Swipe to Grab in Advanced Features. Drag the edge of your hand horizontally from right to left or left to right and from edge to edge. Make sure your hand is in contact with the screen. Or take a screenshot in a more traditional way. SIMultaneously pressing two buttons, the power key and the volume down key.

After the screenshot is taken, you will get a preview and several options for additional actions at the bottom of the screen, such as drawing on an image, cropping an image, or submitting from a menu. Another option presented on the menu. it is a scroll capture, a feature that allows you to take scrolling screenshots of long articles or images. To use scroll capture, you first need to enable smart capture in advanced settings. Then you can SIMply click Capture Scroll from the options that appear at the bottom of the screen after capturing the screenshot. Continue clicking the Capture Scroll button to continue capturing long content. Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Note8 offer a different way to access scroll capture. Take out the S Pen to activate Air Command, select Screen Recording, then Scroll Capture. Capture long text or images by scrolling, then add annotations with the S Pen.

There is Smart select to select specific shapes. On Galaxy Note10, Note10. S10e, S10, S10. S9, S9. Note9, S8, and S8 enable this feature by going to Settings Display Edge Screen Edge Bars. You can now select a rectangle or oval for screenshots of these shapes. Animation lets you select a portion of a video to create an animated GIF. On the Galaxy Note8, take out the S Pen to activate Air Command and click Smart Select from the menu. Use the S Pen to select any shape you want or select a video section to get animated GIFs.

Learn more about Galaxy.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Core

Here’s how to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Core

When something remarkable happens on your mobile phone, it’s nice to know that you can easily share what’s going on by making a screen print on your mobile phone.

In the past, we used to take screenshots on our computers using the screen print button. In fact, most keyboards have a dedicated button for this. Prt Sc button. It can be a little tricky to do this on our phones, as our phones obviously don’t have a dedicated button to do this. Keep reading and I will show you how to take a screen dump on your device.

Press and hold the power button and home button

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Core.

  • Press and hold the power button and home button.
  • That’s all. If you can’t get it right, remember to hold them down for a second or two.
  • If this was helpful, why not

After the screenshot is taken, your phone will start blinking and playing a sound to let you know the operation completed successfully.

To get a closer look at the new image of your phone screen, SIMply drag down the notification area where a thumbnail of the photo will be displayed. Click it to go to your phone gallery, where you can edit the image or share it with your friends via social networks of your choice, or do something else that you can imagine.

About Bertil Hansen I am the owner and principal contributor to this website. I have had an annoying number of Android phones over the years. Too many to mention. Let’s just say it started with the HTC legend and now I’m using the Galaxy Note 4.

Delete or share a screenshot

The moment the user opens a frame through the “Gallery” or “File manager”, the full functionality of interaction with the image appears in front of him. For example, a phone owner can delete one or several screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

  • Open the folder where the screen is located.
  • Keep your finger on its icon.
  • Click the “Delete” button.

Another way is to open the image itself through the “Gallery” and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation, the screenshot will be deleted from the phone memory.

In the case when you need to transfer a screen through a messenger or in another way, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of clicking the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Send”, select the method of sending and the recipient’s coordinates. Thus, sending a screen is no different from sending any other image from a phone.

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos using the keys

The easiest way to create a screen capture is to use a specific keyboard shortcut:

  • Open the section of the menu you want to capture.
  • Hold down the power button and the lower volume rocker at the same time.
  • Wait until the information appears that the picture is ready.

After completing the specified actions, a graphical notification about the successful creation of the screen will appear at the bottom of the screen. The resulting frame can be immediately opened by clicking on its icon after holding down the volume down key and the power button.

If you cannot take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the alternative button combinations that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

Screenshot of SAMSUNG Galaxy A2 Core as on

How to take screenshot on SAMSUNG Galaxy A2 Core? How to take screenshot in SAMSUNG Galaxy A2 Core? How to save screenshot on SAMSUNG Galaxy A2 Core?

Easy way to take screenshot on SAMSUNG Galaxy A2 Core. After saving the screens, you will be able to edit / share / delete the captured screens in Android 8.1 Go Edition Gallery. Click here to read more about screenshot.

When to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos

The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner with the options for creating a screen. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any time: while watching a movie, playing a game or chatting in a messenger. The main condition for taking a picture is that the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

How to take a screenshot through the notification bar

This method will be the best way out of a situation when the smartphone buttons for some reason do not work and the screen is not created. As an alternative, it is proposed to perform the following actions:

  • Unlock Smartphone.
  • Go to the menu section where you want to take a screenshot.
  • Lower the notification curtain with a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Click on the “Screenshot” or “Screenshot” icon.

As in the case of a snapshot via hotkeys, a notification about creating a screenshot will immediately appear on the screen of an Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or taken another frame from this or another menu.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos phone

A modern smartphone has a number of useful features. For example, the owner of a mobile device can take a screenshot of the screen at any time. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you do not have to photograph the screen on another device, since it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos phone.

Screenshot SAMSUNG G3559 Galaxy Core 2 as on

How to take screenshot on SAMSUNG G3559 Galaxy Core 2? How to take screenshot in SAMSUNG G3559 Galaxy Core 2? How to save screenshot on SAMSUNG G3559 Galaxy Core 2?

Easy way to take screenshot in SAMSUNG G3559 Galaxy Core 2. After saving screens, you can edit / share / delete captured screens in Android 4.4 KitKat Gallery. Click here to read more about screenshot.

  • First, you need to find the screen to take a screenshot.
  • After that, you must hold the “Home” button for a while and turn on the power.
  • Success! Your screenshot has been saved to your SAMSUNG gallery!

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Screenshot touch

An excellent application, it works quickly and most importantly it is stable. There is support for the Russian language. There are many additional features, including video recording.

How to view screenshot on Samsung

After the screen is made, the corresponding icon will appear in the top panel (see the picture). Pull the shutter down and open the resulting image.

Screenshots are saved in a special folder in the gallery, you can always find them there. Just open it on your smartphone. The folder will be named differently depending on what device you have. Also, applications save them in special directories. Usually you can change them directly in the settings, some allow you to use the SD card as storage, which is quite convenient.

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Without home button

Works on models where there is no mechanical home button. on all new ones. To take a screenshot, press the volume down and power buttons SIMultaneously. On some models, they need to be held down for a couple of seconds in order for the picture to be taken.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone. easy!

Usually, you can get a screenshot on Samsung, and on any other Android device, quickly and by pressing two buttons on the phone, but since all models are different, some have their own nuances.

How to make a screen on different Samsung phones in detail and with pictures, you will learn from this material. Additionally, there will be a list of applications that can automate this process on all smartphones.

In the previous article, we looked at ways to recover your Google account. Now you will learn how to make a screen on Samsung, or rather, on different phones of this brand.

  • 1 How to take a screenshot on Samsung
  • 1.1 1. Without home button
  • 1.2 2. With home button
  • 1.3 3. Applications
  • 1.4 4. With a palm on certain models
  • 2 How to view screenshot on Samsung
  • 2.1
  • Screen Master

    With home button

    If your device has one, you can take a screenshot by pressing it SIMultaneously with the power button.

    Also, if you have a completely old device and it has buttons: “Home”, “Back” and “Call open applications”. The screen is done by clicking “Home” and “Back”.


    In some cases, it is really better to use applications to take screenshots, in addition, with the help of them, you can record videos, set a timer, capture a screen at a certain time and other possibilities.

    With the palm of your hand on certain models

    On devices such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, you can take a screenshot by sliding the edge of your palm from the right side of the screen to the left or vice versa.

    You can see if your device has this function in the additional settings of the smartphone.

    How to take screenshot on SAMSUNG smartphone.

    But the function is in demand precisely because it is done in one motion, and it is very easy to use it, since it (screenshot) stays in the memory of your smartphone forever, or at least until the first factory reset.

    How to take a screenshot from the screen of a Samsung smartphone?

    There are many ways to take a picture of the smartphone screen, and each phone manufacturer comes up with something original to the standard method, which is done by pressing two buttons: “Power” and “Volume lower”.

    We have an editorial copy of the SAMSUNG Galaxy A50 smartphone running Android 9, which has only three buttons on the body:
    – Power button;
    – Volume up button;
    – Volume down button.

    Now, as a rule, all the latest versions of smartphones from major manufacturers come to a more concise look, where there are only three buttons on the phone case, while the rest of the buttons are virtual buttons on the phone screen.

    On a “three-button” SAMSUNG smartphone, a screenshot can be taken in two main ways:
    Method 1: screenshot with two buttons;
    Method 2: screenshot with palm.

    Method 1: screenshot with two buttons.

    Instruction for capturing a screen (screenshot) using two buttons on a SAMSUNG smartphone.

    To take a screenshot of the smartphone screen, you need to SIMultaneously press two buttons: the “Power” buttons and the “Volume Down” buttons.

    Screen. press the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button SIMultaneously. Screen. screenshot view.

    Method 2: screenshot with palm.

    SAMSUNG Smartphone Setup Manual for Palm Screenshot.

    On the home screen, launch the Phone Settings application.

    Screen. click on the application icon Phone Settings.

    In the Phone settings, select the Additional functions section.

    In the Additional functions section, select the subsection Movements and gestures.

    Screen. select the subsection Movements and gestures.

    Next, we examine the state of the item “Screen capture with the palm of your hand”. If it is off, then you need to turn it on. And for this you need to click on this item. “Screenshot with the palm of your hand”.

    Screen. click on “Palm screen capture”.

    In the “Palm Screenshot” window, you need to enable the switch for this function.

    Screen. press the switch to enable the Palm Screenshot function.

    Now the “Palm Screenshot” function is enabled, and we can take screenshots in this way.

    Screen. the “Palm screen capture” function is enabled.

    Instructions for capturing a screen (screenshot) using the “Palm screen capture” method on a SAMSUNG smartphone.

    To take a screenshot of the smartphone screen, you need to drag the edge of your palm across the screen either from left to right or from right to left. You need to hold your palm so that the edge of the palm necessarily touches the surface of the screen.

    After that, a notification icon will appear in the status bar of the phone (this is the top line of the screen), informing about the new screenshot.

    To read the text of the notification itself, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notification Panel.

    Screen. open the Notification panel with a swipe from the top of the screen down.

    Further, on the Notification Panel, you can click on the notification itself “Screenshot created”.

    Screen 0. open the notification text “Screenshot was taken”.

    This will launch the Gallery app on your phone, and you’ll see the screenshot itself. Here, being in the “Gallery” application, you, if you wish, can edit, forward or delete this screenshot by clicking on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen.

    Screen 1. screenshot view in Gallery application.

    How to save screenshot on Samsung tablet. Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab and the like

    Need to save a screenshot on your Samsung tablet and don’t know how to do it? In this article you will find several ways to take a screenshot on Samsung tablets and smartphones running on the Android operating system.

    1) To save a Screenshot on Samsung, press the “Home” button and the “Power / Lock” button on the tablet at the same time for a few seconds. Home button is centered below the screen.
    If everything went well, you will see a notification on the saving of the picture on the tablet screen and you may hear an audio notification.
    The saved screenshot can be found in the gallery or in the Pictures / ScreenCapture folder or Pictures / Screenshots folder.

    2) If the first method did not help, then we try to screen the screen on the tablet in the second way. To do this, you must SIMultaneously press the “Volume Down” button and the “Power / Lock” button and keep the buttons pressed for a few seconds.
    If you successfully save a screenshot on your Samsung tablet, you will see a notification about the captured picture on the screen.
    The screenshot taken on the Samsung Galaxy tablet can be seen in the gallery in the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

    3) If the above methods did not help to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung tablet, then try this option.
    Press and hold the Home button and the Back button on your Android tablet, both of which are located below the screen.
    This method is mainly used on Samsung tablets with Android 2.3 version.
    The captured screenshot from the tablet screen can be viewed in the gallery or in the Pictures / ScreenCapture folder or in Pictures / Screenshots.

    The author of the article is Valery Smirnov.

    Taking a screenshot on Android Samsung

    Before taking a screenshot with the buttons, I suggest deciding on the names and arrangement of the buttons on your Samsung phone.

    To take a screenshot of the screen on Android 4.4 or 5.0 from a Samsung smartphone, you need to press two buttons SIMultaneously:

    • Home (other names for this button are Home or Power On) and
    • “Food”

    and hold them for 1-2 seconds.

    over, these two buttons should be pressed on the smartphone so that a characteristic click is heard, as if the shutter of a camera or an old camera clicks, which means “It worked! The screenshot was taken and placed in the Android memory “.

    After the characteristic click on Android has sounded, it remains to find a screenshot on your phone in order to further dispose of it at your discretion.

    In other models of smartphones, the combination of buttons that you need to press SIMultaneously to get a screenshot may be different, for example, buttons

    • “Home” and
    • “Volume”.

    Some smartphone manufacturers have equipped their devices with a different method in order to get a screenshot. For example, the “Screenshot” command can be embedded in the “Home” menu (aka “Power on” or “Home”, Fig. 1), or in the “Back” button menu, or in the “Recently opened programs”. That is, by clicking on these buttons, a menu pops up, in which, among other actions, there is a command “Screenshot“.

    Some Samsung smartphones with Note technology come with a stylus. Then, to take a screenshot, touch the screen with the tip of the pen.

    I think the users who claim “unable to save Android screenshot” are actually:

    • did not take this screenshot, because if a screenshot is taken, then it is automatically saved in the Android memory,
    • or could not find the screenshot on your device.

    How to highlight a screenshot on Android

    First you need to select a screenshot. To do this, you need to hold your finger on the unnecessary screenshot, hold it a little and release it. A green check mark will appear next to the file, which means that the file is selected. At the same time, a context menu will appear at the top, which shows what exactly can be done with the selected file:

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    1 in fig. 11. Share screenshot,

    Trash: delete screenshot,

    Menu, what can be done with the screenshot,

    4 in fig. 11. green check mark means the file is selected.

    To deselect a file, you need to tap (tap your finger) on the file and the file selection will disappear.

    Filling in the gaps. expanding the horizons ! Computer literacy with Hope

    Menu for screenshot on Android Samsung

    If the screenshot is selected, then it has a menu (3 in Fig. 11) that shows what you can do with it:

    • Move,
    • Copy,
    • Rename,
    • find out its properties.

    We are looking for a screenshot in the “My files” folder

    In Android Applications we find the “My files” folder (Fig. 2):

    Open the “My files” folder. There are subfolders “Recent files” and “Pictures” (Fig. 3):

    If the screenshot was taken quite recently, you can find it by first opening “My files”, and then. “Recent files” (Fig. 4):

    To search for your screenshot, you can open the “My files” folder in Applications, and tap (tap) “Pictures” in it (2 in Fig. 3).

    The “Pictures” folder will open (Fig. 5), in which you can find your screenshot on Android:

    How to find a screenshot on Android

    I offer two options for finding screenshots in Android memory on a Samsung phone:

    • through the folder “My files”,
    • by connecting a smartphone to a computer.

    Let’s consider both options in order.

    How to take a screenshot on Android from Samsung phone

    A screenshot is a screenshot taken by a user on their device. Why is it needed? It is known that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, so it is easier and more visual to take a screenshot of the screen on Android, and then send it to another person than to type in a message.

    In addition, developers of various Android applications for smartphones need a screenshot of the screen on Android to describe the capabilities of their applications. Gamers also want to share the results of their achievements in games using a screenshot.

    First, we’ll take a screenshot on our smartphone, and then we’ll figure out how to proceed with it.

    We are looking for a screenshot by connecting a smartphone to a computer

    To do this, you can use your smartphone as a USB flash drive for your computer. The smartphone has a charger. It can be used to connect a smartphone to a computer, read more HERE.

    If the smartphone is connected to a computer, then we work with it exactly as if it were a USB flash drive connected to a computer.

    1 in fig. 6. on the computer, open Explorer,

    in the “Computer” folder we are looking for a smartphone exactly as if it were a USB flash drive,

    3 in Fig. 6. smartphone found. Click on “Phone”.

    Next, using your computer, look for a screenshot on Android Samsung in the “Pictures” folder (Fig. 7):

    By clicking on “Pictures”, you can see the “Screenshots” folder (Fig. 8):

    So, you can find your screenshot on Android Samsung in the “Screenshots” folder (Fig. 9):

    If you select a screenshot (one or more) and press RMB (right mouse button), a context menu will appear. It shows you what can be done with the selected screenshots.

    To copy the screenshot from your Android smartphone to your computer, you can click Copy (1 in Figure 9). After that, the screenshot will be placed on the clipboard on your computer. Next, on the computer, open the folder into which you should transfer the screenshot from the smartphone.

    For SIMplicity, I suggest placing a screenshot from your Samsung smartphone on your computer desktop. Right-click (right-click) on the Desktop, click “Paste” (Fig. 10). If the “Paste” option is inactive (pale gray), it means that the clipboard is empty, nothing has been copied there.

    Where screenshots are stored and how to use them

    Having created, for example, a screen of the screen on “Samsung A5”, you will want to use it later. Since the screenshot is a graphic image, the system automatically identifies it to the gallery.

    It is impossible to change the save location of the captured screenshots, therefore, you will systematically need to manually move the captured screen images to the desired directory. It is also important to note that when deciding, for example, to take a screenshot of the Samsung A3, you should pay attention to the upper left corner of the status bar. The successful creation of a screenshot of the device user is informed by the corresponding icon that appears in the curtain.

    Why didn’t take a screenshot

    The above methods of creating active screen images are suitable exclusively for Samsung tablets and smartphones. Therefore, with the original gadget, you are guaranteed to find a working option for creating a screenshot.

    It should be noted that a screenshot of the screen on “Samsung J3” and other models may not come out the first time, so you will have to try each of the proposed combinations. In addition, it must be remembered that the keys must be pressed SIMultaneously.

    If you were unable to create a screen, then a third-party manufacturer was probably involved in the assembly of the device. On non-original devices, most of the functions provided by the eminent developer are inactive.

    In this case, if you have a “Samsung J1” or any other modern device, contact a specialized service center to change or update the operating system.

    Options for creating screenshots on Samsung smartphones

    Unlike multifunctional devices from other manufacturers, in Samsung phones, already in the stock firmware versions, it is possible to implement screenshots with various combinations of mechanical keys. Therefore, when you need to take a screenshot on an Android Samsung Galaxy S4, first of all, you should try out various key combinations provided by the developers specifically for creating a screenshot.

    For example, on most modern Samsung devices, a screenshot is taken with the Home key Power.

    You can also create an image of the active screen by pressing the “Volume Down” “Power” keys. In this case, the volume button should be held down for a few seconds. It should be noted that this screen capture method was provided specifically for owners of smartphones that are not equipped with a mechanical Home button.

    If you own an earlier version of phones running early Android operating systems, try pressing the Home and Back Arrow keys at the same time. Taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos using this keyboard shortcut won’t work as it works on devices running Android 2.3.

    Another way to create screenshots is to draw with the edge of your hand. This possibility is provided exclusively in the flagships of Samsung. To enable this function, you need to go to the device settings, go to the “Motion” section and put a checkmark in front of “Palm screen capture”. After that, you can take screenshots on your smartphone with a SIMple movement of your hand.

    Taking screenshots on Samsung

    Found interesting information on the web page and want to save it in the memory of your smartphone? The device gave an unfamiliar error, and you need to find out how to solve the problem, but are you not sure if the problem will reappear when you contact the wizard? In such situations, the active display snapshot function is perfect. We will figure out how to take a screenshot of the screen on “Samsung” in several ways, and also describe the reasons that may prevent you from using this function, built into every smartphone of a world famous company.

    Ways to take screenshots on Android smartphones from other manufacturers

    Almost every company that sells multifunctional devices offers users unique solutions to optimize their work with a smartphone, including the function of screenshots.

    Today, there are various options for creating an image of the active display of a smartphone or tablet. For example, in multifunctional Asus devices, the “Recent Applications Button” is used for the screen.

    In some devices running on Android OS 5.0 and higher, you can install the screenshot button directly in the application curtain.

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