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Options for how to connect the Internet to a TV via a phone

Modern TVs must be able to not only display an image, but also connect to the Internet to watch videos and work on social networks. On old models, it will hardly be possible to implement such functions, but on new “Smart TV” it will not be difficult. In this article, we will figure out how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a Smart TV using an access point.

Samsung (Samsung)

This manual applies to smartphones with Android 7.0 and higher. However, on older versions of the system, only the names of the items in the settings will differ. What should be done:

samsung, connect, internet

  • Open the shade by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen.
  • Turn on mobile internet if you haven’t already.
  • Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, go to the “Connections” section.
  • Then in “Modem and access point”.
  • Slide the switch in the Mobile Hotspot line to the on position. If you are connected to Wi-fi, the system will offer to turn it off, since the simultaneous use of these functions is impossible.
  • The smartphone will generate the network name and password itself. To change them, click on the line “Mobile hotspot”.
  • In the window that opens, you can change the items you need. Any network name can be set, but only in English, and the password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • That’s it, now Samsung works for you as a router.

Setting up Wi-Fi “Hotspot” distribution on Android

This method is one of the simplest options for getting the Internet out of Android. Its essence lies in using a mobile phone as a Wi-fi router, to which several devices can be simultaneously connected. For implementation, we need a smartphone with access to the mobile Internet and a sufficient amount of traffic.


  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Depending on the version of the system and the phone model, select the item “Mobile networks”, “Modem mode” or something similar.
  • Turn on the function through the switch on top.
  • Then click “Configure Access Point”.
  • Here we indicate any network name you like, the type of protection and password if desired. If you are not sure which security to choose, WPA2 PSK is recommended. The network password is entered in Latin letters.
  • That’s it, the setup is over. Now any device within a certain radius, including a TV with Smart TV, will perceive your phone as a router that distributes the Internet.

When you try to enable the function, you will receive an SMS with a description of the problem on your phone, or the connection will occur, but the Internet on the other device will not work. Check with your operator for details. The principle of setting up distribution on all phones is similar, but in some respects it differs. Below we will analyze in detail the connection on different models of smartphones.


According to the developer himself on the official website, this manual is suitable for almost all LG models. Do the following:

  • Go to Menu, then Applications, and from there to Settings.
  • Click on “Networks”.
  • Then “Shared modem and networks” and “Wi-fi access point”.
  • Click “Create Access Point”.
  • Here you can change the name and set a password by touching the “Security” button. If you choose WPA2, the system will automatically generate a key for the network, it is recommended to write it down. If you select WPA2 PSK, you can set the password yourself.
  • Tap “Save Changes”.

On some LG smartphones, the menu item “Access point” is missing. this is not a problem of the Android system, but of the operator’s firmware, which thus prohibits the distribution of unlimited Internet. This is treated with root rights, you will find detailed instructions on the thematic forums.

Sony (Sony)

The instruction is written on the example of a Sony L1 phone, Android 7.0, but the principle of connection on other Sony phones is almost the same. Instructions:

  • Go to Settings, the tab.
  • “Modem mode and access point”.
  • In the item “Access point”, click on the switch on the right.
  • To configure the network, there is a line “Setting up a mobile hotspot” below, in which you can make your device invisible, connect using wps and enable the power saving function.
  • In the item “Setting up the access point” you can change the network name, change or remove the password and select the type of security.
  • Save changes and connect to the internet on another device.

The difference in Wi-fi and mobile data connectivity

A Wi-Fi sensor is in every smartphone today. The easiest way to connect is to open the quick access menu and click on the Wi-Fi icon. There is also a second way to connect wireless Internet. Go to settings, then click the “Connection” tab and Wi-Fi. The device will find all open networks automatically. For closed networks, you must enter a password.

Step-by-step instruction

When setting up mobile data on Samsung, you need to take into account the specific model, since each option has its own nuances of connecting mobile data.

To set up the Internet manually, you need to contact your telecom operator and ask for all the necessary data. Then the tuning algorithm is simple:

  • Open device menu.
  • Find the gear icon (settings), open.
  • Find in the settings a tab labeled “Connections” (there may not be such a tab, then we are looking for the next item).
  • We open “Mobile networks”.
  • The next item is “Access point”.
  • Click “Add access point” or “Options”.
  • Enter all the data given by the operator.

Then you should go to the menu item with the name “Mobile data” and turn it on. After that it is worth rebooting the device.

  • On the home screen of the smartphone, swipe down from the top edge of the display.
  • Open window pull down to the very end of the screen.
  • Click the icon with mobile data display.
  • It should light up blue.

If the mobile data did not turn on at the same time, you should check the settings through the “Connections” tab, enter all the access point data that the telecom operator will give and restart the phone.

To connect the mobile Internet to Samsung Gelexi A51, you must perform the following steps:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Select the “Connections” tab.
  • Then go to the SIM card manager.
  • Select priority SIM for mobile data connection.
  • Then go back to the main menu and turn on mobile data.
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For smartphones with two SIM cards, it is imperative to configure the Internet for the operator from whose SIM card you will access the Internet. If you plan to use the mobile data of both operators, then you should configure two access points.

Other models

When setting up the Internet in other Samsung Galaxy models, the algorithm remains the same. It is optimal if it is possible to do automatic configuration, when the operator sends all the data immediately to the phone and they only need to be installed. Manual control takes place in the settings in the Mobile networks tab. You must enter all the same data that the telecom operator gives, if you did not enter them automatically.

How to enable mobile data on Samsung Galaxy phones

In most modern smartphones, including Samsung Gelexi, you can connect two types of Internet: wi-fi or “mobile”. But not all Samsung smartphone users know exactly how to set up mobile data transfer. Some connection details depend on the specific smartphone model.

What you need to connect mobile data

First of all, to connect mobile data, it is necessary to coordinate this issue with the telecom operator. For a certain number, a suitable tariff must be in effect, which offers a certain amount of Internet per month on a 2G / 3G / 4G network. It can be unlimited or limited traffic, for example 1-2 GB of Internet.

In most cases, it is possible to connect the mobile Internet automatically. To do this, the operator sends in the form of SMS all the necessary settings and the user just needs to press the “apply / install” button. If the automatic settings do not work, then the operator can be asked to provide information for manual data entry.

What to do if mobile data isn’t working?

If you cannot add a profile or the phone does not provide network settings, there is no way to access the Internet via mobile data, perhaps the smartphone is working in the “Guest” mode. This profile is displayed on the Quick Access Toolbar. To access the Internet settings, the profile must be changed to “Owner”.

Another reason why mobile data does not work, the Internet is not paid for or is not provided in a specific tariff. To clarify this issue, you need to contact your telecom operator.

Today, there is a mobile Internet in almost every smartphone. The telecom operator will help to configure it in automatic mode or will give information for manual settings. In Samsung Galaxy phones, all algorithms for mobile Internet settings are identical. It is important, if you have two SIM cards, to configure the Internet from the operator from which you plan to use mobile data.

How to set up a tablet to connect to the Internet via a SIM card?

  • Purchase a 4G-enabled SIM card and connect it to the optimal tariff.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Open the SIM card slot.
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot and turn on the device.
  • Set up mobile data transmission.

Why the Internet does not work on the phone?

incorrect Internet settings on the phone (access point, or APN); cellular data transmission is disabled in the settings of the mobile device (mobile traffic, etc. designations on your device);

How to set up your computer to connect to the Internet?

Step 1 Click Start and then Control Panel. Then go to Internet and Networks-Network and Sharing Center. Step 2 Click Set up a new connection or network. Step 3 Select Internet Connection and click Next.

How to find out if there is an Internet connection?

  • Go to the Start menu and type Command Prompt or cmd.exe in the search bar. Run the application.
  • Type ping.n 10 in the window and press Enter.
  • To copy the information, right-click anywhere in the open window and select Select All.

How to enable mobile Internet on Samsung a10?

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Select in the menu “Wireless networks” (or “”, or “Advanced”) → “Mobile network” (or “Mobile networks”, or another similar name) → “Access point” (or “Access points”, or ” APN “).

How to set up mobile Internet on Xiaomi Redmi 7?

Manual configuration of mobile Internet on Xiaomi

  • We find on the main screen “Settings”, go in;
  • We are looking for the item: “SIM-cards and mobile networks”.
  • At the very bottom of the menu, select the default setting for the Internet, that is, the desired operator.
  • After we move on to setting up the SIM card itself.

TV. router

Here you need to re-configure the Smart-TV:

  • we activate the “IP” button, select the manual input of parameters and indicate the properties of the router (the information is reflected on the device case);
  • save the Ethernet connection;
  • testing the created connection.

If errors are detected during testing, it is recommended to delete the old information about the router from the TV’s memory and re-activate the connection setup.

Set Smart TV settings manually

Before you start setting the parameters in the TV system, go to the router settings and deactivate the DHCP (Dynamic Configuration Protocol) function. In the TV menu “Network settings”, set the IP address and IP gateway parameters (the gateway IP corresponds to the address in the router settings.

If your router model is TRENDnet, the IP address is

  • IP address: (you can enter any local address: or, for TRENDnet.;
  • subnet mask:;
  • gateway:;
  • DNS server:

Entering the settings manually usually solves the problem of a lack of wireless connection.

Eliminate interference that affects signal quality

Obstacles in the form of many concrete partitions and furniture negatively affect the quality of the connection. To maintain a stable transmission rate and to avoid intermittent communication breaks when working on the network, it is recommended to reduce the distance between devices.

Connection speed control

Data rate drops can be caused by:

  • insufficient functional potential of the router (you will need to replace the router);
  • heavy load of the transmission channel (several devices are involved);
  • the terms of the provider’s tariff plan (it is recommended to switch to a faster one).

Connection speed control

Data rate drops can be caused by:

  • insufficient functional potential of the router (you will need to replace the router);
  • heavy load of the transmission channel (several devices are involved);
  • the terms of the provider’s tariff plan (it is recommended to switch to a faster one).

Samsung Galaxy A10 mobile data not working? Here’s the fix!

Automatic device connection

If you have the WPS function on your Smart TV and router, it is recommended to connect automatically. Connection is carried out by simultaneous activation of the WPS keys for 15 seconds (on two devices).

Connecting to Wi-Fi without DHCP

DHCP is responsible for resolving errors in the transfer of dynamic IP addresses and other configurations. If you need to connect to a wireless network without taking into account the distribution of network addresses, you should disable automatic installation and enter the parameters manually (IP, gateway address, DNS, subnet mask). The required information is presented on the case of the router.

The next step is to eliminate errors in the DHCP session, which provides access to Wi-Fi to the rest of the devices involved in the network and distributes IP addresses. The addresses of all devices should be saved in the router’s memory (by entering the MAC addresses). This procedure will prevent errors in the allocation of addresses between devices operating on the network (each device will receive an IP address without hindrance).

This method of connecting to a router is not popular, since in most cases (in case of difficulties) users prefer to contact the services of specialists in setting up network equipment.

What you need to know?

In the process of preparing Smart TV for connection, it is recommended to clarify a number of criteria that will determine how to set up the Internet on a Samsung TV.

  • The presence (absence) of a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If there is no such module, you will need to ensure its availability and connect via USB (synchronization with the television system will occur automatically).

Watch a video review of an inexpensive Samsung TV network adapter:

It should ”take into account that when choosing an adapter, you must take into account the TV model, since the compatibility of devices is determined individually.

  • Wi-Fi connection parameters. Here you should take into account the conditions of the provider’s tariff plan, signal quality, router functionality, etc. If you plan to view previously downloaded media content (to a computer), it is enough to use WI-FI-D technology This method involves synchronizing the TV with a PC, duplicating the contents of the computer monitor and subsequent viewing of content on the big screen.
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Direct activation excludes the possibility of using Smart TV as a device for Internet access and does not allow working with applications. No router is required with this method.

How to connect the Internet on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Galaxy. a series of mobile phones with built-in PC function that run Android OS.

Setting up on any phone model is identical and does not require much effort.

Self-configuration of the Internet

  • Find the settings for the Internet on the website of your cellular operator in the “Mobile Internet” section or call Support and find out the names of the settings (username, password and APN access point) from a specialist. Often, operators have a username and password written as the name of the company on the English layout, the entry point is not indicated, but the word “internet” is written.
  • Go to the phone menu and select the “Settings” section.
  • Find the “Access Points” section and select the “Create New” tab.
  • Enter access point (APN), username and password.
  • Leave the “Proxy” field blank or disable.
  • Click the “Save” button.
  • Find the created one in the list of access points and select it.
  • After restarting the phone, the Internet will be available.

How to connect the Internet on a Samsung TV

Automatic Internet configuration

  • Dial the operator of your mobile network and ask to send the settings for connecting the Internet, naming the model of your smartphone.
  • Next, the operator will send auto-settings in the form of SMS, which will need to be saved on the phone.
  • Internet configuration will occur automatically.
  • If it happens that the operator for some reason cannot send you the settings for your phone model or only send you to WAP access (which is much more expensive than GPRS), then you can connect the Internet yourself.

How to share Internet from Samsung Galaxy over Wi-Fi

The easiest way is to distribute the Internet from a phone via Wi-Fi to a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone. At the same time, keep in mind that only mobile Internet (received from a telecom operator) can be distributed via Wi-Fi, the process itself is as follows:

  • On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.
  • At the top, turn on the item “Mobile hotspot”. If you are told that you need to turn off Wi-Fi for this, agree (since we cannot share the existing Wi-Fi connection in this way, which I mentioned above).
  • In order to change the network name, find out or change the password, click on the item “Mobile hotspot” and specify the necessary data instead of the standard.
  • After that, you can connect to the created wireless network from any other devices and use your phone’s mobile Internet from them.

Fix a Samsung Galaxy A10 with WiFi connection that keeps dropping

A few nuances that may be important in the context of distributing the Internet over Wi-Fi from a phone:

  • Do not forget that for the Internet to work, the mobile Internet must be connected and active.
  • Some telecom operators on some tariffs block the ability to distribute mobile Internet from the phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, in the settings of the mobile hotspot on Samsung, you can click on the QR code icon in the upper right and scan the generated code with another smartphone.
  • If your tariff has limited traffic, keep in mind that by connecting your PC or laptop to the created access point, you can quickly use it up (for example, if OS updates start downloading).

Sharing the Internet via Bluetooth

And the last method: using a bluetooth connection. Its main disadvantage is the relatively low connection speed, as well as the instability of work (and sometimes the impossibility of connecting) for many users. The procedure will be as follows:

  • On your Samsung phone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Hotspot & Tethering.
  • Turn on Bluetooth tethering.
  • Connect via Bluetooth from another device, and if we talk about Windows 10, simple pairing of the device through “Settings”. “Devices” may not work. After it, you need to right-click on the Bluetooth icon on your computer, select “Join a personal network” (or go to the Control Panel. Devices), right-click on your smartphone in the list of devices and select “Connect via”. “Access Point” or “Direct Connection”. Your phone may ask you if you want to connect in Bluetooth tethering mode.
  • In the list of available connections (which can be opened through WinR. ncpa.cpl) you should see an active “Bluetooth Network Connection”.

Sharing the Internet from a smartphone to a computer via USB

Unlike the previous method, by connecting your Samsung phone via USB to a computer or laptop, you can distribute not only the mobile Internet, but also the access to the network obtained via Wi-Fi, using the smartphone as a Wi-Fi adapter. The steps will be as follows:

  • Connect your phone with a USB cable to your PC or laptop.
  • Once connected, go to the notification area on your phone and tap on the USB connection notification.
  • Select “USB tethering”.
  • Windows or another OS will set up a new device (your phone as a modem).
  • A new Ethernet connection will appear in the list of connections on your computer (WinR. ncpa.cpl). If it is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable”.
  • If the network still remains in the “Disconnected” state, on the phone go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem, turn off and then turn on the USB tethering item, the network will become active, and the Internet is available.

How to share Internet from Samsung phone via Wi-FI, USB and Bluetooth

Almost all Android phones have the ability to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. This instruction details how to distribute the Internet from Samsung Galaxy to a computer, laptop or other phone in all available ways. The examples use a Galaxy Note with Android 10, but the other current models will be the same.

If you are interested in the same for devices with pure Android without features of the One UI interface, about this in a separate guide How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB on Android.

Samsung phone as a modem or Wi-Fi adapter. video instruction

Typically, sharing over Wi-Fi or USB from Samsung phones usually works without any problems. Bluetooth connectivity is not always smooth, but I hope if you need it, it will work out.

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It’s okay, but how do you connect to the Internet on your computer? Didn’t automatically connect.

How to know if your Samsung TV supports Wi-Fi?

First of all, you need to know what year of release the model is. Samsung until 2010 does not support the Internet at all. Newer models may support Wi-Fi. The exact information is indicated in the instructions. In models released after 2014, there is a built-in adapter, which indicates the ability to connect Wi-Fi without the presence of additional equipment.

What to do if it doesn’t connect?

Most often, problems with connecting to a Wi-Fi network are related to the settings of the router. Most often, in this case, other devices connected to this router cannot connect to the Internet. If this is not the reason, then you should follow the instructions and either set up Smart TV manually, or try to connect to the Internet without the Smart TV function.

How to connect a Samsung TV to the Internet via a Wi-Fi router? Possible problems and how to solve them

With the ability to connect a TV to the Internet, significantly expanded horizons appear for users. Now there is access to any content online, and a TV connected to Wi-Fi can practically replace a computer.

But connecting TV to Wi-Fi has its own characteristics, which differ for several TV brands. Samsung TVs also support this connection, but there are details that the user should be aware of.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Smart TV?

Let’s consider how to connect a Samsung TV receiver to a Wi-Fi router without a wire in order to use the Internet on it. Automatic TV setup is carried out when you first turn on. Even if there is no cable connection to the router, the built-in system will start searching by itself. When you turn it back on, there is a special Samsung setup algorithm with an Internet connection. It looks like this:

  • On the “Network” tab, find the network settings. This can be done without entering the menu, using the “Settings” key on the control panel.
  • When the device is ready for settings, a dark screen will appear.
  • Activate the process by pressing the “start” button.
  • Then select the type of connection. In our case. Wi-Fi.
  • All nearby wireless networks will be found within 15 seconds.
  • When the networks are found, you must select your own and enter the username and password in the appropriate lines.
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How to go online without Smart TV function?

To do this, you will have to install a special program “Media Server”. This program helps a variety of content to be broadcast from your computer to other devices, including your TV. The program helps to import a huge amount of films, music, video clips and photos, as well as other content from the Internet to the TV. These settings will help make the TV more modern, despite the lack of Smart TV functionality.

The program setup looks like this:

  • Connect the TV and laptop to the network.
  • Connect both devices to the same router. This can be done using a network cable or using Wi-Fi.
  • If there is no router, then a TV, for example, with a laptop, can even be connected directly.
  • Launch the media server program with a shortcut on the PC desktop.
  • In the program settings, specify the path to the folders, the contents of which the user wants to watch on TV.
  • After the program has rechecked and sorted everything, you can click the “start” button in the upper right corner.
  • Turn on TV directly. If everything is done exactly according to the instructions, then it will be displayed in the “media server” program.

The computer does not see Samsung connected via USB. Internet on a computer via a Samsung Galaxy phone modem and from other Android smartphones.

Question: Why does the computer not see the Samsung phone that is connected via a USB cable. How to connect to the Internet on your computer from Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung phones using the phone as a modem? Do I need a special program for the Internet from the phone?

Samsung Galaxy A10 won’t connect to WiFi. Here’s the fix.

Answer: To connect to the Internet on your computer using Samsung Galaxy or other Android smartphones as a modem, you do not need additional programs. Perhaps, depending on the version of the operating system installed on your computer, you will need to install the necessary drivers that will help determine your phone connected to the computer with the possibility of further using the phone as a modem. In order not to search the Internet for drivers for Samsung, you can download and install the Samsung Kies program on your computer for free, which will automatically install all the necessary drivers for Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung phones on your computer, after which you can use the Internet on your PC from your phone using its like a USB tethering. I would like to warn you that it is better to use unlimited Internet on your phone, otherwise a large amount of money will be withdrawn from your account, or even worse, a debt may form (negative balance). You can download the Samsung Kies program for connecting Samsung phones and smartphones to a computer from the official Samsung website by following this link.

How to connect Samsung to a computer using a USB modem?

After you connected the phone to the computer, you need to activate the USB modem function on the phone, to do this, do the following steps on Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung Android smartphones: open Menu / Settings / Other networks / Modem and hotspot, then connect Samsung Galaxy to the computer and check the box next to USB modem. That’s it, now you can use the Internet on your computer through your phone, using Samsung as a usb modem.

The first method is to instantly enable or disable mobile internet on any Android phone.

On any modern Android phone, such as Honor 10, sony, Xiaomi, asus zenfone, Samsung a10, Samsung a3, huawei, Meizu m6, huawei y6, you can turn on or off the mobile Internet in 2-3 seconds.

To do this, you only need to move the shutter twice by hooking the top of the screen with your finger (on some versions, you need to move from right to left a second time).

Then you will see an icon in the form of two arrows. One press. turn on the mobile Internet, the second. turn off.

In other words, if the arrows are displayed in blue, then the mobile Internet is on, if in gray, it is disabled. All this is shown in the photo at the beginning of this section.

ways to enable and disable mobile internet on any Android phone

On Android phones Samsung Galaxy, Honor, Huawei, ASUS Zenfon, bq, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia, Nokia lumiya, Meizu, Lenovo, zte, Alcatel, Fly can be turned on and off almost instantly as a mobile Internet

So quickly you can turn on and off the distribution of mobile Internet to other devices. to a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It doesn’t even depend on the service provider. mts, kyivstar, megaphone, beeline, tele2, motive, phoenix or any other, only, of course, you first need to connect such a service with the operator.

Below I will show you 3 ways, only depending on the version of android, the parameters in your smartphone or tablet may not completely coincide with those in the pictures.

The second way is to enable or disable mobile internet on any Android phone

The second way to enable or disable mobile Internet, for example, in honor phones, Huawei 10, Samsung a50, Samsung a6 and so on is a little longer, but also more effective, since you can make additional settings in it.

To do this, go to “Settings” and go to “Connection” and select “SIM card manager”.

Now we click on the item “Mobile data” and select the SIM card on which we want to get the Internet.

That, in fact, is all. If the service on the SIM card is connected, then the mobile Internet should then be connected.

As I warned you above, some parameters may have a different name as it depends on the Android version. I took pictures from android 7.

The second way is to enable or disable mobile tethering on any Android phone

You can also turn on the distribution almost instantly. To do this, as indicated in the first section, move the curtain from top to bottom twice (in some versions, the second time you need to move it from left to right) and click on the icon “Mob. point access “.

Gray icon. disable distribution blue. enable. In the picture above, the distribution of mobile Internet is disabled.

I will share the secret of how your smartphone can save your life. Did you know that your phone has a feature that could save your life? Now I will explain to you how to activate it and how to use it.

Each of us would like to avoid accidents, but statistics clearly show that they can meet each of us.

It is worth knowing that even in the most tragic moments, modern technology can allow us to immediately seek help and thereby save our lives.

Most of us carry smartphones in our s, and it is definitely worth activating the alarm message function in them.

If you suddenly find yourself in a serious threat to life and health and cannot even call the emergency number. you can inform 4 people close to you about your situation by sending an alarm message.

If you enable this feature on your phone, you will need to quickly press the phone’s power button three times and they will be sent a message with your location, as well as a photo taken with the front and rear cameras.

How do I enable the “SOS” message function? You can use it on Android phones. To enable it, you need to go to the “Settings” of the phone, open the section “Additional settings” and find the tab “emergency messages”.

After entering the alarm messages menu, you must enter the “Main contacts management” option and enter the number of people to whom we would like to address our emergency message.

Then you just need to turn on the “send help messages” feature and keep your fists so you never use them. Success.