Samsung a10 how to take a screenshot of the screen

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A10

Let’s talk now about a newer version of the popular Samsung mobile phone line. Galaxy A10. She has undergone big changes in relation to the A5. There is no longer a distinctive Samsung feature on the body. the physical Home button. Therefore, the method that involves using it for a screenshot is no longer applicable to this model. But in Samsung A10 there are other ways to do it. They will be universal for other models as well: A20, A30, A50.

  • We need to tweak some parameters. Open the Samsung settings;
    samsung, screenshot, screen
  • Select the item called “Movements and gestures”;
  • Find the item “Screen capture with the palm of your hand”;
  • Move the slider to the active position;

Move the slider to the “Active” position

  • Swipe the edge of your hand across the smartphone screen and a screenshot will be created.
  • Place your palm as close to the Samsung screen as possible. to cover a large area of ​​it. You need to draw horizontally on the screen, from left to right. Or vice versa. The finished image can be found in the gallery. Another way to get a photo of the display is available to you. As in the Samsung Galaxy A5 in the A10, you can take a screenshot as follows: press and hold the power button and the volume up button.

    Why can’t I capture the screen on my smartphone

    Sometimes users complain about the operation of Samsung smartphones for the reason that it is impossible to create a screenshot using all the methods described above. On the manufacturer’s website, the blog states that new devices may malfunction when trying to create a screen image for the first time. Try this a few times. Use the different methods described in this article. Apart from these three others does not exist.

    If you have used all the methods several times, but you still cannot create a screenshot, then most likely there are a number of reasons for this.

    Reasons: Explanation:
    You have changed the original firmware of your Samsung smartphone.Now all questions about the performance of the smartphone should be asked to the creator of this firmware. Or go to the official website for help in returning the official.
    Using a different brand of phone.You may be trying to take a screenshot on a device that was released by another manufacturer.
    Your device is fake.The mobile phone was designed in the image of the original Samsung, but does not match it functionally.

    Samsung claims that previously only devices from the Galaxy S and Note series were subjected to counterfeiting. But after 2018, pirate manufacturers began to forge the A and J series. What is the reason, they find it difficult to answer. Apparently, more and more specialists are moving into shadow companies, who are the engine of the illegal production of smartphones. Users should be more careful when buying devices from their hands and on various unofficial web resources.

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung A5, A10

    Often, mobile phone manufacturers change the principle of operation and the location of certain device functions. For example, many owners do not know how to take a screenshot on the Samsung A10 and A5 smartphone. We tried to figure it out. Detailed instructions can be found below in this article.

    How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A5

    Screenshot is not a very popular feature on smartphones. But under some circumstances, it is still necessary. For example, if we want to show our friends achievements in our favorite game. Or quickly save a photo from the Internet without having to download it. There are a number of other cases in which you cannot do without taking a screenshot.

    To do it on the popular Samsung Galaxy A5:

    • Press the power button and volume down button at the same time;
    • Hold them for more than 5 seconds;
    • When you see that the photo has been taken, a photo icon will appear at the top of the screen.

    You can find the screenshot that we just created on Samung in the gallery of the mobile device. The system automatically creates a folder for them called “Screenshot”. But it can be renamed in the file manager. There is another way to take a screenshot on this smartphone model. Instead of the volume key, you must press the “Home” button together with the power button.

    Taking a screenshot using the Home keys and the power button

    Apps to help you take a screenshot of the display on Samsung

    If you have any problems creating a screen on your Samsung, you can use applications from the Play Market. They will work on any device and any model with Android. Using the market search, find a program to your liking yourself. Or download “Screenshot easy” from The application is completely free and useful not only for the ability to create a picture from the screen.

    • Add icons, stickers, other pictures or paint with any brush on the created picture;
    • Combine icons, add widgets;
    • Screen recording;
    • Take scrolling images and browser snapshots;
    • Work with layers is supported.
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    Thanks to the application, you can easily take a screenshot of the screen on your Samsung A5, A10. It is a versatile tool for taking pictures and supplementing them with different elements.

    Accessibility on Windows 10

    Windows 10 owners can use a simplified version of taking screenshots. To do this, simply press the Windows PrntScr (PS) keys at the same time. The screen will darken for a fraction of a second and return to normal. After that, the created screenshot can be found in the folder “This PC / Pictures / Screenshots”.

    This method is faster and easier if you just need to save a moment without the need to immediately send it somewhere via the clipboard.

    For those who like to play on a Samsung laptop with Windows 10, another method of taking screenshots will come in handy:

    • at the right moment in the game, press the Win G key combination;
    • in the window that appears, click the “Take Screenshot” button. She looks like a camera in a circle.

    This way you can save game frames separately from all other images. To find out exactly where they will be sent after creation, you need to go to the system settings, find the “Games” section and open the “Game DVR” tab there. The “Save Screenshots and Game Clips” line will indicate the folder you want. You can change it at your discretion.

    So, using the Win G combination, you can start screen recording, turn on or turn off the microphone during recording, set up a timer, see the time.


    This program is available on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and is installed out of the box. To use it, you need:

    • open the “Start” menu;
    • go to all programs;
    • find “Standard”;
    • launch “Scissors”. Or you can immediately enter the name into the search bar;
    • to take a photo.

    This method is a little longer, but it has powerful functionality. Using the application, you can select the screenshot mode:

    • the whole screen. Habitual, when everything that is on the monitor is captured;
    • window. You can only select a specific application to be removed;
    • free form. An area of ​​any shape is selected with the cursor;
    • rectangle. The same as the previous mode, but the area is of a fixed shape.

    With these modes, you can immediately take a picture that is ready to use without cropping out unnecessary details.

    You can also postpone the creation of a snapshot for 1–5 seconds, and using the Win Shift S key combination, you can quickly launch a light version of the program with the same functionality. It can be used in the future when the principle of operation is clear.

    Several ways to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung laptop

    The question of taking a screenshot may seem ridiculous to some users. But it is still relevant for people who are new in communicating with a computer, who have no one to turn to for help. Screenshot allows you to instantly capture the right moment happening on the computer screen. Like a photograph, only without blur and always in good quality.

    Below are the different ways to take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop. This material can also be useful for advanced users who are not aware of some of the options for taking a screenshot.


    There are several ways to take a screenshot of the screen. The easiest one is using the keyboard.

    • Any computer has a PrintScreen key. It is usually found in the topmost row above a square block of numbers or arrows. Indicated as “PrntScr” or “PS”. There may also be an icon symbolizing a screenshot. To take a screenshot, you just need to click on it.
    • Check if it was possible to take a picture using one of the specified methods.

    On laptops, some buttons have a dual function to save space. This can be indicated by the double signature of the key, separated by color or by a horizontal line. If by default nothing happened, then you should try to hold down the “Fn” button and press the “PS” or “PrntScr” key again.

    If this does not help, go to the next method.

    How to take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop

    Once you’ve figured out the validation and saving at the same time, you can start creating a snapshot.

    How to check if a screenshot was taken or not

    Before capturing a moment on the screen of a Samsung laptop, you need to learn how to determine whether it was possible to take a screenshot or not.

    Some programs can automatically save screenshots in the folders on the computer where they are installed. This function can be found especially often in games for convenient saving of interesting moments. By default, the snapshot will be saved in the clipboard. a separate area of ​​the computer’s memory, where the copied information is temporarily. until shutdown or restart. saved. From this, the ways to work with a screenshot are similar to the copied text:

    • go to a text or graphic editor. It can be Paint, Word;
    • in the upper left corner, find the “Insert” button. Or press the key combination Ctr V on the keyboard.
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    After that, the desired image will appear in the document. It can be saved separately, but when running Word sequence, the image will be in text file format. If you save through Paint, you can choose the usual PNG and JPEG. almost all images are stored in these formats. To save you need:

    • in the upper left corner, press the “File” button or use the Ctrl S key combination;
    • select “Save As”;
    • choose a place on your hard drive where it is more convenient to save the image. The format is also selected here;
    • click “Save”.

    Now you can use the screenshot in any place. put on the wallpaper, download, print.

    If you need to send a screenshot through messages, for example,. then everything is even easier here, because the screen can be attached to the message immediately after creation using the familiar Ctr V.

    Third party software

    Despite the fact that in the 10th version of Windows, taking screenshots became simple and at the same time functional, about 20% of people still remain on Windows 8 and 7. Not everyone needs problems with reinstalling the system, if everything works. This is especially true for large enterprises and offices, where computers are used mostly for working with documents, which is why the need to update the operating system tends to zero.

    But all people want to make the creation of screenshots simple and functional. Then third-party software will help. Such programs include the popular LightShot and FastStone Capture. You can download them on the official website of the manufacturer, but full access is open only for a trial period. In the future, you will have to pay for the license. However, it costs its money, because the functionality there is many times superior to that in Windows 10: a screenshot can be immediately framed, cropped, annotated, arrows, numbers, and written any text. Basically, it is a complete photo editor with a full range of features that can come in handy in daily use. And if all the bells and whistles are not needed, then you can always find a simplified free alternative.

    Using Yandex.Disk

    Even those people who often use this service from the Russian company Yandex, now may not understand what is at stake. But, in addition to storing data, Yandex.Disk can help you create screenshots. For this you need:

    • in the Windows panel in the lower left (or upper. depending on the location of the panel itself) corner, find the program icon and right-click on it;
    • in the drop-down menu, select the item “Screenshots / Take a screenshot of the area”;
    • highlight the desired area on the screen.

    After that, the editor will open, in which the newly created screen will be launched immediately. Here you can also add markers, lines, arrows, crop or print annotations. To save, there is a “Save” button in the lower right corner. The frame is immediately sent to Yandex.Disk, that is, it can be opened on any device where there is an entry into the corresponding account. Also from the editor, you can send a picture by mail or messengers, as well as copy an already edited version to the clipboard.

    As you can see, it is not difficult to take a screenshot on a Samsung laptop. Even on a device running Windows 7, you can get good screenshots and process them right away. If one of the methods does not work, then you should immediately go to another. one of them should definitely work.

    5 proven ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung a50

    Screenshot or otherwise screenshot allows you to capture the displayed image on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy a 50 2019 and other model year.

    With this feature, you can record a graphic or event in the application. You can take a screenshot on Samsung A 50 in several ways.

    I suggest 5. Why 5 and not one? Because I suspect, due to some convenience, not everyone will like everyone.

    For example, the first method will be the most standard, but applying you will need some dexterity of your fingers, while the others will allow you to make a screen with just one click. Go.

    Method two is manual dragging

    A screenshot of the screen on Samsung a50 can also be taken by swiping your hand across the screen, only first you need to set up a screenshot of this type.

    To do this, make sure that this function is enabled on your phone. go to the settings, and then select “Additional functions”.

    Now look at the position of the slider opposite the “Screenshot” parameter.

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    If gray (inactive), then move it to the right, making blue active. Then a new window will open where you can configure everything.

    When you are done, you can quickly take a screenshot on your Samsung a50 by dragging your hand across the screen.

    Only now, “quickly”, this is from the manufacturer, but as for me, this method did not delight me with anything, but even disappointed. Try it, and suddenly you do better and you like it, because it really should be fast.

    The first way is with buttons

    Samsung a50 2019, unlike its older brothers, did not receive a real-life button that you can touch “Home”.

    Previously, on all Samsungs, it was with its help that it was possible to take a screenshot of the screen. now, apparently, in order to make it less permeable, it was replaced with a touchscreen.

    As a result of this change, the button to take a screenshot migrated from “Home” to “Reduce sound”.

    Therefore, now to make screenshots you need to quickly press and release the combination “Home” “Reduce voice”.

    Is it convenient? As for me, not, especially at the beginning. Probably, only from the tenth time I learned to do it.

    I think you will not like it very much, but nevertheless we have what we have, and who wants a simpler option, let’s go further.

    The fourth way is with scrolling the screen

    To do this, we will take a screenshot with scrolling, you need to use one of the first two methods.

    Then, from the options displayed at the bottom of the screen, select the one called “Scrolling Capture”.

    It is important to note that we will only have this option when possible (there will be more content under it).

    Then you can edit it. To draw or mark something you must first create it.

    Then, from the options below, select the one called crop or paint. If you paint, then choose a color and paint what we want. Finally, click “Save”.

    We do the same when we want to crop. Then we move the frames and cut where we want. At the end. “Save”.

    The third way is the Assistive Touch app

    Here is this third way to take a screen on a Samsung a 50 smartphone through Assistive Touch, as for me the most successful. I only use it. a screenshot in one click.

    What is it? In the installation of the application, which, in addition to screenshots, can do a lot. You can download right here.

    After installation, you need to make one small setting (if you want you can do more. customize it for yourself). The program is in Russian, so you won’t have to mess around for a long time.

    By default, the function to make screenshots is disabled there. Therefore, in the settings, select “Custom menu”, click on the “Square with a plus” and select “Screenshot”.

    Now, in the place where you need to take a screenshot, click on the white circle (it will be on your screen) and click the “Screenshot” button. all of it is in your gallery. Conveniently? It seems to me very much. Try it, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

    The fifth way. by voice through Google Assistant

    Despite the release of Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby, you will still have full access to Google Assistant, as well as its ability to take screenshots.

    To do this, press and hold on “Home” until Google Assistant launches. All you need to do is enable certain items in the Google Assistant settings.

    After launching Click on the Compass icon below. Then at the top of your profile icon. Select “Settings”. Go to the “Assistant” tab.

    At the bottom you will see your connected devices. select your phone. Go to the General tab and activate the required options.

    That’s it, now you can take screenshots by voice saying the command “Take a screenshot”. The assistant will make it and immediately suggest “Share”. to transfer it somewhere and save it to the phone.

    That’s all. Honestly, I was already a little tired of writing, since I scribbled everything in one breath. Those interested can watch the video below. Success.

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