Samsung a31 how to make a screenshot of the screen

AZ Screen Recorder

The most convenient application for smartphones on Android also works with Samsung products: with its help, the user can not only take screenshots, but also record video from the screen, as well as edit ready-made pictures.

To make a screen with AZ Screen Recorder, you need:

  • Download, install and launch the application. five round icons will appear on the left side.
  • Going to “Settings” (gear icon), set the display of finger clicks, text labels and logo on the screenshots.
  • Tell the app whether to display toast notifications after each new snapshot.
  • Define where to automatically save snapshots.
  • Internal memory (recommended) or external card.
  • Close “Settings” and click on the green button with the camera icon.
  • And to turn it on again. by a half-hidden “video camera”.
  • When the screenshot is taken, the Samsung owner can close the program by going to Settings again and finding the Exit item in the side menu.
  • Or by tapping on the oblique cross in the notification shade.

The most significant drawback of the mobile application is the inability to set the format of the saved screen (by default it is PNG, which provides excellent quality and takes up little memory space) and its dimensions: the width and height of the image will exactly correspond to the number of pixels on the screen.

Function Keys

As before, you can take pictures of what is happening on the screen of Samsung Galaxy, Grand Prime Duos and other models from the South Korean company using the keys located on the case.

Doing this is as easy as finding out where screenshots are saved on Windows; just hold down at the same time:

  • on all Samsung models. “Volume down” and “Screen On / Off” keys;
  • on smartphones or tablets with a physical Home button. this key and “Screen On / Off”;
  • on some older Samsung smartphones. Home and Back buttons.

As a result of user actions:

  • An icon will appear on the notification bar to notify you that the photo has been successfully created and saved.
  • The screenshot will be saved in the DCIM system folder. in a subfolder with the corresponding name.

Important: although phones running Android do not have a separate Printscreen key, you can take a picture of your device’s screen with one action, without holding several buttons at the same time. Below we will talk about alternative ways of taking screenshots.

How to make a screenshot on Samsung?

Samsung products are diverse and extremely heterogeneous: the manufacturer offers some of the best smartphones up to 10,000 rubles, and premium-class devices. everything for the convenience and good mood of the consumer. There are no difficulties with setting up a smartphone or tablet: most of the options are available in one or two clicks. This also applies to the creation of screenshots; we’ll talk about the easiest and fastest ways to take a screenshot on Samsung.

Multi-action Home Button

The main purpose of the program is to display a button at the bottom of the screen that duplicates the Home function, which is especially useful for devices with a physical key. You can also take screenshots with it:

  • The user launches the app and selects the Actions, Action on double click, or Action on long click section.
  • In the menu that opens, you need to tap on the Screenshot line.
  • Now, by double-clicking or pressing and holding the highlighted key at the bottom of the screen for a while, the user will be able to make screenshots. quickly and easily.

Important: the pictures taken in this way are saved in the Screenshots subdirectory of the Pictures directory in the internal memory.


A slightly less stable, but more functional application that allows you to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy and any other Android devices. Using it is much easier than finding your lost phone; it is enough for the owner:

  • Run the program and select the Settings section.
  • Moving through the “Settings” sections, set the transparency and size of the widget on the screen.
  • The way to take a screenshot on Samsung: by pressing the button in the notification bar (default), on the widget or shaking the device (does not work too well).
  • A notification method for a successful screenshot is a toast, status bar text, or vibration.
samsung, make, screenshot, screen
  • Capture area: full screen, no notification bar, no button bar, or both.
  • Quality and format of the saved image: it is recommended to leave the default, PNG.
  • Now, once again in the main window of the program, the user can safely click on the Screen Capture button.
  • And on the camera icon placed on the widget.
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Tip: to close the application, just tap on the oblique cross located in the same place.

How To Take Screen Shot & Record Screen On Samsung Galaxy A31

“Palm shot

It is possible to make a screen on Samsung using the standard capabilities of a smartphone without any keys at all; This option is available on the Samsung Galaxy line and some other modern models, and it’s much easier to get comfortable with it than choosing the most durable phone.

To customize the creation of screenshots with the movement of the palm, you need:

  • Open the “Settings” menu. Scrolling down the main page a little, find the “Additional functions” or “Additional features” section and enter it.
  • Find the item “Palm Screenshot”.
  • And move the slider to the “On” position.
  • Now, according to the instructions for using the option, to take a screenshot, just swipe the screen with your palm in the direction from right to left.

Important: in this case, the screenshot is saved in another system directory: in the Screenshots subfolder of the Pictures folder.

You can take a picture of the Samsung phone screen, as well as take a screen on the iPhone, using third-party applications; they are usually more convenient and functional than the standard ones. below we will talk about the three best programs.

Summing up

There are several ways to take a screenshot on Samsung smartphones. Standard options are the use of function keys or the “Palm shot” option. The owner of the device will make life easier for himself by installing any of the described applications and customizing it according to his needs.

If the screen did not work

If you tried both methods and the screenshot did not work, then there are several reasons for this.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Galaxy A3

How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung Screen with USB Cable?

You can also use AutoPlay to recover files from damaged Samsung screen. As we all know, you need to enable USB debugging on your broken Galaxy when you want to transfer files from your phone to your computer. It can be tricky because when we don’t need it, we always disable USB debugging. But if USB debugging is enabled, you can try this method to recover photos, videos, music, documents and VCFs (contacts) from broken Samsung.

  • Connect Broken Samsung Galaxy to PC via USB Cable.
  • AutoPaly will start automatically. Select “Open folder / device to view files”.
  • Select the files you want, then copy and paste from broken Samsung to PC.

Optional: Transfer Data from Broken Samsung to New Phone

If the screen of your old phone is cracked but still functional, then it is best to switch the phone while everything is in order. To do this, you will again need a third party program such as Mobikin Transfer for Mobile (Windows / Mac). to transfer data from broken Samsung phone to new one.

details. go to the complete guide to transfer contacts from Android to Android in 2019

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen When You Can’t Unlock Phone?

If it happens that you hacked the screen of your Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 and cannot unlock your Galaxy, you can remove the password and lock your Samsung Galaxy with Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Galaxy A31: How to take a screenshot/capture?

  • Go to the Find My Mobile website and sign in with your Samsung account name and password.
  • Click the Sign In button to sign in to your Samsung account.
  • Select the “Lock Screen” section on the left panel.
  • Enter a new PIN to unlock the Galaxy screen when prompted.
  • Click “Lock” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait a few minutes, the PIN you just set in the web browser can be used to unlock your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Then you need to back up files from your Samsung Galaxy using Samsung KIES.
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(1) To use Find My Mobile, you need to set up a Samsung account on your Galaxy phone and sign in to it.

(2) Find My Mobile can even back up your Samsung Galaxy to Samsung cloud and erase all data stored on the device.

(3) Find My Mobile is not available on Samsung Galaxy S3 / S2.

Check out how to backup Samsung Galaxy:

Ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A3

  • This is the most common way. In this case, it is necessary to simultaneously hold down the buttons “Home” and “Power”.
  • If the previous method did not suit you for some reason, hold down the “Volume.” and “Power” buttons for a few seconds.

Hold down the buttons marked in the photo at the same time

How to Take Screenshot of Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, and A7

  • Press and hold the power button and home button at the same time.
  • Do not release the phone until the phone responds with a flash, sound or vibration.

Press the buttons at the same time for more success

To see the finished result, simply drag down the notification area by placing your finger over the screen and pull down. A thumbnail will be present. Click it to open it in an image viewer.

If you’ve taken a lot of screenshots or removed your thumb from the notification area, you can find the newly created images in the gallery app. If you don’t have a gallery shortcut on your home screen, open the app drawer and find the gallery app inside. A new folder named screenshots will appear. This is where your images will be stored.

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How to Record Screen in Samsung Galaxy A30s? As on

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If you want to keep fleeting content. that appears on your display, or share some action that is difficult to describe in words, just Screen Recorder in your Samsung Galaxy A30s. Learn how to activate and use this super tool. You won’t miss anything! Record your screen, save and share it with your friends!

When to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A11

The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner with the options for creating a screen. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any time: while watching a movie, playing a game or chatting in a messenger. The main condition for taking a picture is that the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A11 phone

A modern smartphone has a number of useful features. For example, the owner of a mobile device can take a screenshot of the screen at any time. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you do not have to photograph the screen on another device, since it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A11 phone.

The way to take a screenshot through the notification bar

This method will be the best way out of the situation when the smartphone buttons for some reason do not work, and the screen is not created. Alternatively, it is proposed to perform the following actions:

  • Unlock Smartphone.
  • Go to the menu section where you want to take a screenshot.
  • Lower the notification curtain with a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Click on the “Screenshot” or “Screenshot” icon.

As in the case of a snapshot via hotkeys, a notification about the creation of a screenshot will immediately appear on the screen of an Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or taken another frame from this or another menu.

Where screenshots are stored

To view the resulting screenshot, just open the Gallery application and go to the Screenshots or Screenshots album.

Another way to quickly find a screen is as follows:

  • Launch “File Explorer” or “File Manager”.
  • Open the “Pictures” folder.
  • Go to “Screenshots”.

In the menu section that opens, screenshots will appear that have been made during the entire time of using the smartphone.

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A11 using the keys

The easiest way to create a screen capture is to use a specific keyboard shortcut:

  • Open the section of the menu you want to capture.
  • Hold down the power button and the lower volume rocker at the same time.
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  • Wait until the information appears that the picture is ready.
  • After completing the specified actions, a graphical notification about the successful creation of the screen will appear at the bottom of the screen. The resulting frame can be immediately opened by clicking on its icon after holding down the volume down key and the power button.

    If you cannot take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A11, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the alternative button combinations that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

    Delete or share a screenshot

    At the moment when the user opens a frame through the “Gallery” or “File Manager”, the full functionality of interaction with the image appears in front of him. For example, a phone owner can delete one or several screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

    • Open the folder where the screen is located.
    • Keep your finger on its icon.
    • Click the “Delete” button.

    Another way is to open the image itself through the “Gallery” and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation, the screenshot will be deleted from the phone memory.

    In the case when you need to transfer a screen through a messenger or in another way, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of pressing the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Send”, select the method of sending and the recipient’s coordinates. Thus, sending a screen is no different from sending any other image from a phone.

    The second option, explaining how to take a screenshot on a Samsung A7 or on another phone model with an Android operating system, also consists in holding down certain buttons. This method is suitable for all new devices that went on sale in the next 2 years, and where there is a mechanical “Home” key.

    Hold down two buttons. call the menu and power.

    New smartphones that are currently on sale imply a different way to screen. The manufacturer did not remove the function of pressing specific keys to create a screenshot, and added another option. You can take a screenshot with a gesture.

    By default, this feature is disabled in the parameters. To enable this feature you need:

    • Go to parameters.
    • At the bottom, find the “Additional features” section.
    • On the opposite of the function that allows you to screen the screen with your palm, check the box or move the slider to the “On” position.

    After that, you can take a picture with a gesture. Just swipe your palm from right to left across the screen.

    The first method is standard and is used in almost all modern Android phones. To take a screenshot, just hold down two keys. Volume down and Power on, as shown below.

    How to take a screenshot on a Samsung computer

    Power Button Combination Home

    On Samsung devices with a mechanical Home button located at the bottom of the screen, the screen on the phone is done like this:

    • Open the area to be screened.
    • Press the “Power” “Home” buttons at the same time.
    • An icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen, signaling that a screenshot has been taken.

    Palm swipe shot

    The function of taking screenshots on Samsung with the help of the palm was first received by smartphones of the Galaxy line. And now it is supported by the vast majority of the company’s models. To create a screen:

    • Activate the function by going to “Settings”. “Additional functions”. “Palm screen capture”.
    • Go to the area of ​​the screen that you want to screen.
    • Place your hand with an edge on the edge of the display, and touching, slide from one edge of the screen to the other.
    • Characteristic blinking on the sides of the display will inform you about the creation.

    How to make a screenshot on Samsung?

    Below we will examine in detail how you can take a screenshot on the Samsung A6 or other modern models. There are several effective methods for screenshots, which are used depending on your device.

    If your Samsung is an older model, where the operating system is version 2 or 3, then you need to hold down “Home” or “Back”. Often the presented buttons are already mechanical, just press them at the same time.

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