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Display (screen) not working in Samsung phone

Remember, if the screen on your Samsung phone is not working, then it’s time to contact a service center. If the mobile body looks completely intact, there are no slightest cracks, there are no smudges on the display, then the reasons may be as follows:

Sometimes the display on a Samsung phone stops working due to the fact that the screen itself, that is, the matrix, is damaged. Most modern smartphones from Samsung (A-series: Galaxy A3, A5, A7; S-series: Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8; also some J-series models) use amoled matrices, one of the disadvantages of which is fragility. If they are damaged, as a rule, outwardly there may be no signs, since small cracks are under the glass and they can only be viewed from a certain angle. The outer glass very often remains completely intact, the phone boots up, makes sounds when touched, you can even pick up the phone from memory when there is an incoming call, but there is no image or backlight, only the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen next to the home button are lit. Do not try to make repairs yourself: not only is it difficult, but you can also aggravate the breakdown by damaging the loop of the touch buttons, the back glass cover, etc. Remember, our service center will solve your problem in a matter of hours: we always have the right original parts. If even you have the slightest doubt, then do not risk it: immediately take the phone to the masters, because only they will carry out a high-quality replacement.

Samsung Display Repair Prices

Model Glass replacement (rub.) Display replacement (rub.)
Galaxy A5 2017 (A520f) 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A7 2017 (A720f) 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A6 3500 from 5000
Galaxy A6 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A7 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A8 3500 from 6000
Galaxy A8 3500 from 6500
Galaxy A9 4500 from 6500
Galaxy A10 3500 from 5000
Galaxy A20 3500 from 5000
Galaxy A30 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A40 3500 from 6000
Galaxy A50 3500 from 6000
Galaxy A70 4500 from 7500
Galaxy A80 5500 from 7500
Galaxy S6 Edge 5500 from 6500
Galaxy S7 Edge 6500 from 11000
Galaxy S8 7500 from 11500
Galaxy S8 8500 from 12500
Galaxy Note 8 9000 from 13500
Galaxy S9 9000 from 13500
Galaxy S9 10000 from 14500
Galaxy Note 9 9500 from 13500
Galaxy S10e 9500 from 14000
Galaxy S10 10500 from 16000
Galaxy S10 11000 from 17000

Often a black screen appears in a Samsung phone: if the microcircuit that is responsible for controlling the screen, or some components in its strapping fail. It is quite difficult to replace them with improvised tools.

In rare cases (one in a thousand), the display does not turn on in a Samsung phone due to the fact that it has recently “landed” on a hard surface and the connector has come off the main PCB. In our center, it can be done in the shortest possible time or even in the presence of the client.

Of course, there may be a completely different kind of problem that can only be identified after a thorough diagnosis.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Black Screen of Death

Some have reported that the Samsung Galaxy series will have a black screen after turning on the smartphone. The problem is that the Galaxy buttons light up as usual, but the screen stays black and nothing appears. Galaxy screen is not displayed. turns on at random times for different people, but a common problem is that the screen doesn’t wake up. There are several factors explaining why this happens, mostly related to the software of the device. However, is it possible to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5 / S4 / Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 5 / Note 4 black screen of death? Keep reading the next article and you will find an easy way to fix black screen Samsung phone and recover all data from it.

How to fix my Samsung Galaxy S6 blank screen of death? “Help! My Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck on a blank screen of death after dropping it, how to fix black screen on Samsung Android phone and recover photos from it?”

How to fix my Samsung black screen? The screen of my Samsung Galaxy S6 goes blank / black and cannot access the system, but when I press the power button it is responsive. Then I went to the retailer and they didn’t know how to fix it. Is there any Android system fix tool to fix Samsung phone black screen?

Detail 5: Perform a soft reset or hard reset to get Samsung out of black screen (data loss)

If you’re looking for a quick way to fix your Samsung phone’s black screen, Soft Reset and Hard Reset are also good choices, but these two methods will erase data from your phone. Let’s teach you how to fix Samsung black screen of death problems by performing soft reset and hard reset.

boot your Samsung device into recovery mode

The first way to put your Samsung phone into recovery mode is as follows:

Turn off your Samsung device. Then press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power at the same time. When the phone vibrates, release the power by holding down the other two buttons until the Samsung screen appears. From the main menu of recovery mode, select “wipe cache partition” (You can press the volume down and power button to select it.) After clearing the cache partition, your Samsung Galaxy will reboot automatically.

Steps to fix Samsung phone with black screen of death

Note: It is highly recommended that you back up your Android data before opting to repair Android.

Run Android Toolkit on Windows PC Download, install and run Android Toolkit on Windows 10/8/7 / XP PC, then click Repair Go to Android System Fix.

Connect Samsung Phone to Computer Connect Samsung Galaxy Phone with Black Screen to Computer with USB cable. Click the “Android Repair” icon Among the 3 options.

Select your Samsung phone model and additional information From the device information screen, select the correct brand, name, model, country / region, and carrier information. Then confirm the warning and click “Next”.

select device information

Confirm to fix your Samsung phone Android repair can delete all data on your device. Enter “000000” to confirm and continue.

Boot Samsung Phone in Download Mode Before repairing your Samsung phone, you need to boot your Android phone in Download Mode. To boot your Samsung phone in DFU mode, follow these steps.

samsung, black, screen, works

For a Samsung phone with a Home button: 1) Turn off your phone or tablet. 2) Press and hold the volume down, home and power buttons for 5 and 10. 3) Release all buttons and press the volume up button to enter download mode.

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For a Samsung phone without a Home button: 1) Turn off the device. 2) Press and hold the volume down, Bixby and Power buttons for 5 and 10. 3) Release all buttons and press the volume up button to enter download mode.

Start downloading the Firware Package for your Samsung phone. Then click Next. Android Toolkit will start downloading the correct firmware for the device.

Fix Android system in normal state After downloading and checking the firmware, the program automatically starts fixing system problems on Samsung phone.

Restart your Samsung phone After a few minutes, your Samsung phone will restart and return to normal.

Android Toolkit. recovery (Android) for Windows version and start to restore the normal operation of the Android system.

How to fix black screen Samsung phone and extract data for backup?

To fix Samsung Galaxy black screen and recover data from it, you need to use third party Samsung Black Screen Fix tool.

This Broken Android Data Extraction and Fix Tool can help you download recovery package for your Samsung devices and fix Samsung Galaxy black screen death problems in just a few steps to fix your black screen Samsung phone quickly and safely. over, this broken Android data recovery app allows you to recover contacts, text messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, music and more from black screen Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5 / S4 / Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 3 even if your phone cannot be turned on or the touchscreen is completely inaccessible, the program can make the data on the phone accessible and recoverable.

samsung, black, screen, works

over, this powerful Android Data Recovery makes it easy to recover data from Samsung (Galaxy S4 / S5 / S6 / S7 / S8 / S9 / S10, Galaxy Note 3/4/5/8/9/10, Galaxy J2 / J3 / J5 / J7 / J8, etc.), Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, LG, Sony, Google Nexus, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, Sharp, Oppo, OnePlus and other brands of Android devices, as well as data recovery from SD.maps inside your Android device. Not only retrieve deleted and lost data from Android devices, you can use Android Data Backup & Restore to easily backup and restore Android data to your computer, including photos, videos, audio files, music, call logs, videos, messages. message attachments and so on.

Broken Android Data Extraction Features:

  • Flexible recovery: you can scan, view, select and recover the file types you need.
  • Broken Android Recovery: You can recover file from broken Samsung phone or devices that are damaged in any other way, such as stuck in a reboot loop.
  • Fix Samsung Devices: Fix Freezing, Broken, Black Screen, Virus Attack, Samsung Galaxy S / Note Smartphone Screen Lock to Normal.
  • Recoverable Files: You can recover all items such as Contacts, Call Log, Contacts and WhatsApp Photos, and Messages, as well as all important files and folders that you have.
  • Samsung Support: Support most Samsung phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc.

There are several different ways to fix Samsung phone blank screen problem, follow the steps below to find out how to fix Galaxy black screen turning on problem.

What to do if your phone is working but the screen goes black

To get started, use simple methods to eliminate black screen on your smartphone. Reboot by pressing the “Power” button and holding it until shutdown.

Now take out the smartphone battery and replace it. Turn on again. If the problem persists, try using the screenshot buttons.

    Press the “Power” button and the volume down button and hold them for more than 5 seconds;

Hold down the “Power” button and the volume down button

  • If nothing happens, press the power button together with the volume up button for a few seconds;
  • Also try a combination of buttons together with the “Home” button, if there is one on the body of the mobile phone.
  • If these methods don’t work, let’s move on to more serious ones. Let’s try to look under the back cover of your smartphone and find the fault ourselves.

    A black screen appears on the phone screen, and the phone is working

    With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, display failure has become a fairly common case. Depending on the cause of the breakdown, we can eliminate it ourselves or contact the service. Going to a specialist is usually the last resort. In this article, you will learn what to do if the phone screen turns black, but the phone continues to work.

    What to do if the smartphone does not respond to touch

    Moving on to more serious methods for solving black screen on mobile. Not all smartphones have the ability to quickly and easily remove the back cover. You may need to unscrew a few bolts that hold it.

    • When the cover is removed, remove the battery from the cell in the smartphone body;
    • Next, you will need to unscrew a few more screws that hold the plastic partition between the rear cover and the main board of the smartphone. Remove the baffle carefully;

    Unscrew the screws on the partition to reach the board
    In some models, it is not so easy to remove the partition. A plastic card or a mediator can help you in this matter;

    Use a plastic card or plectrum to remove the septum

  • When the cover and baffle are removed, inspect the main board for scorched areas or parts of the microcircuit with a defect;
  • Defects can be found on the other side of the board, if possible, unscrew the bolts and turn the board over;
  • If possible, unscrew all bolts to remove additional elements.

  • You will notice the oxidation immediately. They will surround separate areas of the board;
  • To remove them, you need a regular toothbrush. As well as petroleum solvent (gasoline) “Galosha”. Alcohol is also suitable;
  • Use a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol or “Galosha” to clean oxidation

  • Wet a toothbrush with it and carefully treat the surface of the oxidized board;
  • After cleaning, try to attach the partition and connect the battery “by weight” to check the functionality of the smartphone.
  • Oxidation of the contacts of the mobile phone board can occur only due to ingress of moisture. If you managed to revive the smartphone, its parts can be collected. But if you find carbon deposits on any parts of the board, the device needs to be taken for repair. You are unlikely to cope on your own without the necessary knowledge and tools.

    Common causes of Black Screen smartphone display breakage

    There is a popular belief that a black smartphone screen is a serious breakdown. It occurs in the event of a defect in the cables connecting the screen and the main board. And this case requires an appeal to specialists. Perhaps it is so. But there are several good ways to fix the problem. Thus, save on repairing a mobile device. Money is never superfluous.

    Display problems have been troubling users for over 10 years. A black screen in a smartphone can appear due to several reasons:

    Reason: Features:
    Damage to the device Shock or strong shock may also result in burning of parts on the device’s microcircuit.
    Condensation ingress If moisture gets under the phone case, with a sharp drop in air temperatures.
    System-level failure Firmware problems resulting from incorrect software installation.

    There are other reasons for this problem, but the ones listed above most often lead to the fact that the smartphone does not respond to button presses.

    Fixing the black screen of the smartphone by resetting the settings

    Getting to the main board of a mobile phone is not difficult at all. To do this, you only need to unscrew a few screws. But if you didn’t find a breakdown when you opened the lid and got to the board, most likely the reason for the black screen is a software failure of the smartphone. Now we will solve it with you.

    For Android models, the steps are as follows:

      To get to the Recovery menu, you need to hold down the buttons special for this. Before pressing their smartphone, you need to turn off. If it does not come out to do this through the button, remove the battery for a while;

    Press the buttons to enter the Recovery menu

  • Most often, the button to enter the menu is “Power” and the button to decrease or increase the volume. The two buttons must be held down until the logo of your device’s developer appears. In certain models, one of the buttons may be “Home”. Also try to combine it with the “Power” button;
  • As a result of correctly pressed keys, the logo of the manufacturer or the Android system will appear. Following it, the menu we need will be displayed;
  • In this menu, on a black screen, you need to find the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and click on it. To select items in this menu, you need to press the “Power” button. To move through the list, use the volume control buttons;
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    Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”

  • Next, a new screen with items will open. In it, we need to select (usually) the only line called “delete all user data”. To select an item, use the power button again. “Power”;
  • Next, the data recovery process will begin, which may take some time. All your data will be deleted, including settings, photos. As well as downloaded programs, accounts in applications and profiles.
  • In order for you to continue using your mobile device, you must know the login and password for your Google account. When the recovery process is complete, press the Power button to turn on the device. If resetting to factory settings helped solve the error, you will also need to enter your username and password to log in.

    Other ways to fix your phone display if it doesn’t work

    We will continue to fix the breakdown of the mobile device when it seems to be working, but there is no picture on the screen, it is black. Sometimes this happens when a smartphone accidentally falls into a container with water or other liquid. At the same time, he can work for some time. When you take your device out of the water, every minute counts. Immediate action is required of you. Otherwise, the phone can be lost forever. And not only the phone, but all the data that was saved in its memory.

    • You do not need to press all the buttons in a row in the hope that water will be pumped out of it in this way. Remove the back cover immediately as soon as possible;
    • Disconnect the battery from the phone and wipe the tray inside with a handkerchief or dry cloth;
    • Wipe off the battery as well;
    • No need to blow through it with a hairdryer or other similar instruments. If you are out of the house, place your mobile phone parts in a prominent, dry and sunny place. If the weather and weather conditions permit;
    • As soon as you return home, the smartphone will need to be disassembled and the places where the liquid got into with ethyl alcohol.

    Wipe the contacts of the smartphone with ethyl alcohol

    This is necessary so that in the future the metal parts of the microcircuits on the board do not oxidize. Since oxidation will destroy important parts of microcircuits. The phone may not turn on at all. Thus, we figured out what to do if your phone has a black screen, but the smartphone itself continues to work.

    A black screen appears on the phone screen, and the phone is working

    Good afternoon friends. A black screen appeared on the phone screen, and the phone is working. Are you familiar with this situation? Yes, for me. When phones with touchscreens became available, these displays began to malfunction frequently. It all depends on the factor of the malfunction. We can calculate and fix it ourselves, or it will be necessary to take the smartphone to the master. In such situations, people most often turn to the service center. In this post, I will tell you exactly what you can do on your own if your smartphone’s display suddenly turns black, but it continues to function.

    The phone does not respond to touch

    In this case, we are trying to remove the cover of your smartphone. It usually comes off easily. Just stick a fingernail, or something flat and thin (like a plastic card), and swipe around the case, the lid should open. It happens, but rarely, that several bolts can hold it:

    • After we have removed the cover, we need to remove the battery from the phone;
    • Then, unscrew some of the bolts holding the plastic partition, which is located in the middle of the back cover and the main board of the phone. This partition must be carefully removed;
    • On some smartphone brands, this partition is not very easy to remove. In this case, you can use the same plastic card (or something flat);
    • After you remove the cover with the partition, you need to carefully examine the main board to find its parts, as if by something scorched, or just looking for defects (I advise you to smell the phone. The melted parts have a corresponding smell);
    • Damage can be located on the inside of the board, so you need to unscrew the screws and look at the other side of the board;
    • If the board has oxidized in certain places, you will immediately see the oxidized parts. They usually partially surround the board;
    • To remove such parts, we will use a toothbrush by applying a little Galosha solvent on it (you can use purified white gasoline). If you do not have these liquids, we will use alcohol;
    • Let us wet our brush with this liquid and carefully clean the oxide on the board until it disappears;
    • Then, after cleaning, you can try to lean against the partition and connect the battery to check the functioning of the phone.

    The contacts of the main board of your gadget can oxidize if water gets under the cover. So, did you manage to get your phone up and running? In this case, let’s start assembling it. If you come across carbon deposits on any part of the board, in this case, the gadget is taken to the service. You yourself cannot cope with such a misfortune if you do not have the necessary knowledge and tools.

    Removing the black screen by resetting the settings

    If you were unable to find faults when you opened the phone cover, then the appearance of such a display should be looked for in the phone software. So, let’s begin:

    Samsung Galaxy S3,S4,S5 Phone display Unresponsive or Black screen Fix

    • To get to the Recovery tab, you must first turn off your smartphone. If you cannot turn off the phone using the usual method, then you should remove the battery from the phone for a certain time;
    • Next, we need to click on the “Power” buttons or the volume rocker. We keep these buttons until the emblem of the creator of this gadget appears. In some devices, one of the buttons is “Home”. You can press it together with the “Power” key;
    • If you pressed the buttons properly, the creator logo or Android OS should appear. Next, a tabbed menu appears;
    • Having entered this menu, from all tabs you must select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”. Then, to select items in this window, press “Power”. To move around the screen, use the sound key;
    • Then, a window opens where the tabs are presented. In this window, select the command called “delete all user data”. To select it, use the “Power” button;
    • We will begin to recover information, this may take time. The phone will be cleared of all information. For example, from images, settings, applications, your account, etc.

    In order to further use your mobile phone, you need to enter a login with a password from the Google account. After this operation is over, press the “Power” button to turn on the gadget. Then, we enter your data to enter the phone.

    If your smartphone has fallen under the influence of water, then I can advise you to study my article “The phone fell into the water.” In this article, I describe in detail the action in such a situation.

    The most common causes of a phone screen malfunction

    There is a common myth that if your phone’s display turns black, then this is a significant breakdown. It happens that a similar effect appears due to a malfunction of the loops that connect the display to the main board. In this case, it is really better to take the phone to the master. But, there is a chance that you can fix the problem yourself. This will save your hard-earned money. There is never too much money.

    Broken phone screens have been bothering people for ten years. The display can turn black for a number of reasons:

    • Your mobile gadget may have been hit or concussed. In addition, some of his parts (or several) in his microcircuit could burn out;
    • Water could get inside the device, together with a rapid change in air temperature;
    • The smartphone was flashed unsuccessfully, or programs were incorrectly installed on it.

    Of course, there are other causes of malfunctions, but those that I presented to you are the most common.

    What can you do if your smartphone is functional but the display is black?

    • Hold down the “Power” key with the volume rocker and hold them for more than five seconds;
    • No changes? Then we hold down the power button together with the “Increase the volume” button for 5 seconds;
    • You can also use a combination of different buttons in conjunction with “Home” when it is on the body of your gadget.
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    These methods did not help, in this case, let’s move on to much stronger methods. Let’s open the back cover of the phone and look for a breakdown under it ourselves.

    Why is there a black screen on the TV, but the sound remains?

    You are faced with such a problem on TV: the TV screen is black, but there is sound. Naturally, due to this malfunction, viewing the programs is not possible. In this article, we’ll show you what to do about this problem. What caused the picture to disappear? Let’s look at the internal and external causes of the problem.

    • To understand what went wrong, the first thing: we look at the equipment. If the equipment is completely new, this malfunction may appear due to the manufacturer’s defect.
    • If the device has served you for several years, there is a possibility that the batteries or backlights are out of order.

    It follows from practice that the technology itself most often has absolutely nothing to do with it: this malfunction is not always the result of a failure of the equipment. Uninterrupted image reproduction depends not only on internal elements (boards, circuits, blocks), but also on external ones (antenna cable, distribution box, etc.)

    Don’t be discouraged if you just see a black screen when you turn on the TV.

    There is a possibility that the solution to the problem is very close:

    • Antenna cable (cord);
    • Distribution box;
    • Plug;
    • An external antenna located on the roof is the most vulnerable element in this problem.

    Inspect these items, especially the plug. Basically, it is connected from the back to a special connector (socket).

    First you need to pull it out of the connector and insert it back. There is a possibility that due to poor contact, the signal coming through the plug is weak. This could be one of the sources of image fading.

    Next, you need to connect a second TV (of course, a working one) to the antenna wire in order to check the signal quality.

    If, after connecting, a poor-quality signal began to arrive or there is simply no image, then most likely the problem is either in the external antenna or in the antenna cable.

    If there is a problem with the external antenna, then it remains only to call the organization responsible for its maintenance.

    Proper handling of the TV is the key to its long-term service.!

    Often equipment breaks down due to improper operation.

    Unscrupulous attitude to the appearance of minor malfunctions, mechanical stress, penetration of moisture into the body. all this leads to wear of the components, as a result of which malfunctions appear.

    One of the most vulnerable spots in modern TVs is the inverter. This part often fails. An inverter is an expensive part, so a specialist will most often recommend repairing it rather than changing it. This problem, for which the picture is missing, is typical for TVs of LG and Samsung models.

    Why does a black screen appear on TV and sound works

    Try to find out if your TV has a mute function. This is true for newer LCD / LED TVs such as:

    • Philips (Philips);
    • Toshiba (Toshiba);
    • Sony (Sony);
    • LG (LG);
    • Samsung (Samsung).

    Certain TVs have the ability to turn off the picture: this function allows you to listen to the sound of the TV or DVD player when the picture is turned off on the screen Make sure not to enable this function.

    But if we exclude all factors from the outside, then only the problem remains at the hardware level. Let’s take a look at what’s the matter.

    A common cause of malfunction of new TVs, due to which the image disappears when there is sound, is the failure of the lamps or LEDs of the screen backlight.

    The easiest way to determine whether the problem is in the backlight or not is: take any light source (lamp, hand-held flashlight, or even a flashlight on your phone) and, with the TV turned on, bring the light source to the screen.

    If you see that there is an image, but it is very difficult to see it, then your lamps or LED strip are out of order. Of course, there is a possibility that the chromaticity module, power supply, frame and line scan unit, tuner or matrix are out of order.

    If you are not an expert in this matter, it is rather difficult to replace or repair the listed parts, therefore, this work should be carried out only by a TV repair specialist.

    What is the reason for the disappearance of the image on the TV screen connected via HDMI?

    Let’s just superficially touch on the connection via HDMI of a computer to a TV. In rare cases, with this connection, the image may disappear quite often. The first thing to do is test the HDMI cable itself. Also check if hibernation is running on your computer.

    The sound can also be played, but the picture will never be. Basically, everyone can cope with the HDMI cable connection, and this is not a serious problem if you have a whole and working HDMI cable. But this issue has its own pitfalls that the user may encounter.

    So what to do. If you do not have an image when connecting, check the cable for kinks, bends, breaks, if there is such damage, you need to replace the HDMI cable.

    How To Fix Black Screen Issue On Samsung (Android 10)

    You also need to check the settings and make sure that the computer has not entered sleep mode. Another option is connector failure. In this case, you need to refer the technician for repair to specialists.

    These are the main reasons due to which, when the TV is connected via HDMI, the image is not displayed.

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    How To Fix Black Screen Problem on Samsung Galaxy, Fix Black screen No Display Phone

    What to do if Samsung a51 won’t turn on?

    If, nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy A51-A515F does not respond to the power button, try forcibly starting with two buttons (simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key and hold for a few seconds).

    What to do if the phone screen is black iPhone?

    You can restore a black screen on a working iPhone by rebooting. When the device freezes, restart usually helps. Press the power button and the Home button at the same time and hold for 20 seconds until the corporate logo appears. If the dark screen does not disappear after that, then the problem should be looked for in another.

    How to enable proximity sensor on Samsung?

    How to turn on the proximity sensor in the phone?

    • We go to the “Challenges” of the gadget.
    • Go to the “Settings” of calls (long or regular press on the button of the gadget functions or on the touch display the button “Settings”).
    • Click on the section “Incoming calls”.
    • We move the switch or put a tick next to the item “Proximity sensor”.

    What to do if Samsung screen won’t turn on?

    If this is the case and the phone works, but the screen does not turn on, then you need to restart it. You can wait until it is completely discharged, or you can pull out the battery yourself for a few seconds. At the moment of switching on, pay attention to the start screen: is there a Samsung and / or Android logo.

    How to remove a dark screen on your phone?

    How to turn dark theme on or off on your phone

    • Open your phone settings.
    • Select Display.
    • Turn Dark Theme on or off.

    How to turn on the screen on Samsung?

    • We make a swipe from top to bottom from the top edge of the screen. a quick access menu will appear, we also make a swipe.
    • Go to Settings. Display.
    • Through the quick access menu.
    • Go to Settings. Display and put the switch to “On”.

    What to do if your phone won’t turn on or charge Samsung?

    If Samsung does not turn on and does not charge, you can try to use the advice of Samsung technical support: Press and hold the “volume” down button simultaneously with the “power on”. Hold in this position for 10-12 seconds.

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