Samsung j3 microphone not working

Samsung Galaxy microphone is not working well

At the Samsung service center, our craftsmen are faced with all possible types of breakdowns and damage every day. Malfunction “microphone not working” for a Samsung smartphone typical case.

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System board errors 22%
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Service name Repair time, min Price, rub
Complete disassembly 45 600
Cleaning 60 1100
Microphone repair thirty 500
Battery replacement 120 2800
Repair of the multicontroller 60 1200

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Microphone not working on Android

In this article, I will cover the main reasons why the microphone does not work on an Android phone and what you can do to restore its functionality.

samsung, microphone, working

It is worth noting that the microphone may not work as a whole, or in individual applications (when calling, in Skype, voice recorder, etc.). Each situation is unique and sometimes you need the help of a service center for repair.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 10/9/8/7: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

All Samsung Mobile Mic Not Working Samsung j3 2016 Mic Jumper Solution. By Mobile Doctor

Attention! You can ask your question to a specialist at the end of the article.

Force Close Bixby Voice

This is one of the suggestions from our readers who encountered this problem and were able to solve it. However, this may not work for others as it depends on the reason the microphone in the Galaxy S9 is no longer working.

This solution works for cases where Bixby Voice interferes with some services. If the microphone doesn’t work no matter what application you are using, then this is the solution for you. Here’s how you get Bixby Voice to stop:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Select Bixby Voice.
  • Click Force Stop.

After that, try to record your voice with the default voice recorder or take a video with your camera to see if the microphone is working properly.

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Reasons why the microphone does not work on Android

The reasons why the microphone on Android does not work can be software and hardware in nature.

  • Ingress of moisture inside the case.
  • Impact, fall or other mechanical impact.
  • Clogging.
  • Unsuccessful needle / toothpick cleaning with damage to the microphone.
  • Software glitch.

If the user can cope with software errors on his own by performing a reset or flashing the device, then hardware faults often require qualified assistance from a specialist in a service center.

Factory reset and app cache

For users who have microphone problems when using certain apps, your problem may be app-limited.

samsung galaxy j3 2017 mic fix tutorial

For example, if the microphone is not working while using Messenger, then it might just be a minor issue with Messenger, and the best thing to do about it is to reset the app you want.

  • Open Settings.
  • Click Apps.
  • Select the app you have problems with.
  • Click Storage.
  • Click Clear Cache to clear the app cache.
  • Click Clear Data. then click “OK”.

Do the same with other apps that you also have problems with.

Samsung J3 2017 J330 No voice in calls. Microphone Repair Tutorial Easy Repair

How to set up a microphone in Samsung. The microphone on the phone stopped working. what to do

Very often, smartphone owners face a problem when the microphone on the phone does not work or works very poorly. There are actually several reasons why this happens, ranging from a banal software failure to a hardware failure. Actually, this is what will be discussed in our article. The question of why the microphone on the headphones does not work will also be additionally considered, which is also a fairly common problem. In general, it will be interesting!

Software glitch

The first reason why the microphone on the phone does not work is a malfunction of the operating system. It does not matter at all what OS is installed on the device. “Android”, iOS, “Windows” or any other, failures are everywhere and they happen spontaneously.

How can the malfunction be dealt with? There are several options here, and the easiest one is to reboot the device. As a rule, in most cases this will completely eliminate the malfunction and the microphone will begin to function again. The second option is more radical. resetting the settings to the factory state. Sometimes a software failure can be much more serious than it might seem at first glance, and a simple reboot cannot be fixed.

Posts [5]

Subject: The microphone in the mobile phone does not work: you hear, and you. not.

Usually the problem is with the microphone. If in the process of diagnostics it turns out that the microphone has “flown”, it needs to be changedthat is moisture in the phone. In all cases of moisture penetration under the phone case, it is necessary to dry and clean the device. Several elements are responsible for the operation of the audio channel in the phone. Find out which of them failed, as well as a software failure.

The microphone in the mobile phone does not work: you hear, but you. not.

Re: The microphone in the mobile phone does not work: you hear, but you. not.

A non-working microphone is diagnosed, as a rule, when the owner of the phone complains that no one can hear it or they hear it very badly. With a detailed check, you can diagnose the following:

The second common defect is the oxide circuitry of the microphone. They can be either next to the microphone or in the system connector for connecting a headset. Even small ones can still disrupt the microphone. Often it is enough to clean the oxides and the microphone starts working. However, if water gets into the microphone itself, then it will have to be changed. Often, as a result of moisture entering the phone, the normal operation of the microphone is disrupted due to the elements of the strapping of the microphone circuits. This is especially true for elements such as varistors and zener diodes. Sometimes it is enough to remove them (with the purification of oxides on other elements, of course). Oxides also like to hide under EMIF-filters (Electromagnetic Impulse Filter), which, under the influence of moisture, quickly deteriorate or simply fail without any external influences. In such cases, the EMP filter is replaced.

It happens that the phone indicates a connected headset, although in fact it is not connected. In this case, the speaker usually does not work together with the microphone. This is to blame. all the same oxides as a result of moisture getting into the system connector or under the glass of the EMIF filter, as well as the headset connection identification circuits (in different phones they are implemented differently, but usually through the contact group of the headset connector). Sometimes the reason for the turned on headset is an open circuit of the headset connection identification circuit as a result of a violation of the BGA soldering of the controller / processor.

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The malfunction of the microphone itself is checked by replacing it with a known working one.

samsung, microphone, working

Microphone not working on Android: root causes and fixes

Microphone not working on Android. this problem occurs more often than we would like. You cannot do without voice communication during a conversation, so the breakdown will have to be eliminated. An important detail: the device may be fundamentally inactive or not function in some applications. Do not rush to go into the settings. first, study the reasons for the failure.

Microphone stopped working on call

The parameters can be adjusted using the third-party utility Mobileuncle MTK Tools. Install the program and run the engineering menu. Here you will need to change the factory settings. We recommend rewriting old information into a notebook. just in case. Let’s list the parameters with which you will have to experiment:

  • “Normal Mode”;
  • “Audio”;
  • “Mic”.

Change the first parameter to “LoudSpeaker Mode”. The display will show seven sensitivity levels. they can be adjusted over a wide range. Level 0 is the level at which you hear nothing. An individual setting is made for each level (the upper limit of values ​​is 255). By increasing this parameter, you move up the sensitivity threshold. When setting level 6, you will not be able to adjust the specified parameter with the telephone keys. you should remember this.

The value will only change if you erase the old information. Pay attention to the line titled “Value is 0… 255”. If the microphone does not work on Android, and you decide to fix the situation through the engineering menu, there will be no way to retreat. Click “Set” and enjoy the changes. Experienced programmers do not recommend setting the maximum values ​​in the settings. this often leads to undesirable effects.

How to fix the problem

The easiest way to deal with software problems and blockages. If the microphone works partially during a conversation, you will have to open the case and clean the insides of the gadget. The sound trap is a barely noticeable hole in the body. this channel must be blown out or cleaned with a sharp object (pin, needle). Do not overdo it. there is a risk of damage to the microphone.

It also happens that the microphone in an Android phone does not work for software reasons. Don’t panic. a factory reset can fix the situation. Rollback will delete all unsaved information, so back up important files. Start syncing contacts, copy videos and photos to your laptop. After that, do the flashing. Please note: the firmware must be custom or official. Otherwise, you will face new conflicts and exacerbate your situation.

Situations with sound in a smartphone are different. sometimes very exotic. Plan your actions based on your symptoms. Here are some typical examples:

  • The sound comes in with serious distortion (we discussed this option above).
  • Disappearance of sound is episodic.
  • Complete lack of audibility.
  • Problems only affect a specific application.

If the sound of the microphone intermittently disappears, you have encountered a broken electrical connection. The high humidity probably caused oxidation. Factory defects associated with unreliable connectors and poor soldering are also common. If the microphone does not work during a conversation for this reason, you will have to take the device to a service center.

A completely broken microphone is a common occurrence. There is only one way to make sure that the mechanism is malfunctioning. through ringing the contacts. At the same time, you can check the gadget for blockages and oxidation. As for software problems, the following techniques are most often used:

  • deleting unnecessary files;
  • restart;
  • reinstalling or updating applications;
  • system rollback.

Third-party applications can interfere with the functionality of the microphone, so you need Safe Mode to fully test it. Some programs conflict with the built-in microphone. see the next section for what you can do in this case. Often difficulties arise in messengers (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber or Telegram).

Why the microphone does not work on Android. the main reasons

Microphone malfunction in Android OS may be due to hardware or software reasons. What if you cannot hear the interlocutor? Let’s list the most common phenomena:

  • mechanical damage;
  • clogging;
  • moisture inside the telephone case;
  • the consequences of unsuccessful cleaning;
  • software glitch.

It is difficult for an ordinary person to cope with hardware problems in the phone. it is better to contact a service center. Software problems are solved by changing or resetting settings, flashing, upgrading the operating system. Every situation on Android should be considered autonomously.

If the microphone does not work in Android apps

It happens that when a call is made in the messenger, the interlocutor does not hear the sound of your voice. How to deal with this problem? Let’s consider the algorithm using Skype as an example. You have to perform three operations:

  • Calling to an alternative number. A sure sign of a breakdown is similar problems on all lines. Another diagnostic option, if the microphone does not work on the Android smartphone, is to contact the service department called Echo. Say a few words into the microphone and be patient. the service will redirect the call to your smartphone. If you hear your own voice normally, the gadget is faulty at the interlocutor.
  • Examining the settings. Echo service and interlocutors do not perceive you. what to do next? Go to privacy settings and tap on the microphone icon. Review the list of applications that can access your microphone. Make sure that Skype is there, if not, reinstall the program.
  • Test with a headset. Using a bluetooth headset often improves sound quality. It’s also a sure sign that the messenger refuses to interact with the built-in microphone.
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Reset device settings

This solution is best used as a last resort, as it will initiate a formatting process that will erase all data and software you have installed. Although notes, contacts, email and other information can then be restored if you first link it to your Samsung or Google accounts. details about the “hard reset” function, as well as setting up data synchronization are written in separate articles on our website.


Make sure your device has the latest software. Perform a forced search for updates, even if usually the system itself notifies about it.

    Open “Settings”, go to the “Software update” section and tap “Download and install”.

Disable VoLTE

Many Internet users who faced a similar problem were helped by disabling Voice over LTE technology. Thanks to it, the call is transmitted over the 4G network, which increases the quality and speed of delivery of the voice stream. For the technology to work, it must be supported by a SIM card and phone.

    In the “Settings” open the section “Connections”, and then “Mobile networks”.

Third party software

In the Google Play Store, there are several applications at once designed to diagnose the system and hardware, as well as optimize and fix some errors in the operation of the device. Let’s consider this method using the example of Phone Doctor Plus.

    Launch PDP and go to the “Search” tab. If you need full diagnostics, just tap “Play”.

In this case, we have a problem with the microphone, so open the “List”

and, in turn, run all the checks related to the microphone.

“Safe mode

The operating system and standard applications are often affected by third-party software. To check this version, start your phone in “Safe Mode”.

    We hold down the start key of the device, and when the “Menu” opens, press the touch button “Shutdown” for two seconds and reboot the device.

When the smartphone is loaded into the BR, a corresponding inscription will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

If the other person hears you now, the reason is definitely third-party software. To get started, you can simply turn off the microphone for applications that may use it.

    In the “Applications” section, open the “Menu” again and select “Application Permissions”.

Open the “Microphone” section and turn it off one by one for those programs that have been installed recently.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, start uninstalling third-party software in the same order. At the same time, test the microphone to determine which application is blocking it. We talked about ways to uninstall software on Android devices in a separate article.

Reset app preferences

This function can optimize programs that started to work with errors. over, there will be no global consequences, since the changes will affect only the system parameters. For example, the previously disabled software will turn on, notifications that were prohibited will begin to arrive, etc. But updates and app data will not be deleted.

We call “Menu” and tap “Reset settings”.

On the next screen, we confirm the reset.

Important information

Please refer to the recommendations provided on the Samsung website before proceeding with the methods described below.

  • Make a call to several subscribers. If the person on the other side cannot hear or has difficulty hearing you, try dialing other numbers first. Perhaps the reason is in the device of a particular contact.
  • Reboot your smartphone. This simple procedure fixes many software glitches.