Samsung ji 2 how to free memory

Reasons for the memory overflow error

Unsurprisingly, the software glitch alert only lights up on the TV screen when you go online. That is, standard TV viewing will be available. The built-in browser of the TV is used to play multimedia content. Sometimes an error appears when trying to start an audio track or enter a game.

Please be aware that this error is in no way related to the malfunctioning of a particular website. In addition, a software failure code may not appear immediately. For example, you first started a video, but after a few minutes it is interrupted and an alert appears on the LG Smart TV screen that there is not enough memory for the TV.

A banal page reload will allow you to eliminate the error for a certain time, but definitely not for long. After a few minutes, the code will appear again.

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The error appears when the user tries to play the streaming video. Gradually, the free space for storing temporary files becomes less, because of this, the picture will take much longer to download. To avoid software glitches, try to use web portals where files are saved in blocks. As a result, it will be possible to avoid cache overflow in Smart TV.

There are several ways to solve the problem. As noted earlier, it is not possible to expand the internal memory. Therefore, it is necessary to install additional software to prevent the error from occurring. As a result, the content will be played through such programs.

The second way is to update webOS (smart TV operating system). It is possible that in later versions such failures will be eliminated. Since the software is constantly being improved by the developers of the equipment manufacturer.

How to Clear Cache on LG TV Easily and Easily

Without a doubt, the owners of LG TVs were faced with the problem of lack of memory. The error code appears on the screen as soon as the user tries to play any media content. over, regardless of the type of Internet connection: cable or wireless.

How to free up storage space on All Samsung Galaxy phones

How to clear memory on LG TV, thereby restoring correct operation of Smart TV? There are several proven methods, in fact, which will now be discussed. If you get an “Out of Memory” error on your LG TV, you first need to determine what caused the software failure.

How to clear the cache

The system requires the user to clear the cache in order to reduce the load on the RAM. However, it is absolutely not necessary to delete temporary files of absolutely all applications, it will be enough to clear the cache of the browser you are using.

Remember that deleting temporary files of absolutely all applications will lead to the fact that the settings set in them will be reset to the default parameters. You will need to log in to your account again.

How to clear memory on LG TV? It is enough to have a remote control handy. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  • First you need to go to the main menu of Smart TV. To do this, press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • To the right or to the left (depending on the version of the installed OS) click on the “Change” button.
  • Select the software you are using and click on the “Uninstall” command that appears in the window that opens.

This cleans up the memory of the LG TV. Therefore, temporary files of absolutely all applications will be deleted.

If you would prefer to clear the cache exclusively of the built-in browser, which you use directly to play content, then follow this step-by-step instruction:

  • Click on the “Smart” button to switch to Smart TV mode.
  • Launch the built-in browser, and then in the right corner click on the settings menu icon.
  • Select the command “Clear cache”, and then again confirm the performed action.

After a short period of time, the files saved by the browser will still be deleted. After cleaning is complete, absolutely all video and audio will start playing correctly, and the error will disappear. It is advisable to restart the TV immediately after cleaning.

Removing applications

The internal memory stores not only temporary files, but also user-installed applications. Therefore, sometimes, in order to free up space, you have to delete applications from Smart TV that you do not use. This can be done in 2 ways.

How do I clear the memory of my LG Smart TV? First, move the cursor over the application you want to remove, then you need to open the context menu and select the “Remove” command. Confirm uninstallation again. This is how games, movies, various widgets and all kinds of programs are removed.

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In addition, there is a different way to uninstall applications. Open the directory “My Applications”, and then move unnecessary files to the right corner of the screen, until the uninstallation begins. To complete the process, just confirm the action.

Clean up the cache

While you are busy browsing your installed applications, there is one more thing you can do to free up memory. clear the application cache. Note that such a cache can very quickly fill up with hundreds of megabytes, and if you have a lot of applications installed, they can “occupy” a decent amount of disk space.

Application cache can get out of hand quickly, so clean it up from time to time

How To Free Up Space IN SAMSUNG Phones.

Go through the “Settings Advanced Application Manager” scheme and click on each application in the list one by one. In the “Cache” section, you will see how many kilo (mega) bytes it is full. You can clear the internal memory of the device by clicking on the “Clear cache” icon. You also have the option to free up even more space by clicking on the “Delete data” icon, however, this action will reset the applications to the state when you first installed them, and plus, it will delete all your settings and data.

Delete music and photos

If you listen to music on your phone, then, thanks to your favorite tracks, you have reduced the internal memory of the device. We also all know how you can quickly take a bunch of high-resolution photos, which will also quickly “eat up” precious disk space.

Photos take up a lot of space. delete them or transfer to your computer

Open the Gallery app and browse through the various albums. Surely you will find a few photos that didn’t turn out very well. perhaps you pressed the shutter too early or with a slight delay. While in the gallery, switch to the file selection mode by pressing and holding your finger on the first photo you would like to delete.

In the future, you can also select other photos (or videos) to delete. Click on the Trash icon at the top of the display to get rid of these files. Likewise, you can open the Music app and delete any albums or individual tracks you don’t need.

How to Free Up Internal Storage on Samsung Galaxy S4 to Get Space

Sooner or later, there will come a time when all your photos, apps, and ever-growing collection of songs will have a negative impact on your Samsung Galaxy S4. All that free space of internal memory that you had will disappear. And then what do you do?

Don’t worry. you can easily get on the right track and get back valuable megabytes (and maybe gigabytes).

Here’s a selection of tips to free up internal storage space on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and improve its performance.

We share with you our best tips on how to clean up your Galaxy S4’s internal storage.

Remove unused applications

This can be called the fastest and easiest way to free up disk space. You might be surprised how much space the various applications take up. Be a little violent: if you do not use any application or game, delete them without hesitation.

Uninstalling Apps. An Easy Way to Free Up Disk Space on Your Samsung Galaxy S4

Open “Settings”, then “Advanced”, then “Application Manager” and scroll through the list of applications. You will see how much space each application takes up, and a rectangular icon at the bottom of the screen will tell you how much free memory is available to you. Click on any application you do not need, then click on the “Remove” icon. Go through the entire list of installed applications in a similar way.

Use a microSD card

A great way to get some extra storage is to install a MicroSD card in your Samsung Galaxy S4. To do this, you must find a slot for such a card (as a rule, it is located next to the compartment for the SIM card). On the installed MicroSD card, you can store different types of files, as well as transfer applications previously installed on the device to it in order to free up space in the internal memory of the device without deleting any data.

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Apps don’t need to stay in internal storage. you can transfer them to a MicroSD card

After you have inserted an SD card into your phone, open the “Application Manager” and select the application you need. Click on it and then click on the “Transfer to SD card” icon. You can repeat these steps for any application any number of times, but you need to remember that this will affect the performance of some applications. In principle, this is not so bad. you can always return a specific application if its performance becomes unsatisfactory. We add that the function of transferring from internal memory to SD card will not be available for all applications.

Delete downloaded files of various kinds

When you surf the Internet, you periodically download PDF files and other formats to your phone, and you can only skim them, and in the future you may not need them. We advise you to look in your Downloads folder to find out if there are any files in it that you can delete.

Check for forgotten downloaded files that are wasting your device’s internal storage

Open the “Downloads” application and make a long press with your finger on the application you do not need, then you can select any other files to delete and click on the “Trash” icon.

Using all of our tips, you will probably be surprised how much disk space you can free up on your device.

Have you been able to free up a lot of space on your phone? Have you noticed an improvement in its performance? Let us know in the comments.

Features of built-in memory

The lack of built-in memory for Smart TV sets of any brand, including Samsung, is due to the fact that first the selected video file is loaded into the internal storage device and only then is broadcast on the screen. Memory is freed up as it plays, but if the process of clearing it is slower than loading the content, then it may become full. In turn, this causes an error message to appear on the TV screen and the inability to continue watching. It is interesting that even the specialists of the Samsung Group, which is considered the leader of this market segment, have not yet been able to solve the existing problem at a constructive level.

Thus, the browser of any Samsung Smart-TV receiver (for example, models Ue46f6400ak, Ue43m5500, etc.) has limited capabilities due to insufficient internal memory, without which downloading video content is impossible. Its main features:

  • self-cleaning is carried out only if the content download is slower than the speed of video playback on the screen;
  • the amount of memory cannot be increased by using an external storage device (hard disk, flash drive, etc.);
  • the memory overflow is not tied to any specific application, site or Internet page and can manifest itself at any time.

Free up memory on Samsung Smart TV

Television receivers of the Samsung trademark supporting Smart-TV technology continue to conquer the domestic market of household radio equipment. Their rapidly growing popularity is due to many functional advantages that were previously unavailable to owners of conventional TVs. Among them, connection to the Internet (wired or using WI-FI), search and viewing of interesting video content without reference to specific TV channels, the ability to communicate on social networks and much more. However, despite the apparent resemblance to a computer, the Smart TV is still significantly inferior to the latter. First of all, this concerns the amount of built-in memory, which is clearly not enough to view video content (movies, video clips, streaming video, etc.) when using the built-in browser. Therefore, this material will discuss how to clear memory on a Samsung Smart TV.

Removing unused applications

Removing unused or unnecessary applications is one of the most effective ways to free up the internal memory of the TV receiver. To do this, you will need:

  • enter the main page of SmartTV;
  • open the applications menu (APPS panel);
  • go to settings (icon in one of the upper corners);
  • in the window that opens, find unnecessary (unnecessary) applications and sequentially click on each of them, pressing the “Delete” key;
  • confirm the actions performed and close the window.

You can get the same result if you reset all Smart Hub settings. This will remove all downloaded applications and fix any existing errors. This will reboot and install all factory applications in automatic mode.

Resetting Smart Hub settings can be done through the “Settings” menu, following the route “Support. Self-diagnosis. Reset Smart Hub “. There you will need to enter in the corresponding line the security PIN code “0000” (by default). After the message “Reset completed” appears, go to the APPS panel, wait for the notification of the initial setup and, following the prompts on the TV receiver screen, enter the menu. There you will need to select the applications required to use and press the “Finish” button.

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In the event that resetting the Smart Hub parameters to the factory state did not lead to a positive result, you can carry out a similar procedure for the entire TV. How to do this is shown in detail in

At the same time, on all Samsung Smart TV receivers (series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.), the settings are reset in the same way. The only possible difference is a slight difference in the names of the menu items.

Consequences of insufficient internal memory

The accumulation of data in the built-in storage device can ultimately lead to an overflow of the usable volume of the TV receiver’s internal memory. At the same time, viewing the content stops, and a corresponding message appears on the screen. In some cases, the application may spontaneously start overloading. In addition, the message about insufficient memory size can appear completely unexpected for the user at any time when:

  • connecting the TV to a computer;
  • using a USB flash drive;
  • listening to audio files;
  • watching movies, etc.

In practice, the internal memory of Samsung SmartTVs fills up when the owner uses the built-in browser to view video content. After full filling of its volume, the TV “freezes” and / or disconnects from the Internet. In this case, it becomes impossible to install widgets and / or applications, as well as view video content. The problem can be eliminated only by freeing the internal memory of the TV receiver from unnecessary data.

Clearing the built-in browser cache

  • go to the main menu of Smart-TV;
  • launch a browser;
  • open the “Settings” menu;
  • in the section “Deleting history” find the item “Cache”;
  • click “Delete now” to confirm the action.

The cache clearing process may take several minutes, after which video viewing should resume.

Freeing up the built-in memory of Samsung Smart TVs

You can free up the internal memory of Samsung SmartTV TV receivers by performing such simple operations as deleting unused applications and clearing the cache of the built-in browser. If these actions do not lead to a positive result, then the owner of the TV will have to contact Samsung‘s Unified Support Service or, at your own risk, try to reset the TV settings to the factory level.

System reset of the TV

If all of the above methods did not lead to the expected result, and the owner of the TV does not have the opportunity to contact the service specialists, then he can take a risk and carry out an engineering reset of the TV settings on his own. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in the following order:

  • turn off the TV;
  • on the remote control (RC), strictly observing the specified sequence, quickly press the buttons: INFO. MTNU. MUTE. POWER or MUTE. 1. 8. 2. Power, while the TV turns on, and the service menu in English appears on the screen;
  • use the Up and Down arrow buttons to select Option and press the OK key;
  • in the window that opens, select the Factory Reset item and press the OK button on the remote control twice.

The TV will then turn off and then on, and the initial general settings (menu language, country, network settings, etc.) will begin. Then you need to do the usual TV customization (channels, etc.). When accessing the Smart-menu, it turns out that all the widgets and previously made settings are missing. They will have to be installed again. In more detail, the process of performing a system reset of the TV settings is shown in

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