Samsung phone screen won’t turn off

Flashing with ODIN

If after resetting the parameters, the device does not work, then you should try to reflash it. We are looking here for the firmware for your smartphone model, download the ODIN program from this link and install the drivers for Windows, and then proceed to the instructions.

    Run the ODIN application by unzipping it before

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  • In the off state of the device, we hold down the “Volume down” and “Power” buttons, and then press the volume button up
  • We connect the phone to the computer, press the key with three dots opposite “AP” and select the firmware file, which is in the.md5 format
  • After a minute or more, the “Start” button should become active. Click on it when it becomes possible and then the firmware process will go.
  • In a few minutes, the gadget should automatically reboot. If you get stuck on loading animation then try doing a factory reset again.
  • Check charger and cable

    Perhaps your Samsung smartphone is dead and won’t turn on. You plugged in the charger but nothing happens. First of all, try to take charge from another gadget and if the phone reacted to it and started receiving a charge, then the problem is in it. The next step is to change the USB cable to determine what exactly stopped working. If, after replacing the wire, your charger began to charge the smartphone battery, then the reason is its malfunction.

    Factory reset

    All data will be lost, including unsynchronized contacts, messages, call history, application data, and files in the phone memory. The contents of the memory card will remain intact.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons in the off state of the device.
    • Select “Wipe data / factory reset” from the list and press the power button
  • After the process is complete, select “Reboot system now” and wait for the device to start.
  • Samsung tech support tip

    Following the advice of Samsung technical support, we suggest trying the following very effective way to restore your mobile phone to work:

    • Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons
    • Hold them for 7-12 seconds
    • If after that your device started working, then a very common failure occurred in its operation.

    If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

    Clearing the cache

    Formatting the phone memory partition that stores the entire cache.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons on the switched off device until an inscription with the name of your phone model appears on the screen
    • After starting the recovery, using the volume buttons, select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the power button to complete the process
  • When finished, select “Reboot system now” by pressing the power button.
  • The attempt was unsuccessful? After restarting the device did not work properly? Moving on to more complex ways.

    Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on. we restore the smartphone

    Sometimes Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets may stop turning on for no reason. The Android operating system crashes, but more often than not, users have problems due to the pre-installed ROOT rights. Now you will learn how to revive the device, if, of course, this is not a hardware failure.

    There are several ways and we will start with the most obvious and SIMple ones.

    We carry Samsung Galaxy to the service center

    If none of the above solutions to the problem suits you and the phone still does not turn on, then you need to go with it to the Samsung service center. They will probably find out the reason for the loss of working capacity.

    Moisture penetration under the case.

    This is the classic reason. Exposure to water (an aggressive environment) quite often brings customers to our service center, whose phones were bathed in liquid. Our technicians will eliminate the results of moisture inside the device and repair your device.

    The Samsung phone turns itself off. the reasons

    When asked why the Samsung phone turns off by itself, the masters of our service center will answer without any problems. This behavior of a Samsung phone is usually caused by the following reasons:

    Defective flash memory or processor.

    If your Samsung phone is dropped or hit against a hard surface, flash memory or processor may be damaged. Due to the fall, their contacts could move away from the motherboard, which causes violations of such a plan.

    Battery problems.

    After sometime moisture has entered or for other reasons, the contacts of the battery (or the phone itself) may be dirty. Basic cleaning is the solution to this problem! The battery contacts can also bend, which leads to poor power contact, and therefore to self-disconnection of the mobile device.

    Types of service Price, p. Time
    Samsung phone turns itself off800-1500from 60 min.
    Phone diagnosticsIS FREEminimal

    In addition, the battery itself (loss of battery power) can cause the smartphone to behave like this. Or from time to time it “swelled”, which can be seen not with an armed eye. In these cases, battery replacement is required.

    Wear of the “upper” loop.

    Typically, the Samsung phone turns itself off when there is an incoming call. Due to the wear of the “upper” loop during the operation of the mobile device, a short circuit occurs in the power circuit, which leads to SIMilar consequences. Replacing a worn part will resolve the situation.

    Display module malfunction (for Samsung phones in slider format).

    The display module is a ribbon that connects the system board and the phone display. Over time, this component can fray, and then it needs to be replaced.

    If your Samsung phone turns off by itself, just come to our service center. Smart Center specialists will not only conduct a high-quality diagnostic examination, which, by the way, is always free of charge within the walls of our workshop, but will also carry out the necessary repairs of the Samsung phone, which will return the previous performance to your gadget.

    The phone itself is blocked and when they call me, it may light up, then go out and there is no way to pick up the phone. what could be the reason not long ago they changed the glass.

    The phone turns itself off.
    I was walking with friends and my phone completely sat down. I came home and left it turned off on the charge and went for a walk. I walked for 30 minutes. Then I came home, the phone worked fine. I sat down to play the computer and put it down next to it and put it on charge.
    The phone was lying near the keyboard. While playing, I noticed that the screen turned blue, and then rebooted.
    And after this moment it turns itself off, a blue screen appears. Note that when the phone is turned off and I inserted the battery, it gets hot.
    The phone did not fall or flooded with water

    Yesterday we bought a phone, I opened it and looked at everything like ok, but it turns off by itself! What to do? We decided to give it back. Maybe you know what’s the matter?

    Hello! The phone is more or less stable when the charger is connected. When the charging is turned off, it dies and, at best, tries to turn on immediately but stops at the first boot label and the attempt to start again.

    The phone began to turn off by itself, for example, the charge was 70%, but how I turn it on becomes 30%, I think it’s the battery? And how much will it cost to replace the battery?

    The problem is this: when the phone turns off, because the charge is 0%, I connect the charger to it, after which the screen lights up and the phone vibrates. After that, the screen goes out, but after a few seconds everything is the same. What could be the problem?

    Hello, I recently purchased a Samsung a40 phone, the flashlight on it goes out when the phone is put on a protective lock. Why so how to fix it?

    5 days after the purchase of the phone, he turned on himself, did not charge, took it to the service for 4 days and turned on himself. History repeated itself yesterday. It turned out to turn on only the sound button plus the phone’s power button. Naturally, they don’t want to change the phone.

    The phone turns itself off and then turns on itself

    Hello, I bought the phone only it came out in March. After 4 months, with an accidental impact, the screen was damaged, broke, stripes appeared at the bottom, superficial damage. I contacted the Samsung service, they changed the screen, carried out diagnostics, but a week later my phone suddenly turned off when charging 54%, absolutely nothing helped / I still did not know about the magic buttons to revive the phone))) /. And he turned on himself after 3-3.5 hours, as if he was rebooted. Then exactly a week later, the situation repeated itself, then I used the forced inclusion. Has included. what will happen next. sorry.

    A month after the purchase, one day the phone turned off by itself, they could turn on the volume down button plus power only with an emergency turn on, the next day it turned off again at about the same time, they also turned on an emergency turn on. I updated the software, tomorrow we’ll see how it behaves. What could be the problem?

    I started to turn off when fully charged, for example, the display shows 96%, but it is worth talking a little, it goes out and when you turn it on, the battery is 0%. I did not urinate, I did not fall, I changed the battery half a month ago, it did not help.

    The phone writes from time to time and turns off abruptly
    The first time I was discharged to the end and did not make a sound, then I showed the whole program
    The second time was a week later from the first, it made a sound and turned on, but it will quietly turn on without problems
    Is there a serious problem?
    Phone at most a month
    Didn’t get wet, didn’t fall.

    Well, everything seems to be fine, but when you climb in it all day today and it sometimes goes out, lights up and goes out and lights up

    Hello, my phone turns off on the street even when the Internet is off, but with it it turns off almost immediately, and without it in about 5 minutes. A year ago we replaced the board, because it broke. Began to turn off somewhere in November. The battery was recently replaced because the old one was blown away. Thought about it, but no.
    You can roughly tell what it is?

    Hello, the phone began to turn off by itself, it reaches the first screen saver and again the output is turned off only by putting it in the freezer))) and it turns on, what’s the problem in the battery or in the hardware? The battery is not a lot swollen, and how much will the repair cost? thanks

    Hello, during a conversation with an interlocutor, the phone automatically turns off completely, regardless of the time, it can turn off after 2 minutes or maybe after 9 minutes, everything has already been deleted from the phone

    The phone hit the wall, the display broke. I changed the display, everything is fine. Everything is bright. But after a couple of days, the phone started to turn off by itself. The battery seems to be normal, the phone is 11 months old.

    My phone can turn on when it’s turned on by itself.

    Everything works perfectly. But as soon as I turn the screen to the right side, it turns off or with some kind of strong shaking. Before I changed it to a new battery, this was not the case. What to do?)

    After the last update, the phone began to freeze at any% (for example, at 89%) and keeps it that way all day. Then it turns off abruptly and I put it on charge and 0% writes to me, and when it freezes between 60-40% I put it on charge and literally in a second he writes 100% and I can climb and then after a while he turns off and writes 0%. Why so?

    Good afternoon ! phone after being in water, the display was replaced. now the phone itself turns off, it only helps to remove the battery and insert it back.

    I gave my wife a Samsung Galaxy S10 on March 8. They didn’t use the phone for a couple of weeks, just studied the capabilities and characteristics. And when a SIM card was inserted a few days ago, it disconnected itself three times during the day. And it started only after a hardware reboot (“volume” down and the “on” button for 7-12 seconds). I fully charged the battery after purchase, then discharged it to 15% and so on three times. The battery is normal. They did not wet the phone, did not drop it, before installing the SIM-card, I never cut it off, and now I don’t know what to think. What can cause the “flagship” to freeze and how to deal with it?

    The phone does not go into blocking (sleep) mode, but turns itself off. After that, to start it, you need to remove the battery and insert it back. How does one of the parts heats up under the display connector under the metal screen, which I don’t know for sure. It all started after replacing the display. But on the Internet, you can climb or watch movies until the battery sits down, there are no problems. And it turns off only in blocking mode.

    good afternoon!
    Diagnostics is needed, there may be faults in the power circuit, the cost of repair is from 1000 rubles, diagnostics are free.

    Hello, the phone began to turn off during a conversation exactly one minute later there is a timer on top, tell me how to remove it?

    The phone is new, 1 month, it turns off on its own even when idle, the screen sometimes freezes and only the shutdown button works, then it turns on automatically through. 0.30-1min.

    Hello! the mobile sometimes turns itself off. I take off and re-insert the batteries and load the screen again and it works! what’s the matter? thanks!

    Good afternoon. I bought the phone a year and a half ago. With the onset of cold weather, he began to lag in every possible way. Slow down, turn off at 10% charge, the mobile hotspot setting is gone. And now it lies and turns on for 10-20 seconds, giving out a sign that the android com process is stopped. And it reboots. And so it is for a long time. What to do?

    Hello, such a problem of the bodies by itself turns off and turns on very hot it is impossible to hold in the hand may not work for days and then the Internet itself turns on I turn on the bodies turns off help find out the reason thanks.

    Hello. I bought this phone a month ago. The phone did not fall or get wet. No matter how much charge is 100, 50 70 80% in the cold. The last time at 2, it turns off by itself and turns on itself. Sometimes, when talking on the phone on the street in the cold, the phone itself turns off at the time of the conversation. The phone is under warranty. What is the reason?

    The phone turns off in cold weather, when 20-25% of the charge remains on it, in other conditions it discharged to 0, it works perfectly. What may be the reason for this problem?

    Hello, the phone, the charging indicator, with each charge, randomly changes from 0, then 45 or then 100 shows, with such charging it periodically turns off. Even when charging from the network, it periodically turns off. I changed a new battery all the same, but one caveat, the reaction when replacing with another battery is different

    Hello, I tried to install WhatsApp, the application took a long time to load, I had to stop the download, after that the phone turned off and could only be turned on while charging, now the battery runs out quickly even if I don’t use the phone and it gets very hot! It turns off spontaneously and I can turn it on only when charging.

    Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2015. Even with a good charge, the phone turns itself off and back on as if nothing had happened. The phone did not fall and moisture did not get in.

    the phone turns off when charging 50-70%, then it does not turn on, it goes to a constant reboot until you connect it to charging. after switching on, it often became that a call was not made. the call is not sent to another number and cannot call at all.

    When you turn on the phone, the screen itself goes out and turns on normally only once from the 10th, and when I sit on the Internet, the screen also goes out by itself. and when I watch a video with him everything is fine and when they call me while watching a video, sometimes I cannot answer. and then you have to insert headphones and respond with a button from the headphones. What with him I can not understand. he fell 1 time. but the problems started long before that

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    Hello, I watch videos on YouTube, the phone sits down to 30%.20%. wheezing starts in the headphones and the phone turns off.
    I bought a new battery. after 20 days it heats up and sits down to 50% and the phone turns off.

    Hello, such a problem, when charging the phone, it does not matter to what%. After 5 minutes, the phone turns off. And so 5-7 times. From the button started it works. Then it works fine all day. On the next charge, everything repeats.

    The phone turns itself off even when there is a charge. But it does not turn off if used with connected charging. If you pull out the charger, it turns off again

    I climbed in Viber on charging, everything was fine, the screen darkened sharply and stripes appeared and began to buzz. now the name turns on every other time, 1.5 min passes even less and goes out

    Good afternoon. My phone turns off in cold weather. The charge sits down completely. If you enter the room, after a few minutes it turns on.
    Or, if you put it on charge, it shows that there is charge. When you turn off how much it was, so much shows.

    Hello, I was sitting, climbing. and I have a bang, and restarting my phone. That is, it turned off, and turned on instantly. What is the problem?

    Hello! The phone can turn off by 50%, you turn on it writes 15%, the second reason is when the battery charge reaches 25%, the phone sits down in just a minute and turns off. After the diagnostics, they said no defects were found in the service center. What could it be?

    When calling from Samsung J330 2017 by video via Viber, the phone itself is rebooted (Samsung J510H 2016 onwards)

    Hello! When playing any games, for any action in the game, the phone turns off by itself, and the power turns on, tell me how to fix it and what is the problem. No contact with water, no drops, a lot of memory (I transfer everything to a USB flash drive), the phone is in perfect condition, only this problem worries.

    Kind time of the day. my phone reboots itself after 20 minutes of being in it.
    Tell me what this can be connected with?

    I have 2 problems The 1st new phone started to shut down spontaneously at the very moment when I was playing the game. and 2nd problem my PC does not see the weave. what is the reason ?

    The phone turns off with a slight drop.
    Even from a few cm
    I think the problem is in the old battery.
    What do you say ?

    Hello, when I shoot a video, the phone turns off after a minute. Why can’t I record, even at 5 minutes?

    Top button does not work

    stuck on the splash screen

    the phone turns off by itself during games, then turns on by itself. there were no falls, contact with water too. The phone is 1.5 months.

    It turns on spontaneously, there were no falls. Please tell me what is the reason?

    Hello. The phone is new, 4 days after the purchase it began to turn off in the evening at about the same time. Usually when the son played games on it. When turned off and then turned on, it says that the SIM card is blocked, and then everything turns on. Tell me what’s the matter. ,thanks.

    I play in the gro on the mobile and I can see the sound and the sound

    I turn on the phone, it boots, it works on and off for about a minute, and so on until I remove the battery, it heats up in the upper right corner (when looking at the phone), what could it be?
    And another question, is it possible to repair it without losing files (photos, videos)?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Hello! Please help me figure it out, they call me, I take the call and after a couple of seconds of conversation the call is interrupted. When you call again, everything is fine.

    Hello! broken screen

    Good afternoon! I have this problem. the phone turns off by itself, very often heats up, the Wi-Fi does not turn on, the camera writes a camera failure.

    It turns off at 87% charge and does not turn on. When turned on from a charger, the battery shows the same charge. Reset to factory settings by pressing three keys and further down the menu. The problem persisted. Three days ago, I turned it off by about 60%. on the forum they write about a condenser, which supposedly plants a telephone. This is true? It is under the back cover in the upper left part

    About two years ago I broke the screen (the phone was not more than 2 months old). I put it neatly in a box and hid it in the closet.
    5.12.2018 removed the old screen and installed a new Chinese one. Everything was without any problems before I went outside. After 10.15 minutes at temperature 2, the phone turned off and did not turn on. Going home, I put it on charge. tried to turn it on. and it is completely discharged although it was more than 50%. The next day I went out at the same temperature. the bodies did not turn off anymore, but after 10-15 minutes the screen stopped showing (it was clear that it was working as it was illuminated in a dark color and at the same time the sensor even worked, I could answer the incoming call by swiping across the screen).

    When I play, sometimes it turns off and does not turn on for a couple of minutes. Most often, when it is charging, it turns off and on, what to do??

    Good evening, dropped the phone a couple of times, now it can turn off by itself, they say on the service to reset all settings and format it, it still turns off, after they concluded that there was a problem with the loop, they say, this is not the way to fix it. I wanted to ask you what you would advise

    Hello, yesterday I wanted to turn off the tablet, but when I did it, he immediately turned on himself. And so constantly when turned off, it turns on itself. And when charging, the battery on the screen does not show percentages and a red cross !! What could it be.

    I dropped my phone on the street but it worked fine. Then I decided to download antivirus 360. Even though the phone had my own antivirus. But when I went into it, they wrote that the application was not installed. I tried to download it again and the phone turned off tightly. What is the reason?

    It turns off after 5 minutes of operation, but turn it on again, remove and insert the battery and can work up to an hour more than?

    I started to turn off by itself, I had already reset the settings to the zovod ones, but the problem did not dare, the phone was six months old.

    When you start some action, a black screen appears and the inclusion is loading

    Today I noticed that the phone has completely sat down. I decided to put it on the charger and walked away for 40 minutes. Everything was fine, the infection was going on. Later, I urgently needed to call, I went to disconnect from charging, and there was 0%. Well, I decided that the wire was not working, put it on another. I inserted the same thing on other sockets. I decided to turn it on until I disconnected the wire, it started up to the main screen, and immediately turned off. And so many times. Most likely, water did not get in, it fell several times. I can’t charge for 2 hours. Tell me what to do

    The phone is a little over two weeks old. It turns off by itself and then you can turn it on only after removing the battery. What could be the problem?
    In the phone itself?
    When I do not use it on charging. I do not strain with applications.

    When I put it in the charge it turns on and off

    Recently, the phone began to turn off when the charge was 45-35% Then you look and after an hour the charge is already 75% for example

    good afternoon!
    The phone began to discharge very quickly (literally in 5 minutes) with 15% charge. Could this be due to the fact that the outside temperature is 5 ° C, or is it a problem with the device. Phone 3 months.

    The two bottom buttons are constantly flickering. when watching a video from the gallery, from applications, the vibe turns off or pauses. what is the reason?

    Turns off when the charge is less than 50%. over, it can survive up to 5%, or even shut down in 50%. When you try to turn it on, it shows 0% and starts to reboot endlessly, until the battery is removed

    Just turned off on its own Lying in my.
    There were no external influences.
    Turned on when charging. (Charging is normal and when turned on, it did not disappear).
    What is the reason?

    Hello! After getting a small amount of moisture (a month ago), every day he turned off himself and more than once a day. What can be done about it?

    The phone turns off even when charged at 60%. Sometimes it can show, for example, 59% and after 10 minutes already 20%.

    Occasionally (once. Two a day, but for a long time, from ten minutes to an hour) I went to a cyclic reboot. Then the problem itself disappeared, but as mentioned above it appeared again. The power button was dropped, the phone stopped restarting, but when the battery was installed (without the button) it turns on itself, it works fine, but the display does not go out. I inserted the board into another display (lying around from a donor with a broken display). problem still exists.
    The dialing of the landing contacts of the button did not reveal the problem.
    One to hope for you. Where else to look?

    good afternoon!
    On this issue, you must contact the service phones.

    The phone has already been flashed 2 times due to the fact that at first it was impossible to receive an incoming call, then it was impossible to turn on the sound mode, the speaker does not work, as soon as you press the volume keys it immediately glitches and reboots itself. The phone once fell and the display was changed. What could it be?

    C reboots every 15 seconds. As soon as you connect the charger, it immediately starts and works normally. as you turn it off, the reboot process immediately goes.

    I replaced the battery in the phone, since the old one was inflated, and after replacing the phone just turns off, and to turn it on, you need to put it on charge, even though it’s full.

    Hello, the phone turns off spontaneously when it just lies. It turns out to turn on only by pulling out and inserting the battery into place. Did not drop, did not drown, completely new.

    The phone turns itself off and on, every minute, I noticed this problem a couple of days ago, but yesterday everything was fine! Today it started again (((I’m trying to reset the settings to factory settings, but he doesn’t have enough time, the phone turns off and on again. Freed up space on the phone, nothing helps. The water did not get.

    It reboots itself. When you use applications, especially when the Internet is on, the top of the phone gets very hot. Was not in the water did not fall

    When searching for a connection, the phone turns off and immediately turns on and heats up on the right side when looking at the screen. We asked for it and nothing has changed. The master said that he is not a drowned man.

    The phone turns off for no reason and does not turn on until you take the battery.

    Good afternoon! The phone turns off when the battery is low and starts to turn on when charging and turns off immediately. And so it is constantly. Does not charge, does not turn on, the battery gets warm.

    The phone turns off by itself and cannot turn on. The Samsung screen appears and then disappears and everything is new. When charging is connected, it first shows that there is no charging, but after a while it shows a full battery. Moisture did not get into the phone, except that it fell, no problems what to do?

    Hello! The phone began to turn off during a conversation. As for the rest, there are no complaints. I did not fall, moisture did not get in. We returned the factory settings, the problem was not solved. What could be the reason?

    Hello, I have such a problem, the phone itself began to reboot and overheat, please tell me how to solve this problem

    Hello! The phone turns off by itself. Regardless of the% charge. It works properly only when the charger is connected. If enabled without memory, it shows 0% and immediately turns off. And so several times a day! What is the reason?

    Good afternoon, the situation is as follows, the phone turns off arbitrarily and until you get the battery back on, I recently installed a new battery.

    Please tell me how to reset to factory settings. The phone switches off periodically in standby mode, it happens once a week, and maybe every day. regardless of the degree of battery discharge.

    Hello, my Samsung a5 recently started to turn off by itself, a short vibration appears and it turns off, what could be the matter?

    If it is constantly charging, then no problem. Disconnecting the battery goes away a little faster than before and by 90% it can SIMply reboot, but not to the desktop, but to the Samsung screensaver. Until you put it back on charge and turn on fully.

    He began to turn off for no reason, hang. When you enter the Internet, it is completely off and not on. When the power is off, it does not take charge, it charges on. The battery is normal. Installed the wakelock application works in normal mode, when the application is open, it goes out, please advise what to do and what could be the problem.

    The phone tries to boot up, but then it turns on and vomits itself, and so on without stopping. formatnul did not help

    Didn’t fall. Didn’t flood it with water. Charges normally. It just turns on by itself. It does not show that it has turned off, it immediately lights up that it has restarted, and asks for a PIN code. And so several times during the day.

    The phone reaches 50-60% and turns off and then boots up but not completely and turns off again, and so on until I put it on recharge.
    I thought it was a battery. I bought a new one. did not help((
    But on this one, when it turned off, it no longer turns on until you put it on charge.

    The phone will soon be a year old, and it starts to turn off by itself when the charge is 60-40%. For example, I watch a movie or sit on Instagram or turn on the mobile Internet and the phone turns off, it reboots itself and the charge is 0%, and then when I put it on charge, the percentage that was before the shutdown is displayed or I go into the camera, some stripes start blinking and the phone turns off, reboots and 0 %. Please tell me what to do? Just as impossible.

    the phone switches itself on and off immediately. cannot go to factory settings. what to do?

    Good afternoon! The phone itself turns off, and the message “Integrity check failed, it is impossible to restart the device” comes and the reset button, I pressed the reset button, but the problem still repeats, I don’t know what to do anymore, maybe you can help me with something?

    Hello, such a problem, the phone itself turns off and on, if you do not connect the charger, it works fine with the charger, what reason could be?

    The phone is charging, everything is fine, but when the charge reaches 40-60%, the phone turns off immediately without a screen saver, like “samsung”. What to do? The phone did not fall, did not plunge into water, and now I noticed that the back cover on the side is a little peeled off

    Good afternoon! There was a problem after 7 months of use, the phone heats up by itself and turns off at rest?

    Sometimes, when almost fully charged, the c8 phone turns off, I start to turn it on, and it shows me that 0 percent of the charge, how can this be?

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    good afternoon, the phone has been working fine for a year and a half, but I go to the gallery or video, it turns off and turns on itself and hangs on the Samsung screensaver, and does not respond to any actions. I pulled out the battery, turned it on too, the screensaver can turn on again from 20 times.

    The phone turns off and immediately turns on itself 3 times a day. Wherever you go to any application, it immediately knocks out. Didn’t drop it, didn’t wet it. I bought it in June 17.

    I received an SMS, I opened it, read it and the phone went out. I put it on charging, it took a little time to turn on itself, the screen saver-Samsung logo passes and turns off. So it goes on endlessly, does not respond to the power button. New phone was bought on 02/08/2018. thanks.

    Hello. phone for a month. began to reboot when called. Sometimes it is normal and sometimes it reboots especially from 2 SIM cards. I downloaded the programs only from the play market, I downloaded the web doctor for checking. kaspersky it is worth checking. all is good. I do not know what to do.

    Hello! I took the phone away from my hands, but very soon noticed a serious joint. Outwardly, the bodies are perfect. Not a single scratch or chip. But here’s the catch. After the screen is locked after a while, it stops responding altogether. It turns on only if you take out the battery and let it do it WITHOUT it for 15-20 minutes at least. Only after that does it turn on. When turned off, if it is on charging, the screen does not show the charging process at all. It stops responding after blocking and when it is charging, and without connecting to an outlet. And this morning he also lay “unconscious” but a green light glowed on the screen near the speaker. What about him? How to fix it?

    The phone freezes and turns off when I plug in the headset.

    At night, the phone discharges itself to zero
    I put it down sometimes even with a full charge, turn off all notifications and the Internet, and in the morning it is always completely discharged

    Itself started to turn off and on

    Hello. my phone began to turn off at 50-60 percent of the charge without the possibility of further switching on without a charger. I changed the battery from aliexpress and everything is the same

    good afternoon.
    This is the reason, if the phone is less 35% 40% I turn on the camera on the screen, the blue stripes will turn on in a couple of seconds, but it is not possible to turn it on, only if I turn it on, if I put it on charging.

    The phone is two weeks old. But the network immediately began to disappear two days later. The network is only when the charger is connected to it, and as soon as the charging is removed, the network disappears through the 5th world. Then a week later there was such a problem, he did not turn on, wrote that the battery was discharged at 60%. And now it turns itself off and on. What is the reason?

    The phone began to turn on for 2 months and then immediately turn on and then turn off again by itself. And so it happens until I pulled out the battery. Then it turns on and works for a couple of hours or days and everything repeats. What to do?

    Hello! During a conversation, the phone turns off somewhere in 2-3 minutes, but not always. And this is how all the rules work. What’s the problem? I’ve already deleted everything and reset.

    I bought the phone three years ago. Now it began to turn off spontaneously. There may be 80% of the charge, and the screen goes out without giving off signals. Does not turn on if you do not connect the charger.
    P.S I didn’t drop it, I didn’t get water

    Good evening. This problem has arisen. When Philips headphones are plugged in, the phone freezes and then restarts until the headphones are pulled out. Works in normal mode without headphones. The phone is six months old. Did not fall, moisture did not get. What could it be? thanks

    My phone fell. and it did not turn on. then I opened the lid and pulled out the battery and put it back. it turned on but some stripes appeared. then turned on, worked for a few minutes and turned on

    The phone is half a year old, it has rebooted by itself and the word Samsung is displayed on the screen. Can’t respond, I can’t turn it off, turn it on.

    Good afternoon, the Samsung GALAXY S8 phone was bought half a year ago, I haven’t been in the water, they called on a video call and it turned off, I thought that the battery was dead, charged it, and now it turns on and after 5 seconds of operation it turns off and turns on itself, and so on until until the battery runs out completely. In this case, the phone becomes very hot, for what reason could such a phenomenon be!)?

    The problem started yesterday. At first all applications crashed, something like “Gallery application stopped.” Then he started to turn off. I just look at the screen and the phone is turned off. Just a black screen, no shutdown signs.
    Now it works, it doesn’t. Turns off, sometimes turns on again (if you’re lucky), sometimes it’s stupid.

    Hello, I bought a used phone from my hands, the same problem turns off with different charges, maybe 90% it went out bought a new battery the same situation! And why does not Sberbank work! thanks

    Hello. When the camera is turned on, the phone starts to get very hot and when you press the button to take a photo, it turns off and reboots itself several times in a row. What could be the problem? Akum is normal without any complaints, moisture did not get

    The device is drowned after repair. I worked for a couple of hours and passed out. To turn it on, you need to press and hold three buttons at once. after switching on it works without problems until the next shutdown. It turns off at no specified intervals. always in standby mode (when the monitor is off).

    The phone is 2 months old, started to turn off when the temperature changes. For example, in my lies on the street, I go into the house and it is always on.
    What the problem might be.
    And one more problem. it doesn’t display the network. All antennas are on the display, and when you call, there is no network or the network is not registered. Reboot helps

    When you go into the settings-application-open their phone hangs. I started to reboot myself.

    I have such a problem, I put the phone on the lock and it turns off after 1 minute, but everything works fine as soon as I put it on the lock, I have to turn it on again, what can it be? Because of the battery, it may be like this

    By itself, it turns on the last button, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what the reason is

    Hello, I have such a problem with the phone, I did not reset the Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 and I was told to maintain a Google account, but at the moment I do not remember what to do in such a situation. And also my phone started to turn off on its own, what is the problem? Maybe due to an incorrect reset?

    The phone switches off. if you hit it slightly with the body. by pressing firmly on it. or when you throw it on the bed, it immediately turns off. sometimes it reboots itself several times after shutdown. after it turns on. you have to turn on the phone several times to turn it on completely.

    when talking, it turns off itself, the battery is not removable. Charging keeps normally, did not fall, moisture did not get into, what could be the reason?

    The phone turns off about a minute after being turned on. hangs. all buttons become inactive. then turns off. and he himself turns on again and so on ad infinitum.
    the memory may be too busy. because there used to be rare shutdowns when I entered the gallery. there are more than 3 thousand photos and videos. wanted to clean. I could not. the phone went off immediately. and when it was in other applications (not in the gallery) it worked. Then one day I received more than 500 SMS from one group in a telegram and after that he began to behave like this # 128579;

    The problem is that the phone turns off a couple of times a day and when it is turned on, the charge goes somewhere. Sometimes it goes 15% and sometimes 70% at once, at first this was not the case. In the power statistics there is a void between these power cuts. The cost is 100%, 99. 75, break, 15%. Break, 6%

    Hello! The phone is two months old, the screen began to fade spontaneously during operation, to the minimum power consumption, although the brightness is at full. Did not drop, moisture did not get in. Thank you.

    The screen ripples and the phone turns off. Turns on if you remove the battery and turn on the phone.

    Samsung S6 turns on only after charging is connected; when it is turned off, the phone immediately turns off the charge 100%

    The phone turns off at 60 percent. charge, it worked normally before. I bought a new battery, the reason remained the same, you need to charge it completely to turn on.

    Good evening, this kind of problem
    Samsung Note Edge
    The phone at 30-26% of the battery turns off and starts to overload, but does not start. Basically, only when the charger is connected, it turns on and shows the battery capacity before it is turned off. The battery was calibrated, checked with a tester, there are no failures in its operation

    Hello. There was such a problem with my device. After locking the screen, the phone turns off not noticeably for me. After not a certain time. Maybe immediately after blocking, or maybe after a few hours. After it discovers that the body does not turn on through the button, it is not possible to turn it on. There are two ways to enable it. take out the cab for a few minutes. Not less than 2 minutes. Or tuck in the charger. And after that the phone can be turned on from the button. After turning it on, everything works fine. I changed the software several times. Two of them were official and two were MODomi. Software errors are excluded. Tell me where to dig next? The battery previously held more than 2 days in standby mode before these glitches. thanks for the answer.

    My phone switches itself off. to turn it on, you need to remove the battery. what is the reason?

    Hello, we presented the phone 2 weeks ago, it began to turn off for no reason, did not fall, you can turn it on only if you remove the battery

    After repairing the Home button, the phone turns itself off in idle mode. What could it be because of? (In active use mode, it does not turn off). Battery in excellent condition.

    Hello, my phone turns off when charging 36, and when the temperature gets cold, nobody took it to the masters, what could be the reason ??!!

    turns off when you turn on the flashlight and internet.
    What could be the reason and how much it costs.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello! The phone switches off periodically in standby mode, it happens once a week, and maybe every day. regardless of the degree of battery discharge.

    When I connect a headset (factory headphones), the phone starts to glitch and eventually reboots from 1 to 3 times in a row
    How can this problem be solved. it is advisable not to reset to factory settings

    Good day. I’ll write right away, my sister brought the phone from China. How I started using the phone, many questions arose. The first one I encountered, I can not add my google account. I tried many options, to the extent that I reset the settings to the factory settings. I reinstalled applications, cleaned the cache, I can’t add. Loading hangs when I add an account. Shoots update google play services. Yes God with an account.
    Not long ago the phone started to turn off. They start the Real Racing game, play for 2-5 minutes and, the sound signal about a dead battery is triggered and turns off. In this case, the phone was removed from the night charge. I connect the charger, the phone turns on 80%. It charges quickly up to 100%, it feels like as soon as the phone starts to heat up. turns off immediately. When you are on the Internet, it turns off. You have to walk with a portable charger. When charging is on, everything is normal, it does not turn off. What is the reason? The phone did not fall, water did not penetrate. There is one detail, the back cover, does not fit well on one side. What do you advise?! Diagnostics and battery replacement. Thanks in advance

    When the charge is below 50% /. if you turn on the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, then the phone turns off when turned on, it shows 0%, and if you remove the battery and insert it again, it shows the percentage is much less than it was and even with the Internet turned off it turns off for 2 minutes, I also noticed that with heavy traffic and flashlight operation, the flashlight starts to blink

    Phone when disconnected from the network i.e. I take out the charger. At 100% charge. It immediately turns off and by itself reboots indefinitely. You cannot turn on the phone or turn off this process. Only when connected to a charger, the phone immediately turns on itself. And it works in perfect order. All functions are correct. When you take out the charging, it’s the same again. Phone 2 years old!
    thanks for the consultation!

    spontaneously very often, especially at night, on for 5-7 seconds and then the display goes out. During the night, 20 percent of the charge is consumed. In water, it was not. did not fall. Purchased in January of this year.

    The phone often began to turn off by itself, when the charger was connected, it showed a charge of over 50%, or even 100%, and then turned on again. If the charger was disconnected, it turned off again, and so on in a circle. Today it does not turn on at all, or rather reacts to pressing the power button, shows the boot screen-vibration-shutdown, and again and again. what could be the problem? The phone is almost 2 years old, before the problem appeared, did not fall, did not hit hard objects

    Hello! The problem is that the phone turns off when charging 65%. Yesterday I took it to the master and changed the battery, and again the same trouble. A year and seven months have passed since I got the phone. What else could be the reason?

    Good afternoon, the phone has a glitch of this kind: IT ALL HAPPENS STEP BY STEP the network abruptly disappears, freezes, after which it turns off and begins to reboot itself, while the battery charge is 0% if you manage to turn it off, then when charging is connected, it shows that there may be 35% and 50%, and sometimes 70%, if you pull out the battery without charging and inserting it back will show that the battery is enough, but once you start doing something, it is cut down and everything is all over again, today I tried it with 100% charge # yes at first I showed that 70% and 60% then 80% several times in a row, I thought the problem was solved BUT Alas NO, I am more inclined that the trouble is in the battery and I hope so, but it raises doubts if this is an acb, then why does the network cut down and starts to reboot and I also think that this is some kind of trouble with the power module. has anyone come across this.

    The phone is switched off periodically (on average, no more than once a day). To turn it on, you need to remove the battery and insert it back and then load. The phone is less than a year old. Why disconnects?

    Hello, such a problem began to turn off and turn on immediately, hangs and constantly one application seems to be updated

    It turns itself off. phone for about 3 months.

    New phone (bought a week ago). fell to the floor once (hard). now turns off by itself if not used. Turns on if only the battery is removed. What to do?

    He began to turn off and on himself. Glitch. After unlocking, I can only go anywhere, then he does not answer. And again you need to block and unblock to continue. You can fix it yourself somehow.?

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    Hello. The phone goes off all the time. When turned on, the inscription “Android update, opening applications” is first kept. Then an inscription appears directly on the splash screen “System UI application stopped”. This inscription does not turn off and disappears after 8 hours. After you start using the phone, it turns off and everything is repeated again. Wore it for firmware repair. The next day they said they didn’t know what was going on.

    I did not fall, I did not drown, you are on the site, it turns off and turns on itself, this has not happened before

    The phone is about 2 years old. He began to turn off himself at 50-60% of the charge. I put on charging shows 0%. Enough for half a day. I put a new battery, nothing has changed. Back to factory settings, everything is the same.

    Hello, the phone began to turn off by itself and until you pull out the battery it will not turn on (pull out the battery and insert) it will not turn on. Before. even in winter, snow fell into the phone twice, but not much. And the phone fell several times. I am very worried, help me please.

    itself turns off at 18-60 / how to cure

    We bought a new phone Samsung Galaxy A 5, a week later it started to turn off. When turned on, you need to immediately enter the password, otherwise it just hangs.

    I live in a village (Dnipropetrovsk region of the protochi), at home the phone works fine, I come to the regional center of the village of Tsarychanka, the power is turned off in the phone and turns on independently, requiring a PIN code, I enter the PIN code, the phone works, but after a minute everything repeats until I leave tsarychanki km at 10 ?? In the phone settings I turned off gpirs mms, I do not use the Internet. can you tell me what’s the matter?

    The battery does not charge. The charger is new, previously the phone was charged from it.

    Hello, such a problem, when you start playing a game or just use the camera, the phone itself is cut down and does not turn on until you pull out and insert the battery, what could it be?

    Freeze on startup

    One of the most common reasons why the phone glitches and users wonder what to do is freeze when turned on. You can solve this problem as follows:

    What to do if the phone freezes for a long time and does not respond when turned on? First of all, you need to hold down the volume key together with the power key. Using the volume keys, in the menu that opens, select the Settings item. The selection (click) button is the power button. There you should select the formatting of the system (this will erase everything, except for the system files).

    After formatting is complete, click on Reset android, which will restart the device, after which the device should return to normal operation. One of the reasons why a fairly reliable Android phone is buggy is considered without the participation of a service center! Now the device should not freeze when turned on. The solution can also be used when you do not know what to do if the phone is frozen and does not respond to anything.

    Hang on shutdown

    It happens that the phone does not turn off, hangs, refusing to respond to any buttons and taps on the screen. This happens extremely rarely, but you need to know what to do in this situation. To restore performance, just remove the battery and insert it back in 10-15 seconds.In 90% of cases, this method helps to cure an unpleasant glitch of the operating system.

    If, after the procedures performed, the phone freezes, then it is worth contacting the masters, most likely the problems are not in the android platform, but in the hardware of the gadget. It is difficult to predict anything here, each case is individual.

    Minor problems

    The device can upset the user with smaller, but still unpleasant glitches. Consider their solutions:

    • The lost network signal is restored by switching the device to the flight mode, and then turning off this mode.
    • If you find it difficult to find a SIM card, you should remove it and put it back into the connector

    Wakelock detector

    One solution is to install the Wakelock Detector app. The program will help you identify the most voracious applications. After the application is installed, the device should be charged up to 90% and disconnected from charging, leaving the application turned on for 1-2 hours (statistics will be collected during this time).

    After this time, start the application. you will see the analyzed statistics in it. The top-most programs consume the most resources. Disabling them optimizes the operation of the device. This is the bottom of the main thing to do so that the phone does not freeze.

    When the memory is 80% full, some devices start to perform much worse. From time to time, it is worth doing a general cleaning of your device. First, you should get rid of obviously unused programs and irrelevant files. You can do it manually or use a special application. clean master. After installing it, you can get rid of garbage in a few clicks. Also worth clearing the cache.

    Where to begin?

    To begin with, it is worth determining why the phone is buggy. Basically, faults are classified into two types:

    • Mechanical damage
    • Violation of software functioning

    Many people believe that if the screen of their smartphone is intact, and the lid is not held on tape, then the gadget is in perfect order, and the problem of malfunctioning is caused by a software malfunction, not understanding what to do if the device freezes and does not respond to actions.

    However, this is not always the case. even one contact that has moved away inside the device can affect the operation of the device, and the aluminum case and protective glass can hide a malfunction due to which it hangs and does not react to anything from the user’s eyes.


    What if my Samsung phone is frozen and won’t turn off? If a Samsung phone is buggy in this way, it is quite SIMple to solve the problem. just hold down the power key for 20 seconds, after which the device will vibrate and reboot.

    You can use the same method for devices from another manufacturer, but it does not always work. What if the solution did not help and the gadget is still buggy? In this case, you need to hold down not only the power key, but also one of the volume keys. the same will happen.

    Software failure. The phone freezes, glitches for no reason. how to solve the problem?

    A modern smartphone, which in many ways makes human life easier, is often stressful. This happens if the phone is buggy. The era of immortal gadgets has passed. now devices have become more complex in their design and software content, due to which they break more often.

    To avoid unpleasant emotions, you should take good care of him and monitor his condition. But if the fact that your smartphone is buggy already interferes with enjoying the functionality, the article will tell you what to do. In most cases, even if the phone is frozen and unresponsive, you can fix everything yourself. It is enough to determine the cause of the breakdown and find a way to eliminate it.

    Other types and reasons for freezing

    As a rule, the reasons why the device does not work correctly, hangs and does not respond (for example, applications installed in the gadget do not respond) are factors such as a lack of hardware resources or memory. Let’s figure it out sequentially.

    Resource-intensive applications. running in the background, they often ruin the lives of users, consuming the resource of the device and slowing down its operation. They can be the following programs:

    • Desktop widgets
    • Background sync
    • Push notifications

    It is rather difficult to figure out which program consumes the most resources. What to do if your phone is frozen and unresponsive?

    What to do if the phone won’t turn off: the main reasons

    The phone won’t turn off or turn on for a number of reasons. You might not have noticed how the device was completely discharged while it was in your bag or ? Plug in the charger and don’t try to press the power button right away. Let the gadget come to its senses if the problem is in the power supply. it will turn on by itself or display the charging icon after a while.

    The power button could be damaged directly. Ingress of moisture or dust, aggressive mechanical impact (the button was pressed too hard into the case or was picked). As a result, the phone will not turn on or turn on. A service center specialist will help diagnose such a breakdown.

    Gadget batteries have a limited service life. You may have noticed that the phone began to lose charge faster, and then completely stopped turning on. The battery will most likely need to be replaced. Such repairs are carried out quickly enough for little money.

    Also, the phone could stop charging and turn on after a complete discharge, SIMply because the power does not enter it through the proposed power cord. Test the accessory on another device. if it doesn’t work, replace it. Charging may also fail due to the need to replace the connector. This type of repair will also not require significant costs and long waiting times.

    Gadgets can turn off and on “with a freeze” due to dirty or low-quality accessories, such as memory cards and SIM cards. Try using the gadget without them. if the problem goes away, the above attributes need to be replaced.

    Mechanical breakdowns are the most common problem due to which the phone can be “naughty” when switching on and off. The power supply on the board, the bottom module, loose contacts. all this can affect the correct operation of your phone. Remember if the gadget fell, maybe you forgot it in your back and sat on it for a while, maybe you got caught in the rain with your phone in your hands. In any case, the gadget will need to be repaired. Some defects of the mechanical nature of the appearance cannot be eliminated.

    Malware can interfere with the normal operation of your smartphone. You can try to clear them by connecting the gadget to a personal computer, or by installing an antivirus on the device directly.

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    The smartphone may be overloaded with an excessive number of installed and used programs. Do not forget to periodically carry out general cleaning in the smartphone’s memory, this helps to prevent a number of serious problems with its operation.

    Focus on the cost and timing of repairs, if you still decide to contact the professionals:

    To the items related to replacement parts, add the cost of parts, which can also vary widely depending on their quality and the country of supply.

    Diagnostics (up to 3 working days) is either free of charge or does not exceed 300 rubles at a cost. Sometimes services diagnose devices for free upon consent to further repair (if it turns out that it is required), in case of refusal, they take money.

    It is undesirable to visit repair centers during promotional periods. The increased flow of customers and the limited timing of work are the result of poor quality equipment maintenance.

    ASUS phone frozen and won’t turn off

    What to do if the phone freezes and won’t turn off? Hanging equipment is a common problem. The easiest way to restart your phone and return to normal device operation is to remove the battery, replace it, and turn the phone back on. The problem with smartphones from Asus is that such an opportunity is not always available due to the design features.

    If my ASUS phone freezes and does not turn off during operation, what should I do? Try restarting your phone correctly. Hold down the off key for a few seconds. In the worst case scenario, it will work in 15 seconds.

    If the phone “hangs” regularly. ASUS formatting will help. In this case, all important data must be transferred to another electronic medium, since after the procedure, nothing will remain in the gadget’s memory. Then visit the settings menu, find the “Backup and Reset” section, select “Reset to factory settings” and reset all.

    If the frozen ASUS cannot be turned off and it does not react in any way to the touch of a finger, perhaps you SIMply overloaded its computers with intensive work. Sooner or later the phone will run out of power and turn off, give it a little rest and plug it in. After turning on your smartphone, try not to overwork it to a critical state.

    A new gadget may face a SIMilar problem due to a factory defect. To establish the fact of a factory breakdown, contact the place of purchase of the phone.

    The phone does not turn off when you press the button: what to do?

    The phone does not turn off. faced with a problem and do not understand what to do? It is not surprising, because mobile devices have become part of a person’s daily life, and failures in their work cause significant discomfort. What to do if communication with friends, work, typing, calculations and other important functions became unavailable due to freezing or problems with turning on / off the gadget?

    Samsung phone frozen and won’t turn off

    If the design of the smartphone allows, it can be forcibly turned off by removing the battery.

    When your Samsung phone won’t turn off by pressing the power button, try using the Power key combination. The phone will reboot and return to normal operation, then, if necessary, turn it off with one power button.

    Freezing after starting the device will eliminate a complete data reset. Factory reset procedure is the same as for ASUS models.

    Samsung has licensed service centers around the world, where they diagnose and repair Samsung equipment. The service workers will help you with the problems of switching on, off and other hardware and mechanical failures. Repair in a specialized center is distinguished by the quality of work, original spare parts and a guarantee for the services provided.

    Doesn’t turn off when you press the button

    As discussed earlier, the button may be the problem. The ingress of debris particles, damage to the case in the area of ​​the button or button directly, ordinary mechanical wear (have you ever wondered how many times the power button is used per day?) Disable it.

    • rare models of Android devices in the standard settings menu offer to set a key combination to turn the phone on and off;
    • to transfer the shutdown function to the volume button, there is a special application. Volume Unlock Power Button Fix. In this program, you can also set the time to turn off and on the phone, for example, every day the gadget will turn off at 1:00 and start at 6:00.

    Does not turn off, but reboots

    The reasons for constant reboots of an Android device are the same as for frequent system freezes. Viruses, mechanical failures, installation and removal of low-quality programs, device operation “worn out”, factory defects.

    For prevention purposes, you should close unused programs on time, regularly free up space in the phone’s memory, avoid dropping equipment and hitting it.

    When the problem has already occurred, you can try to format the phone, but most often it turns out that the reason is not hardware-based. Contact qualified professionals.

    Summing up

    Regularly diagnose the device, some breakdowns during daily use are invisible, but if untimely detected, they can ruin the device to a malfunctioning state. For repair and inspection of equipment, contact trusted companies.

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