Samsung phone screen won’t turn on what to do

What to do if the smartphone does not respond to touch

Moving on to more serious methods for solving black screen on mobile. Not all smartphones have the ability to quickly and easily remove the back cover. You may need to unscrew a few bolts that hold it.

  • When the cover is removed, remove the battery from the cell in the smartphone body;
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  • Next, you will need to unscrew a few more screws that hold the plastic partition between the rear cover and the main board of the smartphone. Remove the baffle carefully;

Unscrew the screws on the partition to reach the board
In some models, it is not so easy to remove the partition. A plastic card or a mediator can help you in this matter;

Use a plastic card or plectrum to remove the septum

  • When the cover and baffle are removed, inspect the main board for scorched areas or parts of the microcircuit with a defect;
  • Defects can be found on the other side of the board, if possible, unscrew the bolts and turn the board over;
  • If possible, unscrew all bolts to remove additional elements.

  • You will notice the oxidation immediately. They will surround separate areas of the board;
  • To remove them, you need a regular toothbrush. As well as petroleum solvent (gasoline) “Galosha”. Alcohol is also suitable;
  • Use a toothbrush and alcohol or “Galosha” to clean oxidation

  • Wet a toothbrush with it and carefully treat the surface of the oxidized board;
  • After cleaning, try to attach the partition and connect the battery “by weight” to check the functionality of the smartphone.
  • Oxidation of the contacts of the mobile phone board can occur only due to ingress of moisture. If you managed to revive the smartphone, its parts can be collected. But if you find carbon deposits on any parts of the board, the device needs to be taken for repair. You are unlikely to cope on your own without the necessary knowledge and tools.

    A black screen appears on the phone screen, and the phone is working

    With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, display failure has become a fairly common case. Depending on the cause of the breakdown, we can eliminate it ourselves or contact the service. Going to a specialist is usually the last resort. In this article, you will learn what to do if the phone screen turns black, but the phone continues to work.

    Fixing the black screen of the smartphone by resetting the settings

    Getting to the main board of a mobile phone is not difficult at all. To do this, you only need to unscrew a few screws. But if you didn’t find a breakdown when you opened the lid and got to the board, most likely the reason for the black screen is a software failure of the smartphone. Now we will solve it with you.

    For Android models, the steps are as follows:

    Press the buttons to enter the Recovery menu

  • Most often, the button to enter the menu is “Power” and the button to decrease or increase the volume. The two buttons must be held down until the logo of your device’s developer appears. In certain models, one of the buttons may be “Home”. Also try to combine it with the “Power” button;
  • As a result of correctly pressed keys, the logo of the manufacturer or the Android system will appear. Following it, the menu we need will be displayed;
  • In this menu, on a black screen, you need to find the item “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and click on it. To select items in this menu, you need to press the “Power” button. To move through the list, use the volume control buttons;
  • Select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”

  • Next, a new screen with points will open. In it, we need to select (usually) a single line called “delete all user data”. To select an item, use the power button again. “Power”;
  • Next, the data recovery process will begin, which may take some time. All your data will be deleted, including settings, photos. As well as downloaded programs, accounts in applications and profiles.
  • In order for you to continue using your mobile device, you must know the login and password for your Google account. When the recovery process is complete, press the Power button to turn on the device. If resetting to factory settings helped solve the error, you will also need to enter your username and password to log in.

    Common causes of Black Screen smartphone display breakage

    There is a popular belief that a black smartphone screen is a serious breakdown. It occurs in the event of a defect in the cables connecting the screen and the main board. And this case requires an appeal to specialists. Perhaps it is so. But there are several good ways to fix the problem. Thus, save money on repairing a mobile device. Money is never superfluous.

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    Display problems have been troubling users for over 10 years. A black screen in a smartphone can appear due to several reasons:

    Reason: Features:
    Damage to the device Shock or strong shock may also result in burning of parts on the device’s microcircuit.
    Condensation ingress If moisture gets under the phone case, with a sharp drop in air temperatures.
    System-level failure Firmware problems resulting from incorrect software installation.

    There are other reasons for this problem, but the ones listed above most often lead to the fact that the smartphone does not respond to button presses.

    What to do if your phone is working but the screen goes black

    To get started, use simple methods to eliminate black screen on your smartphone. Reboot by pressing the “Power” button and holding it until shutdown.

    Now take out the smartphone battery and replace it. Turn on again. If the problem persists, try using the screenshot buttons.

      Press the “Power” button and the volume down button and hold them for more than 5 seconds;

    Hold down the “Power” button and the volume down button

  • If nothing happens, press the power button together with the volume up button for a few seconds;
  • Also try a combination of buttons together with the “Home” button, if there is one on the body of the mobile phone.
  • If these methods don’t work, let’s move on to more serious ones. Let’s try to look under the back cover of your smartphone and find the fault ourselves.

    Other ways to fix your phone display if it doesn’t work

    We will continue to fix the breakdown of the mobile device when it seems to be working, but there is no picture on the screen, it is black. Sometimes this happens when a smartphone accidentally falls into a container with water or other liquid. At the same time, he can work for some time. When you take your device out of the water, every minute counts. Immediate action is required of you. Otherwise, the phone can be lost forever. And not only the phone, but all the data that was saved in its memory.

    • You do not need to press all the buttons in a row in the hope that water will be pumped out of it in this way. Remove the back cover immediately as soon as possible;
    • Disconnect the battery from the phone and wipe the tray inside with a handkerchief or dry cloth;
    • Wipe off the battery as well;
    • No need to blow through it with a hairdryer or other similar instruments. When you are out of the house, place mobile phone parts in a prominent, dry and sunny place. If the weather and weather conditions permit;
    • As soon as you return home, the smartphone will need to be disassembled and the places where the liquid got into with ethyl alcohol.

    Wipe the smartphone contacts with ethyl alcohol

    This is necessary so that in the future the metal parts of the microcircuits on the board do not oxidize. Since oxidation will destroy important parts of microcircuits. The phone may not turn on at all. Thus, we figured out what to do if your phone has a black screen, but the smartphone itself continues to work.

    Flashing with ODIN

    If after resetting the parameters, the device does not work, then you should try to reflash it. We are looking here for the firmware for your smartphone model, download the ODIN program from this link and install the drivers for Windows, and then proceed to the instructions.

      Launch the ODIN application by unzipping it before

  • In the off state of the device, we hold down the “Volume down” and “Power” buttons, and then press the volume button up
  • We connect the phone to the computer, press the key with three dots opposite “AP” and select the firmware file, which is in the.md5 format
  • After a minute or more, the “Start” button should become active. Click on it when it becomes possible and then the firmware process will go.
  • In a few minutes, the gadget should automatically reboot. If you get stuck on loading animation then try doing a factory reset again.
  • Check charger and cable

    Perhaps your Samsung smartphone is dead and won’t turn on. You plugged in the charger but nothing happens. First of all, try to take charge from another gadget, and if the phone reacted to it and began to receive a charge, then the problem is in it. The next step is to change the USB cable to determine what exactly stopped working. If, after replacing the wire, your charger began to charge the smartphone battery, then the reason is its malfunction.

    Samsung tech support tip

    Following the advice of Samsung technical support, we suggest trying the following very effective way to restore your mobile phone to work:

    • Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons
    • Hold them for 7-12 seconds
    • If after that your device started working, then a very common failure occurred in its operation.

    If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

    Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on. we restore the work of the smartphone

    Sometimes Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets may stop turning on for no reason. The Android operating system crashes, but most often users have problems due to the pre-installed ROOT rights. Now you will learn how to revive the device, if, of course, this is not a hardware failure.

    There are several ways and we will start with the most obvious and simple ones.

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    Factory reset

    All data will be lost, including unsynchronized contacts, messages, call history, application data, and files in the phone memory. The contents of the memory card will remain intact.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons in the off state of the device.
    • Select “Wipe data / factory reset” from the list and press the power button
  • After the process is complete, select “Reboot system now” and wait for the device to start.
  • Clearing the cache

    Formatting the phone memory partition that stores the entire cache.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume Up” and “Power On” buttons on the switched off device until an inscription with the name of your phone model appears on the screen
    • After starting the recovery, using the volume buttons, select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the power button to complete the process
  • When finished, select “Reboot system now” by pressing the power button.
  • The attempt was unsuccessful? After rebooting, the device didn’t work properly? Moving on to more complex ways.

    We carry Samsung Galaxy to the service center

    If none of the above solutions to the problem suits you and the phone still does not turn on, then you need to go with it to the Samsung service center. They will probably find out the reason for the loss of working capacity.

    Prompt repair of Samsung Galaxy at the “X-Repair” service center

    If a full reset of Samsung Galaxy settings and other tips did not help, bring your phone to the X-Repair SC. Our masters will diagnose it for free and quickly figure out why the smartphone does not turn on. For this we have everything you need. equipment, tools and knowledge. We are waiting at the branches of our network, which you will find near the stations of the Moscow metro.

    What you can do at home if your Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on

    So, after making sure the phone hasn’t dropped or got wet lately, it’s time to consider other versions. There are not so many of them. without the help of a service center employee at home, you can check only three.

      1. The charger does not work. Perhaps the smartphone has completely sat down, and due to faulty charging, you simply cannot charge it. So try using a different device or connect your phone to your computer using USB. If Samsung turns on, the problem was with the charger.
      2. The charging socket is clogged. Few of the users think about the fact that the USB connector must be periodically cleaned of debris. The fact is that over time, dust, pellets, and lint collect in the charging socket. To remove the accumulated dirt, you need to turn the phone upside down and very carefully so as not to damage the contacts, clean it with a regular toothpick or tweezers. After the “procedure” put the phone on charge. If it doesn’t help, check the latest version.
      3. Errors of the software part. To test this version, it is recommended to perform a factory reset of the Galaxy (hard reset). But since the phone does not turn on, you will not be able to do this through the usual menu (Settings → Accounts → Backup and reset → Factory data reset). There is another way. you need to enter Recovery Mode. To do this, follow the instructions:
    • Simultaneously press and hold three keys: “Home” “Power” “Volume ⇧”. If your Galaxy does not have a Home button, press and hold only Power Volume ⇧.
    • After the inscription with the phone model appears on the display, release the “Power” button, while holding the remaining keys (for about 5-15 seconds) until the Android Recovery menu is displayed on the screen. If the menu still does not appear, repeat the previous steps again, but hold down the keys a little longer.
    • When the menu is highlighted, use the “Volume” key to select “Wipe data / factory reset” and confirm the selection with the “Power” key.
    • In order to select “Yes” (on some devices “Yes. Delete all user data”) press the “Volume” key, and then confirm your choice by pressing the “Power” button.
    • After all data has been deleted, the main menu is displayed. In order for the phone to reboot, in it, using the “Power” key, you need to select “Reboot system now”.

    If you reset the Samsung Galaxy to the factory settings, but the smartphone does not turn on, there is only one way out. contact the specialists for help.!

    What to do if Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on?

    Everyone is used to the fact that the phone is always at hand. with it we always stay in touch and up to date. And at that moment, when it unexpectedly, for some unknown reason, does not turn on, a real catastrophe ensues. With today’s rhythm of life, even more so, to be left without the Internet and communication, even for a couple of hours, is like being left without hands! If such a nuisance has not spared your Samsung Galaxy, the first thing to do is to try to remember under what circumstances it stopped working. If on the eve he seriously fell, got wet or overheated on the car’s torpedo, then one cannot do without the advice of a specialist and professional diagnostics. However, the problem is not always in the hardware of the smartphone. Sometimes you can try to cope on your own. With this we will just try to figure it out today.

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    SD card

    One of the reasons an Android phone won’t turn on is to use a larger SD card than the manufacturer claims. The craving for experimentation is in the blood of users. If the specification says that only 32 GB can be used, they will definitely try 64. With a high degree of probability, the device will recognize the card. It will work normally until the recorded amount of information exceeds the one declared for support.

    If, after a software failure, the phone stops turning on or does not boot, it is enough to remove the problem memory card from it. A forced reboot will bring the smartphone to a working state.

    What to do if your phone won’t turn on or respond to charging

    Modern smartphones devices are complex and delicate enough. One “fine” morning, you may find that the gadget, which was put on charge, refuses to work. Today we will figure out what to do if the phone does not turn on or boot, as well as how you can fix this problem at home.

    There are not so many answers to the question why the phone does not turn on, what may be the reason for its rapid discharge and what to do in such a situation. Let’s consider the most common options and solutions.

    System errors and failed updates

    System errors, or a resource-intensive application that is not completely unloaded from RAM, can lead to the fact that the battery starts to drain rapidly, as a result of which the phone turns off and does not start again. A malicious program can behave in a similar way. The virus, if its task is not to extortion, runs in the background. At the same time, he tries to use all available resources as quickly as possible. If your Android phone runs out of power faster than usual while in idle state, you should check it for infection and perform a forced reboot. Further actions depend on the results of the anti-virus scan.

    If the smartphone is clean and charged normally, there is no cause for concern. Otherwise, if the device does not start or the phone runs out of power again quickly, a full reset and reconfiguration will be required.

    An unsuccessful software update can lead to the phone not responding to user actions or simply turning off. Usually, this behavior is easily “cured” by a reboot.

    In case of a failure when flashing to a new version of the OS, the situation is a little more complicated. When the phone starts up, but the download does not go beyond the splash screen, the recovery mode can save the situation. What to do and how to enable Recovery Mode for a specific phone is best found on the manufacturer’s website or in the documentation for the device. When this is not possible, try generic methods. The vast majority of smartphones based on Android support it by pressing the power and volume keys. It will be an Up or Down button, depending on the manufacturer of the device. You can try both options sequentially.

    Adapter defective or missing contact

    The most common reason why a phone won’t boot or run out of power quickly is a malfunctioning charger. To verify this, you need to connect the gadget to another power supply. If it starts charging, then you have found the cause and the problem was in the charger. You can do the opposite, connect a known working phone to a suspicious power supply. Thus, you are guaranteed to be convinced of its malfunction.

    If the smartphone does not charge from a working power supply, check the connector of the contacts. A clot of dust or pet hair can get into it. Gently use a wooden or plastic toothpick to clean the connection socket on the phone and try again.

    If your phone has a removable battery, check the contact fit and condition. There is a possibility that they were oxidized by moisture or bent when the battery was inserted after being dropped.

    Another opportunity to “revive” the battery or make sure it is working properly is to use a universal charger. In common parlance, it is called “frog” and is capable of charging any removable battery from a household electrical network.

    Hidden defects

    Some users believe that physical damage is when the phone fell on a hard surface and shattered to smithereens. Prior to this moment, he also fell twice, but only “slightly” scratched and wrinkled. Meanwhile, it is impossible to exclude the appearance of hidden defects from the impact on the body of the gadget. Damage to the internal contacts will result in the Android phone not turning on or charging, and sometimes working and suddenly shutting down. So if your phone has fallen, it is impossible to fix the motherboard malfunction on your own and you will have to contact a specialist for a complete diagnosis and possible replacement of components.

    If the phone does not turn on even after you have gone through all the probable reasons, you should contact the service center. Without showing excessive initiative in attempts to revive it, you will save yourself time and nerves for specialists.

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