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Physical reasons

The first thing that comes to mind when the smartphone does not charge from the charger is a broken cable, block, or the gadget’s connector itself. In this case, it is worth checking everything. An important point. you should not check the functionality of the cord by pulling it out of the power supply and plugging it into the laptop. Due to insufficient voltage, the new Samsung models. A50 and above may not receive power or do it too slowly, which will make the user think about damage to the cable. Ideally, you should take a power supply and cable from a similar Samsung gadget. If they are not available, third-party accessories with the same parameters on the adapter will do.

Checking the cord, power supply and connector does not give unambiguous answers about the presence of physical damage. Sometimes the reason lies in a burned-out power board or microcontroller. He realizes that the battery capacity is full and stops supplying current. This node is extremely important in the phone. if it is broken, then the device may think that the battery is discharged and does not turn on, but in fact it is full, or vice versa. the battery does not charge although the capacity is at zero. It is really impossible to establish whether the matter is in the internal nodes in the home environment. Having tried the methods listed below and not finding a solution, you should contact the service.

It is important to know that degradation is characteristic of any battery. This term implies that during use, the battery gradually deteriorates. it charges slowly and autonomy decreases. If the phone is more than a year old, and it began to charge for a long time, but the power supply and cable remained complete, then 100% of the reason is in the battery. it should be changed.

samsung, turn

If the Samsung phone does not charge from the charger, I will tell you why and we will fix it together

Good time, my regular blog readers and subscribers! Often, users of mobile technology are faced with the fact that their device does not charge. Sometimes the device does not display the charging process, and in other cases the indication is present, but the capacity in fact remains unreplenished or the battery gains 100%, but quickly sits down. Why Samsung Phone Won’t Charge, I’ll Explain in This Article.

Choice of accessories

If you look at the accessories for phones five years ago, it is easy to see that the power supply often has a charge (current) of 1 Ampere. Later, blocks with increased power began to appear, and in modern gadgets from the Galaxy A and S series. A70, S8 and above, you can see the most powerful chargers. The reason is the appearance of the fast charging function. It is achieved through increased current flow and it is wrong to assume that this works with any accessory. Sometimes the power supply and cable included in the kit are not designed for quick replenishment of capacity and the necessary accessories are sold separately.

If a proprietary charger cannot be used, then you should not just replace accessories from a third-party smartphone or buy the most inexpensive options. They are highly likely to do a poor job, for example, the phone will remain discharged, although it shows that charging is in progress. The reason is that the current that flows through the incomplete accessory is enough only for minimal actions, and the device cannot send something “to the stock”. A similar situation is often observed if, while charging, you play or watch videos on YouTube, you do not have to be surprised that the charge remains in one place in this case.

Also, do not charge a modern mobile phone, especially if it is an expensive device like Samsung A80 from the USB connector. they are not designed to recharge the capacious batteries of modern phones. But, if you find a Type-C connector in your laptop or PC, then feel free to connect the appropriate cable. this is a new standard with increased current supply, which is able not only to read data, but also to power the phone.

Software problems

What to do if Android Samsung does not charge from charging or does it slowly, but you have established that the cable and the unit are working properly. The reasons for this behavior may be in a damaged battery, but sometimes it lies in the software. For proper charging, you need to unload applications from the memory, if there are a lot of them there, reduce the brightness of the screen. If the device is synchronized with something via Bluetooth, then you need to temporarily turn it off, a similar situation with access to the network via Wi-Fi and LTE.

It will not be superfluous to look into the smartphone’s power settings. Look for the item “battery” and make sure that the maximum performance mode is not activated. By itself, it is more needed by gamers, but even without it, a good device provides a comfortable work. If you have power saving, then activate it, but first go and check what it is, sometimes the processor hard cuts off the work of applications, and you will face the fact that you will no longer receive notifications. You will eliminate slow charging this way, but you will get other problems. Power saving mode is not always useful.

Do not forget that any running applications are a drain on battery power. If you closed all the software, but the phone still sits down quickly and does not fill the battery, then the reason may lie in viruses. Do not neglect antiviruses, but if you do not use them constantly, then make it a rule to completely check the memory of the device with some frequency. perhaps cleaning will solve the problem with slow charging or its absence.

Many users are wondering why the phone does not charge up to 100 percent. Technically, this shouldn’t happen at all. If you see that the device has reached 99% and then nothing happens, then everything is working as it should. In modern mobile technology, battery protection is implemented. when it is full, the phone stops being powered directly from charging, as this leads to rapid wear and tear and forcibly cuts off the current supply. This is possible with branded accessories, so this is another reason not to change them for cheap Chinese counterparts. over, in the modern world it has been established that for long-term battery operation, it should be kept between 20 and 80% of its capacity, that is, you should not discharge and charge it completely.

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How to restart Samsung Galaxy if it freezes

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet is frozen, i.e. not responding to user actions? First of all, don’t panic, the forced reboot process is very simple. There are several ways to restart a mobile device and now you will find out about them.

How to force restart a Samsung Galaxy if it has a non-removable battery? Many modern phone models, including tablets, do not have removable batteries and when the device freezes you cannot just take it out and put it back in. If you are in such a situation, then follow the instructions:

How to restart your Samsung smartphone if it freezes:

  • Press simultaneously the “Volume Down”, “Power” and “Home” buttons.
  • Hold them until the screen goes blank
  • The machine should restart immediately.
  • In the event that you have a removable battery, then you need to do the following:

      Insert your finger into the special cutout in the back of the nail

  • Then pull on the tab on the battery and pull it out
  • Immediately put back and close the back cover.
  • Naturally, you can use the first method even if your smartphone has a removable battery. This is a universal instruction for all Samsung devices, but if you encounter a problem, then describe it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will try to help.

    This usually happens with low-cost models such as the Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7, Galaxy A3, and Galaxy A5. But this trouble, unfortunately, does not bypass the owners of flagship devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 (Galaxy S6 Edge), Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 (Galaxy S7 Edge).

    But what causes the freezes? First, we recommend that you make sure there is enough free space in the gadget’s memory. For stable operation of the operating system, at least 1 GB of available space on the internal storage is required. If this is not the case, then you may need to perform a hard reset. The corresponding instructions are present on our website, so do not worry.

    Flashing with ODIN

    If after resetting the parameters, the device does not work, then you should try to reflash it. We are looking here for the firmware for your smartphone model, download the ODIN program from this link and install the drivers for Windows, and then proceed to the instructions.

      Launch the ODIN application by unzipping it before

  • In the off state of the device, we hold down the “Volume down” and “Power” buttons, and then press the volume button up
  • We connect the phone to the computer, press the key with three dots opposite “AP” and select the firmware file, which is in the.md5 format
  • After a minute or more, the “Start” button should become active. Click on it when it becomes possible and then the firmware process will go.
  • In a few minutes, the gadget should automatically reboot. If you are stuck with the loading animation then try doing a factory reset again.
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    Factory reset

    All data will be lost, including unsynchronized contacts, messages, call history, application data, and files in the phone memory. The contents of the memory card will remain intact.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons in the off state of the device.
    • Select “Wipe data / factory reset” from the list and press the power button
  • After the process is complete, select “Reboot system now” and wait for the device to start.
  • Check charger and cable

    Perhaps your Samsung smartphone is dead and won’t turn on. You plugged in the charger but nothing happens. First of all, try to take charge from another gadget, and if the phone reacted to it and began to receive a charge, then the problem is in it. The next step is to change the USB cable to determine what exactly stopped working. If, after replacing the wire, your charger began to charge the smartphone battery, then the reason is its malfunction.

    Samsung tech support tip

    Following the advice of Samsung technical support, we suggest trying the following very effective way to restore your mobile phone to work:

    • Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons
    • Hold them for 7-12 seconds
    • If after that your device started working, then a very common failure occurred in its operation.

    If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

    Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on. we restore the work of the smartphone

    Sometimes Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets may stop turning on for no reason. The Android operating system crashes, but most often users have problems due to the pre-installed ROOT rights. Now you will learn how to revive the device, if, of course, this is not a hardware failure.

    There are several ways and we will start with the most obvious and simple ones.

    Clearing the cache

    Formatting the phone memory partition that stores the entire cache.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons on the switched off device until an inscription with the name of your phone model appears on the screen
    • After starting the recovery, using the volume buttons, select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the power button to complete the process
  • When finished, select “Reboot system now” by pressing the power button.
  • The attempt was unsuccessful? After restarting the device did not work properly? Moving on to more complex ways.

    We carry Samsung Galaxy to the service center

    If none of the above solutions to the problem suits you and the phone still does not turn on, then you need to go with it to the Samsung service center. They will probably find out the reason for the loss of working capacity.

    Reasons and what to do

    Below we will consider the main reasons for the malfunctioning of smartphones of the line and analyze the options for fixing.

    Mechanical damage to the smartphone

    If something happened to the smartphone: it fell, was in the water, etc., then it is better to contact the service center to assess the performance and then reanimate the device. You cannot find the cause of the breakdown on your own.

    Samsung Galaxy phone won’t turn on. what to do?

    Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on? Do not give up and do not rush to carry your smartphone to expensive diagnostics. Perhaps the defect can be corrected by yourself.

    Battery problems

    The biggest vulnerability in Samsung Galaxy smartphones is the battery. Over time, the battery capacity decreases and the device discharges faster. In addition, the battery may not fit snugly enough to the contacts, swell, etc.

    Most of Samsung’s models allow self-disassembly and battery replacement, but some devices in the line are non-separable. In the latter case, the inspection of the battery should be entrusted to professionals.

    The specialist will open the phone, visually assess the appearance of the battery for swelling, and also check the presence of a charge and the functionality of the contacts.

    Reboot the device

    The phone may just freeze. To get it back to work, try restarting it in different ways. The easiest is to remove the battery and insert it into place after a while. Here you should be careful with the owners of non-separable devices in which the battery is glued to important technical components.

    The phone can be rebooted using special key combinations. You can find out which one is suitable for your model in the instructions for the gadget, but for most models, simultaneously pressing the shutdown button and volume up is suitable.

    What’s happening

    The smartphone or tablet does not turn on, does not respond to button presses. Screen black.

    Check charger and cable

    Perhaps your Samsung smartphone is dead and won’t turn on. You plugged in the charger but nothing happens. First of all, try to take charge from another gadget, and if the phone reacted to it and began to receive a charge, then the problem is in it. The next step is to change the USB cable to determine what exactly stopped working. If, after replacing the wire, your charger began to charge the smartphone battery, then the reason is its malfunction.

    Clearing the cache

    Formatting the phone memory partition that stores the entire cache.

    • Enter the recovery by holding the “Volume up” and “Power on” buttons on the switched off device until an inscription with the name of your phone model appears on the screen
    • After starting the recovery, using the volume buttons, select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the power button to complete the process

    When finished, select “Reboot system now” by pressing the power button.

    The attempt was unsuccessful? After restarting the device did not work properly? Moving on to more complex ways.

    What to do if your Samsung Samsung Galaxy phone won’t turn on

    All Samsung phones can be restored even if they won’t turn on. just not all the same.

    If there is a “Home” button, then press it together with two others: “Power” and “Increase sound” (you need to hold down three at the same time).

    If there is a “Bixby” button, then at the same time you need to hold it down instead of “Home”. If there is no “Home” or “Bixby”, then together hold and hold “Power” and “Volume up”.

    Release “Power” when the inscription “Samsung Galaxy” appears, and hold the steel ones for another 10 seconds until the menu appears.

    Then use the sound buttons to select “Wipe data / factory reset” and click on “Power”. Then, in the same way, select and confirm “Yes” or “Yes. Delete all user data”.

    click on “Reboot system Now”. Samsung will reboot and start working as new, only all personal data will be erased.

    What needs to be done?

    The most commonly affected Samsung screensaver and software settings. In this case, you can try to restart your phone.

    If the Samsung Galaxy note does not turn on after a long time, you must try to recharge the notes. This device has such a feature that it can work to such an extent that it will take more than one hour or even two to recharge it and then “return from the other world”. According to eyewitnesses, in some cases it will take about five hours for this.

    If you suspect that water has got into the phone, then you cannot connect it to the charger. This can only intensify corrosion.

    Secondly, you need to remember if you dropped the note, as a result of which it could be damaged. To do this, it is enough to disassemble the gadget (remove the back cover). If a part is burnt out or broken, then often this can be seen with a simple cursory glance. So if you have little skills, then the broken or burnt part can be replaced, if necessary, soldered or cleaned up.

    How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A50, A51, A70 won’t turn on, Won’t charge. screen went black

    • If the battery is damaged, you just need to replace it with a new one. If the phone still does not boot after changing the battery, then it is worth checking the connection between the battery and the gadget.
    • If it turns out that the on / off button is damaged, it can be replaced. You can do this yourself (with the appropriate skills) or you will have to contact a specialized salon.
    • You can try to recover the crashed software by connecting the gadget to a computer via a USB cable. The main thing is that the new software is licensed. Otherwise, there may be a repetition of the situation.

    The reasons

    If you find faults and breakdowns, it is recommended to immediately contact a repair shop to find out the reasons, and subsequent repair. This is especially recommended if the smartphone is under warranty. But this is not always possible, besides, you can try to figure it out yourself. Therefore, let’s take a look at the main reasons why Samsung Galaxy note 2 won’t turn on:

    • The smartphone just froze, it happens. The malfunction is eliminated simply. it is necessary to forcibly overload the device;
    • For some reason, liquid has penetrated inside. This can lead to oxidation and subsequent contact closure, to corrosion of internal parts. In this case, repairs are only carried out in a workshop and even then they will not always be undertaken;
    • Samsung Galaxy note 2 n7100 software crashed. Elimination of the malfunction occurs by flashing a licensed version of the software;
    • Mechanical impact on the apparatus. blow, fall. This may damage the internal parts of the smartphone;
    • The battery is very low. In this case, Samsung also does not turn on. The malfunction is corrected by charging the device with a powerful charger, best of all with an original one. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the battery;
    • Damage to the display, such as an Android smartphone, freezes on the splash screen. Repair consists in replacement. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to use a special film on the screen;
    • The on / off button of the gadget is out of order. This usually happens due to mechanical damage to the button itself or due to moisture getting inside the phone, in which case the button cable is damaged;
    • Samsung Galaxy note 3 won’t turn on if the motherboard is broken. It is considered the most expensive and difficult breakdown. The reason for this may be a mechanical impact on the smartphone, a short circuit of the insides.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why the Samsung Galaxy note won’t turn on. And many can scare an unprepared person, because Samsung note 3 costs a lot, which means that repairs will cost a tidy sum. But sometimes, simple actions of the owner can reanimate the technique.

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    Smartphone Samsung Galaxy note 2 refuses to turn on, how to be?

    Many owners choose Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for the fact that this mobile device can work both in the mode of a regular smartphone and in the mode of a small tablet. And the brand itself speaks for itself. the quality of the product is always at its best. But sometimes this device starts to behave not quite correctly, or rather simply does not turn on. Despite all the efforts of the owner to revive the expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 2 n7100.

    Many faults, such as a crashed splash screen, can be corrected by yourself at home. True, for this you should have at least some skills in repairing such equipment and have the appropriate tools. Most often, small Phillips screwdrivers are required. You can also take a magnifying glass, as the details are small and if your eyes are tired you can miss something.

    Prompt repair of Samsung Galaxy at the “X-Repair” service center

    If a full reset of Samsung Galaxy settings and other tips did not help, bring your phone to the X-Repair SC. Our masters will diagnose it for free and quickly figure out why the smartphone does not turn on. For this we have everything you need. equipment, tools and knowledge. We are waiting at the branches of our network, which you will find near the stations of the Moscow metro.

    What you can do at home if your Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on

    So, after making sure the phone hasn’t dropped or got wet lately, it’s time to consider other versions. There are not so many of them. without the help of a service center employee at home, you can check only three.

      1. The charger does not work. Perhaps the smartphone has completely sat down, and due to faulty charging, you simply cannot charge it. Therefore, try using a different device or connect your phone to your computer using USB. If Samsung turned on, the problem was with the charger. 2. The charging socket is clogged. Few of the users think about the fact that the USB connector must be periodically cleaned of debris. The fact is that over time, dust, pellets, and lint collect in the charging socket. To remove the accumulated dirt, you need to turn the phone upside down and very carefully so as not to damage the contacts, clean it with a regular toothpick or tweezers. After the “procedure” put the phone on charge. If it doesn’t help, check the latest version. 3. Errors of the software part. To test this version, it is recommended to perform a hard reset on the Galaxy. But since the phone does not turn on, you will not be able to do this through the usual menu (Settings → Accounts → Backup and reset → Factory data reset). There is another way. you need to enter Recovery Mode. To do this, follow the instructions:

    • Simultaneously press and hold three keys: “Home” “Power” “Volume ⇧”. If your Galaxy does not have a Home button, press and hold only Power Volume ⇧.
    • After the inscription with the phone model appears on the display, release the “Power” button, while holding the remaining keys (for about 5-15 seconds) until the Android Recovery menu is displayed on the screen. If the menu still does not appear, repeat the previous steps again, but hold down the keys a little longer.
    • When the menu is highlighted, use the “Volume” key to select “Wipe data / factory reset” and confirm the selection with the “Power” key.
    • In order to select “Yes” (on some devices “Yes. Delete all user data”) press the “Volume” key, and then confirm your choice by pressing the “Power” button.
    • After all data has been deleted, the main menu is displayed. In order for the phone to reboot, in it, using the “Power” key, you need to select “Reboot system now”.

    If you reset the Samsung Galaxy to the factory settings, but the smartphone does not turn on, there is only one way out. contact the specialists for help.!

    What to do if Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on?

    Everyone is used to the fact that the phone is always at hand. with it we always stay in touch and up to date. And at that moment, when it unexpectedly, for some unknown reason, does not turn on, a real catastrophe ensues. With today’s rhythm of life, even more so, being left without the Internet and communication, even for a couple of hours, is like being left without hands! If such a nuisance has not spared your Samsung Galaxy, the first thing to do is to try to remember under what circumstances it stopped working. If on the eve he seriously fell, got wet or overheated on the car’s torpedo, then one cannot do without the advice of a specialist and professional diagnostics. However, the problem is not always in the hardware of the smartphone. Sometimes you can try to cope on your own. With this we will just try to figure it out today.

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    If, for any reason, you need to disassemble your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, use the video tutorial from

    Samsung Galaxy A5 screen replacement (front glass is broken) 4000 Frequent breakdowns Samsung Galaxy A5 does not turn on

    Samsung Galaxy A3 screen replacement (front glass is broken) 4000 Frequent breakdowns Samsung Galaxy A3 does not turn on

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    Samsung Galaxy turned off and won’t turn on. reasons

    If your Samsung has turned off and won’t turn on, it can damage the operating system, but this happens very rarely.

    Much more often the reason is in the battery. Of course, the first thing you do is connect the charger and nothing happens.

    You are confident in the outlet, in the cable, in the charger itself and in the contacts in the smartphone’s socket. Check these things and make sure they are not the cause. It happens that the contacts on the battery are out of order, and this leads to the fact that the phone does not turn on.

    In this situation, it can be very helpful to remove the battery and clean out the old contacts that connect to the battery.

    Removing the battery will also reset the phone somewhat. The above method is only for smartphones with a removable battery.

    Also pay attention to the power button itself. it also does not last forever, although it does not break often, it does happen. If none of the above helped turn on the phone, then the problem may be inside the Samsung Galaxy phone. in its components.

    Top Reasons Why Samsung Phone Doesn’t Work

    The reasons for the failure of a smartphone are varied, but in 90% of cases, the human factor directly affects the appearance of problems. Specialists will organize high-quality diagnostics, find out the situation that has arisen. The client receives a notification by the number about the state of the equipment and finds out the cost of the work. You can find out how much it costs to change a component by looking at the price list on the website. Consider the fact that the price is indicated without accessories. Common reasons why the phone does not work:

    • screen malfunction, the device works, but there is no image;
    • water, moisture got inside;
    • does not respond to the power button due to its breakdown;
    • the problem is in the battery;
    • Android OS crash.

    It is worth bringing the volume control to full power and restarting the device. If the indication glows during loading, characteristic sounds are played, but you see a black screen, then the smartphone is working, but the problem is with the display. We will check the state of the video chip, the display loop with a multimeter and an oscilloscope, and evaluate the matrix. If you need to replace a component. changing it as soon as possible. Defective microcircuits are re-soldered with a special infrared station.

    This happens due to voltage surges in the network, falling of the device, flooding with liquid. Voltage drops can occur during charging, which will damage the power controller, motherboard, transistors. The ingress of moisture causes instant oxidation of metal components, especially for the contact paths of microcircuits. Because of this, the surface is oxidized, which leads to the termination of conduction.

    The button does not function due to loss of contact in the power circuit. We will disassemble the smartphone, solder the new button and connect it to the motherboard. A common problem is the mismatch between the charger and the phablet. As a result, the battery is damaged. The battery is negatively affected by voltage drops, prolonged exposure to damp places.

    The Android operating system powers the phone by providing access to components and resources. An unsuccessful update, buggy firmware, an abundance of running applications that load the processor and memory, viruses are the reason that the device does not turn on.

    What to do if your Samsung Samsung Galaxy phone won’t turn on

    All Samsung phones can be restored even if they won’t turn on. just not all the same.

    If there is a “Home” button, then press it together with two others: “Power” and “Increase sound” (you need to hold down three at the same time).

    If there is a “Bixby” button, then at the same time you need to hold it down instead of “Home”. If there is no “Home” or “Bixby”, then together hold and hold “Power” and “Volume up”.

    Release “Power” when the inscription “Samsung Galaxy” appears, and hold the steel ones for another 10 seconds until the menu appears.

    Then use the sound buttons to select “Wipe data / factory reset” and click on “Power”. Then, in the same way, select and confirm “Yes” or “Yes. Delete all user data”.

    click on “Reboot system Now”. Samsung will reboot and start working as new, only all personal data will be erased.


    Your smartphone’s battery can run out at the wrong time, even if you recently charged it. Many modern phones equipped with options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drain much faster than older models. When you have Wi-Fi turned on and there is no network, the phone will throw all its energy into finding it. If at this time you do not need the Internet, then disable this option, the same applies to Bluetooth.

    Charger status

    You put the phone on charge, the required time passed, but it still did not turn on. Pay attention directly to the charger. In the device, the wires may break off or the contact may come off.

    The way out is as follows: take a similar “charge” or use the “frog” battery. If these methods do not help, remember if you have charged your smartphone using someone else’s charger, which may not fit your mobile phone. Expensive phones are very sensitive to such changes and, after that, only a flashing can save them.

    Using Safe Mode

    This technique will be effective if it was possible to start the tablet, but its work leaves much to be desired: constant lags, system freezes, and more. To eliminate all interference with the normal operation of the device, use the safe mode.

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    You can enter it by opening the settings menu of the tablet PC. press the “Power off” button. hold it. It will ask if the user wants to go to Safe Mode. It must be confirmed that yes. The next field will open, in which you can delete all unnecessary files, installed programs and applications that cause the device to malfunction. And to update the system, you just need to restart the device.

    Hardware failure

    The problem lies in the equipment itself, that is, there was a breakdown of some element or the contacts came off. The most common causes of hardware failures are: “torn” micro USB slot;

    • connecting incompatible or non-working devices to the tablet (the same charge);
    • any damage to the board elements;
    • “Fuse” or “hung” the power button itself;
    • the battery life has come to an end;
    • the loop of the screen inside the tablet has disappeared.

    The first thing to do is to find a 100% working charge, connect it to a tablet (for example, to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 T725 LTE) and leave it there for 2-3 hours. After such manipulations, even those gadgets whose battery was very badly discharged and the power controller has already disconnected it from the charge circuit often “come to life”. You can check if the battery is charging by touching the power supply: it must be warm or hot.

    If the miracle did not happen, and other ideas on how to start the tablet, if it does not turn on, did not arise in my head, the only way out is to contact the service center. If your tablet is still under warranty, you can get a free repair. The exceptions are cases where there is mechanical damage or there was contact with water.

    How can you fix a software glitch?

    If a tablet from Samsung, Lenovo or another brand does not turn on, but the user knows for sure that the device did not fall or suffered from any other kind of damage, it is worth performing 3 procedures.

    When working with a computer or laptop, it is the restart of the system that helps the technique to get out of the “stupor”. The same technique works for the tablet as well. To reboot it, you need to hold the power button for 10-15 seconds, then try to start the tablet again.

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    Has nothing changed? Then the second option:

    • find a small button or a hole with the inscription Reset on the case;
    • take a thin object (pin or paper clip), and gently press the button;
    • withstand up to 15 seconds.

    Try to turn on the device. Perhaps it is after these steps that the tablet PC will start.

    Important! The Reset button is not available on all tablet models. Often only state employees are equipped with such an element.

    The new tablet does not turn on, but there are a minimum of options, what to do? The same reboot will come to the rescue. The new device does not have a large amount of accumulated information, and therefore the whole process will take a couple of minutes.

    The tablet does not turn on: possible problems

    All mini-laptop malfunctions boil down to two problems: a hardware failure and software troubles. In order to be able to independently, if not “revive” the tablet (for example, an ASUS tablet that does not turn on), then at least understand the cause of the breakdown and what to do, you should understand each of the factors.

    What to do if the tablet does not turn on. 2 possible problems and 3 ways to solve them

    Do you know the situation when, when you turn on the tablet, it simply refuses to work, still remaining Malevich’s black square? The sensations of the user in the first seconds after that. a panic fear of the possibility of a serious breakdown. But you should not despair, because most of the problems of tablet devices can be easily solved, you just need to understand the nuances of the device. So why the tablet may not turn on and how to fix the situation? The article offers detailed instructions for a home repairman.

    The tablet turns on but won’t boot

    If the touch device gives “signs of life”, but it did not go beyond the logo on the screen, the reasons may be very different. The table below shows the most common ones:

    Tip: To avoid data loss in case of possible tablet malfunctions, it will not be superfluous to regularly back up the most useful information. You can transfer files to the cloud or any other selected device.

    Settings Failure

    To reset all tablet settings (for example, such as Huawei MediaPad T3 10) to factory settings, you need to activate the Recovery program. It is launched by a certain combination of buttons, but which ones, each manufacturer decides at its discretion.

    The most popular ciphers:

    • turning on the volume (add);
    • reduce the sound side power button;
    • Power Home reduce sound;
    • sound start home.

    One of these configurations will work 100% and enable the required software. After the tool is launched, information similar to the one in the picture below will appear on the screen. Using the sound adjustment button, the search is directed to the line “wipe data / factory reset”. To press it, Power is used.

    Next, an inscription will light up, which will warn that due to such a “hard” reboot, all downloaded data, personal information, contacts, etc. will be deleted. You can save some of the information by removing the SIM card and flash drive beforehand.

    Now click Yes and wait for the procedure to complete. After a factory reset, the tablet will turn on by itself (tested on Lenovo Tab M8 HD 2/32 LTE).

    Software errors

    When the visual diagnostics of the tablet did not reveal chips, cracks, blurring on the screen, other defects and the likelihood of hardware failures completely “disappeared”. we can assume that the cause of the breakdown lies in the software component.

    In this case, the tablet may not turn on due to:

    • Defects the device with malicious viruses or codes.
    • Malfunctions of the downloaded software.
    • Damage to the operating system or individual applications.
    • Incorrect operation of the basic settings of the gadget.

    It is not easy to determine which item from this list has brought chaos to the tablet program, but you can try to reanimate it with a few simple steps.

    What to do when Samsung won’t turn on?

    Why won’t my Samsung phone turn on and what should I do? Our service center is often contacted with a similar problem. Naturally, the device becomes inoperative, and it is impossible to continue further operation. In any case, we will help you.


    If Samsung does not turn on, first you should check if the battery itself is charged. If it is charged, then the problems may be as follows:

    in 20% Samsung stopped turning on when the power button was damaged. Examine her as closely as possible. If there is a click when you press, then you should contact our service center for help, where our masters will replace it with a new one. It will be difficult to do this on your own.

    in 30% Samsung shuts down if the power microcircuit is faulty. It breaks down when power surges occur, after a shock or moisture ingress. In order for the cell to work again, it is necessary to replace the microcircuit and carry out recovery actions with the printed circuit board.

    at 20%, if moisture gets into the phone, it is best not to try to turn it on, as a short circuit may occur. Why? Because the liquid gets under the microcircuits, which leads to negative consequences.

    in 10%, if Samsung fell and does not turn on, this may indicate that the components of the printed circuit board are damaged. In order to repair your mobile, you need to make a diagnosis.

    in 10% of cases, the program is damaged in the mobile. In order to resume work, you need to do the firmware, since most often this happens due to a software failure. It is best, when Samsung does not turn on after the firmware, entrust the task to correct the situation to the specialists of our service center. We are often asked. Why doesn’t Samsung turn on after self-flashing? Firmware. this is a rather difficult job that only an experienced master can handle.

    in 10% of cases, there may also be other problems. In order to identify them, it is necessary to do diagnostics.

    Samsung turns itself off for several reasons. To answer the question why Samsung turns off when making a call or call, you can:

    most often this happens if the battery has lost capacity, as a result of which, when Samsung calls, it turns off and does not turn on.

    Samsung constantly turns off when charging, as well as if moisture gets into the cell or it falls. As a result of these actions, unnecessary energy consumption may appear and it is not strange why Samsung turns on and off immediately. In order to understand everything, identify breakdowns and determine their scale, as well as to resume work, you just need to make a diagnosis. In our service center it will be done absolutely free of charge. Repair is carried out in a fairly short time, since all the details are available.

    The young man’s Samsung suddenly stopped turning on. At the same time, when he put it on charge, the cell phone showed that it was charging, but it still did not turn on. As a result, he noticed that when pressed, the power button was constantly clicking. Without much hesitation, he turned to our service center for help. The wizards made diagnostics and found out that the power button was partially torn from the printed circuit board. After that we made a button change and restored the tracks on the PCB. Post-repair quality control showed that the mobile is fully functional. We also issued a guarantee for the entire device, and not just for the part.

    As you can see, it’s not worth wasting time repairing your Samsung yourself. over, such experiments do not always end well, since even more harm can be done. The faster you make a decision and entrust your phone to the masters, the cheaper it will cost you to restore it to work.

    The most affordable prices. Discounts apply. Only original spare parts.

    After the first repair, you will be issued a vip client card for a 10%.40% discount.

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