Screen won’t turn off on Honor phone

How to set up geolocation on Huawei

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Through satellites, it automatically detects which country, region and city you are in. Information is updated regularly, subject to continuous internet connection.

  • Enter the settings menu advanced settings location data incl. access to location data, select the desired method for determining the location.

On devices of all models, it is universal and almost does not differ.

How to turn off geolocation on Honor / Huawei phone

Lower the curtain and deactivate the corresponding icon. Also turn off the signal actually through the settings.

How to enable geolocation on Honor

There are two effective ways here:

  • Lower the curtain and find the corresponding symbol on Android.
  • Go to the security settings, there give access to applications to the location of your smartphone. Through communication with a satellite, the local radar determines the coordinates with an accuracy of two kilometers.

We should also consider access to coordinates for some applications. As already mentioned, different software also requires permission from the user to monitor the location. On newer versions of Android, the application simply displays the request and the client has to click “Allow” or “Agree”. We pay special attention to security: it is worth giving access only to proven reliable applications from official sources!

View location history

In the “History of Places” section of maps, the history stores the positions at which the user was for more than 60 minutes.

How to turn on / off GPS location on Huawei and Honor

How to enable geolocation on Huawei? This question is asked not only by travelers and amateurs to explore new horizons, but also by users of applications for which the location of the subscriber is required. These are cards, instant messengers, photo editors, video editors and others. Some software immediately translates to a page with navigation settings, while others ask you to do it manually. That’s when the difficulty arises, even for advanced users. The procedure for activating GPS on any phone is quite simple and does not take much time if you figure it out. Therefore, in this review, we have laid out on the shelves how and what to do.

What to do if GPS does not work

Navigation systems on smartphones and tablets are in practice necessary for pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and more. With the help of the navigation system on the phone, routes are most often built, it is enough to turn on the GPS on the Honor. However, almost every second person is faced with the fact that the function does not work or the GPS on Android is unstable. This shows up in various issues:

  • Does not accurately determine coordinates;
  • Displays the point, but not the name of the settlement;
  • Doesn’t store visit data.
  • Complete inability to locate, after turning on geolocation on the Honor phone;

In this case, you need to reboot the device, clear the cache, refresh the network connection.

How to set up sleep mode on Honor 9 and similar Android smartphones and tablets.

Sleep mode on Honor. On this page you will find instructions on how to set up the sleep mode of Huawei Honor 9 and similar Android smartphones and tablets. This function allows you to save battery power by automatically turning off the phone screen after a specified time when you are not using the device.

To set the sleep mode of the Honor screen, that is, set the time for automatically turning off the screen when idle.
Open the “Settings” on the smartphone.
In the settings, select the “Screen” item. Look at the attached pictures below.
In the screen menu that opens, select the “Sleep mode” item.
Now we set the sleep time of the screen when idle, choose from “15 seconds to 10 minutes” or “never” so that the screen does not turn off at all. In other smartphones and tablets, the time to automatically turn off the screen when not using the phone may be different.

What to do if it is not possible to change the sleep mode time in the screen settings, although there is such an item and there, for example, 30 seconds are set without the ability to change.

Yes, this also happens when the hibernation mode on Huawei Honor is not active and there is a time of 30 seconds of inactivity after which the screen turns off. Sometimes the screen can automatically turn off after 30 seconds even when watching a video, which can cause inconvenience to the user.
And so if you cannot change the sleep mode time, then most likely the “Power Saving Mode” is enabled on the Huawei Honor phone or tablet.
To turn off the power saving mode, open “Settings” then “Battery” and in the menu that opens, select the item “Power saving mode” opposite which we disable this function.
Now you can change the sleep time as shown above.

Setting up the clock using a widget

Here’s how to set the time on your Huawei and Honor phone using a widget.

  • Click on it, a window will open.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the icon labeled “Settings”.
  • The page that opens allows you to customize some features, like the style of the clock or the melody for the alarm.
  • Select “Date and Time”.
  • This line takes you to a familiar page. repeat the steps above.

For example, return the automatic time setting, which does not guarantee accuracy due to frequent interruptions on the mobile tower.


This program has won the trust of mobile users, as evidenced by a high rating on Google Play.

The creators of the application have built in NTP technology, which allows you to determine the time zone over the network without errors. Especially, it will suit you if the mobile operator works with NITZ (time synchronization in automatic mode), which sends out-of-date information.

The program can be used in two modes.

  • Leave “Automatic”, which implies activation of root rights (time accuracy. 1-20 milliseconds.
  • Manual mode allows you to independently adjust various nuances, in particular, comparing the time with the one set on the device.

This helps to track down serious time offsets. The program shows the exact value of the change, and when the procedure was carried out. Reading information occurs even when you go to bed, to be sure of the accuracy of the alarm.

How to Change Date and Time on Honor or Huawei Smartphones. Auto Adjust

To be sure of the accuracy of the time, and not to be late anywhere, set the auto-tuning of the clock. For convenience, they are placed on the home screen using a widget. The location of partitions and options depends on the firmware and OS version. Additional switches may be added in the new update.

  • Find the “gear” icon and click on it. the “Settings” will open.
  • Go to the “System” section, find the line “Date and time”.
  • It is also possible to simplify your task by entering the required value in the search bar and clicking on the desired item.
  • Usually, there is “Auto-tuning”, but if you noticed that the function does not cope with the task, configure it manually.
  • To do this, you need to disable auto-tuning by dragging the slider into the inactive phase.
  • You will see two new lines that change separately. “Date” and “Time”.
  • To set the date, select the appropriate item and set the desired date, month and year.
  • To set the time, drag the numbers until you set the exact hour and minutes, and confirm the decision by clicking “Ok”.
  • In the same way, the time zone changes if necessary.

In the case when you need to synchronize the clock with the network, and this task appears during a flight to a foreign country, activate the “Autotune” function again by dragging the slider in the opposite direction.


Call up the menu by holding your finger on an empty space on the screen. Hidden functionality will appear, where select the “Widgets” section.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Scroll through the list of possible screen add-ons until you come across “Clock”. Click on the icon and make a choice from the available options, after which it will appear on the working display.

How to set the time on the home screen on Honor and Huawei

To install the clock on the main display, no complicated manipulations are required. Usually, they are placed there initially, you can only change their appearance or time location. For example, in the middle of the Honor screen. The time will be set in the center of the display and when the screen is locked.

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Third Party Applications

There is another option, how to change the time for Honor and Huawei. To do this, we use one of the proven third-party applications. They will help you set the exact time, choose the right design solution.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

The functionality assumes an instant transition to the “Date and Time” section, where the manipulations described above are carried out. You just need to go to the application and click on the central button “Open!”.

Automatic time setting problem

Now that we know how to set the clock, we will explain why a Huawei phone with Android OS can erroneously determine the time zone, and therefore the time. Information about the current time is received by the device from the mobile towers of the cellular operator.

It would be more efficient to synchronize the internal clock of the smartphone using NTP technology. But this requires ROOT rights.

From this it turns out that a time shift occurs every time an error pops up in the mobile operator’s network, knocking down the signal from the tower. Therefore, it is recommended to configure the function manually, so as not to get into unpleasant situations associated with a lagging clock.

Android smartphone does not turn on. Guaranteed solution to the problem.

Hello everyone. Today I would like to analyze all the most common reasons why an Android smartphone may not turn on. I will not touch upon those situations when disassembly of the phone and interference with the electronic filling is required, since this is the work of completely different specialists.

If your smartphone or tablet suddenly stops turning on, it is not necessary to immediately run to a service center or workshop and send it in for repair. Most likely, there is a chance that you can do it yourself and save some money (programs for home bookkeeping on Android will also help you in saving, look for them on the blog). Below we will look at the main measures that you can take if your Android smartphone or tablet does not turn on. And so, let’s get started.

Faulty charging. Of course, the second thing to check is the health of the charger. Everything is simple here. we take a working charger and try to charge our smartphone. If the process has started, then we buy a new one and rejoice. Although it sounds trite, it helps one in five.

From my own experience, I will say that in 80% of all cases, if they come to me with a problem that the phone does not turn on, the whole thing turns out to be in a discharged battery. And I perfectly understand when they tell me that they have been charging the smartphone all day, but it still does not turn on. Some devices have one unpleasant feature. if the battery is very badly discharged, then it will not charge, even if you keep it on charge all day.

In this case, a frog-type charger will help us, which allows you to charge almost any battery directly by removing it from the phone. It is enough to recharge the battery in this way for 15 minutes. Then insert it back and put the phone on charge as usual, everything should be OK.

If getting a frog is problematic for you, then you can use any old mobile phone charger. Cut off the old plug and protect the wires.

Make sure that the charger is not plugged into an outlet at this time.

We fix the bare wires on the battery with tape for a few minutes.

This method is applicable if your phone does not really turn on, but does not turn on completely. For example, it hangs on your Android logo and nothing else happens. This happens due to a malfunction in the smartphone software. Then a hard reset or, in translation, a hard reset will help us. For each model of the device, it is made in different ways. To find out how, enter the name of your phone and the words hard reset, for example LG G3 hard reset, in Google or Yandex and follow the instructions. In the future, I hope to create a separate section on the blog on this topic.

For example, there is no such function by default, in many sony phones, but the manufacturer has provided the ability to restore the software using a special utility Sony pc companion.

If the phone does not turn on, then it may simply be frozen. To revive your device, we will apply a long-known, but still relevant method. take out the battery and insert it again.

Unfortunately, this trick does not work on many modern phones with a non-removable battery. In this case, to reboot, you need to find the reset button and press it with a paper clip, for example. It can be anywhere, but it is usually located near the SIM card slot or on the back of a smartphone or tablet. There is sometimes an inscription “reset” or “off” near the reset button. The photo below is an example of the location of such a button in the Sony Xperia M5 smartphone.

Android phone won’t turn on. 5 ways to solve the problem.

Not often, but even so it happens that the smartphone does not turn on due to the fact that the contacts under the battery do not reach. To fix this, you need to bend the contacts with tweezers or a small screwdriver to improve the connection with the battery. The main thing here is without fanaticism, otherwise you will only make it even worse.

If none of the methods helped and your phone still does not turn on, then the problem most likely lies in the hardware itself and only the service center can help you.

I would be grateful if you share in the comments with your own ways how you can revive your smartphone.

Best regards, Ivan Derbenev.

The touch screen does not respond to touch

1.1. In the case when the touchscreen monitor of the smartphone does not respond to commands, or randomly opens windows and applications, you need to perform the following operations:

You need to examine the phone, whether you accidentally touch your finger or touch anything on the screen of the gadget. Then the smartphone will not respond to touch.
The error can only occur in one specific application. This may be due precisely to this addition, the problem will be solved by a specialist of those. support.

1.2. When the situation is not resolved, further manipulations need to be carried out:
Check that the display is in good condition. Are there any water droplets that can affect the operation of the gadget screen? It is necessary to wipe it with a special napkin and re-evaluate the functioning of the smartphone.
The protective glass can create an obstacle when touched. It is advisable to change to thinner glass or film.

1.3. Diagnostics of smartphone options:
These phones have a “Glove operation” feature that may affect the display sensitivity. This function is not allowed to be used without gloves and will result in device errors.

1.4. To disable the “Work with gloves” feature:
Go to the “Settings” menu, click on the “Work with gloves” icon and turn it off.

1.5. Accessories can also be difficult:
If the question appears when using a charger or USB cable from another company, you should use the manufacturer’s cords Huawei and Honor.

1.6. Check the environment:
If the temperature is 200C or more than 500C, the device may malfunction. You need to go to a place with an acceptable temperature regime. Observe the optimum temperature range.
If the device is used in an area with a high electromagnetic field (microwave oven, radio, power plant, induction cooker), the monitor’s sensitivity is reduced. Try not to use your gadget in such places.

The screen does not work on Huawei or Honor, we solve the problem

Fans of smartphones and gadgets, after a long time of owning them, are faced with the problem of incorrect operation of the touch screen. It can be flickering or blurry, and sometimes does not even respond to finger pressure. What to do in such cases? Let’s take a look at the most common malfunctions and how to solve them.

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What to do if only half of the screen does not turn on on the phone?

When half of the display is not showing and the other half is showing only the time, the “Mode in case” function should be checked. To disable this option, you need to:

  • Remove all magnetic objects or devices from your mobile phone without exception.
  • If you do not use a case-book during work, you need to go to “Settings”, go to the “Mode in the case” section, and put this add-on on disabled.

Hall gadgets are built into Huawei and Honor smartphones; when the “Mode in the case” is on, they react to the opening of the magnetic case. When the gadget is found in a place with an increased electromagnetic field (speaker, induction or microwave oven, wireless charger), the Hall sensor starts the “Mode in the case”. Half screen error appears due to running this option.

What to do if the screen flickers or the image is not transmitted correctly?

In case the display flickers or the picture is not produced correctly, perform the following operations:

  • The smartphone needs to be restarted and restart the application with an error.
  • If restarting does not solve the problem, you need to go to another add-on and check the elimination of this error.
  • Provided that the other add-ons work correctly, it can be assumed that the cause of the malfunction lies precisely in a particular application. Follow the download and installation guidelines, only through Huawei AppGallery. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version. If the problem persists, write to those. support for a specific program.

What to do if the screen is blurry?

When the picture on the display is blurry or pixelated, you need to do the following:
When using an extraneous add-on, the correctness of the image can be checked by closing the application.
If the application is running, you need to swipe down on the display and enter “Screen Resolution” in the search bar. Then disable this option.

  • Certain extraneous additions change the video resolution and frame rate in the game. Using a low resolution gives poor video quality, the picture will be pixelated.
  • Selected Honor and Huawei models have a high-resolution display option that can be selected in Settings. At low settings, the video quality will be worse.

If these settings do not help you, then contact an authorized Huawei service center.

After flashing

When a person cannot turn on the phone after installing updates or firmware, the cause of trouble is the incorrect installation of new programs and components. Restoring the smartphone will help restore the previous version of the software or reset to factory settings.

Battery problem

Sometimes a person does not turn on Honor due to a failed battery. Only the purchase and installation of a new battery will help to influence the current situation, there are no other solutions that can restore the operation of the device.

Damage to mobile

A similar solution is offered for other breakdowns, including:

  • difficulties arising after falling from a great height;
  • damage to the shutdown button;
  • malfunctions of the charger connection slot.

It is not recommended to restore your phone yourself.


Pressing the restart button is even easier than starting a restore, but the effectiveness of this approach is minimal. The desired result is achieved only in case of software malfunctions that did not cause serious damage to the existing settings. Otherwise, nothing will change.

What to do if your Huawei phone won’t turn on?

It is important to emphasize that in situations where, for various reasons, for example, after an update, the Honor phone does not turn on, users’ options are limited, since it will be possible to access the smartphone software and correct the situation only through a computer or Recovery mode. There are no other effective methods.

Phone in bootloop mode

Bootloop mode is an endless reboot. A similar malfunction occurs when system files are damaged. To fix the situation will help:

  • reset Honor settings to baseline;
  • or re-flashing the device.

Phone does not turn on after update

In cases where the phone stopped turning on immediately after installing updates, the cause of the problem lies precisely in them. To cope with difficulties will help:

  • rollback of updates;
  • or factory reset.

It is important to emphasize that a reset will completely delete the information stored on the device.

Why Huawei and Honor phones won’t turn on: reasons and what to do if frozen?

Huawei does not turn on. the severity of the problem mentioned does not even need to be described, because in such a situation, using a smartphone will definitely not work, which means you need to figure out how to restore the device’s operation.


Try Hard Reset. Instructions:

  • Hold down the power key and volume buttons.
  • Wait for the logo to appear on the screen and release the power button.
  • System restart.

Why Huawei / Honor phone won’t turn on: reasons and what to do?

Why Huawei does not turn on is a question that interests many owners of smartphones from this manufacturer. Huawei phones have gained popularity lately, with more and more users preferring the Honor line. But any technique cannot be perfect, every system is prone to malfunctions and errors. In this article, we will look at the reasons explaining why the phone suddenly stopped giving signs of life, as well as ways to solve the problem.

Program error

System errors are a common reason why your phone may not start. Exit. reinstall the operating system.

Battery problem

The next reason lies in the breakdown of the battery. Then it will also need to be replaced with a new one. You can do the repair yourself if you have enough experience, especially when it comes to new smartphones.

Phone does not turn on after update

Honor phone won’t turn on after update, what should i do? If it was installed from the settings and downloaded from an official source, then if an error occurs, you can apply for warranty. You will need to reinstall the operating system.

If the user independently changed the firmware downloaded from third-party resources, and after the update cannot turn on the phone, then the only solution is to reinstall the firmware, and ideally install the official.

OS problem

The Android operating system that is built into all Huawei smartphones is not perfect, like any OS. Sometimes there are software errors. To fix the problem, you will have to reinstall the system.

Lack of charge

If the phone does not charge, then first of all check the serviceability of the cable, check it for mechanical damage. Try replacing the charger with another one. Also check the integrity of the contacts and connector on the phone. Perhaps the socket is clogged or the contacts on the charging itself are damaged.

Honor (Huawei) phone does not turn on. reasons

The smartphone may stop turning on due to the following reasons:

  • After falls and mechanical damage.
  • Moisture ingress.
  • Battery breakage.
  • The battery is completely discharged.
  • System crash in firmware.

Each problem requires a specific solution. Below we will examine in detail all the causes of the problem and how to fix it.

Phone does not turn on after update

What to do if Honor phone won’t turn on after update? Much depends on what software was installed. If you received an official update that disabled the phone, then this case can be carried out under warranty. It is necessary to contact an authorized service for specialists to reinstall the system.

Have you installed the firmware yourself, and even unofficial? Then you can try to repeat the software installation by choosing a different version of the rolled system. If this does not help, then you will have to contact the service for help.

Huawei stuck on the logo and won’t turn on

Does the smartphone show a logo, does not respond to touches and keystrokes? In most cases, the reason is software problems, the device simply cannot start the system due to errors that have occurred.

If the logo is on, at your own peril and risk, you can try to reflash the device yourself. But it is better to seek help from specialists so as not to cause more harm to your device.

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Flashing red light

The red indicator in devices from Honor and Huawei is used to warn the user about a low battery level. If the smartphone refuses to start and the red LED flashes, then the reason is a battery or power connector breakdown.


One of the popular ways to solve any smartphone problem is a hard reset. On Huawei and Honor, it can be done as follows:

  • hold down the start button and volume keys;
  • after the logo appears, release the power button;
  • wait for the device to reboot and delete all user data.

Honor (Huawei) phone does not turn on. reasons

Huawei phone won’t turn on? Let’s look at the main causes of problems with starting the device:

  • It is not possible to turn on the phone due to the breakdown of the corresponding key. Option one. replacing the button in the service.
  • Software problems. Experts could make a mistake in the code, due to which, after the update, the device turns off, freezes, refuses to start. Additionally, many users install custom firmware of dubious quality on their own. The solution is to reinstall the operating system, again, it needs to be done in the service.
  • Water ingress and damage to components.
  • Broken charging connector.
  • Battery failure.
  • Mechanical damage resulting from impact, etc.

What to do if your Huawei phone won’t turn on?

To begin with, we give the most correct instruction for an ordinary user:

  • Try to launch again.
  • Connect the phone to the charger, wait, re-enable.
  • Try a factory reset.
  • Did not help? Look for the address of the nearest service center.

We remind you once again: it is not recommended to perform any independent manipulations to reinstall the system, let alone open the device. An inexperienced user can completely break a smartphone, and even specialists will not help in the future.

Battery problem

In the event of a problem with the battery or power connector, these components must be replaced. Again, contact an Authorized Service Center. Experts diagnose the problem, order the necessary parts and replace them.

How to reset iPhone to original settings

First of all, connect your phone to your computer using the original cable. If you have a Mac with macOS Catalina, launch Finder. If you’re using an older version of macOS or Windows, start iTunes. If it is not installed, download it from the Apple website.

Then force restart your iPhone (see step 1). When you see the Apple logo, continue to hold the buttons until the recovery mode appears on the smartphone screen.

Immediately after that, a window with further instructions should appear on the computer monitor. Click “Update” and follow the system prompts.

iTunes will download the correct software for your phone. If this process takes more than 15 minutes, the iPhone may exit recovery mode. In this case, hold down the forced restart buttons again and hold them until the device returns to this mode.

If the update works, the phone may turn on without resetting the system. If not, then in the iTunes window, click “Restore” to restore the factory settings.

How to force restart an Android smartphone

Press and hold the power button and volume down key at the same time for 10-15 seconds. If successful, the device will restart automatically or display a menu on the screen in which you will need to select the restart command.

To reboot some Android smartphones, just hold down the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes there are gadgets that are restarted using other keys. If the smartphone does not respond to the listed actions, type in the search engine the query “how to force restart” and add the name of your model. Then follow the instructions found.

Take out the battery and put it back

If your phone has a removable battery, remove the cover and slide the battery out of the device. Wait at least 30 seconds and replace the battery. Then try to turn on the phone in the usual way. using the power button.

What to do if your phone won’t turn on

Do not rush to take your smartphone for repair. Perhaps these simple steps will help revive the device.

If problems arise due to water getting into the device, do not connect it to the mains and stop pressing the buttons. Dry your phone as soon as possible and only then follow the advice in this article. If you are sure that the inside of the smartphone is dry, feel free to continue.

Reset the machine to factory settings

If after trying to turn on the smartphone does not respond at all or the screen lights up, but the device does not boot, try restoring factory settings using the hardware buttons.

Remember: during a system reset, you may lose personal data that has not been synced to the server. Do not do this if you are afraid to erase important information.

Put your phone on charge

Connect your phone to a wall outlet using the original charger. If within an hour the charging indicator does not appear on the display and you cannot turn on the device, check the integrity and cleanliness of the connector, as well as the condition of the power cable and adapter. Try different sockets if possible, replace cable and / or adapter.

How to Force Restart iPhone

On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or later, hold down and immediately release the Volume Up key and then the Volume Down key. After that, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo is displayed.

On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the Side key along with the Volume Down button for 10 seconds or more until you see the Apple logo.

On iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or older, hold down the Home key with the Side button for 10 seconds or more until the Apple logo appears.

Force restart the device

Your phone may be on, but just frozen. In this case, the screen may be dark and unresponsive to any actions. So first try restarting your device using the hardware keys.

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