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How to make a print screen (screenshot) on a laptop

When you type articles, abstracts, reports and the like, you almost always need to capture the information on the screen so that you can then insert this image or part of it into any document you are working on. The process of capturing the monitor screen (photographing) is called Print Screen. It reads like a print screen or a screenshot. In any case, making such a screenshot is incredibly easy.

In all laptop models: ASUS, Acer, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell and others, as well as computer keyboards, the “Print Screen” button is designed for a print screen.

How to make a print screen on a laptop and not install additional software and use only those standard programs that are in Windows, you need to learn only two steps.

Firstly, to take a picture of the screen, you need to press the Print Screen button or PrtSc for short. You can find it in the upper right corner of the keyboard. It is mainly located next to the “Delete” button.

It should be borne in mind that specifically on laptops on some keyboards, this button combines two functions. “Print Screen” and “Insert”. In this case, “Print Screen” is highlighted in blue, and only works in conjunction with pressing the “Fn” button.

After you have done such manipulations, the photo will be in the clipboard as an image.

Secondly, any graphics editor opens: Paint, Photoshop. After that, an image is inserted into the editor using the Paint menu, or using a combination of two buttons “Ctrl V”.

After the image is inserted, it can be edited or simply saved to any folder.

If you have the skills to use Paint, then you can come up with a lot of things with an image. For example, write any inscription in a different font, resize the image itself, add different elements and save in the desired format.

When you press a key to get a screenshot of the screen, then the image will show the entire screen. If you only want part of the image, you can use scissors. To find them, go to the “Start” menu, find the line “All programs”. “Standard”. “Scissors”.

With scissors you can create the desired photo of any part of your screen.

By the way, by simultaneously pressing the AltPrint screen buttons, you can make a print screen of the application working window. Then you won’t waste time editing the image in Paint.

Programs to help take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop

In order to make it easier for yourself, you can download one of the programs listed below and use it for free. Finding them is easy, and even a beginner can handle it.

FastStone Capture. there are additional features available besides the ability to take screenshots.

Screenshot Captor. the program is equipped with various functions and possibilities for editing print screens.

EasyCapture. the program is designed to create different types of screenshots and is very simple and easy to use.

DuckCapture. allows you to take any type of screenshot or application window.

Clip2Net. after the screenshot is taken, helps to post it on the Internet.

SnapaShot is a program that does not require installation and which allows you to take a screenshot of any desired area.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop

To begin with, let’s consider the classic situation when you need to take a screenshot of the entire screen on a Lenovo laptop. Everything is extremely simple and within the power of even a person who is far from the depths of knowledge in the field of technology.

We will solve this problem with just one button and one standard program installed in any operating system. So, on the keyboard, you need to find the Printscreen button. It is in a laptop of any company and with any OS. Usually this key is located in the top row, closer to the right edge.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Displaying the image we want to save.
  • Click on the Print Screen key.
  • The image is automatically saved to the computer memory. Now you need to choose a place to save it.
  • The standard Paint program, which is available in any operating system, is optimal. If you do not know how to find it, just click on the “Start” button in the lower left corner of the screen and enter the name in the search. “Paint”. Then press Enter, and the program starts.
  • Even if you’ve never worked with graphic editors before, it doesn’t hurt to save a screenshot. There is nothing complicated here. You will see a white sheet of paper in front of you, and you only need to press the following key combination on the keyboard: CTRLV. As you probably know, it corresponds to the “Paste” command. The saved screenshot will immediately appear in front of you.
  • Now you can edit the screenshot. The simplest editing is available in Paint. resizing the picture, cropping unnecessary areas, etc. But even this is quite enough for solving most problems.
  • It remains to save the image in a suitable format. This is usually the.png format. Although you can also choose.jpg. To do this, press the CTRLS key combination, which is equivalent to the “Save” command. A window appears in which you need to select the location of the file, as well as its format and name. We specify all these parameters and save the picture. Now you can use the screenshot and send it to anyone.

How to make a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop

Owners of personal computers probably know about the possibility of taking a screenshot and saving it to the hard drive. Why might this be necessary? For example, if you saw something interesting on the Internet and you want to save it as an image. A screenshot on a computer is also often used for comfortable communication on the Internet. Indeed, sometimes one or another problem cannot be conveyed in words, and it is very necessary that the interlocutor see what you see from the monitor right now.

How to Screenshot on Asus laptop | All Brand’s Laptop | Windows 10 PC | The TechVin

Whether you want to take a screenshot for business or personal correspondence, or just to store a picture on a hard disk for yourself. in any case, this is not difficult to implement. As part of this article, we will tell you how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop, having considered all the possible options.

Screenshot of a separate area

It remains to figure out how to take a snapshot of a particular area of ​​the screen. The time-tested program “Scissors” will help us with this. Accordingly, the first step will be the download and installation of this program on the computer. When this is done, we find the program and run it. This can be done either through the folder in which you installed it, or through the “Start” menu, using the search.

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After launching the program, you will see a small window on the laptop screen. The rest of the screen will immediately turn whitish. You need to consider a button called “Create”. Click on it and see a drop-down list that contains all the tools we need. For example, it is a rectangular shape, a window, etc. That is, you need to select the shape of the area, a screenshot of which we want to take.

Having decided on the choice, we take a screenshot. A window with a snapshot will immediately open, where you can correct the screenshot and immediately save the photo.

How to take a screenshot of a window

The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case. There will be exactly one difference. PrtScr will now need to be clamped simultaneously with the Alt button. This combination is just responsible for the screenshot of a single window.

If several windows are open at the same time, then the screenshot will show what is on top. Therefore, be careful when you are going to take a screenshot. before pressing the indicated key combination, check that the window you are interested in is on the surface.

Using third-party software

You can also use third-party programs to take a screenshot. Among those we will single out the DuckCapture program. It combines all the functions presented above, that is, with its help you can take screenshots of the entire screen, individual windows and areas. The captured picture can be edited right there in a clear and simple menu. The unambiguous advantages of this program should be considered the ability to take screenshots both by clicking the mouse and using hot keys. You can also choose the format in which it is convenient to save the image.

As you can see, taking screenshots on a Lenovo laptop is a snap. You can easily take a snapshot of both the entire screen and a separate part of it. And this does not require special training. All the necessary tools are at hand. Now you can easily take any screenshots, and we are sure that with their help you will be able to make your communication on the Internet much more interesting.

Nothing happens when Prt Sc is pressed

Some laptops have a truncated keyboard, and therefore one press of the button we need will not be enough. There is a Fn (Function) button. It integrates some functions, mainly on a laptop keyboard, since it is noticeably reduced. Here’s how to make a screenshot on a laptop with “Windows” of different versions: press the key combination Prt Sc Fn.

Further, everything is according to the above scheme. Go to the graphics editor and paste your screenshot there. Then you save.

Ways to take screenshots

Screenshots very often help out bloggers and computer masters, as they perfectly help convey all the necessary information to the reviewer and reduce the time to explain new material. Often, information reproduced only in text form is difficult for a person to assimilate. So this method is indispensable in order to clearly explain everything.

There are some of the most common methods for taking a screenshot of the screen on a laptop:

  • Using the Print Screen key. It may also have other names: PrtSc, PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr. It all depends on the keyboard of a particular device.
  • Using third-party programs.
  • Operation of the “Scissors” tool built into the operating system (Windows 7, 8, 10).

Each of them is convenient in its own way. Who likes what. But there are other ways how to make a screen on a laptop, which, again, are characteristic only for certain models.

Print Screen button

Both on a laptop and on an ordinary stationary computer, you can easily “screenshot” the screen image. There is a Print Screen key for this.

  • When you have what you want to capture on your monitor, find the Prt Sc button on your keyboard and press it. So it is called in most cases, but there are other formulations, which were mentioned above in this article.
  • To see the resulting snapshot and modify it, you need to use a graphics editor. For this, Photoshop, Picasa and other similar programs are suitable, but it is most convenient to use the built-in Windows editor. Paint. Open it (Start. Programs. Accessories. Paint.).
  • You will see an insert button under the file. Click it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V for this.

Thanks to these easy steps, you can learn in a few minutes how to make a screen on a laptop or on a regular computer.

Windows 7, 8 and 10

It will be even easier to learn how to make a screen on a laptop with “Windows” 10, 7 and 8 operating versions. The creators of these operating systems decided to simplify the task for their users, since it takes too much time to manipulate with graphic editors. Especially if you need to make more than 15 screenshots. They created the “Scissors” utility.

To take a picture using this program, you must:

  • Click “Start”.
  • Go to the “Standard” tab.
  • Find the “Scissors” utility in it.
  • After clicking on it, a window of this program will open. There you will see a “create” button with a small black arrow next to it. Click on it to select an area for creating a screenshot.

But how to make a screen on a laptop 10 operating system quickly, if you constantly need to look for a utility among other standard programs? There is a way how to spend much less time opening the “Scissors”. You can set a key combination for this software, designed for instant launch.

  • Find “Scissors” again (Start. Standard. Scissors).
  • Do not run the utility, but right-click on it.
  • In the menu that appears, select the command “properties”.
  • In the “Shortcut” line, enter any letter you want. For example English K.
  • The shortcut Ctrl Alt K will appear. Press “apply” and then “ok”.

Now, whatever you do while working at the computer, you can easily make a screen by pressing Ctrl Alt K.

Alternative ways

For Windows 8 and 10, there is another method for making a screenshot on a laptop. You just need to press the key combination Win Prt Sc. The Win button is located on the keyboard next to Alt. It has a “Windows” checkbox drawn on it.

After completing this action, your screenshot will be stored on disk, in the “Pictures” folder. There will be another folder called “Pictures”.

How to make a screenshot on a laptop: instructions

It is often necessary to take a screenshot of the screen of the computer or laptop on which you are working. This is necessary if you want to clearly demonstrate the algorithm for performing certain actions. But on many devices, these screenshots are taken in different ways. It takes no more than 10-20 minutes to understand how to make a screen on a laptop.

Screenshot on Macbook

MacBook users also need to use this feature. Only here on the keyboard of such computers and laptops there is no Prt Sc button. For them, there is another set of steps:

  • When you need to take a screenshot of the whole screen, press Cmd Shift 3. The image will appear on your desktop.
  • If it is necessary to “screen” a certain area, press Cmd Shift 4. Select the desired area with the cursor. The picture will also appear on the desktop.

The creators of Apple products have perfectly adapted their devices for taking screenshots. You can do it in less than 1 minute.


If you don’t really want to use the typical screen capture methods, or if they are not very convenient for you, there are many software that can help with this. The most common programs:

  • LightShot. Makes a picture in just a couple of minutes and allows you to share it online in that very second. Has a built-in simple editor and is suitable for any operating system.
  • FastStone. Designed both for those who value speed in working with the utility, and for those who want to pay more attention to editing their illustrations. Retains excellent quality when capturing them.
  • ScreenCapture. Images can be created in different sizes: in the format of a specific object, an area of ​​free form, or in the format of a predefined size area. The built-in editor is able to apply many interesting effects to the illustration.
  • PicPick. The application is similar to the previous one in functionality. Differs in that it has a different design.
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It’s up to you how to make a screen on a laptop or any other device, since each person chooses a method that suits his personal requirements.

Third Party Programs

If standard methods are not enough for you, you can try these tools with additional functions.

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Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture is a browser plugin that makes it very convenient to take screenshots of web pages. Besides the usual snapshots of the entire screen, window or selection, it also allows you to capture the full length of the page, even if it does not fit the screen.

In addition, in Nimbus Capture you can edit images and save them directly to Google Drive. Plus, the plugin can record screen video.

To take a screenshot, just click on the Nimbus Capture button on the browser panel and select an area of ​​the screen. You can also customize hotkeys and snapshot format: PNG or JPG.

All of these features are available free of charge. But, if you want to attach your logo to the screenshots, save them to Dropbox and receive prompt technical support, you will have to subscribe for 15 per year.

An image editor very similar to Paint, with a screenshot function. PicPick can take screenshots of the entire screen, any selected area and the selected window. including scrolling. As for the editor, in addition to basic functions like adding text and markups, it allows you to adjust the colors of images and apply various effects.

You can customize hotkeys and save the file in one of the following formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF, and GIF. After installation, the program icon appears on the taskbar. To take a screenshot, you need to click on it and select an area of ​​the screen.

The program can be used for free, but in this case, new versions will have to be downloaded from the site manually. For the auto-update feature, developers ask for a one-time payment of 30.

Screenshot using special laptop keys

For this type of saving, you do not need to install any special programs. All you need is to open the required tab on the screen (which you would like to save) and press the Print Screen / Sys Rq key (you will find it next to the F12 key). Then open Paint (it is in all versions of new versions of Windows. 7, 8, 10 and in earlier versions) and paste the required screen (ctrlv or the “Paste” function in the context menu). Then you save the image in the format you need (we advise you to save it in jpeg format if you want to be able to upload the image to the Internet later). This way you can save a screenshot of the entire laptop screen. If you only need an image of a separate element (for example, a folder or a video player), then press Alt together with the Print Screen / Sys Rq key. Then everything is the same. So, you can get rid of the sometimes cumbersome work of image editing and save it in the form you already need.

What if the Print Screen / Sys Rq key doesn’t work? It is worth trying it in combination with the Fn key (bottom row of keys), and then follow the instructions above and paste the screenshot into the editor.

By the way, repair of Asus laptop keyboard is professionally carried out by our service center.

How to take a screenshot of an open window

In the case above, we learned how to take a screenshot of the entire screen, and now let’s learn about the new, standard OS function “screenshot of an open window”. There is an open window, I will enter your work area. Those. it will not include the taskbar with the time, the desktop background (if any), etc. To take a screenshot of the window, press the PrtScAlt key combination. See for example

PrtSc Paint

This method also allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen, but if necessary, you can immediately edit the result.

Press the PrtSc key. Windows will take a screenshot, but will not show it: the system will not save the image to the hard disk, but only copy it to the clipboard.

To see a screenshot, run Paint and paste the image into the program window using the Ctrl V keys. If necessary, change the picture using the editor.

Click File → Save As and save the screenshot in the format you want. The image will appear in the folder you specified. Instead of Paint, you can use any other graphics editor installed on the PC.

use add. Yandex disk capabilities!

Yandex disk is not only a convenient network storage, but also the ability to make very high-quality screenshots in 2-3 clicks.

Yandex Disk: how to use it, upload and download files, photos. How to set up auto-creation of a copy of my documents. see instructions

  • first click on the disk icon in the tray with the right mouse button;
  • in the context menu, select “Screenshots / Take a screenshot of the area”;
  • then select the part of the screen that you want to capture.

Immediately after selection, you will see this area in the editor (see example below). You can crop the screen, put arrows / shapes on it, etc. After editing, click on the “save” button.

When the screen is ready, click on “Save”

In general, that’s all: the screen will be saved on the Yandex disk in the “screenshots” folder (See example below).

Now you can share it with friends (for example) in 1-2 mouse clicks, or insert it into the desired document.

That’s all for me. For the additions. thanks in advance!

Ashampoo snap

This software is already intended for more professional image editing, as it has many more functions and options for customizing tools in its arsenal. Unlike its previous counterpart, Ashampoo Snap is a paid software that has a 30-day trial version. You can familiarize yourself with an overview of it by clicking the button below. this will allow you to understand whether it makes sense to spend money on a purchase.

    After installing and launching the program, a drop-down panel will be displayed in the upper right corner, with which you can create any kind of screenshots.

Of course, hotkeys for each capture mode are also supported. But if you don’t want to memorize keyboard shortcuts, the panel will come in handy.

After capturing, the screenshot is torn off in the proprietary editor, where there are 3 panels for editing at once. Through the top, you can add or remove the display of shadows at the edges of the image, adjust the capture of the cursor, change the size of the picture. The entire left panel is reserved for the tools: pencil, selection, pixelation, blurring, adding shapes, text, numbering, filling, eraser and some other functions hidden inside the categories. The appearance of the elements can be customized as you like, there are different templates and parameters. The right panel is focused on saving, distributing and exporting. In short, if you need screenshots with an unusual design, sharpened for a specific interface or your own taste, we recommend taking a closer look at Ashampoo Snap or similar large programs with a detailed editor.

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Learn about other programs to help you create and edit screen captures.

Function inside programs

If you are not interested in the constant creation of screenshots, but this must be done in some specific program, for example, in a game or in a browser, find out if there is such a possibility inside a specific software. For example, owners of game clients can create screenshots through them. this frees them from the need to install additional programs or call system applications. On the same Steam, you can set your own hotkey and then easily view your screenshots locally or upload them to your personal profile in order to share in the community, with friends, or view them only yourself. In alternative clients, taking screenshots is also one of the main functions, which has its own level of capabilities.

When using any editor or other software, you can also look for the possibility of creating a screenshot either among the buttons of the main interface, or among the settings.

Third party program

Despite the variety of applications built into Windows for the implementation of the task, none of them fully satisfies the user request if it is necessary to process screenshots of high quality, and not just create them and somehow underline them. In this situation, the best choice would be special programs that offer advanced tools and a more convenient design process. There are quite a few such programs, so each user should select software based on their preferences and vision of how the finished version will look like. We will analyze 2 popular programs, and at the end of this method we will provide a link to an article with our selection of programs for creating screenshots in case you did not like the analyzed solutions.


One of the most popular applications, Lightshot, is deservedly considered the best among users who do not need a professional bias, but lack the standard features. A big plus of the program is its free distribution and the ability to upload a screenshot to your own server so that later you can quickly use social networks or instant messengers.

    Install and run the application. The fact that it is now working will be indicated by the tray icon.

Select the desired area or take a screenshot of the entire screen (the keys responsible for this, see and change in the program settings).

Two panels will immediately appear, where the vertical one is intended for processing (drawing, overlaying shapes, text, changing the color of the tools), and the horizontal one for further working with the image (uploading to the corporate cloud to copy a link, ways to share with a file and local saving).

Game bar (Windows 10)

Despite the name, the game bar that was added in Windows 10 can be used not only during games, but the meaning of this is generally questionable, since the methods described above are more convenient for creating and editing screenshots. Nevertheless, we will consider this method for general development.

    Screenshots, which later get into the game panel, are created using the Win Alt PrtSc keyboard shortcut. Then the user is simply notified that the screenshot has been taken. You can find it in the “Videos” system folder, which contains the “Clips” folder with screenshots and recordings created through the game panel.

If it is inconvenient to use the keys, for example, in the game itself, you can call the game panel itself using the Win G keys. For the first time, you should configure the display of the panel we need there. To do this, click on the button that includes the gadgets and select “Burn”.

A small window will appear in the free space, which will now always be here when you click Win G. Click the button to create a screenshot, and if you want to view the list of screenshots, click on “Show all entries”.

Here you can quickly open the folder where the images are stored (the buttons are highlighted in the screenshot below), make a meme out of the image by setting the captions above and below for it, rename, delete, publish to or copy to the clipboard. But you cannot edit this picture in any way: it is not possible to crop or select the desired area through the functions of the game panel. But the file can still be opened through the trivial Paint.

Print Screen key

The easiest method known to many users is to use the PrtSc key, which is on any keyboard, regardless of the laptop and computer model.

Via clipboard

You just need to press this key on the keyboard, and the image will be placed on the clipboard. That is, as such, the picture will not be saved as a file, but it can be inserted into some program and edited or immediately saved. For the most part, they use the system Paint or a third-party graphics editor installed independently for this.

    Press the PrtSc key to take a screenshot of the entire screen, or Alt PrtSc to capture only the active window.

Open any graphics editor you use, such as Paint.

screenshot, asus, laptop

If the canvas is larger than the screenshot you created, remember to scale it down to the size of the image so that there is no empty space on the sides that makes it difficult to see the captured area. In Paint, for this you need to left-click on the regulator and, without releasing it, drag to the picture.

Use the toolbar to add clarity to your image using, for example, underlines, shapes, text overlays.

The result remains to save by going to “File” “Save” or “Save As”. In the second case, you can choose the file extension yourself, in the first case the default parameters will be used.

To quickly create a screenshot and not use any programs at all, you will need to press the Win PrtSc keyboard shortcut.

Easy How To Take Screen Shots Windows 10 Ten Asus Laptop

The screen will dim for a fraction of a second, indicating that the screenshot was successfully captured. You will find the JPG file in the Screenshots folder, which is automatically created inside the System Pictures folder. However, in this case, you can only take a screenshot of the entire screen. selection of an area or active window is not possible.

Windows built-in tools

To create the simplest screenshots, it is not necessary to use any special software. the capabilities built into the operating system are enough. Windows 10 users have the most choice, since several new tools have been added there, allowing you to conveniently create screenshots when solving various kinds of tasks.