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Samsung Galaxy A30 e smartphone from 2019. The same e with dimensions 158.5 x 74.7 x 7.7 mm and a taglo 165 gr. Features Super AMOLED display with 6.4 “golemin. Separator capacity 1080 x 2340 and 403 ppi density per pixel. 16 MP.To work with an Octa-core processor (2×1.8 GHz Cortex-A73 6×1.6 GHz Cortex-A53) and memory 64 GB, 4 GB RAM 32 GB, 3 GB RAM. Battery 4000 mAh.

So you will finish off the real one by presenting yourself for a smartphone and you know, you have given that one is ideal for you, or you can extend it to another model.
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In the A30 you get a printable and face unlock scanner. And two functions work. Parvata. to the right is impeccable. With the second ima, nyakoi zabelezh, but takiva ima and with the flagship.

It is recognizable on the face of a specific function. A real consumer will be treated with skepticism, that with bitter love. For yourself, you can decide for how long the type of enclosure is on the device.


The interface to the camera on the A30 is typical for the Samsung model. Tová e good, so until the moment we have seized the device on the company. You will also be impressed on the moment of the new model. There will be Pro mode, AR Emoji and other values ​​of the effect.

The camera is on the A30 e 16-megapixel (f / 2.0). Supports bokeh effect, different additional effects, but no autofocus.

The main imam camera has two sensors. 16 MP (f / 1.7) 5MP (f / 2.2), LED light, recorded on video with a resolution of 1080. Wide-angle camera ima 123 degrees (no autofocus). The camera is equipped with a 78 degree view. For the tozi segment of the smartphone, the camerata is presenting good. Ima leki zabelezhki when frame on zakrito.

With the A30 you can record videos in FullHD resolution. Quality and goodness.


On the A30 pazar, we offer nyakolko options. 3/32 GB of bases and 4/64 GB for tazi consumers, who are more likely to buy.

Autonomous work

The smartphone contains Li-Pol battery. Capacity 4000 mAh. The manufacturer has provided support for the technology for a large amount of damage. The set includes a charger. Mindlessly damaged nyama, but toosi the segment of goods does not turn off.

Claim from Samsung the parameters for autonomy for bateryate read:

Up to 18 hours work with an impenetrable glaze on video with maximum brightness;

Up to 77 hours in audio mode;

Up to 15 hours work in the Internet prez Wi-Fi;

On a daily basis, the A30 belly lasts almost 2 days with automatic brightness control. Tova e is an excellent indicator, the foreseeable debelinat on the device is barely 7.7 mm.

Review on Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung has been overwhelmed with its own approach to the pazar and such a prez 2019 is the presentation of the A-series, which is completely different from the predecessor model with the Tosi index. Sega trail letters follow two numbers. Base the exchange, sort it out, not in the first place. The manufacturer has not put in the effort and offered the aparati, koito sa personification at the optimal price / quality ratio for all and segment. The baked variety is determined by color and solution. Cash and version with different memory. Another si e kato will get rid of the lethargy and realize that the competitor has gained speed and strength.

The A30 model is the same as the A20. The exterior view can be difficult to discern. The razglezhdayki A30 is more common, it is clear what the audience is about. That e is universal and the approach is somehow for momichet, so and for motchet.

Its characteristics are based on the Accent Pad above the Golemy AMOLED screen, which is not just a row of the same segment. Dual camera for shots is also a typical attribute. Let us add, what the batterie’s capacity is and the manufacturer offered an excellent NFC.

Long screen

When you need to capture an entire web page or PDF document on Samsung Galaxy A30s:

  • take a picture using any of the above methods;
  • a menu with an extended set of functions will appear below. Select and hold “Long screenshot” among them;
  • the page will automatically go down. Release the key when the desired information enters the picture.

In addition to the above function, the extended menu allows:

  • crop the frame;
  • add text;
  • send the picture to social networks, by email.
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Keyboard shortcut

This is a universal option for Android smartphones. To make it work:

  • unlock the screen of the device, open the application or page to create a frame;
  • press the volume rocker down and the power button at the same time.

The screen capture method depends on the firmware version. If, after a short press of the keys, a menu appears on the screen with a proposal to turn off or restart the device, then hold the buttons for 2-4 seconds.

They offer to take a screenshot on the Samsung A30 using a proprietary gesture, it works like this:

  • turn on the screen;
  • slide the edge of your hand from left to right or vice versa.

There is no other way to make a screenshot using a gesture without a palm.

On Samsung A30 phone this feature should be enabled by default. If it doesn’t work:

  • go to “Settings”. Scroll down the menu that opens, select “Additional functions”;
  • in a new tab, find “Movements and gestures”;
  • a list of available actions will open. Flip the switch next to “Palm Screenshot” to the active position (will light up in blue).

Why can’t I make a screen

The developers have left the option to enable or disable the function of creating screenshots or applications. By default, it is active, but an unsuccessful update or other software could deactivate it. In this case:

  • go to “Settings”. Find “Additional functions” in them;
  • in the menu that appears, move the switch next to “Screenshot” to the active position.

Where screenshots are stored

The finished pictures go to the “Screenshots” folder, available for viewing through the built-in or third-party gallery. When you need to transfer frames to a computer via a USB cable or find the source in the device’s memory:

  • open the root folder. Find “Pictures” in the list of directives;
  • all pictures are stored here in order of creation date.

Alternative options

Additional options for creating images:

How to take a screenshot on Samsung a30 and a30s phone

On the Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone and its junior modification A30s, the screen screen is made with a key combination, a gesture on the screen or by activating the screen assistant. We will tell you about each method and location of the pictures taken below.

The third way to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung Android a50. with one click

You can set a multifunctional virtual button for Android phones all in iOS style.

You can download this “assistant” “Assistive Touch” right here. This is essentially a quick shortcut to certain functions that you often use, in particular when taking screenshots.

The usefulness lies in the fact that the application can be customized to your needs and it can be useful in many cases.

As soon as you install it, then immediately enter the settings, the button will appear on the home screen and on any tab you have, which will indicate that the application is ready and running.

If you click on the symbol, you will have quick access to several basic functions (depending on which you choose) I find it useful to quickly lock the phone without having to “fuss” after a physical button or quickly activate silent mode.

I also find it useful, and if you have problems with the physical buttons on your phone, this app may well make up for them.

Remember that this virtual button can be “placed” anywhere on the phone screen, just touch it and drag it to the desired place.

Only by default, the application does not take screenshots, you need to spend no more than a minute to add this function yourself.

The fourth way to take a screenshot on Samsung a 50 is with scrolling the screen

There is also an option called “scroll capture”. If you don’t see these options after taking a screenshot, switch to the Settings menu. ” features” and enable “Screenshot”.

Scrolling screenshot is a very useful option that allows you to take a long shot, not just one image on the screen.

It can be used to grab entire pages or long lists in specific applications. Here’s how to use the scroll capture feature.

Take a screenshot of the samsung a50 by the first or second methods mentioned above. Remember that scrolling is only applicable if the page has more content to grab.

The scroll capture option should now appear at the bottom of the screen. Press this button and the phone screen will scroll down to grab more content.

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When you get the screen you want, you can save it by clicking somewhere on the screen, or continue pressing the scroll capture button to stop it.

5 ways to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy a30

Those who recently bought a Samsung phone were at first confused because it didn’t have the traditional physical home button.

Samsung Galaxy A 30 doesn’t have it either. The operation of the “Home” button in it is carried out using the volume keys.

But the buttons are far from the only way to take screenshots on the Samsung a50. Therefore, I will immediately present you with a series of tips from which to choose the most effective for yourself.

Personally, I liked the third method most of all because of the convenience, everything happens in one click, but we are all different, so experiment.

Also, don’t forget that after you have taken a screenshot on your Samsung a50, the device will offer many features such as sharing or editing the screenshot.

Options include drawing, cropping, and sharing, which appear at the bottom of the screen.

The second way to take a screenshot on Samsung a50 is a swipe gesture

You can also take screenshots on Samsung a30 with simple motions. Screenshots can be taken by swiping your finger across the screen from right to left or left to right.

Then also get audio and visual prompts when you take a screenshot in Method 1.

This gesture can be used in the “Settings”. “Additional functions”. Switch and find the option “Hard Slip Capture” screenshot and open it.

There, if necessary, move the slider to the right making it blue (active, by default it should be enabled).

Theoretically, this method looks quite tempting, but in practice it often fails.

Check your result. Suddenly everything will go off without a hitch, although I always prefer the third way.

The first way to take a screenshot of the screen in Samsung Galaxy a 50 2019 phone is a combination of buttons

The first way to make a screen on Samsung a50 2019, using certain buttons, is so fast, but not very convenient.

To use it, open whatever you want on the screen, be it an application, a game, a web page, a photo, etc.

Then just press and hold the “Enable” and volume down button for a while until you hear the sound button and notice the picture with the parameters below.

This gives you an audible and visual prompt telling you that the phone has taken a screenshot. At first I did not succeed very much, but I quickly got used to it, but only if you do it with one hand, then you need to get a handle on it.

The fifth way to take a screenshot on Samsung a 50. by voice

You can take screenshots on Samsung a30 using your voice. You can use the Google Assistant with a voice command, but you need to activate it first.

This is something that we can easily do on our phone. Thanks to this, you can take screenshots at any time with a simple voice command.

The fact is that in this way we do not use buttons or quick settings. we will only use an assistant-assistant.

To do this, first of all you need to activate this function on our Samsung a 30. To do this, first you need to open the Google application on your phone and enter the settings.

In the next step, click Google Assistant. Then we go to the section of the assistant “Assistant”. There we go to the option with the phone.

You will see a menu with several options available. You need to activate two options: use screenshots and share screenshots.

Of course, we will have to constantly activate Google Assistant (hold your finger on the home button for a few seconds). Success.

The first way to take a screenshot on the A51 2020

I recently told you how to record a screen on the A51, now I will describe how to take a screenshot. First, find the location you want to capture. Now quickly press and release the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time.

This will save it and, if you want to view or share it, you will quickly find it in the gallery. At the same time, if earlier it was necessary to hold the buttons a little bit, now on the Samsung a51 you need to instantly press and release.

Otherwise, shutdown, restart and emergency call will start. This is just one of the possible options.

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There are at least two more built-in palm and through bixby. The latter is available by voice.

3 ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung a51 2020

I recently talked about 6 useful, but hidden functions of your phone (A51), now we will consider another equally useful and very popular function.

Galaxy a51 2020 runs on OS 10 with OneUI 2.0 (now OneUI 2.5 and will soon receive Android 11) and a screenshot is taken a bit differently compared to Galaxy phones of previous years.

Even with respect to the a50, for example, you had to turn on the screenshot yourself with a gesture, and on the Samsung Galaxy a51 its updated version is already included.

Also, earlier, when the power button was pressed for a long time in the phone, as a rule, a shutdown or reboot menu appeared.

screenshot, samsung, galaxy

Bixby will now launch immediately. In general, he is a good gizmo, only initially you need to tinker with him.

Although they say that this is an updated version, there are many differences, especially the appearance of another camera, and the manufacturer has eliminated many problems, which infuriated many in fifty.

However, I moved away from the main topic of the samsung a51 (probably because I just bought it now and pulled it out of the box for at least an hour).

Another way to make a screen on the A51 with the edge of the palm of your hand

I already mentioned you can take a screenshot on a51 with the edge of your palm right away when you pull it out of the box and make the initial settings.

To do this, the edge of the palm must be drawn in such a way that it touches the screen slightly from the beginning to the end and must be carried out quickly.

When I first did it the first three times, it didn’t work out for me, but now everything is going with a bang. One piece of advice for your studies.

Choose a place on the screen so that the screen cannot move to the left, then learn faster. Witness that the snapshot display will blink.

I will not describe how to take a screenshot through Bixby now; initially it will need to be taught Russian.

screenshot, samsung, galaxy

Yes, I almost forgot. in a51 it is allowed to take a long screenshot, no matter how long.

Just select the page with scrolling and as soon as you make the buttons from the bottom immediately press the second button from the left (with an arrow pointing down).

For this I will write a separate entry, and so most of them will not read the first method until this point, unless someone wants to know where to find the skins.

Where on Samsung a51 are the screenshots taken

You can certainly find them in the gallery. This is if you share or just watch, but if you want to transfer, for example, to a computer, then the gallery will not work.

Then you need to open the folder with the internal memory, then follow the path DCIM Screenshots.

How to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A30s

It is there that you will find screenshots, while the pictures will not be there, they are in another folder. That’s, in fact, all that I wanted to share.

And if you take a screenshot with any of the options I described, it doesn’t matter. Let me know in the comments and we will definitely solve this problem. Success.

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