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There are quite a few applications in the Google Play Store that display the weather and provide the ability to install a widget on the screen of an Android smartphone. Check out our reviews of the best representatives of this software segment, choose the right solution and install it, and then proceed to the further instructions.

    Go to the screen to which you want to add the widget, Touch and hold an empty space with your finger until a menu appears.

In the list of available ones, find the required weather application, select the appropriate widget, if there are several of them, and, depending on the version of Android, either Tap it, or hold and drag in the direction of the screen.

Place the added element in the desired place (in some cases, after this action, an additional menu may appear, in which you need to set basic settings and confirm them).

If required and if available, please resize.

On this, the task voiced in the title of the article can be considered solved, since the weather is set on the screen.

Adding a weather widget to the phone screen. iPhone

Obviously, there are weather apps available on the iPhone as well. You can find them in the App Store, just enter the corresponding query in the search. Most of them provide the ability to add a widget, for which there is a separate screen in iOS. We will look at the instructions for adding one using the example of Apple’s proprietary solution with a simple and understandable name Weather, in all other cases the actions will be similar.

  • If you want to add a weather widget provided by an Outsider application to the screen, be sure to launch it after installation and perform the initial setup, which includes providing access to your location. The article, the link to which is given above, will help to do this.

Next, go to the home (first) iOS screen and make a horizontal swipe from left to right, then scroll to the end of the list.

Tap on the “Change” inscription located at the very bottom.

Scroll down the list of available widgets and find “Weather” in it if you plan to add an element of the standard application, or the one whose name corresponds to third-party programs. Press the green plus button.

Set Weather On Phone Screen

Go up and, if necessary, Change the position of the widget in the list, for example, making it the first. Be sure to tap on the “Finish” inscription for the changes to take effect.

Returning to the widget screen, you will see the added weather there. In most cases, this element can be expanded for more details, and clicking on it will launch the main application.

How to Set Weather on Home Screen of Samsung Smartphone?

A bit of geography: The globe is a round planet, the rotation of which has a slight deviation from the vertical axis (from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit) about 23.44 °. This causes a regular, four-time change of “seasons”, or seasons of the year: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The “climatic” change of seasons, especially, causes a wide temperature difference, both in the year and during the day; the presence of various types of precipitation. this is Rain, then snow; then the sun warms and pleases, then it is dark all day, as late in the evening; and the most important thing is the beginning and end of the “heating season”!

We humans, as warm-blooded creatures who have lost the fur of the skin during their evolution, are very uncomfortable with all these “vagaries” of the weather. Therefore, the weather forecast for both tomorrow and the summer season is becoming one of the most important news of interest to mankind. We’re just forced to constantly monitor the weather.

How to set up a smartphone to reflect weather information on the Home screen of a Samsung smartphone?

The standard set of Samsung smartphone applications includes a Weather widget, which is very easy to put on the Home screen of your smartphone. This application allows you to configure it so that it shows either the current weather of the “exposed” city, or the weather of the current location, which the smartphone reads from the smartphone’s geolocation data.

over, one of the variants of this widget can show the current time. This allows you to install only one widget instead of two widgets on your phone, in which there will be both weather and time in your city.

Below we will show you how to install the Weather widget on the Home screen of a smartphone using the example of an editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 running Android 9 Pie.

Important note: Since we want to have reliable information on the current weather, therefore, our smartphone must have access to the Internet during the automatic update of the weather application data or during the forced update of the data. And also, if we set up a weather display for the current location, We must enable the geolocation service (GPS).

Instructions for installing and configuring the Weather widget on the screen of a Samsung smartphone.

1. On the Home screen, where we plan to set the weather, you need to pinch two fingers on the screen with a swipe.

Screen number 1. on the Main screen, swipe two fingers together.

2. This will open the Display settings. You need to select the “Widget” icon.

Screen number 2. click on the “Widget” icon.

3. Next, Flipping through the pages with widgets with a swipe, you need to find the “Weather” widget.

Screen number 3. by swiping through the pages with widgets, you need to find the “Weather” widget. Click on the Weather widget.

4. This widget has three “weather” options. You need to select “Weather and clock 4×1”. To do this, you need to click on the “Weather and Clock 4×1” icon and hold for a while.

Screen number 4. press and hold the “Weather and clock 4×1” widget.

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After that, you will be “transported” to the Home screen to determine the location for the Weather widget with the clock. Move the widget with a swipe, install them in a convenient place for you.

Screen number 5. swipe to locate the “Weather and Clock” widget.

5. This is how the “Weather and Clock” widget looks like on the screen.

But now, instead of the current weather (temperature, cloudiness / precipitation), our widget shows the “Cloud with a plus sign” icon. This means that when you first launch this widget, you need to enter a city to show the weather.

Click on this icon.

Screen number 6. click on the “cloud with a plus sign” icon.

6. The Add Current Location window will open. In the line “Search” you need to enter the name of our city. We enter the word “Samara”, and after the program displays a list of all settlements containing this word, you need to click on the first line: “Samara, Russia”.

Screen number 7. click on the “Search” line to start entering the city name. Screen number 8. we type the word “Samara”. After that, from the list of settlements, you need to click on the line “Samara, Russia”.

7. And now the “Weather and Clock” widget shows the current time and weather in the city of Samara: time 12:44, Tuesday, November 26, sunny, but cold. 6˚С.

In order to get acquainted with the rest of the current weather data and its forecast for the next week, or to further customize the widget, you need to click on any place in this I see on the phone screen.

8. This is how the main page of the weather widget looks like.

We decided to configure the widget so that it could show the weather in two cities: in Samara and. To add another city, you need to click on the “Places” button.

Box number 10. click on the “Places” button.

9. In the newly opened window “Places” to add another city, you need to click on the “”.

Further, in the search bar you need to enter the text “Moscow”. And after the program displays all the settlements with the word “Moscow”, you need to click on the first line: “Moscow, Russia”.

Box number 11. press the button “”. Box number 12. we type the word “Moscow”. After that, in the list, click on the line “Moscow, Russia”.

10. Now, turning the pages of the cities of Samara or Moscow, swipe to the right or to the left, you can see the weather in THESE two cities.

Box # 13. weather in Samara. To switch to the weather, let’s swipe from right to left. Box number 14. weather. To switch to the weather in Samara, let’s make a swipe from left to right.

11. To enter the settings of the “Weather” application, you need to click on the “Three dots” icon at the top of the case screen.
This is what the Weather Settings page looks like.
In addition to the various settings, here you can make changes to two main points:
– change the time of automatic update of weather data from the Internet;
– enable the item to show the weather at the current location. In this case, one more “place” will appear in the list of cities previously entered by you. where you are according to the geolocation data (GPS) of your smartphone.

Let’s change the auto-update time from “every 3 hours” to “every hour”. To do this, you need to click on the “Auto update” item, and then click on the “Every hour” item.

After that, back to the Main page of the “Weather” widget, clicked on the “Back” button

Box number 15. click on the item “Auto update”. Box number 16. click on the item “Every hour”. Box # 17. “Weather settings” screen after changing the auto-update time. Return to the Main page of the “Weather” widget, clicked on the “Back” button.

12. When you switch from the “Weather and Clock” widget to the Home screen of the smartphone, the phone will reflect the city that was in the widget settings.
Let’s return to the Home screen of the phone from the weather page by clicking on the “Home” button at the bottom of the screen. After that, on the Home screen of the smartphone, the widget will show the time and weather of the city of Moscow.

Box number 18. return to the Home screen of the smartphone, pressed the “Home” button.

13. On the Home screen of your smartphone in “Weather and Times” you can “move” to another city. To do this, swipe up or down from the center of the Weather Clock widget. The very same you will be the letter of the city of Samara and Moscow in a “circle”.

Change city from Moscow to Samara by swiping down from the center of the widget.

Box number 19. change the city of Moscow to Samara by swipe from the center of the widget down.

And how to remove an extra clock widget from the screen of a Samsung smartphone?

Instructions for removing a widget from a Samsung smartphone screen.

14. Now we have two widgets with a clock on the screen: the Clock widget and the Weather and Clock widget. To remove the “Clock” widget from the screen, press the widget and hold it for 1-2 seconds.

Box number 20. press and hold the “Clock” widget.

15. After that, the “Clock” widget will be circled in turquoise and a menu of three positions will appear. In it you need to click on the item “Remove from the screen”.

Box number 21. press and hold the “Clock” widget. Next, in the menu, click on the item “Remove from screen”.

16. The “Clock” widget has been removed from the screen.
In order to move the “Weather and clock” widget to the place of the remote widget, press and hold this widget until it is highlighted in a turquoise frame. After that, with a swipe, you need to move it up the screen to a new place.

Box number 22. press and hold the Weather and Clock widget. Swap move the widget to a new location. Box # 23. Home screen view after moving the “Weather and Clock” widget.

1. In Windows Vista Right-click on the sidebar (in Windows 7 on the desktop) and select “add gadgets.”.

2. Select the Weather widget. It appears on the sidebar. By default, it will display the weather.

3. In order to change the city, move the mouse cursor over the widget, and Click on the case that appears with the image of a wrench. You will be taken to the weather informer settings.

4. Enter your city and click the search button, from the proposed options select your.

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5. Select in what to display the temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Click “Ok”.

Note! A continuous internet connection is required to run the Weather widget.

Have you ever seen sites. Those that look like “lifeless”. at first glance and do not realize the demand for the information presented on such a site. One of the ways to “revive” the site is to put a clock on it.

1. If your computer is running Windows 7, go to one of the following sites: or In the search box, enter the word Weather. On the new page, select the gadget you like from the list and download it to your computer. Later, the conclusion of the download to execute the installation of the gadget, the one that will be placed on the desktop. Click on the settings button next to the gadget and set your city and other parameters.

2. If you use more Early versions of Windows, open the website and in the menu click on the link “”, and then “All products”. On the page that opens, select the Desctop section and download the application to your computer. Later, the conclusion of the download is to execute the installation of the program. Immediately after its origin, you will see a weather widget among other pre-installed gadgets on your desktop. Its settings also allow you to prefer your city and specify other options for displaying the weather on your desktop.

Internet search pages are traditionally represented by the most suitable information, which makes it easier to search the pages and saves time. Here you can find out the latest world news, exchange rates, exact time and weather outside the window.

1. If your computer is running Windows 7, you don’t even have to download and install anything in order for the weather widget to appear on your desktop. just activate the Appropriate gadget and indicate your location.

2. This Right-click on the desktop and select the “Gadgets” command from the context menu. Double click on the icon of the Weather widget and an informer will appear on the screen showing the current temperature.

3. Move the cursor over the gadget and click on the icon with the image of a wrench. In the settings dialog, specify your location, and if your locality is in the list, select the city closest to you. Click the button “OK”, to finish setting up the application.

4. If you are a user of one of the previous versions of the Windows operating system, use the free Weather Reader program, which works according to the same thesis as Windows 7 gadgets. Download the application is allowed on the developer’s official website at

5. After installing the program, you will be prompted to check the presence of an Internet connection, and indicate the settlement, the weather information in which will be displayed on the screen. After completing the configuration, you will immediately see a weather widget on your desktop, one that will display the weather at the actual moment.

6. At any time, you can click on the mini-application on the screen, thereby bringing up the program window with more detailed information about the weather. Here you can see the forecast by hours and days, here you can customize the appearance of the informer and change other parameters.

In the Windows 7 and Vista operating systems, it is possible to add widgets and gadgets to the desktop. mini-programs that display continuously updated information, one of which is the weather. These applications are a very comfortable and glorious innovation, because avoiding bedlam on the desktop and NOT digging into the Internet, it is invariably allowed to Get the necessary fresh information.

How to add a widget to your home screen

Of course, first, you need to download the program to your device, since their choice is truly huge. But this is not enough, because, unlike other applications, the widget must also be placed on your desktop. Further, our actions will depend on the version of your device.

For Android 3.0 and higher:

Calling the main menu (in this case, this is the button located at the very bottom on the left side of the display). Select the item “Add to screen”. Next, we will see the display of desktops at the top of the screen, and below you can select the sections “Applications”, “Icons”, “Widgets”, press the latter. Now with a swipe left or right, select the desired widget, click on it with your finger, and, Don’t let go, drag it to the main screen:

It should be borne in mind that on different device models, the action of adding to the screen may differ, for example, it may just be an icon “”, located in the upper right corner of the display. Or the installed widgets themselves can be located in the “Applications” section.

For Android version below 3.0

Press and hold with your finger an empty space on the main screen of your smartphone or tablet. In the menu that opens, select “Widgets”. From the opened widgets installed on the device, select the desired one, click on it and wait for a few seconds of loading, after which the widget will appear on the main screen:

Widgets can be moved to another location. Just press on it, hold your finger for a while, and then, move.

Well. we suggest looking at the material describing the excellent My Forecast and Widgets application and information on how to customize the widget itself:

How to put a weather widget on the screen of an android tablet and phone

Of course, it is very convenient, having looked at your smartphone, to know not only the current time, but also to be aware of what surprises the “heavenly office” can present today at the doors of your own house. Therefore, the desire of users to know how to set the weather on the Android home screen is understandable.

How do I set the weather on my Android phone screen? Show weather on computer desktop

How to quickly and easily find out the weather forecast

Why do so many unnecessary actions and get distracted when you can use a modern application “Screen-weather”, which will greatly speed up the search for the latest weather report.

I downloaded this application on the Internet, you can use a lot of widgets and useful add-ons that are included in this program. The main ones. this is a live wallpaper. They make it possible to set the weather on the smartphone screen and allow you to have almost Instant access to it.

How to set weather on Android phone screen?

Surely you could see the weather widget on your friend’s smartphone screen? So, you yourself can display such a widget on the desktop, which will show the current weather forecast. To do this, you need to connect to the Internet. otherwise, where will the widget take data from? And here’s how to install it on your desktop. in our article.

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Immediately We draw your attention to the fact that a weather widget can be installed in your smartphone. it can be found in most firmware. This means that you should only display the widget on the screen, and for this you need to go to the section with widgets. This can be done in various ways. For example, in one firmware you need to tap on the screen and hold your finger until the menu appears. In this menu, select the section “Applications and Widgets”.

In the second firmware, a pinch is triggered on the screen, for example, in MIUI firmware.

The third option is a separate “Applications” button, here it is:

Click on it, the “Applications” section opens, and already there you select the “Widgets” section.

Try to find the Weather widget here. Here it is in our case:

To install a widget on the homescreen, press and hold your finger, and the homescreen will appear.

Do not release your finger, transfer the widget to the desktop in this way. widget installed.

What’s next? As we wrote above, you need to connect to the network. In addition, you need to set the city if the location is disabled. Enter the first letters of the city, then choose from those in the list.

Please, the weather is flashing in the see.

Along with the application, the installation of the widget takes place in automatic mode. Go to the “Widget” section and see widgets or even several weather widgets, as in our case. You already know how to install them on your desktop.

How to put weather on your desktop

If you have an uninterrupted Internet connection, the faceless desktop on your computer can turn into an Interactive Information Space. With the help of special applications, you can read news without opening a browser, chat in famous instant messengers, follow the update of your friends’ feed on a public network and see the temperature outside the window. Weather widgets that inform you about the weather outside are available in a wide variety of options.

Top Solutions: How to Set Weather on iPhone Desktop

It is impossible to install weather on the iPhone desktop using standard tools for some users in newer versions of the operating system.

After updating the operating system of the smartphone, most of the users faced the problem of displaying Some system utilities and widgets.

However, the problem can be solved after turning on the geological location mode.

By default it is disabled in IOS, so the weather utility cannot determine the user’s location and PROVIDE weather information.

Several reasons for the incorrect display or disappearance of the weather widget:

  • system crash when trying to determine the geological location of the user;
  • lack of the “Weather” application in the smartphone notification center;
  • the standard weather application is not supported in the territory where the user is located;
  • lack of utility update to the latest version.

Adding the system Weather application to the Action Center

By displaying the latest news and weather conditions in the updated IOS operating system, the “Review for today” widget is responsible.

In order for it to be updated regularly, you need to include it in the notification center of your smartphone and, when you receive new data from the network, you will be automatically notified using the widget on your desktop.

Use a swipe (moving the screen from top to bottom) to open the notification center.

Shown here are all applications running in the background for user convenience.

Click on the “Change” button, which is located at the bottom of the notification center.

Select the desired application and enable it using the operation adjustment slider, as shown in the figure:

Enabling Smartphone Notification Center and Adding the Required Widget

After completing this action, the weather will be displayed in the notification center and or on the home screen.

Displaying the system utility “Weather” after adding it to the notification center of the smartphone

Enabling user geolocation mode

Follow the instructions:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings and click on the privacy section. You will be taken to the user security management menu as shown in the figure below.
  • Select the first tab to enable geolocation as shown in the picture.
  • Process of enabling device geolocation

Process of enabling device geolocation

  • In models with newer versions of the IOS operating system, the geological location parameters are located in the system services tab (an example is shown in the figure). In this case, check if compass calibration is enabled.
    Also, make sure the correct time zone is selected. Often the discrepancy between the geolocation and time zone parameters lead to software errors and the “Weather” application cannot be accessed from the network data.

Enabling required system services for the device

After completing all the above steps, restart your iPhone, the application should get the weather data and display it on the screen after connecting to the Internet.

Using third-party software to customize the weather widget

A lot of weather display applications have been created for the IOS operating system. (We wrote how to remove applications in another article).

It can be added to both the desktop and the phone lock screen.

It should be noted that before you start using any third-party program, it should be added to the notification center, as described in the previous subsection of the article.

  • Yahoo Weather. A utility to add a weather widget to your home screen or lock screen. The background image changes every few hours in random order, it corresponds to the time of day and weather.
    Also, the user can choose the background picture himself. There are wind maps and different temperatures. After installing the utility, add it to the notification center, and after the first launch, enable regular notifications.

Turn on regular notifications in the app

  • eWeather. This program will always keep you informed of all weather conditions in your region. There is the ability to predict the ebb, as well as the tide. In addition to standard functions, the application has a beautiful and intuitive interface.


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