Setting up your Samsung 7 Series TV

To customize the image:

  • go to the “Service menu” by clicking the “Menu” button on the control panel,
  • select “Image” and adjust the necessary parameters:
  • “Contrast” adjusts the ratio of bright and dark images. For plasma panels, the “cell light” parameter affects the overall brightness of the image. For LCD TVs, the overall screen brightness is affected by the Backlight Intensity (Backlight Contrast) setting;
  • Sharpness sharpens the picture so that when watching TV programs from different distances, you see the same clear image;
  • “Brightness” brightens or darkens the image;
  • Color saturates or fades the picture. Display high-quality pictures (of nature or people) on the screen. Adjust the color saturation setting for the most natural looking image.

Change the values ​​with the cursor up or down. If the image gets worse with your settings and you cannot fix it, check your actions. In the item “Reset image” press the option “Enter”.

How to set up your LG TV?

To tune your channels and get great picture quality, go to the LG main menu:

  • select “Options”,
  • in the drop-down window define the country (for example, Ukraine),
  • return to the main menu and select “Settings”,
  • click “Auto Search” and select the “Cable” menu or other.,
  • if your TV has a digital receiver, press the “Settings” button, enter the optimal parameters:
  • frequency. 690,000 kHz,
  • symbol rate. 6750 kS / s,
  • modulation. 256 QAM,
  • leave the rest of the items unchanged,
  • click the “Close” option, then “OK” and “Run”.

The TV will first find all digital channels, then analogue channels. Upon completion of the search, the message “Auto tuning completed” appears. Press the “Menu” button to end the search.

To install 3D:

  • press the “Menu” button on the remote control,
  • in the “Service menu” of the TV, select the “Image” section,
  • hereinafter. “3D”,
  • press the “Enter” key.

Samsung TV picture setting (Samsung)

You can set up Samsung through the “Service menu” by calling it with the “Menu” button on the remote control. Here, by default, the parameters are written in English. To make setting up your TV easier, change the language using the up / down button while hovering over the Setup item:

Samsung TU7000 TU8000 TU8500 2020 TV picture settings

  • press the “Enter” key on the remote control,
  • in the window that appears, find the “Language” mark,
  • select Russian or Ukrainian languages ​​(optional).

To find channels, just select “Search / configure channels” in the “Settings” option. In auto tuning mode, the device will search for channels by itself.

simple parameter how to set up Samsung and LG TVs

Not satisfied with the picture? Find out now how to adjust the picture on your TV.

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How to get the best image: 3 tips

Do not watch TV in Dynamic mode. Overestimated brightness will tire the eyes, and the non-linear gamma of the image is often distorted. On most TVs, the optimal mode among the three (Standard, Dynamic, Cinema) is the latter.

Choosing between the modes (“Cool”, “Standard”, “Warm”), the comfortable color temperature is the “Warm” mode (6500K).

For Samsung. “Warm-1” or “Warm-2” at the discretion.

For the best picture, turn off any settings that automatically adjust brightness and contrast. Namely:

  • Dynamic Contrast,
  • “Power saving mode”,
  • “Light sensor”,
  • “Dynamic backlight”,
  • do not use “Dynamic” image mode.

Explore the capabilities of LG TVs released in 2014

Wired LAN connection

This method is to directly connect the TV to an external modem. A standard Ethernet cable is used for this. Most often, this method is used for 5 series TVs that do not use wireless modules.

Connection can be made not only through a modem, but also directly through a network outlet. It is better to know in advance about the possibility of such a connection, since it depends on the specific TV settings.

Depending on whether your home network is dynamic or static, the connection is done slightly differently. For a dynamic network, modems and routers with the support of appropriate technologies are used. Often they automatically set all the necessary parameters.

To implement a connection to a dynamic network, you need to do the following:

After completing the test, the network will be configured. This approach is implemented in devices with DHCP support.

Samsung Smart TV Functions and Features

Samsung Smart TV is not just a TV, but an advanced multifunctional platform. It includes advanced features for viewing various content. Much more this system resembles a traditional computer or smartphone.

Here you can easily use social networks, watch videos and install various applications. These are the features that make Smart technologies so popular.

The main functions of Smart TV include:

  • displaying digital television;
  • the ability to play content from external sources;
  • implementation of search through the Internet;
  • installation of various programs and applications;
  • watching YouTube;
  • video calls via Skype or other systems.

Registration and account creation

Before you can use all the features of Smart TV, you need to create a Samsung account. This is a fairly simple procedure that will not take much time. To create, you need a stable Internet connection at a speed of at least 20 MB / s. Otherwise, the data transfer may be delayed or not occur at all.

Samsung TU7000 Series Unboxing & Setup

  • turn on the TV and press the “Smart” button on the remote control;
  • in the list of applications, select the item “Smart HUB”;
  • in the application, select the item “Create an account”;
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after accepting the Terms of Service Agreement, an account creation window will appear;

in the corresponding field you will need to enter your login and password using the virtual keyboard;

  • now you need to click the “OK” button;
  • Now you can use the created account. The TV will log in and allow you to use the full range of functions.

    With Plug Access technology

    If your modem or router supports Plug Access, you can use it to set up your wireless connection. This requires:

    • insert the storage device into the USB port on the router (if the light is blinking, then there is access to the network);
    • the device is now removed from the router and inserted into the TV;
    • immediately after that, the device will begin to transmit the necessary information and establish a connection automatically.

    When the network check screen appears, the setup was successful.

    If in the process of using the devices the settings of the router change, then you must repeat the procedure to update the data.

    How to install apps

    Smart TV allows you to use a huge number of different applications that significantly expand the functionality of your TV. But before you can use them, you must first find and install them.

    • using the button on the remote control, go to the menu;
    • find Samsung Apps among the list of programs and select;
  • among the programs we find the necessary one and select it;
  • a window will appear with the “Install” button, which must be pressed;
  • the application will start installing.
  • Installation is usually done in a matter of seconds. Immediately after that, the required program will appear in the list and will be available for use.

    How to connect

    Setting up Samsung Smart TV is not possible without an internet connection. This is the only way to use all the functions of the TV. Without the Internet, buying a device is impractical. Consider the methods of connecting TVs of different series to the network.

    Auto mode

    Every modern Samsung TV has an automatic TV set-up function. To search, you must select a signal source: satellite, cable or antenna.

    To search, you need to go to the menu, select the “Channel search” tab and start the automatic mode. Programs will line up in a specific order.

    To change the location of the TV guide yourself, you must select the move function:

    • Go to the main menu.
    • Go to the “Broadcast” tab (plate icon).
    • Move the slider down and find the “Change channel number” command. Click on it to activate.
    • Return to the “Home” tab and reopen the “Broadcast” section, select “Change”.
    • Select the program to be moved to another position in the channel list. Put a tick on it and choose to change the number.

    Functions and characteristics

    Like conventional TVs, Samsung advanced models provide the user with a modern and high-quality TV.

    Among the mandatory criteria for these devices:

    • support and playback of video content of all formats (mpeg-4, acc, m3u, avi, etc.);
    • high pixel screen resolution (from 1080p);
    • presence of ports for cables with high bandwidth.

    With a smart TV, the user can enjoy high definition digital TV with the same comfort as using a computer or digital set-top box.

    Each model provides a separate set of features, which the user can expand at any time by downloading new widgets from the Samsung Apps developer service.

    Registering a device

    If the menu is not in Russian, you need to go to the system settings and change it, and also select the region (Russia or Eastern Europe).

    In the first step, it is important to register your Samsung device and activate synchronization of the device with a remote server.

    • Firstly. this will confirm the use of the licensed equipment and will be supported remotely.
    • Secondly. the user will receive updates for the software and individual widgets.
    • Thirdly. without user registration, smart TV functions will become unavailable.

    We connect the TV

    To turn on the TV correctly for the first time, it is advisable (especially for those who have not worked with modern TVs before) to study the operating instructions first. This is because you have to set up your Samsung TV and Smart TV plugin.

    The task is simplified by the fact that manufacturers understand that modern users do not want to leaf through thick paper instructions for hours, and therefore make the interface as intuitive as possible. After turning on the TV to the network, you need to use the remote control to agree to the license agreement and proceed to further settings of the Samsung TV.

    Sound setting

    Adjusting the sound correctly affects viewing as much as adjusting the image. To adjust, you need to go to the menu, select “Settings” and go to the “Sound” section, where click on “Quality and transmission method”.

    Most modern TVs have great functionality for adjusting sound parameters. First of all, you need to pay attention to the equalizer, which serves to transfer surround sound.

    The speaker system has individual parameters that must be taken into account in order to adjust the sound in a particular room. Changed parameters will affect the final sound quality.

    Image Adjustment

    Adjusting the picture is as easy as finding channels, but it will take much less time. To control the device, be sure to use the remote control.

    Sometimes the screen image becomes too light or dark. To find the optimal color rendering, you need to go to the menu and select the item with the settings. Then go to the “Image” layout.

    • By changing the contrast parameters, you can choose the lightest and darkest tones.
    • By adjusting the clarity. remove the blur effect and set the sharpness to the required level, pleasing to the eye.
    • By moving the brightness slider, the picture can be made lighter or darker depending on the lighting in the house.
    • Changing color to increase saturation.

    If you correctly adjust the color rendition, you can get a high-quality picture at the output. Samsung TV also has the ability to activate advanced settings, but this should only be done by experienced users who know how to work with the service menu.

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    Adjusting the Picture of LG 7 Series TV

    In this post, we will look at the optimal picture settings for the LG 43UN71006LB TV. These parameters will be valid for all diagonals in this ruler. They can also be used to customize other LG 2020 TV lines. These are the following model groups: LG UN7000, UN7070, UN7300, UN7350, UN7400, as well as UN7350 and UN7390.

    LV TV settings are applicable to any type of content viewed. Slightly different game mode settings plus using the TV as a PC monitor. This will be discussed separately. Let’s start. So how to set up your LG TV.

    Additional settings

    Let’s go to the menu tab Screen Image mode settings Additional settings. Here we turn off the Dynamic Contrast and Super Resolution controls. This recommendation is valid for most of the content. Leave the “Color Gamma” parameter in the “Automatic” value. As a result, the UN7100 will have the correct color settings regardless of the content.

    The target gamma should remain 2.2, as this is the preferred value. In this case, the average brightness of the picture will be optimal. We recommend setting the color temperature control to “Warm 2”. This is the typical factory default setting for an LG TV in some modes.

    HDR setting

    For applications installed from the factory, HDR is automatically enabled. over, for adequate display of HDR content, some settings are also changed automatically during viewing. This primarily refers to the “Backlight” parameter, which increases to “100”. It is not recommended to do anything else with the settings in this mode.

    When HDR content comes from external devices that support Ultra HD Deep Color (more than 8-bit color), you need to enable the appropriate setting for the HDMI port you are using. This is done in the Display Advanced Ultra HD Deep Color menu. It is better to connect older devices to a different HDMI port with the extended color option disabled. Otherwise, there may be problems with the image.

    If you find that HDR content is too dim, make it brighter. To do this, select the “Vivid” picture mode. This setting should provide a brighter image.

    SDR setup

    For regular SDR video, UN7100 TV has 9 preset picture modes. It is best to use the “isf Expert (dark)” mode, as it includes LG’s very adequate factory settings and provides a good movie viewing experience. But if you are watching TV in a well-lit living room, the “isf Expert (light)” mode will provide the best effect.

    We recommend setting the Contrast to 80, Sharpness to 10, Color to 50 and Tint to 0. To adjust the brightness of your TV, you must first adjust the backlight level according to your surroundings. In general, the picture quality will not change with increasing / decreasing the backlight. The Brightness setting changes the bandwidth of the liquid crystal, not the brightness of the TV panel. It is common practice to leave it at “50”.

    How to set up “digital” on an old Samsung that does not support digital TV

    If it turns out that the TV set is not capable of receiving the current broadcasting standard or is not equipped with a digital tuner at all, the user can do the following:

    • Purchase a new TV. Not the most affordable option.
    • Connect a digital set-top box receiver. If you just need to watch programs, then this option will cost several times cheaper than buying a second TV.

    A separate difficulty can be associated with the use of the receiver: it does not catch analog TV signals. If you want to watch both local and federal programs, take care of not only the correct antenna type, but also an antenna splitter splitter for the antenna cable. It is needed so that the signal goes to both the receiver and the antenna socket of the TV at the same time. Then the transition between different types of broadcasting will be carried out as follows:

    • digital channel required. TV switches to AV mode;
    • analog is needed. switching is made to TV mode.

    M, Q and LS series

    After the cable from the room, street or general house antenna is connected, and the TV itself is turned on, you need to do the following:

    • Turn on the general menu using the “Home” button on the remote control.
    • Select the “Source” item. In it you need to specify the option “TV”.
    • Turn on the menu again using the same button, select “Settings”.
    • Go to the line “Broadcast” and select “Auto-tuning”.
    • Click the Start button. A warning will appear on the screen stating that as a result the existing list of TV channels will be deleted.
    • Select a signal source. You can specify “Antenna” (for terrestrial digital TV), “Cable”, “Satellite dish”, etc. depending on which TV you are connecting.
    • Select the type of channels. You can specify “Digital” or “Digital & Analogue”. In the second case, there is no need to further configure the connection of each local analog channel, if they are broadcast.
    • If you are setting up paid channels, the interface will ask you to specify the operator. For cable, select “Others”. Since terrestrial television does not have this parameter, we just move on.
    • Specify the mode in which the search will be carried out. Select the “Full” option. In this case, the system will search for everything that can be caught from the antenna.
    • Start the procedure by clicking the “Scan” button.
    • The found channels will appear on the screen (both TV, separately digital and analog, and radio stations) and an indicator showing which part of the range has already been scanned.
    • After the completion message, press the “Close” button and exit the menu (on the remote control. “Return”).

    Manual channel search

    Older Samsung models do not support auto-tuning. In them, digital channels must be tuned manually, and for cable or satellite television, also by specifying the frequency and other key parameters. In general, a manual search would look like this:

    • The menu opens.
    • The item “Broadcast” is selected.
    • Signal source (cable, antenna or satellite) is indicated.
    • If the item “Country” appears in the menu, you must specify “Russia”.
    • The item “Manual setting” is selected.
    • The item “Setting up digital channels” is selected, where you need to click the “Create” button. In this case, additional TV channels will be added to the existing ones, and will not replace them.
    • A tab with parameters will open. Here you need to specify the broadcast frequency, module and transmission rate. This information should be obtained from the operator providing access to the cable or satellite signal. For terrestrial TV, indicate the broadcasting frequencies of the multiplexes.
    • After pressing the “OK” button, the TV will start searching for the specified parameters. After a while, a list of found channels will appear on the screen. You need to save them. and everything is ready to start viewing.
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    Checking if your Samsung TV supports digital TV

    Before starting to search for channels directly, let’s make sure that the TV set is generally capable of catching a “digital”. Samsung’s lineup includes many series and even more. individual models. Not all of them have a built-in digital tuner, and some, although they are equipped with it, are made for the old DVB-T standard, and not DVB-T2, which is now used in Russia.

    To do this, enter the model number in the “Search” line. If you find one, you can proceed to setting.

    Model Diagonal Support DVB-T2
    19H4000 nineteen
    LT19C350EX nineteen
    LT22C350EX 22
    LT23C370EX 23
    LT24C370EX 24
    LT27C370EX 27
    PE43H4000 43
    PS43E497B2 43
    PS43F4900AK 43
    PS51E497B2KXRU 51
    PS51E537A3 51
    PS51E557D1 51
    PS51E6507 51
    PS51E8007G 51
    PS51F4900AK 51
    PS51F5500AK 51
    PS51F8500AT 51
    PS60F5000AK 60
    PS64D8000 64
    PS64E8007 64
    PS64F8500AT 64
    T24D310EX 24
    T24D390EX 24
    T24D391EX 24
    T24D590EX 24
    T27D390EX 27
    T27D590EX 27
    T28D310EX 27
    UE22F5000AK 22
    UE22F5400AK 22
    UE22F5410AK 22
    UE22H5020 22
    UE22H5600 22
    UE22H5610 22
    UE24H4070 24
    UE24H4080 24
    UE28H4000 28
    UE32EH5007 32
    UE32EH5047 32
    UE32EH5057 32
    UE32EH5307 32
    UE32ES5507 32
    UE32ES5537 32
    UE32ES5557 32
    UE32F4500AK 32
    UE32F4510AK 32
    UE32F5000AK 32
    UE32F5020AK 32
    UE32F5300AK 32
    UE32F5500AK 32
    UE32F6100AK 32
    UE32F6200AK 32
    UE32F6330AK 32
    UE32F6400AK 32
    UE32F6510AB 32
    UE32F6540AB 32
    UE32F6800AB 32
    UE32H4000 32
    UE32H4270 32
    UE32H4500 32
    UE32H4510 32
    UE32H5303 32
    UE32H5500 32
    UE32H6230 32
    UE32H6350 32
    UE32H6410 32
    UE37ES6710 37
    UE39F5000AK 39
    UE39F5020AK 39
    UE39F5300AK 39
    UE39F5500AK 39
    UE40EH5007 40
    UE40EH5047 40
    UE40EH5057 40
    UE40EH5307 40
    UE40ES5507 40
    UE40ES6307 40
    UE40ES6547 40
    UE40ES6557 40
    UE40ES6857 40
    UE40ES6907 40
    UE40ES7207 40
    UE40ES7507 40
    UE40ES8007 40
    UE40F5000 40
    UE40F6100AK 40
    UE40F6130 40
    UE40F6200AK 40
    UE40F6330AK 40
    UE40F6400 40
    UE40F6500AB 40
    UE40F6510AB 40
    UE40F6540AB 40
    UE40F6650AB 40
    UE40F6800AB 40
    UE40F7000AT 40
    UE40F8000AT 40
    UE40FH5007K 40
    UE40H4200 40
    UE40H4203 40
    UE40H5003 40
    UE40H5020 40
    UE40H5203 40
    UE40H5270 40
    UE40H5500 40
    UE40H6230 40
    UE40H6240 40
    UE40H6350 40
    UE40H6410 40
    UE40H6500 40
    UE40H6650 40
    UE40HU7000 40
    UE42F5000AK 42
    UE42F5020AK 42
    UE42F5300AK 42
    UE42F5500AK 42
    UE46EH5007 46
    UE46EH5047 46
    UE46EH5057 46
    UE46EH5307 46
    UE46EH6037 46
    UE46ES5507 46
    UE46ES5537 46
    UE46ES5557 46
    UE46ES6307 46
    UE46ES6547 46
    UE46ES6857 46
    UE46ES6907 46
    UE46ES7207 46
    UE46ES7500 46
    UE46ES7507 46
    UE46ES8000 46
    UE46ES8007 46
    UE46F5000AK 46
    UE46F5020AK 46
    UE46F5300AK 46
    UE46F5500AK 46
    UE46F6100AK 46
    UE46F6330AK 46
    UE46F6400AK 46
    UE46F6500AB 46
    UE46F6510AB 46
    UE46F6540AB 46
    UE46F6650AB 46
    UE46F6800AB 46
    UE46F7000AT 46
    UE46F8000AT 46
    UE46F8500AT 46
    UE48H4200 48
    UE48H4203 48
    UE48H5003 48
    UE48H5020 48
    UE48H5203 48
    UE48H5270 48
    UE48H5500 48
    UE48H5510 48
    UE48H6230 48
    UE48H6350 48
    UE48H6410 48
    UE48H6500 48
    UE48H6650 48
    UE48H6800 48
    UE48HU8500 48
    UE50ES5507 fifty
    UE50ES6907 fifty
    UE50F5000AK fifty
    UE50F5020AK fifty
    UE50F5500AK fifty
    UE50F6100AK fifty
    UE50F6130 fifty
    UE50F6330AK fifty
    UE50F6330AK fifty
    UE50F6400AK fifty
    UE50F6500 fifty
    UE50F6650 fifty
    UE50F6800AB fifty
    UE50HU7000 fifty
    UE55ES6307 55
    UE55ES6547UXRU 55
    UE55ES6557UXRU 55
    UE55ES6857 55
    UE55ES6907UXRU 55
    UE55ES7507 55
    UE55ES8007 55
    UE55F6100AK 55
    UE55F6400AK 55
    UE55F6800AB 55
    UE55F7000AT 55
    UE55F8000AT 55
    UE55F8500AT 55
    UE55H680 55
    UE55H6500 55
    UE55H6650 55
    UE55HU7000T 55
    UE55HU7500T 55
    UE55HU8700T 55
    UE55HU9000T 55
    UE60F6100AK 60
    UE60F7000AT 60
    UE65ES8007 65
    UE65F6400AK 65
    UE65F8000AT 65
    UE65F90800 65
    UE65HU7500T 65
    UE65HU8700T 65
    UE65HU9000T 65
    UE75ES9000 75
    UE75ES9007 75
    UE75F6300 75
    UE75F6400AK 75
    UE75F8200 75
    UE75HU7500T 75
    UE78HU9000 78
    UE85S9AT 85
    UE105S9 105

    Adding local analogue channels

    If from the very beginning during auto-tuning it was indicated that both digital and analogue broadcasting was being searched, then nothing needs to be added, all TV channels have already been found. You also need to remember that some modern TV models no longer support manual tuning of terrestrial channels, they need to re-scan the entire range in auto-tuning mode.

    • Turn on the menu, open the “Broadcast” tab.
    • Select signal source. In our case, this is an antenna.
    • Go to Manual Configuration Mode.
    • Specify search for analogue channels only.
    • Select “Create”.
    • Searching for analogue broadcasting channels will take a few minutes.

    Auto Tuning Digital Channels on Samsung

    The easiest way to set up your antenna connection yourself is to run an automatic search. Let’s consider step by step how to organize the reception of digital TV channels for models of different series and model years.

    Determine the series: decipher the model number

    Digital channel setting differs depending on which series the specific Samsung model belongs to.

    Therefore, first you need to determine which specific TV receiver we are dealing with.

    • Take a look at the back panel. There should be a factory sticker with basic information about the TV: type of power supply, year of manufacture, etc. At the very top there will be a combination of numbers and Latin letters. this is the model code;
    • Go to the TV menu. Select the item “Support” and the item “Contact Samsung”, information about the equipment will appear, including the desired combination of letters and numbers.

    Let’s decipher the found number in order to determine the letter denoting the series:

    Set up digital TV channels on your Samsung TV

    Samsung is one of the most trusted brands in the digital TV market. The most difficult task, which you most likely faced yourself, is setting up channels. Despite the intuitive interface, it is far from immediately possible to master the search principle on your own. Therefore, we wrote this article, in which we told as much as possible how to set up digital television on Samsung.

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