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How to get out of negative mode on LG and SIMilar smartphones and tablets on Android.

On the LG screen, everything is visible as in negative, everything has become bright red or discolored and you do not know how to fix it? In this article, we will see how to get out of the negative mode on Elji and other SIMilar smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating system. Below you will find information on where in the android settings the negative mode is turned on and off.

Many users of LG smartphones, seeing how pictures are displayed on the screen and everything else in the negative, think that there are problems with the screen. Some, not knowing what to do, reset it to the factory settings or run to take it under warranty, contact a service center or take the nearest workshop for repair. Not everyone activates this inversion mode themselves, sometimes it was by accident that they turned on in the settings and forgot exactly where, sometimes the children rummaged and turned it on. It also happens that the negative mode turns on when you turn on the camera to take photos. In any case, first try to find and disable negative or color inversion yourself through the settings.

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And so to get out of negative mode on Android LG, do the following:
Open on Lji or another device “Settings”.
We find and go to the item “Accessibility”.
Next, find the item “Color Inversion” and select “disable”.
On some devices, instead of “Color Inversion” there is “Negative Mode” opposite which you need to check.

Clock On Screen, Round Clock On Screen

1.1.0 for Android

Pi-Video Editor Video Slide Maker

Using APKPure App

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The description of off screen clock, round clock on screen

This is a clock widget for your lock screen. You will receive a watch that is always displayed on your phone or tablet.

This app provides the user with information about time, date, notifications, etc., and the user does not need to touch the phone. You just look at the round clock on the lock screen.

When you want this large lock screen clock to be active?
– Turn off the clock on the screen off after 1, 2, 5, 10 minutes
– Set the time the Android screen off clock always runs
– Stop the watch on the off screen in Russian while charging

show, time, phone, screen

Main features of this glowing lock screen clock:

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Gestures and behavior
Turn on screen with double tap, swipe down, swipe down
Orientation of the watch on the phone screen: horizontal or vertical
Adjusting the brightness when the screen is off

Customize the face of the clock on the lock screen
Choose your own style of clock with seconds for lock screen
Select the date style you want to see
Choose your favorite wallpaper
Set font color and select display font
Set the font size for clock on s8 lock screen
Write your own reminder text
Show date on watch when Samsung screen is off
Show SIMulated touch buttons at the bottom of the watch on s8 off screen
Displays play / pause / skip buttons when playing music

Notification settings
Show notifications from other apps when received.
Shows a blinking icon at the top when receiving important notifications.
Wake up the screen when receiving a notification

Battery saving mode: reduces battery consumption when overheating
clock on screen in sleep mode: lower screen in dark environment.
Proximity sensor ( mode): lock your device in your to save battery
Automatically move clock widgets to lock screen
lock screen clock without ads

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This lock screen clock widget app was created to make life easier and easier. download lock screen clock to enjoy.
If there are any requirements, please feel free to comment below or email the developer. Thank you sincerely, and don’t forget to rate 5. to support us.

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