Take A Screenshot Of The Computer Screen And Save

Screenshot with PicPick

The two previous methods are good if you rarely need to take screenshots. In another case, you need to look closely at various utilities with which it is easier to do this. One of these programs is PicPick. You can download this free utility from the official website.

When installing, you must click Decline, otherwise Yandex bar will be installed

And press Decline again, otherwise RegCleanPro will be installed (probably the alternative to Ccleaner is only paid)

After installation, the program intercepts pressing the Print Screen and Alt Print Screen keys

Now when you press THESE keys, the PicPick editor window will open in which you have the opportunity to use a fairly wide functionality

I am interested in the function of adding a watermark in this program. This is what you see in the first pictures in the articles on this site.

The program interface is close to the interface of standard Windows programs. I liked the program, most likely I will use.

Making a screenshot using Windows

If you rarely need to take screenshots, you can use the built-in tools of the Windows operating system. To do this, press the PrintScrn key on the keyboard (you can see how it looks in the first picture of the article). On a laptop, this key can be combined with some other. You may need to press additionally Fn Print Scrn. A screenshot of your monitor got into the computer clipboard.

That is, our screenshot is still virtual. In order for it to become real, open the Start menu and write Paint in the search field

Choosing the Paint program

Press Ctrl V

We open the main menu. Choose Save As. From the drop-down menu, you can select the format of the image

Choosing where to save screenshots. We set the File name and its type. click Save

All. The screenshot is saved. Now you can work with it as with a regular drawing.

We took a screenshot of the entire monitor screen. You can take a screenshot of the active window using the Alt Print Screen keyboard shortcut. Very convenient, no need to cut off excess.

Utility Scissors

The Windows 7 operating system has a special utility for creating screenshots. Scissors. To start it, use the search in the Start menu

Immediately after launch, the whole screen fades

Use the mouse to highlight the field you want to photograph

As soon as the mouse is released, the Selected area appears in the Scissors program

Here you can draw

To save Expand the File menu and select Save As.

In the Scissors program, by default, you can select the type of the selected area

These are: Entire Screen, Window, Rectangle, and Freeform. I like the Window better since it is not necessary to cut out unnecessary.

Screenshot with Lightshot

If you need to take screenshots and post them on the Internet quickly so that other users can follow the link and see, then one of the possible ways is to use the Lightshot program.

Download the program from the official site http://app.prntscr.com/ru/ and Install. At the same time, its icon appears in the notification area.

Lightshot, just like PicPick, intercepts the Print Screen key press. In this case, with the Alt Print Screen combination, you can take a snapshot of the active window, which will be stored in the clipboard (see the first paragraph).

In order to take a screenshot, press the Print Screen key.

The entire screen is dimmed and you select the desired area with the cursor. After releasing the mouse, you will see tools for working with the snapshot

The possibilities are not as wide as in PicPick, but it is convenient to highlight or indicate something important. After you have finished drawing the picture, click on

As a result, your screenshot will be uploaded to the Prntscr.com server and a window with a link will appear in the lower right corner

Click Copy and send the second link to your screenshot in a convenient way. For example via Skype.

I think this function is useful if your partner or you have a low Internet connection speed and the screen display function in Skype refuses to work.

This function is missing in PicPick 🙂

Lightshot has a very limited list of file types that can save snapshots

Available in GIF format Which I often use.

How to take screenshots while playing

All of the above Presented ways when you have time to take a screenshot. There is no such time during the gameplay. It is for THESE moments that the Hot Key Screenshot 1.1 program is available. You can download it from the website http://soft.oszone.net/program/13577/Hot_Key_Screenshot/

This utility is NOT demanding on computer resources.

The program must be unpacked, run and configured

There are only three settings. These are hotkey selection, screenshot quality selection and sound effects on or off.

In order to set the desired hotkey, you need to name it on the field (where the F8 key is written in red) and press the desired key.

The default picture quality is 80%. From the drop-down list, you can choose any suitable.

To disable sound effects, uncheck the corresponding box.

The program is configured. Minimize and launch the game. Use the given key to make screenshots at the right time, and after the end, look at them in the Hot Key Screenshot / pic daddy. where you unpacked the program.

How to take screenshots (screenshot) in Windows

Hello, friends! In this article, we will figure out how to take screenshots in the Windows operating system. Let’s start with a definition. A screenshot is a photo or screenshot of your monitor. This snapshot shows what was on your screen at the time of the screenshot. It is true that one picture is worth 10,000 words. It is much more effective to show the interlocutor a screenshot than to tell what you see for 40 minutes. Screenshots are distributed on the Internet. Almost all the drawings that you see on this site are screenshots. In this article we will learn how to make them and consider several programs that will help us with this.

Sharing screenshots with Dropbox

The wonderful Dropbox service now has the ability to share screenshots. By default, this feature is enabled, but you need to check. In the notification area, click with any mouse button on the Dropbox icon and in the window that appears, click on the gears in the upper right corner. From the drop-down box, select Parameters.

Next, go to the Import tab and check if the checkbox is checked Share screenshots using Dropbox

If not installed, Install and click OK.

Now if you close all programs for screenshots (if you have more than one installed) and restart the Dropbox program, then when you click on Print Screen, a window will appear

If we want to share screenshots, I allow them to be saved to Dropbox. On the same window, we have a hint that when you click ControlPrint Screen, the link to this screenshot will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Now when you press the Print Screen key, a screenshot of the entire screen will be placed in your Dropbox folder

When AltPrint Screen is pressed, a screenshot of the active window will be uploaded to Dropbox.

When you press CtrlPrint Screen or CtrlAltPrint Screen, a screenshot of the entire screen or active window will be uploaded to Dropbox and the link will be automatically copied to the clipboard

The only thing is that there is no way to edit the screenshot before sending it to Dropbox and receiving the link.

The PicPick editor’s Slate tool will help us with this.

Right click on the PicPick icon in the notification area and select Slate. We draw, put arrows and write the text. When everything is ready press CtrlPrint Screen and close the Slate Board tool. At the same time, in our Dropbox folder in the Screenshots folder, a screenshot will be saved, and a link to this screenshot will be copied to the clipboard.

This option partially solves the problem, since it is impossible to save a screenshot of the active window.

We figured out how to quickly and easily take screenshots in the Windows operating system. Considered the built-in functions in Widows 7 This is the Print Screen or Alt Print Screen key and the simplest Paint editor. Pictures from the clipboard can also be inserted into a Microsoft Word document. Editing there will be more difficult. I also considered the Scissors tool, which adds convenience when working.

Regarding screenshots in Windows 8. The Win Print Screen key combination should work there. In Windows 7 with Evernote installed This key combination allows you to select and save the desired areas of the screen immediately into new notes.

I looked at PicPick and Lightshot programs. The first is of course more functional, but in the second it is possible to send pictures to the server and give only links to partners. If you need the options of two THESE programs at once, then you can use Dropbox. Take a screenshot in PicPick, copy it to Dropbox and give the partner a link to it.

We have not forgotten about gamers, who also need to shoot bright moments in their gaming career. Hot Key Screenshot 1.1 makes it much easier.

If anyone knows interesting programs, preferably free distribution, please write in the comments.

Thank you for sharing the article on social media. Good luck to you!

Screenshot of the active window

How do I take a screenshot on a Windows computer for the active window? Active, this means the one in which you are currently working. To do this, you need to use the AltPrintScreen key combination. After pressing THESE buttons, a screenshot of one window will again be saved to the clipboard, so we repeat the steps from the previous paragraph. open the editor, insert the photo, saving it to the hard drive.

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These two ways of taking screenshots on a computer keyboard have a significant drawback. every time you take a picture, you have to insert it into the editor, then save it, which Takes a lot of time. Sometimes you need to take a lot of screenshots, and I would not want to spend two minutes on each of them. Fortunately, the standard Windows tools allow it.

Take a screenshot of the screen with one button

If you need to take a screenshot urgently, i.e. screenshot of your computer, you just need to use the PrintScreen button. In this case, a photo of the entire screen will be saved in the temporary memory of the computer (in the clipboard), i.e. in fact, you still need to insert it into some photo editor and only then you can save it to your hard drive.

It is most convenient to use standard Windows tools, in particular Paint. Open the program at: Start. All Programs. Accessories. Paint. After that, press the CtrlV key combination or select Paste from the Edit menu. after which a screenshot of our screen will be inserted into Paint. Now here you can edit the picture (crop, rotate, draw something) and save to your hard drive. File. Save As.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

It is not always necessary to take a screenshot of the entire screen, or even the active window. Sometimes you need to take a picture of a certain part of the monitor so that the rest of the elements are NOT visible. Of course, you can take a screenshot of the entire screen, and then cut out the desired part in Paint, but this is too long and difficult. How to take a screenshot on a Windows 7,8,10 laptop for a specific part of the screen? To do this, you need to use the standard SnIPping Tool.

This program is located at: Start. All Programs. Accessories. Scissors. After clicking on the program shortcut, the following window will appear in front of you:

Click on the Create button and the mouse cursor will turn into a cross, and the rest of the screen will be blurred. Now press the left mouse button and select the required area of ​​the screen by dragging the cursor, it will be a screenshot, which will immediately appear in the “Scissors” editor. Here you can make edits and save the box on your computer File. Save As.

How to take a screenshot of the computer screen Windows 7,8,10

Hello! In this article, we will look at the main ways how you can take a screenshot of the computer screen using standard system tools and using Special programs.

How to take a lot of screenshots do not paste pictures in Paint

In order to take several screenshots in a row, you need to press the WindowsPrintScreen key combination.

After that, the picture will be immediately saved to your computer hard drive, and you do not have to open Paint or another editor and save the box. Photos will be automatically saved to This PC. Pictures. Screenshots. Later, you can open these files and edit if the need arises.

Special programs for screenshots

The standard Windows tools for taking screenshots are only good if you don’t need screenshots very often. Sometimes, for various reasons, a PC user is forced to regularly take screenshots, edit them, save and send them by e-mail. So that this process does NOT take much time, specialized programs were created.

Personally, I use the Lightshot program, for a more detailed description of which you can read, follow the link. Here I will only say that with one click of a button, you can select and take a picture of the desired part of the screen, a small screen will automatically open, where you can also conveniently make light edits, and from here you can save the box on the computer, in the cloud, or send it to the addressee. Very convenient and fast, the program is always in my registry, and I use it all the time.

There are other programs installed on your computer that allow you to take screenshots of your Windows screen. Their description is provided by the links at the bottom of the article.

How to take a screenshot on your computer. 7 best free screenshot software

Hello! With you Marat Nauruzbaev. In this article, I will tell you and show you how to make a screen capture on a computer using standard Windows tools, and also consider seven popular programs for taking screenshots.

Many people ask me how to make a screen on a computer, which programs are better to use for this and how to make a screen NOT Using third-party programs?

Screenshot is taken for various purposes, mainly for communicating with support, sending a screenshot to social networks, posting on a forum, capturing a freeze frame in a game, in a movie, etc.

Guys, I reviewed the main features of the seven most popular free screenshot programs and in this article I will show their main features, describe the pros and cons of using them.

Taking a screenshot using standard Windows tools

First, let’s look at how to take a screenshot of the screen using standard Windows tools. To do this, press the “PrtScr” key on the keyboard (can be displayed as PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc)

If on a laptop, then press two keys “Fn” “PrtScr”

To take a snapshot of only the active window, then press “Alt” “PrtScr”, on a laptop press “Fn” “Alt” “PrtScr”

After pressing the “PrtScr” or “Alt” “PrtScr” key, a snapshot of the monitor screen is saved to the clipboard, this is the so-called temporary computer memory. Now we need to save this image to a file on a computer for future use.

To do this, you can use any graphics editor. Windows 7, 8, 10 already has a built-in simple graphics editor “Paint”. To run it, click the “Start” menu and in the search bar “Find” enter: paint and click on “Paint”

The graphic editor “Paint” will start

Paste screenshots from the clipboard. To do this, press the button “Paste”

We see how our screenshot of the desktop was inserted in the editor “Paint”

In “Paint” you can apply simple operations on a screenshot: draw with a pencil or a brush, fill with color, enter text, overlay various shapes

Next, save this screenshot file on your computer. To do this, in the “File” menu, select “Save As” and indicate in which format we want to save the file. In this case, I chose the JPEG format

Specify the file name and click “Save”

As a result, our screenshot will be saved to a file on your computer. Now it can be sent by mail, posted on social media. networks, to the forum, etc.

Scissors program

A more convenient way to take screenshots in Windows is to use the standard Scissors program. It is more convenient in that it allows you to photograph an arbitrary shape on the computer screen, but there are practically no image editing tools in it # 128578;.

To run the program in the “Start” menu, in the search bar, enter: Scissors and click on “Scissors”

The “Scissors” program will start

When you click on the down arrow of the “Create” button, you can select the area for creating a screen: rectangular shape, rectangle, window or whole screen

Suppose you have selected “Rectangle”, now when you press the “Create” button, press the left mouse button and do not release it, move the mouse around the area on the screen that you want to record, then release the mouse button

The selected area is automatically photographed and appears in the program

Now we can do the simplest operations on the screen. I will only say that the possibilities in this program are quite simple, in the same “Paint” there are more possibilities.

Next, click on the button with a floppy disk to save this screenshot to a file

Give the file name and click “Save”

The screenshot file will be saved in the specified location on your computer or laptop.

Screenshot software

Those who often take screenshots will find it much more convenient to use special programs for creating and editing screenshots.

I have selected 7 free programs, which, in my opinion, are most intended for creating screenshots and their subsequent editing.

I will not describe how to install them and how to use them, I will describe only one program which I myself use, and in other programs I will describe the main functions, pros and cons of each program. PicPick (http://ngwin.com/picpick)

An all-in-one tool for everyone. Full featured screen delight, intuitive image editor, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, slate board and more.

Powerful program for creating and editing screenshots. There is a Portable version (portable version that works without installation). Free for home use.

I use it myself, since I have not yet found free analogues in terms of capabilities. If you find, then write in the comments.

I will describe a little the process of creating and editing in the “PicPick” program exactly as I do it.

In “PicPick” you can take a snapshot of different areas of the screen: the whole screen, active window, window element, scrolling window (very useful function, not all programs have), Selected area, fixed area and arbitrary area. For each of THESE functions, hotkeys are assigned, which can be changed at your discretion.

With this program I take screenshots for.

Try to guess what for?

To create screenshots for THESE articles that you are currently reading at the moment # 128578;.

So, when I take a screenshot (snapshot) of a window or a specific page on the Internet, I immediately put all sorts of explanatory frames, lines, arrows and text on the drawing.

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Now I’ll show you how I do it in this program.

First, I take a screenshot of the window or area I want in the browser. In this case, I took a screenshot of one of my blog posts in a browser. To do this, I pressed the key combination “Shift” “PrtScr” and pointed with the mouse to a specific area on the screen. The screen of the area I selected was automatically inserted into the PicPick program.

Then I selected a specific shape under the Shapes button, in this case a rectangle

And with the left button pressed, I move the mouse over the area of ​​the screen that needs to be selected with a rectangle, at the end I release the button. In this case, I selected the logo of my site

At the same time, you can change the style, color and thickness of the frame, apply a shadow on it, etc.

Similarly, I draw arrows

The arrow format can also be customized: change the style, outline, thickness, transparency and color. Look at the picture below, arrow 1 is made in the form of dots, arrow 2 is thicker and more transparent

You can also overlay text, watermark, blur, rotate, change brightness, contrast, tone, resize and much more on a screenshot.

After editing, the screenshot can be saved in various formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF

Or upload directly to a web page, to the cloud, send to. by mail or upload to an FTP server

For example, in order to publish a screenshot on various forums, you can first upload it to a web page, for example, Imgur (direct links), and link to it

You can also upload a screenshot to the cloud on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc.

In addition, PicPick has a number of additional tools such as “color picker” (helps you find the exact color code of a pixel on a screen with a built-in magnifier), “ruler” (to measure the size of objects and place them in the exact place on the screen), “color palette “,” dandruff “,” crosshair “,” protractor “and” slate board “.

By the way! The blog has a channel in Telegram @freepcru in which I also publish various IT news. Subscribe not to miss anything interesting.

Let’s see how these tools work using the example of “Color under the cursor” and “Ruler”.

Sometimes it is necessary to know the exact color of a certain object on the screen. To do this, right-click on the PicPick icon in the tray and select “Color under the cursor”

Then move the mouse pointer over the object on the screen, the color value of which you want to remove. In this case, I have brought the mouse pointer to the shortcut of the “PicPick” program. We see under the Magnifier the color values ​​for the given pixel

When you press the left mouse button, a window with the value of this color appears. We can select a value in HTML, RGB, C, Delphi format and click “Copy” to copy this value to the clipboard for further use

The Ruler tool can measure the size of objects on the screen and the distance between them. To do this, right-click on the PicPick icon in the tray and select “Ruler”

Standard tools from the arsenal of the operating system

We borrowed the name “Screenshot” from the English language (screenshot). For simplicity, you can call it briefly. “Screen”. This tricky term hides, only, a photograph of your screen and everything that is displayed on it, or a separate part that you need at that moment. You probably thought that we need a camera or a phone camera to make a screen? You can, of course, and so, but there are better ways.

The simplest and most common way to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer without using additional programs is to press just one button “Print screen” with your finger. which is indicated on the keyboard “PrtScr”. You can easily find it after “F12” if you look at the top row of buttons.

If you are not sitting at a computer, but at a laptop, then you will NOT get rid of by pressing one key. We’ll have to use a combination of two buttons “Fn” and “PrtScr”.

It so happens that you have many applications running, and only one window needs to be shown in the screenshot. We activate it by clicking the mouse, and then simultaneously press “Alt” and “PrtScr”. Laptop users can use the combination “Fn” “Alt” “PrtScr”

Now you need to save the resulting screenshot as a separate document. Open any image editing program. Surely each of you is already familiar with Paint and has repeatedly used this standard application, which is built into most versions of Windows. If you are not yet in the know. press the “Start” button and enter the word “Paint” in the search bar or find it in the menu and click the mouse to open.

At the top of the window that opens, we find the “Insert” button. Or go to the “Menu”, and hover the cursor over the command “Editing”, and then click “Insert”. Alternatively, you can press the Ctrl and V keys at the same time. Your snapshot will appear in the working window.

The image added in this way can be changed and edited. For example, outline certain areas, cut out unnecessary details, overlay text or various geometric shapes. The choice of tools is NOT that rich, but for a beginner it is quite enough.

When you’re done with your screenshot, save it. Use the “File” → “Save As” commands. You can also click the button with the floppy disk icon. In order to send the resulting document by mail, it is better to save it in JPG or PNG format. So it will weigh less and “reach” the recipient faster.

Instead of Paint, you can choose other programs to save screenshots. For example “Microsoft Word” from the “MS Office” package. The sequence of actions will be similar. It is even easier to insert a snapshot into a page in the Word if you right-click and select “Insert” from the expanded list.

If you are using Windows 8 or 10, then you have the option to save the screenshot automatically. Press the “Win” “PrtScn” button and then open the “Pictures” folder. There will already be a subfolder named “Screenshots” in which you will find the captured screenshot.

Happy Mac OS owners will have to use more buttons than Windows lovers to create a box. But they have fewer problems with preservation. And Mac OS users can take a variety of screenshots using only the operating system.

It is necessary to execute the command “⌘ Cmd” “Shift” “3”, and then a file with a screenshot will appear on the desktop.
Perhaps the most popular is a snapshot of a particular place on the screen. If you need such a screenshot, then click the button “⌘ Cmd “” Shift “” 4 “, and then drag the cursor with the mouse to select the required area.

If you want to take a screenshot of one active window, hold down the “⌘ Cmd” “Shift” “4” keys, and then press the Space bar.
Want to copy a screenshot of your screen and then paste it into another app? You need to press “Ctrl” together with other buttons.

I think that any, even a novice user, can cope with such not complex aLGorithms. And many knew about it without me.

A few easy ways to take a screenshot from your computer screen and where to save it later

Good day, dear readers of my blog! It’s no secret that modern people spend a lot of time at the computer. And I am no exception! Unfortunately, I am not a pro with office equipment. But if I face a problem, I try to solve it and study the solutions thoroughly. Thus, one day I learned how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer and where it is saved.

One morning, out of habit, I turned on my laptop, hoping to check my mail, read the news and do a little work. The first thing I saw on the screen was a pop-up window with a message about some kind of error, which I closed, did not read, and continued to click.

However, the system proved to be very persistent, and the error continued to appear on the screen from time to time, which bothered me a lot. In the end, I broke down and called my husband asking for help. And he answered me: “Honey, so that I understand exactly what happened, please send me a screenshot of the screen with the error window.” With his statement, my husband HAS INTRODUCED me into a stupor. What should I do and how will it be done? I had to figure it out. So that you can stay calm in such situations, I will teach you how to take these very screenshots.

Taking a screenshot using the “scissors” program

If you are too lazy to press the buttons, or you are completely confused, then I can recommend another interesting and NOT difficult way to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer. Some versions of Windows have a built-in “Scissors” program. Let’s try to find it on your device? To do this, click the “Start” button and enter “Scissors” in the search bar. Well, have you found it? then run!

We find the button “Create”. If they call it a mouse, then only the window of the application itself will be bright. And all other applications on the screen seem to become dim. The cursor will turn into a cross, and if you press and hold the left mouse button, you can select any area on the screen. By default, this area will be rectangular. But you can choose a different shape for creating a screen, which will be very convenient for many. To do this, click the down arrow next to the New icon. You will see a list in which there is an arbitrary shape, a rectangle, a window, the whole screen. Click on the “freeform” term and draws around any part of the screen as you please.

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In the program “Scissors” the user has access to some tools for editing the saved area, however, there are even fewer of them than in Paint. But you can still work with the Pen, select something with the Marker, erase unnecessary marks with the eraser. To save the screenshot, click the floppy disk icon. Here, as in Paint, it is best to choose the JPEG or PNG format.

Taking screenshots with the introduction of third-party applications

Why do we need screenshots at all? Naturally, everyone has their own goals and objectives. Someone wants to share an interesting joke found on the Internet with a friend on a social network. Or post on the forum a screenshot of an interesting moment from a computer game. Suddenly you will have to communicate with the support service to solve a problem?

Or maybe you are a programmer, who writes a methodical instruction on the use of some new program. And then you need to often insert images of what is happening in this program into the text in order to clearly show how to use it. Here you can’t do with the usual means.

When you need to take a large number of screenshots at a professional level, you will be forced to use specialized programs. Fortunately, there are quite a few of these created, and you can download them from the Internet without much difficulty. I found several suitable ones and I want to briefly tell you about them.

  • Light Shot. This simple program deserves special attention. To begin with, it’s completely free, which is nice in itself. In addition, it is intuitively understandable and you can quickly figure it out by typing. The program allows the user to take a screenshot of the selected area of ​​the screen, and then correct it at his discretion, add text, upload to the cloud. The program exists as a special extension for browsers Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Yandex.browser and it can be downloaded on the “Add-ons” tab of the browser. Now I myself constantly use it, since the available functionality completely suits me.
  • Joxi is another free app for creating, editing and uploading captured screenshots to the cloud. In terms of its functionality, this program is similar to LightShot, however, Joxi has one important feature. saved screenshots can be shared on social networks.
    All these programs. YANDEX.DISK, LightShot and Joxi can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Floomby (Screenshot) is a wonderful domestic program. It’s also free, and it’s a pleasure to work with. To download it, there is an official website https: //skhoter.rf/. where all the nuances are detailed. The screen shooter is suitable for Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP operating systems. Patriots fly in!
  • PicPick. this program offers maximum opportunities for the most sophisticated user. Full screen delight, graphics editor, ruler, protractor, slate board and more. Here you can play with styles, change the brightness and thickness of the superimposed shapes, add shadows and even watermarks. the program is free.
  • Snagit is a program for professional use. Its creators have worked hard to collect all the functions and gadgets that are possible and impossible. Here is a standard drawing, overlay arrows of different types and shapes, to create quick links, hot keys and various effects, which, in my opinion, are no more than pampering. You can even make a gif from screenshots. Or combine several screenshots into one long (if, for example, your screen has a long list) or a panoramic image (useful when working with maps). In general, all this and much more you can buy for only 50 bucks.

The list is endless. But I value my time and the time of my dear readers, therefore I have given above the Most popular and convenient applications. The more convenient to use. it’s up to you! Maybe you know some other secrets? Write your options in the comments! I hope that my review will be useful to you in your work, study or entertainment. If you liked my article, then you can share it with your colleagues, fellow students and friends on social networks. Do you like to discover something new? Be sure to subscribe to my blog! And I will try to write interesting and informative notes for you more often. I say goodbye to you in new publications!

Take a screenshot of the computer screen and save

Hello dear friends!
In today’s short article we will talk with you about a very interesting topic. how to take a screenshot of the screen. Often, computer and Internet users are faced with the need to take a snapshot of what is happening on the computer screen, in other words, take a picture of the screen or part of it. However, not all users know how to do this. Therefore, in this article, I decided to give you a detailed answer to the question. how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer or laptop.

How to take a screenshot on a computer?

A screenshot is a screenshot (from the English. “Screenshot”: screen. screen, shot. snapshot).

Screenshots allow you to visually show a particular situation that has arisen on the screen and, as a rule, are used in conjunction with a text description of this situation.

You have seen examples of screenshots in other articles of my blog, where I used them to show which menu items need to be selected to execute certain commands.

There are many Special programs that allow you to automate the process of taking screenshots as much as possible and add some useful functions (for example, they allow you to draw arrows on the screenshots taken to indicate the most important parts of the image, etc.).

But we will look at the simplest way with the introduction of the Print Screen key. It can also be abbreviated as PrtSc. This button is usually found at the top right of the keyboard:

1. Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard (sometimes it is called PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc). a screenshot of the entire screen will be copied to the clipboard.

To take a screenshot of only the active window, press Alt PrtSc.

Note. In Windows 8, you can press the Win PrtSc keyboard shortcut to quickly take a screenshot of the entire screen and automatically save it to the folder “Screenshots” in your image library.

2. Open any of the installed graphics editors, for example, “Paint”. To open this graphics editor go to: Start. Programs. Standard. Paint.

3. Select Edit from the menu. Paste (Windows XP, Windows Vista) or Click “Paste” in the top menu of the program (Windows 7 and higher).

Note. To insert an image, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V.

The image will be pasted from the clipboard into a graphics editor.

4. If necessary, add text or highlight individual image elements.

Take A Screenshot Of The Computer Screen And Save

5. Save the screenshot on your computer: File. Save as or click the floppy button.

Note. It is recommended to save graphic files in JPG or PNG format. in this case, the file size will be optimal for sending by mail. Select file format when saving in the program “Paint” you can in the field “File type” (at the bottom of the window “Save as”).

Of course, you can close the question of how to take a screenshot of the screen with the help of Special programs from various developers. Fortunately, there are a lot of such programs on the Internet now. both paid and free. For example, I use Snagit for THESE purposes. It is a great program for creating and editing any screenshots. However, this program is paid, but it is possible to test it absolutely free for 15 days.

For those users with Windows 10 operating system, you can also use the Print Screen key to take screenshots. However, in Windows 10, in addition to this button, you can take screenshots of the screen using the second methods, for example, using the program “Scissors”, Snap Editor, Game Panel.

You can learn more about how to take a screenshot of the screen in Windows 10 by reading my book “Revolutionary” ten “. All the secrets and secrets of the Windows 10 operating system “.

That’s all for now! I hope that you found something useful and interesting for yourself in this post. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, then please express them in your comments. See you in the next notes! Good luck! # 128526;

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