The Computer Turns On And The Monitor Is Black

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The computer turns on and the monitor is black

The Computer Turns On And The Monitor Is Black

If, while working at the computer, you observe an involuntary shutdown of the screen, but the PC itself is working at the same time, the essence of the problem does not always lie in the monitor. The case may be a connection error, a malfunction of a card or other components, as well as for a number of other reasons, but first things first. Below we will consider all the reasons why such a nuisance may arise.

Reason one. monitor malfunction

Since the monitor screen goes out, but the computer continues to work, you should start by checking the most obvious cause of the malfunction.

First you need to turn off your computer, and then turn it on and watch the monitor.

  • When I turned on the PC, the monitor cleared up and immediately darkened?

Perhaps this is due to the backlight lamps installed in modern LCD monitors. They could burn out.

  • The monitor screen is dark, and when illuminated under a backlight, it is faded?

Most likely, the point is a malfunction of the voltage inverter.

In order to understand what is the true cause of the monitor malfunction, disconnect it from the system unit. If the inscription “Vs signal” or something similar does NOT appear on the screen, you cannot do it on your own. Repair can solve the problem, but in the worst case, you will have to buy a new monitor.

Reason two. card malfunction

If any component is faulty in the computer, it often warns about this when turned on with intermittent signals.

Disconnect the PC from the network, wait a few minutes, open the lid of the system unit and move the discrete card a little (if you have one installed). Turn on your computer. If that doesn’t work, remove the discrete adapter and connect the monitor to the integrated (on-board) card.

The third reason is dust

If you haven’t cleaned your computer for a long time, it makes sense to do it now. It is possible that the dust that has accumulated in the system unit does not allow the card or RAM to work correctly, causing it to fail. Let’s disassemble the PC and clean it from dust. We recommend using a USB vacuum cleaner and a soft brush for this. This procedure must be done at least twice a year, but more often.

Reason four. cable damage

Quite a common cause of many computer malfunctions, but it is not so easy to notice it at first glance. Externally, the cable may well seem to be safe and sound.

You can check this in the following way: find a similar cable and connect it. If everything works, you know what the problem is.

The fifth reason. incorrect connection

or less modern computers have two cards. integrated and discrete. If you or someone, without your knowledge, mistakenly connected the monitor to the wrong place, the computer simply will not see it, although it will show characteristic signs of life.

The fact is that in the BIOS settings, the default preference is given to a more powerful card, that is, a discrete one. In this case, when connected to the integrated card, the monitor screen will remain black.

To solve the problem, check if your monitor is connected to the correct card.

Reason six. malfunction of the processor or motherboard

In this case, coolers continue their work, thus creating the illusion of a correctly working computer. Pay your attention to whether there is an intermittent sound signal when starting the PC, whether a mouse with a keyboard is highlighted, a USB flash drive.

Reason seven. banal life situations

An absolutely serviceable monitor may well stop showing signs of life due to the fact that its owner or someone without his knowledge, by the wildest accident, turned off something. Anyone is a button to turn on the monitor, a cable for connecting it to a PC or a power cable, but if you are sure that everything should work, you will definitely not think to Pay attention to such trifles, but you should start with this.

Bottom line: before you panic, thoroughly check the power on / connection of the monitor.

That’s all, now you know exactly what to do if the monitor screen goes blank, but the computer continues to work.

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The problem is this. During games, watching a movie, surfing the Internet, etc.
The monitor goes out (sometimes a strange sound is heard) and writes “there is a signal”, and the rest of the PC components work (sometimes the entire PC is cut down, and sometimes it restarts). And that’s when the monitor just goes out, and the rest everything works. An orange light is on on the monitor, indicating that the monitor is only turned on, but when the monitor is turned off and back on, the blue light comes on and the monitor itself lights up and says “there is a signal” and the orange light turns on and the screen goes out again. It turns on only if you completely turn off the PC and turn it back on.
What to do to solve this problem?

Hello, Alexander. I propose to exclude problems with a logical exception)

Try connecting the monitor to a second PC or laptop first using the same HDMI or VGA cable. If the problem persists, replace the cable. If after changing the cable the signal still disappears, then the problem is in the monitor device itself. Therefore, everything works well on your PC, the cable is also workable.

If after connecting to a second PC the error disappeared, then most likely the problem is in your computer. If you have 2 cards (built-in and additional, then in the graphics settings Change the priority of use. It is possible that the problem lies in the breakdown of the used GPU. Well, this is all that can be done for now.

Next, you will need to disassemble the PC for troubleshooting. Maybe the capacitor is broken or some other part. Because of this, a voltage surge occurs and the graphics are turned off so as not to burn out. Well, or something else)

The same problem, just noticed that the processor cooler also turns off.

hello, too, the problem with the monitor goes out by itself, but when you watch a movie or play everything is fine. what can be?

The same thing. During games all the rules and during normal operation it turns off or reboots. You solved your problem ?

You have solved the problem ?

Good afternoon. First, try reinstalling the card drivers. in most cases this solves the problem.

If it remains, use the exclusion method. check the card on another computer, if everything is working properly, then the power supply and the monitor itself.

Try to eliminate the possibility of a software malfunction first (reinstall Windows and drivers), and then check the hardware.

Alexander, the same problem! (

Hello, I have a current problem. I enter any game make the screen full and my monitor turns off. I can’t calmly have nothing to do while the monitor turns off only when I go to any game, no matter whether it is on the social network or not, if the game is on the social network it turns off when it’s a 3D shooter. and if on the pc itself, then any! Please help me to solve this problem I am already tortured.

So you have something with the map.

Check the map. Most likely, it does not have enough RAM or internal damage to the device. What is your card model, what processor, how much RAM is on your computer.

I suspect the card is overheating and shutting down. Maybe some wire has come off inside. Taking the card for verification to a specialist.

Also a problem similar to asus vw246h, I play WOT in windowed mode, switch to full screen through altenter and black screen, but everything works and sound too, monitor off. on earned, but sometimes throws off into windowed mode, and rarely that everything is normal. I took the telly, too, I connected lcd via hdmi to the PC, everything was clear without any failures, then in windowed mode, then in full, at least a hundred times in a row, and everything is OK.
What can be with the monitor.

there was such a problem, they fixed the lower resolution in the game.

try to connect the monitor to the mat board and drive the computer on the internet. games, etc. give him more load. if the computer works and does NOT turn off, then the problem is in the card, namely in the processor. there apparently the thermal paste has dried, try replacing the thermal paste, if the problem persists then you have a micro processor welded and then only a complete replacement of the vidyuhi.

Good afternoon, such a disaster. I bought a used R7 370 4gb card, it came with a vga-dvi i adapter. I connected it through it and could not configure the maximum resolution (it simply did not exist) thought there was a problem with the driver. Updated, reset, nothing helped. Phoned the past owner and he said that the matter is in the adapter. I changed the adapter to vga-displayport, the resolution got up and everything works, but sometimes in games or when watchings, the screen just goes out for a few seconds and then lights up again without any errors and extraneous sounds. Tell me what the problem is

It is precisely the use of adapters that is the premise of the problem. First of all, get a normal cable, removed the adapter.

The problem is that I’m playing (Total War Shogun 2) and after about three minutes the monitor goes out and only a restart helps. Although playing battlefield 1 and everything is fine. What is the problem?

The problem is the same as in Maks:

Check the map. Most likely, it does not have enough RAM or internal damage to the device. What is your card model, what processor, how much RAM is on your computer.

I suspect the card is overheating and shutting down. Maybe some wire has come off inside. Taking the card for verification to a specialist. “

my monitor goes out if it is at rest for several minutes, that is, they do not work on the computer

Change your power settings. This feature is configured under Control Panel Power Options. Here we open the power supply circuit and edit the parameter to turn off the display.

Thank you very much! Found the answer to my question.

display off parameters edited for 30 minutes but display turns off after 1 minute

sorry! found the answer It’s all about setting parameters

Lyudmila, your display goes to sleep or just turns off, after which you need, for example, to restart your computer?

I have the same problem. Enrages. Recently appeared. For some reason I suspect that this is from the last update of Windows.

It is possible that device drivers conflict with the new OS. Update firewood for the map. Alternatively, try booting from Ubuntu or another Linux system. If the errors are fixed, then the whole problem is in the drivers.

And I have the same problem the computer works for 1 hour it happens 3, but then the monitor flashes sharply and writes the signal comments, while the computer buzzes and gives signs of life. the card is the newest 1 day like the power supply, but I can’t understand why such a problem appeared after installing Windows 10 by the way, although I’m not sure for sure since before that the computer was turned off for a month without a vidyuhi and a block, after a reboot nothing is working normally. 650 watts percent old 4 more nuclear quadro still and vidyuha 750ti can anyone help!

It is possible that the whole problem is in the card. Perhaps it is overheating, it is unlikely, but it may be) The second option is that the firewood is in conflict, try to update.

Sun Card does not get warm, the peak is 45 degrees. With firewood, of course I don’t know, but rearranged 10 times does not help, maybe something else conflicts with the battery changed to oregano thought the problem disappeared worked literally a day the next day it all happened again, I really don’t know what kind of trouble it is An acquaintance told me that maybe because of a too powerful power supply, but something is not enough to believe, or maybe oregano flew? this could be?

Hello, my problem is this:
During games, everything goes well, most often (it does NOT happen all the time) while watching YouTubes.
First, the monitor goes out, then when the monitor is (black or gray, when) the sound continues for 1-2 seconds, followed by a background sound signal (iiiiiiiiiuuuuurururururu) and that’s it.
Further, the keyboard is on, the mouse too, in the system unit, visually, everything is also fine BUT.
Not a single key has a response, nothing.
Please tell me what could be and how to fix it.
PS: I repeat that this is not always, it happens often, it happens rarely, but it gets very hot! Or sometimes you load something, but here (gift).
Cry for help.

This must be brought to the master for inspection. Sound most likely from hard drive, but inaccurate.

Hello! I have the following problem. at first the screen somehow strangely began to buzz, then the chick blinked and turned off, although the processor itself is working. When I checked the cords everything seemed to be normal. Maybe so you can tell what it might be? thanks

The card may be damaged. Or, inside the monitor, a loop or some other element has come off.

I turn on the manitor, the screen turned on for 2 seconds and went out and without the manitor the same

And how do you see without a manitor that it goes out?) 0) 0)) lol

I really hope for help or at least good advice from experienced users and professionals in their field.

The problem is this: during games (average performance), the monitor suddenly goes out and the computer does NOT respond to any clicks. Every fifth time, coolers begin to buzz strongly. the card is powerful (Geforce 780 3 Gb), so Football Manager 2017 and Civilization 6 should “pull” easily. To the emergence of problems, she easily pulled and the last GTA at maximum settings.

Problems with the temperature of all the components of the comment, at rest they DO NOT heat up above 35 degrees, but under load I have not seen a figure above 60 There is a powerful water cooling. When opening many browsers at the same time, watching movies and low-performing games, the problem does not arise.

I reinstalled the drivers both on the motherboard and on the card from the official site, in the end they even reinstalled Windows, but the problem remains. In the first minutes of games. the monitor goes out.

I’m afraid the problem is not in the wood, viruses or software, but in the hardware. Just what it can be: a card, a power supply, an oregano, or an operational one. How can this be determined?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I had the same problem with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 card before that I played Warface for 5 years and now it started

Good afternoon. Have you tried reinstalling drivers?

the same nonsense with a new card 1050ty, I gave it for repair, before that I lost the driver ((

Hello! Faced such a problem. I bought a system unit for components (intel i5 6600 4x 3.3 ghz, gigabyte nvidia gtx 970 xtreme gaming, 2 × 8 Kingston Hyper Fury 2400Mhz, Asus Prime B250M-A. Aerocool PGS V3X case with 550W PSU ). collected the components myself. initially the computer Turning on nothing was displayed on the monitor. after several resets it started. installed new firewood on the vidyuhu and the motherboard. playing games at max requirements after a while the screen goes out, while the sound of the game continues. the system is new, just installed. the monitor is working, on the last system unit there was no such thing. the system really does not even have time. (the card needs power in two ports of 8 pins. there was only 6 pins in the block, put an adapter from 6 to 8 pins. and put an adapter from normal power supply to 8 pins)
Tell me plz what’s the problem?

Completely uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. And a little more clarification. You installed the system on a new system unit?

I have two colors of the light bulb on my monitor 1 orange when the NK is not on 2 light green when everything is working and 3 the lamp does not light at all when there is no electricity but the electricity is off and all these colors blink orange and then even if the NK is not on light green lights up and everything goes out colors and again orange, then light green and so on and does not show the desktop what to do?

Check the connection and integrity of the cables. Try connecting your monitor to a second computer. If a problem is observed with it, it is necessary to diagnose the monitor.

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Guys need urgent advice, dial if it’s not difficult 0637573679 Anton problem of the century

Anton, Describing all your problems in detail in the comments.

Help people to understand the cause of the laptop malfunction. Very often the screen goes blank, it turns black, and it is not the mouse NOT the keyboard does NOT respond, the cooler continues to work, the LED on the on / off key is on, the PC can be restarted only after disconnecting from the network. I cleaned the computer, changed the thermal paste, replaced the Windows, updated the drivers, everything is in order in the power settings. What could it be?

The malfunction may be in the laptop screen itself. If it is defective, then only its replacement can help here.

Good afternoon. There was a problem with your computer yesterday.
Noise appeared when starting the computer (like a tractor working). after 20-30 minutes the computer freezes. I disassembled the system unit, cleaned it of dust (as far as possible with improvised means (a regular vacuum cleaner). the card fan was clogged. The noise stopped, but in 5-6 hours the computer “froze” twice. Or, more precisely, it rebooted once with a blue screen, the second time the screen went out (although the monitor burned as if it were on, but the computer continued to work. A forced restart helped.
Today I plan to clean it with compressed air. What other options could be and what is worth checking?
I would be grateful for the answer.

Finish cleaning the cooling and also replace the thermal grease of the card.

Greetings, I have an ancient beech model e machines E510. The beech is running, the fan is buzzing. The monitar sometimes goes out immediately after 1-2 seconds of work, and sometimes it works 5-10 minutes and I have time to turn on any audio files? so what to do with it? carry it for repair or try to fix the problem yourself? please answer someone, tortured by this problemma.

Hello. Try connecting the laptop to an external monitor and unsubscribe if the laptop works like this or is still going out.

such a problem
When you connect the monitor to the power, the light comes on and immediately goes out. Turn off the power, then turn it on again nothing works. After 10-15 minutes, reconnect the power and the light turns on and off again. What to do? If both on the computer and on the laptop also

Apparently the monitor is out of order.

Hello, such a garbage in a neighbor, the computer works a little then bam and the monitor goes out and the computer does not react to anything, although the system unit does NOT turn off, neither the keyboard nor the mouse works, only after rebooting it reboots and again for 5-10 minutes and new.
what might be a prerequisite?

Most likely the problem is related to overheating of the card.

good afternoon! when the games are turned on, the monitor goes out but turning the monitor on and off through the button helps only for a couple of seconds. and this is only in games. Samsung monitor. I turn on another monitor nothing like that. what could be the reason?

From what you wrote, we can conclude that the problem is with the monitor.

Hello everyone, such a problem, I play games and after a long game if I get out of it, then I get a stupid black screen as if a signal is being sent with a vidyuha, I reboot and again a black screen and another speaker beeps 1 long. After 2-3 turns on, everything works again, but when you enter the game and long-term gaming, everything starts from the beginning
Can someone tell me how to treat this?
My system:
I3 4160
Gtx 1050ti
RAM 4gb
Win 10
And there are also terrible sounds from the headphones, just like a dandy if you pull the cartridge out of it
I installed Windu clean yesterday
Thanks in advance)

It’s hard to tell without diagnostics, but it is quite possible that the card is out of order.

You are under warranty to repair your monitor free of charge. get it.

Hello! also problems with the card when the computer is turned on, the fan inside the game block begins to buzz, but the computer itself worked fine, but after 10-15 minutes the screen goes out and the card starts to buzz strongly but does not write that there is no signal, I checked the card inside the block when turned on, it is not known why although the system unit itself served for at least 3 years, then this horror began, I don’t even know what to do to change the cooler, I looked at the card for any damage, nothing was found, but I didn’t pull out the card itself, the screen itself turns off when some kind of startup was started any 3D game,

It was NOT connected with the monitor here, it worked well for like five years and continues again, but it all started with the card and the screen works fine.

The polysosils themselves from dust, the game block itself is not old at all, for at least a week, but the noise did not stop in the map

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 630 card

The problem appears to be a faulty card fan. Alternatively, try replacing the cooler on it.

The problems started yesterday. The computer boots up normally, and after five to ten minutes the screen goes out, as if the signal had disappeared, but the computer continues to work, reacts to key presses. It can load without an image, then it suddenly appears, then disappears again. This morning and afternoon the symptoms disappeared, I thought it was getting better, and in the evening the same thing happened again. What could it be?

First, try connecting your computer to a second monitor. If the symptoms disappear, then the problem is with your monitor.

Thanks! Now it works again. If he starts kinky again, probably tomorrow the master of the lawsuit. What he says, I will write here. Suddenly someone will come in handy.

Hi, the screen when working when 5 minutes when the time turns black, also some stripes appear on it (a little), the system unit continues to work, but does not respond to any keystrokes, the computer restarts the screen does not respond, the mouse starts the morgue violently, the system engineer does NOT make any sounds that it has started, and the monitor behaves as if the system unit is turned off, it takes 2-4 hours for the computer to start up again and the same situation repeats, the system manager completely cleaned the dust (very often), changed the thermal paste on the processor and chipsets motherboard.

do you have a built-in or discrete card? If discrete, then it is very similar to its overheating.

I changed Windows and everything became all right.

Good afternoon! I have such a problem. I turn on the computer, watch movies, surf the Internet, it doesn’t matter, everything is fine. I start playing the game for 3-4 minutes and the screen goes blank, although the processor is working and sometimes there is a little noise in the speakers, and sometimes there is commentary noise. You have to turn it off and on again. Help!

If the game is pirated, then the problem may be in it. Try to find a different distribution kit and try to install and run it on your computer.

Hello !! I have such a problem, I go to the Internet and the monitor fades for 2-4 seconds, then turns on and again the same way, and after 2 minutes everything is fine what to do

Test the monitor for operability by connecting to a second computer.

Hello! The problem is this. Playing games. I watchs on YouTube and then bam and the monitor goes out, but the sound still works for 30 seconds. Then the computer turns itself off. When turned on, it turns out that it was a sleep mode. And you just need to lock the computer. This happens about once 1-2 hours. What to do? This is already starting to annoy.

Try to check your computer for viral activity first. If it doesn’t help, unsubscribe.

I checked. In avast there was 1 threat, I seemed to have exterminated it. But in another antivirus program up to 3265, I quarantined them. But everything goes on!

And by the way, I’m 80% sure that these are viruses, maybe it all started on the day when the house started in the browser. The pages themselves were opened, reloaded. the pages were closed. And the calculator itself opened.

Alternatively, I can recommend performing a system restore to the period when there were no problems with the computer. If there is a suitable rollback point, it is best to perform a clean install of Windows.

Good afternoon! I have a problem like this. Regardless of the operating mode of the computer, the screen turns black for 3-5 seconds, often in series with an interval of 15-20 seconds. But I noticed that first the twitching of the screen portends this, then small thin stripes. This happens because of different times, maybe 10 times will go out during the time, or maybe everything will be in order for a week. It does NOT affect fps in games. Vidyuha GTX 770. 600W power supply, percent i5.2500K.3.30 GHz. 8Gb operative.

Anything can be here: monitor, virus, drivers, incorrect display mode.

Hello. I read a lot of things and still I can not solve my problem. The monitor screen goes blank. The tendencies leading to this are the following: When idle, when the computer is just turned on and nothing is done, everything is normal. this is a desktop. As soon as you turn on the movie or just sit on the internet, it just gets cut down with a strange sound uuuuzhzhzh (and that may be after 15 minutes or even after 1 hour), the screen turns off, but the power button is on, as if it is on, the pc continues to work.
Windows were rearranged. it did not help. I reinstalled the driver. it did not help. The cable was rearranged from DVI to HDMI, even the TV was connected via a second cable. even the TV goes out (so we exclude the monitor?)
I suspect that the card (but can it really die like that?)
I would also like to exclude the power supply unit. that his dying may have such symptoms?
The following hardware is a GTX 760 2 gig JeatStream PAlit card, an FX 8320 4.5 GHz processor (overclocked, but changed to 3.5 GHz and still did not help) 650 watt power supply. This has been going on for about 1 week and more and more often.
Thanks in advance. Help

Hello ! the problem is, when I turn on the computer, it shows an icon for me, but then the upper right corner starts blinking. Then it darkens, tell me what happened !

Your problem is not clear.

Hello! Tell me the solution. Unknowingly, the girl wiped the monitor with a window cleaner, after that the monitor began to work unstably, turned off by itself, the buttons stopped working, sometimes they work and sometimes they have, and sometimes the brightness adjustment window pops up, which was removed only by clamping different buttons on the monitor, so it was such that while I was holding this button, the monitor worked, and when I released it, it was cut off. Can this problem be repaired in a workshop, will it be expensive to repair?

In the monitor, you most likely have the power buttons stuck.

Help me please!
I faced such a problem: the other day I was playing a game, the monitor went out sharply, the light on it indicated that it was in working order. When the computer restarts, the Windows boot screen appears, the field in which you need to enter the password, and then the monitor turns off again. Sometimes it can take a couple of seconds after turning on the computer, and sometimes about an hour, but the result is always the same. the monitor goes out.

Anastasia, try booting from Safe Mode (to do this, at the earliest stage of the computer boot, press F8 repeatedly, and then select “Safe Mode”). If the download was ok, most likely there was some system conflict in the system, for example, conflicting software, malfunctioning card drivers, etc. Here you can advise to perform a system restore to the point of rollback when the computer was working normally (for this you should go to the “Control Panel”. “Recovery”. “Start System Restore” menu).

If you have a suitable restore point, I recommend reinstalling the operating system. If this does not help, the problem may be in the hardware component. monitor, card, hard drive. Here you will already need to check the performance of computer components (just connect to a second PC).

Recently started. I played bioshock. Things are good. At the end of the game, the monitor went out. The system engineer works in the same mode. Forcibly restarted. I installed an old stalker of the shadow of Chernobyl, in which I played without problems on a dead computer 8 years ago. And the same thing happens. the monitor is cut down, the system unit works. I’m shocked! Help!

Determine if the problem is in the monitor or system unit. Connect the monitor to a second computer. If the monitor is working properly, most likely, the problem needs to be looked for in the map.

Hello, the problem is this: I go into the game, let’s say a call of Duty World of war, I start playing and after 1. To 3, the screen goes off, (energy-saving mode) does not restart, the current is turned off at the back of the unit by the button (I know that this cannot be done), no other way.
and just recently played the game The Walking Dead Survival Instinct normally, did not extinguish anything, but did not play for 2 weeks, went in and voila, it goes out. It’s strange that this happens, everything seems to work, and then all the same, sooner or later, the monitor starts to go out on the game, which was normally loaded.
what could it be?

Most likely the problem is the card overheating.

good afternoon!
I have an ASUS n550 jk nutobuk, an LG l192ws monitor. Recently I ran into a problem when the laptop is turned off for a long time or in sleep mode for more than an hour, then when you turn on (exit from sleep), the monitor turns on for a second and goes out, and the laptop itself works, there are system sounds, and even if you look closely, you can see the desktop, those. the screen itself goes out but not one hundred percent. I did not find such problems in the internet. I tried many ways: I updated the firewood from the office. site for the map, the rapid storage technology driver has been updated, the power supply parameters have been checked, in the device manager, too, all the rules. Help solve please.

And I also forgot, the temperature regime is normal, the motherboard percent and ssd are in a temperature regime of 40-50 degrees.

It looks like your screen backlight is turning off. Check power settings. If your laptop has built-in screen customization programs, you should check the settings in them as well.

I checked this, at the very beginning, power settings wherever necessary “never” stands, there are no built-in programs for setting up the screen either. The strangeness is, as I already said, that the screen goes out when you turn on or wake up from sleep for 5 minutes, i.e. the picture appears in a second and then a dark screen (not black), I press ctrl alt del, the picture appears in a second and the screen goes out again, I repeat after 5 minutes and everything works, and then at least sit with the computer on, the screen does NOT go out and works smoothly.

I have a problem like this:
I go into any game (downloaded, not in the browser) and when I play, it immediately crashed and the screen turned off, but the computer was working and it was impossible NOT to open the task manager, not go to the desktop, what’s the problem? (

(If that I have a laptop)

Hello. To get started, you can try reinstalling Windows to eliminate three causes of the problem: power settings, malfunctioning card drivers, and virus activity. If it continues after that, check the temperature of the laptop. it is quite possible that it needs cleaning for a long time. And, finally, no one excludes the possibility that the screen or other component of the laptop begins to fail (here it is already necessary to carry out diagnostics at the service center).

Good afternoon! The fact is that the system unit itself does not work, at first I thought that I had connected the “Hard” drive incorrectly, but looking on the Internet, I connected everything correctly. The system unit works, but the mouse, keyboard and monitor do not. What to do with it ?! Answer please!

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Good afternoon. Check the correct connection of all components: cards, whether all elements are connected to the motherboard, whether a monitor is connected.

Hello! Everything was all right yesterday. But today, when you turn on the monitor, it manages to show the desktop screen saver and after a few seconds goes out. If you turn off the monitor itself and turn it on, it shows the same for 5 seconds and then goes out again. Samsung LCD monitor. At the same time, the system unit continues to work. help advice.

If possible, connect the monitor to a second computer to determine if the problem is in it or not.

Good afternoon, such a problem, I can’t understand what is the reason, everything seems to be normal, but when I start playing Dota2, sometimes everything is fine, but often the screen goes out and sounds are heard for a while after the consumption. the system unit does NOT turn off, but the power supply and the card are heating, although the card itself is such Radeon nd6950 2g they seem to like the temperature. I have a question if it could be that the power supply simply does not supply the required voltage to the card from which it starts to turn off the monitor thanks in advance

Yes Easy. If possible, try connecting a more powerful power supply.

The article turned out to be very relevant, after clearing the card everything worked !

Hello My screen goes blank, then it works for 3 minutes, then 5 hours after that I forcibly turn off the computer. 5 minutes after the screen goes out, I turn on the room screen, it starts working and the same thing happens. Lump works no noise DOES NOT publish what is the matter I do not know Please tell me what is the matter

Hello. First of all, try to check your computer for viruses. If it does not help, you should try reinstalling the drivers for the card.

Hello, I put an old monitor It does not go out So something is wrong with the monitor ?

Hello! I have a slightly different problem. Why is it that when the computer is in standby mode (that is, the screen goes out when you DO NOT use it), it does NOT turn on again. Although it should be rebooted when moving the mouse (not always) (the computer seems to work at the same time)

Hello. Try turning off the automatic display off and going into Sleep mode. This can be done in the menu “Control Panel”. “Power supply”.

Good afternoon. I read people’s problems from above, but I didn’t seem to see such a problem in anyone else. In general, the matter is as follows: This lasts 4 days already for the last (before this half a year there were no problems at all), I play DIFFERENT games, from fifa to warface, from 5 seconds (starting the game) to 30 minutes of work during the game itself, and bam. the monitor goes out, writes that there is no contact, the sound stops (in parallel I tried to turn on music in VK, it also immediately stopped playing), it turns out as if some kind of high emergency, BUT the whole process inside the computer continues to work, all coolers turn like nothing happened, everything works, absolutely all fans continue to work. I press the shutdown button, the computer turns off. The last time is Testil now, I played for 27 minutes and everything is the same, BUT with the shutdown button I could not turn off the computer. I had to cut it through the power supply. I checked the temperature in GPU-Z during the game, keeps it normally from 70 degrees to 85, once noticed, it rose to 92 degrees and after 2 minutes the computer turned off (I think it’s a coincidence), because this is a single case, and it seems like 92 degrees is still NOT critical indicator during the game. On a cold, when working on the Internet or watching movies, the temperature is 35-40 degrees, that is, everything is fine with the card and I think there can be no overheating. Geforse gtx 570 card. What could be wrong? I cleaned the dust, it did not help, I checked the oregano, all the rules. Help please, I don’t know what to think anymore. If it was a power supply, then probably the whole computer would be cut down just right away, right? And inside my work process is active and continues to work the same.

Hello, please tell me I have such a problem. I go into the game, the monitor goes out, the light does not light up, but the system unit works and there are sounds too, then after about 5 minutes it lights up. When you leave the game, it goes out again and again the light does not light up, but the system unit works and there are sounds too, then after 5 minutes it turns on again. During the game, it also turns off after 5 minutes. I’ve already tried everything and changed the firewood, cleaned the wire system, revised nothing, it helps. Tell me what could be the problem. When you watch or movies, It does not turn off, and when you play games, even the slightest turns off and lights up again. Even online games are also turned off.

Try to connect any other monitor to the system unit. If ok, the problem is with the monitor.

Hello. After the monitor has worked for 10-15 minutes, it goes out but not completely when you hover the lamp, you can see a faded picture, help what to do. I connected another monitor, everything works.

We will not be able to help here: the error lies in the monitor, therefore, if possible, take it to the service center (if it is still under warranty, the repair will be performed free of charge).

Good afternoon, the problem with turning off the monitor in games, asus z170 / i May 6500 / ddr 4.16 gig ssd hdd but the old card 660 Ti but the problem in 2 games the rest work fine, the system reinstalled the drivers updated t in games DOES NOT exceed 85

Good afternoon. Do you have Pirate games? If so, try looking for other distributions.

When I turn on the PC, exclamation marks appear on the monitor, then it writes select the version of Windows, and then it goes out, what to do?

In this case, the problem is not with the monitor, but with the operating system. If nothing happens after selecting it, reinstall Windows.

Hello, I have such a problem on the PC, the desktop is displayed and the screen flashes without interruption, i.e. it turns black for 1, 2 seconds and then back in a few seconds because of what I wanted to ask and the drivers in this PC are probably outdated and the RAM is 2 GB here dust may also interfere, but does anyone have any practice on this?

Good afternoon. First, check if the problem lies in the monitor. Connect it to a second computer.

Hello! There was a problem. I work online, after the latest Windows 10 update, when working in the browser, the screen goes blank. It can work for 5-6 hours normally and then it goes out. I saw this only in a browser, and anyway. I call the task manager, turn off the browser and everything continues to work normally. Intel (R) HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce 920M.

Good afternoon. It does NOT look like the browser might be causing a detailed issue. Try to check the power options.

Hello. I have such a problem. Everything was fine until three days ago the computer screen went off. Then after 2 hours after switching on, then 5 or more hours. And he could work normally for a day. and the stalemate goes out again. Writes. (no signal). Mouse keyboard DOES NOT work. Until you reboot on the processor itself. Reinstalled drivers. Deleted the entire program. Reinstalled Windows. The day worked fine and again the heads go out. Sometimes the processor starts humming loudly. but not for long. What is the reason I do not know.

Hello. First, check if the problem is with your monitor or your computer. To do this, if possible, Connect to a second computer. If the problem persists in this case, the monitor should be returned to the service center.

If you find that the problem is in the system unit, see if it is overheating: most often, a sudden computer shutdown occurs due to overheating caused by the accumulation of dirt and dust.

I can not open Rambler

Your site is not opening or you cannot log into your mail account?

Hello, there is a problem with that. that when watching movies or games, the monitor turns off and the coolers on the card start working at the most powerful mode, I did a monitor, cable check, RAM check, card change and computer cleaning, but the problem remained.?

Maybe someone can. There was a problem after starting any toy after 15 minutes, and when and after a while the monitor went out and, interestingly, the keyboard was cut off. Before that, there was a virus on the computer. I cleaned it out with krait, immediately checked the registry and hard drive for errors. Did not help. I started to deal with iron, too, everything turned out to be fine. Killed three days for all this. And the problem turned out to be commonplace. It was stupid to reset the BIOS. For the third day everything is fine.

Good evening. Such a problem: when I turned on the desktop computer (Windows 10), the monitor managed to see the update is in progress. Then the screen went out and did not open again. To see the desktop., I have to turn the monitor off and on again every time., The desktop is shown. for 2 seconds and then goes out again. 2 seconds is enough for one mouse click. And so many times. The monitor itself is working signals go. As soon as the screen goes out. What can it be? Thanks in advance

Hello. Try to enter Safe Mode if there is no problem. a problem with the drivers. If the problem persists, enter the BIOS. If in this case the image works correctly, the system update is probably crooked, here you can try to perform either a rollback, or even reinstall Windows.

My problem is this, I turn on the PC in the system unit, everything works, put a new card, power supply, checked all the wires, wiped all the RAM and oregano with an eraser, removed the battery, the mouse is on, and the keyboard is there, and the main problem is the screen does not work, When you turn on the PC, the inscription “there is a signal” appears on the screen and that’s it. What to do? But all your tips above did not help me, I checked all the connections, changed the wire on the screen leading to the card.

Hello. Try using a different cable to connect the monitor to your computer. It will be even better if you try to connect your system unit to a second monitor.

Hello. Our problem is that when the computer is off, the monitor itself turns on white and until you turn off the power completely, the monitor does NOT turn off. Then we turn on the computer, the monitor functions normally, and turn off the computer completely after a while history repeats itself. And now even the lamp on the monitor does not light up and if you turn on the computer, the monitor does not turn on. all!

Irina, from what you said, we can conclude that the malfunction lies precisely in the monitor. To finally verify this, connect the monitor to a second computer. If everything is still. either take the monitor to a service center or replace it with a new one.

I have a problem like this:
Recently (about 2-4 days ago) I noticed that the monitor started to turn off and after 1-3 seconds it turned on again. This is done when I watch broadcasts. It just turns off and turns on immediately. In games like CS GO. in the main menu or when I am looking for a game, I left, came, the monitor is turned off again, while in the game itself, when I play and move the mouse, I did not notice that it would turn off. When I still go into the task manager, that to turn off the game through it, my screen (desktop, etc.) is very close, as if the resolution has flown off. But then everything falls into place, most often when I look at some. it hinders a lot. I’m waiting for an answer!

Try reinstalling the card drivers. If the problem appeared not so long ago, you can try to roll back the system ( “Control Panel”. “Recovery”).

Didn’t help, the card drivers were updated, but the problem remained.

Have you tried to restore? It looks like permission issues, as if some software is changing it on the computer. Before the problem appeared that you installed?

No, but he writes that there are no restore points. I installed CCleaner and cs 1.6. I deleted Cs, but I then installed cheats, but then I checked everything with Avast antivirus, full scan.

There are definitely no comments for software here, because the screen turns off only when I watch. if I’m sitting there in VK, then this is not there, but in CS GO the same way, if for example I walked away for 2-3 minutes, then the screen goes out and does not turn on again, Until you go into the task manager and turn off the game. in this case everything remains, that is, the computer does NOT turn off, only the screen goes out.

Look, maybe it will help you, this is what happened now, but I see it 1 time. Also, during the game, terrible lags and noises suddenly started, there were just such noises, but after 6-7 seconds passed.

Now I looked. now my screen is turned off altogether, everything is black, but you can turn it off, etc. That is, everything works, but the screen just turns off

This is clearly programmatic. If reinstalling the drivers did not give results, it is better to rearrange Windows immediately.

So this is not a monitor and NOT a system unit, and everything included in it?

Well, there cannot be such software that only when and the game. if you AFK-shit 1-3 minutes the monitor is off, if it was a virus, it would turn it off all the time, it seems to me that it is either a monik, or a system unit, vidyuha, etc.

Software. easily, especially if a pirate was installed. I will put the monitor in second place. That is why I advise you to first reinstall, in order to either confirm that it was in the software, or, conversely, to exclude this reason in order to already think about the hardware.

Yes, there was a pirate.

This means that there is no way to do without reinstalling Windows.?

Hello! I have such a problem: when viewing any in full-screen mode, the monitor goes out, in toys (any) even in social media. networks. the same story. (At the same time, the system unit continues to work. there is sound and all that stuff) the screen goes out first for a couple of seconds, but if you do not pay attention to this, the duration of the screen off increases, and the interval between shutdowns decreases. once it turned off completely, even the desktop could not be called, restarting with the button did not work, I had to turn it off completely. connected the monitor to the second computer. it works! changed the connection cords, rebooted the drivers. nothing helps. the card, motherboard and processor are new, changed in December before the new year, but the monitor is old. Tell me, what could be the catch? PCI.E card AMD RADEON RX 550 processor Intel Core i3-8100 oregano ASUS LGA1151

Hello. How long does it take when connected to a second computer? Perhaps the monitor itself is dying. After it goes out, if you turn off and turn on the monitor itself, and not the computer, does the picture appear? Hello.

Hello! We didn’t time the time, but when I connect a second monitor to my computer, the problem persists, so it’s not the monitor? in general: you can’t guess when and how it will work. today, for example: I spent the whole day in my classmates in a toy, began to show off only in the afternoon. and even then. rarely and for a short time, but now I went into the Sims. after a couple of minutes the screen went out. I call the task manager to go to the desktop. everything works! I go into the toy. the screen immediately goes out again and does not turn on

Then, indeed, the problem is in the computer itself. If you can, do a clean install of Windows to see if the problem was in software or to confirm that the problem was in the hardware. If the second is confirmed, then, first of all, it is necessary to check the card for operability (the link is given in the article).

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Hello! I have a monitor connected to the card through an adapter (display port), it may be such that the point is in it?

Hello! I have a monitor connected to the card through an adapter (display port), it may be such that the point is in it?

For me, it goes out only when I do not move the mouse, that is, when I, as it were, AFK (move away somewhere) or I look. I won’t move the mouse then, but just lie and watch it, then it is only off and on. What to do?

Try to open the “Control Panel”, go to the “Power supply” section. On the left side of the window, open the “Display mute settings” tab and set the Required characteristics. If it does not help, try selecting “Configure the power scheme”, and then click on the button “Restore default settings for the scheme”.

Hello, I have a problem, when I AFK (do not touch the mouse), the monitor dims, becomes dark blue, the computer works. This is definitely not turning off the display (sleep mode). I connected another monitor (with a different cable) to the system unit, the situation was the same, I changed the card. it did not help, the screen still turned off (it got dark blue). The only thing when the monitor did NOT turn off is when viewing files installed on the computer. DO NOT tell me how to solve the problem with the monitor?

All the same, it looks more like either changed power supply parameters, or software operation. Try to reset the power profile settings first in the “Control Panel”. “Power Options” menu. If the problem appeared not so long ago, so as not to waste time on finding out the reasons for its appearance, you can try to rollback the system through the menu “Control Panel”. “Recovery”. “Start System Restore”.

If you are sure that the reason is in the software, and restoration to the point when everything worked fine, did not bring any result, you can do it radically. reinstall the system.

Good afternoon! My problem is that the computer monitor turns on, but then a sign pops up: Nu a fost detectet un semnalЫ turns off. But the computer itself continues to work. I tried to translate the translator, It didn’t work (.

Good afternoon. This text is in Romanian. The messages say there is no signal, so check the connection of the monitor to the system unit.

And I have some kind of obscurantism, I will be very grateful if someone tells me what the problem is. First, problems started on the old computer. He has seen a lot, lived for 7 years with power outages, moved from place to place, sometimes gave out artifacts, a kerosene screen. At first, the oregano failed, the computer simply did not turn on. We replaced it, the processor remained old (AMD), after the motherboard, after a couple of days, the screen became covered with a grid and went out. Replaced the card and power supply. All the same, from time to time when watching vidosikov on YouTube kerosene screen. card temperature

54. The computer is still working, but life without YouTube got me, and I bought a new one.
The new Dell, with two cards (one built-in intel, works from a discrete one), is connected to a UPS, Here is the old one in it. only Photoshop, on which I mostly spend time. Again, the screen goes blank periodically. The monitor says that there is no signal. The cable is new. Sounds are emitted, as if the device is disconnected, the computer itself works, but does not show anything. I tried to connect to other monitors, the problem remained. While rebooting helps, sometimes it turns off for just a couple of seconds. Diagnostics on the manufacturer’s website shows nothing.
It already seems that “the reason is not in him, but in me.” But I don’t do anything on it at all. I turn on Photoshop, at most I watch the in the second window. Once the computer could not shut down due to a frozen process from a buggy Photoshop, then reluctantly turned off the button. Well, in general, I don’t know where the problem is. Maybe someone came across something similar?

Do you have a computer or laptop? The operating system was rearranged? Couldn’t the problem lie in hard Dimke?

Both computers are stationary. On the old one after replacing the motherboard, they did not reinstall it. On the new hard drive, it definitely has nothing to do with it).

Good day everyone!
A very strange phenomenon occurs at work, in workplaces. In general, the situation is as follows:
In the office there are about 17 working computers, or rather nettops, they worked on windows xp. Recently, at first one of them began to disappear into the black screen, a few more days later. The nettop itself is working, and the screen is black and the indicator is flashing. At first I thought I went into sleep mode, but no. Reboot, it works for an hour or two and then a black screen. We changed the nettops, the situation is the same. We changed the monitors and all the cables, changed the comments, also a time or two and a black screen. As a result, the other day we put problematic monoblocks on these 3 places, installed windows 7. And oops, again a couple of hours of work and went out again. Can someone tell me what kind of anomaly is going on. )

Hello, it seems that devices are not the point here. It is more logical to assume that the problem is in the UPS, if any, in the voltage.

Good evening, I have such a problem. From time to time, while browsing the Internet, the screen of my laptop goes blank, it happens for a few seconds, and sometimes I just have to carry it with the mouse and the screen turns on. When playing games or just working outside the browser, everything is ok. what to do?

Good afternoon. Check which power plan you have set in the layout “Control Panel”. “Power supply”. Check the installed parameters in this section, since the problem lies precisely in them (if necessary, you can return the parameters preset in the system by default).

My screen turns on, “Windows Loading” appears, and after that “No signal” appears on the screen and it goes out. How to fix? The cable is new. computer cleaned.

Hello. Reinstall the system on the computer.

Hello, there is such a problem. I have a fairly old computer (about 10 years old). During this time, 3 cards have accumulated at home, 2 more BP. In general, the problem is that half a year ago, my monitor started to go out by itself, that is, I turn it on, and it turns on for a couple of seconds and the screen turns completely black. Without hesitation, I took a monitor from a friend for a test, put it on and it worked quite well. In general, a friend let him use his monitor, half a year passed and the same problem started on the second monitor. I started digging into the components, put in another power supply, but still both screens are rotten, I decided to check the cards further. I have 3 home cards and one integrated. I know in them that one of them is working, the second is already “dying” (in games it just hangs tightly, the service said that you can use it, but it won’t work for games), the third one is also out of order, there is an image, but that’s all screen in artifacts. In general, I initially installed a working one, there is just a black screen on the monitor, but I hear sounds, then I installed 2 cards, it was the same, there are sounds, and the monitor is black, but when I connected a third, NOT working card, the image appears, but with artifacts, but the very fact that it works, otherwise two second comments, then I also connected the monitor to the integrated card, but there is no image either, but there are sounds. If the monitor is disconnected from the PC, then on the screen the inscription “Connect the cable” and It does not flicker and does NOT disappear anywhere. In general, I have 2 questions
1. Why 3 out of 4 cards do not work, although each of them should at least show an image
2. Because of what the screen may go out on 2 monitors at once?

Hello. Most likely, both monitors are faulty. One of the cards shows an image with artifacts due to the reason that it is not as heavy load on the monitor that others give.

Hello! Previously, when the computer was turned off, the image on the monitor disappeared along with a complete shutdown of the computer. Now, after one and a half to two seconds, while the shutdown process is in progress, the monitor screen goes out. Then he comes to life again. The computer, has not completed the shutdown, begins to boot. The computer can only be turned off the second or third time.
thanks for the answer.

Hello. In most cases, a conflicting software or virus affects a similar problem. If you installed any programs, drivers, or other software before the problem appeared, try uninstalling it. Also check your computer for viruses using your antivirus.

Alternatively, you can try to perform a system restore, rolling back the computer to the time when there were no problems with shutting down. This can be done in the menu “Control Panel”. “Recovery”. “Start System Restore”.

Good evening! I have a problem like this. When the computer is running, the monitor screen goes blank (black screen). Turned off the COMR, then turned it on and during the startup process the system recovery window (win7) opened. After restoration, everything worked. What’s the reason?

Hello. In your case, it is rather difficult to say what exactly influenced the occurrence of a detailed problem: it could be a virus, conflicting software, problems with Windows. If possible, reinstall the operating system.

Kait.15, good evening! Thanks, I thought so.

Computer does not turn on black screen

Today I would like to discuss with you the reasons why the computer turns on, but there are NOT images on the monitor. In other words, “there is a black screen”.

The black screen when you turn on the computer is not always the same. It can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Black screen due to poorly plugged power connectors for the monitor, both into the outlet and into the monitor itself, or the monitor is poorly connected to the computer with a cable.
  • Black screen immediately after you pressed the power button. That is, the monitor turned on, but there are no initial motherboard splash screens, inscriptions and numbers just before the operating system boots. This is a hardware problem. Most often, in this case, the sign “Vs signal” hangs. It is also possible that the computer starts beeping. The signals can be different. Below, we will analyze in more detail how to restore your computer to work.
  • The computer turns on as usual, there is an initial screen saver for the motherboard, (not all computers should have it, so DO NOT be alarmed) inscriptions, numbers are running, and after all this stuff, the usual boot of the system begins. After that, a black screen just hangs, and sometimes a black screen with a cursor. The appearance of a blue screen of death is NOT excluded. This problem is most likely a software level and it can be easily eliminated, except for cases when the hard drive has come to an end and the computer simply cannot read information from it.

Black screen reasons.

Below I will write absolutely all the reasons due to which a black screen comes out when the computer is turned on, and then we will consider each of them in detail.

  • Computer dust cleaning required.
  • Faulty cable (VGA, HDMI, DVI) or monitor.
  • Defective card.
  • Problem program or driver.
  • Hard drive problem.
  • Other hardware problems.

Now, let’s look at each of THESE reasons in order. Go!

Hard drive problem.

A black screen on the computer monitor may also indicate that something is wrong with the hard drive. To check and try to troubleshoot the Victoria4.46b program is used. The below shows in great detail how the program works. I will only add that in order to recover bad sectors (errors), it will be necessary to put the switch in the Remap position before starting the test.

By the way, it shows how to check the hard drive while the operating system is running. But Windows doesn’t work for us. In order to check the HDD does NOT load the system, we need to write the Victoria 4.46b program to disk in a special way (the Internet is full of instructions on how to do this) and boot not from the hard disk, as we usually do, but from the disk where Victoria is located. How to boot from disk read here.

Dust cleaning is required. Problem program or driver.

This reason, due to which the computer turns on and then a black screen appears, is fundamentally different from all the above and below described. The fact is that the problem is most likely at the software level. Remember what you did the last time the computer worked? Perhaps you downloaded something, installed or uninstalled something. A black screen with a cursor most often occurs when the card driver is damaged. In order to correct this misunderstanding, you should enter Safe Mode. To do this, restart the computer and as soon as it starts to turn on again, press the F8 key. The launch menu will open in front of you. It can look differently. (It depends on which system is on your computer)

This is how this menu looks on Windows 7.

After the computer has booted into safe mode, you need to do a system restore. An article on how to do it correctly is here.

If the computer does NOT boot into safe mode, then there are 2 options:

  • The damage to the system is too global (in this case, you should save all the data on the computer using a live CD and reinstall the system. But before doing this, you should check the hard drive for errors and fix them. (If possible) It is also possible that after bug fixes. the system will start as usual.)
  • Hard drive problem (read the article further)

    Defective cable (VGA, DVI, HDMI) or monitor.

    It is possible that the precondition that the computer turns on and a black screen hangs on the monitor is a faulty cable.

    It is of three types:

    In order to test this theory, you need to connect the system unit using this cable not to the monitor, but to the TV. Or just borrow a known working cable from a friend.

    By the way, the computer monitor is checked in the same way.

    • Defective card.

    This reason also causes a black screen when the computer is turned on.

    Other hardware problems.

    If you, in turn, tried all the methods that are described in this article and nothing helped you, then most likely there was a serious hardware failure. You should take the computer to a service center for diagnostics. Experts will check everything and tell you which part should be replaced.

    This is where my article comes to its logical conclusion. I hope she helped you remove the black screen from your computer monitor. Thank you for attention! good luck!

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