The difference between Apple Watch 4 and 5

Apple Watch 5 always has an active display

The dimensions of the displays in Series 5 are identical to Series 4:

The resolution is 368 × 448 pixels, the display area is 977 mm², which is 30% more than in the current Watch 3.

One of the main features of the novelty is the constantly active screen. you do not need to press anything for the display to light up and show the time, date, and other parameters. The manufacturer installed an OLED screen, like in the iPhone X, it is made using LTPO technology, which guarantees minimal power consumption.

Apple Watch 5 sports features

In addition to the usual functions (counting steps, the number of calories burned), the gadget keeps track of activity. it controls running, cycling, swimming. Episodes four and five analyze yoga and hiking, but series 3 does not.

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Heart rate measurement

Inside the 5 series there is a 2nd generation heart rate sensor, thanks to which the user receives information about a high or low heart rate. They continue to save lives by warning of indicators that are hazardous to health and also detect heart disease (bradycardia, arrhythmias).

What is the difference between Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4 and 3?

series 5 series 4 series 3
Screen 1.57 ” and 1.78 ” 1.57 ” and 1.78 ” 1.65 ” and 1.50 ”
Always on screen Yes not not
Autonomy 18 hours 18 hours 18 hours
Activity tracking yoga and hiking yoga and hiking indoor / outdoor running, cycling, swimming
ECG function there is there is not
Emergency call function supported in all countries for US users only not
Heart rate sensor there is there is not
COMPASS there is not not
CPU S5 S4 S3
Memory 32 GB 16 GB 8/16 GB
Moisture protection up to 50 meters up to 50 meters up to 50 meters
Bluetooth version 5.0 4.2 4.2
Case options ceramics, steel, aluminum, titanium aluminum, steel aluminum, steel

The main differences between Apple Watch 5 and the third and fourth series:

Always-on Retina display showing time and various activity metrics.

Emergency call function available for all countries.

Presented in a case made of ceramics, steel, aluminum, titanium.

COMPASS appeared for accurate orientation in unfamiliar terrain.

Inside the S5 processor is installed. 3 times faster than the S3 installed in the 3rd generation watch.

32GB of internal storage. 4x more than Apple Watch 3.

S5 processor and watch OS 6.0

A 2-core S5 chip is responsible for the performance of the system; it copes with any tasks 3 times faster than the S3 chip (in 3 series). The amount of memory in the new Smart Watch. 32 GB, Series 3. 8 GB. Agree, 8 GB is not enough for 2019, but 32 GB can pump up your favorite music, put on your favorite Airpods and go for a run.

Apple Watch 5 is based on WatchOS 6.0. The new operating system has a calculator, voice recorder, AppStore, audiobooks Apple Books, like in the iPhone XR.

Special hardened body

What the manufacturer says about the process of making smart watches, for example, Apple Watch Series 6 GPS:

  • the future shell is pressed at the beginning of production;
  • then it is thermally treated;
  • at the end. polished with a diamond suspension for a perfectly smooth surface.

According to the brand, it takes several days to create each chronometer case. In addition, Apple releases the current Smart Watch models in a durable case made of aluminum and steel. Moisture and dust protection of the shell is provided. For example, with Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS 40mm you can swim.

The counterfeiters, of course, don’t have the impressive manufacturing capabilities of Apple, so the copies are flimsy, rather heavy, with no hint of dust or splash resistance.

View installed OS

The final touch of verification is to turn on Apple Watch and check the operating system. Originals only work on watchOS (like this MTEY2FS / A).

Manufacturers of copies, instead of proprietary operating systems, most often use an adapted version of Android or unknown firmware in fakes. In addition to low-quality translation, there are many other bugs in fake OS: it is impossible to change the theme of the dial, there is no Siri assistant, there are no useful Apple branded applications, etc.

Finally, one more way to check the original Apple Watch. This time we use the serial number of the watch. What do we have to do:

  • Go to the chronometer settings.
  • Open the section “General”, then “About this device”.
  • Find Serial Number (Letters Numbers).
  • Go to the official website of the brand.
  • Go to the section with checking the eligibility for service and support.
  • Enter IMEI in the appropriate box.
  • Enter the verification code and press Enter.
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If the system displays information about the model. everything is ok, the original is in front of the user. If an error appears. fake.

Magnetic induction charging

Smart watches are powered by a lithium-ion battery, which needs to be recharged periodically. But the charging cord is not inserted into the accessory itself, but into a special charging magnet, which, in turn, contacts the device without wires.

It is a round “pill” that is applied to the back of the chronometer (there are marks where the charger should be magnetized). The magnet cable can be plugged into the USB port of a PC, power bank, laptop, or you can use a regular outlet.

Note: There is another way to charge a wrist accessory: use a special docking station, which fits a smart watch and is powered by energy.

No inputs for SIM cards, memory cards

Apple smartwatches do not have holes for inserting a memory card. Also, there is no place for a SIM card in the accessories. These features are rigorously supported in all Apple Watch series: from the first to the fourth.

Copies, on the other hand, are designed so that they can be used without being tied to a smart. Therefore, counterfeit devices often have a SIM card slot and even a place to install a memory card.

For information: Apple Watch can also be used without a smartphone, but the full functionality will only be revealed when working in pairs: iPhone smart watch.

There are no connectors

Apple Watch is ultra-modern gadgets that do not use connectors for connecting to a smartphone, connecting accessories or recharging. Connect wirelessly to iPhone, Bluetooth headphones and charger.

Therefore, the surest way to distinguish a fake from an original Apple Watch is to check the case for any connectors. If they are not there. there is a chance that the buyer is in front of the original, and if suddenly there is. a 100% replica.

Inspect the box and accessories

The appearance of the original Apple Watch box is an oblong box made of thick cardboard. White color. On one of the sides there is always a laconic inscription Watch with the image of the branded apple.

Already at this stage of inspection, it is possible to identify a fake. You should be on your guard if the box with the smart watch has:

  • Creases, dents and sloppy look. Of course, this can be attributed to the flaws of transportation, but the Apple brand follows the “face” of its products, packing them in very dense cardboard with a special coating.
  • Fuzzy, blurry letters, spelling mistakes in the title and series.
  • Grayish or any other shade different from the original white color of the package.

Another way to check Apple Watch for originality is to open the packaging and inspect the components. In addition to the watch itself, the package contains 2 strap sizes, a tablet charger with a USB cable and a brochure for users.

A nuance: in Apple Watch Series 4, the supply of components is slightly different: the watch is additionally packed in a soft case (previously, the device and the strap were simply inside in 2 separate boxes).

If, when opening the package, a shortage of components is found, or, for example, not magnetic, but a standard USB or other charging. a fake to the buyer.

Screen and protection

The new model is waterproof. Feel free to dive with a watch on your wrist up to 50 m. the monolithic case will not let moisture inside. The same goes for dust. Apple’s fourth series with Nike bracelet has a cool OLED LTPO display. It works with the latest Retina and Force Touch technology. The sensor of the gadget is hypersensitive. But at the same time, the screen does not perceive accidental touches. The coating allows you to control the screen in any conditions, even underwater.

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike review

The fourth series of Nike watches Apple Watch is a real find for sports lovers and ultra-modern gadgets. The strongest assembly, an abundance of built-in sensors, advanced training functionality and 100% protection. all this is available in the new product. Introducing the fourth series of Apple Watch Nike. Consider the difference between the model.

Features of the

How does the fourth series of Nike watches differ from the usual Apple Watch 4:

  • Speaker. Improvement of the element resulted in an increase in volume. The sound on the watch is now clearly audible. The speaker does not rattle, but emits a clean pleasant signal;
  • Accelerometer. The meter has become more powerful. The difference is that there are limitations in the conventional model. Here, the accelerometer records overload up to 32 g;
  • Gyroscope. The sensor has also been improved so that the readings are calculated more accurately.

Complete set and design

The model is supplied as standard. The watch is enclosed in disassembled form. a separate case and a separate strap from Nike. Also included is a charger. It consists of two elements. a USB adapter and a magnetic mount with a cable. The power of the adapter is 5 W. The peculiarity of the cradle is that it cannot be connected incorrectly.

The magnet will not stick to the back panel in the wrong position. The design is designed so that incorrectly applied magnetic poles are repelled from each other. This way you can find the desired position of the cradle by touch. How to properly charge the watch is described in the instructions. Now let’s move on to design.

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Sensors, memory and communication

In addition to the accelerometer and gyroscope, there are other high-precision meters. For example, ambient light sensor and barometric altimeter. However, athletes will be interested in learning about an optical heart rate monitor and electrical tracking of heart activity. Accuracy equates to ECG. But there is a condition for the operation of the heart rate monitor. the back panel of the case should fit snugly to the wrist.

The watch is equipped with 16 GB of internal memory. Even a flash drive is not needed here. Another feature is the Apple W3 chip, which provides wireless communication. Smart Watch from Apple works on the watchOS 5 operating system. Pairing is possible only with apple gadgets via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Series 4 Nike Features

All existing sports features are included in the device and new ones have been added. For example, meditation mode. The watch teaches the user the right rest, during which the body relaxes and gains strength. Another feature is the player. Smart Watch can play music. Better to listen to tracks with headphones. The design is devoid of a standard connector. In contrast, support for a wireless headset. Expand Your Functionality with the Nike Training Club App.

  • Uploading training photos in real time
  • Online competition with other users in running and swimming
  • Help from a personal trainer to improve your workout to achieve your goal

Compared: Apple Watch Series 5 VS Apple Watch Series 4

Battery and work without recharging

The watch is equipped with a non-removable lithium-ion battery. The capacity is enough for half a day. If you reduce the load, the battery life will increase.

How long does Apple Watch Series 4 Nike last on a single charge:

  • 16 hours. full load, navigator turned on and communication with the phone
  • 32 hours. full load, disabled navigation and communication modules
  • 24 hours. part load with variable navigation

What’s the Difference Between Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3?

recently, Apple presented a 3rd generation watch. let’s take a look at what the company has been working on for a whole year and what has changed since the Watch Series 2.?

This time we will do without a comparative table, because Apple in the 3rd generation of its watches has also added a model with a built-in SIM-card, which means that we have to compare as many as 6 “different” devices! Given the fact that the dimensions have remained practically unchanged (a couple of millimeters does not count), we will focus exclusively on the most important differences between Series 3 and Series 2.

  • Now there is a version with LTE. The most important difference. True, it is absolutely useless for us. this function does not work in Russia. The fact is that the watch uses a built-in SIM card. our operators do not yet provide such services and opportunities.
  • Design element. By the way, the LTE version has one fundamental difference in terms of design. the scroll wheel is now with a red dot! Awesome innovation (sarcasm).
  • CPU. Of course, Apple Watch Series 3 received a new S3 processor (which is said to be 70% faster than in Series 2), as well as a special microchip for wireless communication. W2 (the same is used in Airpods).
  • RAM. The RAM value also increased to 768 MB (in the second generation it was 512 MB).
  • Inner memory. For the version without LTE, nothing has changed, the size of the internal storage is still 8 GB. But Series 3 with a SIM card will receive an increased volume. 16 GB.
  • Barometric altimeter. Now the clock can count how many floors you have climbed or descended.
  • Bluetooth 4.2. The version of the “blue tooth” has become slightly higher (in Series 2. Bluetooth 4.0). What is the plus? The data transfer rate increases. Considering that a lot of data is first downloaded to the iPhone, and then via Bluetooth to the Apple Watch, this will obviously not be superfluous.

Nothing else has changed. these are the same good Apple Watch Series 2. With water protection, GPS, the promised runtime of 18 hours (with mixed use), etc.

How Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 are different?

I decided to summarize all the main characteristics in one table, here they are:

Apple Watch Series 1 38 mm Apple Watch Series 1.42 mm Apple Watch Series 2 38 mm Apple Watch Series 2 42 mm
CPU Apple S1 CPU: 520MHz Cortex A7 GPU: PowerVR Series5 Apple S2 CPU: 2 x 520MHz Cortex A7 GPU: PowerVR Series6 ‘Rogue’
Memory 512MB LPDDR3 RAM / 8GB NAND
Display 1.32 “272×340 OLED 450 nits brightness 1.5 “312×390 OLED 450 nits brightness 1.32 “272×340 OLED 1000 nits brightness 1.5 “312×390 OLED 1000 nits brightness
Size and weight 38.6×33.3×10.5mm 25/40 / 55g (Aluminum / Steel / Gold) 42×35.9×10.5mm 30/50 / 69g (Aluminum / Steel / Gold) 38.6×33.3×11.4mm 28.2 / 41.9 / 39.6g (Aluminum / Steel / Ceramic) 42.5×36.4×11.4mm 34.2 / 52.4 / 45.6g (Aluminum / Steel / Ceramic)
Waterproof IP 67.Splash proof Immersion in water to a depth of 50 meters
Battery 0.78Whr or 205 mAh 0.93Whr or 250 mAh 1.03Whr or 273 mAh 1.27Whr or 334 mAh
Wireless connections Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n Bluetooth 4.0, GPS

Here are some of the biggest differences between Series 2 and Series 1:

  • Screen brightness. The 2nd generation Apple Watch doubles the screen brightness. 1000 nits versus 450 in Series 1. The display resolution remains unchanged.
  • Water resistant. Series 2 can be submerged in water to a depth of 50 meters and they will have nothing. The very first model withstood only splashes.
  • Dual core processor. Everything should work even faster!
  • GPS. Apple has equipped the second Watch with a GPS module. now you can track the distance traveled directly on the watch.
  • Slight increase in battery capacity. Most likely, this is due to the advent of GPS. It consumes some additional energy, and in order for the second generation of watches to work no less than the previous one, it was necessary to slightly increase the battery.
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As you can see, on the one hand, the changes are not very significant. On the other hand in my opinion, the protection against water and GPS are very useful things that perfectly complement the image of a sports watch.

Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 comparison. what’s the difference and what to choose?

Hello everyone! How good it used to be there is one iPhone model. you pick a color and buy it. There is one model of Apple Watch. I chose the size, color, strap I bought it. Now the range of gadgets of the Cupertino company has grown greatly, and at the same time, if we talk about watches, they are not so different.

In this article, we will not analyze the case materials, color, straps, some models differ only in appearance and pre-installed software (such as Apple Watch Nike), since the company constantly adds / removes various options (a lot has changed since my review) and it is simply impossible to keep track of all this.

Therefore, let’s focus exclusively on the main differences between Apple Watch of different generations.

Well, whoever wants to see current models and choose a strap can do it on the official website.

Everything. The introduction has dragged on. it’s time to start. Let’s go!

So which Watch to choose. the first, second or third generation?

Actually, after all these comparisons, this is the most important question. Considering the fact that Apple releases new models approximately once a year, now we will find out which watch to buy in 2017-2018.?

It would seem that now we should have a choice from Series 1, 2 and 3. But the company makes money, so after the release of the 3rd generation, it left only Apple Watch 1 and 3 for sale.

So, we will choose between the first and third versions:

  • The Series 1 is worth buying if you need the watch as a kind of companion for your iPhone and nothing else. Receive notifications, watch time, control music. the first generation of Watch does an excellent job of all these and many other functions.
  • Series 3 is more about sports. GPS, full moisture protection, barometric altimeter. useful helpers during training.

And finally, do not forget about the price. the difference between Series 3 and Series 1 is on average 6000-8000 rubles. Agree, the amount is rather big and it is worth considering Are the additional chips worth the third version of that kind of money? Are they needed? Or is it complete and completely useless nonsense? It’s up to you to decide!

Finally, a really smart watch What is the difference between Apple Watch 5 bought in the UAE from ours, edition specially for Russia

Thank you for visiting my page

So, this is my 3rd watch from Apple. also had 1 Series and 2 series

They were purchased during our recent vacation trip to the UAE

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 4. Full Comparison!

My previous watch just stopped connecting to my new iPhone, as it was outdated for it, as I later realized) Interesting Apple policy. bought a new iPhone, be kind and update the watch!

  • they have become completely waterproof
  • their display does not go out (but you can specially set it to go out, to whom it is more convenient)

Now you don’t have to raise your hand or touch the display to see the time or other information on the dial. Display is always on.

The rear sensor has also undergone changes

What is the difference between watches that are supplied to Russia from foreign ones?

Pay attention to this red ring. it shows. that my watch supports the Esim format, which unfortunately is not supported in our country

So on my watch this ring is just a distinctive sign, a reminder that they were bought during a vacation) I hope someday Esim will be supported in the Russian Federation

What I actively use on Apple Watch 5:

  • measurement of pulse, physical activity, sleep quality. all this is synchronized with the Health program on the phone, I entered my data there, very convenient
  • being at home, I talk for hours with the help of Airpods headphones (I do not like speakerphone) sometimes I do this on the street, but for some reason more often at home
  • I actively use the calculator on them
  • I watch notifications from instant messengers, I rarely answer them, it’s more convenient from the phone, but you can also answer them

As you can see, I have a lot of apps in the main panel

I don’t know how anyone, but with very active use, the charge lasts for a day or a little more)

The complete set is scanty: watch, belt, charging! And then I have it Arabic, I use an outlet from the iPad)

I recommend buying! Modern, stylish gadget.