The difference between ipad 2018 and 2019

IPad 2019 release date

Users are likely to see the new tablet in March 2019, as the two previous 9.7 inch iPad models were released on March 24, 2017 and March 27, 2018.

On January 25, it became known that Apple has registered 7 new tablet models. Such a step always precedes the release of new gadgets. 7 received registration numbers most likely refer to iPad and iPad mini models with different memory sizes and the ability to work from Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Previously, new devices were registered a month before the release date, so the release of iPad 2019 can be expected in early March. Some experts say that Apple will not organize a large-scale event on the occasion of the release of the new product, since apart from the iPad they will have nothing to represent. The company can limit itself to a press release, as it did when launching a new tablet in 2017.

Chinese analysts promise major changes in the design of the device. If Apple does release a model with a larger screen and thinner bezels, its release will have to wait until the scale presentation in the second half of 2019.

Design and appearance of iPad 2019

The big question about the new iPad design changes is whether Apple will use the full-screen approach (thin bezels, no Home button, and Face ID) like the Pro line.

Based on information from the report of Chinese analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the iPad 2019 screen will indeed be increased to 10.2 inches by narrowing the bezels. It’s unlikely that the company will decide to use Face ID and remove the Home button. Many users love the classic design. In addition, equipping the tablet with a face recognition system will significantly increase its price, and models from the Pro mowing line will lose their “chip”.

IPad 2019 price

The successful sales of the 2018 9.7-inch iPad can be attributed in part to Apple’s pricing policy. The reasonable cost of this model, combined with excellent technical characteristics, attracted the attention of buyers. The tablet sold very well without the premium brand premium. Especially in contrast to less powerful and more expensive models such as the iPad mini 4.

Unless the 2019 iPad is redesigned, it will cost slightly more than the 2018 model. But if the company launches a 10.2-inch iPad, then the new iPad mini will be the budget version, and the price of the full-size iPad will rise.

iPad 2019: release date, price and specifications

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In this article, we have collected all the rumors that circulate about the release date, price, design changes, new features and technical specifications of the iPad 2019. If you are planning to update the tablet. keep reading.

At the moment, the most successful model of the Apple tablet. this is the 9.7 inch iPad 2018. It combines the right size, fast performance, reasonable price and compatibility with the first generation Apple Pencil.

2019 iPad Specifications and New Features

The challenge for the developers and engineers was to improve the performance of the 2019 iPad over the 2017 and 2018 models, so that buyers have a reason to pay attention to it and spend their money. But still retain the benefits of the Pro Mowing Line.

Given this approach, the iPad 2019 is likely to be compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil. This will boost sales for the improved second-generation Apple Pencil, which magnetically attaches to the tablet, supports wireless charging, and is exclusively designed to work with iPad Pro models.

It is possible that the iPad 2019 will support Portrait mode. Despite the lack of a dual lens camera, the Pro tablets took portrait shots using software. Portrait Mode works on the same principle in the iPhone XR.

The new iPad 2019 will get the A11 processor, which is faster than the A10 in previous models, but not as powerful as the A12X in the Pro models. The screen resolution will remain the same. 2048 x 1536. Perhaps Apple will equip the new tablet with the ProMotion system, as in the iPad Pro, which automatically adjusts the refresh rate of the picture on the screen depending on the type of activity and saves battery power.

As for the connectors, we will see the familiar Lightning port, but we will most likely say goodbye to the headphone port. iPad Pros are equipped with a USB-C connector, as they are designed for professional use by people in creative professions.

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The A10 Fusion comes from the previous generation. It will be enough for most everyday tasks, but professional software for video editing and photo processing may already “think”.

If you are considering a tablet as a multimedia device for your home or an ordinary reader, feel free to buy the seventh generation, which will last for several more years. Of course, I would like to see the A10X Fusion, which was in the iPad Pro 2017, but the usual “ten” will go.

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What was left unchanged?

Design. The only difference is in the frame, which is larger due to the smaller display. Supports 1st generation Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, Lightning connector and same battery life. Two speakers and a 3.5mm jack are also unchanged.

iPad Air (2019) vs iPad 7th generation. which one to choose?

The September 10 presentation kicked off with the surprise announcement of the seventh generation iPad for 329. The novelty has received a display with a larger diagonal, support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Let’s see if it is worth overpaying for the iPad Air (2019), which at first glance is not much different from the new tablet.


The “seventh” iPad has a 10.2-inch Retina display without lamination, anti-reflective coating, True Tone technology and P3 color gamut. The Air has it all, and the diagonal is slightly larger. 10.5 inches.

Current iPad line

Most users won’t notice much of a difference. Compared to the iPad Pro, yes. There is 120Hz, which makes the picture smooth and the tablet feels completely different.

iPad (2020) 8th Generation Vs iPad (2018) 6th Generation! (Comparison) (Review)


Minor differences

The front camera in the seventh generation iPad is only 1.2 megapixels versus 7 megapixels in the Air (2019). It’s quite sad, it’s only enough for video calls. First generation Touch ID is not very fast. The maximum amount of memory ends at around 128 GB, the Air (2019). 256 GB.

And what to take?

Depends on the tasks: if you need a device to watch videos at home, read books and “social networks”, then there is no point in overpaying for Air (2019). In fact, the Air (2019) is the same device, but with a better display and a processor that will last a couple of years extra.

If earlier Air (2019) differed from the “regular” iPad in keyboard support, now there is no difference. All iPadOS chips will be available, which means the seventh generation will be a “popular” device with excellent sales. The price, of course, decides, but the iPad (2019) is just wonderful.

It only makes sense to update to the seventh generation iPad from very old models. Last year’s iPads are practically the same, and the very first iPad Pros will last another year or two.

Office options from Microsoft

With the release of a new version of Office, Microsoft was unexpectedly in the spotlight for me. It doesn’t seem like such a big deal. However, all the media wrote about the update. And I was already delighted, having decided that there was a lot, tasty and interesting. However, the event, as it turned out upon closer examination, is not so significant, since, for example, in Office 365 ProPlus, which I have been constantly using for several years, all Office 2019 updates have been available for a long time. Some I started using two years ago. And if you look at the page with updates on the official Microsoft blog, it becomes absolutely unclear where all the fuss comes from.

Microsoft is probably experiencing ambivalence right now. On the one hand, they are certainly glad to be in the spotlight. The media write about updates, bloggers are filming the story of how Office conquered the world, and stuff like that. On the other hand, it is obvious that Microsoft does not like Office 2019 and released it only because it was already indecent to pull further.

Microsoft understands that it is not one-off sales that are important, but a stable cash flow. After all, whatever one may say, Office at the moment remains the largest source of profit.

iPad (2019) vs iPad (2018) // 2020


Comment on the graph below. In Microsoft terminology: Personal Computing is Windows and games, and Productivity and Business is Microsoft Office and Linkedin.

Microsoft has released its fiscal 2018 results. And the graph shows that Microsoft’s financial future rests on two pillars. cloud computing and office software. By the way, cloud computing has already overtaken Windows in net profit and almost equaled revenue from Office, and a year ago the lag was much more noticeable.

Since the summer of 2011, when Office 365 was first introduced, Microsoft has consistently pushed its relevance. Office 365 is a subscription service, which means you can use it as long as you pay money. And here are the independent versions of Office, the so-called standalone. they are, in fact, users lost to business. They paid the money once and disappeared from the radar, since the basic needs of the office majority are more than covered by Office 2010. For example, when discussing the topic, Roman Belykh said that he used Office 2003 with great pleasure until it started to fail on Windows 10.

However, there are fewer people like Roman, and users around the world are slowly getting used to and crawling to the subscription model, since 300 rubles a month, or 1 kg of chicken fillet on sale, or two hamburgers. not that much money for most. In the case of an Office 365 subscription, the psychology trick also works. giving 269-330 rubles each month (depending on the version from 1 to 5 installations) is morally easier than spending 5,199 rubles right away (for 1 installation). This is evidenced by figures from the annual report. The entire Office category grew 10% over the year, while Office 365 soared 38%. The total number of subscribers reached 31.4 million.

Microsoft has tried to make “one-time” Office an ugly duckling that you won’t want to buy.

To begin with, find a separate version of Office on the official Microsoft website. this is a small quest. For example, this is what the main Office page looks like. Not a single mention of such a product:

You can find out that there is a version that provides for a one-time purchase only by failing to the Office 365 tariff plans.

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However, looking at the tariff plans, I somehow do not want to buy a separate office. He looks very scanty. The package doesn’t even include Outlook. It says in red that Office 365 is getting better, but this one only mentions that the services are not supported. It is curious that a separate office is not offered for business at all. Probably, by the way, because of this, there is such a boost in percentage on Office 365. Companies around the world are gradually updating, and they have to fork out.

Next comes the comparison between office suites. I don’t know why this happened, but the font in comparison is much smaller than on other pages. Thus, the user is more likely to be guided by the benevolent green check marks, the absence of which in the third column, as it were, hints that the product is so-so.

Separately, I was pleased with the wording that technical support in chat and by phone is provided within 60 days after purchase. All that is missing is that when you buy a window pops up with the inscription “Well, don’t! Please don’t buy! Let’s get a better subscription! “.

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019

The main difference is that you buy a separate Office only once and you can use it as much as you like. And this is the only plus. Now the cons. First, there are only 4 applications in a separate Office. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. By the way, the latter is already completely free and comes with Windows or is downloaded from the AppStore for macOS. No Outlook, Publisher or Access for you. It is especially unclear why Outlook was taken away. If Publisher and Access. specific programs are not for everyone, then Outlook. it is a powerful and practical email client.

Second, Microsoft will have little or no support for a standalone Office. Sometimes security patches will arrive, but no more. No new features. While Office 365 comes with some updates, fixes and tweaks almost every month. For example, in September, Microsoft corrected an issue that I think everyone who uses Excel has encountered: “September 5 Update: Fixes an issue in Excel where the dotted line marking the range of cells the user has selected to copy does not disappear and remain on the clipboard even during subsequent user operations, such as “paste” “. But the owner of a separate version of Excel is doomed, as I understand it, to suffer until he changes his office to a subscription one. In the same way, he will not receive new diagrams and other features.

It is clear that business dictates its own rules, but nevertheless it is a little offensive that, having bought the program for the price of an almost 2-year subscription, you practically do not receive technical support.

What’s new in Office 2019

For those who use Office 365, nothing new, as all the features have been available for a long time. However, let’s still go over the innovations, from which a new version has appeared.

Microsoft is confident that the future is in computers with touch screens, which is why Office has improved support for working with stylus. For example, if I pick up the stylus right now, I can immediately start making notes.

The same will happen in Excel, and in PowerPoint, along the way, you can still move objects on the slide.

Word has a black color scheme, which hardly anyone will need, since a white document on a black background leads to the fact that the eyes begin to tire quickly.

Other updates: improved text-to-speech functionality.

Excel has more updates. Added a new type of chart Finnel Chart.

And a graph with a geographic map, for example, you can specify cities, countries and numbers. Excel will bind itself. And the cards will be taken to Bing. Other updates related to engine compartment movements. PowerPivot and PowerQuery optimizations. It also became possible to send data from Excel to PowerBI. Amazing thing! For Office 365 users, this feature was available at least 2 years ago, as I remember exactly that I used it at the end of 2016.

PowerPoint now has the ability to insert icon format files, SVG and 3D models. I don’t know about the model, but SVG files on Office 365 are already 1.5 years old for sure.

Other PowerPoint updates from Microsoft:

Mentions appeared in Outlook. To do this, you need to use the dog symbol in the text. Also not new, as on Office 365, mentions are available even when editing text in Word.

How Microsoft handled everyone: Office 2019

When to expect Office 2019

As you may have noticed, the screenshots above were taken for Office 2016, as the new Office 2019 is currently only available as part of an Office 365 Enterprise subscription. Everyone else will be able to purchase Office 2019 in the next few weeks (exact time not specified).

I think you, like me, are absolutely thrilled with the latest standalone update to Office 2019 from Microsoft. Such a variety of tasty and useful functions that are eye-catching. I suppose this update can be seen as a kind of commemoration for the non-subscription editions of the program. In general, there is nothing to be surprised at. Every month we pay for the Internet, mobile communications, Apple Music, Netflix or Amediateku, for libraries like BookMate, and even for Microsoft Office, since there are no alternatives for professional work. In my opinion, it was not entirely correct for Microsoft to roll out such an update and focus on it. Or maybe they didn’t want to. they quietly wrote in a corporate blog, and the media suddenly raised a buch.

2019 10.2″ iPad vs 2018 iPad Pro. Ultimate Comparison


In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, you can confess your love for Microsoft Office, talk about your favorite Excel formula combinations or macros that you are proud of, tell how a well-written presentation affected your career, and stuff like that. And most importantly, please respond to those who in Russia for personal use bought a paid subscription to Office, and did not download the package on a torrent.

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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 64GB LTE. the most popular Chinese tablet

Specifications: Android 8.1 operating system, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 8 cores, 64 GB of internal and 4 GB of RAM, there is a slot for a memory card, a glossy IPS-screen 8 inches with a resolution of 1920×1200, Wi-Fi support, SIM cards, 3G and 4G LTE. Camera 13 MP, front camera 5 MP. Weight 342 g. Battery capacity 6000 mAh. There is a face unlock function.

Rating of the best tablets for 2019 (price-quality). Top 10

Apple iPad Pro 11 64Gb Wi-Fi

Specifications: iOS operating system, Apple A12X Bionic processor, 8 cores, 64 GB of internal memory, no memory card slot, 11-inch glossy IPS screen with a resolution of 2388×1668, Wi-Fi support, 12 megapixel camera, 7 megapixel front camera. Battery capacity 29.4 Wh. Battery life 10 hours. Weight 468 g. Face unlock function. Stylus and keyboard support, while the keyboard is purchased separately and costs about 15 thousand rubles.

Despite the fact that in the smartphone market there is a trend towards frameless models, this practically did not affect tablets, but Apple offered a variant close to frameless, calling it an edge-to-edge display. As a result, the dimensions of the 11-inch iPad Pro are almost identical to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but the screen has become larger. by narrowing the bezel around the display.

Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 64Gb LTE

Specifications: Android 8.0 operating system, HiSilicon Kirin 960 processor, 8 cores, 64 GB of internal and 4 GB of RAM, there is a slot for a memory card up to 256 GB, a glossy IPS-screen 10.8 inches with a resolution of 2560×1600, Wi-Fi support. SIM cards, 3G and 4G LTE. Camera 13 MP, front camera 8 MP. Weight 498 g. Battery capacity 7500 mAh. There is a fingerprint scanner.

Huawei MediaPad T3 10 “16GB LTE. The most popular Huawei tablet

Specifications: Android 7.0 operating system, Qualcomm 1400 MHz processor, 4 cores, 16 GB of internal and 2 GB of RAM, there is a slot for memory cards up to 128 GB, a screen of 9.6 inches with a resolution of 1280×800, Wi-Fi support, SIM cards. 3G, LTE, camera 5 megapixels, front camera 2 megapixels, battery life in video viewing mode 8 hours, weight 460 g.

Apple iPad (2018) 32Gb Wi-Fi. most popular iPad

Specifications: iOS operating system, Apple A10 processor, 4 cores, 32 GB of internal and 2 GB of RAM, no memory card slot, glossy IPS-screen 9.7 inches with a resolution of 2048×1536, Wi-Fi support, 8 megapixel camera, front camera 1.2 megapixels. Supports the ability to work with a Bluetooth keyboard and Apple Pencil stylus. Weight 469 g. Battery capacity 32.4 Wh. Battery life. 10 hours.

Lenovo Tab 4 TB-X304L 16Gb. most popular Lenovo tablet

Specifications: Android 7.0 operating system, Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, 4 cores, 16 GB of internal and 2 GB of RAM, there is a slot for memory cards up to 128 GB, a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×800, Wi-Fi support, SIM cards, 3G. 4G LTE, 5 megapixel camera, 2 megapixel front camera. Battery capacity 7000 mAh. Battery life 12 hours, weight 505 g.

Alternative to Cydia

The fact that AltStore can work on even an iPhone without jailbreak (bypassing all Apple locks) makes it possible to install it on any iPhone, including smartphones of the 2019 model year, a little over two weeks have passed since their debut. The developers have simplified the AltStore installation process as much as possible, due to which any owners of Apple devices can use it, regardless of their level of computer literacy.

How AltStore works

AltStore uses Apple’s idea of ​​allowing application developers to install their creations on the iPhone for testing bypassing the App Store, that is, directly. To do this, they may not even receive the necessary Apple certificates, which they actively use in the same. company employees use internal applications to interact with each other.

This is done using a special Xcode utility, the work of which is imitated by AltStore. According to the developer, AltStore works not only on iPhones, but also on iPads, which since 2019 have switched to their own iPad OS platform. a modified version of iOS.

Another important feature of AltStore is the open source project, which Riley Testut posted on GitHub (owned by Microsoft). According to The Verge, he did this in order to prove to everyone that AltStore is completely safe for end users and does not carry any hidden functions.

What is AltStore for?

Unlike Android, Apple mobile platforms do not have the ability to install applications from third-party sources by default. you can download software exclusively from the App Store. The limitation can significantly reduce the likelihood of mass distribution of malicious programs, which often fall victim to the owners of Android gadgets.

Percentage of readiness and launch dates

Riley Testut said the AltStore catalog will begin to grow with the official launch of the service before the end of this week. The launch date is September 28, 2019. To simplify the transition of users to AltStore, its interface was almost completely copied from the App Store.

What Apple Can Do

Apple, which fixes potentially jailbreakable vulnerabilities in each new version of iOS, may not be able to cope with AltStore in the foreseeable future, since it does not need this very jailbreak. As Riley Testut himself noted, in order to overcome AltStore, Apple will have to make significant changes to the source code of iOS and iPad OS, which can negatively affect single developers and small software development studios that need a simple and convenient tool to test their applications on the iPhone. and iPad.