The difference between ipad 2018 and ipad 2019

Which to choose. iPad Pro 2017 or 2018?

In 2018, Apple seriously revamped the iPad Pro. This is due to the superior performance achieved by the Apple A12X processor, long battery life, and a new form factor. But is it good enough to refuse to buy the previous generation “proshka”? How much does it outperform its predecessor in terms of speed? Let’s find out.

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The biggest advantage the 2018 iPad Pro has over the previous generation is, of course, its display. The stunning 11-inch and 12.9-inch IPS panel with striking bezels is a true admiration for the talent of Apple’s engineers. Yes, this tablet offers a new display size (a 12.9-inch modification was also available for the 2017 model). In the new model, Apple was able to make the display absolutely symmetrical, despite the TrueDepth system, which is responsible for face recognition.

The heart of the tablet is the eight-core A12X Bionic processor. It is 90% faster than the previous generation, making it one of the most productive “stones” for personal computers. When testing the 2017 and 2018 models, the iPad Pro (2018) scores 5028 points in a single-core test and 18181 points in a multi-core test, while the previous model achieves 3976 points in a single-core test, 9555 points in a multi-core test. It can be seen that Apple representatives did not lie to us, talking about a double performance increase.

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Another plus of the new iPad is the ability to select modifications with different memory sizes. Even for the 11-inch iPad Pro, you can choose the 1TB option, but the regular 64GB version (including the cellular module) is still there. If you need a model with a large screen (12.9 inches), here the golden mean will be the iPad Pro 512 GB (or 256 GB, but with support for SIM cards).

2019 10.2″ iPad vs 2018 iPad Pro. Ultimate Comparison

However, such a large gap is observed exclusively in synthetic tests. In real use, there is almost no difference, and both generations of the tablet perform equally well. The 2017 iPad Pro is also available in 12.9-inch screen sizes, and is available in a range of 256GB to 512GB (with Wi-Fi and SIM). But he also has an advantage. if you look at the same new iPad, it already costs almost 92,000 rubles. Agree, it’s hard not to notice the difference, and your wallet is of the same opinion.

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One thing in common for all

iOS is the operating system that runs both the iPad Pro 2017 and iPad Pro 2018. In other words, if you pay less or more, you get iOS with the same features and the same set of apps available.

Wait, there’s a 10.5-inch iPad Pro?

Yes, this is the most inexpensive member of the iPad Pro line. By and large, this is still the same iPad Air (but in a different design), but it has become much more powerful and has got support for the Apple Pencil. The same components are responsible for the work of the pencil as in the older iPad Pros. Therefore, the work should be smooth, soft and realistic.

This tablet is suitable for those who are not too chased after the power and screen size. However, 10.5 inches is the size of an iPad‘s screen that will suit most users. You can get iPad Pro in 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch screens, but bigger isn’t always better. Many are accustomed to the 9.7-inch iPad screen, but here the screen is slightly larger, so you won’t have to adapt for a long time. And which! Don’t chase 13 inches, it’s big enough.

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As for the Smart Keyboard, this is an accessory available to iPad Pro owners and not available to a regular iPad owner. This accessory is expensive, and it connects through a special Smart Connector, which is not available on a regular iPad. However, you can purchase any other wireless keyboard for iPad and connect via Bluetooth.

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