The fn button does not work on a Samsung laptop

Enable in BIOS

Once a lady approached me and complained that “the Fn key does not work for her,” after repairing and reinstalling the operating system. But it turned out that the professionals inadvertently disabled it in the BIOS. But maybe they just reinstalled the BIOS and forgot to turn it on.

How to Enable / Disable Fn Key to Use With Action / Function Keys?

  • Reboot the machine and press one of the keys at once: Del, F2, Esc. The keys may differ depending on the BIOS version. But often on the first download window you should see a prompt with a suitable button.
  • Now take a look at the sections where “Action Keys Mode”, “Hotkey Mode” or “Unction key Behavior” can be found. Then we select this item and turn it on in the “Enabled” mode.
  • When you exit, do not forget to save the configuration, otherwise the key will be turned off.

If you cannot find such an item or the “Hot Keys” mode is enabled, then there is a problem with the drivers. This often happens when reinstalling the operating system and on some laptops it is necessary to additionally install firewood.

How to enable or disable the Fn key on a laptop

The Fn key, located at the very bottom of laptop keyboards, is needed to call the second mode of the F1-F12 row buttons. In extreme models of laptops, manufacturers increasingly began to make the multimedia mode of the F-keys the main one, and their main purpose went to the 2nd plan and asks for simultaneous pressing with Fn. For some users, this option seems comfortable, for the second, on the contrary, not. In this article, we will analyze how to enable or disable Fn.

How to activate the fn button on a laptop. The Fn button does not work on an Asus, Samsung, HP laptop and other 5 methods to solve the problem

BIOS options

If you just want to change the operating mode of the F-keys from multifunctional to multimedia, or vice versa, without disabling the Fn button one hundred percent, use the BIOS functions. At the moment, in virtually all laptops, this feature is switched specifically there, and by default, after purchasing the device, multimedia mode is activated, thanks to which the user can control the monitor brightness, volume, rewind and other options.

Expanded on how to change the mode of operation of the F-keys through the BIOS, it is written in the material at the link below.

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Keyboard shortcut

This option is far from universally applicable, since depending on the brand and model of the laptop, the set of secondary assignments for the upper row of buttons differs. Nevertheless, he can help some of the readers, and they will not have to go over to the most labor-intensive method.

Examine the top row of laptop buttons. If there is a lock icon that blocks / allows Fn to work, try using it. Often such an icon is placed on Esc, but, maybe, it can be in another place.

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In addition, from time to time instead of the lock there is an inscription “FnLk” or “FnLock”, as in the example below.

Press the combination of Fn Esc buttons to unlock / lock the operation of the additional F-row mode.

This feature is available in certain models of laptops Lenovo, Dell, ASUS and some others. In modern HP, Acer, etc., blocking, as a rule, is absent.

The Fn button does not work on a laptop: how to enable the button?

The “Fn” key is a real assistant, with the help of it you can make the sound louder or quieter, open the application, switch music and almost everything else. But what to do if the “Fn” button does not work and does not want to react to the combination with other buttons. Most often, this button is used for us specifically by laptop users, to quickly turn on the Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth.

But there are also “pianists” who cannot imagine their life without this key. Now in the article I will talk specifically about keyboards on laptops, since this discrepancy arises with them specifically. There are three prerequisites for why the key doesn’t work:

  • The drivers got up crookedly or did not install at all;
  • The key is damaged;
  • Disabled “HotKeys” mode in BIOS.

Now I will tell you in the most thorough and detailed way how to enable the auxiliary button “Fn”. If you have any difficulties in the process, questions or you just want to talk. write about it in the comments below.

NOTE! If you have a PC, it’s best to go to the keyboard manufacturer’s website and download a separate driver. This is especially true of expensive gaming models with an internal processor and system.

Installing Drivers

  • First of all, we go to the official website. But you can manually type the title of the laptop into a search engine. If for some reason the search engine did not find your model, then here are the links:
  • ASUS;
  • ACER;
  • HP;
  • Lenovo.
  • Next, go to the “Support” section. Click on “Drivers and Utilities” and select the version of the operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 and “bit” (32 or 64).
  • We find the item where it is indicated that during the installation there is a pack of “firewood” with the “HotKey” mode. Install and reboot.

I wrote a general annotation, unfortunately, manufacturers’ websites. in various places they cram pages where you can download “Drivers”. Therefore, here for you you will have to search.

Installing the required drivers

Installing drivers for the Laptop keyboard can be fun. But, if at Honor, that quite a lot of users install an illegal version of Windows or install an incorrectly treated program, which was dealt with by a not very diligent programmer, everything falls into place. As a result, some of the buttons on the keyboard may fail.

In this case, you need to enter the main resource of the manufacturer of this laptop and find the driver for the keyboard that we need so much on the manufacturer’s website. Usually, in such cases, you need to enter the laptop model and look at the required drivers. Also, there may be a button on the site, thanks to which this resource will itself determine the model of your laptop. In addition, you can contact laptop support.

  • For ASUS ,
  • HP Laptops ,
  • Aser ,
  • Lenovo ,
  • Sony Vaio.

Why is the fn key needed?

This button on the laptop keyboard allows you to:

  • Make monitor colors more vivid;
  • It makes the sound of this device louder or quieter;
  • It has the ability to disable or enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Can disable touchpad;
  • Send letters;
  • Put Laptop to sleep.

For each laptop model, hotkeys have their own nuances. If you want to learn more about them, then you should carefully study the instructions for your gadget. Also, you can download it from the official website of your laptop.

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How to enable fn on a laptop?

There are several options to enable this button. So let’s use the simplest one. To enable it, you need to press two buttons “NumLock Fn” at once. If you forgot where NumLock is, take a look at the screenshot.

Turn on fn through BIOS

Now we will try to start the operation of this key by entering the BIOS. In this case, you need to be extremely careful, because if you make a mistake, problems may arise with the laptop. Therefore, do everything in steps:

  • So, you need to restart your computer and press the Del, Esc or F button during startup. If you have Windows 10 installed and you cannot enter the BIOS using these buttons, I advise you to read my article “How to enter the Windows 10 BIOS”. In it, I give 5 ways to do this;
  • When you enter it, you need to use the arrows to go to the “SystemConfiguration” tab, then you need to look for the “Action Keys Mode” command;
  • Next, you need to change the word “Disabled” to “Enabled”, which means “Enabled”. To do this, press “Enter” and select the required option from the list;
  • Then, you need to click on the “Esc” key to enter the main window. Then, using the arrows, go to “Exit” and to save the settings made, select (Save Exit Setup);
  • We reboot the laptop and check the functioning of the fn key.

The Fn button does not work on an Asus, Samsung, HP laptop and other 5 methods to solve the problem

Good afternoon friends. The fn button does not work on Asus laptop and other models. What can be done in this case and how to fix it? People who are used to working on stationary computers do not always know that the Laptop keyboard has its own nuances and differences from the usual one. These nuances help to better manage the performance of the laptop.

If you have forgotten where this button is, I can remind you that it is in the bottom row to the left of the second from the Ctrl key. This can be clearly seen in the picture. But, quite often it happens that the fn button on a laptop may stop functioning for some reason. Also, the reverse course of actions is possible. It may happen that Fn will act as if it is constantly being pressed by someone. It’s also frustrating. What needs to be done in this case, we will learn from a separate article.

fn key not working fix !

Cleaning up the keyboard

Your fn key still refuses to function? Have you ever thought that the reason for its failure lies on the surface, and you just need to clean the keyboard from debris? Or maybe this button is just damaged? If so, then you need to contact the service center.

But, while you’re not there yet, let’s try to clear it ourselves. Examine the keyboard carefully and check if this button can be removed, carefully cleaned and put back in place? If not, try cleaning the entire keyboard with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. It is possible that the latter method will solve your problem.!

Special utilities

So, let’s imagine that all the methods that I listed above did not help you, then in this case, we need to apply proprietary programs. Quite often, such programs are found on the DVD that comes with a laptop. If the required laser disk is lost, we will download these utilities on the Internet:

  • For Samsung, we are looking for the following EasyDisplay Manager program;
  • For Toshiba. Hotkey Utility or FlashCards Support Utility;
  • For Sony, looking for SonySharedLibrary or VaioControlCenter;
  • A program that works on all laptops. MagicKeyboard.

Disable Fn on HP Laptops

Enabling the Fn button on HP brand notebooks can cause some unpleasant consequences. For example, when you press the F11 button in the browser, instead of the desired view in the entire window, we may accidentally turn off the speaker. If this bothers you and you do not know how to disable the Fn button on an HP laptop, do not worry. there is a way out.

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I will say right away that the method is not the easiest and for a beginner it may seem complicated. Nevertheless, if you figure it out, then everything is simple here.

To disable Fn on most HP notebooks, follow these guidelines:

  • Go to BIOS. If you have a very old BIOS version, it might be a good idea to update the BIOS first. Then, in order to carry out the procedure for disabling the key, you must press the Esc or F10 key when starting the laptop, depending on the model. The main thing is not to miss the moment.
  • In BIOS, be sure to go to the tab called “System Configuration”.
  • In this tab, you need to change the “Action Keys Mode” parameter to “Disabled”, then press the F10 key.

When you turn on the laptop again, you can see firsthand that the problem has been successfully fixed. The keys now perform their original functions. To use the multimedia functions again, you will now have to hold down the Fn key.

Disable Fn on Asus, Samsung, Fujitsu laptops

I used Asus laptops for a while and I had a similar problem one day. At the time, I had no idea how to disable Fn on an Asus laptop. Then the help of a friend saved me: he advised me to press the Fn and NumLk buttons at the same time, after which my problem was fixed. On some Asus models, press Fn Insert, Fn F11, Fn F12, or just NumLk. If you don’t know how to disable Fn on Samsung laptop, also try the above options. This will work in some models. But in some of them it is not, and you still have to work hard to solve this problem. At these moments, the question sometimes arises: “Which company is the best laptop.” To this I can say that this is a matter of habit, each manufacturer may have their own “chips”.

Now let’s move on to the Fujitsu brand laptops. Of course, few people use them, but maybe someone will come in handy. In most models of this brand, the Fn key is disabled by a combination of Fn NumLk buttons.

With a laptop on “you” or how to disable the Fn button

Using a laptop is tremendous pleasure, but still I ran into one small problem. After installing the operating system, there were some inconveniences with the F1-F12 keys. For some reason I do not understand, when I pressed these buttons, the multimedia part was triggered, which in theory should work if you use the Fn [F1-F12] key combination. We still managed to solve the problem, and now I will try to help you in eliminating this problem.

How to disable Fn on Toshiba laptops

If you need to turn off the Fn button on Toshiba notebooks, install the HDD Protector software.

With its help you will be able to disable the annoying button. How to do it?

  • When you start the program, go to the tab called “Optimization”, then select “Accessibility”.
  • In the window that appears, uncheck the “Use the Fn key”.
  • Save changes by clicking on Ok and keep running.
button, does, work, samsung, laptop

As you can see, there are several ways to disable the Fn button on laptops from different manufacturers. Perhaps the most versatile is the Fn NumLk keyboard shortcut. In the case of my HP laptop, though, you have to sweat a lot. Go for it and hope you succeed!