The icon appeared on the phone screen

Enabling the display of desktop icons

Windows 10 has the same Control Panel applet as before to display desktop icons (This PC, Trash, Network, and User Folder), but it runs from a different location.

The standard way to get to the desired window is to right-click anywhere on the desktop, select “Personalization”, and then open the “Themes” item.

It is there in the section “Related parameters” that you will find the necessary item “Desktop icon settings”.

By opening this item, you can specify which icons to display and which not. Including enable “My computer” (This computer) on the desktop or remove the trash from it, etc.

There are other ways to quickly get into the same settings for returning the computer icon to the desktop, which are suitable not only for Windows 10, but also for all the latest versions of the system.

  • In the control panel in the search box at the top right, type the word “Icons”, in the results you will see the item “Show or hide regular icons on the desktop”.
  • You can open a window with options for displaying desktop icons with a tricky command launched from the Run window, which can be invoked by pressing the Windows R keys. Command: Rundll32 shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL desk.cpl ,, 5 (no spelling errors, all exactly).

Below is a video instruction showing the steps described. And at the end of the article, another way to enable desktop icons is described using the registry editor.

I hope this SIMple method of returning the computer icon to the desktop was clear.

How to return a computer icon to the Windows 10 desktop

The question of how to return the My Computer (This PC) icon to the Windows 10 desktop has been asked on this site more often than any other question related to the new OS (with the exception of questions about update problems) since the system was released. And, despite the fact that this is an elementary action, I decided to write this instruction. Well, at the same time make a video on this topic.

The reason why users are interested in the question is that the computer icon on the Windows 10 desktop is absent by default (with a clean installation), and is turned on differently than it was in previous versions of the OS. And by itself, “My Computer” is a very handy thing, I also keep it on my desktop.

Returning the My Computer icon to Windows 10 using the Registry Editor

There is another way to get this icon back, as well as all the others, is to use the Registry Editor. I doubt that it will be useful to someone, but it will not interfere with general development.

So, in order to enable the display of all system icons on the desktop (note: this fully works if you have not previously used toggle icons on and off using the control panel):

  • Start Registry Editor (WinR keys, type regedit)
  • Open the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced
  • Look for a 32 bit DWORD parameter named HideIcons (if it is missing, create it)
  • Set the value to 0 (zero) for this parameter.

After that, shut down your computer and restart your computer, or log out of Windows 10 and log back in.

The HD icon has appeared. what it says?!

Modern technologies are developing at a breakneck pace. Mobile Internet access is now used not only for downloading information and visiting sites, but also for high quality voice calls. This technology is called Voice over LTE, or VoLTE for short. At the end of 2019 code (and in some regions of Russia even earlier), mobile operators began to provide this opportunity to their subscribers. The main thing is that the phone supports this function. This is exactly the appearance of HD Voice or VoLTE icons in the notification area of ​​your phone and means that the technology is turned on and it fully supports working with it.

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It’s just that some manufacturers use one badge, others have another. This is normal! And even different models of the same manufacturer may have differences. So, for example, on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 smartphone the VoLTE indicator is displayed, but on the old Xiaomi Mi A1 the HD icon is on.

The point of using technology is to make the sound quality for voice calls better and clearer. This was achieved by expanding the frequency range of sound in the range of 50–7000 Hz and higher, while for ordinary voice calls without HD Voice enabled, the frequency range is much narrower. only 300–3400 Hz. The difference, as they say, is obvious! In addition, the operator does not have to pay for this.

Voice over LTE is supported by all modern phones Apple iPhone, Asus ZenFone, Alcatel, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung, ZTE, Xiaomi, etc. Even on those devices that were released before 2017, technology support appears after updating the operating system to the current state.

The HD icon appeared on the phone. what does it mean

Recently, more and more icons began to appear on phone displays. Some of them do not raise questions, since they are quite intuitive. But some raise questions even from those who follow technical innovations. What can I say about people far enough from all this. A striking example is the HD Voice icon or even just two HD letters that appears in the notification bar on the right or left. What does this mean ?! Now you will find out everything!

How to setup?

Everything about the Internet, networks, computers, Windows, iOS and Android

How to turn HD Voice on or off on your phone

In order to activate VoLTE on your Android smartphone, if it is turned off, you will need to go to your phone settings and find the “Wireless networks” section:

Next, we are interested in the subsection “Mobile network”. For some manufacturers, it can be moved to the root section of the settings. It is not important! Open it and look for the SIM card settings:

There will be an item VoLTE Calls, which must be moved to the “Enabled” position using the slider switch. After that, the function should be available, but I would advise you to reboot the device anyway.

To turn off HD calling functions, you need to do the opposite, that is, move the slider to the “Disabled” position.

Features of Xiaomi Redmi phones

Not so long ago, the Chinese developers of the MIUI operating system, on which Xiaomi smartphones work, have included support for Voice over LTE. But then something went wrong and they had to restrict the use of the technology by removing it from the smartphone settings. But you have the option to manually activate the option. To do this, open the phone application and enter the following code on the numeric keypad:

Immediately after that, a message will appear:

After that, the “Enable VoLTE” menu item will appear in the SIM card settings. If after that the quality of your connection deteriorates, on the contrary, it means you need to turn off the function and wait for the smartphone firmware.

The Android icon appeared on the phone

If you see an Android robot with an exclamation mark when you turn on the device, then something went wrong while working with the operating software.

Android with exclamation mark. solutions

If you find an Android robot with a red exclamation mark on the screen, don’t panic. This is a common mistake that is easy to fix.

icon, appeared, phone, screen

There are three ways to solve the problem:

  • Engineering menu. Use the Home, Power and “Volume Down” buttons (go to the engineering menu). Next. Wipe data / factory reset and restart the device
  • Flashing via USB cable and PC. Download the firmware for your device and unpack it to a disk from your computer. Turn off the device by combining the Power and Volume Up buttons, thereby entering the phone into the firmware mode. Follow the program instructions
  • Firmware upgrade via SD card and developer menu. Download the required firmware to your SD card. Insert it into the gadget and enter the engineering menu, as described in method 1. Select “Recover Using SD Card”
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There are still questions and you could not fix the error, or maybe you want to tell us your way of fixing the error. write in the comments below.

What if Android is lying with an exclamation mark? In the article, we will consider the main causes of device malfunction and ways to solve it.

The first version of the Android operating system appeared in 2008. The presence of a large number of functions, ease of use and low price in comparison with analogs made it affordable for a wide range of users. It is not surprising that the issues related to the long and uninterrupted operation of devices with this operating system are very relevant.

An on-screen android icon with an exclamation mark indicates a software malfunction on the device. It can be associated either with the installation of an unlicensed program, or with a virus infection.

Usually, the user may face such a problem when turning on (restarting) a smartphone or tablet. If this happened to you, what can be done?

The first thing that is suggested in such cases is to restore the factory settings. To do this, you need to turn off the device, recharge it to 100% if necessary and turn it on in the menu for developers. Since the key combination depends on the smartphone or tablet model, we recommend that you refer to the instructions. In the standard case, this can be done by SIMultaneously holding the power buttons, volume down and (or) Home.

In some cases, the smartphone after this action can return to factory settings automatically, but sometimes it needs to be done manually. Remember that only buttons work in this state (you cannot use the sensor). You will have to use the volume keys to move up and down through the menu items. In the list, you need to select the position “Wipe data / Factory reset” with the power button or Home button, which means “delete data / reset settings” and in the next window that opens, confirm your choice.

The main disadvantage of this step is that it removes everything from your device that is not the factory default. And these are contacts, messages, photos, audio and video recordings and the programs you installed. Therefore, if you do not want the safety of your data to depend entirely on one electronic device, make backups in advance.

If you are not sure that you can cope with this task on your own, it is better to contact a specialist, because any mistake can lead to disastrous consequences.

If the “USB debugging” function is enabled in the android settings, you can reflash the device by connecting it to a computer or laptop.

Unpack the already downloaded folder with the program on the C drive. Check for downloaded drivers for your smartphone and install if they are not. Turn off the device, use the key combination to enter it into the firmware mode and use the cord to connect it to the computer. Then follow the instructions of the program.

If you did not connect the ability to debug your smartphone via USB cable, consider another option to reinstall the software using the device itself and a flash card. To do this, you will have to return to the previously described menu by selecting the option restore using SD.

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In both cases, at the end you will have to reset the system again to the original settings.

To summarize: Android lies with an exclamation mark. this is not an easy problem, but it can be solved. If you do not want to face it often, be careful what you download to your device. Be sure to install an antivirus.

You can fix the problem either on your own or with the help of a specialist by resetting the settings or reinstalling the software.

Dear Readers! If you have any questions or comments on the article. please leave them below.

I would like to clarify. is the launcher native or third-party? Phone characteristics?

The icon is shown. when for some reason the OS cannot display the “native”.

Moon icon

The moon symbolizes the active Do Not Disturb mode. For incoming calls and messages, vibration will be triggered. That is, this is a SIMple “Silent” mode. The function is configurable, for this go to the parameters in the “Sound” section.

How to return an icon to the screen panel

The icons on the top bar of Honor can be reverted in the options. The instruction does not differ from the one presented above. That is, it is enough to go to the “Notification Manager” and give permission to display alert messages to the desired program.

Other icons

Each phone has its own characteristics in this regard. You can find out about a specific model on the developers website or in the instructions for the purchased device.

What to do if the lock log management icons are missing

Missing icons at the top of your Huawei phone screen? Reboot your device. It is possible that a system failure occurred, which caused the error presented.

Option two. make sure you haven’t turned off the display of notification messages.

One of the common reasons for missing lock log management icons is an overflowed smartphone memory. Sometimes it is necessary to clean the internal and external memory of the device. If there is not enough storage space, many applications stop working or malfunction. That is, the program cannot get the required permissions and many options are blocked. Free up space by deleting the cache of installed applications and unnecessary software. You can use special utilities to optimize.

Meaning of other icons and icons on the screen

  • The n icon on the phone screen means HSPA technology.
  • R icon on the phone screen. means roaming.
  • Lightning bolt icon on the phone screen. an accelerator for downloading files from the Internet.
  • Magnifier icon on phone screen. search engine pointer.

Not only on Android phones, users are asking questions about different icons. For example, the phone handset icon on the iPhone at the top of the screen worries many Apple device users, but that’s another story.


The symbol appears when you start the time counting tool. timer or stopwatch. Disappears, respectively, when these tools are not active.

How to resize icons on the screen

In the font adjustments settings.

N (NFC) icon. How to resize icons on the screen

To change the size of the icons on the screen, go to settings. In the fonts section, you can change the size of the icons.

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