The Laptop Screen Does Not Light Up When Turned On

Screen off button diagnostics

If the problem persists, it is worth making sure that the button responsible for turning off the monitor light does not bring it. This is often due to sugary liquids on the keyboard. A thin needle or toothpick can help. Use one of THESE tools to return the button to the correct position.

Reinstalling the RAM module

Sometimes the image ceases to be displayed on the screen due to Incorrect installation of the RAM. Partial disassembly of the laptop, removal of the memory module and its reverse correct installation can help.

All of the above methods are good for initial diagnostics and help in eliminating simple causes of a malfunction. Keep in mind that in order to avoid unwanted consequences, it is recommended that you entrust your computer repair to professionals.

Checking the brightness level

If a black screen lights up when you turn on the laptop, then the first thing to check is at what level the brightness of the monitor is set. This function is controlled by two of the twelve function keys F1 to F12.

Resetting hardware settings

If there is also no signal on the connected external monitor, you can try to reset the hardware settings. This is done as follows:

  • the laptop is disconnected from power and the battery is removed;
  • the power button is pressed and held for 20 seconds
  • the battery is inserted, the power is connected;
  • the laptop turns on and the usual boot of the operating system is selected.

Connecting an external monitor

If the above methods did not help, then it is worth resorting to diagnostics by connecting an external monitor. To do this, through the VGA or HDMI connectors, it is necessary to connect the computer monitor connected to the power supply (or TV, which has the mentioned connectors) connected to the power supply using an appropriate cable.

In the event that an image is displayed on an external monitor, then we can say with full confidence that the prerequisite for a breakdown is the failure of one of the elements of the laptop’s hardware. To eliminate the problem, you cannot do without contacting a service center for serious repairs, which only highly qualified specialists can do.

Diagnostic methods and solutions to monitor problems

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Laptop screen does NOT light up when turned on

Screen malfunction is one of the most common problems faced by laptop owners. But do not despair if you have such a nuisance. With the right approach, you can return your computer to a working state using simple methods.

The laptop monitor does not light up when turned on. the causes of the malfunction

First of all, it’s worth noting that there are several types of laptop screen problems:

  • the monitor is filled with a gray tint;
  • the image is faintly visible;
  • no signal at all.

All of these problems can occur due to the failure of one or more hardware components. The most common causes of malfunction are:

  • damage to the cable or matrix connector;
  • failure of the laptop matrix (usually this is due to a burnout of the decoder)
  • incorrect operation of the card;
  • damage to the screen matrix inverter;
  • incorrect operation of the backlight lamp.

In addition, the monitor often DOES NOT light up when the laptop is turned on for one of the following reasons not related to the breakdown of computer elements:

  • the key to turn off the screen light has gone down (this function is tied to one of the buttons on the keyboard from F1 to F12, the value may differ depending on the brand and model of the laptop)
  • the screen brightness level is set to zero;
  • incorrect installation of the RAM module or broken contacts;
  • glitch in hardware settings.

Resetting hardware settings

What if you need to reset all hardware settings? For this:

  • users must disconnect the laptop from the power source;
  • unplug the charger
  • remove the battery;
  • then press and hold the power (power on) key of the device for 20 seconds;
  • then you need to insert the battery into place or connect the power system;
  • turn on the laptop;
  • after that, select the item “Normal Windows startup”;
  • press Enter.

If these actions did not help to solve this problem, it is worth moving on to the next point.

Reset BIOS

Maybe the black screen problem appeared immediately after the user made some changes to the basic BIOS settings. In such a situation, it is necessary to reset these very settings and return to the factory settings, that is, the original.

To complete this task, you must adhere to the following instructions:

    as soon as the laptop was turned on, immediately press the F10 button and hold it for at least 10 seconds

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If the computer works as before after restarting, then all problems have been fixed. However, if these frauds did not bring a positive result, it is recommended to proceed to the next step.

Why a black screen on a laptop and it won’t turn on

Almost every second Windows user is faced with a problem when the laptop does not turn on and at the same time only has to contemplate a black screen. We can say that this is almost the most common breakdown.

However, everything may NOT be so serious and it is possible to run to the service center for help. First of all, you need to figure out the causes of the malfunction yourself. Perhaps, you will be able to fix the problem with your own hands, and not by contacting specialists.

device repair

What to do if the laptop turns on for a long time and a black screen appears

Black screen and laptop take a long time to turn on? The reason for this may not necessarily be part breakage. First, you should remember all the latest machinations done with the device.

If the device worked intensively for a long time, then it is most likely overheating. In this case, the laptop needs to be repaired by a qualified technician. Perhaps new programs or games were installed before that. After that, a reboot was performed, and the laptop did not turn on, then these may be Windows errors.

If the laptop does not turn on when using only one battery. Perhaps it is simply DISCHARGED and there is no point in panic. If the charge is in full order, then it is worth connecting the computer to the network.

After the device was connected to the network, it turned on without any problems, then the fault lies in the battery.

Perhaps it needs to be replaced with a new one. But if the computer still does not work, you need to check if all the plugs are in place and if they do NOT come off. The wire may have been pinched or broken somewhere.

It is recommended to check if there is voltage at the outlet. Each laptop has a special light that signals the battery charge and connection to the network. If all indicators are on and the device does not turn on, the error may be different.

It could also be a problem with the hardware settings of the device. In this case, it is not necessary to contact a specialist. The basic steps to fix this problem can be done with your own hands without anyone’s help. To do this, you must reset the hardware settings. The following guidelines will help you cope with this task.

Screen health check

If the laptop does not turn on the first time, and the screen is black, perhaps the whole problem lies in the screen itself. To find out for sure, you need to check the health of the computer screen.

This recommendation should be used only if the power key was pressed and after that the laptop began to show signs of life. I.e:

  • the hard disk started working;
  • cooler noise is heard;
  • lights up.

However, the image has not appeared, then you should connect an additional monitor to the laptop. As a rule, all laptops have a special connector so that you can connect another one. If after rebooting the device the operating system is loaded, then the problem lies in the screen.

In this case, you should contact the service center and consult with specialists.

causes of malfunction

The reasons why the user cannot turn on the laptop can be divided into several categories. Among them:

  • the device could overheat, the result of this could be damage to the south or north bridges;
  • problems with the card or processor;

In the last two cases, you can cope with troubles yourself at home.

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Failure and cease to perform its functions and or another part may due to:

  • mechanical damage;
  • careless handling of equipment;
  • overheating of the apparatus;
  • ingress of moisture and various debris into the system.

Reinstalling the OP module

The image on the display may NOT appear due to car products problems with contacts, as well as due to a malfunction of the memory module.

In this case, you can solve this problem by:

  • removing the RAM module from the laptop;
  • after which, it is recommended to purge the connectors in order to get rid of clogged.

If there is only one RAM strip and at the same time there are several free connectors available for it, you can change its connection place.

Before you start extracting RAM, you need to read the detailed instructions and strictly adhere to THESE recommendations.

Instructions for Removing RAM:

  • before you start working on disassembling the device, you must first disconnect it from the power source;
  • pull out the battery;
  • the next step will be to unscrew the bolts that hold the cover of the compartment where the RAM is located;
  • if there is no separate compartment, you will need to remove the back cover of the laptop (it is recommended to do this carefully so as not to damage the device)
  • RAM is attached with latches on one side and the other, they must be bent;
  • the next step is assembling the laptop;
  • after which, it is worth putting the battery in place;

There are unpleasant cases when these machinations are NOT capable of giving the proper result. In this case, the last way out may be to reinstall the BIOS.

To cope with this task you need:

  • get to the manufacturer’s Internet portal;
  • go to the section with drivers;
  • enter the laptop model without errors in the search window;
  • find and download the (latest) BIOS version.

The downloaded archive should contain detailed instructions. Following it, you can reinstall the BIOS.

In addition, the user should take into account that these reinstallation steps are only necessary as a last resort. To begin with, the most correct thing would be to contact a service center and rely on the professionalism of specialists. After all, the problem with turning on the computer may not be in the BIOS at all, but in the card or other details. In this case, the reasons can be very different.

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These recommendations will help solve the problem of turning on the laptop and the appearance of a black screen if the breakdown is not technical in nature, but the hardware settings are to blame. At the same time, you can save your time and money on trips and maintenance at expensive service centers. Since this breakdown cannot be called serious and you can deal with it yourself, without having the appropriate skills. m

The screen does not light up when the laptop is turned on. we solve the problem

Users often face a problem such as screen malfunction. However, it is worth getting upset. it is quite possible that the situation can be corrected on your own, and not by turning to specialists.

Learning to connect an external monitor

If you have already tried everything, but when you turn on the laptop, the monitor does not light up, then you should try to resort to diagnostic measures with the introduction of an external monitor.

To do this, connect the computer monitor using a special cable (it must also be connected to the network). If you see that everything is in order on the second monitor, the image is visible, then we can clearly say that the prerequisite for the malfunction is the failure of some elements of the laptop hardware. You will have to contact the service center. to carry out diagnostics, and also to fix the problem in this case, only a specialist can do it.

Ways to solve the problem

If the laptop turns on, but the screen is dark, you first need to check at what level its brightness is set. You can control this function using the function keys (read the instructions for the laptop).

If the problem has not been eliminated, then you need to make sure that the button that is responsible for turning off the monitor, Do not bring it. As a rule, this phenomenon occurs due to the carelessness of the owner. sweet tea, or any other sweet drinks and liquids were poured onto the clave. In this case, a toothpick or a thin needle will come to the rescue. with its help I return the button to its place.

Resetting hardware settings

If there is also no signal on the external monitor, then you can resort to resetting the hardware settings. We do it like this:

      • disconnect the laptop from the mains, take out the battery;
      • we press the button responsible for the power, you need to hold it for about 20 seconds
      • then I put the battery back in place and connect the laptop to the mains;
      • turn on the device, while choosing the usual Windows boot.

      The most common problems

      Laptop screen does NOT light up when turned on. what can I do? First, consider the reasons for this, as well as the types of malfunction. So, problems can be of several types:

      • signal comments in general;
      • the monitor is filled with gray, while letters or pictures cannot be seen;
      • poorly visible image.

      Most often, all these malfunctions occur if one of several parts of the hardware component has become unusable:

      • the matrix connector is damaged;
      • the card does not work correctly;
      • the backlight lamp is not working properly;
      • the train is damaged;
      • the matrix is ​​completely out of order;
      • the matrix inverter is out of order.

      The monitor may NOT light up for a reason that is NOT in any way connected with the breakdown of the laptop, for example:

        • the brightness of the screen has been set to zero (see settings);
        • a fuse key that is responsible for lighting the screen;
        • there was a failure in the hardware settings;
        • there was a violation of contacts;
        • OP module installed incorrectly.

        Rearrange the RAM module

        In some cases, the picture on the monitor is NOT displayed as a result of improperly installed RAM. Partial disassembly of the device, removal of RAM, and its subsequent correct installation can help here. It is worth noting that if you are NOT a specialist in this field, it is better to immediately seek help from professionals.

        How to remove “blue screen of death

        Let’s take a look at the general procedure for solving the problem of blue screen errors.

        Why did the blue screen appear

        “Blue screen of death” (BSOD) is a message about a critical error, the detection of which led to an abnormal shutdown of the system (in this case, we consider Windows). As a diagnostic tool for the problem, BSOD is perceived by many as the death of the system. But this is not true: almost all errors can be eliminated.

        In 70% of cases, the prerequisite for a blue screen when loading a laptop is incorrect driver operation. But there are other reasons too:

        • Hardware failure.
        • Laptop component conflict.
        • overheating of equipment.
        • The consequences of improper overclocking.
        • BIOS error.
        • virus action.
        • crashing applications.

        As you can see, the reasons are both hardware and software. To pinpoint the source of the problem, remember (photograph) the error code.

        By the code, you will quickly find the cause on the Internet and, accordingly, you can take the necessary measures to troubleshoot.

        When you turn on the laptop, a blue screen appears. Reasons and repairs in St. Petersburg

        In this article we will figure out why a blue screen appears when you turn on (boot) the laptop and further work on it is NOT possible. This is the case for Windows laptops. We will also learn how to diagnose the problem and fix it on our own, if possible at home. Otherwise, we recommend contacting the service center.

        System Restore and Driver Rollback

        If you have System Restore enabled, then try starting the laptop in Safe Mode and rolling back Windows to the checkpoint when there were NO BSOD problems. If a blue screen appeared after updating drivers or installing new hardware, then for the sake of experiment Disconnect new devices and software rollbacks.

        • Open “Device Manager”.
        • Find the driver (device) that has been updated (installed).
        • Delete it or rollback to a previous version.

        If a blue screen appears when you turn on the laptop and Windows does not load, then you can try to fix the problem using the installation media.

        • Insert the installation disc (USB flash drive) into the laptop.
        • Reboot the device and press F11 at startup until the Boot Menu appears.
        • Select your bootable media from the list.
        • Go to “System Restore”.
      • Select your operating system.
      • Run System Restore or Startup Repair.
      • Windows will be scanned for errors and crashes. If the problem can be fixed automatically, then after restarting the BSOD will disappear.

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        Running a good configuration

        If the blue screen appears 1-2 times, then you can do nothing. there was a failure, which was eliminated by the system on its own. Troubleshooting needs to be addressed in the event that BSOD crashes constantly, every time Windows boots.

        First, try running Last Known Good Configuration. For this:

        • restart laptop.
        • Press the F8 key at startup until the boot method selection screen appears.
        • Select “Last Known Good Configuration”.

        On Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, loading a successful configuration is difficult because the F8 key is disabled by default. You can fix the situation by making changes to the registry, but it is better to go to another method of solving the problem with the appearance of a blue screen. System Rollback.

        other actions

        If the above methods did not help you get rid of the blue screen of death, try the following:

        • Make sure there is enough free space on the hard drive.
        • Install the latest system updates.
        • Scan your laptop with antivirus software.
        • Check your hard drive for errors.
        • Clean the laptop from dust and check its cooling system.
        • Make sure that all modules inside are connected correctly.

        All these are general recommendations for eliminating BSOD. If you want to fix the problem quickly, be sure to find out what the error code shown on the blue diagnostic screen means.

        Reinstall the operating system on the laptop

        Symptom: example of a situation:

        What to do. That is, the computer turns on and successfully comes to boot the operating system. Most likely no hardware problems are observed.

        If a black screen appears on a laptop when Windows starts, we recommend reinstalling the operating system. this is the best way to restore the boot.

        To do this, just use a Windows 10 boot disk or USB flash drive. The best utility for writing a USB flash drive, in our opinion. Rufus.

        Use Safe Mode to boot your laptop

        I went to reboot the laptop, everything is fine with the Windows icon, but the black screen, I wanted to reinstall Windu, I chose it from the flash drive. all ok but again a black screen. I pulled out the battery, tried to return Windu to its normal state, knocked out an error. What to do if your laptop screen won’t turn on?

        Symptom: When you turn on the laptop, you see the Windows logo, but as soon as the download completes, a black screen with a cursor appears. The desktop is NOT displayed, while you can go to the task manager.

        What to do. A small but effective method if you cannot restore the boot of the operating system on a laptop. use Windows Safe Mode.

        You can activate it after initializing the BIOS, to boot the operating system. After turning on the computer, hold down the F8 key on the keyboard. Among the additional boot options, you can choose the Safe Mode itself or its variants.

        Black screen when turning on laptop. what to do?

        If your laptop does not turn on and you see a black screen after booting, this does not lead to run to the service center. In this article. tips on what to do if this blackest screen appears when your laptop starts up. We hope that after reading you will find the correct solution to this problem.

        Contact the service center

        All of the above actions make sense to perform only if you have special skills in laptop maintenance. Otherwise, contact reliable specialists.

        Check if the hard drive is detected in the laptop BIOS

        If the laptop does not boot and you still see a black screen, try going into the BIOS (if it boots) and check if the hard (ssd) drive is detected.

        Clean your laptop from dust

        Finally, one more tip: if your laptop is noisy when booting, dust it off. Sometimes computer overheating directly affects the success of Windows boot.

        Remove conflicting drivers on the laptop and replace with working ones

        What to do. Boot Windows in Safe Mode and remove conflicting drivers. Go to the developer’s website and download the latest drivers for your operating system version. Instructions on how to do it.

        It also makes sense to contact the developers with this problem or look for a solution to your problem on the map developers forum. Judging by the description of your problem, the black screen on the laptop is caused precisely by the driver conflict.

        Laptop matrix not working

        Your monitor may not work. that is, the laptop matrix is ​​out of order. It can be replaced by specialists in a service center or in a repair shop in your city.

        Remove the laptop cover and check the fastening of the RAM modules

        We advise you to check the tightness of the connection of the RAM modules with the slots of the laptop: if the RAM bar has moved away from the motherboard, it is quite possible that the computer will not turn on.

        causes of malfunction

        The reasons due to which the laptop screen does not work can be divided into several groups:

        • Damage to the south or north bridge of the motherboard due to mechanical interference or overheating of the device.
        • Malfunctions with the central processing unit or card.
        • Broken loop, laptop matrix or backlight.
        • RAM crashed or fell out of the socket.
        • Malfunctions in the hardware settings of the computer.
        • The battery stopped working.

        In the first three cases, repair or replacement of parts is required. Malfunctions described in the remaining paragraphs can be tried to be eliminated by yourself.


        BIOS settings

        Laptop users experiencing black screen issue have been helped by a way to reset BIOS to default. If the computer shows signs of life (coolers are working), connect it to the monitor or do the blind procedure:

        • turn on the device.
        • After turning on, press the F10 key for 10 seconds (enter BIOS).
        • The boot menu will open and press F9.
        • Press Enter (rollback to original settings).
        • Press F10 (exit BIOS) /
        • Press Enter to save changes, exit and restart your computer.

        What to do if laptop won’t turn on. black screen?

        Every third laptop owner is faced with a black screen at startup. There can be a lot of reasons that cause the problem, but before contacting a computer repair service, we recommend that you diagnose yourself. We will talk about this below.

        Battery check

        If the laptop shows signs of life when turned on:

        • Connect it to a 220V network, check if there is voltage (look at the laptop charge indication).
        • There is an indication, but the laptop does not turn on. disconnect the charger from the laptop.
        • Pull out the battery as shown in the picture.
        • Clean clogged contacts.
        • Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to remove the residual charge from the motherboard and laptop components.
        • Connect the charger and turn on the device, check the screen operation. If it works, put in the battery and check it again. Laptop won’t turn on? We recommend replacing the battery.
        • Connect monitor via VGA or HDMI outputs.
        • Start your laptop and follow the process.
        • If the BIOS and Windows boot was successful, there is a problem with the screen or its connection (perhaps a loop has come off).

        Checking RAM sticks

        There is a possibility that the motherboard has stopped recognizing random access memory (RAM):

        • Unplug the laptop and take out the charger, turn it over, unscrew the screws.
        • Open the back cover.
        • Gently push the latches in different directions to remove the RAM.
        • Take out the strips of the OP and clean the contacts with an eraser.
        • Change the connector (if there are several) or places of the OP.
        • Insert the OP back at a 45% angle and press lightly from above. The clamps will do all the work themselves.
        • Check the connection of other devices (hard disk or SSD bracket).
        • Close the cover, plug in the device and check its operation.

        If the advice of the article did not help you, we recommend that you contact the service center. Most likely the malfunction is in the hardware. Also write to us, maybe together we can find the problem.

        Turns on and freezes after the splash screen

        Sometimes for some reason “does not start at all”” laptop. And sometimes it still starts, you can see the initial splash screen and basic information about the device on the screen, and then the device freezes. Either nothing happens at all, or information appears about errors that interfere with the full operation of the machine.

        • DO NOT be scared. Most often, the reason for this is the BIOS settings. You just need to enter the BIOS and reset all parameters. “Load BIOS Defaults”. After that save and exit.
        • Sometimes it happens that the laptop freezes, reports a detected error and asks to press a certain button. For example, “Press F1 to continue”. As a rule, after pressing it, it continues to turn on and then works as usual. And although such a solution to the problem is the simplest, one should not ignore the fact of informing about an error. Most often this happens if the battery in the motherboard of the laptop starts to run out or the BIOS settings get lost. Please note that to replace the battery, you must contact the service center.
        • Of course, problems with a laptop can be more serious. For example, malfunctions associated with the operation of the hard drive manifest themselves in a similar way. In this case, there is a chance to determine the presence of problems by ear. If the hard drive is faulty, then you hear how the engine tries to start unsuccessfully under a slight crackling of the heads.
        • Another reason why the laptop won’t turn on is RAM. Some device models provide access to its trims. You can try removing them and gently cleaning the contacts. If this does not help, then start the machine, leaving only one memory module each. In the event that your device has only one bar, then put it in another slot and start the device again. There is a great chance that these actions of yours will help solve the problem.
        The Laptop Screen Does Not Light Up When Turned On

        The laptop does not turn on and does NOT show signs of life

        The worst thing is that an ordinary user of this device can present himself. What to do in this case?

        • Often, if the laptop does not start, then the problem lies in its power supply. Therefore, first of all, check if there is a light in the house and voltage in the outlet.
        • If there were no problems with electricity, you should proceed to inspect the power supply. Perhaps it began to work intermittently, or it broke completely. The surest way to be sure of this is to get the exact same power supply, only in working order. Connect it to your laptop and track if your device turns on.
        • Often, the breakdown of the power supply is very trivial. broken wires or broken contacts in the connectors. By the way, an equally simple rule will help to avoid problems with the charger in the future. To charge the laptop, connect the plug first to the device, and only then the adapter cord to the electrical outlet. The fact is that with a different connection order, a spark appears, which spoils the contacts.
        • If a similar power unit does NOT save the situation, then it’s time to move on to more decisive actions. Remove the battery from your device, wait 10-15 minutes, and then turn on the device. If it turned on without problems, then secure it and put the battery in its original place.
        • Another reason why the laptop does not turn on, sometimes lies in the devices connected to it. Disable all of them, including even the Wi-Fi adapter. Try to start the device again. If the laptop turns on, then I return the external devices one by one to understand which of them provoked the problem.
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        These are the steps you can take on your own when the laptop does NOT boot. If none of them led to the desired results, then the problem should be looked for in a non-working motherboard, breakage of internal contacts and more. And only an experienced master will help with this.

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        Coolers can be heard, but the laptop screen is not working

        So, you know what to do if your laptop won’t turn on. But there are also cases when it starts up, but its screen remains dark. What to do in this case?

        1. Take a close look at the monitor. Perhaps you still manage to consider something? If so, then the screen, most likely, is in order, but the backlight does not work. You can enable it by using the hot keys on the keyboard. Each model has its own and most users are well known.
        2. Another way to check if the screen is working is to connect an external monitor to the laptop. If a picture appears on it, then there is no longer any doubt and the cause of the malfunction is determined.
        3. Often the problem is hidden in the discrete card. This element sometimes overheats and breaks down. By the way, some cards are prone to breakage more often than others. For example, nVidia cards have a short lifespan.

        To prevent such damage, do not hold the laptop on my lap or in any other position with the ventilation holes covered. It is advisable in such cases to use special stands that DO NOT impede air circulation.

        If your laptop is not a gaming laptop, then I do not devote too much time to games on it. And one more thing. do not forget Monitor the temperature of the card. If the reason is in it, then Remove or simply Disable it. on some laptop models, switches are specially provided for this. With the missing discrete card, your device will continue to work, you just have to temporarily say goodbye to some games.

        Of course, the reason why the laptop boots up and won’t turn on can be more serious. For example, in some cases the problem is with the processor or firmware, motherboard or memory. But you are unlikely to cope with such difficulties on your own.

        What to do if the laptop does not turn on: 6 main situations and ways out of them

        No one is safe from laptop breakage. But the good news is that most of the problems that arise in the operation of this device can be solved. It is only necessary to determine the cause of the breakdown and its nature, and then act according to the situation. All laptop problems are either software or hardware. It is necessary to accurately diagnose the malfunction, and then you will already know exactly what steps to take to eliminate it.

        So, why the laptop won’t turn on and what to do?

        A message is displayed about the impossibility to start from the boot device

        As a rule, we are talking about a variety of messages in English. If you encounter a similar problem, then Remove all flash drives from the device, and remove the disc from the drive. Restart your laptop. If your actions have not brought any positive result, then the problem most likely lies in the hard drive. Such a malfunction can be of both software and hardware nature.

        In the first case, reinstall Windows. If after that your laptop began to work as before, then this means that the problem was software and now it has already been resolved. If reinstalling the operating system did not save the situation, then it’s time to contact the service department, whose employees will solve this malfunction at the hardware level.

        The laptop constantly reboots or turns off

        If your device keeps shutting down and rebooting, it is most likely a serious hardware problem. Perhaps the fault is the short circuit in the south bridge, which caused its overheating. Or dust got into the cooler, which became a prerequisite for excessive heating inside the processor. If so, the fan will run at high RPM, but still WON’T deal with the automotive problem. As a result, your laptop will periodically shut down and reboot. This will happen at a variety of times, regardless of external reasons. You are unlikely to be able to solve the problem yourself this time, so immediately contact the service center.

        But before that, make sure it’s not a bad diet. If the laptop battery runs out, the device can turn on and then immediately shut down.

        After booting Windows shows a black screen error death screen and reboots

        Another fairly common problem is when, when you turn on the laptop, Windows starts to load, but then the download is interrupted and the device restarts. Screen turns blue or black and displays multiple error messages.

        As in the previous case, the problem can be of both software and hardware nature. And the notions of what exactly happened to your device will help Windows again. Reinstallation of the operating system can be started from a bootable USB flash drive. If you succeed in doing this, then the problem can be considered solved. If not, then you can’t figure it out without the help of specialists from the service center.

        Thus, if the laptop does not turn on, then it still does not lead to panic. In many situations, you can diagnose and fix the problem yourself. You just need to analyze your recent actions with this device. For example, if you spent many hours playing a game shortly before the breakdown, then your card is most likely overheated. Try a little and you will be able to bring your device back to life again.

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