The monitor turns on only after several power-ups

How to find and fix the problem?

If there is a power problem, the result is:

  • Lack of response to the power button of the computer (power supply). Power supply short circuit or hardware failure.
  • The cooler on the power supply unit can make several rotations. Short circuit or failure of the power supply or motherboard.
  • The cooler on the central processor can start spinning and turn off after a second or two. Short circuit, failure on the motherboard or other module.

Consider a situation where the computer turns on for a few seconds and then immediately turns off. What needs to be done and where to look for the cause of the breakdown.

The crux of the problem: When you press the power button, the computer turns on. Works from a few seconds (1-5 seconds) and turns off spontaneously. Sometimes the cooler starts making noise. It is possible that the cooler turns only a few times and freezes.

To restart, you need to press the power button again.

Why is my computer shutting down? Causes

  • Short circuit (SC) in the power circuit (not necessarily in the power supply).
  • Overheating of the central processor due to a malfunction of the cooling system.
  • Overheating of the power supply. Most often due to failure of the power supply cooler.

How to distinguish the indicated causes of breakdown?

  • If the computer runs and shuts down for 1-3 seconds, there are no signs of the system starting on the screen. There is a power problem (short circuit).
  • If the computer runs for five or more seconds and turns off, you can see signs of the system starting (UEFI screen, BIOS). Conclusion. this is a problem with the CPU cooling system.

Repairing a computer with such a breakdown is aimed at finding the module that caused the failure. The part is subsequently either repaired in the workshop or replaced with a new one.

Common breakdowns in which the computer turns off immediately after turning on.

Shutting down your computer is just a consequence. The source of the problems could be:

  • In the power supply itself. Dusty. Swollen capacitors. Destroyed transistors. Disassemble. check. replace.
  • In violation of the contact of connectors and plugs of a laptop, computer. Oxides on the wires, loose plugs, poor soldering. all this can provoke switching on for a few seconds, activation of protection and shutdown. This process is cyclical, i.e. if you de-energize the device and then turn it on again, the same will happen. turn on, 3 seconds, protect, turn off.
  • In powered devices and modules. the computer motherboard, laptop power circuit, etc. Assess visually. especially the central processor strapping. Carry out diagnostics. Ring the chains.

Why can the computer shut down during the first seconds? What happens during the start of the system unit?

I must say that it is the power supply that turns off the computer in case of any short circuit or excessive load.

Through the presence of a feedback system, it monitors the voltage in all circuits of the stationary computer, reacts to an increasing load, the presence of a short circuit.

All devices with a modern ATX switching power supply have this function. it works in the same way:

  • The power supply turns on when you press the power button of the computer and undergoes a self-test.
  • The power supply supplies 5 volts to the motherboard.
  • Receives a PG (Power Good) signal.
  • Continues to work.

If it fails at any stage. The computer will not start.

Causes of a short circuit in a stationary computer?

The most common causes of a short circuit are:

  • Incorrect installation of computer modules. For example: bought a memory stick or processor and inserted it incorrectly. the computer will start for a couple of seconds and turn off.
  • In the computer, somewhere the contact in the connectors is broken, the polarity of the connection is broken, or the insulation in the wiring is destroyed. This happens if the user often connects and disconnects the hard drive, power supply, plays with coolers.
  • Cleaning a laptop or computer in violation of the rules. Conductive thermal grease has spilled onto the processor socket or contact pad, after which the PC will not start.
  • Failure of the computer motherboard with poor cooling and violation of operating rules. In this case, most often the strapping of the central processor fails, which leads to a short circuit on the motherboard.
  • Inadequate power and / or poor quality power supply. Such a power supply quickly fails under constant excessive load. The computer may turn on, but not the first time, freeze while playing games and watching videos.
    Can also shut down periodically under load.

For a better understanding of the problem associated with spontaneous computer shutdowns within a few seconds after switching on, it is necessary to understand how modern desktop computers function.

��️ The Monitor Won’t Turn On �� When PC Starts

The monitor turns on only after several power-ups

All models have sound there is no picture.

The repair campaign requires the completion of the inverters, otherwise the TV will burn out again.

LA, Q529.1E LB not stable start or won’t turn on, don’t worry, I can deal with this problem, call and I will fix your TV!

15PFL4122 TPS1.0E LA chassis does not turn on, while the indicator is on constantly, and the TV does not respond to either buttons or the remote control, there is such a breakdown, but it can be quickly fixed, just take the phone and dial my number!

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32PFL7603S chassis Q528.2E LB does not turn on, the indicator blinks 6 times with a pause, and such a breakdown is within my reach!

42pfl5405h does not turn on, the LED blinks 3 times, the malfunction is not critical, it is done at once two three!

20PF4121 / 58 does not turn on, at first it turned on for a very long time, but it worked, then it completely stopped turning on, the indicator of the bowl. mode is on, this repair is inexpensive, cheaper to fix than throw it away, I’m waiting for your call!

17PF9945 / 58 chassis LC03E AA turn-on delay, such a breakdown occurs on this TV, but the matter is fixable, call!

32PFL5405H / 12, 42PFL5405H / 60, 37PFL5405H / 60 on Q552.1E LA chassis. When the power button is turned on, the LED on the front panel blinks off 3 times, pauses and then the process repeats. An error code according to the service manual indicates a problem with the power supply. There are two types of them in this chassis. For 32 “panels, PSU PLHC-P981A is used, for 37, 42 models PLHF-P983A. I do this breakdown within an hour! Don’t rush to change your TV!

42PFL9632D / 10, 42PFL9732D / 10, there is no image on the Q528.1E LA chassis, although there is sound and full control from the remote control. It looks like the backlight circuit is not working. I will make such repairs, I do not expensive! I put already modified boards, which will not break anymore! The warranty for such repairs will be 1 year.!

LC4.31E LA, does not work from the remote control, do not rush to buy a new remote control, the reason most likely lies in the TV itself! Call, I will help you!

23PF8946 / 58 there is no image, there is sound and graphics, the image is only in the user mode “Multimedia”, it looks like a firmware meeting, I am doing such work, call us, we will agree!

20PF5121 / 58 does not turn on, in standby mode the LED slowly blinks green, and before that the TV could turn on from the fifth to tenth attempt, this is not an expensive repair, I did it more than once, please contact me, I will be glad to help!

monitor, turns, only, several

20PF5121 / 58 no red no red, it looks like the matrix is ​​covered, nothing like that, I will return the red color to you!

32PFL3605 / 60 TPM4.1E LA chassis does not turn on, front panel LED flashes and turns off when mains is connected. After several attempts to start, it can turn on for several tens of seconds and then turn off again. At the time of operation, it is controlled from the remote control and keyboard Shutdown is preceded by some artifact in the image or sound: decay of a picture, stripes or a strong sound background. There are other breakdowns of this model that I have encountered. I can do such a repair, I will not do it expensive, call!

20PFL4112S / 60 does not turn on, or turns on, but there is no image, this is a typical breakdown for this TV, I will not do it expensively, I will give a big guarantee!

20PFL4102S / 60 chassis LC4.1EE no red, I make this breakdown not expensive, call!

20PFL4102S / 60 does not turn on, before that it did not turn on immediately, but from the second third attempt, until it completely stopped, this is a fairly common breakdown, the dac-12m019 power supply is to blame, I do not expensive!

20PFL4101S / 60 chassis LC4.1EAB stopped turning on from standby mode, before that it turned on not the first time, the breakdown is quite standard for this TV, the dac-12m019 power supply is to blame, I’m not doing it expensive, call!

20PF4121 / 58 chassis LC4.1E AB began to turn on for a long time, you have to wait up to half an hour, then the image disappeared and only sound remained, the dac-12m019 power supply is to blame, it does not matter, you should not rush to change the TV, I will prolong its life, call, do not expensive

32PFL7603S / 60 chassis Q528.2E LB when turned on, the red indicator blinks in series of 6 flashes, there is also such a breakdown, call, I will do it not expensive!

26PFL3403S / 60, 26PFL3403D / 10, 26PFL5403 / 60, 26PFL5403D / 10, 26PFL5403S / 60 TCM1.0E LA chassis, TCM2.0E LA chassis does not turn on from standby mode, the indicator is on, this is a typical failure for this TV. call and I will cure your friend!

19PFL3403S / 60 chassis TCM1.0E LA there is no image, the screen is black, but there is sound, the TV turns on, responds to the remote control, but the picture does not appear, sound comes with the screen completely off. Most likely, the inverter board does not work, such a breakdown is treated quickly and not expensively, I will be glad to help your problem!

19PFL3403S / 60 chassis TCM1.0E LA turns on from the tenth to twentieth attempts, but if it turns on, it will already work as long as necessary until the next shutdown-turn-on cycle, it looks like the power supply is junk, call, I will fix the breakdown at two or three times!

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19PFL5403 / 60, 19PFL5403S / 60 chassis TCM2.0E LA there is no image, there is sound, it fully responds to the remote control, it looks like the inverter circuit has flown, the breakdown is typical and has been studied for a long time, it is eliminated quickly, not expensive and most importantly for a long time, if you contact me!

22PFL5403 / 60, 22PFL5403D / 10, 22PFL5403S / 60 there is no picture, there is sound, it fully responds to the Remote control, but the screen is always black, do not rush to change the TV, this is eliminated quickly, not expensive, on the day you contact me!

22PFL5403 / 60, 22PFL5403D / 10, 22PFL5403S / 60 does not turn on, the indicator is on, but if you try to turn it on for a long time, which can turn on and work for a long time, it looks like a problem has come with the power supply, call, I will fix the problem on the day of contact!

32PFL3606H / 60 there is no reception of TV programs for cold switching on, with warming up the programs appear, it is obvious that the tuner is junk, and such a repair is within my reach, call!

42PFL5322S / 60 does not turn on the first time, you need to do several turn-on cycles from standby mode so that the TV turns on normally, this effect is not observed on a warmed-up TV. If this annoys you, then contact me and I will fix this breakdown.!

42PFL7862D / 10, 42PFL9632D / 10 chassis: Q528.1E LA no picture, sound. The TV turns on, the reaction to the Remote Control is normal, after switching on the sound from the received programs goes on, but there is no image at all, the screen is completely black, as if it had not been turned on. Obviously, the inverter circuit does not work. Such a breakdown is typical for this chassis. I have something to repair your TV, I will do it right at your home, not expensive!

20PFL3403 / 10 TCM1.0E LA chassis there is no picture, there is sound, it reacts to commands from the Remote Control, but the screen does not turn on. It looks like the time has come for you to turn to a telemaster, I will be glad if your choice fell on me, I will do it not expensive right at your home on the day of contact!

37PFL5322 / 12 chassis LC7.1E LA there is no picture, there is sound, the Remote control responds, the screen is turned off completely, as if the TV was not turned on. It looks like the backlight control circuit has broken. I had to fix this breakdown. Call, I will be glad to help you too!

15PT1727 / 60 chassis L01.2A AA does not turn on. When turned on with the power button, it makes one or two attempts to turn on, but it fails. Before that, it was possible to turn on the TV after several sequential on and off. the interval of such manipulations constantly increased until it became completely impossible to turn on the TV. I met such a breakdown, I will do it not expensively right at your home!

23PFL5322 / 58 chassis LC4.1E AC does not turn on, even the standby indicator does not light up. It looks like there is a problem with the power supply, I can fix this breakdown right at your home, call and discuss the details!

32PFL3605 / 60 TPM4.1E LA chassis does not turn on at all. No signs of life when plugged into the network. Obviously, the power supply is out of order, but I can handle this problem, I will repair it right at your home!

42PFL5603D / 12 chassis Q528.2E LA does not turn on, before the breakdown there was a burning smell from the TV. And I have seen this in practice, the repair takes no more than an hour right at your home, call and discuss the details!

Monitor does not turn on after sleep mode

It is unpleasant when the monitor goes into sleep mode and then does not turn on when you press any button on the keyboard. The problem is often software-based:

  • Wrong setting of sleep or hibernation mode, incorrect versions of video adapter drivers are installed, you need to update them with new ones.
  • Often the monitor does not turn on after hibernation when the Windows system is damaged. You need to roll it back, or completely reinstall this operating system.

The monitor turns on but does not show

If the computer turns on and the monitor still does not work and displays a black screen, it is advisable to try to reset the BIOS settings. It is necessary to turn off the system unit, open its cover. On the motherboard, you need to find a round flat battery that powers the BIOS, pull it out for a couple of minutes and then insert it into place. Often this method helps if the computer and display are working, but the screen is still dark when turned on.

Another reason why the image is not visible is a malfunction of the LCD display in the backlight part. There are two options (in both cases, you need to contact the service for repairs):

  • Failure of the voltage inverter board, which is responsible for supplying voltage to the backlight.
  • The backlight lamps themselves are out of order: if one or more lamps fail, the display automation turns off the backlight and the image on it is practically invisible, but it is there and is poorly visible.
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The monitor does not turn on. indicator is off

If the monitor does not turn on and does not give “No signal”, you need to do the following:

  • Press the power button. she’s probably disabled.
  • Make sure the device is plugged into a power outlet. Test it itself. try to power it through, for example, a lamp.
  • Check the power cable, try another.
  • If the indicator still does not light up, the monitor must be taken to the service center. it is definitely broken.

The monitor does not turn on the first time

Users note that the display may not light up on the first try. When asked why the monitor does not turn on right away, experts answer that the breakdown most likely lies in the monitor’s power supply. It must be handed over for repair as soon as such a problem appeared. there it will be disassembled and swollen electrolytic capacitors replaced. Similar problems also arise with an LCD backlight inverter. it is highly undesirable to carry out such repairs at home.

The monitor beeps and does not turn on

The monitor never beeps and does not signal so much about accidents and malfunctions. only the system unit beeps. If the squeak comes from the monitor. the road immediately only to the service. Any squeak warns of problems:

  • It happens that the computer itself beeps, and the monitor does not turn on. So the system warns that there are failures in the hardware, often in the video adapter. It is advised to get it out, dust it off and reinsert it tightly. If this does not help, you should connect it to a working PC and test if the display is functioning, connect another verified video card for the test to your computer. If it’s not about the video adapter, then there will be nothing left to do but replace the motherboard or RAM. The display itself is easy to test by connecting it to a working PC.
  • If the monitor itself emits a low high-frequency squeak, it is most likely that it has problems in the power supply or lamp backlight inverter, such repairs are made only in the workshop.

The monitor does not turn on immediately

If the monitor does not turn on for a long time when the computer starts, or the picture appears slowly, flickering a little, then the malfunction most likely lies in the hardware of the monitor itself, the defect will progress, and the monitor will soon fail completely. Shortly before a complete breakdown, the monitor may turn off spontaneously, emit a strange characteristic squeak or the smell of burnt plastic. If the monitor is not handed over to the service immediately, then after a complete failure, the cost of repair will increase significantly, or even it will not be subject to restoration at all.

Why does not the monitor turn on?

To decide what to do if the monitor does not turn on and to correct the situation, you need to determine the cause of the problem. The missing image is related to:

  • With a breakdown of the device itself.
  • Defective motherboard, video adapter, connecting cables.
  • Incorrect driver installation.
  • Incorrect setting of video system parameters.

The monitor does not turn on when I turn on the computer

If the monitor does not turn on when the computer starts up, first you need to make sure that the device itself is working. see if the Power button on the panel is pressed and whether the indicator is on. Sometimes users turn off the display and forget about it, and the next time they work they think that the device is broken. It is not difficult to test the performance of the monitor:

  • It is necessary to disconnect its cord from the system unit and leave only a 220 V cable.
  • Press the “Power” button.
  • At the working device, the light should be on without blinking, and the entry “No signal” appears on the screen.
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