The Phone Fell And The Screen Is Black What To Do

2.Good wipe all parts of the device

After you have taken out the device, you need to wipe it thoroughly with a dry towel to get rid of all visible moisture. Do NOT use regular tissues or paper towels. It’s no secret that paper napkins not only absorb moisture very well, but also quickly soak, breaking down into small fibers. These fluffs will clog into the holes and crevices of the device and will only make things worse.

Take a rag or cloth towel and dry it. Wipe the device both outside and inside if water does get there. Do not leave a single drop on the surface, because any small thing can cause corrosion and make the device inoperable.

The Phone Fell And The Screen Is Black What To Do

5 ways to save your phone from water

There are many situations when our smartphone can meet water. You can get caught in a heavy downpour, overturn a cup with a drink on a nearby smartphone, or even drop your phone into the water while taking a hot bath. Recently, smartphone manufacturers have been trying to implement water protection in their devices. Nevertheless, the percentage of such devices is still very high, so our article will be relevant for a long time. Naturally, the best solution when water gets into a smartphone is to entrust it to specialists, for example, in the MOTechnologic service, this problem is constantly faced. we recommend. In the article, we will tell you what not to do if your smartphone gets wet, as well as in several ways how to fix the current situation on your own.

Put your phone in the sun in a box of absorbent or rice

Finally, when all the main steps are completed, you can proceed to the longest stage. The disassembled phone (we took out the battery, SIM card, USB flash drive) must be placed in a container with an absorbent substance. You have probably seen sachets with such a substance in shoe boxes.

If the device does not work. feel free to go to the service center.

What to do if your phone falls into water

Remove the smartphone from the water, disconnect and disassemble

As we were taught in OBZH lessons, the first step is to get rid of the source of danger. In our case, we immediately take the device out of the water and turn it off. The smartphone has both slots and headphone / charging jacks through which water will instantly reach the insides and can cause a short circuit. After you take out the phone, you need to wipe it with a dry towel and remove the battery. So you completely de-energize the device and from below the probability of a short circuit to zero. We advise you to remove the SIM card and memory card together with the battery.

Hairdryer or vacuum cleaner?

For most people, whose phone has been submerged, the following situation occurs. They successfully complete the first two points of our article, but then they start looking for additional solutions, what else can be done for a wet device. The most popular options are a hairdryer and a vacuum cleaner.

REMEMBER! Never use a hair dryer to dry your phone. Contrary to the idea that hot air will quickly dry out all moisture, you need to understand: the air flow will not only drive the water even deeper, but it can also melt some parts.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to speed up the drying process. While drying, do not hold the hose too close to the smartphone, carry out the procedure for 7-10 minutes.

What not to do

Finally, we want to list what categorically cannot be done if your phone fell into the water

  • You cannot turn on the device immediately. You can turn on the phone only after complete drying, when you have waited a sufficient amount of time for all the moisture to come out of the device. Naturally, in “wet” state, the device is strictly prohibited to be connected to a power source (put on charging or connect to a computer).
  • DO NOT disassemble the device. Most likely you are NOT an expert, and by taking apart your smartphone (more than pulling out the battery), you will only make it worse. The water will get even deeper, and you will break something.

All the best. Take care of yourself and your phones # 128578;

What to do if the phone display does not work?

Phone screen not working? Action is urgently needed. The main thing is that the problem does not start. You can carry out the initial diagnosis yourself. To do this, you just need to call our consultant and together we will figure out what the problem is. But often it is NOT possible to determine the breakdown from a distance. Therefore, it is best to bring your mobile phone to our service center and we will conduct a free diagnosis. And this is already the key to a successful repair.

Why the screen on the phone does not work?

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If the phone display does not work, this happens, as a rule, for several reasons. First of all, examine the display. Are there any cracks, scratches or smudges on it? If everything is in order here, then the reason is as follows:

Why the screen on the phone does not work?

1.In 40% of cases, the screen on the phone does not work if the screen itself is damaged. You can resume work only after replacing components. We have a huge spare parts warehouse. You can purchase any part here and try to make a replacement yourself. But we do NOT advise doing this, as this is a difficult task. Our masters will do everything quickly and efficiently, after which they will issue a guarantee for the entire device;

2. The screen control chip is defective in 30%. If it fails, then only the replacement of components will help. You can hardly do it on your own. Our masters have vast experience and will always be happy to help you,

3.The phone fell and why does the screen not work? In 20% of cases, the screen suffers from mechanical damage. Impact could cause the display to detach from the printed circuit board. Then you just need to insert the cable back. This is often in the presence of the client and does NOT take much time. 10% of cases, there may be other problems, they can only be identified after diagnosis.

and more users are preferring mobile devices with a touch screen. It is quite easy to operate. But it is not so difficult to disable it. Why is the touchscreen phone screen not working? As a rule, it breaks down from negative mechanical influences. If the touchscreen does not work, then only replacement will help. We strongly advise NOT to do this at home. Since the execution of such a complex work is within the power of only qualified craftsmen. It happens when the floor of the screen has stopped and does not work. Part of the touch screen does not work when sensitivity is lost in a specific area. In any case, if the touchscreen does not work, do not cost yourself doing it.

NOT rare situations when the backlight does not work. If the display backlight disappears, this means that the problem must be looked for in the backlight circuit. As a rule, the phone screen does not light up if moisture gets into the device. Also a prerequisite for the fact that the phone screen went out and goes out, maybe the display itself, and then it will have to be replaced.

What to do, conclusion:

In any case, no matter what problem you encounter, please contact our service center for help. We employ only highly qualified specialists who will cope with any problem quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

Real life example:

The young man accidentally dropped his cell phone on the tile, after which it turned blue and did not react anymore. In our service center, they made a diagnosis and found it. the display control chip was damaged, it was replaced within 2 hours. Then I tested and gave the client a guarantee for the entire device.

We have:

Stock! Until the end of the month, for any repair, ultrasonic cleaning is free.

The best conditions of service only in our service!


If possible, remove the battery. The latest Xiaomi models do not have removable covers (the battery is non-removable) and to remove the battery, it is necessary to partially disassemble the device.

Remove water from the outside of the smartphone: blot with napkins, dry thoroughly with a towel or any other cloth that will be at hand.

What to do if Xiaomi phone falls into water?

Xiaomi phones are reliable devices that, if properly used, please their owners with long trouble-free operation. But careless handling of the device can lead to a sad end.

Like all electronics, smartphones react very critically to moisture. What to do if your phone falls into water? Run directly to an Authorized Service Center or you can restore the drowned man at home.

Consequences after moisture ingress

If your phone is dropped in water or gets wet, you may encounter the following problems:

  • sensor does not work;
  • the phone does not turn on;
  • turns on, but the screen is black;
  • the speaker does not work or there is no sound;
  • the smartphone turns on and off;
  • Not charging;
  • camera does not work;
  • the screen does not work;
  • the touch screen is NOT responsive;
  • the green indicator is on.

There are also special cases, and not described above. But more often than not, the phone fell into the water, or the water got into the speaker, into the microphone, into the camera; or moisture got under the glass.

Since the models of the Xiaomi Redmi line do not have moisture protection in their specification and are the best-selling on the market, it is these devices that are most often encountered by service center specialists. For example, Redmi 4x, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 5A, Redmi Note 5.

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Let’s consider the aLGorithm of actions after contact of the phone with water. How to save Dry and restore.


Large drops of water are removed by blowing the compressor. Blowing yourself is ineffective, the strength of the lungs is clearly not enough. An alternative is to try to collect the remaining liquid with a vacuum cleaner.

At home, a good effect of removing water particles from the inside of your Xiaomi, you can get it completely immersed in a container or bag of ordinary white rice. This cereal has strong hygroscopic properties (absorbs moisture). Stir the rice at intervals of about once an hour, if necessary, replace it.

In summer, the phone can be put in the sun in a ventilated place.

Moisture enters the inside of the device through technical holes. USB jack, headphone jack. It is good to additionally treat these places with an alcohol-containing agent without impurities. There are special aerosols for cleaning electronics on sale: Cleaner OS, KONTAKT, FluxOFF and the like.

The phone fell into the water, what to do?

A recessed phone is one of the most common problems faced by ASC specialists. We asked them to analyze which Xiaomi models are most often repaired, what problems may arise after water gets in, and what actions the user is advised to take on their own before taking the Xiaomi phone for repair.

turn off the smartphone

Even if the device seems to be quite functional, after removing it from the water, it must be turned off. The possibility of liquid getting inside cannot be ruled out. If a short circuit occurs, it will be extremely difficult to restore the device. In this case, the cost of repairs will increase several times.

The power is turned off in the standard way. by pressing the screen lock button for 3-5 seconds.

Contacting the service center

In any case, even if the phone works correctly after “drowning”, it is better to seek help from qualified craftsmen. This is especially true if the liquid with which Xiaomi was poured contained a lot of salt (sea water), sugar or fat.

(Inscription at the entrance to one of the ASC Xiaomi)

The connected battery continues to give off the accumulated energy and when its contacts are closed, the electrolysis effect occurs: the conductors and tracks of the motherboard are destroyed. For this reason, the sooner you get to the service center, the better.

Dear readers, if you have any questions or want to share your experience in drying and restoring drowning your phone, share this information in the comments.

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What to do if your phone, tablet or smartphone falls into the water. Instructions for restoring a smartphone after falling into water

If you accidentally dropped your favorite device, that is, a tablet, smartphone or phone, into water or a similar liquid, then you do not need to immediately panic, because there is always a way out and there is still hope for the further operation of the device. In total, there are two options for restoring a gadget from the world of the dead, they depend on where you dropped it, whether into water, or into beer or other liquid.

All you have to do is follow simple tips and stay calm.

Required items for recovery:
– wet device;
– napkins or towels to remove moisture;
– isopropyl alcohol. this is if the liquid into which you dropped the device contained sugar;
– rice or silica gel;
– a package that can be zipped to ensure tightness;
– calmness and patience.

1. Quickly unplug the device
First of all, if your phone or smartphone falls into water, you need to turn it off immediately. It doesn’t matter at all how you do it, We take out the battery if it is NOT removable, or if you hold the shutdown key for 5 seconds, the main thing is to turn it off somehow!
It is necessary to take into account the fact that if you apply a lot of force on the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds, then the device can turn off and turn on immediately. This course of events will be very negative for the device.

2. Disassemble the device into elements
As soon as the device is turned off, it is necessary to disassemble it into parts, that is, remove the cover and all accessories that can be removed. The main thing here is not to overdo it and NOT filmed what is NOT filmed.

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What parts can be removed:
– SIM card. this is the only thing that can be removed “Apple” owners.
– Memory card;
– Main cover, if removable;
– A battery, that is, a battery;
– Case or any other accessory.

3. Screen up. basic position in a similar situation
Probably, you do not really want liquid to get on the technical elements of the device screen. Thus, it will be advisable to put the device with the screen facing up, because in this position the risk of damage to the screen module will be reduced. Therefore, gravity will do everything for you, attracting all the liquid to the lying surface of the smartphone.
Again, you need to be 100% sure that the device is turned off.?

3.1. The same case if a smartphone, phone or tablet fell into another liquid
If the gadget gets into sweet water or other liquid that sticks when touched, you need to eliminate this stickiness. This can be achieved by immersing the phone in a 99% isopropyl alcohol solution. Especially 99%! Indeed, otherwise the outcome is not provided. About 10 seconds of immersion will be enough.
Here your luck will already come into play, because there is no guarantee that the device will come back to life.
It is also important to understand that alcohol can dissolve the glue contained between the elements of the device, in which case everything can be!

4. Paper towels fulfill their mission
The next point is to reincarnate a phone, smartphone or tablet after falling into the water. wipe it with paper towels or napkins, the main thing is to remove moisture from the surface of the phone. A great option would be to wrap a paper towel around the device and give it a good shake. Thus, all drops from inside the device will fall on the paper.

5. Absorbent agent
We need absorbent substances in order to completely get rid of moisture trapped inside the gadget.

For such actions, absorbents are perfect for us:
– Silica gel. very effective in such cases;
– Figure: copes with the task assigned to it, but less efficiently than silica gel. At home, it is easier to get it, so it is more likely that it will save your device.

It is necessary that the device is covered with absorbent on all sides.

6. Placing the absorbent and device in an insulating environment
We take such a package or container, in which air will not penetrate, and place the device in it. It is necessary to control that the absorbent is on all sides of the device. If the absorbent completely covers the device, close the container tightly.

7. We are waiting for 48 hours.
Yes Yes. Exactly two days. This may seem like a very long waiting period, but if you really want to resurrect your phone, you need to be patient. If you show your curiosity and turn on the device earlier than the designated period, a short circuit may occur. DO NOT risk it! All this time, you must take into account that the phone must lie with the screen up. After closing the container tightly, place it in a dark and dry place. Everything, you just have to believe and hope that after two days the device will still come to life.

There is no need to be sad if your tablet, smartphone, phone falls into water or any other liquid, because there is always a chance to restore it! Phone in the water. not yet a sentence!

All you need to do this: turn off the device, disassemble what is possible, turned upside down, cover with absorbent on all sides, that is, rice or silica gel, put in an airtight environment, wait 2 days, show patience and faith (all this time, the device must be calm, the absorbent will do its job. will try to remove all moisture from the phone). Even if you just read this text, then it will be empty as a reminder for you. Extra knowledge on this matter is never superfluous.

After applying this instruction, the device may NOT come to life. In this case, it is not necessary to blame the site team for everything, because the information has already been checked by many users.

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