The phone now has a screen lock

Screen Lock

Differs in ease of installation. With further use, there should also be no problems. The application has the following features:

  • does not require user authorization;
  • available on Google Play Store, free download. Screen Lock can work in different modes depending on the user’s needs;
  • can work on smartphones with Android 2.0 version;
  • the ability to lock the screen with several methods;
  • you can put welcome sounds on the desktop. They can be removed if necessary;
  • the ability to change the font and application icons;
  • low power consumption. The battery charge is practically not consumed;
  • built-in ad blocker;
  • blocking unnecessary SMS notifications;
  • there is a hidden timer.

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Screen Lock app

Solo Locker

This program is popular among Android users. This circumstance is explained by the following reasons:

  • a large number of wallpapers for display design;
  • the ability to customize the design of the phone. For example, using Solo Locker, you can change the font of the inscriptions on the phone, choose the appropriate color, change the size of the icons, add new widgets, etc.;
  • when the battery is almost empty, the application sends a notification to the user.

Note! The software also sends a notification about unauthorized access attempts.

Solo Locker for android

Hi locker

With this application, you can not only restrict access to your smartphone, but also block some programs installed on it. The following points are distinguished from the advantages of software:

  • availability of a notification system;
  • additional widgets that can be installed on the android desktop;
  • output of radio and music to an external screen. Thus, the user will not need to unlock the smartphone in order to change the musical composition;
  • the ability to display programs that a person often uses on an external screen. At the same time, the required software can be quickly opened without additional manipulations.

Display lock options on Android

There are several common options for locking the mobile phone screen:

  • no blocking. Assumes swiping from bottom to top to go to the main screen. This option does not protect the device;
  • use of a pattern. It is a schematic drawing (a kind of encryption) that the user draws on the display of the gadget in order to gain access to his desktop;
  • PIN code. It is considered one of the most reliable ways to lock the screen, it involves the introduction of numbers in the amount of four or more;
  • password. SIMilar to the previous method, but letters can be used along with numbers;
  • Automatic blocking. This feature appeared on newer versions of OS Android. In this case, the phone is automatically locked under certain conditions, for example, indoors or outdoors;
  • fingerprint scanner. In this case, in order to unlock the phone, the person will have to bring their finger, registered in advance, to the scanner;
  • using the front camera. Some gadgets have the ability to unlock by face. For this purpose, just look into the front camera.

Using a pattern to unlock an Android phone

How to disable the touchscreen lock function

To carry out this procedure, you need to perform a number of SIMple steps:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Go to the “Protection and Security” tab.
  • Select “Screen Security” option.
  • Select the “Unlock” item. After that, the user will have to enter the existing code.

Echo Notification Lockscreen

Another application that provides additional screen lock options for Android.

It has the following advantages:

  • minimum battery consumption;
  • the ability to turn off the smartphone screen for a certain time specified by the user;
  • the ability to adjust the backlight of the phone, if any;
  • output of the music player and radio to the lock screen;
  • the software sends notifications about the work of messengers;
  • there is a function “Parental Control”;
  • need touch to unlock.

Go locker

A utility that does an excellent job of locking the display. It has several features that force users to give preference to this particular software:

  • the presence of several backgrounds: dark, light, transparent;
  • the ability to use hotkeys, with which you can launch any application in the shortest possible time;
  • SIMple and convenient interface;
  • function of gestures that allow you to unlock the touchscreen;
  • viewing notifications;
  • double tap unlock for Android is provided.

Joy locker

This software has a demo version that can be downloaded for free from Google Play, but it has limited functionality.

Note! Joy Locker is most commonly used on earlier Android OS versions.

The program has the following advantages:

  • SIMple, clear and easy-to-use interface;
  • lack of advertising;
  • the ability to use two methods of unlocking the display at the same time;
  • you can turn off SMS notifications that appear on the lock screen;
  • the presence of an upper curtain through which the user gains access to Wi-Fi, flashlight, Bluetooth and other tools. This function can also be removed.

Note! Joy Locker provides weather information for a specific region.

CM Locker

This software can be downloaded for free using Google Play. The application has the following distinctive features:

  • extended functionality;
  • SIMple and intuitive interface;
  • availability of Russian translation;
  • the ability to clean the RAM of the smartphone;
  • availability of tips. They can be disabled;
  • welcome sounds when unlocking the touchscreen;
  • the ability to select the direction to unlock the display;
  • function “Weather forecast”.

Note! Thanks to CM Locker, the user can change the color of the screen design, as well as choose how to lock it.

CM Locker app interface

Removing third-party certificates

In the process of downloading some programs from the Play Market and other resources, the system prompts you to set a password. The PIN cannot be disabled while the certificates are working. Therefore, they need to be removed before disabling the screen lock on “Android”. To do this, go to the “Security” section and open the “Other parameters” tab.

Then you need to tap on the “Delete credentials” item and confirm the cleaning process. Sometimes such a line is in an inactive state, which indicates that there are no such certificates on the smartphone. In this case, you need to take other actions to disable the screen lock.

Remove Protective VPN

Users will be interested to know that the Virtual Private Network is a special network that is designed to provide secure access to the Internet. Activation of this function allows you to hide information from third-party attacks. The user will need to put a pattern or digital key on the entrance screen in order to enable VPN. It is impossible to remove such a password by standard methods, so you will need to delete this network first. Let’s see how to disable the screen lock on “Android” in this case. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • go to the “Connections” section;
  • open the “Other settings” item and select VPN;
  • click on the used virtual network;
  • go to the properties section and click on the “Delete” button.

Successful deactivation of the function will unlock the device. As a result, the smartphone will work as usual.

Reset via iCloud

This requires an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Then you should take another mobile device and go to the iCloud website on it. Next, you need to go through the authorization procedure and open the “My devices” section. Make sure that the “Online” mode is set in the context menu opposite the “iPhone” icon.

Then you need to click on the name of the device and click on “Erase iPhone”. The system will ask you to enter your Apple ID password. The device will start the recovery process and reboot. It is important to know that after resetting your password, the “Lost iPhone” function will be deactivated.

Disable administrative rights

Certain applications require administrator rights. The owner of the gadget will need to go to the “Lock screen” section and tap on the “Other options” item. Then click on the “Device Administrators” line. The system will open a window that will display the programs used with system privileges.

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Next, you need to disable extended rights next to each item. To do this, just drag the slider to the Off position. It so happens that it is impossible to remove administrator rights for some utilities. In such situations, it is recommended to check the mobile device for viruses, and then try to delete again.

Operating system crashes

If the listed methods have not brought a positive result, then a system failure has occurred on the mobile device. The user will need to reset the smartphone to factory settings. This can be done using the Backup and Reset section. Please note that this manipulation will delete all settings and data on the device. It is recommended to save important information on a memory card or PC in advance.

Reset via iTunes

Now let’s take a look at how to disable screen lock on iPhone using two programs. If the user cannot remove the lock screen, use a PC. First you need to press the “Shutdown” and “Home” key combination. Then you need to release the “Shutdown” button, but at the same time hold Home. Only iTunes can recognize this mode, so the external state of the phone will not change.

After that, you can connect your smartphone to your PC and open the “iTunes” program. On the keyboard, click on the Shift key and SIMultaneously click on the “Restore” item in the program. Next, the updated version of the operating system will be loaded, and the password will be automatically reset. It is important to know that this will delete all user files. It is recommended to make a backup before performing this operation.

How to turn off the screen lock on your phone: methods and recommendations

Screen lock. it is a way to protect mobile devices from unauthorized persons. Almost every smartphone has this tool installed, so any owner of a mobile device can use it. If the need for a graphic or digital key is gone, users are interested in how to disable the screen lock on the phone. In this article, we will look at the main deactivation methods with different operating systems. Let’s get started!

Auto-lock on iPhone

The screen is the main energy consumer in a smartphone. When choosing the maximum brightness, the user should know that the battery will last for a maximum of 6 hours. Automatic display locking can solve this problem. Every iPhone has this function that is responsible for this process. The user will need to open “Settings” and click on “Display and brightness”. Then you need to tap on the “Auto-lock” button.

The system will offer several time intervals, after which the screen will turn off. The user should select “Never”. As a result, the phone screen will not turn off on its own. only when you click on the “Block” button.

Why Samsung does not remove the key?

In the normal mode of operation of a mobile device, the user just needs to go to the “My Settings” menu and open the “Lock Screen” tab. In the window that opens, you will need to click on the “No” button opposite the presented protection methods (picture, face control, PIN). However, there are some factors that can prevent you from turning off the screen lock. Let’s list the main ones:

  • installing third-party certificates;
  • using a VPN network;
  • software malfunction;
  • opening administrative rights on the gadget;
  • encryption of embedded or internal memory;

Next, let’s look at how to disable the screen lock on “Samsung” in each of the above cases.

What to do when you forgot your pattern on Android. How can you remove Android screen lock. How to remove screen lock on Android devices

One of the main advantages of the Android shell is a multi-stage protection system that can be improved almost indefinitely. But there are times when, having installed protection, users do not know how to remove it. In the presented essay, the question will be considered in detail: how to put protection and how to remove the screen lock on Android.

How to remove a forgotten cipher

The first is a factory reset. To do this, you need to enter the “Recovery” mode. The way to get into it depends on the specific device: to find out the aLGorithm, you need to refer to the official instructions or to the manufacturer’s technical support. The menu item “Factory Reset” is selected. All contacts and SMS will be erased, but the password will disappear along with them.

Another way to remove the screen lock password is to reflash the gadget. However, in this case, there is a risk of getting a non-working device.

Advice: before you turn off the gadget with a set password, it is recommended to write it down somewhere, then the risk that the code will be forgotten is minimized; there are special programs for generating and storing code words.

How to unlock

Now let’s look at how the Android screen is unlocked:

    After the gadget went to sleep or needed to be turned off, after turning it on, you will need to enter a code word or key. depending on which method of protection the user has chosen.

To remove the password from the screen on an Android device in this way, you need to remember the code combination. But often users forget the ciphers that they enter.

How to set a password

First, we will describe in detail how to put protection on Android. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • First go to “Settings”, then go down to the “Personalization” menu.
  • There will be a sub-item “Security”. Enter it.

In the future, in order to remove the lock from Android, it will be necessary to connect the dots in the sequence in which they were set when the option was activated.

In addition, there are also special utilities on Google Play that allow you to lock and unlock an Android display, but at the same time have a much wider range of options than ordinary ones. Both paid and free versions are available. One of the best utilities of this type is Pattern Lock Screen.

Disabling screen lock on Android

Thank you very much! The first option worked for me on an Android device! Thanks again and good luck!

I was not even allowed to reach the “Do not block” item until I erased all security certificates.

And I couldn’t turn off the lock. The item “No” is inactive. It says below: “Denied by administrator, encryption policy, or credential store”. How to be?

Here he himself, no, he rummaged through, I didn’t find a nicherta! Only after I climbed everything / rummaged through all the settings, I finally found it! To do this, you need to: in the settings, select the item “credentials store” / “clear credentials” (delete all certificates) and that’s it! All his mother works;)

Thank you so much! You are my savior.

Thank you very much, your advice helped me a lot.

hello, but deleting certificates to remove the screen lock password did not help me. Also, the word ,, no ,, is visible, but inactive. prohibited by the administrator by the encryption policy or the account store. but if I delete the security certificates in the system or this cannot be done? prompt

It works! Did everything as Alexander wrote.

And Alexander’s advice helped me. thanks

Alexander! Thanks! Happened!

Thank you Alexander !! I have been suffering with this screen for 2 months!

Alexander krosaucheg! 5 people suffered and could not help

I have open 3 bottom lines pattern key, pin, password to the top no access what to do help pliz

I want to disable the lock screen password

Thank you, just super. Help removed the block. On other sites write such nonsense

Thanks helped. Alexander, you are a genius!

Sasha you are super. thanks

And what to do if the Screen lock menu contains nothing but the word Password. Those he only offers to change the password, and not cancel its input ?

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The lock screen password is disabled in the same settings where you turned it on. You just need to know what kind of password was entered there. Also, did you use a third-party blocking program or a standard one? In any case, it all turns off and on. Just dig into the settings. If you can’t even turn off the unnecessary password in the settings, then you can do a general reset to the factory settings. only after recovery, do not download the backup from the cloud (if the system prompts). Of course, programs and games will be lost, but you will get rid of the annoying password. And games and programs can be restored, because everything you need is on the Play Store. And if you downloaded APK files, then, accordingly, they should be saved somewhere. The rest of the items are not used for you, because the password is included. As soon as you turn it off, other items will work. Disabling your password is easy and SIMple. However, you should understand that each device has its own aLGorithm of actions. For example, I have a Samsung C4, on this phone everything is done like this. go to the settings, go to the “My device” tab. Open the “Lock Screen” section. We enter the heading “Screen lock”. We enter the password that we set ourselves (you need to disable it). That’s it, so we entered the lock screen settings. Here we select the type of lock “Swipe across the screen (no protection)”. That’s all. Well, that’s how it is with me. On other phones, the aLGorithm is SIMilar, but the names of the sections may differ. We must look at the circumstances. If you used a third-party application, then SIMply delete it or disable the screen lock with a password in the settings of the application itself.

Yeah, but the line “Swipe across the screen (no protection)” is NOT ACTIVE.

You first enter the password, and then it will be possible to delete it. Well, as a last resort, you can do a factory reset and no longer enable password protection. I don’t know any other options. I would do just that if there is no other way out.

Alexander you huge respect and happy

Thank you, Alexander. Only you helped.

Me too. I do not know what to do

I also did everything as Alexander said. But the line “delete all certificates” was gray. What should I do? Please, who already faced this?

Sanya, thanks!
Your advice is the most sensible)

Thank you, did it as written and earned

Alexander handsome, your advice on 5

How can I change the lock key I now have a lock pattern and I want another.

If you clear the credentials, the applications will be deleted?

Hello. You need to enter the menu: “Settings”. “Security”. “Screen lock”. Then go to the submenu, where you previously selected the method of protection, and enter the code. After that, you can choose another blocking method.

Thank you, I did it)

Sasha thanks! Cleared all certificates, everything worked.

Thanks Alexander, everything works.

Thanks again to unknown Alexander # 128578;

Thanks, all worked well!

thanks. thanks. thanks.

Thanks to Alexander. Really sensible advice. And most importantly, it works. Respect.

Alexander, thank you very much for the advice, rummaged through the entire network in search of a solution to the problem with an inactive password cancellation point!

Hello, I write that the administrator has forbidden?
What to do?

What exactly did the administrator ban?
Please clarify

It was not the screen itself in the unlocked state that began to turn over by itself, but the lock screen when I turn on the tablet. Instead of the horizontal, it began to take a vertical position. The unlock Slider option is worth it. Help. Annoying incredibly.

Please tell me, smart people!
How to remove a caption from the lock screen: swipe to unlock.
Now I use a fingerprint to unlock, but the inscription is still there.
I tried to remove the lock completely, but then when you turn on the phone, the home screen (without the lock screen) immediately appears on the Honor 5x phone, maybe they have their own quirks?!

Delete the program “Cleaning wizard”.

Hello. This is such a lock screen. You will not get away from him anywhere. Try changing the type of screen lock, for example, so that you do not have to swipe across the screen, but put a pattern or use a PIN. That is, see the available options in the settings menu under “Lock screen”. I will not give any other options.

Alexey, hello. I have exactly the same bullshit !! I do not know what to do(((

And I couldn’t turn off the lock. The item “No” is inactive. It says below: “Denied by administrator, encryption policy, or credential store”. How to be?

Remove the security certificates, here they have already described a bunch of times how, you need to read at least a little

Thank you so much! May God give you health!

Thanks for the advice! After removing the security certificates, everything worked out for me)))))

After 5 times of trying to enter the pattern, everything was blocked. Now it turns out that I don’t know the correct key, nor the code. And I need to open my Samsung Android so as not to lose text messages and other information. Is it possible? thanks.

Android 5.0.1 was helped by deleting certificates. All items appeared.

Hello. No, in order to get text messages and other SIMilar information, you need to turn on the device and transfer all the necessary information using programs. But, since you cannot load the phone, you cannot do this. All that remains is to do a factory reset to reset the key and boot the system. But, in this case, you will lose all text messages and in general everything that was on the internal memory of the device. This is how the reset is done.

the same garbage. an inactive item NO. in the “password” menu. Phone honor 5C
I read the forum, deleted the certificates, rebooted the phone. all the same, the puntk is gray, not active ((((help pliz

the same phone, the same trouble. Nothing helps

After removing the security certificates, everything worked out for me)))))

Thanks for the advice, after removing the security certificates, Android gave the go-ahead to use without a code / password / key. Good luck to everyone

Yana, I also have honor c 5, after removing the certificates everything is like clockwork.

Hmm, it’s just that nothing has changed for me after removing the certificates? The line “no” as it was inactive and remained, so in vain you, Alexander, raise your voice. everything is read carefully.

I did not succeed! Honor 8 phone, and you have?

Cool, I managed to remove the screen lock, thanks to Alexander. I also crawled the whole phone. I’ll know now)

Sasha you are my idol!

Hello. Just click on it. If nothing happens, then your phone SIMply does not support the function of disabling the screen lock. Again, you have to understand that the screen lock will still be there even if you turned it off. The bottom line is that when you try to unlock, you will not need to slide your finger across the screen or draw a pattern or enter any PIN codes. This feature leaves the screen locked, but when unlocked (by pressing the Home or Power button), the phone will immediately unlock without additional action. On those phones that support such functions, the lock is disabled in the same way as described in the article. If it does not work, then the phone SIMply does not support this function.

I forgot my password and that about the price is dumb, but the site does not help anything

Hello! Please tell me if I delete the certificates then all data will be deleted?

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Thank you, it helped a lot to rummage in the net for 2 hours. I went over the entire Internet.

Don’t worry, nothing will be deleted, there will be access to unlock the screen.

Thanks to Alexander. Found a way out of this puzzle)) Read Alexander’s advice, at the top he wrote there for the credential storage.

Thank you, Alexander. Helped.

Here you hit the spot! a great addition to this article! Thanks for the tip. Some gadgets work like that.

Please, help! I put the graphic key on Lenovo Tab 2 a7 10, I wanted to return everything as it was so that there was no block! I am told “Denied by administrator, encryption policy or credential store”. And I can’t do anything! Help.

Go to “Settings”. “Security”. “Credential storage”. “Clear credentials”. Restart your phone and try disabling the pattern again.

Thanks to Alexander for the tip.

Alexander, thanks. Everything worked out.

Thank you so much, helped.

I can’t unblock anything like that, I’ve already made mistakes 20 times and doesn’t offer me anything, just try it after 30 seconds. and all …………

deleting certificates also did not help the graphic key INFECTION does not go away in any way.

Alexander, thank you so much for the instructions. in time I found your advice on clearing scientific data, otherwise 2 of the most advanced members of our family gave up on this notorious lock password, which was set so SIMply for the game. the child became interested in turning on his tablet through the password)))

Alexander thank you very much !

You need to install a pattern. the system will also prompt you to enter a backup pincode. Enter 0000. You start unlocking the phone with incorrect graphic keys, after all attempts, the system prompts you to enter a backup pincode to unlock. Enter it and all locks are automatically removed.

I haven’t got anything.

Step by step process, suitable for most devices.

Removing all certificates helped me! Thank you, Alexander!

Alexander, thanks. Everything worked out.

I only have a broken screen where is the pattern

Sorry, go to repair shop.

Good evening, Alexander. Huawei 8. I did not have any lock (turned on when the cover was opened) And now the screen is locked. Writes Do not close the top of the screen and you can press the power button and the volume up button to turn off this mode. I tried, but nothing worked. Overloaded. Many times.

I forgot rusynok huawei how to remove rusynok

Good afternoon. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), I can not remove the pattern. Help with advice on how to do this.
Thanks in advance.

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If the lock is removed by entering a password, PIN-code or pattern, and you know it, then there will be no problems. just go to the settings and remove this method of data protection.

  • Unlock your device.
  • Find “Settings”. They can be in the main menu or right on the desktop.
  • Open the “Security” section. The name may change depending on the firmware. For example, I have Android 7.0 with NFUI shell. In its settings there is a special section “Screen lock and security”.
  • In the “Lock Screen” submenu, click on “Lock” to select a method.
  • If you had some kind of protection. for example, a PIN-code. you need to confirm the right to access the settings.

I have a PIN, but with the fingerprint scanner turned on and configured, entering a four-digit password is only an additional verification method. The screen is unlocked by a fingerprint. To completely remove the screen lock, select the “None” option. This will remove the unlock password and added fingerprints from the phone if the device has a scanner.

“No” is not the best option in terms of usability. If we are talking about a phone that you constantly carry with you, then completely disabling the lock is fraught with the appearance of accidental clicks. Launching applications, sending messages, outgoing calls. satellites of the unlocked phone screen.

To prevent accidental taps, but not to enter any passwords and keys to unlock, select the option “Swipe across the screen”. In this case, the password and fingerprints will also be deleted, that is, you will remove the protection from the phone. The screen will lock after the set time of inactivity, but you can unlock it with a horizontal or vertical swipe.

Choosing a blocking method

Since we started talking about blocking methods, let’s see everything. For example, I am annoyed by entering the pattern and PIN. Therefore, on the old smartphone, the lock was unprotected and was removed with a horizontal swipe, and on the new one. using a fingerprint. You might like another way.

How to remove screen lock on Android

A screen lock prevents accidental clicks and protects the contents of your device from strangers. However, some users are so annoyed with the need to constantly unlock their phone that they start looking for a way to get rid of this feature.

You can remove the lock using basic system configuration tools. But it will be safer not to give up the screen lock altogether, but SIMply choose a more convenient method.

There are such options:

  • “No”. the screen is not locked. Disadvantages: accidental presses are possible, there is no protection against strangers, that is, anyone can take your phone and examine the contents of its memory.
  • Swipe to screen. the display is locked. Cons: no protection, anyone can unlock.
  • “Graphic key”, “PIN-code”, “Password”. Some devices add face and voice recognition, but the essence remains the same: when you select any of these methods, the screen is locked, and only the owner can access the contents of the phone.

If your phone has a fingerprint reader, you can add fingerprints to settings, choose one of three secure screen lock methods, and choose how to unlock your device. As I said, I have to enter a PIN-code or verify a fingerprint. You can set a combination of a pattern and a fingerprint scan. also convenient. Experiment, the desire to completely abandon the blocking may disappear.

What to do if you forgot your password, code or pattern

We’ve covered the ideal situation in which you have all your passwords, PINs, and pattern. But how to remove protection if the screen is locked and you do not remember the password or key? Methods may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, so I will briefly walk through the most popular methods.

  • Entering data from a Google account. On most old firmwares (before Android 5.0), after entering the password or key five times incorrectly, a window appeared prompting you to restore access through your Google account. On new firmware, the phone is locked and asks to wait 30 seconds, after which it again requires a code or password.
  • Reset settings via Recovery. Along with the configuration, files that are stored on the Android internal memory will be erased.
  • Deleting files with passwords on smartphones with rooted access or custom recovery.
  • The graphic password can be reset using the ADB utility, and Chinese phones with an MTK processor are unlocked through the SP Flash Tool. first you install a custom Recovery, and then delete individual password files without affecting personal data.
  • Erasing settings and content via Find My Phone.
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