The Phone Works But The Screen Is Black What To Do

What malfunctions occur in the iPhone most often

If your iPhone crashed, crashed, stopped working after a poor-quality flashing, went out after installing updates, the device may require qualified repair. The most common “symptoms” of such malfunctions are the following iPhone problems:

  • the screen does not work
  • the screen goes out
  • the screen turns off
  • “Black screen” (backlight available)
  • iPhone screen slows down
  • the smartphone has disconnected and does NOT respond to any commands
  • cracks appeared on the surface of the screen
  • other damage to the display has occurred

If you drop and break your phone, first check to see if the iPhone is still working. If the smartphone turns off, goes out and does NOT respond to any commands, and large cracks appear on the surface of the screen, it will hardly be possible to do without professional repair of the device. But if the iPhone’s screen just went out, while the device does NOT turn off, the touch screen remained intact, and the calls still go through, you can try to fix such breakdowns yourself.

How to troubleshoot iPhone yourself

If, after a fall, impact and other troubles, the iPhone remains turned on, and the screen is intact, but at the same time it went out, stopped responding and made sounds or began to slow down, you can try to restore the device to work yourself. Try restarting your smartphone first. This can be done by pressing the following buttons simultaneously:

  • screen lock button
  • Home button
  • power button

If after such an action the display is on, the call is in progress and the touch screen reacts to touches, you can continue to use the device without fear. If the screen remains dark and still refuses to work, although the smartphone is turned on and rings, and the beeps pass, try the following:

  • Remove the protective cover (sometimes it becomes a prerequisite for the screen to go out on the iPhone)
  • change the charger and other components (sometimes they force the smartphone to turn off, the screen on the iPhone slows down and goes out)
  • Remove the decorative case (it can also be a prerequisite for the iPhone’s screen to go blank)

If all these actions did not help your smartphone, whose display stopped working, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix it yourself. Continuing attempts to eliminate the black screen is not worth it. this can lead to the fact that the phone starts to slow down even more, stops ringing, turns off and goes out completely. In order not to harm the smartphone even more, if it fell and whose display stopped working, you should entrust its repair to professionals.

Screen stopped working on iPhone

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If the screen on iPhone stopped working, there is a chance to fix it yourself. The reasons for such a malfunction can be different: from mechanical damage upon shock and moisture getting inside the phone to system errors when flashing and overloading the smartphone. Violations during the operation of the iPhone can lead to the following problems: the screen does not show or goes out, the display module stops responding to the touchscreen image comments, damage to the touch glass, the smartphone does not turn on at all.

You need to know the causes of the malfunction in order to determine whether it is possible to cope with such problems on your own or if you should send the iPhone for professional repair.

Why touchscreen malfunctions occur

To answer the question: “What to do if the iPhone screen goes blank, but it works?”, The first step is to establish the cause of the malfunction of the smartphone. Various errors in the operation of the screen most often occur for the following reasons:

  • damage to the display after being dropped or hit
  • moisture inside the iPhone
  • system crashes when flashing iPhone, installing updates, etc.

All these breakdowns can lead to various malfunctions of the iPhone.

Who should I give my smartphone for repair

Situations in which the screen in the iPhone went blank, the display module was damaged, or other problems occurred (for example, the sound was cut off) are familiar to any repairman. If your smartphone is dropped, a dark screen appears on it, etc., you can return it to any service center for repair. However, if you do NOT want to wait a long time for the wizard to fix the black screen, and overpay for the repair of the screen that turns off, contact the performers Judas for help.

An experienced YouDo master knows how to make fast and high-quality iPhone repairs, while the for his services are the lowest. Executor Judah will promptly fix the following issues:

  • iPhone screen goes blank (display is dark)
  • the screen does NOT respond to pressing
  • no display backlight

Skilled performer Judah can help you quickly and inexpensively deal with iPhone screen repairs.

Phone contact with nature. moisture and low temperature

Each phone has special humidity sensors installed inside, usually in the form of paper stickers that change color.

Therefore, any, even the slightest moisture will NOT escape the attention of the technician. It is worth remembering that the so-called Liquid Interference can occur Not only after the phone is dropped into the water at sea.

This is also the case, for example, when using the phone in the rain or in the bathroom, and many forget that it is enough to bring from the street to a warm room in winter to make the phone fog up like glasses.

Low temperatures can also damage your smartphone or shorten battery life. The long-term effect of frost can be fatal to the battery.

The phone fell down the sensor does not work. what to do

The Phone Works But The Screen Is Black What To Do

The first thing I want to say is that this is definitely not a software glitch and no setting changes will help you.

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This is 100% hardware. What to do. You can keep using it. Yes, you read that right. you can continue to use it even if the sensor does not work. here are the instructions.

If you just fell, then the contacts of the digitizer could have moved away, then you need to inspect and correct, but you have to disassemble the phone, which NOT everyone can.

If it gets wet, then most likely the sensor will need to be replaced and this will NOT be the worst thing that could happen.

The phone fell down the sensor does not work. there is a solution

Current generation phones are very delicate devices, especially because of the materials they are made of.

One of the most common occurrences faced by unlucky mobile device users is falling into water and, as a result, the screen sensor does not work.

I am also no exception. I was the first to fall into the water “Nokia” (old, cheap, water-permeable, push-button). Of course, there could be no question that the sensor stopped working, but surprisingly different.

It was on a fishing trip, and after I drowned him, he started calling from under the water, and only after that I discovered the loss.

I pulled it out, shook it out, talked and put it in my. it still works. Even today it is surprising to me how after the water, when he was completely wet, nothing happened to him.

The second phone that fell into the water was a modern Samsung, and in it the sensor really stopped working over time. I took it apart and changed the sensor. it got wet and oxidized.

The third was the iPhone 5, but it was not water that fell, but on the asphalt. the screen turned black, but the sensor turned out to be working.

The worst thing was the situation after the rain (it was in my ), then moisture just got into it (not a lot), but it cannot, that the sensor does not work, it cannot be repaired at all.

Where am I leading all this? If you wet the phone, then the situations in the future can be very different, and since, as you should already have noticed, I have experience, and I will share it with you below.

Solving problems when after a fall the sensor does not work in an Android phone or iPhone

In addition, the newer the smartphone, the easier it is to break the glass or screen, they use ever thinner materials, which, of course, are less resistant to mechanical damage.

This is also influenced by the design of the device itself. using glass over the entire screen can look impressive, but in the event of a drop it guarantees costly damage.

In the case of Certain one-piece models, even a slight application of force, for example, when the phone is in your. will permanently bend the device.

This will damage the internal electronics, protective glass or screen. The simplest protection for the high probability that your smartphone will fall sooner or later is, of course, prevention.

A simple body, tempered glass or at least a screen film does not cost much and significantly reduces the risk of mechanical damage.

Only if an accident occurs and the phone has a cracked screen or the sensor does not work, you should think about different repair methods.

You won’t always have to change the entire screen, which is usually the most expensive solution.

If the display is intact after a fall, and the sensor does not work properly partially, then it can often be repaired without replacement. over, in the service, such a service is up to 50 percent lower than replacing the entire screen.

The screen sensor in the phone does not work. replace

Are the costs of repairing a smartphone in the service too high? A damaged screen or sensor can be replaced by yourself.

An unsuccessful fall can lead to quick cracks, damage to the touch screen, less often the display itself.

It is easy to guess that such incidents in which the user is clearly guilty are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

In some cases, the service may charge you such an amount that repairing the device at an authorized point will simply be unprofitable.

You will quickly find components for the most popular smartphone models. A good example is the Samsung Galaxy S II, once highly acclaimed.

The first stage is the purchase of the appropriate spare parts and it should be remembered that, unlike service, you can NOT give yourself a guarantee.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace the screen without disassembling the entire device. It is necessary to disconnect the display and sensor from the motherboard. it is not enough just to remove the front panel.

The absolute minimum is a basic set of precision screwdrivers, a plastic spatula, tweezers, good quality double-sided tape for bonding elements, and a can of compressed air for cleaning electronics.

Some smartphones may also require a temperature controlled device and a suction cup holder.

[Info] It is worth photographing the individual stages of disassembly so that the whole process can be repeated in the opposite direction. Better not to do it from memory. [/ Info]

The touch screen (digitizer) on smartphones is not the same as LCD or AMOLED displays. The digitizer intercepts touch commands and at the same time protects the display, which itself is not a touch element.

Therefore, if your smartphone has a cracked screen after being dropped, it does not respond to touch, but displays the image correctly. you probably only need to replace the glass and sensor.

In the face of disaster, this is pretty good news. Why? Displays are just more expensive than sensors.

The digitizer is usually a touch screen with a special frame that is connected to the motherboard. DO NOT confuse it with an LCD or AMOLED display

It is worth remembering that there is no universal smartphone repair guide. Individual devices can be radically different from each other, and some manufacturers use different types of solutions that prevent self-disassembly of the smartphone.

On the other hand, if someone has ever taken apart and folded an iPhone 4, then they probably shouldn’t have problems with the iPhone 5S model.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones look the same. There are many guides on the net showing how to approach devices from certain manufacturers.

Besides amateurs, there are also many professional materials with valuable comments.

Some sites have even prepared ready-made guides showing how to change the digital display or sensor step by step in exactly the smartphone that you may be interested in.

Finally, there is one key issue worth mentioning at the end. Self-repair of a smartphone, which is covered by the warranty, leads to its loss in 100% of cases.

Unfortunately, the replacement of the touchscreen has to do with disassembling the device. As a result, you also void your warranty. success.

Black screen on iPhone 11 but it works, what to do ?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “My iPhone works, even rings, but it has a black screen. What to do? “. This often happens when the device is dropped. In the simplest cases, you just need to reboot your smartphone. But sometimes this happens even with a careful attitude to the device, and standard advice does not always help. The root of the issue could be a beta update or a conflict between third-party applications. This means that you need a specialist consultation, but please note that there is a single one hundred percent solution, options are possible. so.

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How to fix black screen on iPhone using iTunes

When it does not help, the option remains with resetting the smartphone to factory settings. In this case, you can choose any version, preferably the latest, personal data is restored from a backup copy, but all subsequent content may be lost. Traditionally, this is done with the introduction of iTunes and rebooting the device itself.

Launch iTunes application on your computer. Connect smartphone to computer via USB cable.

If the device appears on the computer, you can make a current backup to keep the last additions: “Settings” “Overview” “Create a copy now”. When finished, check that the date and time of the last copy was saved correctly.

To reset to factory settings, click here the “Restore [device]” button (marked in red). When asked to confirm, click “Restore” again. Next, the program reinstalls the latest version of iOS, the device automatically restarts. Now you can configure it as a new one and return the Saved data with the button “Restore from a copy”.

If the device is NOT displayed, restart the iPhone depending on its model (see the previous paragraph) and continue to hold the buttons to enable recovery mode and the image appears:

Next, a message should appear on the computer:

Select “Update”. In this case, an attempt is made to reinstall the iOS OS without deleting personal data. DO NOT interfere with the program, the download will take less than 15 minutes, otherwise the device will end up in error mode. Then you should repeat points 2 and 4, or refer to special applications such as Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Fix Black Screen Through iPhone Hard Reset

Better to start with the simplest option. The procedure is common for all smartphones, the only difference is in the combination of buttons, depending on the model:

On iPhone models 5 and 6 and their versions, a long press of two buttons simultaneously: “Power” (Enable / Disable) and “Home” (Home) for about 10 seconds until the logo (apple) appears.

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the same action, but with the “Power” (On / Off) and “Volume Down” (Volume Down).

On 8/8 Plus versions, quickly press and release “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” alternately, then hold down “Power / Sleep” to the Apple logo.

On 11 / XS / X versions, press and hold the volume up or down button and the side button until the Turn off slider appears.

If these actions did not help, then proceed to the next point.

IPhone screen goes blank, but it works. what to do

Fix Black Screen on iPhone with Tenorshare ReiBoot

A very high quality application that works with any Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) in operating systems from iOS 7 and including iOS 12. The application is available in two versions: “Tenorshare ReiBoot” and “Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro”.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best free software that allows you to solve the most common problems, such as stuck on iTunes (Enter Recovery Mode”) and return the iOS device to work (“Exit recovery mode” mode). These operations are performed literally in one click with saving personal data and without asking for a password. Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro additionally solves the problem of a black (blue, frozen, etc.) screen and freezing on the logo, reset and unlock, and more than 50 more crises, which even iTunes cannot cope with. This is done without the need to know the password by conveniently downloading and installing the selected package of the latest version of the factory firmware (“Fix the operating system” mode). Unfortunately, in some critical cases, the latest data may be lost. So, to eliminate the black screen:

You need to download and install the latest version of the program on your computer. Launch the program and connect iPhone to computer using USB cable.

After recognizing the device, press the button “Fix operating system (Solve All iOS freezes)”.

In this mode, click “Recovery deep”. Please note that in this function, which is only used in difficult situations, data saving is not possible.

They will call “Start”. If the iPhone is NOT automatically recognized, the program may prompt you to restart the gadget according to the instructions, depending on the type of device.

After recognizing the device, you will be prompted to select the firmware version (by default. the latest available on the official Apple website), as well as the location to temporarily save the package. You can specify the version already available on this computer. After selection, click “Download”.

Download Will take some time, then use “Fix Now”.

After reinstalling the gadget, click “Finish” and exit the application.

Your iPhone is now ready to go. If you have a backup, you can return the content Saved in it.

Bottom line: If the smartphone is working again, please note that the simultaneous operation of the following two functions can lead to just the black screen effect:

“Settings” “Screen and brightness” “Raise to activate”;

“Settings” “General” “Accessibility” “Home” “Open, put your finger on”.

Pick one option for yourself and perhaps avoid repeating the problem.

If the Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro program did not help you, then it remains to advise you to contact the nearest Apple service center. Since it is impossible to solve the problem of a black screen using software methods, that is, the probability of a malfunction of the hardware of the smartphone.

Update 2020-06-08 / update for iPhone Problems and Solutions


In some cases, only some glare or parts of images are visible on the device. Also, the picture may be very dark.

Anyway, if you can see at least something, even if you look from a certain angle, try resetting the settings. The problem may be in them.

On the forums, people write that they gave the phone to someone else, most often a child, and he knocked down the settings. Therefore, you need to try to reset them, for which you should do the following:

  • Go to settings from the desktop. Open the “General” section.
  • At the bottom, select the “Reset” item. In the next menu, click on the item “Reset all settings”.
  • A prompt will appear warning that all settings will be reset. Click on confirmation. this is the “Reset all settings” button.

If the sensor is working on your smartphone, you can at least approximately try to get to all these menu items. This will reset all settings, including brightness.

reboot device

In some cases, a banal reboot with buttons helps.

This is done as follows:

  • Press simultaneously the “Power” and “Home” buttons. The first is responsible for locking the keyboard and is located on the top or on the right, depending on the iPhone model. The second is a large circle right on the front of the device, under the screen.
  • Hold these buttons for about 30 seconds until the gadget turns on. This will be evidenced by the appearance of the Apple logo.
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In most cases, the absence of any images on the screen is solved by a banal reboot. If this does not help, it is worth trying to reset the settings.

What to do if iPhone works but the screen is black?

iIf the iPhone works but the screen is black, the problem may be in the settings or hardware. If you are faced with such a disaster, you need to try to fix the situation yourself, and if all else fails, carry the device for repair.

Below is a step-by-step guide to what you should do.

Change your charger

It also happens that the charger causes the device to malfunction. In some cases, this manifests itself in such a way that the screen goes blank. over, this can happen not once, but many times.

So try using another charge for at least a week or two. Watch the iPhone. it can probably work well in the future.

Remove any protective covering

Sometimes cases or additional protective glasses remove all the brightness or harm the iPhone in some way. Among other effects from the incorrect location of these elements, there is also a screen failure.

Therefore, be sure to try to remove all covers, protective glasses, key rings and other additional things.

If all this does not help, there is only one thing left. to carry the device for repair.

professional repair

In the event that nothing solves the problem, it may lie in a loose cable, screen or sensor failure, as well as in a system failure of the device.

It is impossible to fix all this without experience on your own. Better not even try, otherwise the iPhone can simply be thrown away, as it cannot be repaired.

Before contacting the repair service, you can write to Support and talk to the operator. How to do this is described in our article.

How to Force Restart iPhone

On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or newer, hold down and immediately release the volume up and then down. After that, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo is displayed.

On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, hold down the Side key along with the Volume Down button for 10 seconds or more until you see the Apple logo.

On iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or older, hold down the Home key with the Side button for 10 seconds or more until the Apple logo appears.

Reset the machine to factory settings

If after trying to turn on the smartphone does not respond in any way or the screen lights up, but the device does NOT boot, try restoring factory settings using the hardware buttons.

Remember: during a system reset, you may lose personal data that has NOT been synced to the server. DO NOT do this if you are afraid to erase important information.

Take out the battery and put it back

If your phone has a removable battery, remove the cover and slide the battery out of the device. Wait at least 30 seconds and replace the battery. Then try turning on the phone in the usual way. using the power button.

How to force restart an Android smartphone

Press the power and volume down buttons at the same time and hold them for 10-15 seconds. If successful, the device will restart automatically or display a menu on the screen, in which you will need to select the restart command.

To reboot Some Android smartphones, just hold down the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes there are such gadgets, which are restarted using the second keys. If the smartphone does not respond to the listed actions, type in the search engine the query “how to force restart” and add the name of your model. Then follow the instructions found.

Put your phone on charge

Connect your phone to a wall outlet using the original charger. If within an hour the charging indicator appears on the display and you are NOT able to turn on the device, check the integrity and cleanliness of the connector, as well as the condition of the power cable and adapter. Try different sockets, if possible, replace cable and / or adapter.

Force device restart

Your phone may be on, but just frozen. In this case, the screen may be dark and NOT react to any actions. So first try restarting your device using the hardware keys.

How to reset iPhone to original settings

First of all, connect your phone to your computer with the original cable. If you have a Mac with macOS Catalina, launch Finder. If you’re using an older version of macOS or Windows, start iTunes. If it is not installed, download it from the Apple website.

Then force restart iPhone (see point 1). When you see the Apple logo, continue to hold the buttons until the recovery mode appears on the smartphone screen.

Immediately after that, a window with further instructions should appear on the computer monitor. Click “Update” and follow the system prompts.

iTunes download the software you need for your phone. If this process takes more than 15 minutes, the iPhone may exit recovery mode. In this case, hold down the forced restart buttons again and hold them until the device returns to this mode.

If the update works, the phone may turn on without resetting the system. If not, then in the iTunes window, click “Restore” to restore the factory settings.

What to do if your phone won’t turn on

Do not rush to hand over your smartphone for repair. Perhaps these simple steps will help revive the device.

If problems arise due to water getting into the device, do not connect it to the mains and stop pressing the buttons. Dry your phone as soon as possible and only then follow the advice in this article. If you are sure that the inside of the smartphone is dry, feel free to continue.

How to restore the original settings on an Android smartphone

Make sure your smartphone is turned off and try the following reset combinations:

  • volume up key power button;
  • volume down key power button;
  • volume down key volume up key power button;
  • Volume down key Power button Home key;
  • Volume up key Power button Home key.

You need to hold down the keys at the same time and hold them for about 10-15 seconds. After that, a special menu will appear on the screen, in which, using the volume control buttons, select the Recovery item, and then the WIPe data / factory reset command or with a similar name.

After THESE actions, the smartphone should return to its original settings within a few minutes. If none of the key combinations work or you DO NOT find the required commands in the service menus, look for the reset instructions for your device model.

If none of the above recommendations will help you turn on the device, try returning it under warranty or taking it to a service center.