The screen does not go out when talking Honor

What to do if the screen does not light up when you call?

How to fix the problem

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. Ringtones & Volume (Sounds & Notifications) and select the Notifications tab.
  • Check the item “Notifications on the lock screen” and, if necessary, enable it.
  • Next, go to the “Application notifications” settings and find the Phone app.

How to set up screen lock when talking on Honor 20?

First go to Settings> Security & Location. Next, in the “Security” section, click on “Lock screen settings”. After on the item “On the lock screen” and select “Show notifications”. The settings made will be applied to all notifications on your phone.

How to turn on screen lock during a call on iPhone?

To do this: Open iOS Settings and go to the “General” section. Select “Auto-lock”. Set time interval.

How to lock the screen while talking on Xiaomi?

  • Then go to “System Applications”.
  • Tap on the line “Phone”.
  • Select “Incoming Calls”.
  • Turn on the proximity sensor if it’s off.
  • If the sensor is on, turn it off and on again. This should help. If it doesn’t help, check out this article.

How to Disable Screen Lock During Calls on Samsung?

We go into the settings. then select the item “Call settings”. We press and when the menu appears, select the line. “Turn off the screen”.

How do I turn off the screen lock while talking? How to check if the proximity sensor is working?

To check the Android proximity sensor using the engineering menu, you need to enter the combination ### in the dialing menu. In the menu that opens, select the Hardware Testing tab, then select Sensor and click Light / Proximity Sensor.

What to do if the screen does not turn off when talking on iPhone?

The proximity sensor is responsible for the function of dimming the iPhone screen during a call. It fires when something covers it. During a conversation, this “something” is the person’s head, to which the iPhone is brought. Thus, if the iPhone screen does not turn off during a call, the proximity sensor is to blame.

Why does not the screen go blank during a call?

If your Android device does not turn off during a call, or the screen does not turn on after the call ends, then the problem should be looked for in the sensor’s operation. The reasons may be as follows: Poor visibility (covered / covered with a protective film or cover). Out of RAM.

The screen does not go out when talking in Honor and Huawei: what to do?

Proximity sensor is a special and very important sensor that no modern touch screen phone can do without. It is this device that is responsible for temporarily deactivating the smartphone screen at the moment when a person uses it for telephone conversations. That is, the possibility of any unintentional touches is excluded. Therefore, if the screen does not turn off during a conversation, then this is a serious problem.

Why is this situation serious enough? Well, imagine the situation:

  • You just talk to your mom on the phone using it in a classic way;
  • At this moment, the human ear is in close proximity to the screen, often touching it;
  • If the motion sensor does not work, then the screen does not turn off;
  • And touching with the ear is defined by the system as full actions;
  • You can accidentally go online in this way and spend all your money on traffic;
  • Go to the settings and completely change them;
  • Erase the information you need, or send it somewhere.

The consequences can be very different. Therefore, you need to know what to do in such a situation. For example, let’s analyze the situation when the screen does not go out when talking in Honor or Huawei.

For this purpose, an appeal was created to the official support service. She responded promptly and provided her own solution to this problem for Honor and Huawei phones.

Solution to the problem

So, the situation is as follows:

  • A man bought a brand new Huawei smartphone in the salon;
  • After some time, he noticed that the DP stopped turning off the phone screen during telephone conversations;
  • This sensor was tested in blocking mode, which showed its operation.

An appeal was sent to the official support service of the manufacturers Huawei and Honor. A response was received, which is an instruction:

  • First of all, you need to use a special diagnostic tool that will check the device for its correct operation. You can find it in the smartphone settings along the following path: HiCare Service Diagnostics Auto.
  • The next step is to clear the system cache. This procedure only does cleanup, without affecting user data at all. Therefore, it is not required to save them somewhere beforehand. To perform this cleaning, you must turn off your smartphone completely. Press the power button and the volume up button SIMultaneously until the image appears on the screen. Use the PLUS and MINUS buttons to go to the “wipe cache partition”. Activate this tool by pressing the “ON” button. After completing the process, click on “reboot system now”.
  • Check the result. If the sensor continues to function incorrectly, perform a factory reset. Before this process, you will need to save all personal data in a place convenient for you. Deactivate the phone. Use the combination “ON” and “PLUS” until the image appears again. Click on “wipe data / factory reset”. At the end. on “reboot system now”.

If the situation has not changed, seek help from specialists at the official service center of the manufacturer.

Why does Android screen go blank during a call

On your Android, when you call, the screen immediately goes blank and turns black? If so, then the problem is most likely with the proximity sensor in the phone.

This problem can appear in any phone, for example, sony xperia, mi xiaomi, lumiya, compact, Samsung, asus, xiaomi Xiaomi, but it was noticed that most often the screen goes blank on sony z3.

over, it happens that it goes out and does not turn on. this is no longer a joke. If this happens when you answer a call or make an outgoing call, then most often the culprit is the proximity sensor.

What is a sensor and how does it work in Android? The proximity sensor has several functions, but the most important task is to automatically dim and backlight the display during a voice call.

It does this by identifying what’s next to your face and phone. When the phone approaches your ear, the sensor detects your head and the screen turns off to avoid draining the battery and to prevent accidentally disconnecting the conversation.

In turn, when you remove the phone from your ear, the screen lights up so that you can disconnect the call or use other functions (numeric keypad, switch the conversation to the speaker, etc.).

When it comes to damage to the proximity sensor, the mechanism described above stops working, so the phone has no way of inferring whether it is currently near a face.

The problem with the proximity sensor usually manifests itself in the fact that the screen immediately goes out during a call and lights up only after a call, or vice versa. the screen does not go out, even if you put it to your face during a call.

Solution three when the phone screen goes out on an outgoing call. restore factory settings

Another option you can try is to factory reset your phone.

Unfortunately, this option deletes all data from your phone, so be sure to copy files, photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS and more to a safe place.

Then go to “Settings Backup & Reset” and select “Factory Settings”.

Factory settings may also be located in a different location depending on the brand and the installed software version.

After confirmation, the phone will reboot and all data will be deleted, and the device settings will be reset to factory default.

When you turn on the phone for the first time, you need to re-enter the settings (select language, sign in to your Google account, etc.).

After completing the operation, make sure that the screen works correctly during a call and does not go out.

Phone Screen Still Goes Off. A Few Proven Tips

Some owners were helped by the option of cleaning the speaker mesh. Sometimes there is a motion sensor. Take a small brush and clean everything neatly. suddenly it will help you too

There are cases that with strong pressure on the top of the screen, even a click is heard inside the Xperia Z3 and the problem disappears.

Some smartphones have a smart processing option in the call settings. try turning it off if you find.

Sony phones very often have the screen detached from the case and such a problem arises. neat gluing solves it.

You can also disable the incall ui application in the application settings. If this does not help, then in the notification settings try to enable notifications for this application.

Of course, other reasons are also not excluded, but I will end there. As they say, what he could, he helped. Success.

Causes of Proximity Sensor Problems When the Screen Turns Off During a Call

The problem with the sensor can occur both in the software, and in purely mechanical damage.

If the problem is software related, you can often fix it yourself.

For example, by re-calibrating the sensor, by restoring the phone to factory settings, or by reinstalling software.

Screen calibration solves many problems. How to make it the guide is here.

If the problem was the result, for example, the phone was dropped, then there was probably a mechanical damage to the sensor.

This often also happens when there is a “tearing off of the film” from the upper part of the case with the lower part of the phone (in particular, on Sony Xperia).

Of course, purely mechanical problems are best dealt with by sending the equipment to service, because replacing the sensor is not easy.

Solution four if the phone screen goes out. disabling the sensor

If your phone is no longer under warranty, and all other solutions have not helped, then the sensor is probably physically damaged, so the screen goes blank immediately after the call starts.

If you do not want to spend money on service, then turn off the screen off during a call.

As a result, the screen will be constantly lit during a call, and you can use the on-screen buttons to activate the speakerphone or remove the keyboard.

The disadvantage of this solution is that when we are talking with a lighted screen, we can accidentally press the buttons.

In order to be able to disable the proximity sensor, you will need to install a special Xposed Framework module.

screen, does, talking, honor

To do this, you need to get ROOT (ROOT rights) in order to get administrative privileges,

Solution one when the phone screen goes out with an incoming call. remove the film or glass

First, remove the film or tempered glass from your phone screen. In some smartphones, due to their design, they can cover the sensor and cause erroneous detection distance.

Tearing off the tempered glass can restore the normal functioning of the sensor.

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Of course, for some it may seem ridiculous, but the uncle of Google or Yandex will give you hundreds of entries from their “warehouse”, where users complain about problems with the proximity sensor after gluing poor quality glass.

Solution two if the phone screen goes out when you answer a call. calibration

Sometimes the problem lies in software updates, for example, which for some reason contributes to the deregulation of the proximity sensor.

In this case, you can use a free application that, when installed in several stages, can calibrate the sensor, for example, Proximity Sensor Reset.

It is not difficult to use it. the wizard will guide you through the entire process, and at the end you must confirm the new calibration, which will restart the phone.

After that, you can make sure whether the calibration helped and now the phone screen does not go out during a call.


Because of the glass, I have a problem. The glass has removed the norm, it works. But when I call it, the screen turns off.

I put the glass of the Russian assembly, there were SIMilar problems with the sensor. I removed and installed the Korean original glass and everything works well.

How to lock your phone screen during a call

The screen lock during a call is also set manually. The first option involves a full factory reset or reboot. It should be understood that this method will lead to the loss of files and applications. The second option suggests dealing with sensor calibration. To do this, download the special Proximity Sensor Reset application and install it.

Why the display does not lock up when talking to Huawei and Honor: reasons and what to do?

Faced the problem that the screen is not blocked during a conversation? We recommend using the short instructions to understand the issue. All modern gadgets are equipped with a special motion sensor. It turns off the screen brightness to save the power of the mobile phone. The microchip is located near the front camera. When you bring the phone to your ear, the display is completely blank. A built-in function prevents pressing various buttons and starting programs. System crash and not locked will affect the Huawei phone. Such a minor breakdown would make any mobile call extremely inconvenient. There will be a risk to press with your ear or cheek on any application and turn it on. This, in turn, will cause difficulties during the conversation.

The screen does not lock during a call: reasons

A built-in sensor tracks every movement of the device. When Honor gets close to your ear, the display is automatically locked. If this does not happen, then a breakdown has occurred. Let’s take a look at the main issues:

  • no blocking on the gadget itself;
  • failure of the calibration;
  • temporary sensor failure;
  • microchip requires complete replacement.

It’s worth starting with a SIMple device reboot. To do this, hold down the “Home” and “Lock” buttons. After enabling, check the option. If the situation has not changed, we recommend contacting the service center. Self-intervention will lead to serious damage.

How to set up a screen lock during a call

The screen lock during a call is configured automatically. Every smartphone, regardless of model, is programmed to turn off the power. It is possible to check the activation of the function in the “Settings” menu item. Further it is necessary:

  • open the “Calls” menu section;
  • go to the inbox of calls;
  • in the window that opens, select the section using the sensor;
  • turn it on by lightly clicking on the line and move the slider to the other side.

Check the options and ask someone to call the number. Bring the device to your face and check if the display turns off.

Apps to lock the screen during a call

After downloading and turning on, follow the recommendations:

  • place your finger on the microchip on the gadget and wait a few seconds;
  • now move your hand 5 cm and check for a light signal while touching and moving your hand to the side;
  • trace the ignition of the chip at the right moment and repeat the action several times;
  • save the results in memory.

The screen does not lock during a call: reasons

There are only 3 reasons preventing the screen from locking on Honor and Huawei during calls:

  • disabling the function in the settings menu (usually it is in an active state, and only the owner of the smartphone can disable the service);
  • an incorrectly calibrated proximity sensor, which has ceased to recognize the appearance of foreign objects, face, hands next to it;
  • broken or completely stopped working sensor.

Sometimes a banal Android malfunction leads to the appearance of a problem, but this rarely happens, so the first thing to do is to check the phone settings. The probability of a service outage is much higher than an unexpected system failure of the smartphone.

How to lock your phone screen during a call?

If the program works, and the screen is not blocked during calls, you will have to move on to more serious actions. Huawei and Honor owners should:

  • restart the smartphone in order to exclude a possible system failure (it was said above that the probability of a failure is small, but of all the available methods of dealing with problems, the restart stands out for its SIMplicity and availability);
  • download a special application for sensor calibration;
  • contact the service center if the previous actions did not help achieve the desired result.

There are no other ways to cope with difficulties, so users will have to choose from the listed items.

How to set up a screen lock during a call?

To enable the screen lock during a call, you have to perform a few basic steps:

  • go to the call settings menu;
  • go to the section of incoming calls;
  • find in the section that opens the item with the mention of the proximity sensor;
  • move the slider next to it to the “on” position.

It is important to emphasize that you can disable the function in almost the same way, using the instructions above. The only difference is in the position of the slider: it will have to be moved to the “off” position.

To what has been said, it is required to add that the described method is suitable for almost all phones with the Android system, and the differences concern only the path to the desired item in the settings menu.

Why the screen does not lock when talking to Huawei and Honor: reasons and what to do?

The screen is not blocked during a conversation. such a nuisance can make a conversation extremely inconvenient, since a person has to think about not touching the smartphone with his ear or cheek. Any touch in such a situation can make a second call, send a message or launch an application. And a SIMple set of numbers also causes negative feelings. At the same time, manufacturers of Android phones have taken care of a special function that locks the screen when brought to the face during a call. If the display does not go out, users should look for the problem and check the current phone settings in order to restore the operation of such an important and useful mobile service.

App to lock the screen during a call

There are many applications that enable the screen to be locked during a call, such as Smart Screen On or Proximity sensor. To use them to calibrate the sensor, you will need:

  • download the program and run it;
  • enter the Calibrate Sensor section;
  • close the sensor with your finger following the prompts on the screen;
  • click next;
  • remove your hand from the sensor and press “next” again;
  • start the sensor adjustment process and save the result.

It is important to emphasize that the actual calibration process may differ from the one described, since different applications have their own characteristics and distinctive features. In addition, some services require root rights to make changes to the phone.

Why the screen does not lock when talking on Honor and Huawei: reasons and what to do?

Does the screen not lock during a conversation? Such a minor malfunction can cause many problems and make a normal telephone conversation extremely inconvenient. Therefore, the owners of Huawei or Honor should think in advance about the correct setting of the smartphone and set the appropriate operating parameters in a timely manner. Usually, such actions are enough to get rid of unexpected involuntary pressing of the cheek on the screen during a call and the subsequent activation of various functions and applications. But sometimes it is impossible to cope with the difficulties that have arisen by SIMply changing the settings. In such difficult situations, you will have to use more complex solutions.

The screen does not lock during a call: reasons

To understand the cause of the problem, you should find out what helps the screen lock when brought to your ear. Especially for this, a proximity sensor is built into the smartphone. It detects the appearance of a cheek or ear next to the phone during a call and turns off the display. If nothing like this happens, then:

  • the user SIMply did not enable the lock function on their Android;
  • the sensor has lost calibration;
  • the smartphone has an unexpected malfunction;
  • the sensor is broken and requires replacement.

The solution in each case depends on how serious the problem turned out to be. But it is recommended to start with the SIMplest one in order to save time if the assumption turns out to be correct.

How to set up a screen lock during a call?

You cannot set up a screen lock during a call. An Honor or Huawei owner should take care of this in advance. For this you will need:

  • enter the “calls” menu;
  • open the settings section;
  • switch to a subsection mentioning incoming calls;
  • find an item in it that suggests using the proximity sensor;
  • activate it by moving the slider next to the inscription to the “on” position.

After that, it remains to check the result. You need to ask a friend or loved one to make a call to conduct a small experiment. After that, it remains to answer and bring the phone to your face, perhaps the display will turn off, and problems will remain in the past.

How to lock your phone screen during a call?

If the described actions do not help to restore the shutdown of the display, which still does not go out, it is recommended:

  • restart the smartphone to exclude a possible system failure;
  • go to sensor calibration.

Smartphones do not include a built-in calibration function to prevent users from affecting the sensor and accidentally damaging it. Therefore, in order to cope with the task, you need to download a special application for Android.

App to lock the screen during a call

When the application is downloaded, installed and enabled, it remains:

  • press the center button of the program on the screen;
  • check if the sensor is working by using the appropriate function and holding your finger to the sensor;
  • the second stage is the activation setting, which requires you to bring your finger to the sensor at a distance of 2-3 centimeters and, after waiting for the green button to light up, press further;
  • the third stage allows you to check if the sensor turns off at the right time;
  • the last step is extremely SIMple and requires saving the result.
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If the screen lock during a call did not start working even after calibration, or the application confirmed a breakdown, you will have to send your smartphone for repair.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

How to set up the proximity sensor?

How to turn on the proximity sensor in the phone?

  • We go to the “Challenges” of the gadget.
  • Go to the “Settings” of calls (long or regular press on the button of the gadget functions or on the touch display the “Settings” button).
  • Click on the section “Incoming calls”.
  • We move the switch or put a tick next to the item “Proximity sensor”.

How to turn on screen lock during a call on iPhone?

To do this: Open iOS Settings and go to the “General” section. Select “Auto-lock”. Set time interval.

How to set up screen lock when talking on Honor 20?

First go to Settings> Security & Location. Next, in the “Security” section, click on “Lock screen settings”. After on the item “On the lock screen” and select “Show notifications”. The settings made will be applied to all notifications on your phone.

How to check if the proximity sensor is working?

To check the Android proximity sensor using the engineering menu, you need to enter the combination ### in the dialing menu. In the menu that opens, select the Hardware Testing tab, then select Sensor and click Light / Proximity Sensor.

How to Disable Screen Lock During Calls on Samsung?

We go into the settings. then select the item “Call settings”. We press and when the menu appears, select the line. “Turn off the screen”.

Why does not the screen go blank during a call?

If your Android device does not turn off during a call, or the screen does not turn on after the call ends, then the problem should be looked for in the sensor’s operation. The reasons may be as follows: Poor visibility (covered / covered with a protective film or cover). Out of RAM.

Why doesn’t the screen lock when talking? Where is the proximity sensor on the Honor 20?

Typically, the proximity sensor is located near the speaker at the top of the screen. After that, you can proceed to the second stage of calibration, for this you need to click on the “Next” button in the form of an arrow to the right at the bottom of the screen.

How to turn off the screen lock during a call?

How to turn off the proximity sensor on Android?

  • Turn on your smartphone, go to “Settings”. “System Applications”;
  • Scroll through the applications menu to the item “Phone”;
  • We select the item “Incoming calls”;
  • Disable the proximity sensor (uncheck the box “Turn off the screen automatically when you bring the phone to your ear during a call”) in this menu.

What to do if Honor 7 won’t turn on

Are the cases above not one of yours? Then let’s move on. Quite rarely, but it happens that the smartphone can freeze and turn off. Or freeze and show you one picture on the screen for a long time. At the same time, whatever you press, it does not react at all.

In this case, there are two ways:

Method: Features:
Open engineering menuThis option can only be used if the device is turned on but freezes.
Perform a factory resetInstructions for a specific model can be found on the forum.

Before following this instruction, you should know that all your data will be deleted. And also you will need a password from your account (Google, Mi) to log into the device. Without them, you will have another problem. logging into your account.

    If the Honor 7A smartphone does not start, try holding down two buttons on its body at the same time. the Power button and the volume down button;

Press 2 buttons together to enter the Recovery menu

  • You need to hold them for about 10 seconds. If nothing happens, try changing the buttons. Hold down the power button and the volume up button;
  • There is another option. hold all three buttons. to get to the Recovery menu;
  • If vibration is triggered, then after a few seconds you will see several items on the screen;
  • Subsystem in a smartphone

  • The submenus in different models and brands of Honor smartphones may differ. To move through the items, the volume keys are usually used. You need to select certain menu items with the power button. You should see items in blue letters. If the menu looks like the screenshot above, select the line with Recovery;
  • Now, when we get to the menu we need, find the line called “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” and click it to reset the smartphone to factory settings;
  • Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    The next window should contain one item with the “Yes” status. The rest are with “No.” Select the item with “Yes”;

    Select the item with “Yes”
    The factory data recovery process for your Honor phone will begin immediately. You will determine this from the lines that will change at the bottom of the screen according to the currently running processes;

    Displaying the statuses of the recovery process

  • When you see “Data wipe Complete” in the last line, the smartphone has completed the reset. You can reload it and log in with your account details.
  • Popular Chinese smartphones have protection against the Mi system. This means that you must enter the data from the Mi-account that you created earlier when logging in. To exit the Recovery menu, press the power button. After these steps, all third-party files and applications are removed from the smartphone. If your Honor 4 (or other model) had a problem at the software level, resetting the settings you can solve it with a high probability.

    If the phone accidentally falls into water and does not turn on

    The case of submerging an Honor phone in water is a very common breakdown. Water is the main element that contributes to the breakdown of our electronic friends.

    Therefore, you must know the first steps to resuscitate a wet smartphone:

    • Remove the battery immediately.
    • Remove from it all the details that you can. battery, SIM-cards, flash drive, case, back cover. And blow it well with a hairdryer.
    • Leave for a few hours in a dry place to evaporate all moisture from the microcircuits inside the case.
    • Ventilate it periodically with warm air from a hair dryer, but do not turn it on.

    The phone got into the water

    There are also popular ways to dry your Honor smartphone quickly. For example, place it in a bowl of rice. It perfectly absorbs water and can rid your mobile device of it. Use a blow-out vacuum cleaner if you have one in your apartment. If it’s summer outside, a window sill with warm sun rays will do. The phone should be left in a warm place for at least 12 hours. Only after that try to build and run it.

    If your Honor 9 fails to turn on, try removing the battery again. Clean the contacts that adjoin the battery contacts. Insert the battery back and try turning on the gadget again. If you can’t do this, you still have to visit the service. Perhaps some of the internal parts still burned out due to a short circuit.

    Why Honor phone won’t turn on

    If your mobile device for some reason does not turn on, this is not a reason to carry it to the service and pay a lot of money for questionable services. Perhaps such failures are an isolated case. And you can solve them yourself. In this article, you will find out why your Honor phone won’t turn on. What are the reasons for this. And what can we do about it.

    Why Honor smartphone does not respond to the Power button

    Our smartphones often scare us when they run out of battery. If you do not have time to get home to recharge your mobile, then after it turns off it may behave strangely. For example, do not respond to the “Power” button even when the charger is connected. This is because almost no one imagines the charging process of the Honor 10 mobile phone correctly. The current manipulation circuit is very interesting. For example, immediately after connecting a discharged device to the power supply (charging), the smartphone consumes a small current.

    Mobile device charging circuit

    Then he goes to the indicators that are indicated in the instructions for Honor.

    You need to wait a bit until the device reaches the minimum charge threshold for its operation. 10-15 minutes is enough, and you can turn it on again. If the device does not show a charge indicator after connecting it to a charger, try removing the battery for a few seconds, disconnecting it from charging. And put it on recharge again. If there is no charging indicator, check again if the charger is working. Today they are universal. they have a microUSB plug. Connect it to another phone or tablet.

    Check the socket on your Honor smartphone where the charger plug is inserted. Over time, a lot of litter, dust and other foreign particles are deposited in it, which churn into a solid mass. Doing so can prevent contact between the charging plug and the phone jack. Clean the port with a toothpick or fine steel needle. but gently.

    Clean the charging slot on your smartphone

    In order not to disrupt its internal structure.

    Check the charger with a multimeter

    You can check the charging with a multimeter. If you don’t know how to use it, ask your friends.

    Mechanical damage to the Honor 9 smartphone

    If your smartphone was subjected to mechanical stress: you accidentally let it fall on the floor, stepped on it, hit it on the door jamb. the situation is more serious. And in most cases it ends with a trip to the service. Since important internal parts and modules of the phone could fail. All you can do is try to remove the battery, reboot it, or do a factory reset. You may be able to make it work again.

    Try one more thing. pressing the power button harder than usual. In some cases of damage to smartphones, their contacts sink deeper. Because of this, the button has to sink much more. If you manage to turn on the smartphone with a strong press, you can go to the service and indicate a breakdown. The repair will be cheaper, since you have found the cause yourself. With other damage to your gadget, if it does not turn on, you should also visit the service. Do not disassemble the mobile device yourself. You can only harm him if you don’t understand anything about it. Thus, we have analyzed why your phone of the Chinese brand Honor does not turn on.

    Checking permissions for the calls app

    Sometimes also problems with a black screen, inability to accept or reject calls and other situations arise due to the lack of the appropriate permissions for the application. For example, for the “Camera” application, the permission to use this module must be saved, otherwise it will SIMply become useless. Likewise with calls.

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    You can change application permissions in phone configurations. Please understand that blocking permissions or enabling them unnecessarily can cause system crashes or identity theft. To view and set permissions:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Find the item “Applications and notifications” there.
    • Select the required system application from the appropriate list.
    • Click on “Permissions”.
    • Activate those features that are needed by “Telephone”. This is access to contacts, communication module, and so on.

    By consistently granting all permissions, you can get rid of the error

    How to set up notifications about incoming calls on Android

    Sometimes, the owner of the gadget may SIMply not receive notifications of incoming calls. Most often this is also due to the permissions for them, which are set in the settings. To configure:

    • Go to smartphone settings.
    • Find the “Apps and notifications” section.
    • Select a list of system programs and find among them “Phone”.
    • They do not configure permission to use functions and OS modules, but to display notifications.
    • Includes general permission and a number of additional ones. They contain the ability to show notifications in the corresponding panel, configure the indicator light for a missed call, and so on.

    Important! If this does not help, then you can immediately clear the data and cache of the “Phone” program. The process and its essence have been explained in detail in the subparagraph above.

    Check Do Not Disturb (DND) or Airplane Mode

    The reason for such errors may also be in the banal use of the “Airplane” and “Do not disturb” modes. They are able to reject all incoming calls and SMS messages, as well as disable the SIM card to search for it on the network.

    They are often turned on in rooms where you cannot talk on the phone or to conserve battery power. If you forget to turn off this mode, then you may not only face the fact that no one can call the number, but also that access to the global network will be impossible.

    To turn off and switch the phone’s operating modes, you need to pull the notification panel (where the clock and the battery indicator are located) down, and the quick access menu will be pulled out. If “Airplane” is on, it will be highlighted, and if off, it will be gray.

    You should always check the mode that is currently set in the phone.

    Reset app preferences

    A radical measure that must be taken in the most extreme cases. The thing is that collection involves the complete removal of the cache, user data (pictures, music, photos, progress in games) and programs. All settings after using this option are returned to the factory settings, like the phone itself. That’s just programmatically, not physically.

    If you have a strong desire to reset the application settings, then you need:

    • Unlock your phone.
    • Go to the Settings app.
    • Select the “Reset and Restore” section from the options menu.
    • If it is not there, then go to “Security” and scroll down to the “Reset” parameter.
    • Delete all applications and configurations.
    • Reboot into an updated and clean phone.

    Important! If this way of solving the problem did not help, then it almost certainly consists in a hardware failure of one or another module. For example, a light and motion sensor, which is triggered when an incoming call.

    Clearing cache and data

    It is not uncommon for an error of such a plan to occur due to an overflow of the cache and data of the Phone application. The files that are stored there are cache and temporary data for faster and more optimized program operation. They can also conflict with other parameters or with themselves. This all ends up and causes the known black display error when called.

    To solve the problem, it is recommended:

    • Go to the “Settings” of your gadget.
    • Select “Applications” and sub-item “All” or “System”.
    • Find the “Phone” application and click on it.
    • Click on the “Delete data” and “Delete cache” buttons. They are often combined into one.
    • Wait for cleaning.
    • Check program performance.

    Clearing the cache helps if it doesn’t show an incoming Android call

    Why doesn’t the screen turn on when you call on Android

    On any smartphone that is in lock mode, the screen turns on automatically when making a call. It contains information about what is an incoming call and indicates who exactly and through what technology is calling. A contact photo can also be indicated, if it is indicated in the parameters. All this is accompanied by the sound of a call melody at a volume set by the user. She is the very first to make it clear that someone is calling, even if the screen does not turn on, and this happens quite often.

    When calling, not only the name is shown, but also the number or photo

    It happens that the Android screen does not light up with an incoming call. There can be a lot of reasons for this: incorrect settings of the corresponding section of parameters, physical breakdown of proximity and lighting sensors, lack of necessary permissions for system applications, and so on.

    Important! Sometimes these and other errors occur due to a large amount of cache and junk files that have accumulated on the phone over a long period of time. The recommendation is SIMple: clean them up.

    Android does not show incoming call due to accumulated garbage

    Restart your phone

    People neglect this useful action and always try to solve mistakes in a different way. Many problems with modern gadgets can be solved with a SIMple reboot. This is due to the fact that during its operation the phone accumulates a lot of garbage files and temporary data in its RAM. Not infrequently, they begin to conflict with each other and with applications and prevent the latter from working correctly.

    If a person has not turned off or rebooted his device for a long time, then there is a high probability that his Android does not display a call ring on the screen due to the fact that his RAM is full of various garbage and needs to be cleaned.

    Important! It is recommended to restart the operating system and check if the error appears. If yes, then proceed to the next points.

    Android screen does not turn on when making a call

    The Android operating system is one of the most popular platforms for smartphones and tablets. This is due to its “democratic character” in relation to users and their actions. Thanks to the many settings, each person can remake it for themselves. This is an advantage, but it can also play a negative role: errors, bugs, crashes and so on appear. This article will tell you what to do if the screen on Android does not turn on when you call and you cannot see who is calling on Android, as well as how an incorrectly configured screen lock during an Android conversation can create a system error.

    What to do if an incoming call is not displayed on Android

    There can be many situations. In one case, the incoming call on Android is SIMply not displayed, although there is sound and you can pick up the phone, but using the analog keys. In another case, you SIMply cannot get through and incoming calls on Android are not displayed. It also happens the other way around: the screen does not go out during an Android conversation.

    Often all these errors and bugs are united by the same reasons, which consist in a large number of junk files, incorrect or out of order operating system settings, the set airplane mode, and also in the absence of permissions to use certain components by the Phone application. Below will be a detailed explanation of how to solve the problem when the screen does not light up on an incoming Android call.

    Performing a reboot solves many problems

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