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How to use and customize the zoom feature on iPhone

After activation, you need to configure the function. To enlarge the viewing area of ​​the display, do one of the following:

  • Adjust the percentage of the zoom. To do this, you need to touch the screen with three fingers and slide them up or down. You can also drag the slider.
  • Scroll to another part of the screen. This action is relevant for the “Full screen” mode. To enlarge a specific area on a smartphone, you need to swipe three fingers across the display.
  • Move the magnification lenses. This action is relevant for the “Window” mode. In this case, you need to drag the label, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

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No third-party applications required to use and configure the function

Additional Information! The zoom function can be activated using the Magic Keyboard. In this case, the display follows the insertion point, which remains in the center.

Setting up screen magnification on iPhone 5, 6, 7, 10 and other models

The function is activated according to the following algorithm:

  • Open settings.
  • Find the section “Accessibility”.
  • Go to the item “Increase” and enable the function.

If necessary, you can configure one of the following parameters here:

  • Magnification area. This section provides the “Full Screen” and “Window” functions. The user can enlarge the entire display or a specific object.
  • Filter. Grayscale and light levels are adjusted here.
  • Magnification controller. Designed for color and transparency adjustments.

How to remove screen magnification on iPhone. smaller icons and icons

Each iPhone user can independently change the basic settings of the device. This allows you to use your smartphone as convenient and simple as possible in everyday life. One of these features is screen magnification. Many iPhone users are unaware of this possibility, as a result of which they deprive themselves of the convenient and comfortable use of a compact smartphone.

How to remove magnification using the Finder

Sometimes you can’t turn off the Universal Access feature. In this case, users get lost and don’t know how to turn off screen magnification on iPhone. The Finder will help you with this.

  • Connect device to PC or laptop.
  • Open Finder.
  • Select device.
  • Click on the item “Configure universal access”.
  • Uncheck the box and click on the “Ok” button. As a result, the “Zoom” function will be disabled.

How to use the magnifier on iPhone

The magnifier on iPhone is a standard feature that allows you to use your smartphone’s camera as a magnifying glass. It appeared in Apple devices since the release of iOS 10. To enable the function, you must go through the following steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the “Basic” section.
  • Go to “Accessibility”.
  • Click on the “Magnifier” icon by moving the slider to the right.

To quickly activate smartphones iPhone 8 and earlier, you need to press the Home button three times. To turn off the magnifier in iPhone, you need to click on “Home” once.

Important! On newer Apple models, the function is activated by pressing the side Power button. In this case, the magnifier can be turned off by swiping up from the bottom of the display.

For the convenience of using the function, you can add a quick command to it. This requires:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then go to the “Control Center”.
  • Select the column “Configure control”.
  • Click on the green icon “”, which is located opposite the “Magnifier” function.
  • Go to the “Control Center”.
  • Click on the desired icon.

After activation, the main camera of the smartphone will automatically turn on. For a detailed examination of the selected object, you will need to adjust the magnification level. This can be done by pulling the slider. In addition, the “Loupe” allows you to focus the camera, control the flash and apply filters that have already been installed on the device.

The main features of Lupa work as follows:

  • Focus lock. By clicking on the lock, you can lock the autofocus. This will enlarge any area on the screen without constantly refocusing.
  • Magnification of objects. The first and main feature is the usual magnification, which will allow you to read too small print.
  • Freeze the picture. The center button is not for shooting at all. It allows you to freeze the image, and then zoom in or out in this mode. To return to normal mode, you must click on the same button.
  • Flashlight. There is a button to activate the flash, which will allow you to use the function in the dark.
  • Effects and settings. You can adjust the contrast or brightness, such as white balance. The result is high-quality images with high resolution and bright picture.

The easiest way to remove the magnifier from the iPhone screen:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find the “Basic” section.
  • Select “Accessibility”.
  • Click on the “Magnifier” icon by moving the slider to the left.

The easiest way to remove screen magnification on iPhone is to use the Home button

Why do you need to enlarge the screen on an iPhone

This function allows you to enlarge the interface of all Apple smartphones. It is especially useful for older models. Compared to modern devices, any information on iPhones 5 and 6 seems too small. The enlargement of the display creates a comfortable environment for using a compact smartphone. Thanks to the function, the iPhone 5 and 6 are able to meet modern standards.

The main plus of the function is that it works on all models

For example, you can enlarge the image in the Photos section by spreading your fingers or double-tapping. You can rescale the entire display or a specific part. In addition, you can use Zoom in conjunction with VoiceOver.

Additional Information! According to users, enlarging the screen makes it much easier to use Apple devices as icons, text and other interface elements become larger in size.

How to make icons smaller on iPhone

The iPhone 6 introduced the ability to resize icons. On the home screen, you can arrange 28 icons, not counting the bottom line. If you increase the size of the icons, a smaller number will fit on the display. You can change icons in the following way:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the section “Basic”.
  • Select the section “Accessibility”, and then “Zoom”.
  • Move the slider to the right.

Screen enlargement is a function that makes it easy and comfortable to use any iPhone model. This does not require downloading third-party programs. All the necessary settings for the function are available in the device initially. Now every user knows the technology for using this function, how to turn off the magnification on the iPhone and delete the settings.

What you need to know about the zoom feature.

This option is available on iPhone 3GS and later, on the 3rd generation iPod Touch and all later, and on all iPads. If your device has all of the icons and screen images suddenly enlarged, it is most likely that the zoom was the culprit. You accidentally turned it on by accidentally double tapping three fingers on the screen. Therefore, just follow the steps described in the previous chapter. If this does not help, and the display image is still enlarged, it is worth contacting Apple technical support directly, as there was some kind of glitch. In addition to the zoom option, or zoom, to enlarge the text and make it better readability for visually impaired users, there is a special “Text Enlargement” function:

  • Go to Settings, from there. to Universal Access.
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How to enlarge or shrink icons on iPhone?

The interface of iPhone products was originally conceived to be comfortable to use and intuitively simple: the icons of all applications are conveniently located on several screens, which you can easily scroll through and select the one you want. However, sometimes users are faced with a random incident: the image on the screen of the device suddenly became enlarged, all the icons suddenly became huge and it is impossible to open them normally or find the necessary programs!

What happened, why there is such an option and how to work with it. we will talk about this in detail today in the article. We will also give visual step-by-step tips on how to reduce or enlarge icons. using photo and video instructions taken on the iPhone 8 Plus!

IPhone zoom feature: what it is and how to use it.

The reason for the sudden enlargement of the image on the display and, as a result, the change in the size of the icons, may be the zoom function, which could be activated accidentally when you enlarged the screen in order, for example, to read small text on the site. Zoom is an option from the Special section. opportunities, it is intended for people with impaired vision, so that they can more easily see images and text on the screen.

How to downscale the display to standard?

If scaling was accidentally enabled, it can be easily canceled by reducing the size of what is displayed on the screen to standard values, or disabled altogether. How to do it:

  • Hold three fingers together, and double-tap the screen with all three fingers at the same time. This gesture returns the zoom level to its previous state.
  • When we are in zoom mode, it is important to remember about the “rule of three fingers” (they can also be found in the Settings section, in the zoom menu. the option “Zoom”)
  • three-finger press to zoom;
  • three-finger double tap plus finger squeeze to drag. to move around the screen

To prevent accidental activation of the screen zoom function, you can turn it off. For this:

  • Select Settings, go to the Universal Access section there
  • Select the “Increase” option and move the slider to the passive position. You can make sure that the function is disabled by double-tapping the screen with three fingers. the screen will not enlarge.
  • Accordingly, if, on the contrary, we want to enlarge the image on the display and the icons, we can activate the “Zoom” option again, and increase / decrease the size of the screen by touching it twice with three fingers.

Thus, Apple provides its users with the ability to enlarge or shrink the display as needed. The main thing is to understand where this function comes from, and how to turn it off if it is not needed. We hope we have covered this issue in detail, and our readers will be able to easily deal with this utility. Also, to increase the specific text on the screen, there is a separate option, which we also talked about.

We wish you a convenient use of your Apple devices! Customize the display for yourself and let your work be a joy!

How to reduce the weight of a photo?

  • Open the photo with Paint;
  • Select the “Stretch / Shear” tool located in the “Picture” tab;
  • In the “Horizontal” column it is necessary to change the value downward, vertically put the value similar to the first one;
  • Click on OK and save the file.

How to resize pictures on iPhone?

To ensure that your iPhone camera always takes a photo in JPG format, follow these simple steps:

  • Open “Settings” and select “Camera”.
  • Click on “Formats”.
  • Select “Most Compatible”.

How to zoom out a photo?

Select the desired picture and right-click on it. In the menu item “Open with” select “Paint”. Then at the top click on the “Resize” button and reduce it in percentage from 100 to a lower number. Now you can save the result. 14 May 2018.

How to make a second screen on an iPhone?

Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

To split your screen on iOS, you just need to open the second app and minimize it. It will then appear in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

How to keep your iPhone screen from shutting off!

How to reduce the size of icons on your phone?

  • Go to the phone settings. To do this, click on the gear in the notifications or click on the shortcut in the menu.
  • Select the “Screen” tab.
  • In the “Screen” section, click on “Screen Image Scale”.
  • In this tab, move the slider so as to get the most convenient version of the interface.

What to do if the screen on iPhone is enlarged?

  • With three fingers, tap three times on the iPhone screen. The screen will shrink to normal size.
  • If, after repeated attempts to touch the 3rd, nothing happened (the iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and do the 1st step again.

How to reduce iPhone screensaver photos?

Press the Photos button and select the frame of interest from your albums on your phone. After uploading a photo, swipe right to access the app’s editing tools menu. The application will prompt you to change the image resolution in percent or pixels.

How to turn off the magnifying glass mode on iPhone?

To close Magnifier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On an iPhone 8 or earlier, or an iPad with a Home button: Triple-click the Home button and adjust the zoom level by dragging the slider. To close Magnifier, press the Home button.

How to lower the screen on the XS?

How to lower the screen on iPhone X without using gestures

  • Open Settings;
  • Go to the “General” section;
  • Open the “Accessibility” tab;
  • Scroll down the menu and open the “Quick Commands” item;
  • Check the box next to “Easy access”.

How to shrink the screen on iPhone 11?

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch and enable the Easy access option. 2. Pull down (swipe down) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom of the screen in any open application or under the Dock on the home screen.

How to hide the big screen on iPhone?

Enlarged home screen icons on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • If the enlarged icons on the Home screen make it impossible to access the Settings menu, zoom out.
  • To turn off Zoom, go to Settings Accessibility Zoom and press the switch.

How to remove screen magnification?

  • Open device settings.
  • Click Special. features Enlarge the screen image.
  • Select Triple-click Zoom or Press Zoom. If you don’t see these options, you probably have an older version of Android installed.

How to hide the big screen on iPhone?

Enlarged home screen icons on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • If the enlarged icons on the Home screen make it impossible to access the Settings menu, zoom out.
  • To turn off Zoom, go to Settings Accessibility Zoom and press the switch.

How to rotate the screen on iPhone 11?

Rotate the screen on an iPhone or iPod touch using the Home button

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.
  • Click the Portrait Lock button. to make sure it is disabled.
  • Flip iPhone or iPod touch on its side.

How to shrink the screen on iPhone 11?

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch and enable the Easy access option. 2. Pull down (swipe down) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom of the screen in any open application or under the Dock on the home screen.

How to turn off the blind feature on iPhone?

  • We go into the settings. It works the same way on iPhone and iPad;
  • We click on the main ones;
  • Select the section “Universal Access”;
  • Item “Magnifier”;
  • Click on the small switch to turn it off;

On iPhone 7

For a 7th generation smartphone, the reboot process is slightly different from later models. The user needs to hold down the upper side key and hold it until the Apple logo appears.

Causes of screen problems on iPhone and iPad

  • long response to application triggering. When the user taps on the program icon, it opens with a delay of a few seconds;
  • non-uniform sensitivity of the screen surface. In some parts, the response to touch is instant, in others, on the contrary, there is a long delay;
  • applications open on their own. If the user notices that programs are being opened without his participation, then the reasons lie in the violation of the sensitivity of the touch panel;
  • in some cases, there is a lack of response to touching the screen. In this situation, most often the problem is in the sensor, and a complete replacement of the board is required;
  • the jailbreak procedure was performed incorrectly. Owners of iOS devices resort to expanding the functionality of the phone using the firmware officially supported by the developers. If installed incorrectly, the screen may not respond to touch.
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The screen is too sensitive

How to check the sensor on iPhone if the screen sensitivity is high:

  • physical damage to the screen;
  • poor quality replacement of the factory display;
  • conflicts with software.

iPhone XR: How to Change Screen Timeout (Screen Lock Time)

Note! Screen chips or cracks can cause different areas of the display to respond unevenly to touch. Somewhere the sensitivity is too high, in other parts of the screen it is lower.

Damage to the display strongly affects the sensor

Poor replacement of the factory display may cause the sensor to become hypersensitive. If poor-quality components were used during the repair, then over time, pixels will fade, the color display level will drop and the sensitivity will be impaired.

If the software fails, you can solve the problem yourself. To do this, you need to check your phone based on the following criteria:

  • reboot the smartphone. In some cases, this helps to solve the problem;
  • disable Lightning and USB Type-C. Low-quality accessories can provoke display problems;
  • remove the protective film or cover. Poor materials used in films and covers can reduce or increase display sensitivity.

Important! Additionally, it is worth checking if there are any gaps in the case, as a result of which moisture gets inside the smartphone.

Water inside the iPhone completely destroys it

If none of the methods are successful, you need to contact Apple Customer Support. Operators will consult the owner of the device and suggest further steps to solve the problem.

On models with Face ID

On iPad models with Face ID, a force restart is required if display issues:

  • You need to hold down the volume up button and quickly release it.
  • Then repeat the action only with the volume down button.
  • Press the volume up again and wait for the device to reboot completely.

IPhone screen not responding to touch

If there is no reaction to touch, you need to find out why the problem occurred. First, you need to make an external examination to identify physical defects: cracks on the display, chips. Also, it is worth excluding moisture getting into the phone case.

Note! In extreme cases, a hard reset of the device may be required.

For a hard reboot, you must adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Hold down the “Home” button. If it is not available on later models, the volume rocker is used.
  • The keys are held for 15-20 seconds. The device will analyze the memory and perform a deep cleaning of the system.

If the hard reboot method did not help, then you can use the following methods to restore the screen to work:

  • completely discharge the phone and wait for the automatic shutdown. Then fully charge the iPhone and turn on the device;
  • recovery via iTunes. To do this, you need to connect the device to the computer, go to the program in the “Overview” tab and select the “Restore iPhone” option.

Important! If you restore via iTunes, the smartphone will return to factory settings. All files and app settings will be removed.

On different devices, the reasons for the lack of response to the sensor can be different. On older models, you can take advantage of touch adaptation. What is iPhone touch adaptation? This is a self-adjusting display response time.

What to do if the screen doesn’t always respond to touch

There are many reasons if the screen of the device does not respond to touch. In some cases, this is associated with an application error, for example, the program cannot shut down gracefully, and the processor is fully loaded. It is recommended to reboot the device or force quit the software in the settings.

In other situations, environmental conditions such as cold and rain may be the cause. If the sensor freezes, the system cannot recognize the touch. Dirt on the screen can cause incorrect processing of sensor commands. It is recommended to wipe the display with a slightly damp cloth and let it dry. If the touchscreen does not work due to exposure to cold temperatures, then it is worth moving the phone to a warmer room, and in a few minutes the working capacity will be restored.

The regular operation of Apple devices, according to the technical documentation, is allowed at an air temperature of at least.20 ° C or up to 40 ° C. It should be noted that overheating of the device can also lead to the fact that the screen does not respond to touches.

If, due to inaccurate handling of the phone or tablet, the sensor control is damaged, then the performance of the screen will noticeably deteriorate. Touch tracks are located across the entire screen area and respond to the touch of the user’s hands. If severely damaged, the signals cannot be processed, and the phone may not open the desired application or launch a completely different program.

Important! In case of serious damage to the touchscreen, you need to contact the service center to replace the destroyed elements and restore the screen sensitivity on the iPhone.

IPhone 8 and later

On iPhone 8 and Plus devices, you can perform a forced restart:

  • You need to press and quickly release the volume up key and do the same with the volume down button.
  • Next, you need to hold the side key for a few seconds and wait for the developer’s logo to appear on the smartphone screen.

Disable zoom in Apple iPhone

Software glitch or iPhone enlarged screen?

Yes, sometimes it happens. the iPhone lock screen has taken and increased! The screen with icons and any running application can also enlarge. Therefore, today we will analyze. what to do if the iPhone screen has increased in size. Before we start, I would like to thank the reader Natalia for the comment, which became the topic of this short instruction.

So, if you see an enlarged image on the iPhone phone screen, it can be application icons or just individual elements of the iOS operating system, then you should not run to a service workshop or try to flash the phone. Just do the following:

  • With three fingers, tap three times on the iPhone screen. The screen will shrink to normal size. If, when making the third tap, you lift your fingers off the screen too quickly, the screen will not shrink, but a menu will appear where you can press the button. Reduce or drag the slider to the left, thus, the display size is normalized.
  • If, after repeated attempts to touch the 3rd, nothing happened (the iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and do the 1st step again.

Now we see that increasing the icons to the full screen of the iPhone phone is not a glitch, but only one of the functions of the iOS firmware, which is called Magnification, and allows, if necessary, to enlarge any part of the screen and examine it up close, which can be useful for people with disabilities.

I’ll step aside a bit and offer a couple of useful instructions for beginners:

When the iPhone screen is in zoom mode, you can move around the screen with a 3-finger gesture. we touch with three fingers and, without releasing them from the screen, move left, right, up or down, thus viewing any part of the screen without leaving magnification mode.

If you decide to completely disable (or, on the contrary, enable) this function, then this is done in the accessibility settings. The zoom mode has additional features. filter, controller, etc. if you cannot deal with them yourself, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Well, tomorrow I’ll tell you how you can use the little-known iPhone Screen Enlargement feature for additional protection. Good luck to all!

Adjusting the scale of the desktop

To customize your desktop, you need to change the screen resolution. Increasing this setting results in sharper images and smaller dimensions for all elements on the desktop. When the screen resolution is reduced, objects will be larger, possibly distorted.

The desktop can be scaled in several ways:

  • adjusting display settings;
  • using the capabilities of the context menu of the operating system.
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How to zoom in on the screen

You can resize the web content image to a larger side in the same way as above. The same menu is used to decrease or increase, as well as to reset a parameter to its original value. The increasing key combination is “Ctrl” and “”. Use “” on the additional keyboard to avoid conflicts with other keyboard shortcuts. The ability to zoom in on the screen is used when working with text written in small letters.

You may need to reduce the screen simply to ensure the banal convenience of working at the computer, as well as to correct the consequences of some errors or program actions. So what if the screen on your computer is enlarged? You need to figure it out, and this article can help you.

Controlling the scale of windows in the browser using the keyboard and special menus significantly reduces the time spent searching for information and browsing the Internet. Using simple and easy-to-remember button combinations, you can easily place the necessary text, pictures or video in the visible area of ​​the window.

How to change the screen size on a computer

The personal computer is equipped with a full-size keyboard, so the necessary keyboard shortcuts are easily typed here. Expanding or reducing page elements is used on any site. On and Odnoklassniki, you will need to zoom out to improve the visual perception of the page. Thanks to several button blocks, you can change everything by using the keys that are easier to reach. This means that you can enlarge the screen in VK with at least two keyboard shortcuts, and you can reduce the VK page in the same ways.

Adjusting the scale of the desktop through the context menu

The easiest way to customize the scale of your desktop is to use Windows capabilities. This OS is installed on most computers and allows you to quickly change the screen resolution.

The process of resizing the desktop is almost identical in all versions of Windows and involves a few simple manipulations:

  • Select any point on the screen that is not occupied by icons and click on it with the right mouse button;
  • In the list that opens, find “Screen Resolution”. By clicking on this item, a window with a resolution scale will appear (in Windows 7, instead of a slider, a list with suggested parameters appears);
  • Having chosen a certain resolution, you must press “Apply” and “OK” for the changes to be saved. The higher the resolution (more pixels), the smaller the screen will scale, and all objects will become smaller.

If the item “Screen resolution” does not appear when you click on a free point (depending on the version of the operating system), select the “Properties” option. In the “Properties: Screen” window that appears, click on the “Parameters” item, where a scale with the screen resolution will appear.

Note: scaling, measured in pixels, has upper and lower bounds. However, the range is wide enough to allow you to choose the desired option. If the list of options contains only 2-3 parameters, it means that a “basic” driver for the video card is installed on your computer. In this case, you need to find on the Internet the software (driver) for the video card installed on the computer and the corresponding version of Windows. Then the possibilities of screen resolution will be expanded.

Information about the Windows version and the integrated video card can be found by clicking on the following items in sequence:

  • Start menu;
  • when opening, select “All Programs” → “Standard” → “Service” → “System Information”;
  • the top line contains the name of your OS;
  • on the left, the item “Components” → “Display”;
  • the top line contains the name of your video card.

Important: it is better to download the software from the official website of the manufacturer of your video card in order to avoid the appearance of malicious files on your computer.

Reducing the work area

But what if there is a desire not to change the resolution itself, but only to work in separate text documents? For example, you only need to reduce the working area of ​​the Word file? Of course, there is also a standard scaling tool, but you can do the same using your keyboard and mouse. The latter must have a wheel.

So, hover over the area that we want to reduce / enlarge (but this step is not required), hold down the Ctrl button and turn the wheel towards us to scale and away from ourselves for detail. Of course, this method will not work everywhere. in games or programs where the presence of such functionality is not provided, it will not be able to help you. Here is the computer in literally two movements.

What can lead to this?

So, we know how to reduce the screen on a computer, now we need to talk about what may serve as a reason for the need for such actions. The reasons for the unauthorized change of the screen resolution are called:

  • The influence of various programs that I work in When switching between running windows, due to an internal error, the resolution will not be matched to what it should be.
  • Conflict between the monitor and other software / hardware component of the computer (most often with a video card or its drivers).

In both cases, you have to deal with problems that are not easy to fix. Finding an answer to the question of how to reduce the screen on a computer after another failure is good, but here you need to look at the root. It may be worth reinstalling the drivers or individual programs, or it may even be necessary to start looking for a new machine to work on it. Of course, the latter can often be done with difficulty, so you should not discount the possibility of buying a new device (for example, a video card).

How to increase / decrease brightness on iPhone?

So, today’s article will be devoted to a very simple topic, but very important. let’s talk about the brightness on your iPhone. How it can be decreased, increased and other points with the setting.

We will also discuss some of the problems that may arise and what exactly to do in such situations. It will be very informative and if you do not want to read all the material, just select the question that interests you.

Why does the brightness change on the iPhone itself?

As many probably already understood, we will talk about auto brightness. In any iPhone, you can find a light sensor and most often it is located above the earpiece. Thanks to him, phones adjust your brightness automatically, which greatly helps to save battery life and not spoil your eyesight.

To check its performance, it is enough to drastically change the lighting environment. For example, come out of the dark into the light and you will see how changes take place.

In fact, this is the third way to configure, but if you prefer to configure exclusively manually, then just follow these steps:

  • go through the same steps Settings. Screen and brightness;
  • turn off the slider opposite the word Auto Brightness.

As for me, the thing is very convenient. I usually turn it off in cases where you really need to save the battery and configure everything yourself.

But here it is up to you to decide, because each user has his own preferences. So just do whatever suits you best.

How to make the screen brightness on iPhone more / less?

Quite often there are situations when there is a need to increase or decrease the brightness on your iPhone. And there are a lot of them.

Probably the most popular cases are the situation before going to bed, when the phone is too bright or on a sunny day, when the brightness is simply not enough to see something.

There are two whole ways of setting and now I will tell you about each of them.

Option one. The most convenient and simple option to adjust the brightness is the control panel. It gets called quickly enough. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen, a panel appears and adjust the brightness as you like. Simpler, there is a simpler option, but more on that later.

Option two. If you do not like the previous method or for some reason, you simply cannot call the control panel.

  • go to Settings. Screen and brightness;
  • we see the slider and moving it will change the brightness of the screen.

Use the method you like the most. But now I’ll tell you about a function that has made the life of owners very easy for many years.